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Hey! hello there ,first of all thank you for looking through so many servers. Well for that effort you get a reward! Free entry to our little animu hideout! Everyone is welcome we are English - Japanese server. ! こんにちはの皆様!私たちは多言語アニメグループです! 楽しい機能がたくさんいボットのよット多くチャト、り!We mostly talk about animu but there are plenty other chats u can explore! We also have big variety of fun interactive bots! We hope you will make a pit stop on your journey and come to animu hideout!
Welcome to 日本語センター Japanese Centre!
A place where you can learn japanese, ask questions related
to the language and culture, or just hang around people interested in the same things as you.


Quick responses in the jp-asking channels as well as Kotoba bot,
which lets you practise your japanese in various ways.
Channels related to japan, art, anime & manga.
Get to know the other members through events and get-togethers in VC.
See you there!
PC (Windows, Mac, Linux)で動作する
- Support for Japanese language. -

これからSecond Lifeを始めてみたい人もどうぞ~




📌 Second LifeはMacやLinuxにも対応している希有なネトゲの1つです。
📌 Second Lifeは最低限16歳以上、全てを体験するには19歳以上と大人向けです。
📌 Second Lifeは特別な手法で13歳~15歳でも利用できますが殆どが制限を受けます。
Hey guys! This is a Japanese language study server. We are open to people who studies Japanese language and want a space to study in on discord. You can connected with other learners, ask questions, and share your learning with others! This is a respectful, fun, and open server! Owner and admins are open to any suggestions and questions you may have about the server. Hope you'll join our server and help it grow! ^_^
日本語の勉強へようこそ!Seja bem vindo ao grupo Aprendendo Japonês!

Aqui buscamos crescer e caminhar juntos com nosso objetivo em comum: aprender japonês.
Eu criei este servidor visando a aproximação daqueles que possuem esse objetivo, pois quando trabalhamos juntos em torno do mesmo objetivo, nos motivamos mais, o que aumenta nossas forças de continuarmos.

Neste servidor, buscamos reunir aqueles que querem aprender japonês para que possamos nos motivar e ajudar um ao outro, e enquanto aprendemos, nos divertimos também. Possuímos diversos minijogos, como Quizes, Shiritori e Gartic para prática do japonês, como também eventos de imersão periódicos como de leitura de fábulas e mangás, bate-papos em japonês e muito mais :D

Venha conosco nesta longa jornada que é o aprender japonês ^^

Welcome! This server is a English and Japanese language server, which it's purpose is to practice and learn either language. This server includes:
-Channels to help aid in learning/practicing either language
-Teachers that helps you anytime if you have a question or in need of feedback
-Japanese and English voice channels to help practice your conversation in either language
-A ton of self assignable roles to choose from
-Non toxic community, with a very organized server
-you can also hang out, meet people from all over the world
-And much more! Hope to see you there!

このサーバーは にほんご‐英語 の学習を目的とした明るいコミュニティーです。本当にフレンドリーな人が多くて、すぐにコミュニティーのみんなと仲良くなれると思いますよ。皆さんぜひ、参加してみてくださいね!😎
Hi! 🙌
This is a funny and unique Japanese community 🇯🇵 ever! We have a lot of fun channels and talkative members 😁 It's a really good place to hang around. We'll be waiting for you 🥰
Also, we play games daily on #🎮-game 🤗
Seja bem vindo ao [JP] Japonês Brasil, é uma comunidade de pessoas que querem aprender a língua japonesa e ao mesmo tempo interagir juntos, seja conversando, jogando, e compartilhando materiais entre si.
JP Classroom is exactly what the name states: a simplistic server designed to help users learn and use the Japanese language.

Need some tools to get started? We have an entire channel filled with tools for you to use.
Have a question? We have high-quality teachers who can help you understand anything from the most basic to the most advanced concepts in Japanese.
Just want to socialize? We have a general chat filled with caring users who like to relax and have fun.

No matter what you are looking for, JP Classroom has something that can push you in the right direction.
-`, 日本語ゼロから é um servidor para aqueles que tem interesse em aprender japonês, tendo objetivo principal em motivar e ajudar estudantes de todos os níveis com diversos materiais. Aqui buscamos levar totalmente a sério os estudos e respeito a todos! ꒱ ↷🖇☁️

·˚✎ ﹏ Aqui temos:

- uma comunidade pequena de estudantes
- imensos materiais gratuitos incluindo: livros, cursos, tradutores, dicionários e mais
- shiritori
- bots diversos para recomendação de anime, mangá, visual novel, quizz e muito mais
- simulados do JLPT
- salas para ver anime ou estudar com amigos

Também estamos procurando por professores e pessoas que tenham experiencia em staff para nos ajudar!

☁️ . . . ⇢ ˗ˏˋ 一緒に協力しましょう!࿐ྂ
—— —͙ – -

-ˏˋ Podemos ser um grupo pequeno, mas você pode nos ajudar a crescer! ˊˎ-
Voice Lobby is strictly a voice only server. Looking for people to actually chill with and talk to? Join the community and jump into voice coms.

Hello! This a server dedicated to learning Japanese. I hope you enjoy your stay, and the server. With this community you can practice your Japanese skills with other people. Please DM me if you're a native Japanese speaker I could use your help.
This discord is dedicated to masturbating to Japanese artwork. It's also home to a pornographic manga anime translation team

This server has a bigger focus on esoteric and untranslated Japanese pornography, with Japanese speakers on hand to translate

❖ All types of media - adult games, images, JAV, doujins
❖ Japanese speakers, and Japanese people (more wanted)
❖ Home of the Oppai Paradise translation team
❖ Can make translation requests and more
❖ Automatic hentai posting bots
❖ Can make translation requests and more
❖ Exclusive hentai translations posted here that you won't find anywhere else
Aprende japonés con el grupo de estudio mas grande de américa latina. Directos de estudio de japonés en grupo ¡TODOS LOS DIAS!
Bienvenue sur le Discord de Netageo ! Un Discord dédié aussi bien à des jeux rétro qu'à des récents principalement en 🍙japonais🍣 sur fond de petites anecdotes gaming.
Comunidad gamer/Otaku
Donde conoceras gente rara para no sentirte discriminado por ser igual que nosotros

Welcome! We are discord's dumpster, and yes it got set on fire. We didn't choose that. However if you would like to be part of the trash heap just click that join button!

日本語分かります, ようこそ!
JP-EN Tea Party is a newly formed Japanese / English learning community! Our goals are improving our language proficiency and of course, have fun and make buddies! Welcome!
♡Server for advanced beginners and intermediates in Japanese with a pastel kawaii theme.
♡The aim is for people to gain confidence in using the language and to advance their knowledge with people who are at or above the same skill level as them.
♡Complete beginners and beginners asking for tutoring will be kicked.
♡Features a general chat for discussion of any topic, Japanese only language channel, a study hall for questions, and a useful bot with quizzes and vocabulary definitions.
Our discord server is aimed at both Japanese and English learners.

Our server features an extensive, and arguably the most efficient guide to learning japanese.

The main purpose of 日本語の森林 is to cut bad habits that generally hold japanese learners back by providing the most efficient approach to studying the japanese language through the adoption of less conventional language learning procedures.

A nice, peaceful active servers that accepts everybody whether you're any nationality, maybe apart of lgbtq+ community or whatever gender you are. Normally talkative, 日本語 and English.
We have:
💖Looking for staff😜
we are anime and kpop lovers, we are just trying to bait the haters by our name, join . us today <33
ciau, questo è un server rivolto a chi studia giapponese, dove puoi esercitarti a parlare giapponese o studiare cose nuove insieme agli altri membri