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Community 150
An uncluttered, minimalist server that strips Discord down to its bare essentials — a single text chat and a voice channel.

For those who value simplicity.

Includes 50 ツ emoji.
16 hours ago
Anime and Manga
Find and share high quality hentai images and GIF here!
6 days ago
Hello, this server is too learn Japanese or English with an active helpful community, native in both English or Japanese languages! Come hang out and learn at the same time!
16 days ago
All Games 14
A fun place to chat with other gamers and play games! Includes anime & manga channels, a Japanese lesson channel, and a だけ日本語 channel!
93 days ago
Hello everyone! This brand new Discord Server is a Japanese-English language exchange server for all who are learning either language! 今日は皆さん!この新しいディスコードのサーバーは、日本語と英語を学んでいる方々が交流できるサーバーです!
116 days ago