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Hello! This new Discord Server for learning russian, japanese, chinese language!
─ Learn japanese and chinese
─ Discussing japanese and chinese culture
─ We have an active, supportive and helpful community
11 hours ago
A server where you can learn languages with the help of other users. All skill levels accepted.
11 hours ago
Sweet Room for my channel's sweet people and international community.

I'm a gamer, Twitch Streamer, Japanese female. Speak JP and ENG.
First, I made this server for a friend I met on my channel, but this server is not just a private server. I want this room to be an international exchange server to make good friends. I want to make this room an active and enjoyable server.

If you like chat and games, we have the same hobbies. In this room people are interested in various games, like Steam games, fps, moba, retro, co-op. Sometimes, I am looking for someone to plays games with me. If you want to play some games with me or someone, please join my discord server.

If you like Japanese culture, there are lots of people who like Japan in this room. People who are studying Japanese, people who like animation, people who travelled in Japan, etc. I am also interested in overseas culture. We will be friends beyond the borders of our country.

This room is a meeting place for our fateful meeting, and for our happy next.

Let's be friends. And feel free to chat and play.

 Sweet roomは、雑談やゲームなどを楽しむ国際サーバーです。

この部屋の人々は、色々なゲームを嗜みます。Steam, FPS, MOBA, Retro、パズルなどジャンルは色々です。面白いシングルゲーム発掘や、誰かとのcoopプレイなど、同じ趣味を持った人達の中ですると新鮮かもしれません。

















14 hours ago
We are a well made seever for the moba 'Omnyoji Arena' that will come soon to EU & NA , in Asia it's #2 nd played moba after kog.
If we move fast and gather to become a helpfull Community we can become the official server for the game.
2 days ago
A server for the game Niziiro Kanojo (𝘋𝘳𝘦𝘢𝘮 𝘎𝘪𝘳𝘭𝘧𝘳𝘪𝘦𝘯𝘥)!

This is a server for a GAME.

Join to make trades, join a group, get early updates, ask any game related questions, or just show off your waifu!
13 days ago
This server is used to have fun, kick back, and relax! Make friends with people at your own risks! We try to keep this server clean and SFW.
24 days ago
Welcome to Axis Cult!
Join our anime/Japanese server!


We're an English/Japanese speaking community, have English teaching mentors and are growing, join us today and drop by and chat!

We have:
Qualified teachers and natives who can help you on your trip to learning Japanese!
Specific channels for videogames!
NSFW channels
Anime channels!
Active voice channels!
Karaoke sessions!
Active and nice members!
Open for partnerships!
440+ members and growing!
And more!

PS; Eris pads her breast.

Permanent Invite Link:
25 days ago
Hello, this server is too learn Japanese or English with an active helpful community, native in both English or Japanese languages! Come hang out and learn at the same time!
62 days ago
The official growing community server for Pop Team Epic! Join us and experience bunch of anime, games, and dank memes for you to enjoy! We offer friendly atmosphere for everyone to chill out and have a COOL TIME with us. We have known artists as well and people who would be willing to be friends. Join us now!
63 days ago
Are you a fan of anime, gaming and other aspects of Japanese culture? Like anime? We do too!
104 days ago
Love Japan? What about Anime, Manga, JPop and the Japanese culture? This is the official Jappleng Discord, whether you enjoy anime or simply want to practice your Japanese we've got room for you.

Additionally we have Roleplaying features, jpop radio, and other fun things to be had. Additonal channel support: Tagalog, Spanish, French.
109 days ago
Hi there! My name is Sarah and I would like to welcome you to Weeb Land, where all of your otaku fantasies come to life! We have many interesting channels such as fanfiction, cosplay, anime suggestions, art, anime music, otaku news, and even an nsfw hentai section. Join today for one of the best anime communities! We are also looking for some reliable staff.
130 days ago
The accessible languages are : english, portuguese, french, spanish, romanian, russian, mandarin, japanese, italian, german, Arabic, Danish , Swedish, Norwegian, Korean, Vietnamese, Indonesian, thai, polish and Turkish.
The advantages of using Discord are that we do not need to share personal things like phone numbers,photos and other things, You just have to create a loggin.
as soon as you access the link which is given below you will be in the "meeting group" where you are supposed to introduce yourself and then go to the specified group where the language that you are learning is spoken.
it's a small-but-rising group yet so it might be silent for the moment but we are working on it .you are not required to be in the group where your native language is spoken but we ask you to participate to its conversation helping people so that we can have a great group where you can help and be helped.
137 days ago
NSFW language and cultural exchange without censorship and political correctness. Join us and learn to swear like a native!
153 days ago
Greetings, space traveler, we are SGF! We have a cool atmosphere and awesome members, lots of roles and activities. So hop in and be part of the family!
157 days ago
Find and share high quality hentai images and GIF here!
188 days ago
A fun place to chat with other gamers and play games! Includes anime & manga channels, a Japanese lesson channel, and a だけ日本語 channel!
276 days ago
Hello everyone! This brand new Discord Server is a Japanese-English language exchange server for all who are learning either language! 今日は皆さん!この新しいディスコードのサーバーは、日本語と英語を学んでいる方々が交流できるサーバーです!
299 days ago