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This is a server where you can learn and teach Japanese and even watch anime with other people and make friends.
Server made for English, Japanese, Korean, and mandarin learners, and people who want to make new friends!

🍙 Discord Partner
🍙 Level 3 Server
🍙 Welcoming community.
🍙 Self assignable roles
🍙 Native Japanese speaker
🍙 Native English speaker
🍙 Native Korean speaker
🍙 Native Mandarin speaker
🍙 Japanese class
🍙 Hobbies channels (Art, Cooking, gaming, anime)
🍙 Life support and encouragement channel
🍙 Self assignable roles
🍙 Active members and mods
🍙 Japanese class
🍙 Movie / gaming night.
🍙 Rapidly growing.
🍙 SFW server.
もふもふ言語 is a language exchange server I made cuz I was bored as heck and I had nothing else better to do. Our server's mainly focused on Japanese and English but we do have some other languages as well. 暇だったので暇つぶしに言語交換サーバー作りました。サーバー内の主要言語は日本語と英語ですが、他の言語もありますのでもしよかったら参加してくださいね。
oh! someone wants to join our halloween house?

⤹ well, welcome in to halloween g - 隠ほギ!

⌒⌒ 🎃 ⌒⌒ aes halloween server
⌒⌒ 🍫 ⌒⌒ just revamped
⌒⌒ 🎃 ⌒⌒ halloween emojis + events

come join us at halloween g !

Are you interested in languages?
Because we are!
We are almost 5000 members who love languages!

- We speak multiple languages such as French, Spanish, English, German, Turkish, Mandarin, Portuguese, and more!

-We like sharing memes, especially language-related ones, we also play some minigames, talk about gaming, food, and different cultures around the globe.

- We have some classrooms where native teachers will teach you their native language.

- We make some contests about languages and more!

- We have up to 150 emojis!

- We are really welcoming, we always want to have some new friends! One of whom might be you!

- We have channels dedicated to certain topics and an understanding staff team!

Join our rapidly growing community today!
The Japan Zone is a Japanese language learning server, where our goal is to reach a high-level in the language.
Unlike most servers, we take language learning seriously and expect the best from all of our members.

What We Have:
- A community of Japanese language learners
- An abundance of resources for learning Japanese
- Anime/Drama events that are hosted multiple times a week
- Custom bots for recommending anime, manga, visual novels, light novels, quizzing your Japanese, and more!
- Other experienced learners that can help you along the way

To enter the server, join it and pass the N5 quiz on our Kotoba discord bot.

Join today and happy learning!
Welcome to Otaku University! We a super cool, fun and wholesome community that accepts everyone.We help you learn Japanese. We have a really chill and loving staff, a super caring user base, lots of daily server games and we rewards our users for activity! So come and join us on the fun!!

→ Anime and Manga community
→ Japanese Learning Community
→ Lots of giveaways and events
→ A super friendly and loving community
Heya Customer! Hop on down to JP Cafe カフェ and grab a chair with a hot cup and enjoy the company of other like minded and chill Discordians to discuss whatever's hot and to practice your Japanese with others in a non-toxic and beginner friendly environment along with our highly skilled and fluent users who are more than happy to help you along your journey! So come on in, the store's open!

Some of the cool things we offer...

❃An in-house bot to buy roles with
❃Active and chill community with people all around the world
❃Various weekly events like story readalongs and games
❃A very active VC channel so come on in and say hi!
❃A teaching section devoted entirely to learning Japanese
❃Teachers (Members fluent in Japanese) to help you if you ever get stuck

And more! So give us a try, maybe we'll end up being your favorite Cafe.
A adopt me and royale high trading server! There is a lot of fun bot games you can play when your bored. And if you want someone to talk to you can always go to talk with peoples in the server you can also hear music in vc and have fun in there if you neeed friends you can also join and go in the chat and make new friends there! ^-^ hope you enjoy~
We are a small but friendly community, join in and chat with us! We’d love to meet you. We are accepting of advanced learners and natives practicing English but the majority of us are just starting out. We try to create an environment where beginners can learn together while having fun, and we are very wholesome! We are pretty relaxed and open to everyone! We are working together to stay motivated and improve.
Our server has friendly casual chat, Japanese learning resources, and asking channels. We have custom assignable color roles, and an XP leveling rank leaderboard.
︶︶︶︶︶︶︶︶︶༉‧₊˚. ❥ こんにちは!
┊┊┊┊ ➶ 🌎 𓆉。˚ ✧
┊┊┊✧ ⁺ 🦋 ⁺  °🦜

┊┊ .𓆟 ͎. 。˚🌹 ° Fleurescent
🦚 フルールエッセン
┊┊ 🌂 Fleurescent is a server
┊🐹 that has mainly a nature
┊ and japanese theme!~
┊┊. ➶—͙˚☁️ ༘🕊️✶
┊ ➶🌙 。˚ °

🍜 *our server is toxic free, 🍥
🎏 *and we have a lot of things like... 🎎

🌺. ·
.ੈ 🎍 ‍୨ fun activities!~ ୧ 🎄
.ੈ 🥮 ‍୨ an aesthetic layout~ ୧ 🍰
.ੈ 🌦️ ‍୨ kawaii bots~ ୧ 🌈
.ੈ 🌸 ‍୨ kind members~ ୧ 🍒
.ੈ 🌊 ‍୨ vcs for music & more!~ ୧ 💧

our server is also anime themed!~ we are SFW~

💮 we welcome and hire PM's, AM's, and active members! 🌷

🍥 we hope you pop in our server some time!~ 🍜
Welcome! This server is a English and Japanese language server, which it's purpose is to practice and learn either language. This server includes:
-Channels to help aid in learning/practicing either language
-Teachers that helps you anytime if you have a question or in need of feedback
-Japanese and English voice channels to help practice your conversation in either language
-A ton of self assignable roles to choose from
-Non toxic community, with a very organized server
-you can also hang out, meet people from all over the world
-And much more! Hope to see you there!


Speak, learn, help others, teach yourself, or just chill out in a Japanese setting. Listen to music, talk about anime, and voice chats all here for anyone to use!
Looking for a place with games? A place that has a hangout chat? A place that accepts both English and Japanese? ......Where am I going with this..? Haha, just kidding. "木漏れ日 Komorebi" is the place you're looking for! We are a new server, and we definitely take suggestions! We look for over the top translators, trustworthy Administrators and Managers, and a healthy, active, friendly server!

ゲームのある場所をお探しですか?ハングアウトチャットがある場所ですか?英語と日本語の両方を受け入れる場所ですか? ......これでどこに行きますか?はは、ただの冗談さ。 「木漏れ日こもれび」はあなたが探している場所です!私たちは新しいサーバーであり、間違いなく提案を受け入れます!私たちはトップの翻訳者、信頼できる管理者とマネージャー、そして健全でアクティブでフレンドリーなサーバーを探しています! ____________________

We offer: ~Gaming VC ~Access to streaming ~Multilingual services within the server ~And so much more to come!



So why not come join us and the team at "木漏れ日 Komorebi"? それでは、「木漏れ日 Komorebi」に参加してみませんか?
A place to grow your language skills.

- Attentive staff
- Free resources
- International members
- Safe for work
- LGBTQ+ friendly
- In-house bot games

Available Languages:
Filipino (Tagalog)

We have teachers for these languages too.

So whether you're taking your first steps in learning a language, or you're a fluent speaker willing to help others, come on in and we'll see you on the other side!
We talk about anime and hangout. It's a nice chill spot to meet people with the same interests. This server is 13+. It is NOT a nsfw server. But we do have a nsfw chat that is strictly for yaoi, yagami yato and nsfw anime fanart/art. Any other nsfw is NOT allowed.
✧༺♥༻∞ What we offer ∞༺♥༻✧

- We have an arcade where you can play with the bots and other people ༺
- We have a chat specifically for Anime and Manga (a place where you can just talk about anime ༺
- Our café is available to anybody whether you've been an anime fan for years, or you just got into it ༺
- We have Japanese lessons!!! (All of us can learn Japanese together in the Japanese lessons voice chat) ༺
- Homework/study sessions ༺
- Levels (level up to get perks from the server. For example our offered Japanese Lessons are only available to @pokys(lvl 15) and up) ༺
- At level 90 get access to our yaoi and yagami yato chats. ༺
- We host game nights. We have gaming voice chats, like among us and minecraft. ༺

✧༺♥༻∞ This server is pretty new and I just want to see how big it can grow. If I'm being honest not that many people are active, but I'm hoping to change that. Please join the Anime Café and hang out with us! ∞༺♥༻✧
Want to learn Japanese in the easiest way possible? Well then Ale's Japanese Class is the right server for you! Here we learn Japanese by doing some easy quizzes, gaming, and having fun. We are a growing community server, and we would appreciate it a lot if you could join our server!
welcome to...

the field-˚-✦🍃

. * ✞   ✦ . ⁺   . ✧ ゚   ˊ ˎ . *  ✞ ✦ ⁺

🌷 fun hang outs!
🌷 FREE japanese lessons from japanese admins with fluent japanese :))
🌷 we love gaming (minecraft, among us, csgo, valorant, etc...)
🌷wanna learn japanese? no problem! we have many japanese admins who can speak japanese fluently.
🌷 13-17 yrs
🌷 lgbtq+ friendly
🌷 fun self reaction roles! (we're planning to add more, give us ideas!)
🌷 ask school questions (planning to add study channels)
🌷 stream youtube, anime, movies, etc...

hey! i'm the owner of the field, and my name is karen (YEAH I KNOW STOP LMFAO), our server is for having fun with friends. we also have many admins who is fluent in japanese, and we can give you free japanese lesson!! we like to play games and some of us likes anime too. we are also lgbtq+ friendly :)) join our server if you want, it's your choice!

join the server to know more info about the Japanese language class! the owner (main teacher) was born and lived in Japan for 9 and a half years.

. * ✞   ✦ . ⁺   . ✧ ゚   ˊ ˎ . *  ✞ ✦ ⁺
.・゜゜・ ようこそ我が Class 3-E!  ・゜゜・.

Looking to learn Japanese but don't know where to start?
Then Class 3-E is the class for you! We're loaded with great (volunteer) teachers proficient in Japanese and ready to get you started on the journey!
Don't feel like you can commit to a class? Try it at your own pace with the help of our in server Teachers and Co-Teachers!

We've got:

*:・Free Learning
✧ Level 3 Server
*:・Community Events
✧ Beg/Int Support
*:・Homework Help
✧ Hobbies Clubs (Art, Anime, Gaming, etc.)
*:・Continuously Growing Community
✧ Great and helpful staff~

In Class 3-E we're dedicated to help you strive to read & speak Japanese. As long as you keep at it you can do it! 頑張って~ ! (がんばって~ !)

See you soon~! ✧・゚: ✧・゚:
☆♬○♩●♪✧♩((ヽ( ᐛ )ノ))♩✧♪●♩○♬☆
Welcome to 日本語センター Japanese Centre!
A place where you can learn japanese, ask questions related
to the language and culture, or just hang around people interested in the same things as you.


Quick responses in the jp-asking channels as well as Kotoba bot,
which lets you practise your japanese in various ways.
Channels related to japan, art, anime & manga.
Get to know the other members through events and get-togethers in VC.
See you there!
Japanese learning server for English speakers. Built by beginners for beginners and learners of all levels on the quest to become fluent in Japanese.

If you're getting overwhelmed with all of the resources and approaches and methods, we have people who have learned in various different ways who can help you find the learning method for you.

We value simplicity and a friendly environment, so we try not to be too strict with rules like other servers. No, "Wrong Channel" every time you post.

P.S. from a member: Look, I just want you all to meet these people. They've helped me a lot.
Welcome to the Rice Field our small server consists of Japanese, Chinese and English speakers But our main Language we use to communicate is English. Our server is mostly dedicated to chat and hangout but sometimes we do play games.
Inserting more words to look cool like other servers out there anyway we offer:

~a not active non-toxic and mostly chill and friendly community
~level rank roles
~voice channels for chatting as well as a music bot

We may not have much to offer as of now but as we grow we may have more activities available and we would love you to help us grow :|
So if you have any spare time why not pop in and say hi?