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Welcome to A Love for Writing! A server that was created to share the love of writing and help others learn how to write! On the server, we remain friendly and try to help anyone that needs help with learning and writing. Other than the help with writing, we have a music lounge, art and memes channels.

If you are interested in writing and to grow your experience or just want to help others gain experience, you're very welcome to join!
A friendly community where learners and native speakers of Turkish have a chat in text or voice channels, have fun together and practice Turkish.

Join us if you would like to practice your Turkish with natives or other learners or know more about Turkish and Turkish culture.
Linglot is a dedicated server hosting interactive language-related activities: learning, teaching, studying, translating, sharing, exchanging and creating. We cover linguistics, SLA and didactics, conlanging (constructed languages) and anything you can think of!

The Training Room is an education-based BDSM server, run by those experienced, we are SFW which means some minors are welcome (16+!) With a friendly, drama-free community, our goal is to enlighten those seeking experience and education in the lifestyle. While maintaining a very professional outlook, our community is very lax an open. We hold QnAs, host classes, game nights, movie streams, a ever growing resource library, and more to come!
Yes we actually host classes for teaching as well! Think of this as a never ending mostly SFW munch~
And yes, we partner!

Come on in and join our ever growing community!
GearHeart is a community built to bring together content creators and consumers from across the hypnosis, tulpa, mlp, and related communities.
This server is dedicated to programming, and welcomes people with all sorts of experience. We support a wide variety of programming languages, from Python to Ruby to Lua.
Welcome into the Empire – VRSC.

To put it simply, our goal is a form of world conquest; not necessarily territorially, but first and foremost by the values that we stand for.
Those values, these are ones of a community meaning to be one of limitless share of knowledge and of unparalleled support between its members.

We do not ask of you to be experts in any domain that it be, nor professionals of bringing up spirits and troupes; we solely ask you to be enthusiastic about speaking of what you like, and to be ready to be present for your peers as we would be for you.

In other words, to sum it up in two qualities : pedagogy and fellowship.
That being read, I am asking you:

Are you ready to devote yourself as best as you can regarding the expansion and the ambition of this Empire?
Language Learning Server 2.0 is the remastered version of LLS 1.0. We have a very welcoming community. We have an anti-raids system to avoid raiders from our server. If you want to learn some languages and have fun, this is your server!

As of December 11th, 2018, this server was created with 0 active members, and I plan to change that. This server was created with the intention of connecting people around the world with a common goal: studying German. Whether you are a native speaker, or just now starting to get into German, we accept everyone! I hope you enjoy your stay at Deutsche Welt!
A server designed to challenge peoples' views of the world. Mind's Island is dedicated to generating thought provoking discussion and helping its members with any problems they may face as well as have fun along the way.
This server offers
-Psychological discussion
-Life discussion
-Academic help
-and much more!!
The Witches Corner is a server used to connect to those who are like minded within the Craft or are wanting to learn about it. We have so much to offer and we are willing to work with you anytime. You make friends and maybe even family here. We are open to everyone.
A Epic place where you can advertise your servers / social media pages to a wide range of people

50+ members
Great staff and community
Fun bots
Can advertise many types of servers
Can advertise social media pages and websites and even bots
Hello! My name is Kaosa and I'm the owner of Language Learning League! We have channels for learning over 40 languages, including English, Spanish, French, Japanese and Esperanto! We have friendly and helpful staff who are ready to help you if you need help. Join our growing community today!
This is a server about the Inuit-Yupik-Unangan languages, also known as the Eskimo-Aleut languages. We are a very friendly server where you can chat about anything that is related to the languages, cultures and history of the Eskimo-Aleut peoples. The language we mostly use is English, except for in the language learning channels. We have a lot of resources, native speakers and many people with expertise in these languages. So, when you are just interested, always wanted to ask questions to Arctic peoples, are actually learning the languages or are even fluent or a native, we are always happy to see you there. Everybody is welcome!
This server is dedicated to the three living Frisian languages West Frisian (Frysk), Saterland Frisian (Seeltersk) and North Frisian (Friisk). This is a place where native speakers and learners engage in conversations about the Frisian languages and cultures and where everybody can practice their language skills and learn more about the Frisians. We have a lot of roles and a lot of channels, not only for Frisian but also for other related and neighbour languages. Feel free to pay us a visit when you are interested.
This is essentially a school built around astrophysics and cosmology and other general realms of the universe. Join us to either help teach others or to learn.
🌴🌴🌴Palm Tree Guide🌴🌴🌴
Russian Classroom is a Russian-language-learning support community! Voice channels for pronunciation practice, and a supportive community for learning the Russian language.

Anyone is more than welcome to join!
This server is made for Malaysians! (others are allowed to join too!) Students who need help can learn their weak subjects or discuss together there too!

This server has (almost) all subjects from schools, from Bahasa Melayu to Biology! We also accept students from Year 1 to Form 5!

Now why don't you join the server and give it a try?
Level up, unlock permissions, get free stuff and have fun!
🌈Create yourself!🌈
Focuses: Clash Royale, League of Legends, Yu-Gi-Oh (Customs,Casual and Competitive), Minecraft, Nature & more.
Artists, Animators, Creators, Leaders, Music Makers, Roleplayers, and fans are all invited. I, and future leaders, host regular tournaments and events in these games and categories that hold cool prizes. Rewards for most things, there are even guaranteed commissions!

Ps: We help learn anything, including languages (Japanese, French, Spanish, and Klingon +), In depth categories for your needs.
A child friendly server made for teaching and learning some of the many languages of the world!
This server is quite small right now, bear with us, hopefully it will get bigger.
Currently looking for teachers, but learners are still welcome!
Have you ever wanted to learn Croatian, Serbian, Bosnian or maybe English?
If so, you've come to the right place.

Welcome to English/Slavic Language Exchange!
We hope you enjoy your stay and learn something as well!
Ever wanted to learn to code and/or hack? With an active and knowledgeable staff, an active IRC server, and remote labs under construction we are sure we can help you achieve your goals!
This server is open to everyone! We are always open to new members, especially since it's very new. Currently we are in need of some people who are willing to teach. If you want something added, use the "Ask the Admins" chat.

When you first get into the server, you will not see much. Add your intro, ask for roles, and read everything you can. Myself and my admins will take care of you!