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This is an Indonesian server for English enthusiasts. Everyone is welcome. Join us to develop our English skills together with the members within. We are tolerant of mistakes & we also respect each other.
Islamic learning server: Everyone is welcome so long as you do not behave like a toxic potato.
The Training Room is an education-based BDSM server, run by those experienced, we are SFW which means some minors are welcome (16+!) With a friendly, drama-free community, our goal is to enlighten those seeking experience and education in the lifestyle. While maintaining a very professional outlook, our community is very lax an open. We hold QnAs, host classes, game nights, movie streams, a ever growing resource library, and more to come!
Yes we actually host classes for teaching as well! Think of this as a never ending mostly SFW munch~
And yes, we partner!

Come on in and join our ever growing community!
This is a community for people trying to learn programming and game development. You can hang out and chat, look for help or even share your own projects.
Feel free to join!
Welcome to A Love for Writing! A server that was created to share the love of writing and help others learn how to write! On the server, we remain friendly and try to help anyone that needs help with learning and writing. Other than the help with writing, we have a music lounge, art and memes channels.

If you are interested in writing and to grow your experience or just want to help others gain experience, you're very welcome to join!
A fun community for people to learn to draw pixel art and hopefully improve! We're friendly and constructive, but also new, so stop on by and we can learn together! :-)
We're a brand new language learning server. You can hang out and talk in the language of your choice, learning about grammar from other users and practicing.
Linglot is a dedicated server hosting interactive language-related activities: learning, teaching, studying, translating, sharing, exchanging and creating. We cover linguistics, SLA and didactics, conlanging (constructed languages) and anything you can think of!

⬛️The Brain⬛️
Are you interested in the human brain?
Do you want to learn more about it?
🎉Then look no further! The Brain discord server offers all you could want and more! 🎉
We have:
✅ Great Moderation
✅ Fun Events
✅ Great Free Resources
✅ A fun community

Learn and have fun at The Brain discord server!
🧠 🧠 🧠 🧠 🧠 🧠 🧠 🧠
A server for budding artists to learn new techniques and share their artwork :)
Hey there! Welcome to CodeHaven, a programmer's retreat of all shapes and sizes. We offer free lessons on how to code Python and other languages! We have an exclusive paid service for only £0.99 which is a crash course on Python called Python Premium! Join the server today and discover what you can learn in the world of CodeHaven
Hello! My name is Kaosa and I'm the owner of Language Learning League! We have channels for learning over 40 languages, including English, Spanish, French, Japanese and Esperanto! We have friendly and helpful staff who are ready to help you if you need help. Join our growing community today!
This is a server about the Inuit-Yupik-Unangan languages, also known as the Eskimo-Aleut languages. We are a very friendly server where you can chat about anything that is related to the languages, cultures and history of the Eskimo-Aleut peoples. The language we mostly use is English, except for in the language learning channels. We have a lot of resources, native speakers and many people with expertise in these languages. So, when you are just interested, always wanted to ask questions to Arctic peoples, are actually learning the languages or are even fluent or a native, we are always happy to see you there. Everybody is welcome!
Talk about chord progression and struggles with learning an instrument. This server is a place for musicians to chat about their creative process and just music life in general, with aims of eventually having a really supportive and acceptive community for people to throw around ideas and chat with.

Are you an artist? A guitarist? A Self-taught musician? Studying music theory or music history? Taking the music appreciation prerequisite for your geology major? There's a place for you.
This server is dedicated to building up and sharing things we learn, the reason i need people to join my (Developing) server and share their thoughts and knowledge is to help me grow it's amount of users and make functioning system. if/when you join please go to #welcome and read the rules. if anyone who joins has a greek name and pfp i will immediately give you the "Greekabo" role allowing access to my private voice and text chats. (not all things will be written down and if you join just ask me to tell you whats going on)
An open-minded server for people who wish to have exciting, educated arguments about modern day and historical politics/conspiracies! We have chats for many topics, and daily questions.
Welcome to the Astrology Lounge, the oldest Astrology server on discord! Whether you're brand new to astrology or you're a professional, you have a place in our community and we'll make you feel right at home. We're a very chill, laid back, and family-friendly server centered around learning, so join the discussion today! Features voicechat, Astrobot, music, and more!
A friendly community where learners and native speakers of Turkish have a chat in text or voice channels, have fun together and practice Turkish.

Join us if you would like to practice your Turkish with natives or other learners or know more about Turkish and Turkish culture.
Welcome, We bring you Scratchers Hangout! The discord server where you learn code using Scratch! This is a server to help kids know more about Scratch. We also talk about coding categories that relate to Scratch in a way. Like what you are working on, your projects, your profile & the things you need help on! I am Wavemelon. A Scratcher on the rate of "Good" so I can help fix bugs. Remember, if you need help with a bug or want to code something, ask our Mods/Community! Have fun and read the rules!
Level up, unlock permissions, get free stuff and have fun!
🌈Create yourself!🌈
Focuses: Clash Royale, League of Legends, Yu-Gi-Oh (Customs,Casual and Competitive), Minecraft, Nature & more.
Artists, Animators, Creators, Leaders, Music Makers, Roleplayers, and fans are all invited. I, and future leaders, host regular tournaments and events in these games and categories that hold cool prizes. Rewards for most things, there are even guaranteed commissions!

Ps: We help learn anything, including languages (Japanese, French, Spanish, and Klingon +), In depth categories for your needs.
Server focused on users being the most productive and best that they can. Current categories are Developers, Designers, Workers, and Learners.
A friendly community full of coders and hackers that make awesome projects together and help one another.