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Hello, I hope you join my server. Its was created for Fortnite, Save The World. I hope you come and have fun, trade and make some freinds!!!
Always free, Always family!

Bulls and Bears are welcome: A network of family that works together through an ongoing learning experience to achieve maximum profit.

Focus: Stock Options, knowledge and more.
Hi everyone, make sure to join DRAGONS SERVER to enjoy awsome services like mm,taxies,free ssd helping,giveawys
also we have awsome combination between save the world and battle royale make sure to try it out and we are hiring staff right now.
🎮 Save The World Community 🎮
STWC is a 12+ gaming focused server aimed at those who want to have fun, make new friends, and enjoy Discord!
🔞We encourage all ages to join, as we are a strict SFW server 💎
We offer such things as:
😁⇴ A friendly, caring, and active community!☺
🤖⇴ A wide variety of bots to make your experiences fun🚀
💱 trading 💱
🚕 Taxi's 🚕
:💋Chat/Music/Lots of Fun Events(with many prizes) 🏆
🎉 ⇴Giveaways💪
😂⇴ Memes, Photos, and so so so much more!✨
Enjoy Fortnite skins? Enjoy Fortnite trading?

Falling Trading Hub has both of those. We are here to help you trade your accounts.

What we have -

• Trusted Traders
• Account Drops
• Giveaways
• Nice Staff
• Invite Rewards

Join today for trusted trading

🔥Come join us! We have many trusted sellers and traders.🔥
🛒If you want to trade, sell or buy, This is the place for you!🛒

LOOKING FOR PARTNERS DM *** тяιηιтү #9506***

🎁Invite Rewards!🎁
🏆Fortnite Accounts Drops!:
🛒Buy, Sell, Trade & More!🛒
❌NO Scammers:
✅ Friendly Staff!✅
📞Free Trusted Middlemen!📞
💰 Selly & Shoppy💰

Owners of previous disabled discords
Old 1400+ Members
Old 800+ Members
Current 100+ Members
***This one is just a running one just in case someone bots the other one***

🔥 Join us and help us grow!🔥 @everyone @here

This template was written by iM ElementZz #7189 for Cwins2 Trading Server, and it is not to be reused or reedited by anyone else Unless permitted to.

Join one of the best Discord Server for Fortnite Buying/Selling/Trading!
🛒 UnKnown - Market 🛒

💰 Sell
💲 Buy
✅ Verified market / sellers
🏆 Invite Rewards

👉 👈
▁ ▂ ▄ ▅ FN Market ツ ▅ ▄ ▂ ▁
Best Server for both selling and trading Fortnite Accounts
The best server when it comes to invite rewards and lots of more!!
➢ Frequent Giveaways
➣ The BEST Invite rewards gifts
➢ 24/7 Staff
➣ Partnerships
➢ Active and fast growing
➢ - Recruiting Fortnite Droppers!
Stock Market Discord server for discussing all things trading and investing.
▬〖Homebase Trade Land〗▬

Giveaways Going On over the Next Week! Need 5+ Invites To Join The Giveaway!

A cozy, safe, chill, and friendly server for people looking to make great trades & discuss Fortnite: STW
Homebase Trade Land is the most secure & professional trading community out there, with multiple systems designed to protect YOU.
We have an army of professional staff, middle-men, taxis, and builders to create your dream 5⭐ Experience.
100+ members choose to be apart of our community. What are you waiting for?



Giveaways 🎉
Reputation System 📈
Rank Progression 🕵
Middle-Man Services 🤵
Reporting System ⛔
General Discussion 💬
Fast Support 📝

Save the World:

Trading 💸
Shops 👜
Taxi Service 🚕
Farming 💱
SSD Defense & Building 🏰

▬〖📢JOIN NOW!📢〗▬
Any questions or concerns? Give our staff a shout!
☆ Davos Network ☆

☪ Active networking, gaming, and anime server
☪ 500+ members and growing
☪ Features
★ Gaming Channels
★ Fun Bots and commands
★ Community events and giveaways
★ Nsfw area
★ Self Roles!

☪ NOW HIRING! Active members will have a chance to join our staff team, suggest features and events, and move up the chain of command. Ask an admin how to join today!
We are an active server looking for new members and also talented moderators who are willing to apply for the staff team to help us out, we do active giveaways and are always here to help if you need any.
This is a server for a scam-free trading with a friendly community and 50+ people.
Everyone is welcome to one of the best discord servers there is for trading!
-No scammers
-Great community
-Active moderators
-Large giveaways
We have started FE (Friday events) guns and roles are up for grabs!!!
We accept partners and sponsors just dm one of our moderators!
💖💖 Fun Pokemon-based Sun/ Moon server! 💖💖
📰 Global news on Pokémon games
🤝 Ultra Sun/Moon Pokémon Trading
🎉 Soooouper fun people!
🎁 Events and prizes to win!
⭐ Neato tolito custom-made emojis!
💃 Stylish custom Trainer Card Profiles!
This server is about a youtuber call CyberWolf 47 on youtube and you can have fun within the server.
Come here for free acounts for everything from games to spotify to hulu. Invite your friends for even better accounts
Our main goal is to establish a friendly community for people who enjoy playing Fortnite Save The World.



Giveaways 🎉
Reputation System 📈
Rank Progression 🕵
Middle-Man Services 🤵
Reporting System ⛔
General Discussion 💬
Fast Support 📝

Save the World:

Trading 💸
Guides & Tutorials
All scammers banned
Storm Chest Help
SSD Help
War games
Trusted shops
Shops 👜
Taxi Service 🚕
Farming 💱
Mission help
SSD Defense & Building 🏰

▬〖📢JOIN NOW!📢〗▬
Any questions or concerns? Give our staff a shout!
A discord server built on Fortnite save the world community. We have trading channels, rep channels and much more come join our server and grow with us!!!
💛Welcome to Noah’s STW Trading💛

🎮We are not just a Save The World server, we are a chill and chat server along as a general gaming server🎮

We Have:

〖🔥〗Happy Staff Always Trying To Make The Server Better!

〖🔥〗Almost Back To Back Giveaways!

〖🔥〗Taxi, Middleman, Crafting, Building And Reputation Services

〖🔥〗A Wide Selection Of Bots Including Music And Games Bots (Ren A Private Game Bot!)

〖🔥〗A Shop And Tons Of Roles You Can Earn To Show How Superior You Are!

〖🔥〗A Suggestions And Complaints Tab To Tell Us What We Need To Work On!

〖🔥〗Please Come And Check Us Out!!!
We are a growing Save the World Trading community! We welcome all people who enjoy trading and doing missions within Fortnite Save the World, we offer a variety of different services such as Trusted Middlemen, Taxis, Crafters etc.
We look forward to seeing you in the server!