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**We are a subscription based signal service**

Easy to follow signals. Join our free chat area to discuss all crypto topics and lets spread the word about crypto. Visit our website at

We are actively advertising in our community via radio ads and other forms of advertising. We DO NOT hide ourselves. We are very passionate about Cryptocurrency and see how it will adapt to everyday lives.

**We have**

- Binance signals
- BitMEX signals
- Coin Listing BOTS
- Exchange news feeds
- VIP chat room to ask us questions
tempat melarikan diri dari kehidupan nyata
(under developement, tapi silakan berkunjung buat lihat2)
Selling/trading Fortnite account market! Super legit sellers. Buy your own shop for cheap, and get many new buyers! Invite rewards OP. If you bump the server 5 times you get a free reward.
Here at TradingHub, we have a safe environment for members to trade weapons, and all other items in Fortnite Save The World (PvE)! We have a large growing community of great staff, and trusted members, as well as a well developed server using bots for reputation systems, reporting players, and we even have an anti raid system as well as giveaways! But thats not all! Unlike most STW discord servers, we have an emoji for **every** single material in the game! This is great for Nitro members, and even regular users who want to give a visual in our many trading chats! So what are you waiting for? Come join our 100+ members and come to a community you'll never regret joining! Server owned by the ServerHub Discord Network.
Selling/trading Fortnite account market! Super legit sellers. Over 150+ members! Buy your own shop for cheap, and get many new buyers! Invite rewards OP. If you bump the server 5 times you get a free 10+ skin account!
Welcome to our discord server page,
You might be wondering what this server is about or you have common sense and see the name. Well if you dont know, this server is for roblox trading and talking to other robloxians.
We try to make this the best and most safe roblox trading environment you can get!
Tired of trying to find the perfect item in a sea of unorganized traders with the same idea?
Well look no more because ive been building this server to where trading can happen between freinds, instead of traders. Instead of scammers and high teir traders looking down on you,
Just come and join here, scammers are not allowed and will be banned, keeping your experience with trading safe. Unlike in steam, not that im saying its bad or not safe, but theres millions of people that could be scammers, and just want your items. But here its different. If there are suspicious acts, we will take action.
We are a community of buyers & sellers. On our server you can buy very cheap alts, trade with members or just have a chat!
We have
-Autobuy shops
-public list of scammers
-a support channel with ticket creation
-a marketplace to trade & advertise
Hey! :grin:
Do you like fortnite? I'm sure you do :ok_hand:

talk about the game :heavy_check_mark:
ask questions :heavy_check_mark:
Find duos/squads :heavy_check_mark:
Great community :heavy_check_mark:
Invite rewards :heavy_check_mark:
HUUUUGGEEE save the world giveaway :heavy_check_mark:

Start having fun RIGHT NOW!
-staff needed-
This is a server where anyone can discuss gaming, trade accounts, and have fun!
This server is in early access so any help would be greatly appreciated and if you want anything to be added to the server, let me know!
The Most Advanced CSGO Trading Server On Discord! Join and find many CSGO Traders Just Like Yourself Trading High and Low End Skins! Find Trusted Cash Traders And Middlemen Who Can Assist You In Your Trading Experience! Join Now!
**Welcome to the Cakehub!**

Here you'll find people selling rare Fortnite accounts, and to avoid getting scammed, we also hired the most trusted middlemen.

We have our own discord-built-in cryptocurrency system to avoid sale scams, and we have a super active community as well as caring and nice admins.

Not only that, we have AMAZING invite and level rewards, where you'll be able to earn money and accounts by simply inviting people or talking.

Hope to see you around soon!
A great Place to trade, Have fun, Talk with others, And more!
This server was made for trading of steam items (Mainly CSGO.) I made the server as CSGO and steam trading in general has been dying over the years due to sites being shut down (e.g. opskins) and the new 7 day trade cooldown. Therefore this servers mission is to bring back CSGO trading and allow users to trade and sell skins. We do not take any responsibility for skins/money that are scammed from the server. I will never scam but I cannot take responsibility for others. Remember to make sure you are trading with the person you want to trade with and not an impersonator. So have fun trading and if you own a similar server hit me up for a partnership and have fun!!!
Hey there! Ever wanted a great community, where you could sell/trade your personal fortnite account? We got you covered! 💎Fortnite Selling/Trading features a great Community, with active members! We sell and trade fortnite accounts and even make friends on the way! We do giveaways (If we have the chance to..) and we have invite rewards! Join today to enhance your fortnite skin collection
Automatic trading 365 days a year, 24 hours a day! Forget about human mistakes and learn about our crypto trading algorithm!
This is a cryptocurrency discord server, we provide high quality crypto signals wich are made by the owners who are full time crypto traders. This server is completly free but it allows you to buy a premium subscription to get acces to HQ signals.
Are you interested in cryptocurrencies, or want to increase your profits?
Look no further and join Phantom Trading!
We help people that are new to cryptocurrencies get a good start and we help more advanced users with increasing their trading skills even more!
Our server also serves as a signal provider for more experienced users.
It's a server where you can buy random steam keys for very cheap.
All steam keys are worth more then 1$ that are sold by trusted sellers.
You can sell steam keys here yourself or trade them with other users.
Join now to join the best trading server! We have it all. Custom bots, trusted middlemen, and we've made the server ban-proof. We also have really friendly staff!
If you are looking for a server with a fairly trustworthy community to do Fortnite STW trading in then look no further. Also you can share your unique weapons and builds here. We would love to have you as a part of our community :D