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The Official Channel of the YouTuber CragMick, a discord channel for helping people grow like myself. Also if you need gfx if have a graphics designer in my server so make sure you hit him up!
Dedicated community for artists, designers, musicians and others
This server is a little something for everybody, come and join here if you want to make some friends or just someone to chat to.
We're very chill here, come and join.
-Hosting Challeges
Join GDS

This is a server where you can learn how to improve your graphic design skills.

We've got:
Android Teachers
iOS Teachers
PC Teachers

You can get your own portfolio channel where you can post your work.
Teachers will assist and help you improve.
> RO-Mall <
A shopping centre for ROBLOX!
Purchase and sell GFX's, clothing and other services!
Not interested in buying or selling? Why not join to converse with other members?

Moderator applications are open!
This is a Graphics Server, just poped up a couple weeks ago!
-We can make GFX for you
-You can apply for a portfolio
-Or just join to look on works of art
*We're partnered with Server Symmertrical*

We Edit. We make intros / outros
We do everything related to editing . We also have a RP SECTION! bots fun. Have fun with our bots. #madrespect
Where people can show off their art skills! We are a growing community looking for new friends and new people to help us on our journey of photo effects. Roblox GFX help is available!
Salut à toi, jeune minecraftien, et bienvenue sur Minecraft Art World ! (MAW pour les intimes)

Ici, vous pourrez trouver tout ce qui se réfère au FanArt Minecraft, que ce soit des wallpapers, des animations, des "GFX/VFX", ou même des builds, mais avec un seul thème à respecter: Minecraft !

Donc que vous soyez graphiste, vidéaste, animateur, ou si vous voulez juste regarder ou discuter avec nous, vous serez toujours les bienvenus ici, que ce soit pour partager vos créations, aider la communauté ou donner des conseils !

Bonne visite!

PS: Les langues acceptées sont le français et l'anglais
This server is an open OSU! dedicated server run by OSU GFX Artists in the Art Forum. We make art and have an active dedication into creating art. You can come as an outsider and request an art piece! We love making art for people as much as we love art itself. Come by and learn/watch/listen/ talk to us as we also teach people how to do art and start doing art.
In this discord we have fun and you can too if you join us if your looking for any designs for your social medias or twitch, and YouTube you can for order one for a low price.
We are an upcoming hangout group that talks about anything. At blu's hangout, everyone is welcome. We have a variety of bots to chose from, and adding more as we expand. Once we start gaining momentum, we will have professionally built bots, and a professional moderation team. You can join this team of creators, moderators, and discussers.
Want to Improve your work?

Want to learn GFX?

Want to get hands-on GFX?

Want to improve your work? Want to learn a different developing design? Care to be the developer, scripter, and GFX hand? Check it out!

:dollar: Cheap
24HR Delivery
High Quality
Fun Server
Bot Commands.
We are a chill community and everyone is welcome to join us!
Awesome Staff Team!
Awesome Community!
Levelling System!
Over 50 Members!
Tons of more features!
Accepting Partners!

Make sure to join Nightshow™ Services!

Owned by Alouse#7893
Co-Owned by Beastkills#5620

Hiring GFX Designers and Staff!


Order In Discord!
Dream_ss GFX is a new server owned by @dreamss !

It’s basically a big art/GFX hub wishing to be full of great people and community which will surely make your day.

We have many servers to share and Discuss your creations such as Clothes, Art, and GFX.
You are allowed to be as creative and free as you want here, there is no negativity allowed.
This server is very community-based, never hesitate to DM me or an Admin ♡ to share ideas.
We aren’t too strict on rules but we follow a 3 warning method to keep our server safe and enjoyable for everyone.
We accept partnerships from servers with a similar theme, no matter how big or small.
When we get bigger we will have game nights and giveaways!~
ABSOLUTELY NO NSFW is tolerated. If I see any, you will be kicked. I upped the security on this server for people who simply cannot read or understand rules.
We have memes, and cookies, so please have fun!

Thank you!
Graphic Inc
Info: This discord is to learn everything about GFX
To enter the discord as student is $5 Dollars.
You have to ping a Teacher so you can start a verification payment.
This is the paypal to pay the Discord so you can be a Student or to donate
To do self video chat is dealers choice.
To be a teacher you have to send some graphics you've made and once you are verified to be a teacher you can enter free.
Welcome to the Digital Arts discord server! This is a growing community of people interested in digital Arts (graphic design, Web development, writing, etc.). Here you can show off your work, sell your services, request for services, or just chat!
TheProject || by L3ts:tm:

A place where you can showcase your designs or your code!

-> Nice community!
-> Many custom Bots!
-> Daylie polls!
-> German and English!
Hello, We are all wondering if you would love to join the new roblox server for GFX's and ROBLOX Clothing, Noodle's Designs! We have all kinds of ROBLOX GFX's And clothing you can choose from. Join now to work here or order a gfx!
🔥Would you like free and quality GFX?🔥
💥 We are a new GFX server:
GFX Royale 👑 💥
⚡️If you want a gfx, come and join and be a community member!⚡️
🙋🏻‍♂️🙋🏻‍♀️Also we are looking for good GFX designers🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♂️
So come and join for ur GFX or for a job! 👨🏻‍💻
NE link 👉
egfx is revolved around sharing esports logo creations with other users. these logos are meant for use as avatars, but you can use them for whatever you like. the game for the esports is focused mainly on rocket league, but other games are accepted.
A brand new discord server for Artists, GFX artists, Writers, and admirers! We are also LGBT friendly so come join!
We are a fun minecraft community that has over 60 users and we have 24/7 support with bots and music! We also have private rooms, responsible staff and more!
Welcome To BackupGFX, we are based around art and creativity. Want to share your work with others, then join are server. We hold, GFX And art feedback, partnerships, portfolio, active community, A ell moderated server, and a haming community.