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>Wreck boredom with constant entertainment! From the drug parties of events to the communist coups of server clans and monopolies of the server economy

🔶Tons of fun, troll-y, and serious events all the time🔶
>#📢events< Game Competitions, Challenges, and more!

🔶Rival Clans Wyntaire + Nyghtaire🔶
>#🔴clan-info< Power, competition, and communist uprisings (with rewards)

🔶Powerful ranking and greedful economy system🔶
>#🔴leveling-info< Earn coins to gain privileges, enhance your clan, and more!
Great community for gaming! Custom bots, and good staff! We do a ton of spotify premium / hulu giveaways so be sure to join to enter!
We are a server that offers the following:
Friendly staff,
Friendly users,
A Great Community,
A load of selection of bots (Including ones custom made for the server)
This server is for some discord bots made by a developer!
:loudspeaker: Immortality :loudspeaker:

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: Friendly Staff.
:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: Fun events
:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: Place to chill
:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: Gaming Community
:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: UnbelievaBoat Premium.


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A Server of giving away DVD's (currency) to buy roles/titles.
This is a Server Dedicated to American Trucking Sim! Come share your truck photos, play with members, share your progress and more!

We offer custom roles for each rank you receive in-game!

We also offer tags showing what DLC you own, so you can match up with other players!

We recommend you join!
This is a support server for the X bots. Here you can get help for the bots and ask any questions you have about them. You can also report users that don't follow the bots' TOS/rules, give suggestions and feedback and report bugs. We hope you will enjoy your stay and using the bots.
This is a cool community server for anyone who wants to have a good time. We have a custom bot which is a public bot meaning you can invite it to your server! You can also get support/help on using the bot. Overall, we are trying to build a big and friendly community!
Welcome to Bot programs we are a server that can create any bot you like for your own server join us and you will become one of our many growing clients and can get your own bot to do whatever you want!
Improve your German or English skills with ease on our German learning server. We provide custom bots, many features and eloquent native speakers.

Apart from that we feature:
- Custom private channels
- Learning resources
- Help with your questions in German or English
- Help with your homework / translations
- Custom features that are unique to our server thanks to our bots
- A word of the day from the Duden to enhance your vocabulary
- High quality music bots for your enjoyment
Get **FREE** Rewards for inviting people into this discord server including, **FREE** Minecraft Accounts, **FREE** Paypal up to $18, and more coming soon!
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The Portal

Welcome to The Portal! This server is developed and managed by Drippyz. Please feel free to reach out to us at any time. Thank you for being a part of the community, we appreciate having you here.

The Portal consists of:
- Custom discord bots
- Fun games to play
- Active staff
- Leveling system
- Support tickets
- And much much more!

We are starting off small, hoping to grow bigger. So why not help us out and join the server!

[ ]
I like to do things with technology and gaming so that's pretty much what my server is about, if you have any suggestions contact me @teamskullcandy on Instagram
We currently offering Our Workshop Store.

:fire:》Custom Logos
:fire:》Custom Websites
:fire:》Custom Discord Bots
:fire:》Love to hire Bot Dev's and Designers
How to grow your discord guild?
How to get custom bots?
How to manage your guild?

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We offer amazing advertising services and much more! Some of which are custom bots, hosting, growth help and much more! JOIN NOW!
Hello, and Welcome to our Server! Here is our following description!

-Want to see a Community that lets you be you?
-Wanna Make Some New Friends?
-Wanna See some Active Members?
-Meet Friendly people?
-Custom bots and more!
Join now! Here are just some of our features we offer in our server!
-Programming/Web Development!
-Gaming Channels!
-Professional Staff!
-Self Assignable Roles!
-Active Community!
-Unlockable Channels!
-Minigames and fun giveaways with custom roles and more!
And Much More! Join now, to see all kinds of things that are in our server! Invite friends to grow our server, and even your server! Why, wait? Join now, experience the fun later!
We have custom roles, emojis, and bots to fit the show. Our community is active and polite. Our staff offer great support with any help you need. There is a lot of fun commands to use if you are bored, you can meet new people and make some friends! Hope to see you around! Subscribe to our Reddit May we meet again!
This is a growing server, with active staff, cool bots, and a good community

includes NSFW content in channels
Lava Lobby, the all new community welcoming everyone! We are here to talk about issues, or just have fun!

Enjoy chatting and laughing with an amazing community!
Gamers (No furries)
Fun bots
Caring staff

New Addition!
Developer Hub

Chat and share creations with other developers and even advertise your development. Become know to the public with your creations.
We even offer help/support for your bot or code