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Hey there! We are a newly made chess server, We provide alot of self roles and emotes! We have multiple channels for chess tips and discussions
Paladins Team Finder

Hello and welcome to PTF. PTF is a friendly, well built community for paladins players around the world to join and meet up.
Paladins Team Finder is running strong with over 1100 members.

What we offer
- Our very own stats bot
- Show your support for your favourite champion
- The PTF Bi-Weekly tournament played on NA and EU servers. Streamed live to Twitch!
- Many people looking for both casual groups and ranked groups
- Various channels to communicate with other players
- Giveaways
- Share clips and screenshots of your games
- Show off your favourite skins
- Recruit members for your Esports team
- Join our partnership program for both servers and streamers
- Much, much more!

Join today and start having fun with players like you!

Server owner: Murdoc Niccals
RiP Apex Legends Clan is a clan where you can find people to talk and play with, we have bots with commands that everyone can use, coded by our coders. We have members from all the platforms but now Cross-Play is coming and we'll be able to play all together! Join for an unforgettable experience you will NEVER regret!
Hi! we are just a new and growing community of arsenal!
we will do tournaments as we grow!
if u like arsenal join ;3

Hola! somos una nueva y creciente comunidad de arsenal
haremos torneos a medida que crecemos!
si te gusta arsenal unite ;3

We are a gaming community, centered mostly around League of Legends, but which also branches out to a couple other games such as Minecraft and Overwatch.

Here, you'll find players within most skills brackets with whom you can talk to, meet, play with, improve with and have fun with, even in a game as anti-fun as League. ;P We also offer coaching to anyone who asks for it, for free! Out coaches range from being rated at Gold to being rated at high Diamond. Finally, we do our best to make sure League is seen for what it is - a team-game - so we're here if you're looking to find teams for 5-man-flexing or, more importantly, for Clash!
This Is A Server For All People To Come Try Show Off They’re Skill In Tournaments And The Winner Will Become Part Of Out Main Team

If you are in a clan join up and try prove your clan is the best

What we have to offer -

-Daily Tournaments
-Active Staff
-Pro Players
-Daily Live Streams
-Active Members

Hope you choose to join and help us grow !!!
Drop Dead Academia is a server based around an academy. The school is mostly known for its fighting tournaments that the students train and take part in. There are different variations of species to chose from and many things to do from casual rp to combat. There is PTK and RTK as the server is mainly based around fights. Erping I'd aloud but please keep it to the NFSW channels that are there so people who aren't comfortable with seeing any nfsw content don't have to. This server does have channels that are not within the Academy so you don't have to be stuck within a school or only have students for charcters. There are main bloodlines but that doesn't mean they are special. There are no main characters so anything can happen! The server is a nee oke and a WIP so any feed back would be appreciated especially suggestions!
Hi! I have a great community of smash players and we host free online tournaments. We need more participation so we need more active members. These tournaments are absolutely free! Once we get more members I hope to start giving out prizes! Thanks for stopping by and enjoy the rest of your day!
A small card game server looking for new people.We often host tournaments as well as try to bring you the latest news of the card game world. We would love to expand our community and interact with more people who share interests in card games.
Welcome to Salad Esports!

Our aim is to provide a server for those of you who want to push their gaming skills to the best!
Participate in tournaments, and many friendly matches to train yourself, as well as win cash prizes and others with our giveaways and challenges.

We strive to bringing all gamers together in a place they feel welcomed, and where our center of attention is getting you to your limits and beyond!

Don't miss out on the fun and challenges, join now and get immersed.
OutlastMC small KitPVP server!
Great community and nice staff members! MONTHLY TOURNAMENTS WITH PRIZES!
Join the Hitman Association if you want the chance to see your favorite fighter come to life and take the stage in the ultimate challenge other members to rise up in the ranks. We use the game UFC 3 read the welcome category to get familiar with it. Take part in events that happen periodically, or just call for a free fight. Call for a kengan vs purgatory challenge to see if you can assemble a team thats good enough to best the other. But for those who want to take a real risk, call for The Hitman Annihilation Tournament and try to take over the seat of chairman and see if you can "revolutionize" the Association.(parody of Kengan Assocation)
We are a friendly and unique server community who loves playing Pokecord! Our server is nearly active 24/7, and possibly one of the most active servers within the Pokecord community :D
We have fun special features that no other server has as well as tourneys, DAILY giveaways and events, gyms and more!

We have...

➳ Friendly and active staff, ready to help you with any of your Pokémon or server inquiries!
➳ Frequent events with HUGE prizes (i.e. redeems)
➳ Competitive tourneys with HUGE prizes for winners!!
➳ A dojo where you can train and learn with PRO DUELLISTS
➳ Gyms which can lead you to becoming the Pokemon Master!
➳ Pokeverse, Dank Memer, Mudae & Waifu, OwO, and many other bots are available!
➳ Big DAILY Giveaways!!
➳ 24/7 Daycare Services (duel & spam)
➳ Sponsorships
HYPERCARRY ESPORTS hosts weekly tournaments where one team will take home a cash prize!

Join our community to participate in tournaments, giveaways, scrims and more!

This is the perfect server for anyone who wants to wifi in smash ultimate. We accept any skill levels, characters, and rulesets. We have an incredible community, active staff team, and a variety of bots and channels to ensure a good experience. A great alternative to the chaos of Quickplay and Elite Smash.
$$$We host cash tournaments MONHTLY$$$

I created a new server for my semi pro team. In this server we added a looking for a group feature if randoms are bad like almost everytime, a build a team feature to help you to find a team for tournaments,championship and pushing.We create tournaments every week, scrims, minigames and giveaways.

Aphelion eSports (AE) is a Multi-Platform Gaming and Esports organization built up of a number of communities and teams which all connect together to make up our growing network. AE was officially started on August 10th, 2019, and has shown continuous growth since. We at AE build, develop, and field competitive esports teams in a wide variety of games, while also building communities to encompass all levels of play in each game from casual to competitive. In combination with that we design and run unique tournaments, events, and leagues that aim to always bring a competitive edge to game-play and test all levels of a players abilities. Our mission is to enhance all aspects of the gaming environment for our communities, while also promoting self-accountability, respectful behavior, and positive personal growth. Our goal is to forge career paths in the field of gaming for both ourselves and all those that we work with.

This is why our motto is: Always Evolving
do you like arsenal?
Do you also like playing competitive
if so, this is the server for you!
In this server we provide
Weekly tournaments
Active staff
no toxicity
Just have fun!
If you are looking for an active clan for modern warfare that does daily full games to keep the whole clan intertwined then High Frequency Gaming is the Clan for you this is what we have to offer

- Daily MiniGames with the clan

- Clan Wars

- Active Member To Play With

- Good active fair staff

-Fully Functional Server

We hope you choose to join us here at High Frequency Gaming and thank you for spending the time reading this 🙂

Welcome to the Waddling Gaming, the official Discord server of DDee!

We are a Super Smash Bros. and social server, where you can play others from around the world, chat in the Social channels, join monthly tournaments and events, and more! We have over 2000 incredibly kind, and welcoming members and we don't plan to stop there!

We offer:
🥊 Playing with some of our High Level Smash Players and DDee himself
🥋 Get tutoring from our Dojo Samurai tutors with match feedback and analysis
🏘️ Join and fight for your Gang to take the gold in Gang Wars
🗡️ Open matchmaking for Smash Ultimate and other popular games
🏆 Events and tournaments every month, with a leveling system and custom bot as well

We hope you have fun, and see you around the server!
This server "a friendly community uhm..." and we host weekly tournaments (but not always) u can find out about new news about games and a place you can find a team, laugh at memes, talk about tech, make new friends and discover all kinds of talent in the gaming community.
Welcome to Infinite Ascension! We are a growing clan which mainly plays Apex Legends. If you'd like to try out or simply come and hang out then we will welcome you.

Other games we play :
-many more to come with growth
Call of Duty mobile community server.
🏆Tournaments and scrims
🖥️ Content creators for Call of Duty mobile game.
🔰Welcome to our family!