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Brand new pokemon server.
Two team. Team tourneys and solo tourneys.
Elite 4 and Champion coming soon.
Daycare and tournaments soon.
Suggestions are welcome.
Join us!
The Sovereign Order
The competitive community for League of Legends players!
We draft players into teams and host all kinds of League of Legends related events! Our Server offers a wide variety of channels and topics, though our main focus is on competitive 5v5 Teams.

Players must first prove themselves before becoming Squad Members. But once tried and tested, we offer in house coaching to improve your team-play! Check out our information pages for exactly how you can do that!

Do you have what it takes to climb the Sovereign Order?

(We are currently running on EUW only. (Plans to open an NA branch in the works))
Pokedrafts in a sever focused around draft leagues. We are always using up to date Pokémon games to use the most competitive play styles available. If you are unsure to what a draft league is, we will be more than happy to explain it you. On the other hand, if you’ve always wanted to do a draft league but never had a good opportunity, now is the time!
Cryptic Tournaments
We are a discord server that hosts huge cash prize tournaments for Fortnite, Apex Legends, Pubg, Overwatch, and other requested games!
We also Will be running some Events, Giveaway's.
We have a very active community (6K members).
We are always looking for Some Very good /Active Staff
We Have our own discord bot and the server is boosted.
We Are also looking to partner with Team's your team will get there own role if you DM us.
There are also some very good emotes / perks.
Level 3 Nitro Boosted
Join the Pokémon Gen 5 Tournament server today for weekly tournaments with prizes for top positions.

Custom Roles
Legitimate Shiny Pokémon
Custom Pokémon

Have fun battling
Hello. Why are reading this join are server NOW. We are friendly gaming community that welcomes everyone. We host regular tournaments every week. I hope you join and say hi. Have a nice day.
Hey! My friends and I have created a discord server for super smash bros fans. We have been perfecting our server as much as we can so we can make is the best experience. We occasionally host tournaments and giveaways with our members. Its alright if you don't play super smash bros because you can play any game on a Nintendo console! We would love you to join our server so you can be apart of our amazing community. If you have any ideas to help our server or look better please let us know because we are always open to hear from you!
Heya, welcome to our server "Pokècord Competitive Server"
we have daily giveaways, tournaments, battles and much more
you can even start to earn badges at the kanto city including a special badges if you can manage it

so yeah we hope to see you here in our server
partnerships are allowed if appropriate
Welcome to the competitive Call of Duty Modern Warfare community!

This is the place for scrims, pick up groups, mixed matches and quick-cups!

Be a part of it!

Help us to grow!
Make this a better place and recommend us to others. More players, more activity, more matches, more pugs, more fun!

Stay frosty!
Lynx Esports is an esports organization with teams currently competing in Overwatch and Rainbow Six Siege. We have a very welcoming and friendly community, growing every day! We host tournaments with cash prizes and offer a social space to discuss about your favorite games, find groups to play with, and more!
A server to hang out and talk about anime and other stuff
We are very active and we have stuff like levels and self assignable roles
Talk about whatever you want anime or non anime
…We also have a NSFW channel
This is the perfect server for someone who wants to wifi. We accept any skill levels, characters, and rulesets. Instead of the mess that is quickplay, elite smash, and gsp, we have our own ranking system. The SHR (Smash hub ranking) is a measure of growth and skill awarding you for being active and productive. With bots like purah and floof, we got everything you need for a good experience!
E-Sports Schools is a gaming organisation specialising in online tournaments with loads of individuals and loads more games! Join and have a great competitive environment!
Toto's Gen 8 Pokemon League! We are a pokemon loving community who just wanna have fun!
Why join us? Well, we have:

- Growing community with active staff! We can answer your burning pokemon questions as well!
- Active Trading Channels, for those looking for a 6 IV Foreign Ditto or any other pokemon to complete your dex!
- Positive, friendly chat! Come make new friends!
- Completely SFW so no worries about being here next to your parents
- Pokemon League to test your skills against other players! Learn to become a stronger player here!

So what are you waiting for? Join now for free and have a good time!
Welcome to the European Rainbow Six:Siege server!

We offer you a variety of things such as:
1| Find new friends on our discord server that maybe even are better than you!

2| Meet other people in #💬player-search and play with them in our voice channels and play with them Ranked, Quick play, and more!

3| We offer competetive tournamnets with prizes and fun custom games just to enjoy the game and meet new friends!

4| Staff and other people from the community can help you figure out problems you have in Rainbow Six!

5| You want to have a laugh about Rainbow Six bugs or just enjoy Rainbow Six memes? Then check out #💬pictures-and-memes and maybe post your own funny moments in it!

6| Something new happened in Rainbow Six? Get information on news in our News category!
HypeX is a foremost esports platform, striving to be the number one platform out there. We host tournaments every week for Fortnite,for all regions to attend, every tournament is free-to-play and scores are tracked automatically on the site.
We run Cash Prize Esport Tournaments for Fortnite and Rocket League across the World. Free Entry and Weekly Giveaways. Join Up Now!
We are a new discord created by the community for the community

Why should i join?

- Hosted tournaments monthly
- Ranked games
- Friendly community
And much more!
Welcome to the Forza drag tournaments with prizes and more. Here is a server that is devoted to drag tournaments! We do different specified restrictions in our tournaments. Some basic restrictions like drive train type and especially big tire and small tire! Join for more info!
Join Hoes and Oats! Become a hoe of your own while you enjoy tournaments with prizes, our nitro boost, and daily arenas with voice chat! This is a tight knit community where you are welcomed to feel comfortable and express your love of smash ultimate!
This Discord is intended to bring people together and play HvH. You will be able to take part in 5vs5 2vs2 or 1vs1 HvH CSGO tournaments. If you manage to collect 5 players, you can ask the moderate for a role with the name of your group for you and your team. If there are about 100 active hvh players on this Discard. This Discord Server will have its own HvH server in CSGO.
HvH tournaments will be held on this server.
This is the server to chill a participate in tournaments for free just got to match the team requirements in call of duty and rocket league. We want the team to succeed and grow bigger as a community and make this clan grow in other games like csgo and league of legends etc... Hope you join the team. Good Luck and Come here to chat and play.
Gaming community that hosts zone wars and Custom matches. We have self promotional tabs and giveaways as well. Tournaments are held quit often to give the community other things to get involved in with prize pools. There is also 1vs1, looking for group, and alot of other nice things for everyone to do. Please come join our community
Hey there! Looking for a Haikyuu server? We are the best choice for you! With tournaments that require teamwork, earning points through bot commands, and never ending fun!

You can:
•Earn points
•Win tournaments
•Become certain characters
•Have fun

We are hiring early, as we are a small-growing community of Haikyuu Fun! Join today and you can become a character like Hinata to get certain commands to run the server and participate in future tournaments to become a Server Champion!