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We do small tourneys for prizes and fun we would love for you to join we also host small streamers and youtubers
Labyrinth Gaming is a community on a mission to enhance every gamers experience with mobile gaming. We play Brawl Stars, Clash of Clans, Zooba and Call of Duty Mobile. Come join our server and grow with us!
CODM Media BR Tournaments runs professionally organized battle royal tournaments for cash prizes. If you play Call Of Duty Mobile you can come to our server to find a team and compete or if you already have a team you can register for the next tournament and compete. Each tournament is professionally streamed with commentary.

Join now and get registered for the next tournament!
Hello, we are a new CoD server! In our server we host tournaments for rewards, this can be a role in the discord to a cash prize, we are looking for sponsors to help us fund the tournaments! Our chat is very welcoming and we have great staff that will love to help you along the way.
The Academy

Welcome to The Academy!
Are you looking for a place to communicate with other gamers like you? Then you found the right place for it!
What we Offer:

Channels to discuss gaming and etc.
Look for gamers to game with!
Collaborating with other gamers is allowed!
Monthly Giveaways!
Donator and Nitro Booster Roles!
Events on random times.
Self Assignable Roles!
Socialize with others in our Chat channels!
Friendly and Helpful staff
Growing Community!
Want to play your favorite song? We got music bots for that!
Connect with PS4, Xbox and PC players!

What are you waiting for? Join us to be part of our gaming server!

Server Link:
Hi, fellow discord user. This is a server where you can have lots of fun which bots like pokecord and dankmemer. We also have more several bots like mudae and can add more if you request it. We do pokecord giveaways and tournaments. Actually, theres one going on right now so you should join to register.

If you don’t like long descriptions, here is a summary:
pokecord and dankmemer
growing server
accept all kinds of members
pokecord giveaways and tournament.
The real question is...why aren’t you here yet?🤔
Join Hoes and Oats! Become a hoe of your own while you enjoy tournaments with prizes, our nitro boost, and daily arenas with voice chat! This is a tight knit community where you are welcomed to feel comfortable and express your love of smash ultimate!
The Sovereign Order
The competitive community for League of Legends players!
We draft players into teams and host all kinds of League of Legends related events! Our Server offers a wide variety of channels and topics, though our main focus is on competitive 5v5 Teams.

Players must first prove themselves before becoming Squad Members. But once tried and tested, we offer in house coaching to improve your team-play! Check out our information pages for exactly how you can do that!

Do you have what it takes to climb the Sovereign Order?
This server is for tournaments, giveaways, and more. Join for a nice community to play with!
Family made server. This server was made to meet new people and to start new friendships. We have 5 clans and host tournaments. Prizes include winner roles, nitro, etc.
Welcome to The Goat server! We have Championships, tournaments, game bots and much more! If you just want to talk and relax this is the right place for you!
We run Cash Prize Esport Tournaments for Fortnite and Rocket League across the World. Free Entry and Weekly Giveaways. Join Up Now!
The main home for Overwatch on Switch. Join now to enter for a chance to win the Legendary Edition, as well as daily raffles, events, and more!
HypeX is a foremost esports platform, striving to be the number one platform out there. We host tournaments every week for Fortnite,for all regions to attend, every tournament is free-to-play and scores are tracked automatically on the site. $250 TOURNAMENTS DUO. SOON!
Welcome to Midnight Storm!!! Midnight Storm is a clan focused around the pokecord and mewbot bots, bots made for catching pokemon, battling, trading, and so much more!!! In this clan, we host special events for various things such as the anniversary of a pokemon movie coming out, as well as random events for extra fun!!! Events can win you event-exclusive roles and prizes!!! We also host server tournaments. Think you can make your way into the medals channel by making top 3? We even have a teams system where you pick your team pokemon go style, and teams can have turf wars against each other, and teams can also have special team-only events!!! We have so many other fun stuff to do in this server as well, but to top it all off is the gym and e4 system!!! You can challenge gym leaders to earn badges to win your right to face the Elite Four to make your way to champion!!! We currently have positions open for gym leaders, for whoever would be willing to fill in any gym leader roles!!! We hope you join, and we hope you have fun too!!!
Join our Super Smash Bros. Ultimate server! We have chill people who love smash bros and throw tournaments weekly. We stream matches from time to time, so make sure to stop by!We aren't strict with our rules, just don't be toxic :) and remember to have fun!
A great matchmaking and tournament server for super smash bros ultimate! We have a really awesome and active group of people looking to improve and test their skills against others while meeting new friends. We are competitive, but we encourage members of all skill levels to join us. Looking to grow in size, events, and staff. Our most recent addition is the top 10 leader-board called the A-team, challenge the #10 spot and work your way to the top!
- Hub for all competitive gameplay
- Server ran tournaments / scrims
- Clan promotion
- Looking for staff
Cryptic Tournaments
We are a discord server that hosts huge cash prize tournaments for Fortnite, Apex Legends, Pubg, Overwatch, and other requested games!
We also Will be running some Events, Giveaway's.
We have a very active community (4K members).
We are always looking for Some Very good /Active Staff
We Have our own discord bot and the server is boosted.
We Are also looking to partner with Team's your team will get there own role if you DM us.
There are also some very good emotes / perks.
Level 3 Nitro Boosted
This is the perfect server for someone who wants to wifi. We accept any skill levels, characters, and rulesets. Instead of the mess that is quickplay, elite smash, and gsp, we have our own ranking system. The SHR (Smash hub ranking) is a measure of growth and skill awarding you for being active and productive. With bots like purah and floof, we got everything you need for a good experience!
Welcome to the ZTC (Zombs Tournaments Central) server, here you will see great Tournaments and Events!
- ZTC is organising Tournaments and Events for Zombs Royale Players (Monthly/Weekly)!
- ZTC is organising Solo Scrims for all Regions (Weekly)!
- ZTC has Zombs Royale Clans Verfications!
- Open Community for everyone who is playing Zombs Royale and for other people who play other games!
- Active Staff that is always Helpful and Loyal to everyone!
- Really great Verification Tournaments, Events server!
- The prizes will be a higher role or $Money$ in the Zombsroyale Tournaments Central server!
So join this server and see what awaits you, and most importantly have fun!

Thanks for joining!!!
Here is a tournament server where it’s YouTube against twitch! For now we only host events for Minecraft but as we grow we will definitely expand to suggested games!
**We have our new main server and we need everyone to join! ❤️**

Team Nation
This is an server with a nice and active community we love to make people happy so we do giveaways and everything as well!

Our server = 100% kind go and join to find out!

🏎 Server Information🏎

We also get people in our team our team is called “Team Nation” and we need pro players those that are able to compete for prizes and make us big again! We hope you all can join our server to support everyone in our team or even JOIN our team! ❤️
👇 𝐒𝐞𝐫𝐯𝐞𝐫 𝐥𝐢𝐧𝐤: : || || 👇