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Aphelion eSports (AE) is a Multi-Platform Gaming and Esports organization built up of a number of communities and teams which all connect together to make up our growing network. AE was officially started on August 10th, 2019, and has shown continuous growth since. We at AE build, develop, and field competitive esports teams in a wide variety of games, while also building communities to encompass all levels of play in each game from casual to competitive. In combination with that we design and run unique tournaments, events, and leagues that aim to always bring a competitive edge to game-play and test all levels of a players abilities. Our mission is to enhance all aspects of the gaming environment for our communities, while also promoting self-accountability, respectful behavior, and positive personal growth. Our goal is to forge career paths in the field of gaming for both ourselves and all those that we work with.

This is why our motto is: Always Evolving
LTU Gaming is a non-profit gaming organisation, which was founded on 5th December, 2019. We are primarily involved in Brawl Stars , Among Us & Clash Royale

Our goal is to increase our presence in the ever growing gaming industry and provide a friendly, competitive and helpful gaming community.

So whether you are looking for a competitive platform or just a casual atmosphere for active players, you’ll find it here at LTU
A new and upcoming competitive battleground!
🛒🔹Amazing Server Rewards
🎉🔹Average SIX Daily Events
🏆🔹Find Players Pushing Rank 30
🎯🔹Play With Some Of The BEST Players
《 ―――――﹝Brawl Stars Español﹞―――――》

✏Admins activos y dispuetos a ayudar
✏Un server para dejar de echar suerte con los randoms.
✏Uno de los pocos servidores de Brawl Stars en español en discord.
✏múltiples chats para jugar a tu nivel de copas .
✏Auto roles de todos los brawlers y tus copas
✏+200 integrantes.
✏torneos todas las semanas.
✏Admins siempre activos y dispuestos a ayudar
✏0 gente toxica
Discord Server For `Surge Hub’ clan In Brawl Stars.In Discord Server there Is More than 10 bot and so much fun.You can join here and play what you want. And We are Official Clan So here is International.Chill out😎

对荒野乱斗(Brawl Stars)有兴趣的人就赶紧加入我们的大家庭吧!



eSports Organization & Mobile Gaming Community.
Call of Duty Mobile Clans & Tournaments. Clash Royale, Brawl Stars, Clash of Clans, League of Legends, Fortnite, Diablo Immortal, Pokécord, Pokémon, Giveaways, Events, gifts. Cod Mobile, pokemon, nitro giveaways.
este server es para socializar con las demás personas y poder jugar una gran variedad de juegos. También contamos con una gran variedad de canales para platicas o solo para jugar
Join this cool server where u can have fun with some cubing buddies and also brawl stars players. And also play daily tournaments
Wir sind ein Aktiver Server und es dreht sich hier nicht hauptsächtlich um Brawl Stars sondern auch um andere Spiele. Insbesondere ist dieser Kanal für Abonennten, ihr könnt hier auch Werbung machen für eure sachen machen.
Wir bieten:
-Top Music und Voice Channels
-Top Chats
-Level System
-Eigene Rollen
-Eine große Anzahl an Bots (Aktuell 6)
-Eine Nette Community
Und vieles mehr!

●───────4 Fun Poland───────●


- Discord dla osób z klubu i innych



- 🏆Turnieje w których możesz brać udział🏆

- 🏆Brać udział w turnieju o psc 🏆

- 🤣 Fajną atmosferę i zabawę 🤣

- 💵 Ekonomię 💵

- 🆘️ Pomoc 🆘️

-😁 Dużo kanałów rozrywkowych 4Fun😁

- ⛔System karalny za złe zachowanie⛔

- 🛡Ogarnięta Administracja🛡

- 🎉Konkursy🎉

- 💪Kluby Brawl Stars Top100 i Top500 PL

- 🎀Rangi za osiągnięcia zdobyć w BS🎀

- 🤔Pomysły brane pod uwagę przez was🤔

- 🤗Dwoma słowami będziesz się świetnie bawił. Zapraszamy🤗



- 📊 W miarę Aktywność 📊

- 😁 Kulturę 😁


⫸ Zapraszam



⫸ JOIN :

Pokemon, yo-gi-oh, brawl stars, uno, casino, slots, cards, connect4, ... and much more. Come in, join us and have fun! 😂

+ radio, music, mp3, charts, hits 2020 and youtube 😎😊
— ඞ CrewMates ඞ —

❓Are you looking for a server to chill and play games with different people

❗We got you, we have these things to offer you -

✨ Chat
We have Active chat, which includes games and anime talks too.

🌻 Anime
We have anime section which includes anime chat and related activites.

🤖 Bots
We have decent amount of fun bots including Dank Memer and many more.

💚 Freindly Staff
We have welcoming, cool and friendly staff who are always ready to help.

🔎 Join team feature
We have Join team feature for some games, mainly for Among us.

🎉 Daily Giveaways
We do daily giveaways of Bot currency which includes Dank Memer coins and Owo coins.

🌠 Activities
Activities includes daily QOTD and other type of questions.

🌟 Events
We do different events like Dank Memer heist, Quiz and many more.

💎 Server Boosting Perks
We offer huge amounts of perks on boosting the server or making any bots premium.

💗 Respect and Love
We treat everyone equally, there will be no differentiate between anyone in the server.

💙 There would be more exciting features coming in the future!! 💙
Сервер ютубера Erby. Данный сервер посещен игре от Supersell, Brawl Stars. Роли по кубкам, роли за достижения и многое другой можно получить просто зайдя на наш сервер. Мы всем рады!
For those of you who want to participate in gaming challenges for Brawl stars, animal jam, feral, and minecraft. Server updates almost every day!
This is an awesome place where you can get a lot of fun🎪, a lot of friends🤝, a lot of knowledge🧠 from elders and we do a lot of giveaways in the channel too as well as you will get a Great Family! We are born Gamers 🎮 Join with us! and Let's Team Up guys!
Gamers Lounge is a growing gaming community that focus mostly on mobile games like Pubg [Mobile],Codm,Free Fire,Brawl stars and so on.You can Socialize,find friends to play games with.We also have other off-topics like Anime,Sports & movies for you to discuss on.
English/German Server
The best about the Server: You only see what you want! If you just want to see one or two games... go to our self roles and select only that what you want to see.
The Server is about the Supercell Games Clash of Clans, Clash Royale, Brawl Stars, Boom Beach, and Hay Day.
We have Bots for Clash of Clans, Clash Royale, and Brawl Stars, which you can use.
We try to translate the Server to more languages.
Un serveur de discussion basé sur le gaming

Ses qualités :

• 「📆」est assez actif pour un petit serveur

• 「🕵️」 a un staff compétent et gentil

• 「🆙」des rôles exclusifs pour les plus actifs

• 「🛡️」 un club sur le jeu brawl stars

• 「🌈」 des couleurs de pseudo que vous pourrez personnaliser pour de l'argent (via le bot UnbelievaBoat)

• 「🔗」fait des partenariats (mp @Nawaki#7859 si intéressé)

Plus vous parlez dans le serveur, plus vous aurez de rôles avec des salons privés, et vous aurez parfois accès à des giveaways de money (fictive) avec le bot Unbelievaboat.
En espérant que ces précisions vous ont convaincu de rejoindre ce serveur 🥰
A community server to chat and play and hang out with new friends.

*New server
*English only
▪We are open for suggestions
▪Everyone here is welcome
▪Dank memer is available

We currently play Brawl Stars and Among Us. Come join us!
The best brawlstars server. You can connect with a ton of players who are always down to play. We also have a ton of bots where you can earn rewards towards the server. Youtubers can also self promote in one of our channels.
🦈|AQUA|🏝 est le serveur officiel du clan du même nom, mais qui a aussi pour but de réunir les fans du jeu mobile : Brawl Stars !
Vous y trouverez des fans du jeu, prêt à discuter ou jouer avec vous, des rôles et des salons dédiés aux différents Brawlers, et bien plus encore !
Alors, si vous aimez Brawl Stars et que vous venez du clan ou pas, n'hésitez pas à venir et nous vous acceuillerons chaleureusement !
Маленький, игровой, смешной сервер. Конченные админы и добрым создателем.