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We are a server that has a nice community that is always ready to play games and just talk. We have a levelling system that you can gain roles from. We also have a bunch of bots! We are an ex community of hypixel players, we still have a lot of people that play Minecraft however we are still expanding into other games now so please join and we will try to make you feel welcome no matter what game you have!
Heya welcome to Jesus's Radical Pad!

We are a random fun server that are focused on a few aspects. Especially games, we all love Minecraft Hypixel for instance. The server is filled with talent and awesome people, always ready for games. If you are interested, why not give it a chance man.

There’s currently a tournament happening soon, so feel free to join and compete! Winners of the tournaments will get prizes
Welcome to the Hypixel - PVP server!

Come along and join the server to meet new people and find games!
Welcome to Professional Poptardz, a server where you can get new gaming partners and make friends! we offer:
-a gambling bot
-music bots
-friendly community
-and more!
A group of minecrafters defending their bed in bedwars help them defend and win the game and then put join us and find out more at the end!
Wir sind ein MC Discord Server, wir haben viele aktive User und es ist hauptsächlich dazu da das man sich auf Gomme mit anderen netten Usern connecten kann.
Wir haben nette und aktive User.
Schau einfach Mal vorbei, kann ja nicht schaden.
Join our NEW Minigames server SPIRITMC ( in development)
LOOKING FOR Builders, Devs, Players, and Staff!
1.8.9 - 1.14.4 Java!
Massive variety of Minigames!
Hey! Welcome to amethyst! We are a small community looking for fellow Minecraft players. We would love to get to know you, so come and join us!
This server is a Hypixel, Minecraft Discord to meet new people and play with people that play the same games as you.
We have:
-Great Staff
-New and Original Skins
-And More!
Hello! This server is pretty much just about playing games, having fun, and beint able to relax and enjoy life.
Hello! This discord server is just a chill relaxed hangout server. We also play a lot of different video games, and sometimes we record them for our YouTube channels! Hope you join! You won't regret it!
Do you play Hypixel?
Do you like to play with friends?
Well then we got the server for you! Here we have a server dedicated to playing hypixel games with friends. We also have a guild! Help us grow by joining our server today. Thank you!
Es ist ein Discord/Minecraft Server wo man Chatten, Citybuild, (Skywars vllt) spielen kann und noch vieles mehr! Lasst euch überraschen!
We are a new discord created by the community for the community

Why should i join?

- Hosted tournaments monthly
- Ranked games
- Friendly community
And much more!

QuantumNetwork è la chiave per entrare in una delle community più attive e in estensione in Italia.
È incentrata sul nostro server Minecraft che offre una vasta gamma di modalità e di Minigiochi [Come ad esempio le BedWars, testate da molti YouTuber e Streamer] per consentirvi un divertimento e un esperienza di Gaiming Inimitabile, con Staff competente, attivo e rispettoso.
QuantumNetwork è oltre la Qualità.

Entra Ora Nel Nostro Discord
Zerconium is related to the famous game Minecraft. We are more into Hypixel (which is a Minecraft Server) We have people who play hypixel bedwars. We have ranking system like (e.g VIP, MVP+, Bedwars Amateur, Youtube) Its a friendly community. I hope you won't regret joining. Have a nice day!
Hey y'all! This is where you can join other players around the world who play on Hypixel, one of Minecraft's most popular servers! We have roles, multiple voice channels, and lots of resources to improve your gaming experience. People play on here every day, so you'll never be bored!
Frqst is a chill server with active staff and tournaments with prizes. We are a gaming server which plays Minecraft Hypixel mostly. We also have advertisement channels where you can advertise! It is a NSFW free server!
🇩🇪Deutscher Citybuild Minecraft-Server. Release kommt noch! Joint gerne den Discord Server...🇩🇪
This is a hypixel guild server feel free to join even if your not in the guild It is a very epic meme server 100% 10/10 doctors agree so join now!