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Are you looking for a great and fun server full of giveaways? Then Esther's giveaways is the best place for you! In our server we host giveaways for Nitro and Star VIP. Why should you join? We host giveaways all the time!

We are looking for people to host giveaways, the things you can give away are:

- Nitro
- Star VIP
- Wishlists
- Gift cards

We accept everyone regardless of gender, sexuality and skin colour! Thank you, we hope to see you soon. ♡(.◜ω◝.)♡
If anyone is interested in joining a Discord server where they can practice their languages, then look no further! The Language Café is a laid back server in which you can get immersed with the language(s) that you're learning. Everyone is welcome, regardless of the languages that they know/are learning. Hope to see you there!
Heya Cutie! ❤ 16+ Server
If you want to be yourself then join us! We have different topics like Gaming, Anime, Memes, Roleplay but we also just chat about anything and everything. This server is new so we don't have many members yet but we hope to grow fast, so feel free to invite your friends! You won't be alone with us 💕
Heya here you can just chill, make friends and more! Be kind to other fellow members and staff!
If you wanna get to know new people, discuss games or find someone to play with, feel free to join my Discord server!

It's mostly SMITE related, but we do talk/play a bunch of other games too! If ur looking for anyone to play with, just have a good time, or discuss smite stuff, feel free to join my Discord!

We also focus around Streamers and Helping each other grow!
EpiK Server ('ω')

○ A fun small server for weebs○

• | Welcoming community

• | Active chats

• | Fun events

• | Looking for more active members

Must be at least 13 years old

Join us now⁀➷
```Are you looking to game and talk with others, win giveaways, enter events. If so join BIGHEAD to do all those things.```

```What we offer
1. Bots
2. gaming channels
3. Giveaway
4. Anime```

So what are you waiting for Go join BIGHEAD right now:
Mein Discord Server sucht neue Aktive Mitglieder!
Was wir dir bieten:
🖋️Mit Leuten schreiben🖋️
🤖Viele Bots🤖
🛒Self-roles 🛒
💥 Spiele, die derzeitig Gratis sind werden in einem Channel angezeigt 💥
📣Deine Werbung📣
🤝 Partnerschaften 🤝
🎵24/7 Musik🎵
⌛Tempchannel ⌛

Was wir suchen:
👤Aktive Mitglieder👤
👥Ein Team (Wenn Bewerbungsphase offen)👥

Interesse ? Dann joine doch dem Server!
‿︵‿︵ʚ˚̣̣̣ɞ・❉・ ʚ˚̣̣̣ɞ‿︵‿︵

Are you looking for a fun server to find friends and possibly even find a partner?
Then this server is just right for you!

M.O.D.S is a safe community for all races, sexualities and colors! We allow dating here, so don't be shy!
We love all people here and accept anyone!

What we offer as a server:
✄ We offer a simple support system using "Ticket Tool" for if you ever need help with anything, whether it's problems with mental health or not, moderators and/or higher roles will arrive and help out in any way possible.
✄ Not only that, but we have a variety of cute emojis as well as spaces to spare for if members want to request any of their favourite images or emojis to be used in the server.
✄ M.O.D.S supports all LGBT+ communities and any anti LGBT+ behaviour will be punished with a ban. Whether you're being bullied for your sexuality or you're trying to figure out what it is, we are here for you!
✄ There are also many fun bots to play with, such as Pizza Byte, Eli and Tupperbox!

As of right now, M.O.D.S is a rather small server, but we're hoping to improve into a larger server!

Welcome to Aura! A diverse and cultural community full of good vibes and good times so come join us :D
Welcome to Rox's Beach, here you can Chat, talk about Anime and Gaming. Also in the Fun area there are some games that you can play! Our server is still growing and my goal is to get to 100 members! I hope you join my server. My super goal is to get to 1000 members. I really hope that can happen. Also we have an Art area and in there you can send pictures of what you've drew. You can also get some roles in Self Roles! Have a good day and i hope you join my awesome server!
We are a chill gaming server! We host giveaways and always have staff and members online!
We hope that you would join this new anime server .
We are always ready to say welcome.
The owner is the kindest person in the world ^^
Welcome to Milk Mafia! A server to show your love of the holy liquid that is milk, but you can of course chat about anything you want to. Everyone is welcome, even lactose intolerant people! We hope to see you there!
Welcome to Pornhub!
A friendly/safe space server dedicated to people from all timezones to chill, listen to music, vent, play Minecraft, share memes, shitpost and much more!
what we have in our server ↴
✫ extremely friendly staff.
✫ channels to share your creativity such as art, photography and your own music, etc. we also hold concerts every weekend and movie nights once in every two weeks!
✫ goofy self-assignable roles.
✫ giveaways for pokemon and future creative contests!
✫ custom role and emote perms for server boosters.
✫ a channel that's a safe space to vent about anything.

▷ We're open to partnerships!! please contact the staff if interested!
We'd love for you to join us!! ❣️
Pillows and Keychains is a server where you come and chat with people after a long day, listen to music with them and debate with them. Our staff ensures this is a drama-free zone so come and chill with us!
Hey wir sind die GERMAN COMMUNITY ^^
Wir sind ein neuer Server auf dem jeder erwünscht ist!
Wir würden uns freuen wenn ihr mal vorbeischauen wollt
Hello dear traveler. (.❛ ᴗ ❛.)
Are you looking for a place to rest for a while? Perhaps you want to meet new people with similar interests? Or maybe you just want to talk about anything?
If answer to one of those questions is yes, then this is the place for you! (⌒‿⌒)
In our server you can find:
✯ chill and nice atmosphere
✯ SFW environment
✯ Self assignable roles
✯ art channel where you can share your creativity
✯ gaming, anime and art theme
✯ monthly art challanges with a chance of winning a custom role
And more!
We hope you'll find something for yourself in our Ragged Flagon. (´• ω •`) ♡
This is just a little mess around server for me and my friends to talk in, and i decided to open it up to others. You can join if you would like, we just chat and stuff in here!
Είμαστε ένας server που δημιουργήθηκε για να φέρει κοντά άτομα της ελληνικής ΛΟΑΤ+ κοινότητας αλλά και άτομα εκτός της κοινότητας που μας υποστηρίζουν. Όλ@ είναι ευπρόσδεκτ@. :)