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*Staff Application Open*

This server is a fire themed server for chatting and relaxing, we also have channels to talk about a lot of different games (To make the server all inclusive. We have an economy system, minigames to give you a boost in currency, a store (Not real monetary value used), and more! I also have a YouTube channel named Blaze King with 100 plus Subscribers!
A server where you can have fun,chat and game with others ^^
----The Scottish Empire--
Welcome to the Scottish Empire!
We are a very small community, just starting to branch out and search for admins!

--What we have--

【✪】- Multiple channels to promote your art, music, and photoshop work!

【✪】- NSFW Art channels, text channels, and picture channels!

【✪】- Venting and confession channels to express and let out your feelings.

【✪】- Music related channels such as music sharing, music bots, and even 24/7 Radios!

【✪】- Cards against humanity, PokeCord, And other bots!

【✪】- More to come!
Brand new!
While The Lounge is open to adding more bots in the future, we currently offer:
Jojo Stand Collecting Bot
Idle RPG
Box Bot
OwO Bot
Poll Bot
Giveaway bot
Reaction Roles

We are an 18+ only server, so please no minors! Come catch your waifus or pokemon while chatting with others!
Hello welcome mate to **Gaming Empire** A Gaming&Chatting server for all ages drop in and chat with your new friends :wink:
Pretty much just a server where you can come chill, hang out, and meet new people. It's a fairly new server, so it has a few tweaks here and there, but we're glad to have you in the server!

Disclaimer: Don't join if you're just going to leave in a few minutes, its annoying.
This Place is a general chatting server. There aren’t many things to do, but I am open to suggestions on what to add to my server. Don’t worry about not swearing, I’m not a prude. The rules are pretty flexible, so just have fun.
Come have fun in the server! It’s 18+! Get verified for exclusive stuff! Let your imagination run wild!
-Roleplaying/Erotic Roleplaying
-Wonderfully Staff
-Owners Nudes
Welcome to th£ L¤Ung€🎊🎉
We are a social server, our purpose is to meet new people, socialize, make friends, hook up, and stuff like that.
We are a multipurpose server, meant for socializing👋🏾, gaming🎮, and whatever you want this server to be. We are hoping this server can expand and we thank you very much for you membership here have a wonderful time!😊🥇🏅🎖🏆
Hello join the Strawberry Ridge club if your looking to make instant friends. Extremely welcoming brand new server here for people looking to make great friendships
You must be below 17 and above 13 here to find some online love uwu. Toxicity and dark humor is allowed here, so please don't be sensitive and join
This is a peaceful server where you can find people to sleep in calls with, talk to and make friends in, all in all- this server is welcome to all, especially those who love voice calls!
『 』's Lobby Is a friendly communal server which includes
- self roles
- discussion channels
- fun channels
Join if you want to meet new people and just chill
Hey, um, hello! I'm what's called "the phone guy" and I have some things to tell you about this friendly group in a nice list, take a look.
-NSFW (18 or older)-
-role play-
-actually friendly admins-
-fair rules-
And more! Now please enjoy your time and bring this server more and more to life! Fazbear entertainment is not responsible for any missing children.
Insanity Chats is a server dedicated to being a community where you can be yourself and find others just like you. No matter what you like, no matter who you are, we strive to make a community where anyone and everyone can feel at home, make friends, find people to play your favorite games with, and most importantly have fun. Come join this fun community where people will accept you with open arms no matter. We focus on building friendship and making sure everyone is able to be themselves. - OmegaSpadez
Hey there, Welcome to Strip N Dip ♡
This is a super wild server in discord!

Here you’re able to chat and make friends.
Maybe finding someone who you can relate to here. We’re all chill and friendly with each other. Pop in with a hello and we’ll greet you back with open arms.

♡How is our server different?♡

Well we make sure everyone is safe and nothing harmful hurts anyone. We really care about our members so please report to an owner/admin/mod with any issues.

♡Why should join you join us?♡

I mean, who doesn't want to be around nice people? Our server is friendly and so is our commitment to helping you with whatever you need. We have your back.
Come show us who you truly are c; and we’ll make sure you feel comfortable and welcomed.
Hello! 💞

You might be wondering why this server might be just for you....
Here’s why! Clueless cunts is a chill hang out place where you can meet tons of people. We have people from all over the world from Aus to America. ✈️

We have self assigning roles, we have music bots, voice chat, and so much other stuff
We are a new server still trying to work out the small stuff but we would love if you would join us!

🌸 Self assigning roles 🌸
🌸 Nsfw chat 🌸
🌸 We do partnerships 🌸
🌸 All are welcome 🌸
🌸 lgbt+ friendly 🌸
🌸 Music bot 🌸
🌸 Gaming channel 🌸

Hope to see you there!!! 💗🌸
A kindly chilled server, that welcomes all kinds of people. We're dedicated to those who are interested in friendly, general chatting. Our main goal is to grow, and improve. The roles here are heavily inspired by taste buds and flavors, newcomers will be asked what their taste buds are before being assigned the role chosen.
✨ Skitty Skyline 🌃
A Pokémon Server!

Full of wild Pokémon to catch and fill your Pokédex,
Gym badges to collect,
Weekly Pokémon Giveaways! 🌌

Everyone is welcome ~ Join our growing community today! 🎆

✾ PokeCord
✾ PokeQuest
✾ PokeVerse
✾ Myuu
❃ Mudae
❃ Tatsumaki
❃ Toasty
❃ WaifuBot

Partnerships Available!
━━━━ ∘◦ ☆ ◦∘ ━━━━
A very nice friendly community
and a non-toxic server. Please enjoy your stay~


We offer :
- cute emotes
- Self assigned roles
- A non-toxic community
- semi-active
- Leveling system
- Bots and more
Stargazing Galaxies

Welcome to Stargazing Galaxies, a galaxy-themed community server! We have many features and special server-related events, including competitions, polls, and giveaways!

Reasons to Join!

A LGBTQA+ channel with strict moderation (as to avoid any bigotry)
An NSFW category for all your freaky needs
Giveaways and polls
A meme channel, because we all need some memes in our lives, no?
Roles that specify relationship status, as well as what you're looking for!
Constellation and galaxy themed categories!
Specified roles for each mental illness or disabilities (with more being added as often as requested!)
Helpful, supportive staff that are always willing to help!
A rad music bot
Monthly and weekly challenges/competitions
A friendly, supportive community where you can be yourself!
And so much more!

!!!NOTE!!! This server is intended for all ages, but there will be cursing, and there is no guarantee that you won't accidentally stumble upon some NSFW content, so moderators strongly suggest being 15 or older! If you are younger, you are definitely welcome, but just note that you have been warned!
Pings: @everyone @here
We hope to see you soon!
Community based around in IMVU.
Creators, Models, Agency's all are welcome.
chimney top is a small server for just hanging out, meeting new people, or just venting out into a talk room. there might not be anything right now for show, but it's only a little thing i made if people wanted to just let stuff go into the air.
A server created for gamers and youtubers to get to know and support each other

We also have active admins who are willing to chat with you, if this peaks your interest then feel free to join. 😁

We have roles like icetea
Or pizza