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Just a server about chatting everyone all ages can join! ;D

(just join pls im lonely)
Funski is a LGBT friendly server with things being added, removed, and edited. We hope to see more active members and active staff members. Our server is about coming together, talking, and helping each other out like a family. We all love each other and will do mostly anything to make each other happy. Hope to see you around. :' )
make new friend and talk to people!
and maybe find a lover ;)
we have helpfull and friendly staff.
This is a newly made discord i am not used to hosting a public discord but i wanna try this discord consists of multiple NSFW chats more bots are being added whenever i can fit more and im working on self roles And auto roles i may have both working in the near future i hope you plan on joining and if you need anything please contact me on discord How to train your loli#8978
Boredom Bandits is a 13-17 server (which has a verification system to burn the heathens that are older). It's main goal is to keep people entertained through chatting with others.

Even though it's tags say dating, this isn't a purely dating focused server. It just has some things that are sorta date-y, I guess.

If you're bored, feel free to stop by here! We are just starting up, so be some of the first to join :D
Welcome to Owo! A community where you can meet people and make alot of friends!

This discord server just got out of the beta! We would love to see you in our server!

🔹Music bot with Bassboost (vote) and earrape
🔹Bots with fun and meme commands
🔹Voice channels for different games (Duo, Squads ETC)
🔹Lots of giveaways! For V.I.P Rank and more!
🔹Roles! Give some more information about you!
🔹Custom emoji's!
🔹We have a NSFW Pass! PM The owner to get the NSFW Pass!
🔹Still searching staff! Get your chance!

Hope to see you on this discord server!
∗˚。୨୧・˚ 🌸🍓🌼 Welcome to Kanna Café ♡! 🌼🍓🌸 ˚・୨୧。˚∗

♡ Kanna Café is a brand new cute and chill server people to hang out and make new friends! You'll feel right at home in Kanna Café! ♡

✩.・:。⊱───── ⋆♡⋆ ─────⊰.•:。✩

୨୧ What do we have in Kanna Café? ୨୧

Kind and friendly staff and members! ✿
Adorable Kanna theme! ✿
Tons of cute Kanna emotes! ✿
Fun leveling system! ✿
Self assignable roles! ✿
Free self assignable colours! ✿
Anime! ✿
Channels about YOU, such as your art and your interests! ✿
And much more!!!! ✿

✩.・:。⊱───── ⋆♡⋆ ─────⊰.•:。✩
A cool place to hang out and talk about your favourite games. we have loads of custom and unique emojis. we would also love to see your art and we are hoping to grow this server so please join to support us and have a elite time.

Games we play are:
• Apex Legends
• Battlefield 5
• Fortnite
• Destiny 2
• Battlefront 2
• Titanfall 2
• Rocket league
• Smash bros
• Overwatch

Welcome to ❤Virgin Squad❤!!

✯This is a server where you can hang out, chat and talk to people, or potentially find the right person for you! ✯
✯We are active and have very friendly staff that are easy to communicate with.✯

❃What We Have To Offer❃
↳ Fun And Friendly Community
↳ Active Chat
↳ Cool and Fair Staff
↳ Music Bots
↳ Currency Bots
↳ Leveling System
↳ Self-Applicable Roles
↳ Partnerships
↳ NSFW Channel
✯There are also experienced programmers if you wish to know a little bit about how create your own personal
discord bot!✯
We are a fun and fast growing community server with many things that you can do there.

We have:
- About 1300 members.
- A cool level system with nice color roles and names.
- A memes channel (also with Dank Memer).
- Giveaways.
- Many cool fun bots and music bots.
- A amazing Happy bot with cool fun commands and a shop.
- Active and friendly members and staff.
- A awesome NSFW Channel.
- A channel with other languages with a translate bot.
- A gaming channel.
- A art channel. :art:
- A counting channel.
- A channel where you can advertise your server and other stuff.
- Awesome partnerships.
And so much more!

We are looking for good partnership managers, moderators and bot coders.
A new and fresh server dedicated to the danganronpa series.

We offer:

→ a friendly community
→ bots
→ awesome emotes for everyone
→ 15 ultimate roles at level 10!
Welcome to xat. Register an account. Find a xat group that shares your interests. Make your own xat group. Get and trade Powers. This server is for xat users and new users alike.
It's a danganronpa fan chatroom and we just chill and joke about stuff. Server is 13+
Info über unseren Server:

Dieser Server ist für alle da :) Für alle Gamer, für alle die es lieben zu chatten und für alle die auch mal Bock haben bei einem Turnier mitzumachen!

Kommt zu G&C und werdet Teil einer großartigen Familie!

Unsere Vorteile:
-Große und familiäre Community
-Absicherung unserer Member.
->Neue Member kommen nur durch Verifikation durch unseren Support in unserer Familie
->Absicherung aller Channel / Chats / Member und Rollen
->No Chance für BOTS oder Angriffe von Außen
->Voll autark laufende RPG Channels (BOT gesteuert) mit Reaktionsgesteuertem Kanniko (Nadeko) BOT welcher wirklich allen das Spiel und die Regeln erklärt.
->Massive Auswahl an Rollen die man sich selber zuweisen kann
->Permanente Updates und Pflegung der Sicherheitsvorkehrungen und Einführung neuer Gadgets im Server
->Offen für Kritik und Einbringung der Member
->Level System / NSFW Channel (wers braucht ^^) massig voice channels für Games

-Computerfuzzi Help Channel: Owner ist Fachinformatiker und hilft bei Problemen
-Ales aus einer Hand / Ein Owner, eine Familie
-Autark und Bot gestützter RPG Channel mit integriertem BOT Support (reagiert auf Befehle und führt einen durch das Spiel)
-Täglich von 9 bis 24 Uhr gesicherter besetzter Support in der Member Annahme

We are a small friendly discord server that's trying to get bigger if you want to join you need to be dank and fresh from reddit or just cool
Gaming/chatting/dating server that was made in a night! Yeah, we don't know what we are doing either. Just join.
Hello! This is Hero vs. Villain Erp in this server you can select roles which decide which side you're on. The roleplay is self-explanatory as it is two different sides who fight amongst each-other. However this has a twist with a little bit of NSFW action! Come on and join the community!
**__ℤ𝕦𝕔𝕔𝕙𝕚𝕟𝕚 𝔸𝕢𝕦𝕒-𝔸𝕖𝕣𝕠𝕓𝕚𝕔𝕤__**

-> This server is just for chilling out/meeting new people to either play games with or just simply talk.

-> The name is relevant to a "zucchini" this doesn't been it is nsfw, or 18+ speech. We are a sfw community that allows all ages.

-> Not a dating server, but if you want to find love, find love.

-> Fairly new server with a low pop, and the community is great.

-> Active Admins that DO NOT abuse powers.

-> Unique roles that are easy to understand.

-> Firm but easy rules to follow.

-> Unique server name to indicate creativity :D

-> Limited grouped rooms, just incase if you want some "private" time.

-> All rules/information is clearly displayed and easy to understand

-> Mainly English speaking members but any other international languages are welcome.

-> Voting system on new suggestions (just been wiped to see new suggestions)

-> User phone has been added! Chat to other people from discords with a simple command!

[Permanent Link]
Dev's Hideout is a friendly community where you can have a fun time. There is no toxicity and we put quality over quantity. We're chill and have a variety of channels you can enjoy. I will host giveaways when we hit milestones too so come join in the fun!

Some things we have:
- Pokecord
- Waifubot
- Gaming channel
- Anime channels
- Self advertisement channel.
imHacking's Community Server
What do we have in the server?
-A Brand New Discord Server
-A Friendly Community
-Active and Friendly Staff Member
-Giveaway and Event
-Unique Rules and Roles
Hi! Welcome to Berry Patch 🍓! This is a small community looking to grow. All are welcome join and talk about whatever! We offer kpop, anime, Pokecord, games and more! There are color roles as well as channel specific roles. Manage a profile and level up! Come start growing with us!

We're just a small rp server run by teens. We got some art nerds, fandom fanatics, stuff like that. We have different types of roleplay and would like if you recommend some stuff.
The staff is very friendly and approachable, as well with the members, so dont be afriad to say hi! Keep in mind that the server was just made and you might have to excuse us if we make some mistakes. Also, you dont have to role-play to be apart of the server! We would love to have some people to chat with.

We hope to see you there! <3
Hey! Welcome to chill tavern, here we have:
• Working bots
• voice chats
• Media
• memes
• Advertising
• ect;
[{•< btw this is still being worked on >•}]
This server is new, and we are looking for active members!

Welcome to Luxe 💛, a Fortnite Discord server where you can chat with other content creators, players and look for new teammates for duos/squads!

Luxe 💛 offers;

〉Friendly moderators & Fortnite players
〉PC, Console, Mobile & Switch players can join
〉Looking for group (LFG) for all platforms
〉Self promote your YouTube and Twitch channels
〉Check your Fortnite stats in all platforms (except for the Switch)
〉Check the current item shop
〉Competitive channels to talk about the current state of Competitive Fortnite

〉Custom scrims coming soon!