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Horny Sanctuary improves upon all the fundamental flaws of it's spiritual predecessor: Horny Haven.
This server aims to create an environment where people can hang out and talk about sfw and nsfw topics alike, look at and post lewds, have some friendly banter, maybe even make new friends etc.

Horny Sanctuary limits nsfw access to adult users, with the *actual* nude content behind a verification wall, since lying on the internet is very easy, to ensure the privacy of it's members and to avoid beef with the Discord ToS.
This is a community for all types of crafty people, crochet, knitting, sewing, wood work, leather crafts, book folding, drawing and painting, Felting, needle felting, punch needle work, paper crafts like origami, quilling, sting art.
😊We even have our very own celebrity YouTuber in our server, Crista AKA The Secret Yarnery. 😊

If we don't have a category/page for a type of craft you like just let us know, the more the merrier....
Halo minna, Animasia ❄️ kembali hadir menjadi server baru yang lebih fresh dan ramah lingkungan XD, kami mengundang kalian untuk bergabung menjadi keluarga bersama kami disini 🌈.

Menyajikan berbagai macam fitur yang dapat kalian temukan.
🌻⟾ Staff yang ramah,
🌻⟾ Server yang tersusun rapi,
🌻⟾ Sistem leveling,
🌻⟾ Mudae dan berbagai botplay,
🌻⟾ Event menarik,
🌻⟾ Cari jodoh XD,
🌻⟾ Dan lain-lain, bisa kalian temukan saat join nanti.

Jadi tunggu apa lagi, yuk join💞.
Come join me and my friends on an adventure where we talk dumb shit and send autistic memes.
trust me, a lot of trash is involved! We're happy to meet you soon
High Quality Friends!
This server is all about just making new friends who won't hurt you in any way and will help you through your tough times. In this server there is no nsfw and this is also not a dating server. Enjoy your stay!
Here are a few small things about the server
-Voice chats are always active
-everyone is mostly chill
-Staff is active 24/7
-Rules are easy and simple to follow
-Safe place

If you have any complaint or suggestion for the server be sure to DM the owner

➽ We are a server where you can basically socialize with people, user-friendly server, meet new people, and whose only goal is for people to be able to relax, play games and chat with anyone in the server.


➽ Chill Ville༉˚₊·✯ does have:
₊·✧˚ Good community, but still growing.
₊·✧˚ A large variety of self assignable roles and channels.
₊·✧˚ Giveaways for roles, and more!
₊·✧˚ Unique channels, and bots.
₊·✧˚ Memes, gaming, anime!
₊·✧˚ We also do partnerships with other servers!
₊·✧˚ Plenty of events and giveaways to look forward to.
₊·✧˚ And a lot more!


➽ Chill Ville༉˚₊·✯ does not have:
✘ NSFW channels.
✘ A place for advertising.


➷ Server Invite: ➶

hey! im rowan, the owner, and this is my server! it's just a casual server - making new friends and talking! i hope to be able to meet you all <3
we also accept all people of all ages, sexuality, and gender. we're completely open!
Basically a server where you can talk to other people about anything, and there are limited rules.
Join our little cute server with funny and active people we talk about pretty much everything!
we have creativity channels you can post your poems, drawings, memes, dreams and more! We have bots
you can play with! If that's not enough you can suggest anything and it might be added we can make this server beautiful and strong!
Welcome to "Young Peeps"

A place to chat, make friends, Play games, listen to music and maybe dating for all young peeps.
•We provide roles for gamers
•Roles for everyone
•A verified role to people who verify themselve.
•Different channel for gamers

Hello patron, is heaven a little overrated?
Does it sound a bit hyped up?
The answer is simple; it certainly does.
Let me usher you into a sacred little world, a place of escape and pleasure.
I'd like to welcome you to Little Piece of Hell
You'll find plenty of awesome text and voice channels here that stay relatively active.
We have awesome regular members that are quite talkative and super nice to everyone.
We have channels that appeal to artists and poets.
There are many interactive bots.
There is also a vent channel; unholy confessions
We have a levelling system with special roles.
Staff openings
Self assignment roles
Music bots
Our staff is very professional, supportive, and attentive.
This server was created to be a cool laid-back place that offers a little bit of something to just about everyone.
So please feel free to join our fast growing community, you'll be glad you did.
Come one come all! Step right up to the greatest server on Earth!

Carnival, tempat untuk hangout penuh dengan hiburan. Ada banyak bot menarik, events, levelling dengan reward role, giveaway, self role, berbagai voice & text channel. Jangan ragu, we are very welcome to new member. Indonesia based server but we do offer international voice & text channel. So grab your ticket and enjoy the ride! The line is getting longer!
We have levels,contests,*dark matter* and most importantly **fun** !
It's open to everybody above 13 !
We are not a Jojo exclusive server,just saying. ( But we do have Jojo channels )
🎉🎉In the Chilled Lounge and Whatnot 🎉🎉 we are a community that share our thoughts with each other and discuss about anime and games. We cordially invite you to visit our server. We hope you'll find it interesting 🙂
Cloudy Days

Cloudy Days is a fun and loving server. We try to make the server as active as we can and better by the second! We are a lgbtq friendly server and we would love to be your friend! Here you could possibly find your soul mate and a new bestie! we hope you enjoy your stay. - Bun
٩( ᐛ )و --------------------ᐠ( ᐛ )ᐟ
(^-^)ノ Hey there! Yes you!!.. Join our discord server!! Oh you want to know why, I shall tell!!
We're about gaming, chatting, making new friends, and fun!!
We don't have strict rules!! We will like new members to help reach us to 200 members!!
Is that good enough... NO DON'T LEAVE READ THIS!!


┏━━━━━━━━ ・。✿・゜ ━━━━━━━━━┓
cherry_blossom《 Welcome to (◔◡◔✿) 》cherry_blossom

┗━━━━━━━━ ・。✿・゜ ━━━━━━━━━┛

❖ 【✿ (❀˙˘˙)♡】❖

➵ Hello! We are a fun, weird, yet friendly hangout where you could probably find someone of similar interests!!

・゚: ❀ ───────・。✿・゜ ───────♕»◦.

➵ Hello there!! ヾ(^-^)ノOur server is all about anime, chatting, art, and gaming! Feel free to share your interests and don’t be afraid to express yourself here! (As long as it is within our rules^^). We are a safe community and we usually try to keep any toxicity to a minimum ;-; !♫

・゚: ❀ ───────・。✿・゜ ───────♕»◦.

✿ ⠇Plenty of arguing!
✿ ⠇ Memes.
✿ ⠇ The sharing of art, or any creation you might’ve made!
✿ ⠇ Partnerships are welcome! (Read the rules, though)
✿ ⠇ Self assignable roles!!
✿ ⠇ Leveling system!
✿ ⠇ A nice owner!
✿ ⠇ Less strict rules!
plυѕ мυcн мore..

・゚: ❀ ───────・。✿・゜ ───────♕»◦.
JOIN It!!!
✿ we нope yoυ can joιn υѕ...
and enjoy yoυr ѕтay
OwO What's this!? is this your bound-to-be your new favourite furry discord server?!
Welcome to Furnverse!, a place where people can yiff to anything they want! being toxic isn't allowed and kink-shaming is bannable. Enjoy what you want to enjoy here!
New nsfw emoji server with nitro invite rewards! Come on down and make some new friends and see our naughty emojis
🔷This server is a server where you can meet new people🔷

🔷The community is friendly and welcoming🔷

🔷You do have to be at least 13 years of age🔷
Looking for server that will help your channel and discord grow fast?🤔
Then we got you covered! Because in here we offer 🔽
🔴 Active and Friendly Community
💰 Advertising your Youtube,Twitch,etc
💸 Promoting your Server for free
🌌 Lots of Invite Rewards
🎉 Giveaways with Great Prizes
📦 Special Perks for Nitro Boosters
🎄 Events with Special Prizes

Welcome to our roleplay server! We have all kinds of roleplays here, add your character and join the fun! My rules are simple. Don't be overpowered, have fun, and be respectful. We had a spam bot issue so we have roles to fix it, so just add an introduction and we will give you the needed roles!
Just a friendly lil bunch of people!
Here we offer:
-Custom roles
-Our own personal MC server
-VC for you to go live
-Positive community
-Helpful mods

We're always open to hear your suggestions!