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A cool place to hang out and
talk about your favourite games or whatever you want. I can help any people looking to learn commands in minecraft to make a map. We have loads of custom and unique emojis. we would also love to see your art and we are hoping to grow this server so please join to support us and have a elite time.

Games we play are:
• Apex Legends
• Battlefield 5
• Fortnite
• Destiny 2
• Battlefront 2
• Titanfall 2
• Rocket league
• Smash Bros.
• Overwatch
• Minecraft
Hey, We're the Broken Kingdom! Our server is made of a small community of people who want to make friends and have fun!
Just a fun yugioh chatting/roleplaying server, We do not tolerate bullying and other stuff like threats, we'll take action and ban the person. Keep erp in dms and if someone refuses respect hers/his decision, we also have non roleplay bots and channels, There are very nice people in this server so why not come join the fun? You can also read free yugioh manga in the manga section.
Interested in joining?
Well, if you do that'd be lovely.
This is Kath's Town, created by your friendly neighbor, me, Kath/Kathartic.
What does this server has to offer you may ask?
Well, it's a community trying to grow up rise high to serve entertainment and fun for all who joins.

We got:
-Mad jojo fans
-Advertising of all kinds (Require 12 hours duration for gaining access to advertise, otherwise your advertisement will be snapped.)

Sooo.. Why not joining us today? If you do I'll be always grateful for you.

Thanks for checking out our server and have a nice day, with love [Katharticカタルシ] (The Owner.)
This is a friendly server for people who are into feederism, the server is a safe place for people who are part of the LGBTQ community. Were a friendly server wanting to have fun and meet people who are into gaining or encouraging people to gain. It is still a very small server that is made up of friends but were hoping to grow bigger soon (no pun intended)~ The server is 16+ don't join if your below that age.
This server is a general hangout place for Europeans, even although Australians, Asians, Africans, Canadians and Americans are welcome too of course!
Join our little cute server with funny and active people we talk about pretty much everything!
we have creativity channels you can post your poems, drawings, memes, dreams and more! We have bots
you can play with! If that's not enough you can suggest anything and it might be added we can make this server beautiful and strong!
Hello! We are a group of people who just want to have fun and talk. Popular topics include video games, anime, memes, and other stuff of that nature.
~~~~~~Chill Spot ~~~~~~
Come and meet new people in this new server! Find new friends and mabye even a soulmate !
𝓦𝓮𝓵𝓬𝓸𝓶𝓮 - The main purpose of our server is to bring you a place you can come to when you are bored or when you want to talk about random things.

here you can:
|1| Share with us stories and songs you wrote
|2| get support if necessary
|3| talk about your favorite movies, Series, anime and cartoons
|4| share memes
|5| Talk about different theories
|6| gaming category
|7| general text and voice channel
and much more things available.

I am the head manager of the server, and I have an assistant. We can answer your questions and help you anytime.

The server is built to look organized and easy to understand.
if you want to join, go ahead 😊
║𝘞𝘦𝘭𝘤𝘰𝘮𝘦 𝘵𝘰 𝖘𝖑𝖎𝖒𝖊𝖘║
𝖘𝖑𝖎𝖒𝖊𝖘 is a fun active growing server to hangout, chill, and socialize with @everyone

𝖘𝖑𝖎𝖒𝖊𝖘 Offers:
➬ Active Talkative Members
➬ 50+ Self Roles & Colors
➬ 24/7 VCs
➬ Packing Activities
➬ Rap Battles
➬ Nitro Giveaways
➬ Fast Growing Community
➬ Level Role Reward System
➬ Bad Bitches to Male Ratio 3:1
➬ NSFW Channels
➬ Fun Discord Gaming Bots

Invite your friends and have fun!!

Permanent Link:
It's a community server which is more towards meeting new people and enjoying conversations, posting your pets, art, food? yea I don't know either.
Join us and introduce your self to us. ♥️
Parę dni przez apokalipsą ludzie już wiedzieli co się będzie działo więc szykowali zapasy tyle ile mogli... Kiedy wybuchła apokalipsa ludzkość się zmieniła w krwiożercze maszyny do zabijania przez co każdy teraz dba o siebie albo są w grupach. Czy uda ci się przeżyć ?

Poza RP mamy tutaj:
-dosyć małe ale dobre community
-cudowne czaty

Na co czekasz? Wbijaj byku!
New small server, still growing come and join us all please be nice more info once you join
-Welcome @everyone to Laylaland:raised_hands::skin-tone-3:, a great place to chill, spend time and have fun:smile:. Our community is a great, helpful and a non-toxic community:100:. Please, check #rules before anything to prevent yourself from getting warned, kicked or banned⛔️. Also, make sure to set your #roles to give more information about yourself and start making some new friends:v::skin-tone-4:.
We're just a bunch of people who want friends, to chat, hang out, and stuff We also got a load of bots and we're a nice bunch of people!!!

We'd also appreciate if you can give a review and stuff. XP
Just a chill server:
-Meet friends we're small atm so we're pretty chill
-We play a crap ton of games
-Will have monthly events, you can suggest some
-We're supeeeeer new we're just looking for some chill people
-Daily vc's
Welcome to DRAMA LAND.
Its a small but friendly server for people to chill in
Channels to mess with and people to be friends with
I dont know about you but I’d join right away
Come and stay for fun, friendly and helpful staff 24/7
Hello there!
My name is Axel and this is my server
I made this server as a small place to talk and make friends.
So enjoy?

18+ ONLY!

Welcome to Divum!! where people compete to become the highest ranked! The top ranked people will win prizes! Contest prizes include: Custom profile pictures, custom roles, free nitro, and much more.


We are committed to being a fair and, above all, a fun server. Come and meet friends or have fun posting. There will always be something to do in Heaven and we would love to have you as an addition!

Our server has a unique ranking system in which people are assigned a Class from C to SSS based on their Standing. Rise to SSS with the help of your friends! Help your friends rise to the highest ranks! Join today!
Stargazing Galaxies

Welcome to Stargazing Galaxies, a galaxy-themed community server! We have many features and special server-related events, including competitions, polls, and giveaways!

Reasons to Join!

A LGBTQA+ channel with strict moderation (as to avoid any bigotry)
An NSFW category for all your freaky needs
Giveaways and polls
A meme channel, because we all need some memes in our lives, no?
Roles that specify relationship status, as well as what you're looking for!
Constellation and galaxy themed categories!
Specified roles for each mental illness or disabilities (with more being added as often as requested!)
Helpful, supportive staff that are always willing to help!
A rad music bot
Monthly and weekly challenges/competitions
A friendly, supportive community where you can be yourself!
And so much more!

!!!NOTE!!! This server is intended for all ages, but there will be cursing, and there is no guarantee that you won't accidentally stumble upon some NSFW content, so moderators strongly suggest being 15 or older! If you are younger, you are definitely welcome, but just note that you have been warned!
Pings: @everyone @here
We hope to see you soon!
Welcome to Lysesa's World- a small community of varying Discord members from gamers to roleplayers.

Come along, make some friends, and have a nice time!