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This is a friendly tutoring server that focuses on Math and Science! We have a wide range of tutors available to help with high school and college-level material!

We offer:
- Active community
- Free Math tutoring (algebra, geometry, calculus, diff eq, linear algebra, etc)
- Free Science tutoring (bio, chem, comp sci, physical sci, physics, etc)
- Help with homework and assignments
- A place to chill and hangout

If you need help, join here! Everyone is welcome!
Hello, Come join us in the Palace
We have fun Bots and awesome Leveling bots
In this palace u are a panda,
and you have awesome panda friends🐼
invite some friends so, they become
a panda in the server
Lots of channels, and more
Join the pandas today
This is a server where you can interact with the characters of Miraculous Ladybug as if they actually existed! Have conversations with the famous heroes of Paris and some others! (Keep in mind this is not the actual characters, it’s just people pretending to be them)
»«»«»«»«»«»« Ensemble »«»«»«»«»«»«»«
Do you enjoy singing? Do you love music? If so, this server is for you!

Our Server Includes:

😀 An Active & Friendly Community
🎶 24/7 Music and Moderation Bots
😌 Channels To Share Your Content
🏳️‍🌈 An All Inclusive Server
🤝 Partnerships
🥇 Fun Events & Contests
🎭 Huge Selection Of Fun Roles

We hope to see you in the server soon!
Here in the MM2 Legends we love to play MM2.
Are you lonely and want some friends to play with? Well this is the perfect server for you!!! We have a designated area for MM2 play.
We also have a giveaway section for Halloween, Christmas, Godly, and even Cheap giveaways, so make sure you join to win yourself some free weapons!!!
You could even be a partner with my server if you would like. You can also self promo all of your socials and servers!
So what are you waiting for? Join now to have some fun!
A growing community with friendly and non-toxic people looking forward to meet Touhou Project fans, this server was made with purpose of making the best environment possible for all people.

We offer:

-A friendly community with who you can talk about Touhou or other things in general.

-Self-assignable and a custom reaction roles.

-Friendly staff.

-An regular gaming and possibly other events.

We are looking forward to see you! ^^
This Server is Made For People That Want to Make Friends!. its not nsfw and we treat everyone equally, join if you want ;)
Come join our server, talk and vibe with us at the
◦∘◦∘◦∘◦∘◦∘◦⦿vibe realm⦿◦∘◦∘◦∘◦∘◦∘◦
◦∘◦∘meet your future wife/husband :)∘◦∘◦
◦∘◦∘giveaways Join For Info ∘◦∘◦
─────?Vibe check?─────
【ツ】Now with 300+ members
【ツ】Socialise and vibe in quarantine
【ツ】Watch movies and Listen to some vibe music
【ツ】Have a variety of bots at your disposal
【ツ】Occasional Dank Memer Giveaways
【ツ】and talk to new people make friends
【ツ】Have fun <> DONt die ʘ‿ʘ

Bikini Bottom is a chill server meant for gaming and general chatting! Join to meet new people, make friends, memes, music, LFG, and more! Server generally consists of teenagers. Discord Nitro Classic for 1 month giveaway at 60 members!
🌎Minecrafters Chat: I’ve not had very much to do in quarantine and I know that most of you don’t either. A few people and I created a discord server in March just for chatting about Minecraft, Hypixel, and just gaming in general. Need someone to play Bedwars, Skywars, Skyblock, or even Duals? We got you covered. Do you just want to talk, we got you. Even if you don't play Minecraft you can join, and if you play any games other than the ones we named, STILL JOIN! We just reached 300 MEMBERS and look forward to growing our server even more. Hope to see you there!🌎
Anybody is welcome to join this server (no, this is not a star wars server.) You can talk about random stuff, post memes, choose tags to make yourself unique, access nsfw channels and just have a good time. However, things on this server can get quite crazy and dark - so i wouldn't recommend joining if you are easily offended. Besides that, we only have a few rules for you to follow, just to keep things friendly and easy to control. We look forward to meeting you! :)
hey there!
join our server for chilling, finding new friends, entertainment , bots, have fun chatting and being a part of a society, gang, club , yes you can join them by leveling up!
our community is SFW.
we'd love having you here!

Chill chatting server with 150+ active members in chat.
•game and movie nights
•custom roles + channels.
•suggestion channel
•ranks gained by chatting + UNIQUE "top chatter" role
•special giveaway competitions

Come check it out and invite your friends!
a fun gaming server that's new! we're hoping to grow so please join! we offer gaming and chatting but we will expand hopefully!
Hi! We're a gaming/chatting server. (No, we aren't a clan)
You can come here to just chill and hang out of meet new people to game with! We're a non-toxic community, so if you have nothing better to do than degrade others, this server isn't a right fit for you! :D
✯ World Of Weebs ✯

💞 ➼ Color roles, interest roles and more!

⭐ ➼ 200 cute emojis from anime.

🐥 ➼ Friendly people, lots of people of both genders.

🎭 ➼ Talk about anime and gaming in a active server which sends 10k messages daily.

🥰 ➼ We do VC's sometimes where ItBeLikeDat sings and makes wierd noises.

🔗 ➼ Anyone can become staff as long as they are active and nice!

🌌 World Of Weebs was formed on the sixth of december, ever since we have continued to improve the server through the community's input we would love to have you here! 🌌

Ban Appeal:
We offer vent, gaming, aesthetic and more channels. We would love to grow Hades Hideaway. Member age ideally is 13-Early Twenties but we do have some members over 25.
Hi! This is the Nexus FanClub Server. We chat and just are a generally good server!
We are a friendly chat community all designed and made by BlueStrike Pro#6433
We like among us and other games come to join us we are a very very small community :(

We are a beta server so we may have some problems if you got any open a ticket!

Free easy applications promote to staff!
Ripper's Lair. The place where lost,degenerate and cancelled souls unite. If you're seeking for a place to be, you will be more than welcome bring your stay over here.
Welcome to Paradise...! Here in this server we are well maintained and like to show a good time. We allow all sorts of stuff while sometimes giving out "therapy" if you want to make new friend and experience a wonder community come and join us. Have a wonderful day!
Welcome to a server where we all can Make Friends! You are welcome to join our Friends Circle! Hope you enjoy your stay fam!

Some things to expect:
-New Server
-Color roles/Self roles/Custom roles
-Many music bots
-Easy/minimum rules
-much more coming Soon

Server Link:
Paper Fires adalah tempat dimana orang orang berkumpul untuk bermain dan bersosialisasi bersama.
Jika kalian join di group kami, Terdapat :
- Sistem level
- Voice room
- Chat room
- Emote/animated emote
- Role menarik
- Dan sebagainya