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This is a server for anyone to join and have fun and chat and make new friends and do things lmao, also everyone is nice and supportive, we have competent staff and custom colour roles so you aren't tied down to any colour, also have level roles and sometimes active voice chats where we mess around and have fun
This is the among us community discord, I know many people have done this but whatever, this is partly Minecraft because why not. On this discord you can go on voice chats, Among us or minecraft. You can also talk about strats on crew of impostor, make sure you read the rules, Have fun!
Heyo gamer's and non gamer's,
Welcome to a place i like to call
↻ɾօʂʂ Ƒօɾçҽ😲,This place is for
anyone and everyone so why not join us😆
We offer a verity of many things in our server from:
🗣Chatting, our community well.
make you feel at home🤗
🎭🎎Rp/DnD, you can be in any
fantasy as you like!🏹🐲
🃏🎬Movie/game nights,
sometimes when the admins are
free they host events!📽🕹
💸🏆Giveaways, there’s a chance
on you getting a sweet reward!🎖💰
📮Suggestions, if ya got one let us
know and we might add it!🗳
💖🛡And to top it off we have a
nice and friendly admins and
🎀🌹We all hope you come and join us in this amazing server, welp that’s it see ya there!!!🎀🌹
♡ Admins/higher ups ♡
Welcome to The Wooden Spoon
☁︎ Welcome!
Here at The Wooden Spoon, we are a community of cooks, chefs, and everything in between!
Our goals are to help you with your desired recipes, bring people together as a community, make new friends, help you accomplish your dream as a chef, and a whole lot more! ☁︎
『What We Have For You』
★ Question channels!
★ Chef ranking system to climb and be the best!
★ Showcasing channels to display your art!
★ Reaction roles to identify who you are!
★ Introduction channel to introduce yourself!
★ LGBTQ+ friendly community!
★ And more!
hello lovleys
this server is built for 2 reasons
the first is a community, a place to chat and meet friendly people. a place for fun and enjoyment to distract you from the hardships of your day. we have self roles and caring staff happy to help and answee your questions.
the second is a tie in for an up and coming youtube channel to post and share its newest uploads. the channel is mainly based around gaming and music being amvs and cosplay videos. with a heavy theme around an oc of jokers child and a love of fun and games we hope to make videos you and everybody else can enjoy.
join and become a spook ! >:]
we're a very friendly community and would love to have you come join us !
-unbiased to the undead
Welcome to a community where you can express yourself. Make friends and become a part of our awesome community.

Heres some of the fun stuff we do:

🍾 Events: We host a lot of different multiplayer events online for everyone to play. We also have QOTD

🎵 Karaoke and Music: Join our active VCs with regular group music sessions.

🛡 Safe atmosphere: Youre gonna feel better than home here. Were a warm welcoming community.

👀 Staff: Were a community with 24/7 hour staff. Quick response to any assistance.

🎮 Gaming: Gamers, were welcoming you to streams, tournaments and just casual gaming talk.

🌟 In short,
Were a loving and welcoming community
🌙 𝑳𝒖𝒏𝒂𝒓 𝒘𝒐𝒓𝒍𝒅 🌙 est un endroit parfait pour les gamers & ceux qui veulent faire pleins de rencontres amicales comme amoureuses. Ce serveur est tout nouveaux mais il possède néanmoins :

🌸| Une communauté active et non toxique

🌞 | une multitude de rôles qui te permettent de mieux connaître les autres membre

💬| des salons multiples et variés

⭐| Un staff compétent et accueillant.

💞| Une catégorie dédié pour les rencontre ( présentation, selfies, ...)

🎨| Des coins pour nous partager t'es passions

Alors rejoignez-nous vite !

Ton billet d'entrée :
♥~.-+ Hello, we are Ichigo Community!

-We are a community that offers you an amazing chatting experience, game nights, giveaways (nitro, levels, special ranks, etc.), and other exciting events we can offer!

-Our mods and admins will protect any minors, people being harassed, and whatever problems that may be bothering you. We will make sure you are safe and your private information is NEVER leaked.

-Though we do have any strict rules, we do allow cussing. Any talk about NSFW is not allowed, sites, pictures, etc. that are considered NSFW are not allowed either. Streaming or playing any audios that are NSFW are banned as well.

♥~.-+ We hope you consider joining our server!

EST. 3/17/2020

[Please read over the entire description before you join.]

The year is 2023, three years ago a zombie outbreak began, infesting the Earth we know today with zombies. You are a survivor. And who you become as one of the last people to inhabit the Earth is your choice. You can be cold, calculating; a raider of other survivors. Maybe become a leader of a group, bringing your people together to form a community. Or even fly solo, traveling the lands with the comfort of only yourself. You can be a beacon of light for those you come across. The only thing that is certain.. death comes twice for everyone.


This is a dedicated slice of life zombie apocalypse server, welcome to any and everyone. Here is what we have to offer should you decide to join:

- A relaxed, diverse group of people to converse with.
- Consistent activity.
- Easy character creation.
- Devoted and active staff team.
- Exciting events and interesting lore.
- Semi literate to novella roleplayers.
- Opportunity for your characters to develop and grow.
- LGBTQ+ friendly, both in character and out.
- Separate vibe channels to chat in, should you not want to roleplay.
- NSFW & SFW roles ✅
- Ongoing plot that’s easy to jump into.

And overall, just a good time. We vibe.

[Please note that oc creation is limited to human face claims.]


Now what are you waiting for? A zombie is on your tail! Don’t let it bite, or you’ll be one of them by midnight.

Make sure to watch your back, The Creed have solidified their position on the island...

[Partnerships are open!]
- - - - ———:꒰ welcome to the ˢᵃⁿʳⁱᵒ ᵖˡᵃʸˡᵃⁿᵈ ♡。°✩꒱:
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
┊ ┊ ┊
┊ ┊ ┊
♡ ┊┊
⋆。˚ ┊ ♡


ೃ⁀➷ what you will find in this server:

↬ a kind and welcoming staff

↬ fun emotes and self roles

↬ a pastel and sanrio theme

↬ bots to interact with

↬ channels for every topic

↬ n lots more to see!


ଘ ੈ♡‧₊˚ this is a 13-17 sanrio themed server open to all! negativity and toxicity is not welcome in this server. we hope to see you soon darlings!

✎ kitten and staff
|=|Community Gaming Server|=|
We are a friendly community looking for more people to chill with!
Sure you could join one of those 150k+ member servers and find people to play with. Or you could join our server, and make connections.

The server is owned by Ckvortex and Wilsonions we make films together for people to watch.

We have a survival vanilla Java Minecraft Server for you to play on if you can be trusted!

We are accepting Server Partners!

Endorsed by The Black Angels.
꒦꒷₊‧ 𝚆𝚎𝚕𝚌𝚘𝚖𝚎 𝚝𝚘 ୨୧・𝙲𝚊𝚗𝚍𝚢 𝙲𝚊𝚗𝚎 ₊‧꒷꒦

━ We are a christmas themed server with chill staff and members. We are widely a SFW server (with a locked NSFW channel) + a new growing community with nitro drops! x

↷₊˚ What do we offer? ₊‧꒷꒦
୨୧ - Self Roles + Color Roles.
୨୧ - Lvl + Booster perks.
୨୧ - Christmas themed layout.
୨୧ - Nitro drops!

Join and chat with us! We are also looking for:
୨୧ - More staff members.
୨୧ - More pms/ams
୨୧ - More members.
🍋ѕoυrpaтcн ĸιdѕ🍋 is a SFW (safe for work) community server. Everyone is welcome here. However there are rules you’re required to follow, just like any other server.
What to expect:
~ Gaming, Vent, Art , Selfies, Etc Channels
~ Active Owners
~ There is a 18+ only NSFW Channel
~ Basic TOS
~ Ages 13-preferably early 20’s but we have a few members under 30.
~ Free partnerships (DM Melchior/Comes w Partnership Role)
We praise the all mighty Crab God, the creator of all there is. Join for fun, we play some games and have vcs.
𝗧𝗵𝗶𝘀 𝘀𝗲𝗿𝘃𝗲𝗿 𝗼𝗳𝗳𝗲𝗿𝘀:

♥︎ Orginized channels
♡ Quality Emojis
♥︎ A very friendly community
♡ A variety of bots to mess around with
♥︎ Regular VCs to talk to other people
♡ Channels to listen to music
♥︎ A few reaction roles
♡ Friendly Staff
♥︎ A community thats growing everyday
♡ And a very own bot of our own to learn about the crab god

We hope to see you soon! (○>○)
⠀ /) /) (\ (\
(* ˃͈ ᵕ ˂͈)•̤ ᵕ •̤*)
/⌒ づ⊂⌒ ヽ

────── · · · · ୨୧ · · · · ──────

「 ₊˚ 兎・ Bunni Academia 」

₊˚꒰🍒꒱:_About us!_

╭୨୧︰**a SFW server / nontoxic server!
┊୨୧︰aesthetic layout!
┊୨୧︰caring members and staff!
┊୨୧︰fun bots!
┊୨୧︰open for partnerships!
┊୨୧︰fun roles and levels!
┊୨୧︰giveaways (not often)
┊୨୧︰gaming nights, anime nights, music nights, and more!
┊୨୧︰cute emotes!
┊୨୧︰semi active chats!
╰୨୧︰and more!**

────── · · · · ୨୧ · · · · ──────

__**I hope to see you there!**__
Come join us in Froggy Hooters where we like talking about anime, video games, memes, etc! Don't be shy to drop by and say hi! We have a nice staff team and bots to play with :)

self drawn emotes!