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Cotton Candy ・綿菓・ este un server deschis oricui dorește sa cunoască oameni noi :3
Stafful e matur si prietenos, daca vrei sa afli mai multe join us (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)
We have levels,contests,*dark matter* and most importantly **fun** !
It's open to everybody above 13 !
We are not a Jojo exclusive server,just saying. ( But we do have Jojo channels )
We barely talk about jack shit. But when we do it's usually proper banter or an argument. Join us cunt.
🔷This server is a server where you can meet new people🔷

🔷The community is friendly and welcoming🔷

🔷You do have to be at least 13 years of age🔷
║𝘞𝘦𝘭𝘤𝘰𝘮𝘦 𝘵𝘰 𝖘𝖑𝖎𝖒𝖊𝖘║
𝖘𝖑𝖎𝖒𝖊𝖘 is a fun active growing server to hangout, chill, and socialize with @everyone

𝖘𝖑𝖎𝖒𝖊𝖘 Offers:
➬ Active Talkative Members
➬ 50+ Self Roles & Colors
➬ 24/7 VCs
➬ Packing Activities
➬ Rap Battles
➬ Nitro Giveaways
➬ Fast Growing Community
➬ Level Role Reward System
➬ Bad Bitches to Male Ratio 3:1
➬ NSFW Channels
➬ Fun Discord Gaming Bots

Invite your friends and have fun!!

Permanent Link:

Hello! Welcome to fisa’s server! This is not a place for NSFW by the way, we chat and roleplay here! So if you wanna be social and have comforting,funny, and nice friends, you have come to the right place!
Community (Level 3) server with over 400 emojis (yikes for those who have poor phones). Friendly and warm welcoming to all fellow people who decide to drop by ♥️.
--------✧┊e - m p a t h y┊✧

***Just looking for people to chill with.***

❥┊An active community for all people.

❥┊ Anime and Art lovers welcome

❥┊ A variety of active bot rooms •WaifuBot, Pokecord, and Mudae.•

❥┊Frequent giveaways and events

❥┊Chill staff and moderation

❥┊ Active calling rooms

do you like existing? Yay. Join then, smh. Dunno why I have to write these, no one reads them anyway
Halcyon is a chill server to hang-out in and make some new friends.
Very recently created, looking for active new members.
Make sure to come check it out!
Panser's place is all about getting to know eachother and making friends, theres no real rules here so you can pretty mutch do whatever you wish to do with other people, we got nsfw channels and many cool things!

We are hoping to achieve 200 members one day, but we are not at 100 even right now.. (01.07.2019)
Greetings, everyone!
Welcome to the freecreatures' guild. That is, if you would like to be part of our community!
We are a general hangout/roleplay/chatting server, with custom canon and OC role applications, unique commands for each role, events, leveling, awesome members from all over the world from many different fandoms, and more!

No matter where you come from, what you like or how you look like, you are welcome here. Just make sure to be nice, and respect other people!
Heya! This server is about making friends and chilling so dw if you dont know what to say <3
We have over 200 members =^-^=
This server is a general hangout place for Europeans, even although Australians, Asians, Africans, Canadians and Americans are welcome too of course!
tired of all the weird ass rp servers and boring communities well, then you and i arent so different.. come down to i like ass you don't have to like ass you just have to be reasonable. At i like ass we chat the server isnt a porn site or anything graphical outside nsfw.. at the moment we arent so big with only a few members but over time we'll hopefully grow. We are excited to see you!
This is a small discord server that I started to have a chat community and mostly to make more friends so join if you think the server would interest you! :3
Discord hub
Ever wondered what it'll be like if discord had its own large chat site on discord? That's what this server is about. As more members come there will be more channels available.

50 members: 8 channels to choose from
100 members: 8 channels to choose from
150 members: 8 channels to choose from
200 members: 10 roles to choose from
250 members: 8 channels to choose from and 6 gaming roles
Just a FUN growing discord group for chill people that want to meet new people and have fun, play games or talk about anime or whatever. It's still new and needs MORE people tyvm! Don't be afraid and come join.
Hello! Welcome to The Tavern. We really would love for you to join and leave us a good rating! This server is friendly and fun to chat in. We also do nitro giveaways. And have over 100 emotes!
~Diskusi Bersama Pak Jokowi Serta Mendengarkan Ceramahnya dan Hiburannya 😂
~bercanda serta bermain bersama"
AnimeKuy selalu menerima siapapun, karena kami adalah Discord yang baik dan ramah ^_^
Discord santuy yang berdiskusi mengenai anime dan game serta kehidupan nolep okwokwok.
HIYA Welcome to the Noodles Discord Server. We intend to make this a close-knit community who are comfortable sharing images with one another, and having good fun conversations and all the rest.
Here is what you can expect from our server.

*A dedicated staff making sure Everyone is having a good time and behaving. ❤️

*Many fun channels to explore and participate in.☺️

*Lots of dirty nasty fun times. 😈

*Channels dedicated to IRL NSFW selfies.🍆

*Nudes,nudes,nudes and more nudes!🍑

What are you waiting for? Join us today you won't be disappointed!😉
Hey there! We’re a small, 18+ social server for users who are looking to meet new people, make new friends, and form genuine connections with people.

What We Offer:
☾ An 18+ community, so you don’t have to worry too much about what you say
☾ We don’t spam ping @ everyone or @ here
☾ A very interactive staff that’s always willing to help and take suggestions for the server
☾ Free color roles
☾ EXP and levels from chatting
☾ Events, contests and giveaways
☾ Staff kicks annoying or drama starting users
☾ The best emotes (;
☾ Mudae and casino bot
☾ A verification system

☾We hope you have an amazing time here!! ☽
Hi, this server contains many channels for your interests. We are very small right now, but hoping to gain many members in the future. We are also very kind and caring, always willing to help anyone or support anyone. Feel free to drop by. :)