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the A-G-U (Anime And Gaming Union)
This Server Contains
-Nsfw (no lolicons)
-Games (Mostly Dh)
-Music (All exept Racist)
-Overall Great Staff
This server is currently still new
so be sure to report any bugs or mistakes in the server
The roles and staff list

A-G-U Game Master -Black Reaper (owner)
A-G-U Content Creators - Reenai
A-G-U Head Admin - Fresh Meme Toaster
A-G-U Admin's - Anyone who applies (currently no admin's)
A-G-U Mod's - Anyone who applies (currently no mod's)
A-G-U Vip's - anyone who joins our steam group
A-G-U Members - anyone who joins the server
More roles will be created in the future
We have a variety of chats and voice chats
Be sure to join us and help this small community grow bigger

Hello! This server is a place where you can share art, stories, laugh at memes and roleplay with others. We also have channels for anime and gaming discussion!
it's a new server so its pretty dead rn.
we need egirls also.
Hello there! We hope you enjoy our server where we offer a friendly environment where you can discuss anything anime related!
We also have lots of different clubs to suit any other of your interests that may not be anime related! Staff is friendly and we all support each other!
Go ahead and join us to have some fun.
We hope to see you in the server! (:
The Cozy Vault is Ukrainian gaming and pixel-art community with rich history and a lot of memes. Our promo :
Updates when new music drops
Exclusive LEAKS
Lots of custom and level roles
Nsfw with free paid content
Rap battles and a Cipher chat
Smash bros tournaments
and much much more.
Welcome to Satan's Waiting Room
with 150+ members
❁With active text chats, voice chat, regular events and games
❁You can be sure there will always be something to do. Once you join, don’t hesitate to get to know others!
❁ Feel free to make yourself at home and make new friends!
We’re active and we have:
★btw we also have no life
★Game Giveaways
★Active staff
★Friendly users
★Achievable Roles, XP-Levels, Self-Assignable Roles
★Music bots
★Easy and fun to use bots
★Variety of entertainments channels
★Gaming channels
★Spam safe
★Idiot safe....ish
And way more!
I would love for u too join! ♡♡♡
we would love to see you ┐(ツ)┌━☆゚.*・。゚(send nudes)
Furry community with a knack for comfy, cartoony stuff as well as lewd/kinky things. Fun events and lots of channels to talk with other weirdos. uwu

trans lgbt furry sissy kinky kink bdsm furry fandom homestuck cat neko canine fursona share pony brony sub submissive daddy dominant femdom collar cat ears tail
G’day mate THIS IS A SMEXY ASS SERVER. Join this nice ass server full of great people. We love memes,anime, gaming and more cool stuff. We will be having events and other cool stuff. Hangout and make new friends here. Hope ya join.
Join us for some fun and laughter at the meme graveyard. Free hotdogs.
:fire: Welcome to The Meme Land! :fire:
We aren't a lot of people but we wish that our community will get bigger by the time passes!


You can like whatever you want , you can be whatever you want! We don't judge you!
We wish that people will be happy in our server!
We don't argue nor want to argue.
Our staff is always happy to help you , anytime!


:ballot_box_with_check:Helpful staff!

:ballot_box_with_check:Friendly community!

:ballot_box_with_check:Commands , Games, K-Pop, Animes and Fun!

:ballot_box_with_check:Different voicechats for anything!

:ballot_box_with_check:Active chat 24/7

We can't wait for you to join our server!:pepehype:
『 L I N K 』
Permanent link:
Best regards from the owner!
Welcome to Dylan's Dump! A discord server for dank teens in search of dank memes. We offer rankings, youtube uploads, memes, and more!
We are a small server dedicated to:
Anime & Manga
Welcome to our furry server. If you're looking to make friends and just chill, this is the server for you! We're pretty much just a hangout server. We should have something to offer for everyone and if we don't - we welcome suggestions. I hope to see you there!


~Love the admin of Furbois! (:
Hey everyone I know you're tired of joining the most toxic and boring ass servers. Well, we are too, and that's why we created Depression♡clock. Join in before the DEADLINE, spots will be taken QUICKLY,in here if you were depressed and looking for love and support we will give you that
One Unity is een Nederlandstalige Discord community.
Ons doel is om een zo gezellig mogelijke community aan te bieden waarin iedereen welkom is.

Wat we aanbieden:
- 😁 Actieve leden!
- 🎁 Occasionele giveaways!
- 📊 Regelmatige Polls!
- 🔈 Gevarieerde gesprekken door een groot aanbod aan verschillende channels!
- 🎮 Gaming channels
- 🎲 Server games
- Pokecord

Doel voor 2019: 1000 Leden

Kom er gezellig bij en wordt nu lid van de One Unity community!
A community server that has a gaming channel
-Talk to the chill people in the server
-Custom emotes
-Color roles and leveling up
-Send your memes and get shouted out on our meme page
Um bom servidor não precisa de trocentas regras e salas inúteis. Seja ativo; não queremos "ghosts" nem curiosos e esteja com a mentalidade preparada (não seja fresco).
DΞFΛLT has invited you into his discord server!

= Here's what this server can offer you! =

- Free animated emojis!
- 🎮 Gaming! Find a teammate for your corresponding game!
- 💰 Economy An economy system to compete against others!.
- 👥 Community Yet another chill, and a non-toxic community...Like all other servers "promise".
- 🤖 Bots Tons of bots, about 35.
- 👏 Memes Everyone in this server = Cancer.
- 🔴 Roles React to instantly give yourself a role!
- 🏳️‍🌈 Colour Roles Loads of colour roles...41 to be exact.
- 🔊 Advertise You are always welcome to partner with us.
- 🔥 Games Play games like Hangman, TicTacToe and chess with the community!
- ❗ Updates Get updated for patches on your favourite games,The Fortnite item shop and YouTube videos!
- 🥔 Potatoes! Buy one get one free!.

Chivvy along mate!
The state will be glad to see you there.
A gaming Discord server with dedicated channels for any games such as survival,fps,mmo,simulation,strategy,fighting,moba,rpg. trying to get a feedback? or just wanna showcase your own arts! A server for artist, designers, illustrators, programmers. with self-role. Currently looking for members. This server contains giveaway, fun bots, radio, music, friendly members, good entertainment, leveling perks, global emotes. join the fun!
▀▄▀▄▀▄▀ ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. 🌌 Welcome to Nyctophilia 🌌 ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ▄▀▄▀▄▀▄

① 🌹About 🌹
➴ Nyctophilia is a non-toxic, friendly, and welcoming server for all age groups (13+). It revolves around the theme of darkness, more specifically the love of darkness and night.
⇉ 《In fact, the term ‘Nyctophilia’ itself refers to finding relaxation or comfort in the darkness》

⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ Nyctophilia is also based on a short story ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆

② 💎 What does this server offer? 💎
➴ Nyctophilia offers:

╔═════*.·:·.☽✧ ✦ ✧☾.·:·.*═════╗
♡《💗 A Friendly and Active Community》
♡《🌙 Self-Assignable Roles》
♡《🎉 Events and Giveaways》
♡《💯 Memes》
♡《🎨 Art Channels》
♡《🎵 Music and General Chat VC’s》
♡《🤝 Partnerships》
♡《🌸 And more!》
╚═════*.·:·.☽✧ ✦ ✧☾.·:·.*═════╝

③ ⚡ Extra ⚡️
➴ This server is all about meeting new people and having fun. Additionally, members are always willing to help out one another and create new social bonds. We guarantee that everyone will have a fun time in our server through events and giveaways!

④ 🌌 Join Today! 🌌
I invite you to Otakuz Fam, a server that's based around social gathering and playing games together. a friendly group of people that welcomes everyone and anyone!, JOIN US! :D
we are a small server trying to grow
we focus on bringing people together from just talking peeps to the gamers
we offer:
》 Ez Rules
》 Selfroles
●some topics
》 nice people
》 get welcomed when you join
》 no musts
》 a few bots
》 Costum emotes
》 You can bring up some ideas to "upgrade" the server
》 You're very welcome here. Come join us and have fun
Just a normal gaming server that needs help growing. It has memes, promo chat and more !