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Community 36
Are you an individual with a sense of humor but not too keen about the over saturation of anime in every server? We have dark humor, gaming roles, D&D, music, nsfw stuff (in its own section) and of course, memes.
We are a new server with the potential to grow into something awesome through the input of its users!
Welcome to Der Phönix!
17 minutes ago
The greatest server for sharing, making, making new friends, or simply listening to music. A new server, meaning there are many high ranks to give out.
23 minutes ago
[16+] A chill community that has a variety of different people in here. From music fans to gamers to anime fans, we have it all. Memes/Giveaways/Movie Nights/Ranks/Casino/Gaming Sessions. Come and check us out!
24 minutes ago
Community 5623
A meme server with special people. Everyone is welcome!
26 minutes ago
Ever wanted to join the Penguin Mafia? Well it's your lucky day, because here's your chance. We're a community that does all kind of stuff. More you don't have to know.

- The Godfather
1 hours ago
We are an open server to different types of people
we make jokes but we're not mean
very active in vc's
if you have weird fetishes don't come here
Ben is not a hoe
2 hours ago
Welcome to The Fire -Squad® !!! My name is TVDankĐΛҜĮ and I'm the owner of this server. We generally are a friendly community, but we sometimes argue from time to time. We play different type of video games well as many other games together. We are always looking for fun games to play together as a family in. We treat everyone in our server as equal as a family would.
2 hours ago
Community 7
A community for all to enjoy. Come join us and be sorted into your bird house.
2 hours ago
Community 12
Meme Pub
- Memes and Jokes
- Music
- Games
- Giveaways
- Fun
Join our server now!
Chat with other people!
2 hours ago
All Games 57
We are a lewd gaming community (18+) that likes to offer both roleplaying and gaming partners for our whole community, we play a lot of games and are always open to playing new games.
2 hours ago
Community 13
Fairly new server that i decided to make public, tons of bots to mess with and a chill community, come to make friends or just chill and have fun.
2 hours ago
Inferno Games is a fun discord Community made for people who just want to make friends on discord, for new discord users looking for a home everyone can enjoy, its also a fun place to talk, we hope you join us and have a fun time here. Our server is very active and is very crazy, the server is set up very complete and is very easy to navigate to help even new users to discord out.
2 hours ago
The United Meme Federation is a place for all who love memes and gaming to come and find new people and discover new ways of creating friendships. We also have an option 18+ section for those who want a lil more spice in their life. Being 18+ is not required for 90% of the server, but is required for the NSFW portion of the server.
3 hours ago
Community 17
Welcome to Crewds Kingdom!
A server where you can Chill , Play a game with your friends! , Role-play and Meeting new friends, We also have memes.
Come and join us for fun!
3 hours ago
This server has:

• Memes
• Advertising
• Gaming Channels
• Anime
• And much more!

Please join the server and we hope to see you there!
3 hours ago
Community 17
We're a fresh furry server!Join us for gaming,roleplaying,musicmemes and much more!We got self-assigned roles and NSFW channels.Join today!
4 hours ago
PEACE TO WORLD Discord for Chatting, Gaming, politics, Shitposting, Anime, Manga, Memes, Hentai, Music, Fun, Social, NSFW and many other things.
5 hours ago
Community 30
Just a small growing community wanting to socialise and play games together. The majority of us play games such as League of Legends, Battlerite, Overwatch, Fortnite, PUBG etc. Some of us also talk about things such as Anime and Music. Join now! :)
5 hours ago
Chibiusa's Crazy Clips is a Discord community with a focus on posting spoken word audio & video clips, such as prank calls, weird commercials, comedy skits, talk radio, etc. There are also rooms for music, anime, memes, videos, and other offtopic content, with 4 bots and 12 voice channels.
5 hours ago
Welcome to House of Naps! We are a friendly community devoted to finding new people to share interests with and befriend. Share your favourite memes, your streams or invite people to play games together.


ꕻ 150+ Members

ꕻ Fun Bots and Community to Play With

ꕻ Music, Chill and VC's

ꕻ Fun and Friendly, but Dedicated Staff Members

ꕻ Partnerships

ꕻ Unique and Friendly Members

ꕻ Leveling system and different roles
7 hours ago
Community 17
Kirby Dreamland is a small but growing community of nice peeps! We enjoy video games, anime, manga, and a whole plethora of things! Join today and don't miss out!
7 hours ago
All Games 8
Hex is a server to meet new online friends, hang out and chill, or just join discussion! We have Game Chats, General Discussion and Economy bots!
9 hours ago
Dreamland Paradise is the server for you! Here we have anime, gaming, music, art, and more! We have a variety of voice channels, text channels and happy to add more, No matter what you are into, we have something for you!
10 hours ago
Community 21
. We have a growing community, Good Staff, And loads of fun.
Some of our channel features are.
-NSFW Channels
-A Variety of Multi-Purpose bots
-Meme/Fun channels
-An Entire Category dedicated to gaming
-Auto Ranks (Levels)

Moderator Applications OPEN Now
12 hours ago