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Welcome to House of Naps! We are a friendly community devoted to finding new people to share interests with and befriend. Share your favourite memes, your streams or invite people to play games together.


ꕻ 150+ Members

ꕻ Fun Bots and Community to Play With

ꕻ Music, Chill and VC's

ꕻ Fun and Friendly, but Dedicated Staff Members

ꕻ Partnerships

ꕻ Unique and Friendly Members

ꕻ Leveling system and different roles
8 minutes ago
This is just a small server, hoping to grow. We don't have much but as we gain people we're hoping to change that! For now just come and chat and hangout at our Hideout! 💙
11 minutes ago
The Crowd is a server run by many people and is a chill plus gaming server.You can play games, chat with peeps, discuss leading issues, shitpost, meme chill and etc..Come and join our community!
14 minutes ago
🌸Astartinia is a Friendly and Welcoming Community, We plan to host giveaways monthly once the server grows. As soon as you join our server you'll become part of our family :3 🌸

🌸 Self Assignable Roles!
🌸 600+ Members
🌸 Active Chat
🌸 Active Staff
🌸 Levelling System!
🌸 Spicy Memes!
🌸 Growing Community!
🌸 NSFW Chat!
23 minutes ago
A meme server with special people. Everyone is welcome!
33 minutes ago
A chill and friendly community! We are very active in voice chat and are usually quite nice but we give each other shit as well! We have dank ass memes, a NSFW section, a leveling system, lots of emotes and all kinds of channels such as photography, art, music including a bot, confessions and more.
38 minutes ago
Just a chill server where people can hang out and have fun. We all are super friendly, and we’d love to make more friends. Max age is 26. So yeah, if you wanna have fun, and talk about whatever, this is the server for you!
40 minutes ago
Look, I do not know, come in and do what you want, but dont be an asshole
40 minutes ago
Hello everybody, you're probably tired of these ads, so why not make more?
Welcome to Vision, a server where you can chill, or gather with your friends to play.
You may have noticed that this server is not marked as NSFW, indeed, NSFW is restricted to only a channel category, which can only be accessed through a role.
Enjoy your stay!
41 minutes ago
if you join Boop-A-Doop squad YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED.
you WILL have lots of fun, we WILL accept you
the server may be small now but if you join it will grow
and there is a nsfw section in the server
if you want to view the nsfw content you will need to ask the bot for the role
but if you dont want to go there that is ok there are lots of other things to do
45 minutes ago
Café Dé Lá Peace, a place where you can post your art, listen to music, vent, talk about video games, roleplay, and so much more! There’s an expansive selection of roleplay to choose from and even suggest some for the future! Even if you aren’t exactly into roleplay, we still have many bots to play with and many games too! Please come and enjoy the ambient, friendly environment and join in the fun!
45 minutes ago
Good day, sir/ma'am! The Violetbloom Lounge is a friendly server which desires to hold a growing community of great, warmhearted people! We have bots, games, music, and plenty of other things! Perhaps you could even help us better fit your interest? Come on in, and enjoy!
57 minutes ago
☆ This is a new server so it is still in development!

◇ We have many channels such as: kpop, anime/manga, memes, marvel, art, music, venting, and hopefully more in the future!
♤ We also have bots (and are testing more to add!)

♡ We are very friendly and open to suggestions!!!
58 minutes ago
Ever wanted to join the Penguin Mafia? Well it's your lucky day, because here's your chance. We're a community that does all kind of stuff. More you don't have to know.

We're open for partnerships.

- The Godfather
1 hours ago

music, vidya, movies, art, etc.
all are welcome (:

if you're looking for a friendly, weird server where you can say whatever and meet new homies and share some interests, you've found the right place. i don't really know what i'm doing right now, but i will figure it out soon (: come and say hi, we're a small community and we're all friendly. *new server*
1 hours ago
Hey! Our server is collecting members for community. Join us if you love gaming, music, making friends, voice chatting with other, anime, memes, sport... Join us, you won't regret, believe me ;)
1 hours ago
The Hangout Spot is a community server established for the purpose of chatting, making new friends, having discussions, and last but not least, having fun!
1 hours ago
Started for the league club, GOTTE [mooi], this server has switched it's gears into becoming a broader server, allowing anyone into its gates.

From General to NSFW (and therapy to accommodate your horrid porn addictions) this server is serving ages from 15-30 y/o. We do weekly events like Movies/Anime, and we do gaming events like League. No one is left out, and no one is left behind. Feel free to join.. or don't. Up to you, dickhead.
1 hours ago
⚪Join for friendly Roleplaying and socializing.
⚪Approx. 30 channels
⚪Hella dank memes inbound ;)
⚪We got some fabulous NSFW bots, too ;))
1 hours ago
Sanctum: A World Divided

In the beginning, there was a ball composed of the four basic elements; fire, water, earth, and wind. The massive multi-elemental orb was floating through the vast Void of darkness, never ceasing to move. Then, there came a council comprised of multiple Deities, all of which governed a certain aspect or aspects of life. This council had discovered this orb not too long ago, and it intrigued them. They discussed how fascinating this natural phenomenon was to them, and decided that it would be useful. The council had differing opinions on what to do with the anomaly, that was, until the chief Deity decided what would be done with it.
What had been decided for it on a majority vote was that this strangely intriguing phenomenon would not be harvested nor destroyed, but rather they would create life on this newfound planet after their own image. Therefore, the anomaly was gifted the name Sanctum, a place for their creation to reside. However, with the decision, although the majority of the Deities agreed, there were some that disagreed. With that, rivalries were born and thus forth caused the council to be fractured, Deity turning on Deity. A civil war was born, splitting the council apart and giving birth to an eternal fight; Good versus Evil, Life versus Death, and most importantly, Creation versus Destruction.
With this, the creation was given both blessings and curses, such as the blessing of life which, in turn, gifts them with the curse of death. Another powerful example would be the everlasting battle between good versus evil which gifts the creation with free will which is both a blessing and a curse. After having done all of this, their creation being involved with their affairs indirectly, the Deities decided that it would be time to gift them with names. There were multiple races that the Deities had created, being plentiful in diversity and . Through the creation of life, numerous other aspects were born, as well as concepts!
1 hours ago