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Toxic cyberpunk server with almost no moderation. Memes, misfits -- and the hottest, edgiest e-girls. We maintain a 3:1 female/male ratio by purging all the orbiters and the white knights.
we have edgy teens, no rules, and e girls.

did i mention we have e girls?
A small server centered around a town where paranormal, magical, alien, and monstrous beings from across the multiverse convene and try to live (somewhat) normal lives. Join if you feel like being part of an active community that thrives on weird.
𝐸𝓉𝑒𝓇𝓃𝒶𝓁 𝒜𝒷𝓎𝓈𝓈≈
The server you want to be in!We're a music focused server, but we're also a general server for everyone to enjoy! We’re water/mystery themed!
❖ Features ❖
❧Multiple bots & fun channels for lots of different subjects!

➺We have the benefits of both a large and small community!

❧Staff is chill & active + everyone is very friendly

➺Feedback is always appreciated! We always wish to make this server better and better!

❧We partner! Just ask staff to see if your server is fit to partner with ours

➺Events & things like movie nights,game nights, etc!

❧Lots of custom roles, self-assignable roles and custom roles

➺We have a levelling system and a rewarding one

❧Everyone is welcome, our community hosts people from across the world!

We’re looking to grow our discord & to make it even more active! Thank you!
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援ォラゐぶ -i know you want to
Welcome To Badvibes! Edgy Hangout Server And We're a gang of chill OGs always looking for new people to hang out with. We like Music, Chatting, Gaming, Chillvibes, Memes, & having a good time And fast growing Community with chill rules that has tons to offer.
A social server that's been together for nearly a year. CHILL's Laid back staff is okay with you speaking your mind and being yourself within reason. Just watch out for the house trolls. They'll bite back. ;)

1.5k+ members
In the process of a revitalization. Join and have a high chance of becoming staff!
Hi! Welcome to 💀 Ethereal 💀
600+ members | sad kids/chill hangout server | Join us in playing games or banter.
This is the home to people who think large servers are too unfriendly.


Are you interested?
🚬 Join a fun and healthy community [16+ audience]
💉 Rapidly growing community with lots of activity.
👻 Active and hardworking staff.
👽 A clean organized environment.
💸 A very lewd NSFW.
🥄 Trusted partnerships.
🏁 Cool emotes.
🔗 Custom roles included in Patreon pledges.


・Currently looking for; Partner Managers, Event hosts.
・DM Yumi#6969 if you're interested.
Welcome to the realm! we are a group of people who chat about our favorite games, cartoons&anime and much more. meet people with similar tastes in games such as Persona and Soulsborne. Discuss about comics or manga, or share you favorite tracks in music. We hope you enjoy!
Welcome to OASIS! We are a smaller, and slower server for teens only. Listen to music, use bots, and socialize with us. Come visit us!
☆ Friendly Staff

☆ Music Bots for Radio and Song Selection

☆ Gaming and 1v1 Voice Chats

☆ XP GainZ

☆ Artwork and Advertisement Channel

☆ Spam filters and protection from NSFW and NSFL content

☆ and much more!
A server with loose rules, and a community which know how to take a joke. We accept anyone as it is a free community. Absolutely *anyone* can join. So come have a chill time with us :) aight peace i'm out
This server is for anyone and everyone, find friends, talk hangout and have fun. Rules are set, this is a friendly community for all. This server is still new, join as we grow to earn special roles :)
Here anyone is welcomed to make friends or be in love I guess. You can talk to people on here and say things you were too scared to say. We look out for each other. This server is new but feel free to meet new people. Lgbtq+ welcomed. No rules do whatever for now >o<
This server is all about speaking your mind, with over 400 members people fit in just great. Join today, if gambling, music, making friends, and nsfw pictures are your thing!
Didly Doo come join my server or your peepee small
this is my server and it is pretty shit just like all of us :)
Server for the subreddit /r/its_not_a_phase, It's still a work in progress but it would be cool if you joined
Ever wanted to just be a general tumor? Derive enjoyment from the annoyance and discomfort of others, well then we’ve got you covered. Join the Steve Armada for a brighter future.
We are a very accepting community of gamers, we wish to accept everyone in a nice server, with bots, voice chats, raids and other activities so you should click that join button! and join today!
Hey come here chill with us. we are all cool and we barely have rules!!!
one of the edgiest places you can end up in ✘ (our thicc theme isn't original, was inspired by a server that changed its name)

the dungeon includes:

▶main lobby which is for general chatting & memes
▶ an IRL channel for selfies and for other real photos you may wanna share.
▶ fun bots that have cute roleplay-like actions that you can use to @ members, get nsfw from, and play games.
▶activeness based roles and personalized ones.
▶giveaways and events every month. (one is next week)
▶nsfw sharing channels: hentai & real stuffs.
▶other content sharing channels, like music & art.
▶gameroom for you gaymers to talk about what you like in that category.
▶a pretty open community, but beware this server is not for the easily offended.

we need active members pretty badly so feel free to join & invite your friends~!

Adult gaming community geared towards community gaming and making friends. Having many different types of gamers, from mmorpgers to fps players, this server tries to include adequate diversity to make everyone feel at home and comfortable. One thing this server has that you will be hard pressed to find is Guild Setups! Join to find out more!
For people with very bad humor and who are just slightly racist xd

We have a lot of roles to earn and many friendly bois
also a good place for edgy memes

Join lads haha ree XDX