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This is a partner server to Aussie teens and Aussie true blues and if ur depressed and edgy come here and hopefully we can make you smile.
Trippiest occult server on Discord with the hottest cutthroat bitches and the best memes. Join if you're dead inside.
A toxic server where you can say pretty much whatever you want
>Has many different channels.
>Highest quality memes and shitposts
>1000+ members
>lot's of easy to get roles.
˗ˏˋBAD BI$H!ˎˊ˗
-organized server
-active members
-1:1 male to female ratio
growing server plz join to meet new members!
Hey! We're a server for meeting and making new friends!

We're a pretty relaxed server, with a growingly diverse community that values our members. After all, we're all just a bunch of eggs in a pot-- we guarantee that you'll find something in common with all of us on the server, and make some new friends!

Channels ranging from topics of games, music, shows, art, and even venting are available. We're also always open to memes!
hello kepler is a non moderated and very laid back server
you can meet cool people here if u want

we offer:
✧ no toxicity
✧ laid back moderation
✧ almost no rules
Welcome to Chillcord, an "anything goes" server where you will not be banned or kicked and if you are it is for very good reason. Feel free to say whatever you want as well as post whatever you'd like. Post original art under our #art-photography-writing channel and original music under #original music. Come to chat and check out our other channels such as #selfies and others. This is a social community, enjoy yourself and chill in #general.
☁ ╚» ♡║ e- nightclub ║♡ «╝ ☁


What we offer:

- Self-roles (hobbies, colors, countries, etc..)
- NSFW Bots + channels.
- Events (movies, drawing, etc..)
- Giveaways (Nitro, bots money, roles, etc..)
- Unlock Perms with MEE6 Levels.
- Chat with people, e-date, do whatever the fuck you want!
- We also have emotes, and emotes for nitro users!



𝔙𝔬𝔦𝔡 is a chill ass server ran by active staff members, to ensure no toxicity at all.

Most of our members are around 16 years of age so we're all useless little fucks, and we're all from different countries and ends, so if you're a terrorist, you'll find many terrorists here, the server owner is a terrorist as well. if you're a border jumper, you too will find many of your kind here.
and if you're a privileged white male, you too will find many, privileged, white males here.

We actually have a 1:1 female ratio unlike many other servers.

No thirsty little fucks allowed either. All thirst boys will be banned if they are reported to staff. No joinig in hoping to get some e-pussy.

Boosts are also appreciated and we already have a 100 Emoji slot available full of dirty emojis ranging from Penis emojis to Dank Meme emojis.
🦋 join join join us 🐝


🍓┊ we luv u
🍑┊hold our hand
🍊┊give us a hug
🍌┊show us luv
🍐┊we'll show u luv

We are currently still building this community and still in the making!
Please join and help us grow our community!
Looking for a server that's edgy as fuck, makes jokes about anything and everything, and has **m e m e s**? Well, you've found the perfect server, you cheeky cunt you. We're a cool new server looking for some people who are politically incorrect bastards like us. We also do some awesome server-wide events! So join and help the **C O C K S** grow.
semi-toxic social server with low moderation and active text and voice channels.
Jealousy is a fast growing server. We are a community with egirls to feed ur big eboy ego. We aren’t a bunch of sensitive fucks so join if you like edgy ethot servers!
rebuild from past server which had 400+ members

giveaway at 200 members

- e girls (HELLA)
- cool emotes
- giveaways
- 1:1 female/male ratio
- vcs
- events
- partnerships

hola bitch,,

this is a relatively new server that includes :
─ low moderation
─ self-roles (soon colors lol)
─ 1:1 female to male ratio
─ cyber ghetto aesthetics

if u a bad nigga AND u active then join
E-Kingdom - Join for an edgy e-dating experience including nsfw and active voice calls. <3

✔️ E-girls
✔️ Active Staff
✔️ Entertainment Bots
✔️ Active Voice Calls
✔️ Gaming
Dystopian cyberpunk server. Memes, misfits -- incredibly active with up to 100,000 messages a day. Over 64,000 losers. Take the e-dgy pill -- wake up!
Vi's Cult is my attempt at making a community of people who have similar tastes and interests.
This server has an overall angst-y feel to it, and almost anything is accepted here (with moderation). If you're looking for a chat to send some weird memes to, underground bands, or to share your art this is the right server.
I honestly don't care what extent of weird stuff is sent here as long as its legal, so, that being said, join and have fun!
- Art
- Writing
- Anime
- Music
- Memes
- Chatting
hi, we are a little angst community.
im currently still setting up the server so if you wanna drop by we'd love you.
we got some pretty rad custom roles and we are a little family.
think about stopping by for a bit.
small servers means tight family < 3
A community server that has a gaming channel
-Talk to the chill people in the server
-Custom emotes
-Color roles and leveling up
-Send your memes and get shouted out on our meme page
We are dummy dumb oof ouchy oof eek stop fucking me obama

We need to grow please join I promise were kinda sorta cool