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Hey it's your petty ass hoe here begging you to join this dead ass server!
-A cool ass server name.
-Cool staff, i guess?
-A work in progress, so any willing developers or people that are more experienced with Discord and its functionalities
-Just a few guidelines. So you can do whatever the fuck you want, as long as it's by the rules :)
3 days ago
Community 621
Welcome to Kryptified, just chill and listen to music or chat with other people, or do whatever.
They wanted to give us a warm welcome and to make sure we found something.
We have over +900 members :) Yay!
Always join when you welcomed :D
We have roles if you want choose any roles
* Firendly admin/mod
* We have more fun with bots :D
* There is nsfw and shitposting.
* Okay the rules!

If you having any problems please contact an administrator and/or moderator.
Have Fun! :+1:
6 days ago
Community 71
Hi, Emperor Mays here to sponsor the Oxian Empire! You may ask, what is the Oxian Empire? Well, it's a server where you can get along with anyone you want. We are a community. You can
do anything to talk about supernatural, memes, listen to music, and talk about your problems! I try very hard to make this server work, so please, give it a try! If you first enter the server, you must read the rules and talk in the Imperial-role-confirmation channel, afterwhich an admin will give you the Imperial Loyalist rank, you're all set after that!

You will also be able to advertise your own server if you get permission from me or an admin! These requests get accepted most of the time.
13 days ago
Community 4657
I wanted to create a server that is almost like a modern day "old /b/", where people could talk about and post what they want as long as it is in accordance with US laws, Discord guidelines, and isn't hindering the experience of others tremendously.

This server is very unique, with staff that invest their time tremendously into it. We host a variety of server events and community involved ideas. So join us and try out the most retarded server on discord.

Also don't forget: The ride never ends.
20 days ago
Anime and Manga 41
A new, small server looking for people to help it expand and improve the community!
its anime based where you can talk about your favorite games, favorite animes—or just have a chill conversation with some of the members.
Yes- we get it! Our server is slow right now so it doesn’t seem like its worth your time.. but if you stay, have a general and legitimate conversation maybe you might enjoy it rather then reading a book by its cover. Of course we cant physically make you stay and pull you by the hair—but it would be more enjoyable if people stayed and talked first rather then leaving straight away.
Were currently looking for new members and staff members—if you prove that your acceptable and that you use your common sense then you’ll be upgraded to either a guardian or trial-admin
You have to self assign the role .iam access and agreement before you can see any of the channels, which means you’ve agreed to the server rules and etc.
We hope you enjoy your stay!! If you have any issues you can contact anyone with the ‘staff’ role for help
66 days ago
A server for memes, shitpost and everything in between.
73 days ago
Community 29
Kristi loves you. We have memes, lolis and onii-chan Kristi.😘😘😘
118 days ago