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Here's a basic summary of our currently growing social/community-esque server!

Gaming. anime, memes, generally sh**-posting more than anything though with the occasional discussion (be it serious or not), a no holds barred channel for all your f***ed up NSFW s*** 😈 and more odds and ends likely to satisfy most interests and pastimes.

We are all ears to additional input too from members who are interested in sharing their views and ideas to add the server (channels, categories etc.) There are also earnable ranks for those who wish to be a part of the server's growth, livelihood, welcoming and helpful nature and more!

All-around chill and welcoming server with good peeps and an event/game night channel that's never used ¯|_(ツ)_/¯ Come hang if you want!

Bienvenidos a Guarida Shitpostera
En este servidor eres libre de hablar sobre cualquier tema, ya sea anime, videojuegos, memes, o conocer gente agradable.
Aquí no discriminamos a nadie, pero si se exige cumplimiento de las reglas para no tener problemas.
Únete a la comunidad y forma parte del lado pro de internet!
Hey now! we are a loose nit group of tight wads, duality of man n'such. We are usually friendly, but like to shitpost sometimes, things might change. We have a "liberal" use of slurs, and KYS kinda humor.
If you want to have fair weather friends, come on in!
J-join my server pls senpai UwU
shit post af ......memez af....... we got Ricardo milos so basically im monky yee yeee yeee ya ya same same banana good description btw ay ay
a generally offensive shitposting community server + meme bank with little rules

this is an anime-free zone

no weebs allowed
Purgatory, a place between heaven and hell.
You'll meet all sorts of "colorful" characters here. The question is, Where do you belong?
Bienvenido a Chacaleros del trapicheo, el mejor server de shitpost de discord en español. Únete si quieres ser nivel 100 en memes, comparte imágenes jocosas y platica con los chacas. Forma parte de esta gran comunidad de chicanos. Aquí no discriminamos, puedes hablar lo que quieras, así que siéntete a gusto aquí con los usuarios . Bueno, únete para compartir imágenes de risa con los chacas y muchas cosas inútiles que harás aquí. Vente y hazte una big trola.
Servidor só para gordon, se você não gordon você não entra.Infelizmente, não sou eu que faço as regras!!!
Aperte em "entrar no grupo" para gordalhar muito.
Originally a group of discord friends that decided to create a small community. Hoping to stay a non-toxic server with safe rules while still having a good time; we’re looking for some epic lads to join us. Join or don’t, I’m not your mom.
Server Update 0.3.2 - (Server Name Changes)
💦Let me extend a warm & wet welcome to our server💦
We are so far a small server of nerdy shitposters or with an interest in kink. (why not both) We'd live to remain 16+ due to the mature content talked on this server, Ages 18+ can post in the age-appropriate chats and 16+ can just see into them if they choose too!
- - ABOUT - -
- Basic Moderation through Bots & staff (Basic Server Rules)
- Roles to Express yourself
- Lots of Kink subcategory chats
- The base-level server has little to no restrictions (post in the correct channels!) but when you get to more kink based chats it's asked that you be considerate around others.
- Everything you do is up to you Disgression! Enjoy
(Sections available; Shitpostings, counting bot, CG/DDLG, BDSM chats, weeb & general nsfw)

Currently, Look for low-level staff with experience.
The Basement

a hybrid chat, music, and nsfw server where you can find quality entertainment and all around fun.

This includes:

- FM bot
- Porn Channels
- Pokecord 🙌
- diverse set of moderators🗣
- Plethora of Variety w/ NSFW 😏
- Friendly users 😊
- Not too many rules

Join the Basement. The steadily growing underground kingdom for your entertainment, lewdness, and fuckery.
Do whatever you want there are no rules really

We have a good male to female ratio so idc who joins

Don’t be a sensitive cuck
Do you want a server, with...

⊗ Varietous chats!
⊗ Self-Assignable Roles!
⊗ Non-Toxic staff
⊗ Flexible rules
⊗ Optional nsfw section
⊗ Heavy Memes

Then Obamia is the place for you! The Co-owner Dad has sorted bots and moderation so toxic and bad community members can be dealt with easily and efficiently to make the stay easier for you. a growing community full of shitposting

Overall we're just a laid back place, come chill

Join today at
This is a shitposting server
Nothing else to say really
Thanks for listening to my TED X talk, Any questions?

We do NOT accept advertising! Advertising as soon as you join will result in a ban!

Do you want a server where you can shitpost and chill with your best buds? Well, this server is for you!

This server includes:
-NSFW channels!
-Daily questions you can answer!
-A channel where you can ping an admin of the server!
-Bots which include: Rythm, Dank Memer, and more!
-A spam chat!
-And so much more!

Also, the admins of this server frequently change the server icon. So, don’t be confused when you think you accidentally joined a new server!

What are you waiting for? Come on down to our server and get to shitposting!
The official Discord for BowPennykettle (! Come hang out with us!
Welcome to OUR amazing server!
A cool server that you can get:
- Free Roles
- Meme channel
- Fun Bots
- Emotes
- Romanian chat! (private cuz most of everyone will confused)
- And much more!!!
If you're interesed this server or finding fresh memes, feel free to join the server RIGHT NOW!!
Hey there! We're a chill server that plays a lot of games, especially Rainbow Six Siege, and we also have a lot of anime-related things! Anyone is welcome!
a chill shitpost, meme, nsfw and minecraft server. do i really need to say more?