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An active server where you can chill, shitpost (mostly), debate or VC.

Everyone can join: Assadists, Turks, Free Syrian Army, Al-Nusra, Hezbollah, Kurds, Europeans, Socialists, Fascists etc.
Free fur all is a server for furries of all kind! No discrimination, no bias and no drama based on your views and ideals.

We have:

- Emoji bot for people with no nitro
- Large Yiff channel selection with fetish category
- Sona and art showoff
- Artist role to help with finding commisioners
- RP category
- weekly events
- Mention role instead of everyone/here pings

Anyone is welcome to join!
a shitpost server, do whatever u want. no nsfw except for mild gore
bots. pokecord, dank memer, yggdrasil etc
come join
a man has fallen into the river in lego city
start the new rescue helicopter
build the helicopter
and off to the rescue
prepare the lifeline
lower the stretcher
and make the rescue
▬ 18+ only ▬
▬ Bonersville is back bitches! ▬
▬ an awesome community of lewd shitposters ▬
▬ We want to be known for having minimal ▬
▬ rules that mainly follow the discord TOS ▬
▬ & guidelines ▬
▬ We have a "Crap Ton" of Roles ▬
▬ ranging from Memes to BDSM ;3 ▬
▬ Shitposting meme channels ▬
▬ (Owner Loves a good shitposting) ▬
▬▬ (Name may change from time to time) ▬▬
❌NSFW Text and Voice, for you people of Quality and Maturity
❌Many NSFW Roles to Express who you are❌
🎇200 Roles and Colours
💩Shitposting for all your Dank memes
🤳Selfie chats, show off how sexy you are!
🥴Kind, Friendly and Mildly Autistic staff🥴
😈We Only Follow Discord TOS, 10 basic house rules😈
- Note: -
"I would Like to say we're a combination of 3 Major servers I have spent a lot of time on, 1 Huge, 1 Lewd and another full of the best memes with little to no restrictions!"
- We want to be the Count Dankulas server of discord but properly managed!

▬ I hope we can make a great community together! ▬
We are a hangout server of 100+ people and still growing! Everybody is welcome here(furry friendly).
What you can find and do in our server:
-have a nice chat
-show off art you made or like
-a nsfw channel filled with your degenerate fantasies
-and a lot more!
Welcome to our Fishy Following.
I am Indigo, a god from before your time. Our goal is to spread chaos throughout discord, and also post memes.

We are not open for more partnerships until we reach the big 100 milestone! All are welcome to come and join our wacko server though!

Du wolltest schon immer Mal ein Yann sein? Ein Yann der Y-A-N-N geschrieben wird? UND von der Yannhasser gang gehasst wird? Dann bist du hier genau richtig! Wir freuen uns auf neue Yanns die sich miteinander anfreunden können und zusammen Spaß haben. Komm vorbei und werde Teil unserer Yann army!
Hola uwu, y bienvenido a Anime Momentus, tu mejor server de anime 7w7.
Aquí hay de todo,
Canales de texto y NSFW
Admins amables y guapos
Memes uwu

únete a este bello server!!!
•Level 3
•Emoji packed
•2500+ members
We have active daily discussion and VC with few rules, not to mention e-girls, e-boys, OC, etc... Have nothing better to do? Come join.
We do NOT accept advertising! Advertising as soon as you join will result in a ban!

Do you want a server where you can shitpost and chill with your best buds? Well, this server is for you!

This server includes:
-NSFW channels!
-Questions you can answer!
-A channel where you can ping an admin of the server!
-Bots which include: Rythm, Dank Memer, and more!
-And so much more!

Also, the admins of this server frequently change the server icon. So, don’t be confused when you think you accidentally joined a new server!

What are you waiting for? Come on down to our server and get to shitposting!
Entrem nesse server e faça parte da família Lurann!

Aqui nós temos:

> Bots de minigames.
> Vários chats para se divertir com os outros membros.
> Sistema de níveis.
> Staff (quase) ativa.
> Bots e chats NSFW.
> Vagas para administração

Entre e faça parte de uma vida de mafioso virtual.
Relaxed, with chill moderation, fairly slow but we're looking to make it more lively so feel free to join us and get to know us too if you please!

There are custom self-assignable roles, and Mee6 ranks up to level 50.
A server where anything goes!
Highly tolerant admins & total freedom of speech!
Active Voice Chat!
Self Assignable Roles!

tags: gaming community anime rp roleplay fun memes chill games music social voice chat friendly art the boys planetside gmod overwatch shit autismo chat
𝓪𝓵𝔀𝓪𝔂𝓼 𝓵𝓸𝓸𝓴𝓲𝓷𝓰 𝓯𝓸𝓻 𝓼𝓽𝓪𝓯𝓯
+ 𝓶𝓸𝓻𝓮 !