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Rise up, the Brown Nipple Gang! We're rolling across Discord smoking grass, eating ass, and fighting Furries all day everyday.
Here's what we have in the Server:

-Free to Vent for Help
-Debate Channel
-Channels to recommend Pop Culture
-Channels to send Art
-Voice Channels to listen to Music and play Video Games or chat.
-We also have N.S.F.W. and encourage to have a No Nut November challenge when the time comes around. Let's go!
I made this as a place to make friends, we have a huge variety of fandoms and such and constantly take requests. there is a large and active admin team and we're all extremely friendly. we have channels for those who'd prefer to be away from slurs where those who want to use them will get punished by an automod. Overall it's a great place to be to make friends!
did that get your attention?
Good~ ^-^
We're a new chat server, focused on welcoming everyone and giving you an accepting, friendly and positive new server, ready and waiting for you to join~!
If that sounds good, then this is the right server for you~!
.Friendly staff and members looking for more chill people to join and hang out
.active server with people always ready to talk and make friends
.self assignable roles and lots of bots to play with
Come check us out ♡
And stay a while... ^-^
Hi there, yes you, are you looking for a server where you can be silly and still maintain a civilized conversation with its members, then wнy ɴoт joιɴ oυr Friendly pαrтy ғor ѕoмe weιrd ĸιɴd oғ ғυɴ?

Our server is mainly about chill conversations, anything is okay as long as you're friendly and respect each of our members.

We're willing to offer :

• A very organized server.
• A category dedicated for controversial topics ( History, philosophy, sciences, politics... )
• A colorful conversation, mixed with logic, silliness, diverse beliefs and most importantly respect.
• A total willing to listen to everyone's suggestions and consider all the points of view, so all of us can distribute in making a nice and safe environment.
• A diversity of categories.
• Very friendly and active staff.
• Assignable roles.
• Different colors to pick from.

Our main goal is to create a small loving, and interactive family.

*poυrѕ тeα αɴd oғғerѕ ѕweeтs*
Hello there. Pelican Country is a friendly(ish) server which has basically random conversations and whatever. We post memes or weird pictures whenever we feel like it. And, if you tell us your birthday, then we will announce you and give you the birthday role! Oh, and Steve Harvey is our lord and savior.
-Warning: many swears fly here and there, and, well, everywhere-
Hey and welcome to mч swєєtnєss ♡ Here, we want to create a friendly community where people can be themselves and make friends. Hopefully we can be a place where people can enjoy themselves and meet lots of new people.
Some features are:

⋄ Cool bots

⋄ Self-assignable roles

⋄ Colour selection


⋄(Hopefully) a nice community
help idk out I'm doin... uhh i guess im suppose to write in here uh
A discord server that isn't a normal discord server
Our server is weird and offensive.
We host weird games every week, but the main game on our server currently is jackbox party pack, which is a fun and sometimes an offensive game...If you haven't had the chance to give the game a try then you should definitely give it a try
We won't ban you, because you made an offensive joke and we really don't have that many rules, but if you break one of them or if you're just being an asshole to everyone then you should prepare your anus for that banhammer

Heiyooo guys howcha doin'?
Welcome to the meme hell 🐸
Wanna know what's this server about?
Let's see.. According to the owner @Vin#7815
It's pretty much a group to chillax
Don't go
He says
It's also...
A WIP(work in progress) Roblox myth group! 😃😃😃
Yeah the members here are pretty much kids that loves Roblox(theres an ultimate Undertale fan in there too!😏)
And nope, no nsfw(underage kids alert, pedos stay away)
Evening tho the owner's alr a teen but he legit still acts like a 10 y.o lmao(shhhh)
This is currently a wip server so yeah ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Psst lemme tell you something, the one who's writing this(aka me) is the first admin of the server, which is also the one who does the most jobs and made the most contributions ;)
Well I can't blame the owner since he's an inexperienced person
If this server reaches 30+ members, I'll show u guys how am I experienced(it's kinda a dead but trying not to die server) *winkity wink*
Ah and if u guys wanna help too *maybe* the owner will allow
He's pretty much a stubborn(but hot and handsome ;) ) guy so don't get too disappointed X(
Yeet cya in this server! <3
We are random, funny, and social. We are a very chill and fun community that respect everyone unless you're cool with being made fun of. Have fun cause wherever you go there's always something fun to do!
The name speaks for itself. (Memes, nsfw, music, chatbots, blackjack and roulette and weird but interesting conversations)
This is a server where in you can chill and make new friends (just kidding) and also learn some new stuff (stuffs like roasting etc.).
So lets make some shit outta this life.
Sup mothafucker you lookin' for fun? NSFW shit? And peeps who won't take you seriously? Well welcome to COPG where you can be whatever the fuck you want with as little rules as possible! Be made fun of for your small dick size dry pussy and crippling self esteem while crying in a corner being the little bitch you are! Hope you enjoy!
~ COPG's Not-So-Loving-Owner.
A weird discord server I put together.I like being friends with everyone so lets have a good time.We know where the global emotes are.I accept suggestions and stuff.For dating too.
Created by Pinky, a server with a handful of creatures roaming around like potatoes without a meaning of life, we invite you to come and join us in our mindless meaningless adventure (aka being socially awkward people) and have a fun time with us. :&

A fresh as hell server with relaxed rules!
And if you’re looking for a more slow, racist-slur-free French Horn experience, we have the channel #chill-lounge!
Always open to some new partners!
Friendly and active mods!
Eboys and egirls galore!
A nsfw channel!
Almost 20 bots and bot games!
We’re a family-like server, and have weekly group VCs Saturday at 12AM ET!
💖Welcome to the So Many Bots Discord server!💖

The So Many Bots server is a place where you can be yourself. Here we have things many people love. Bots! We have Pokemon bots to Waifu Bots and more included!

The So Many Bots server is also a nice place to get started as a coder. This is because you can get ideas from people with no experience or criticism from people with experience. We can also find a way to add or test out the feature of the bots as well.

And don’t worry! If you’re looking for unique people or people with similar interests, you'll definitely find them here! We have artist, weebs, memers,etc.

So what do you think? Come join us!
Welcome to Angel Bunny! Angel Bunny is a non-toxic community, that's fair with simple rules. We take suggestions and we also have gaming, casino and plenty more!
There is beauty in everything, even in silence and darkness. Dance in the darkness and find yourself, or waltz in the light and be true to yourself.
This is a place where people can come together and be themselves and find friends along their life's rough journey. Come join and see what you think. Looking for moderators and help, as it is still a work in progress. :)
Ever want a religion that focuses on Battle Droids?
Now you can have it! Don't want it? Join anyway we'd love to have you and won't push it on you
Just join and later you will see what happens next.