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help idk out I'm doin... uhh i guess im suppose to write in here uh
We are a community of friends that joke around and chill! Some of us have known each other for years and we are looking to make new friends. Our humor is elite and hopefully you can keep up. Join!
This is a semi-active server. If you don't like to get pinged, this server isn't for you. Everyone is welcome here. This server is sort of still a WIP but there are so many features to enjoy. We have some really strange people here as well so you wouldn't regret coming here if you were bored!
Ayyo, welcome to The Egg People! Here, you can chat with many other members, and we are mostly active (timezones my dudes). It is fast and easy to get along with and know us. You can talk about what you want and start new discussions! Everyone is very accepting if you don't act like an idiot, and we hope you're accepting of us too.

This server has 90+ members but just because its big doesn't mean you should be afraid to join!
Hallo and welcome to __Skull Clique__ --------------------------------------------------------------
Are you feeling sad? Edgy? High? Are you a mega edge lord? Does your mommy hate you?
This is a grunge/gothic type server that offers a chill place to meet and talk to new people.
We offer:

✟ Tons of bots for music, games, and interaction purposes.
✟ Multiple channels for talking, posting pictures, and expressing those lame/fancy hobbies.
✟ There are monthly horror movie nights
✟ A daily question
✟ Along with tons of self-assignable roles (as well as festive roles around holidays, and __limited edition__ roles)
✟ **Friendly** Staff
✟ And we are a __strictly__ drama-free server. If you have time to bitch and whine and cause drama, you have time to press the Leave Server button, or allow us to do it for you.
We hope you have a great stay!
We're a small community looking for open-minded members to have as a general community.
The Grocery Store: A roleplay inspired by Welcome to Night Vale and my awful long shifts working in a grocery store.

Open "world" (it's a store, not a world) the Grocery Store is the premier shopping center around! Though things can be a little crazy, considering the swarm of bees acting as security, the beasts roaming the aisles, the sentient Sandwich that's building and army and the fact that nobody's seen the store manager in seven years.

The Grocery Store is a roleplay designed for whichever type of character you like best - the store is insane, with a myriad of species and abilities, all mindlessly working together to try and survive the next rush... Or the next flesh eating hell beast who really really wants almond milk.

You know, the usual.
Just a band of weirdos looking to make friends
It's Official! This server is for teens from 13 to 19, we're a slowly growing community that hopes to be one day popular! We're a tech and streaming based community. ~ Mixer and Twitch friendly! :)
I hope you have a great time in here - Officialy
Welcome to the brave new world of Capsulemon...hmmmm? You've done this before? This just a reskinned pokemon server? HOW DARE YOU! Capsulemon is the weirdest and wackiest *almost* pokemon server out there! Set with all new capsulemon, reskinned typing system, an active mod team, and alot of love, so come join us today in this world of Capsule Monsters!
Hi I'm the owner of this server. I just started this server. Trying to get it up and active. I welcome everyone to join and have fun. There are random pings every now and then not a lot though.
Here, we surf the internet and search for the creepiest/weirdest stuff we can find
Hey, come see if this server is something for you (:

There are some cool people chilling here and we always need more friends (:
Hang out with us! We are a bunch of weirdos gathering to form satanic rituals- No just kidding! We love to game and hang out, and we love art. If you're the venting type, don't worry! We have a vent channel that others can help you with. Just follow the rules, and you'll rock at being the top!
We are Project [3RRØR]
3RRØR is an anime friendly, very active fun server where you can let your desires loose!

We have....

🖥 Movies

🎮 Gaming Chats

🤖 Bots

🎵 Music Bots

😂 Comedy

🥢 Anime

⚠️ Hentai Nsfw

👌 Great Mods and Maintenance

🎤 Voice Chats

And much more if you want to recommend more for us!

Send this link to your friends to help our project grow into a non dead server! 😊

Creator: Soulless Senpai
Mods: Unoron
A server based solely on Unbelievaboat's economy system. Enjoy and good luck earning money! :)

Note: there IS an NSFW channel now.
this is a server where everyone is nice and everyone is welcome! there is also some weird shit!
Join Gsy if you just trying to chill and socialize and make some friends. For the most part its pretty cool and some occasional toxic.
Hello, I'm Joey, co-owner of the server!
Here, we wanna make your day or night better with some of the best people you'll possibly meet.
We try to refrain from @everyone and pestering your day, but how are we gonna do that without pinging!?
Anyways, check us out! We hope for more members.
~Joey & The Weirdos