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(If your reading this and you were an old member during the staff raid, all bans have been revoked so please return...) Sup mothafucker you lookin' for fun? NSFW shit? And peeps who won't take you seriously? Well welcome to COPG where you can be whatever the fuck you want with as little rules as possible! Be made fun of for your small dick size dry pussy and crippling self esteem while crying in a corner being the little bitch you are! Hope you enjoy!
~ COPG's Not-So-Loving-Owner.
Mystery/creepy-themed free-speech server.

Reasonable, but strongly anti-authoritarian moderation.
Hello there. Pelican Country is a friendly(ish) server which has basically random conversations and whatever. We post memes or weird pictures whenever we feel like it. And, if you tell us your birthday, then we will announce you and give you the birthday role! Oh, and Steve Harvey is our lord and savior.
-Warning: many swears fly here and there, and, well, everywhere-
💖Welcome to the So Many Bots Discord server!💖

The So Many Bots server is a place where you can be yourself. Here we have things many people love. Bots! We have Pokemon bots to Waifu Bots and more included!

The So Many Bots server is also a nice place to get started as a coder. This is because you can get ideas from people with no experience or criticism from people with experience. We can also find a way to add or test out the feature of the bots as well.

And don’t worry! If you’re looking for unique people or people with similar interests, you'll definitely find them here! We have artist, weebs, memers,etc.

So what do you think? Come join us!
The name speaks for itself. (Memes, nsfw, music, chatbots, blackjack and roulette and weird but interesting conversations)
Hey! You Have Been Invited To My Server. First Off, To Be A Nice Person And Contribute To The Community, Be Respectful And Listen. We Have Great People And Are Trying To Grow Larger, Even Though The Server Is Still In Development. We Have :
Music Channels
& More!
So Please, Come Join Us And Make New Friends. (i sound cheesy smh i promise i'm not ;w;)
Welcome to cyanide's area. This is a very weird area and it has the dankest memes. So why dont u join the weird fun nobody is stopping you.
this server is jus a chilled out server to be weird asf and have fun in lol
anyone is welcome:)
help idk out I'm doin... uhh i guess im suppose to write in here uh
Hello, umm this server is just a meme its still a WIP (work in progress) if u are the first 15 people you get a special rank just have fun here and dont be stoopid
Pretty litty server
I have no idea what I am doing, so feel free to be like uhh, can we have more of this or something idk. Im trying. Dm me whenever, and just have fun my bros.
Social community full of insomniacs and people who don't sleep much. We come in all ages (16+), shapes, colors, genders, sizes, time zones, and species.
Try to talk and initiate conversations with complete strangers who joined for the same reason as you. Otherwise there's no point in joining.
Don't join if you're just passing by. You join for a reason. Stay woke!

(Also please don't promote anything in our server)
The Grocery Store: where minimum wage has never been less worth it.

(Warning, contains some graphic/violent roleplay and rather intense scenes, though you can easily avoid that if it's not your thing)

A server designed to fit any of your needs, with something always going on. What character do you want to use? Perhaps you're into animals, and want to embrace your inner furry, well, we have Wiinter the wolf working in the pharmacy. Perhaps you're an average type of person, familiar with working retail. Characters like Sam and JW are just trying to get through the day and avoid getting hurt. (Though, be warned, you might fall in love with ancient Gods). Maybe you want a dash of something special - Kori's an average girl trying to make it through college, if you don't count her levitation abilities. Or, perhaps, you want to let your imagination run wild. Id is a vanta black mist man who commands an army of undead birds.

No matter what you want, we're here for in. Agender security guards who might be bees. Golems, ghosts, cats, even sentient sandwiches.

Oh, but isn't the genre messy? What do I *do* in this server?

Whatever you want, provided you don't fight with your fellow colleagues. The server plot are vast and wide. Are you interested in fantasy/sci-fi? Well, the head of securities evil doppelganger from an alternate timeline just got resurrected and wants to kill a god. Interested in action/adventure? There's a wild pack of coyotes slowly taking over the store. Horror/thriller? There's a monster of grey goo that feeds off your deepest secrets and lurks in the warehouse. Or, maybe, you're here for comedy. We got that too, if you don't want either who can run free reign to create your own wacky hijinks. Lord knows there's a lot of that.

Your shift starts now, if you're interested.
A sorta small server! Yet everyone's active // just a couple friends looking to grow our server // make friends // chill // we don't have many rules. Imagine having rules LMAO bye ( any questions lmk kenz#8168)
Hallo and welcome to __Skull Clique__ --------------------------------------------------------------
Are you feeling sad? Edgy? High? Are you a mega edge lord? Does your mommy hate you?
This is a grunge/gothic type server that offers a chill place to meet and talk to new people.
We offer:

✟ Tons of bots for music, games, and interaction purposes.
✟ Multiple channels for talking, posting pictures, and expressing those lame/fancy hobbies.
✟ There are monthly horror movie nights
✟ A daily question
✟ Along with tons of self-assignable roles (as well as festive roles around holidays, and __limited edition__ roles)
✟ **Friendly** Staff
✟ And we are a __strictly__ drama-free server. If you have time to bitch and whine and cause drama, you have time to press the Leave Server button, or allow us to do it for you.
We hope you have a great stay!
Need a lover? Come here and find one
Want to just chill and make friends? Well this is also a great server for you

Able to be a staff member, all you have to do is apply!

Self-roles + fun games!
You can't forget Karaoke nights c:
Hi there! My name is Dani and I invite you to join my little hell. Here we

•Have fun
•Play games
•Meet new people
•Make friends
•And just have a good time all-round.

We hope you'll join us and just have a great time
Obscuriosities is a new community aiming to find people interested in obscure media! We're somewhat liberal with that term, but the biggest emphasis is in weird, obscure media such as weird japanese exclusive ps1 games, strange vintage books and codexs, local animation from smaller countries, etc, just to name a very small few list of examples. If you have any interest in these sorts of things, big or small, try out our server!
A new Fantasy RP server, Worldbuilding is still in progress, but please do join! Character creation is rather simple, and the Admin is always on during the weekends.
People who show actual interest and wish to help the server grow may eventually be given a Moderator Role
There are three Realms, those Realms are known as the Realm of Reality, Gaming and Cinematic. One day two Realms, Cinematic and Gaming, are separated from Reality, by a wall. This wall is most commonly known as The Fourth Wall. One day The Fourth Wall is mysteriously broken, and when that happens all three Realms collide with each other, and when that happens, all hell breaks loose. Objects, and even people, are stolen from their Realms, and brought to another. And the more time these objects, or people, are spent out of their belonging realm, the more those objects, or people, become a permanent part of the the Realm those objects were brought to. Thus resulting in no memory of that object’s, or person’s, past belonging Realm. These effects only become present when someone, or something is brought from one Realm to another.

If This Sounds Fun, Come Join The Royal Server, And no...Season 1 is not available...For some reason. :P
This server is literally a bunch of bots
JOIN IT WILL BE FUN.....sorta.
If you feel out of place, drop by and we'll talk about it.