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Hello everyone~! Welcome to Neko lounge we are a new server getting started up we have 40+ members and growing!! Cat/neko themed ~active staff.~ and so much more come join to find out!!
New server. Wanna make it big ,pls join! Intend to make it a cool place to wear off your stress, get cozy , get more friends and chat and know a lot more people! Everyone from any part of the globe is welcome!
A newer Warrior Cats roleplay server. Users can only choose from the four clans, but can use any character they want, living or dead, real or fake. We hold gatherings of the clans weekly, and have a council of StarClan cats to come up with prophecies. Simple server rules and friendly staff!
A surprisingly active server despite the current amount of members. This server features all the typical things a server has: Chat, memes, special bots, gaming, art, NSFW, VC, debate ect. The main theme of this server is festivity and affection. ❤️ ^-^ ~ily and enjoy ur stay in this fabulous server
The Resort is a new server created by FlappuCatu, I have spent a long time creating this server and made it with the intent to have a growing discord community with people of all genders, sexualities, races and more. We have self-assignable roles that can be added with the push of a button, we have color roles and even level perks. Everyone is welcome here!
We're a very new server and would like more members and for it to be active! We have many different channels for all's needs. Even put in a karaoke area!
This server is meant to be a non toxic environment, and thriving to be as lively as possible! (SFW server.) The ranks are based on cat breeds. The highest level is 120. Persians. Hope you join us and have fun<3
Welcome to 𝒸𝒽𝑒𝓇𝓇𝓎 𝒷❀𝓂𝒷!

We're a new server who loves to chat, have fun and to share our virtual creations and animations.

Sounds great! Now what are the rules?

We try to keep our server as clean as possible but still enjoyable for everyone, the current rules are in affect and can be changed at any time:

No Swearing
Wait what? I can't swear? You're allowed to swear anywhere but #global-chat, swearing in #global-chat will result in warnings and if done multiple times a mute.

Not Safe For Work content is not permitted anywhere on this discord; anything being NSFW or similar too NSFW will get the user banned.

No Spamming/Chat Flood
Since we don't want people scrolling through 100 messages to see their best buds last message we don't permit spamming in any way, spamming will result in a server mute and the spammer to be banned!

No Harassing People
Harassment isn't allowed in any form; harassment will result in a permeant blacklist from the server!

No mass tagging people
No one likes seeing that little red bubble next to their favorite server!
🌌 Zorua's Void 🌸 Many categories and channels 🎀 Pokecord-based server 💖 Friendly community (& staff!) 🤝 Fun events and giveaways for everyone 👾 Active Gyms (WIP)
Lewd Empire
A server for people to express themselves and their kinks. We're growing steadily with people of different kink communities. Such as cg/l, bdsm, and we even have a section for furries! Come in and join our Lewd Empire!
We have many things such as
Special Kink Roles
Active Staff and Owner
Friendly community
Level Up Roles
And tons more!

Obviously, this chat revolves around the lewd aspects. The lounge area is the place to talk and there are a couple extra areas. #bdsm-test is where people can post there bdsm test results or discuss them.
#kinky-confessions Is the place where people can confess what kinks and/or fetishes they are into. This is the place where kink-shaming is definitely not allowed even though it's not allowed in the first place.

This is the category where people can take breaks from all the lewd stuff if they don't want to talk about lewd stuff 24/7, that way they can just relax and take a break.

Lewd Gallery:
For this category, this is where people can post images related to the channel. For example, in #yuri people can post yuri pics and etc etc. Now, there will be no off-topic images or chat in those channels.
Hello and welcome to Roleplay Universe!
We are currently a new and upcoming server and we invite Roleplayers of all kinds to join us!

WE have things like
Fun Channels
Self-Assignable Roles
Active Staff
And more to come!

So come on in and join us!
Welcome to Forever Country,
My name is Hunter owner of Forever Country
We are a new server that just went public on 11/18/18, We are a Dynamic Server that wants to work around what its members want to see in a community server, we are still setting up and soon hope to be fully operational. This server strives to be a spot where you come to enjoy yourself. Staff is pretty chill and we will be looking for more staff members soon. Rp and dating channels are being made along with additional roles. Just be sure to put what you would like to see added in the suggestions chat.
Thanks for considering Forever Country as a server you wish to be apart of. Hope to see you soon.
Love, Forever Country Staff.
A server for hanging out and chilling. Server just went public recently and we are looking for new members to help keep the server active
Just a nice place for people to talk and hang. There's all sorts of members here and many ways to leave your mark. If you want something you can always DM the owner and she'll try her best to make this the best experience for you! <3 <3 <3
Welcome to Sunshade Forest!
Sunshade Forest is a brand-new server based on forest theme. If you want a nice and cozy server, this is the right server for you! Our server is still small because it hasn't been long since it was built. Join today and make our forest alive!

Some of the features we have:
· Friendly people
· Separated, private language channels (more channels are coming soon!)
· Unique levels based on plants
· Forest-themed channels and categories
An awesome community channel where you can make many friends and chat to other people. Ask for help in any topic and play games with others.
Meet new friends!!!
P.S. I legit just created this server.
I need help setting it up <3.
Naruto Story is an active and high-quality story-driven RP community based on Discord which is looking for more Roleplayers to grow our ranks!

We've got everything youre looking for!
>Great Rewards for effort, good roleplay, and making yourself an asset to the community!
>Character Progression!
>Active Admins who can provide individualized help to make your RP more enjoyable!
>Events and Story Arcs!
>A tight nit community, an friendly environment.

Joining us allows you numerous opportunities to explore character growth and experience actual progress through the ranks of the Shinobi system. Start out as a Genin and learn what it means to be a Shinobi. Start out as a Jonin and lead your very own team. The possibilities are endless as long as you're willing and able to work with the community. Cant wait to see you guys in IRP!
A Very Sinful Server Of Pure Lust
Here in this server you'll stumble upon the A-Z Book of Lust (channels) that contain some fetish/kink surprises~
Browse around and learn the new sexual alphabet with us ;)
* pls verify you are 18+ upon joining to enter!
Hands down we have the best and cutest sexually related emojis! If you have nitro I'm sure they'll be useful ;)
🌈We are a growing server🌈

Like Challenges? ⚔️
Like Elements? ⚡
Like having a chance to obtain one with a challenge?

Active Owner😂👌

Well! Here in Elemental Towers, we like to give the characters a realistic, yet with a hint of fantasy feeling~ WE GOT

We are needing people to play as elements.

This world was nothing but a resting place for the dead after the war broke out, the gods giving no mercy to the once beautiful world of Zarathustra. The only one that seemed to be suffering the most was mother nature herself, upon hearing and seeing the war in action. She could do nothing but watch her creation die to fit the scene of battle, this caused her to rage with different emotions that no one ever knew a god or goddess could show.

To read more, join the chat! We will be waiting for you traveler.
This is the place for all people who feel bad being a furry or an anime lover.
Meteora is a new discord looking for new and unique members! We are a Linkin Park fanbase (and music in general) and we game on the side. We allow discord advertising. Our main game plays are GTA V, PUBG, Fortnite, and Minecraft. Staff positions available!
A brand new, small RP centered in the Marvel Universe for people who like rping as popular Marvel characters.
Small server influenced by anime.
⊂◉‿◉つ I'm ShawnyBoy aka DarkNerdShawny. Otaku/Streamer/Recording artist. I created this serve so I can build a community of same interest people.
We are small but with your help by joining we can grow HUGE and active! Welcome to my server! I hope you enjoy! (-‿◦)
Welcome to Socially Awkward!

👋 Come in and say hi. We are accepting of anyone, especially if you feel *awkward* in *social* situations.

☕ Hang out for a while. This server is new so people may not be always here (For now)

🤖 Fun bots like chess bot. You can play chess. Please. (Looking to add more)

🐛 Other stuff so come join and find out