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THIS SERVER IW WELCOME TO ALL SAIYAN AND POKEMON ALIKE........ PLEASE JOIN IF YOU WANT TO GET NOTICED BY OTHER OC'S AND ARTISTS AND WE ARE ALL VERY NICE AND PLEASE BE NICE AND HELP OUT AND WE WILL GET TO BE NUMBER ONE SERVER FOR POKEMON AND DRAGON BALL OC FANS(if you are cannon and want to complain then just leave........i dont like being fully cannon saiyan and we DO NOT allow raids and or bullying and if i see or hear about that then you will be reported and banned
16 minutes ago
Kpop Motel is a brand new server dedicated to Kpop!
We have cute aesthetic roles, and such, fun games, events, giveaways, and such! So come on and be the first to join today! Help us reach our goal of 100 members, Staff Apps are open atm! Join and be active! Make friends!
52 minutes ago
Brand New Community Server

-Friendly environment
-Meet new friends

Looking for:
Moderators,Helpers,and partners!
1 hours ago
Cough Drops is a community server for everyone to be able to meet new people and make some friends! We have some amazing members and a lovely android team to keep you entertained. Join cough drops and get some cooldown from your daily life by having a chill time here (: We hope to create a social and friendly environment for everyone ^^ Have a cough drop and join, anyone can (":

We offer vent channels, movie night channels, and music channels -- along with general community server channels used to share interests or just talk ^^
TLDR; New server, don't know what'll happen, pop in and make friends ? (^:
1 hours ago
Welcome to Take A Breath!

This server is made with the intention of being open to anyone that wants to have a chill time meeting and talking to new people! You can be yourself without being judged at all for it. Everyone is welcome to join in a social and open environment ^^ Take a break, step on the brake, and get a breath. Just relax -- you're welcome here :>
1 hours ago
100+ lemonz
help idk out I'm doin... uhh i guess im suppose to write in here uh
1 hours ago
Hi, we're a new server looking for active members to join us on a journey to become a bigger server ! ❤️ Bubble Team is a chill server. Hope you join us and have a great time in here !
1 hours ago
A newer Warrior Cats roleplay server. Users can only choose from the four clans, but can use any character they want, living or dead, real or fake. We hold gatherings of the clans weekly, and have a council of StarClan cats to come up with prophecies. Simple server rules and friendly staff!
3 hours ago
Welcome to Almost Perfect Paradise! We are a brand new community server. We have welcoming staff, plenty of bots, our own currency system, and more!
3 hours ago
The greatest server for sharing, making, making new friends, or simply listening to music. A new server, meaning there are many high ranks to give out.
4 hours ago
Bloodmoon is a monster school rp server with excelent staff fun bots and a non-toxic community anyone is welcome (as long as you arent a raider ofcorse) feel free do dm me any questions @Kameko #1537 for more info have a lovely day!
5 hours ago
Meteora is a new discord looking for new and unique members! We are a Linkin Park fanbase (and music in general) and we game on the side. We allow discord advertising. Our main game plays are GTA V, PUBG, Fortnite, and Minecraft. Staff positions available!
5 hours ago
hey guys ...this is a new server with good people around. You can have lots of fun talking with us ...we also have many fun bots,music bots,gaming bots.
join us, make new friends and enjoy our server. We Love You <3
8 hours ago
Hello we are still a new channel and we hope u will join us we are a fully pokemon channel with the one and only POKECORD!! Hopefully we will see you there!
11 hours ago
❤ New Server
❤ NSFW Channels
❤ 16+ Friendly
❤ Self assign roles
❤ Hookups
❤ Roleplay
❤ Shitposting
❤ Own Content
❤ Partnerships
❤ Friendly Staff
13 hours ago
Welcome to Lucario's Closed Cave! A cave where you can hangout!
The server is pretty new, so there may be a few bugs.
What we are looking for:
--Caretakers/Daycare workers
--Gym Leaders
--Elite 4 Members
Things to expect:
--Weird Stuff!
--And more!
Make sure to join! As we do weekly giveaways!
14 hours ago
This is a fresh new roleplay server owned by Luma or Lu-Chan who roleplays as the Luna of the entire pack, its still a work in progress and they hope to make it a great server for both chatting and role-playing
14 hours ago
i have came up with a name yet so if anyone joins if you can help me with the name that would be awesome. This is a gaming discord server idk care what game you play on here. This is basically a place to chill, chat, and play games if your cool with that. I'll prob be offer staff roles too because again this is a new server.
15 hours ago
A community of awesome people that come together for a bigger cause... YouTubing.. Making things.. or even Playing games with one another :smiley: we try to support everyone who joins in a positive way. You never know who will go off and do great things after joining TheCrew
16 hours ago
This is the ℍ𝕠𝕦𝕤𝕖 𝕠𝕗 𝔹𝕠𝕣𝕖𝕕𝕠𝕞!
We are a new, I guess active server! We are happy to let anyone join! We are a hangout server for talking and meeting people from any community! We appreciate anyone joining to help us expand and grow as a community!
✖Keep in mind that this is my very, very first server I’m managing and it’s very small. I don’t have any staff helping me out which results in me being the only one able to manage the server. The vice-creator isn’t very experienced at managing the server. So here’s a warning:
(+ we also accept partnership with servers -3-)
19 hours ago

To The Address Of [NAME]
We are delighted to inform you that the Committee on Admissions has accepted you into the Class of 3018 under the cadet program. We bid you a fair congratulations and a warm welcome to our academy. Your instructors have demonstrated a firm belief that you are capable of making a significant contribution.

Welcome to my brand new, never before seen server. Hope you enjoy!
20 hours ago
Jimmu's Temple is a server that has one goal, to bring people together and make new friends in this community driven server. Our team of staff are always willing to help, and we hope you enjoy your stay as you talk to and meet others in this growing server!
21 hours ago
In this land, slavery is surpreme and the queen missing, join the rebellion, protect our land
22 hours ago