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The origional person to fall into a volcano, Yellowstone, was Obsidian, followed closely by her husband Pyro who fell in directly after her. As they fell into the volcano they were granted the ability to shapeshift within the volcano, but when they left the surface pool they were stuck to whatever form they were in before reaching the magma again. As more people fell into the first volcanoes Obsidian or Pyro would save them, bringing them into a sancturary where they would find life after their inevitable death. Soon people caught on that there were odd beasts, the shapeshifters saved, that would appear in the world. They started hunting the shifters, Magmites, as they would call them, saving them for study or for labor as they found, when killed, the shifter would turn back into a human. The human's technology is still advancing, far off from what we have now, but their traps and cages are a force to be reconed with. Capable of holding almost any form no matter of size or shape.
29 minutes ago
All Games 49
Meteora is a new discord looking for new and unique members! We are a Linkin Park fanbase (and music in general) and we game on the side. We allow discord advertising. Our main game plays are GTA V, PUBG, Fortnite, and Minecraft. Staff positions available!
45 minutes ago
The greatest server for sharing, making, making new friends, or simply listening to music. A new server, meaning there are many high ranks to give out.
7 hours ago
Anime and Manga 38
• Interactive members
• Friendly and active staff responsible for the server's safety
• Almost no restricted channel permissions
• EVERYONE always have at least one role on join
• Free games announcements
• Organize your very own GameNight at any time via our GameNight bot
• Quality music bot
• And even more to come!
12 hours ago
A new server, just for fun. Please join.
2 days ago
Community 12
Heyya! I am Grimoire, and welcome to my server! Here we are barely starting, but we hope many people will join and we can all be a very big family!
4 days ago
Community 35
Are you an Angel or a Devil? Trying to find a new server, or just need friends cause your "dat bored". Then mads angels is the place for you.. We host game nights giveaways and music contest and have drama "shows" to keep you interested.. // link:
5 days ago
In a world driven to near extinction of humans by an all powerful alien race the humans called "Reapers", the remaining bits and pieces of humanity colonized the world, using its enemy's leftover tech to advance faster than ever before, and furthermore nearly effortlessly. The government became quick to discover some humans had evolved along with their technology. Alien radiation reshaping the DNA of humans altering any forms of the body that it found compatible. The governments were very quick to exploit this newfound resource keeping them in confinement, and experimenting with their abilities. Though, even with all the power and training, will these powered individuals be able to defeat their death dealing enemies, or will these efforts prove to be all in vain.
12 days ago
Hello! I am a enzoroks, a streamer on Twitch.
I created a server for various streamers to use and collaborate with each other, a shared space of sorts.
This server is also for other gamers who would like to play with some of the streamers already in the server.
We have two main roles, Gamers and Streamers. Thats it! we have stream announcements, nicknames, and rules (boring but important!)

If you stream, you are welcome to join the server and use it, and if your a gamer looking for some friends, you can join to suggest games, and play with some of us!

I hope you consider joining the server!
16 days ago
Community 12
So, this is about Anime, Role Playing, Gaming! Ok? So would you join because we want you!
20 days ago
This is a *new* anime and gaming discord for anyone that likes a friendly community
24 days ago
Simulation Games 6
Deutsche Discord Community der Website:
26 days ago
Community 18
This is a furry discord for meeting other furries and having fun and I am trying to grow this server so i hope you can stop by and help me
27 days ago
Anime and Manga 5
A friend wanted me to make this so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
30 days ago
A new discord dating app with limited rules so have fun we
37 days ago
The Aurora Lounge is a great place to gather with other users and meet new friends. The server allows server clubs, AMAs, and Live Streams where we talk to users. Help us grow into an amazing meeting place so we can improve in the future.
63 days ago
Community 39
Welcome to Cascade, a Discord server dedicated to different interests, including gaming, art, and more. We have friendly staff that are willing to help you at anytime and have useful and utility bots to help us manage the server.
79 days ago
FPS Games 17
New Discord community dedicated to the game, ARK: Survival Evolved.
85 days ago
A small server just waiting to become large and great! Looking for active members and possibly even staff!
101 days ago
A community built for people to meet and play games.
109 days ago
Anime and Manga 9
Hello, this is a new server looking for new members. This is a anime server and please feel free to join! 😏🔥🙏💦👌
-Level system
127 days ago
Community 8
A Novel Bunch is a chat where anyone is welcome to come and discuss literature from their favorite genres. We here at A Novel Bunch will try our best to help facilitate constructive and fun discussions, as well as take part in monthly book clubs (schedules permitting). The main focus is on literature, but if the talk veers away from books and into another topic feel free to talk in our other channels! There's lots of fun to be had so come join us and be a part of A Novel Bunch!
157 days ago
new server! we hope for you to join and have fun in here, invite your friends or advertise, we might become a huge server one day if you stay and see what happends!
164 days ago