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A new server focused around pokecord hunting and selling! We also have channels for other interests and just for general chatting! Come on in and starting hunting!
52 minutes ago
hello and welcome to our little ramen shop. this server revolves around music but we do other activities as well!!
2 hours ago
Meteora is a new discord looking for new and unique members! We are a Linkin Park fanbase (and music in general) and we game on the side. We allow discord advertising. Our main game plays are GTA V, PUBG, Fortnite, and Minecraft. Staff positions available!
4 hours ago
i have came up with a name yet so if anyone joins if you can help me with the name that would be awesome. This is a gaming discord server idk care what game you play on here. This is basically a place to chill, chat, and play games if your cool with that. I'll prob be offer staff roles too because again this is a new server.
4 hours ago
The greatest server for sharing, making, making new friends, or simply listening to music. A new server, meaning there are many high ranks to give out.
5 hours ago
We're a small, growing server for all types of weird people around the world, come talk, simply have fun and hope to be able to provide a friendly community.
6 hours ago
Karafuru カラフル "Colorful" is a SFW friendly community that is open to anyone that enjoys the following:

-Anime and Manga
-And so much more!

We hope to see you soon! -Karafuru Staff
8 hours ago
❤ New Server
❤ NSFW Channels
❤ 16+ Friendly
❤ Self assign roles
❤ Hookups
❤ Roleplay
❤ Shitposting
❤ Own Content
❤ Partnerships
❤ Friendly Staff
23 hours ago
New discord server! First 100 people get a special role and color, with a special channel only they can talk in! Join The SnowGlobe to meet new people, level up, join out economy!
1 days ago
Hello we are still a new channel and we hope u will join us we are a fully pokemon channel with the one and only POKECORD!! Hopefully we will see you there!
2 days ago
Just some place to hangout
2 days ago
Welcome to Moisoi's Sunny Beach hotel! This server is really new, also meaning that we don't have much activity yet - but really, don't let that put up off. We're all lovely people and I hope you will just stick around and enjoy the fresh sea air and come play volleyball with us 😁

Let's be friends, come check in right on the spot!
2 days ago
A brand new discord server, Hoping to make it a safe and friendly community for all to join, anyone is welcome!

Currently looking for dedicated staff to be able to help the server grow :P
So come join us and lets have some fun
2 days ago
Welcome to the Roasting Party, we are a Community for Roasting and Fun, We are looking for partnerships and more members.
3 days ago
Whether you're new, a veteran, or have no idea about the franchise, the Fallout Roleplay Central is just the place for you to start.

This is a place where everyone willing to follow the rules and respect others are welcome, and our fantastic staff, as well as other users who take it upon themselves to help others, will be around to to assist you to the best of our abilities. Want to make thing more realistic and take risks with your characters? We have hardcore mode, where permission to kill [PTK] is not needed and factions thrive beyond the limits of what happens in the games. Not interested in roleplaying? That's perfectly fine! You can talk, share memes, and do many more things in this ever-expanding server.

Side note: In order to obtain the Adult Access role, you must be sixteen or older.
3 days ago
The server is new so please excuse me that we dont have that many members, but we are getting there, the server is about being social, gaming and other fun stuff. We have 4 special games that we focus on but we can add more depends on the others opinion. Join and have fun, there more there are the better it will become!
3 days ago
We need more cult members so join please.
4 days ago
Heyya! I am Grimoire, and welcome to my server! Here we are barely starting, but we hope many people will join and we can all be a very big family!
4 days ago
Broken Souls takes place in the distant future, where more people are born with "Broken Souls." Basically, they have powers. But, humans see this as a disease and wants to wipe all of them out. Who's side are you on? (Please join, we're new and need active members!)
4 days ago
I always wanted to make a own server, so i made this one, i see everyone in my server as family, but do not test my patience i will ban you if you don't behave! We will gladly take you in our family, I'm open for any kind of improvement etc.
6 days ago
Philadelphia, is a school / University based Roleplay, from the co-creator of Arkiynia Roleplay. Philadelphia is sort of nsfw, depends where you make your story go. Rule here will be very limited, less rules more fun.
Join the Philadelphia.
6 days ago
The Plantation is a server where you can just chill, hang out, and send Woah mamas and memes.
8 days ago
The Rifts is a server made for any and all roleplayers alike.

A world of dimensional collision and catastrophe, continually affecting the planes of existence, morphing its features and sights. Ravenous beasts and heroes of stature both call this their haven and deathbed. Do you dare to tread? To enter the rifts of time and face what it holds. Then adventurer, gear up and be prepared!
Take stride and join us! And most of all, have fun!
╔═══.·:·.☽✧ Join Now! ✧☾.·:·.═══╗
┊┊:crescent_moon: *
┊☆ °
8 days ago
New anime roleplay server friendly community fun pokecord love each other and respect ladies and gentleman and join us ^^
9 days ago