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if youre looking for a fun server and wanting to make new friends then this is the server for you, we offer you medieval rp with a friendly community admins dont abuse their powers and i offer you plenty of roles and you can make basically ANY creature, humans. i will allow some mythological creatures and items.
Welcome to Whear's Server! This server is a community server!

👫 Friendly Community and Staff
📞 Brand new support system! Use the bots dms to talk to any staff members on the line for support!
🔰 Hiring Staff!
📈 Leveling System 
🎁 Giveaways 
🎶 Music nights
🎶 Music bot
🎶 Music channel
🎼 Music Enthusiast role
🎼 Music Producer
🎼 Advertise your music, and recommend!
🎤 No mic channel
🎆 Images channel 
❓ Question of the day 
👐 Allied servers channel 
💻 Advertise YouTube channel & Videos
💪 Fight game (Bot. Punch, defend, end)
🐶 Animal pictures (bot)
😂 Jokes channel (bot)
💭 Counting game (count endlessly)
❌🔴 Tic-tac-toe game (Bot)
🎨 Community Arts channel 
🎨 Show off your art skills!
🎇 Includes photography! 
📃 Links channel, post any gifs! 
🎠 Off-topic channel!
📝 Have a role you have passion in!
📑 Hiring staff right now!

More to come! 
Joining will be appreciated!
-------------------- [XXX] ---------------------
Best NSFW In Discord

Must be 18+

✫▬▬▬✫ 𝐌𝐎𝐑𝐄 𝐀𝐁𝐎𝐔𝐓 𝐔𝐒 ✫▬▬▬✫

➬- Self-assignable roles
➬- NSFW channel
➬- Therapy
➬- Gaming
➬- E-Girls
➬- Memes
➬- Active chat
➬- Looking for staff mods
Hello! Welcome to the emporium, we are an all around friendly(ish) community, you can join here and talk to other people, listen to music and play games!
· · · ───── ★ ───── · · ·
✧。・゚┊Wholesome Kitties
· · · ───── ★ ───── · · ·

✿ We're a growing community just trynna chill & make friends. Come join us for maximum comf~! ✿

✿ Cute and friendly community
✿ Relaxed environment
✿ Self and Color Roles
✿ Role-locked NSFW channels for lewdie members
✿ 50+ adorable emotes, nitro heaven !
✿ And more, so come join us now!~
Welcome to Social Hub! A fun, small community where you can meet new people and have fun! We have lots of fun bots, emotes, members and staff that are very welcoming, and much more! What are you waiting for? Join Social Hub today!
Hey you! Yes, you! Are you a fan of the Pokemon series? A hardcore fan? A newcomer to the games? Well, that is what we are here for! We are a server dedicated to not only bringing you a wholesome friendly experience, but we are also dedicated to teaching, leading and learning the pokemon games!

We have everything, from normal channels like media chatrooms, general chatrooms and events; and also everything you need to learn and show your poke-skills, like guide channels, shiny hunting, nuzlockes, tournaments and so forth!

So stop on by! :heart:

[Owner]: @mooni! ♡‧₊˚
[Opened]: 27th March
Treehouse ~

Treehouse is a server created for fun, friendship, and positivity - and it’s for anyone who joins in our fun:
• We have lots of space for individual interests.
• We are living, learning, and partying as a community.
• Fun, fun, and more fun.

Treehouse is our word for ‘Strong Branches, Deep Roots.’ This is a term that can be viewed in many different ways as it’s developed a colloquial meaning through growth. It fits, this simple yet playful name that this server became means growth, leadership, and family. We aspire to create an environment to promote everyone to be their best selves. We acknowledge differences - both among groups and within groups and we give a chance for our members to explore the world around them. We use this platform to connect, learn, and bond with each other. There’s an opportunity to reframe our perspective of the world through this server.

• Loads of channels to fit many interests
• lots of giveaways and events
• Growing server
• Open to Partnerships
• Various roles that you can obtain

- Strong Branches, Deep Roots
We are a small server centered around talking to other teens about music aethetic photos and feels
and gaming interests and lets us not forget about our passion for music!
A New D&D Server that is looking for Dms and Players. If you are new, don't worry, we can help you.
*A server for any interested in chatting with new people about music and making friends.* **All are welcome!**

__**«What we offer»**__

*🎵 ◦ Music-based chats
💿 ◦ Weekly songs to discuss
🤘 ◦ A friendly parade of musically invested members
📞 ◦ A safe space to recieve peer help
🗡 ◦ A level system for fun competition
🎧 ◦ A music bot to listen with friends
🔗 ◦ Self-assigning roles
📏 ◦ Well organized server layout*

🎶 ***Welcome to The Infinite Lullaby!*** 🎶
Suchst du einen tollen Server mit einer tollen Community wo du Freunde finden kannst?
Dan bist du hier genau richtig!
Unser Server bestizt:
-nette community
-netten Server Owner
Unser Server würde sich freuen wen du mal reinschauen würdest!
LG DerKrankeSaile (Owner)

Join Now:
Silent Creek, Super active horror themed server!

Chill community with;
Lenient Rules
Plenty of events, giveaways etc.
Great emotes, bots, and channels.
Gaming, conversation and more in our server! Come Join now and have a fantastic time here!
If you are having troubles with verifying, make sure you pressed the reaction in the #rules channel to make sure you have access to all public channels
A server to hang out and chill out and chat with friends. Has all categories and recommendations for more channels and topics to introduce to the server! Come and join us!~
We have:
🌺- Meme channels
🌺- Vent channels
🌺- Art channels
🌺- Roleplay channels
🌺- Gaming channels
🌺- Music channels
We are a non-toxic community around anime and manga.Friendly staff, warm atmosphere. We are an acceptable community, so don't feel the need to shy away from others. Everyone is welcome! ✅
🌸XP Roles
🌸Shop Roles
🌸Self Roles
🌸Fast Growing Community
Come have a hot cup of tea while looking at the Milky Way night sky. Everything will be fine because this is a magic shop.

A place in hopes of having a safe haven for people who like KPOP.
Отзывчивое комьюнити сервер Balance - Discord.
Будем рады вас видеть на нашем сервере! :з
COME JOIN THE KAMUI INN. This server was made recently and we need members!! It’s still a work in progress!
So you want to join Purpoyed's House? 🐶
• Do you love dogs?
• Are you an Artist or Content-Creator?
• Do you like music?
• Do you want to socialize and make friends?
• Are you looking for a wholesome community?
Then Purpoyed's House is for you! 💜