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Community 4
We're a friendly mix of hoomans. Artists, musicians, gamers, writers, roleplayers, everyone is welcome, as long as you aren't an asshole. We even try to be the funny sometimes, rarely succeeds, but we try! So if you like making the arts, the music, and just chatting, join Panda Pop!
52 minutes ago
Community 39
For twenty-somethings on the verge of a breakdown. Good eggs only. 18+ (SFW)
1 hours ago
Community 808
โซท Suite 7A โซธ โ˜ž (18+) ๐Ÿ˜ˆ (NSFW selfies are rank locked) [We're definitely active] Imagine discord servers as themed parties. Suite 7A is like the bar you go to after that event to relax, have a drink, and talk to the stranger(s) sitting next to you.
1 hours ago
Music 28
18+ chill server/ growing
2 hours ago
Hello, We are a group of movie, Music, and Game fans. Come join our server. Make some friends and enjoy life a little :)
7 hours ago
Everyone is welcome spergs, weebs, fur people come hangout and meet new people. 18+
7 hours ago
All Games 20
A new and lovely chill place to hang out, meet new people, chat and have fun! Join for a friendly place for anyone to chat about anime, games, roleplay and art!
7 hours ago
All Games 23
Sci Fi, Sims & Music - Share game-play, chat & listen to music, heaps of bots to play with inc' a bunch of Music Bots so there's always some free to use for yourself, also to set up music to play for your stream. New Server! Suggestions welcome, your input can make it fun!
7 hours ago
Delicious pizza that is a great place to chill and hang an meet people who aren't 12. Feel free being as dirty as you want an as filthy and vulgar (with limitations). Want a slice?
9 hours ago
420/Gamer/Movie/Social/LGBTQ+ Friendly Community
Best Social Marijuana server geared at developing a LIT but non-hostile environment for the community!
Weed, Cannabis, THC- Lovers
9 hours ago
( อกยฐ อœส– อกยฐ) Hey babes. This is a fun, friendly and growing server. I'm usually always active, come to chat, listen to music, play with our bots, post memes, etc.
10 hours ago
We are Actually Mediocre Ridiculous! We have a great active friendly community to make new friends, groups and play games to have fun and enjoy with. Join and have fun with our friendly community!

๐Ÿ† Growing Community
๐Ÿ˜„ Friendly Community and Staff
๐ŸŽณ Regular Events
๐ŸŽฎ Game Channels & Statistics
๐ŸŽถ Music Chillout
โšก Fun & Clever Bots
โœ‹ Suggestion welcomed

15 hours ago
Anime and Manga 8
Tout nouveau serveur qui attend sa communautรฉ, il n'y a pas de sujet prรฉcis, gaming, musique, anime, discussions, just come ! englishs are welcome too
15 hours ago
Community 26
For those younger audiences, searching for a server to chill and discuss different topics, this may be the server you're looking for!

Active: Depends (timezone)
16 hours ago
Community 72
Your one stop destination to post your server ad and find other servers to join. You can also post websites, youtube channels, facebook groups and more. We have a wide range of server categories to choose from that are sorted alphabetically.

We also have nsfw area, music, memes, and a lot more.
16 hours ago
Join the blood wolves pack be apart of this community of misfits who enjoy nothing more than to raise hell play games and talk about music art animals and other random topics if you are not able to dedicate yourself to things this group is not for you *we are not affiliated with any group or fandom*
16 hours ago
We have a wide variety of topics, all from anime and gaming to writing and programming!
19 hours ago
We're a new server with a bunch of really cool people, come in now and stay for life. This server is for all ages, we have themed leveling roles as well as server events and a NSFW area which requires age verification to use.
21 hours ago
Community 44
(โ˜žเบˆู„อœเบˆ)โ˜ž Are You Ready, Boios?
Welcome to Boios!
Boios is a community that focuses more on entertainment activities, We have fun bots and active members to meet and greet~
Partnerships Are To Be Handled By Administration Or Higher.
This server has: Helpful Staff ! Many Memes! Music! Gaming! Events! Giveaways! Art! DuckHunt! Self Assignable Roles! (Such As..) NSFW, NSFW+, And RPG (Looking for Experienced Dungeon Masters!!)
22 hours ago
Community 104
Welcome to Universal, a server where you can talk about anything until discord send us spies for talking about piracy and stuff. Here you can make some new friends, help the others with troubles in their life, and have fun! (Looking to Partner)
22 hours ago
A server to share YOUR art, drawings, music. And talk to other artists like you. We're a new, growing server, be sure to share our community with your friends!
1 days ago
The greatest server for sharing, making, making new friends, or simply listening to music. A new server, meaning there are many high ranks to give out.
2 days ago
A lovely and rapidly growing anime & gaming & music community! Join us and discuss about anime, games, music or just how you've been. Giving away a $15 itunes and google plays gift card when server reaches 250+ members!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2 days ago