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A chill place to hang out and talk with new friends!
Feel free to join our growing community and hangout with your friends or maybe even make some!
Looking to form a small close group of 13-17 year olds 👌

Hey, if you're looking for a semi-toxic server with basically no rules and you can say almost anything without getting warned/kicked/banned? Well don't we have the server for you.
We offer many things like:
- 20+ self assignable roles, and 50 color roles.
- loosely moderated server. (but if you actually need help, dm staff)
- verification system
- memes
- nsfw
- gaming channels
And loads more with some amazing people.
A laid back server with little moderation and a fun environment. Anyone is welcome in this server! :)
We play Roblox with music request. Also, its for people who like minecraft
Pieria is a community-based server, where all are welcomed.
From sharing art with other artists, to chatting about various topics (Life is Strange, Minecraft, YouTubers, Animal Jam, photography, life), to just meeting some genuine people.
A general discord server for discussing your favorite artists and anything music related (or not) we have levels, VIP for our most active members, song roles you can buy by making economy money and more!
Viral City is multipurpose discord for having fun, using bots like Pokécord and Mudae, making new friends, gaming, music and more in this growing community!
Come to the Midnight Bunker to chill, talk about anime, movies, music, games or whatever. We have movie nights and contests! This is the best server to just hang out, be comfy, and have moderately serious discussions with really cool people.
Witam serdecznie i zapraszam na nasz serwer 😉
Tutaj każdy znajdzie coś dla siebie, strefa gier, sportu, motoryzacja a dla Pań mamy także kobieca strefę 😁
Nie czekaj, wpadaj do nas, przejdź weryfikację i ciesz się miła zabawa ze wspaniałymi ludźmi ♥️
Jesteśmy otwarci także na wasze propozycje.
Nie czekaj, wbijaj jak najszybciej ☺️
This Server is a new community, we offer everything that you are looking for and many more. We have exciting giveaways that are huge and guaranteed. From 3 months Free Nitro to getting a chance to win $100 e-GiftCards to any store of your choice.

➛ 2:1 Female to Male Ratio
➛ Fast Growing Communityour
➛ Free Nitro
➛ Nice Partnerships
➛ Tons of Assignable roles
➛ Rewarding Levelling System
➛ Various Channels
➛ Amazing Bots
➛ Gambling & Minigames

10 invites = 1 Nitro
25 invites = 3 Nitro
50 invites = 5 Nitro
75 invites = 10 Nitro
100 invites = 25 Nitro
The invited users must be in the server for 48hours, if they have you'll be dmed by the bot with the code
Karaoke Lounge is a community dedicated to create a fun, and relaxed enviroment where we can all sing together and have fun, regardless if your tastes or skill level.

Our Web:

Come sing with us! it's fun!
join if ur looking to just chill and have a good time;)
everyones welcome, and there are no rules.
Hi, I'm Kiela, thanks for your time. I want to tell you about something new and revolutionary. What is it I'm going on about you ask?
Why none other that the World Of Valaria.
(Want a place to feel welcome? We got it!
Want a place to be the you that you always imagined you should be?
We got it 👍
-shop keeper? Check
Bartender? Check
Adventurer? Check
Pioneer? Check
Theif? Check
Trader perhaps? Check
Hero you ask? Check
Or maybe just a humble knight in shining armor to serve the Kingdom? Check
Kings councilors you ask? Check
Nobile Lord will there own castle? Check
Blacksmith? Check
Or a simple life of a citizen for an easy relaxed feel? Check
Fisher? Ok, farmer? Ok, miner, bounty Hunter, or bandits? Check check and check
Come to Valaria a land of new beginnings, find your place, meet your dreams made real, find your destiny's and explore a few world of adventure, mystery, journeys and fellowship.)
🌠Join The World Of Valaria 🌠
Hey guys this server is mainly based on community and we will do different things to keep u entertained. Giveaways will happen sometimes but note that this is not mainy based on that.Come on and we all can get to know each other very well i promise :)
A fun, cozy server with friendly people! Come hang out💜💕
👋Hey, you there! Take a break from scrolling, and take a look! 👀

Welcome to the Completely Normal Server, where nothing is out of the blue or random, right?
👉 Want a place to hang out and chat?
👉 Need to find a server to partner with?
👉 Want to play games with bots?
👉 Do you crave the spicyest of memes?
👉 Need something to do?

If you said yes to any of thoes questions, then this server is for you! But thats not all we have...
We also have...
💰 Economy channels
🗳 Would you rather and weekly polls
🗓 count to an ever changing number channel
📀 music channels
🤖 cool bots like Unbelvaboat and Rythm
👹 Anarchy server invite?
💯 Many, many memes
❔ Custom emoji requests
👌 And so much more

The old server died due to inactivity and lack of new members, so were hoping to do things different this time. DM the owner to partner, will almost 100% accept any partnership as long as it meets some requirements. We hope to see you soon in our server, because after all, nothing is out of the blue or random here, right?

Interested in the server?
👇Then click that button!👇
The Bitterpants Commune is a collective of gamers, musicians, artists, and general creatives. Our aim is to provide a space where people can share ideas, collaborate, and support each other's activities. Join us and share!
BricksBlocks - Game Development Community
Interested in game development? Want to learn a new skill?
We have:
- More.
Education. Collaboration. Appreciation.
Come join us
Hello, welcome to BTS ARMY-CLUB. This server is for BTS fans, (army) and even fans of other kpop groups, to come together and have a good time. Please join if you love BTS, and would like to meet some new ARMY. >~<
Welcome to Anime Heaven! ★
We’re a community that likes to discuss anime and all kinds of weeb things! If you’re looking for a place to talk, chill out, and have fun, this is the place for you!
We have:
• Anime Music Quizzes
• Mudae Bot - Collect your waifus!
• Events that involve you as the community with rewards and prizes~ Show off your skills!
• Meme channel ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
• Lewd channel ;)
And so much more~!
We look forward to seeing you around ^^
Hey this is a new but comfy server to talk and discuss things with no bullshit.
Admins are nice and have a lot of discord server management experience.