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A chill place to hang out, have fun, share repertoire, play music, and discuss everything that has to do with orchestral music! This server is geared towards string musicians (violin viola cello bass) but feel free to join if you play other instruments. We have a few bots, and more than a few channels!
★ ★ KOUJI is a server created by $lola#5217 to create an environment for people to chill and hangout. ★ ★ KOUJI is meant to welcome music lovers, fans of rap, pop, r&b and sometimes country to discuss about music, and so much more!
🔥 Stranger Things | The Hellfire Club 🔥

🎡 › Active, close-knit and loving Stranger Things community!
💌 › Level 3 boosted with 300+ emotes!
👑 › Tons of self-assignable roles!
✨ › Family trees! Lots of bots!!
📼 › Relaxed staff, minimal pinging!
💽 › Stranger Things OC/AU roleplay!

💗› Loving community in a safe/drama-free atmosphere. We care for each other in The Hellfire Club and we'd love for you to join us! ‹💗
Juice box Is a server dedicated to HipHop and mainly The artist known as Juice WRLD. we are one of the most active servers come join for the best leaks and best chilled staff team! 999SHIT
hi! i’m sarah & this server is a fun n chill place for people to hang out. the members here are super cool, so come check us out! <3
Welcome to vibing this is were u chill and chat listen to music
Active rolls if any special roles u want tell me plz:)
If u have any question plz dm me
hope u enjoy ur stay here
A small community for writers or any creators to meet like-minded people, share their work, or just have a good time. WARNING: Crackhead energy ahead.
We do not accept general assholery, thank you very much.
This is one of the newest NF real fan servers on discord. Come hang out, listen to music, chat about NF, post fan art, or just have a fun time talking. Your joins will help us advance and make the server better!! Thank you for joining!!
BricksBlocks - Game Development Community
Interested in game development? Want to learn a new skill?
We have:
- More.
Education. Collaboration. Appreciation.
Come join us
Hey! Welcome to Waifu HUB! This server is a friendly server focused on general chatter and also roleplay! We have lots of cool emotes, cool staff and a friendly community to help you sink right in and feel at home!

・ ・ -------- ・ Официальный сайт MusicWorld ・ -------- ・ ・

MusicWorld Official - игровой сервер с серверами Minecraft. Этот сервер был создан недавно, и мы довольно быстро выросли!

⁃> 24/7 серверов выживания
IP сервера: -
Владелец: @TheGedeonGamer_YouTube
Looking for a Server to Vibe in that Isnt Too Big? well May I introduce you to The Safe Space!

13+ Members
Our own Minecraft Realm (Bedrock Edition)
A Growing Community
A Place to Vibe Out and Have A Great Time
Join Today!
Free advertising
many awesome bots!
boost rewards!
Custom Bot
count to infinity
animal roles
Voice channels for everyone
music rooms and bots
Level up roles
friendly community And more!
Entre no nosso servidor, somos legais e temos muitas coisas para te surpreender e sorteios especiais para você!
Hello! The server isn't really that good at the moment haha, I have a suggestions channel for that though. I'm not going to put my life's story here, but the main reason I'm posting this server is to make friends and help other people makes friends with others who have the same interests. Thank you for reading this and please do enjoy my server, it's not much but I hope to make it better as time goes on.
Welcome to ༺𝕋𝕙𝕖 𝕎𝕒𝕧𝕖༻
If you are a chill, positive person who enjoys the presence of others, then this server is for you. Instead of being centralized to one topic, this server is all about bringing together different people. It is my goal to bring people together who share common interests and ultimately form friendships. I hope you do consider joining the server!
***When you join, you have to verify yourself before you have access to talking in the main chat. Verification notification will be in your discord DMs in the form of a bot message. If you don't verify in time, you will get kicked!***
We are still a new server, so expect some more bots and other fancy stuff added on in the near future, as well as a dead chat sometimes, but for now we have: two music bots each with their own channel, self assign roles, self-promotion (i.e music, social media, youtube channel, etc.) as well as a bot to change the color of your name tag.
With that being said, are you ready to ride the wave? If yes, come on in.
The r/OliverTree server on discord has over 600 members and still rising, with an active community passionate about the server and Oliver Tree. We have channels for listening to music, posting memes and posting any art you want, Oliver Tree or not. Join our community and have fun!
Hey, this is our server for "Totally Not League" (it totally is :0).
If you wanna join, you'd be extremely welcome!. We try not to bash people, but if we do say something, it's all fun and jokes :D.

So come and Join us!
We are a new server with the goal of bringing people together and forming unbreakable bonds/friendships. With a very inclusive and accepting environment its our priority to make everyone feel welcome and at home. On a less professional note, we are crackheads so you should join! :)
Ламповый дискорд канал, общаемся, играем, находим новых друзей, также не материмся
🌸 𝙷𝚎𝚕𝚕𝚘! 🌸
This is a kinda a roleplay server. Yes, this is a work in progress. We will soon be adding new stuff :v

+New emojis
+New roles
+New bots
+New friends :v

We hope you enjoy your stay here!
MPPMC is a premium Minecraft network with classic game modes.

• Survival

We are a network founded in March of 2019, with one of the most cultured and amazing communities you will find. you will never get bored!

IP Address:

Faithfully waiting to see you soon!