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We are a friendly server where you can chill, have fun, game, listen to music, and communicate with others. We would love to have you here at Chill Cove and would enjoy your company. And we would love for you to be here while our server community grows!
Kill La Kill Of Nonon Server
You can chat any anime and Kill la Kill Nonon in my server, you can get your waifu. Hope you can join this server.
SFW Vocaloid Social Server! Everyone welcome, even if you've never heard a single vocaloid song before. Come listen to new Vocaloid songs, chat, and make friends! We have miku themed bots, memes, weekly contests, news girls, cookies, and friendly members! This server is PG-13, things that are NSFW are not allowed.
This server was created to form a community of technology minded people, who are interested in all aspects of technology from programming to space travel.
The aim is to form a place where like minded people can come and talk and share ideas about all areas of science and technology.
Welcome to RedCord™!!
We are an awesome gaming community that plays every kind of game ranging from FPS games all the way to RPG games, and different kinds of consoles from PC all the way to the PS4 and Xbox!!
We have many events and channels here on this community, I hope you enjoy your stay here!!
Our server is kinda small but we're really chill and welcome to any members!
this server is basically the meth lab in the neighborhood of discord servers (meth not included)

if the join link doesn't work use this
Welcome to 💙Feelings With The Seasons💙!

This is a new server, so we would love your support, ❣️
Here is a server where we encourage all different types of media and roleplay!

💚We allow partnerships, so please contact the owner if you wish to partner with us.💚

Dating is only allowed for 13+ 🖤
Welcome to Lewd Zone, a place to hang out and let loose your inner perv, it a small community but we hope you can help us grow (18+ only)

We got
-Adult Channel
-Gaming Channel
-Self assigning roles
-Serveral fun bots
And more to come as are community grows, so come join us
Welcome peaches! I hope you all stay awhile! Our main goal here in Whoreville is to make everyone here feel welcomed and accepted. I hope you all find new friends and feel very welcomed!
💞~Self roles~💘
♡ welcome to a friendly, and safe community ! you can come rest, be whoever you feel like being and add yourself to the pool of nonsense ! currently we are not very active, but when we are chattin' its a very nice place, and everyone is welcome to join ! ♡

♡ here we have channels for those who like drawing, music, writing, and much more ! we also have a safe place to talk about your feelings and life either with one person or in a group setting, we'll be there for you, lgtbq+ is also fully supported and welcomed ! ♡

♡ currently we have 30+ members ♡
A server dedicated to gaming and community
We are a friendly based gaming server with loads to offer. Join and meet new people, plenty to do ranging from gaming, music and movies.
💠A community server
💠An awesome ppl
💠Online members
💠 Pokémon
💠Waiting for you
Hey You!, Yes you. are you looking for the best place to hangout on the internet? then look no further the superchill community is here to furfill your taste!

We have channels where you can share your food pictures,youtube content and much more.

We have a music bot and voice channels if your a music lover and channels for recommending music as well.

So what are ya waiting for come join the superchill community today!
Warframe Dynasty is a community of players on PC, Xbox One & PS4. Instant Price Checks, Weekly Giveaways, Free Promo Codes & More!
Chill place to mess around with the pokecord bot. (Pokecord prefix is . )
-Music Bot
-Elite Four
Also we have pokeverse too if you're into that sorta thing

Please disregard the false accusations of this server being homophobic/transphobic. Those accusations are completely inaccurate and were derived from hatred they had for members. I promise you that everyone is accepted for who they are because at the end of the day all we do is have fun catching pokemon and talking to friends. EVERYONE is more than welcome to join this server and have fun. Please do not let the pettiness of others hinder your decision to join this server and have fun. If you join and have any questions or concerns feel free to ask myself or any of the management team! I hope you enjoy the server! —Spirit
Juice WRLD server. Come join and chat to our members. Everybody is welcome you dont have to be fans. We also have cool bots and music channels also nsfw channel and roleplay channel we need members for.
In here, you can be as, well, you as you want! Nothing in here is restricting you from doing so (assuming you aren't dumb enough to not follow the rules)! You can talk about anything, ranging from anime to dogs (Ed...ward...), a roasting contest, the frequent kink fetish (pls don't use r34 for furry), and anything from one's everyday life! Inside the server, we also support aspiring YouTubers and Twitch Streamers, allowing streaming announcements for them!
This server is filled with fun and funny people. Though some of the roles may be inappropriate, it is quite moderated and easy to chat with. The Role system is pretty easy to rank up with; there is a channel available for advertisement, IRL things, animu culture UwU, and the occasional meme. Not much is restricted so please join!

-From Barack Obama.
Trying to grow a mature Gaming and Anime environment. There are lots of color roles & bots to use. We are always open for suggestions. //

♡ Self-Assigned-Roles
♤ Sleek-and-Simple-Server
◇ Suggestions Channel
♧ Many bots
♡ Seeking for actives
♤ Chill people are welcome
Real Nigga Hours is a growing meme server full of gaming and music niggas. I like art and such so pull up with that cute shit. Real niggas only.
Small server with a bunch of cute niggas with kissable lips. We're tryna not be inactive so join and make papa proud :))
I am a Ghost! Wooooh... wooooh... WooOOH!

COOL BOTS (idleRPG, pokecord, marriage...),
EVENTS (movienights, game nights)