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Welcome to House of Naps! We are a friendly community devoted to finding new people to share interests with and befriend. Share your favourite memes, your streams or invite people to play games together.


ꕻ 150+ Members

ꕻ Fun Bots and Community to Play With

ꕻ Music, Chill and VC's

ꕻ Fun and Friendly, but Dedicated Staff Members

ꕻ Partnerships

ꕻ Unique and Friendly Members

ꕻ Leveling system and different roles
8 minutes ago
The goal of this discord is to have fun with friends, by taking drugs more and more with cool staff

Seeking English staff because the rest of the staff are French with a sufficient level of English but it is not their native language
10 minutes ago
This is just a small server, hoping to grow. We don't have much but as we gain people we're hoping to change that! For now just come and chat and hangout at our Hideout! 💙
11 minutes ago
The Crowd is a server run by many people and is a chill plus gaming server.You can play games, chat with peeps, discuss leading issues, shitpost, meme chill and etc..Come and join our community!
15 minutes ago
Based on the chill aesthetics of the popular steam game VA-11 Hall-A, our server aims to let our members talk about a large amount of topics in a nice community.

Don't worry, the server isn't a strictly VA-11 Hall-A related server. We just want to recreate the atmosphere the game gives off, being a chill place where you can feel free to talk about whatever you like. We have channels for anime, games, music, art, memes, NSFW (which you need a role to have access to), and more. We currently don't have many members, but we wish to create a welcoming community full of nice people.
22 minutes ago
FurRealm is a furry community that offers a drama free experience, plenty of moderators and events. Artists are free to make commissions and get their own special role for doing so! Come join us in the FurRealm and start making friends from around the world!
33 minutes ago
[Looking for mods] [Looking for partners]

GAMERS WELCOME! If you love to play Games this is the server for you. We play Fortnite, League Of Legends, Minecraft, and More! Come and Join The Empire Today!
45 minutes ago
Café Dé Lá Peace, a place where you can post your art, listen to music, vent, talk about video games, roleplay, and so much more! There’s an expansive selection of roleplay to choose from and even suggest some for the future! Even if you aren’t exactly into roleplay, we still have many bots to play with and many games too! Please come and enjoy the ambient, friendly environment and join in the fun!
45 minutes ago
We're a Pokemon-based server for all things Pokemon.
We have:
- Bots (Such as Pokecord and Tatsumaki)
- Roles (To be earned by activity)
- Active admins and owners
- A kind community, who welcome everyone!
47 minutes ago
Central Gaming is a Discord server for all, we accept anyone and
everyone, the point of our discord is to help everyone communicate
with friends, you can play many different games and join our different
channels so you can talk with your friends, we look forward to seeing you!
49 minutes ago
Coffee Land is a very fresh anime related server with the unique advantage being that you yourself can be apart in building it! Make it your own home!

As the name Coffee Land dictates it's a very laid back and chill server with focus on anime, gaming, events and community building. You are welcome to join and voice your opinion to help shape the server to your liking! See you!
52 minutes ago
Good day, sir/ma'am! The Violetbloom Lounge is a friendly server which desires to hold a growing community of great, warmhearted people! We have bots, games, music, and plenty of other things! Perhaps you could even help us better fit your interest? Come on in, and enjoy!
58 minutes ago
☆ This is a new server so it is still in development!

◇ We have many channels such as: kpop, anime/manga, memes, marvel, art, music, venting, and hopefully more in the future!
♤ We also have bots (and are testing more to add!)

♡ We are very friendly and open to suggestions!!!
58 minutes ago
If you enjoy chill/hangout servers this is the server for you! Meet new people to game with or come and just have a chat. We do partners! Events/giveaways coming soon.
1 hours ago
A comfy music server that has functional bots, listenalong bots, and some fun bots as well. We have a lot of fun talking about music, video games, films, literature, art, and culinary arts. :)
1 hours ago
🌟 Welcome to Plaza of Light🌟
We have gaming, chatting and music as well as a level up system.
1 hours ago
Features we offer:
- custom Server Bot with lots of features
- 1k+ Users | 1-2k Messages / day | Server Bot (~5k Servers)
- cool and self-developed Global RPG with:
- Level & Money
- Case Openings & Items
+ Other Cool Games!
- Music / NSFW / Advertise yourself!
- very active / lots of updates / friendly staff

The almost perfect server to chill and hang out!
1 hours ago
We are a growing community who loves music,anime,a good time, games,and more!
A chill place where you can hang out and briefly forget about the stresses of real life.
Active Owner and Staff, Anime and Manga Chats, Gaming Chats, Special Bots, Music, and Partner Friendly. See ya soon
1 hours ago
💖Are you looking for a small place with comfy people to talk to?
🌟Then you are in the right place!
🎺Here you can relax in our friendly atmosphere and find new friends!

✨What awaits you:

⚫Cool people to talk to!
⚫Nice emojis!
⚫A lot of roles, rewards for active people!
⚫Cool bots!
⚫Caring server owner!
⚫Partnering with other servers!
⚫Completely SFW!
1 hours ago
Introducing.. Darlïng Inn! We are a growing community that loves anime, gaming, music and everything related! Come stop by and say hello!
1 hours ago
Alpacas & Roleplay is a small server that is built for roleplay, chatting with one another, and Pokecord! Let your creative juices flow as you roleplay. Are you a gamer? Advertise your streams, and talk with fellow gamers! Artists, musicians, and writers are also welome! Come join the Herd today!
1 hours ago
Hey! Our server is collecting members for community. Join us if you love gaming, music, making friends, voice chatting with other, anime, memes, sport... Join us, you won't regret, believe me ;)
1 hours ago
Welcome to The City Of Xore, this a combination of space *destiny*/school/city rp servers in one *owo* such amazement, anyways back to the point, this is a now not so active server **BUT** we are hoping to make it active once again how are we gonna do that you ask? Well by getting more members of course, and trust me *you joining can make a big difference* YOU yes YOU could be the one who brings back the server ^-^ so please if you are at least a little interested in this or if it sounds like something you would enjoy then go ahead and do me a favor and join, oh and I forgot to mention we are a friendly community. ^-^ we hope to see you here
1 hours ago
Started for the league club, GOTTE [mooi], this server has switched it's gears into becoming a broader server, allowing anyone into its gates.

From General to NSFW (and therapy to accommodate your horrid porn addictions) this server is serving ages from 15-30 y/o. We do weekly events like Movies/Anime, and we do gaming events like League. No one is left out, and no one is left behind. Feel free to join.. or don't. Up to you, dickhead.
1 hours ago