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A server where you can chat about anything you want but there are rules you must read them because some of the consequences are a ban of kick
TikTok is not your ordinary destination for short-form mobile video. It's raw, real, and without boundaries. Join our Discord server!
Fort Retard Garrison was made to Commemorate those whom died on Retard Hill, Surrounded by Furries, and low on Supply. Despite this they Survived. Fort Retard Garrison is a Reserve Unit, in the 329th Gamer Division, 30th Regiment, 1st Battalion, Easy Company. We have 12 Elite Members, as of the End of the Furry Wars. We need at most, 30 Members, and Competent Leadership. If you like Banter and Brotherhood, join. (We do not allow Furries. Weebs and Commies are allowed though.) Enjoy!
A really cool and epic server for epic gamers and none epic gamers. Join now or I'll take legal action against your nans dog
This is the gamer HQ. Gather intel on the furrys, weeaboos, and more.
This is a epic TikTok fan club and we want you to join🙌🏽 We have very dank uganda knuckle memes and doge memes. Please follow for skull trooper and dab on the gays. JOIN THE 9 YEAR OLD ARMY TODAY.
yo dawg this is a radical new server! we only accept tiktok badboys!!!
Are you a furry? Do you have tiktok? Well this is the dumb server I made for us. You can raid if you want, I don't actually care.