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A discord DEDICATED to POPULAR TikTok Cosplayers!

We offer unique RANKS with new privileges as you level up:
☄️| Level 5: Comet - Just Respect
🌙| Level 15: Moon - Exclusive Channels & Ability to Add Reactions
🌟| Level 25: Star - Exclusive Channels, Ability to Change Nickname & Move Members
🌎| Level 32: Planet- Exclusive Channels, Earn Priority Speaker
🌌| Level 40: Galaxy - Exclusive Channels, UwU Servant™ DJ Role, & Ability to Mention everyone (abusing will result in permanent demotion).

OH... Server Bots:
This server has multiple bots to make your stay on here a bit more pleasant:
• UwU Servant™ - Maintains order and control in the community... also plays music!
• Dank Memer - Simply say "pls meme" and a fresh, dank meme comes your way!
• General - Ensures you rank up upon leveling up
• OwO - Hunt for animals and fight other players with them!

Still Reading? Join! OwO
A nice discord server, owned by the youtuber Willanator who currently has around 20k subs. We have around 500 people already here, do you want to join us?
We Have

*) Fun Commands
*( Owned by Youtuber
*) Music
*( Nsfw (though we arent an nsfw server)
*)A great community!
We hope to see you in The Dab Dungeon, meme on!
Come few come all! Stream's epic gamer house is a discord channel which allows for all kinds of people to come together and have fun! whether you're a furry or furry hater, gamer or bookworm, boy or girl, this is the place for you. uwu
The Pango Gang Discord server is meant for artists and those alike to come together, critique eachothers pieces, and just have fun!
A place for all people of TikTok to hangout and make new friends!
The official discord server of the cosplayer Zureeal. The community is very active and friendly.
This is a cosplay roleplay. let me explain. Basically you will be able to roleplay but mostly cosplay your charector on tiktok with others. it will be a highschool setting and you will creat your oc wich you will cosplay! to have a cosplay video you must use the hashtag #OliveTreeHigh and you can duet other cosplayers and make up the story as you go! hopefully this makes sense so please just ask me if you have questions.
New overwatch community server. We help players by coaching 1v1 or anything you need. we are a brand new server with 30 people hoping you can join.uwu
TikTok is not your ordinary destination for short-form mobile video. It's raw, real, and without boundaries. Join our Discord server!
A really cool and epic server for epic gamers and none epic gamers. Join now or I'll take legal action against your nans dog
This is the gamer HQ. Gather intel on the furrys, weeaboos, and more.
This is a epic TikTok fan club and we want you to join🙌🏽 We have very dank uganda knuckle memes and doge memes. Please follow for skull trooper and dab on the gays. JOIN THE 9 YEAR OLD ARMY TODAY.
yo dawg this is a radical new server! we only accept tiktok badboys!!!
WE are epic gamers that play games
We have over 100 000 000 voice chats
And 0 people
Also we need people and better staffs so we can get famous
We have epic NSFW also