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Welcome to the TikTok Discord Server, where all your favorite TikTokers are here! We got Memes, Economy, Pokecord, Giveaways, Events and everything TikTok related. So feel free to join us and meet the most awesome TikTokers
Small, friendly community! Join to make new friends and have a good time :)
We do game and movie nights once in a while, and almost never @everyone, so less pesky pings to for you to deal with! Friendly staff and active owner. No confusing text channel organization, easy-going staff, and three music bots to choose from! We wont get mad at you for just memeing around in most cases ;). Cursing and edgy/offensive memes are allowed in the appropriate text channels. We do not tolerate self promotion (servers), spam, harassment, or doxxing.
нey eвoyѕ & egιrlѕ! coмe joιn тнιѕ вrand new ѕerver && мeeт new тнoтѕ. leт'ѕ geт popυlar n ѕнιт. тιĸтoĸ тнoт aren'т a мυѕт вυт нιgнly apprecιaтed.
💛 This is a discord about Kat/NyanNyanCosplay. Kat is in this discord herself. She's a human like all off us, so please treat her like a human.
💛 We are always happy to see people of this server share some fanart. But don't claim it's your content if it isn't.
💛 This discord will not go on private mode. However, to keep it more exclusive, Patrons will have extra content inside the server, such as new channels and more ways to interact with Kat. Some of this features are also available for active non-Patron members.
💛 Keep it light. We're here to chill and relax - we're not therapists.
💛 We do not support any side server. (Emote-only servers not included)
Originally made for fellow TikTok users, this community has become a wholesome place of acceptance and love!
~lots of self assignable roles
~accepting of all orientations, religions, etc
~server Minecraft events
~karaoke event
~level up bot
~kind mods and members
A Tiktok server similar to the Gamer Defense Initiative server.
hi! in my server you can meet new friends, play games, participate in special events, etc! please keep in mind our sense of humor is 13+. don't be afraid to join!
This is an uwu community server that started from tiktok aha whats else can be said. We are very active in the vc and we also have a Minecraft server
official ogtikthot server! very active with people of different origins and interests so you’re bound to find friends! 💕
Nanna was a server originally made for a couple of my friends but I wanted to share it with the public. I don't think I'm done setting it up completely so I would appreciate it if some of you applied for staff position. I hope you enjoy the server, have a great time! <3
A Tiktok community dedicated to making friends, and sharing our tiktoks with one another!
a fun server for people who like anime, tiktok, and all kinds of stuff! we have fun bots and soon events! (server is a work in progress!)
Just a new community starting out and active users
A nice discord server, owned by the youtuber Willanator who currently has around 20k subs. We have around 500 people already here, do you want to join us?
We Have

*) Fun Commands
*( Owned by Youtuber
*) Music
*( Nsfw (though we arent an nsfw server)
*)A great community!
We hope to see you in The Dab Dungeon, meme on!
A discord DEDICATED to POPULAR TikTok Cosplayers!

We offer unique RANKS with new privileges as you level up:
☄️| Level 5: Comet - Just Respect
🌙| Level 15: Moon - Exclusive Channels & Ability to Add Reactions
🌟| Level 25: Star - Exclusive Channels, Ability to Change Nickname & Move Members
🌎| Level 32: Planet- Exclusive Channels, Earn Priority Speaker
🌌| Level 40: Galaxy - Exclusive Channels, UwU Servant™ DJ Role, & Ability to Mention everyone (abusing will result in permanent demotion).

OH... Server Bots:
This server has multiple bots to make your stay on here a bit more pleasant:
• UwU Servant™ - Maintains order and control in the community... also plays music!
• Dank Memer - Simply say "pls meme" and a fresh, dank meme comes your way!
• General - Ensures you rank up upon leveling up
• OwO - Hunt for animals and fight other players with them!

Still Reading? Join! OwO
This is a sever for anyone who’s looking for a good time and chill out with some chill people. The VC is almost always active with people in it.
NyanNyanCommunity is a community server built around the TikToker and cosplayer NyanNyancosplayer/Kat made famous for her Hit or Miss meme. We aim both to share and discus her work whilst building a safe and fun community for people to talk and hang out in with frequent VC sessions, a meme-able text chat and a friendly staff team that enforces what little rules we have in place to keep the server safe.
For those of you wondering, the other NyanNyanCommunity server is the predecessor to this one however it was deleted by its owner (long story).
This is a cosplay roleplay. let me explain. Basically you will be able to roleplay but mostly cosplay your charector on tiktok with others. it will be a highschool setting and you will creat your oc wich you will cosplay! to have a cosplay video you must use the hashtag #OliveTreeHigh and you can duet other cosplayers and make up the story as you go! hopefully this makes sense so please just ask me if you have questions.
Hey, So I see you stumbled across this server? Why not give it a join? It's a server for ALL TikTok fans.. especially the Caleb Finn ones.. Anyhow! Join us and make our server grow! We accept any and all users here! C: ❤
Cream soda is a safe space for all. Everyone is welcome
☼ 𝕖 - 𝕞 𝕒 𝕟 𝕚 𝕒 ☼ is a server for all e-girls and e-boys, we are active, and our memes are high quality, we do otds (song, question, vine). we also have many gaming channels for games like sims, minecraft and many others. We guarantee you'll have a gr8 time here.
Hello my beautiful goddess,
I saw your profile and figured id try writing you. i can't disrespect a girl. It's not in me. I'm a gentleman. Quite honestly, It sure surprised me to see you on here. I just have a hard time seeing someone who could easilly be a model having trouble meeting someone. Im not trying to give you a line, you really are astoundingly beautiful to me. It would be a pleasure and a priviledge getting to know you. I'd love to find out if you are as beautiful inside as you are out.
Hope to hear from you soon in my discord server! :)
Do you like NyanNyanCosplay (the Hit or Miss girl), and like to join in chats and talk to people with the same interest as you? Then i'm quite sure you will see this server as one for you. We do giveaways, movie nights, and are beginning to host a lot more things for the server to keep the fans of NyanNyanCosplay more engaged with the community me and my fellow administrators/ moderators have put together for you guys. Hope you guys enjoy, and be sure to leave a review if there is anything we did wrong to the server or if you just want to say something you feel about it. Thank you for your time! So join if you feel welcome enough, we would be happy to have you with us! <3