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we are a fan server for the iconic singer KIM PETRAS!

~ kim updates!
~ cute self-assign roles!
~ friendly staff & members!
~ SFW chat!
~ bots and emotes!

join the growing community of bunheads and support kim petras!
Everyone knows that Ariana Grande is the most beautiful and sexy singer alive, so I've created a server for you to worship her as much as she deserves!!
💋Jessi Babes Server💋

💙A server for anyone who loves and appreciates Jessi and her music

✨There are a bunch of fun roles based on your favorite era, Seoul vs. jersey, favorite collaboration, favorite affiliated brand, and more

💙Fun bots to interact with

✨channels for everything: fanfics, edits, shopping, art, appreciating each other, etc.

💙There are also Instagram updates from her official account.

✨Also, your daily reminder that you're loved and appreciated

💙This server is to make friends with other Jessi fans and have a bit of fun

✨Even if you aren’t a fan of Jessi you are still welcome as there are channels to talk about other artists and chat in general

💙Please join, it’ll be really fun💙
This is a roleplay server where you can submit a music creator, real or fake, make songs, get rated. Heck, you could even win awards
Come Join Senpai's server that they gifted us to help people get others be popular
Even if you don't want to be popular, you can still learn new things and maybe change your choice of not being popular
who knows!
Just come on down and you'll have lots of fun meeting people and collaborating with others!
Hello! We're a new Shawn Mendes server! We are looking forward for this server to grow and be big! Join today, you won't regret it!
Do you have a good voice and you can sing well?
Are you looking for a good singer with a good valoration?
This server is for you, for singers, for producers.
Casting and valorations by judges.
We have:
-Self-assignable roles that give access to different categories and channels
-A place to promote your work
-Opportunities to meet new people and make music
🌈 ยินดีต้อนรับเข้าสู่ Phenomenal ©

สบายๆ หาเพื่อนคุยเล่น หาตี้เล่นเกม หาแฟน
แฟนเพจดิสคอร์ดนี้ :
Gaming™, the most addicting server

An extremely active chatroom where you can meet new people, have fun with bots, and even use global emotes!

Join 3000+ Members Today

= Looking for Active Staff =
Welcome to Pearl’s Garden. Here you will have the opportunity to talk about the “virtual” soon-to-be popstar, Pearl Tremaine. On rare occasions, you may be given a VIP role at random. We’re always on the lookout for active staff to promote the server and keep it active, so please join!
✈️ Oh No! Your place crashed into a BLACKPINK Server! ✈️

♬ Annyeonghaesayo we are BLACKPINK Panda Closet! We are a server filled with fun stuff and of course BLACKPINK! ♬

`` This Server Has Many Things Like.. ``

➸ ***Partnerships***

➸ ***Kind Members***

➸ ***Giveaways***

➸ ***Colored Roles***

➸ ***Gamenights starting at 50 server members***

➸ ***Guess the members***

➸ ***Staff Applications***

➸ ***Custom server emojis***

➸ ***Automatic self assign roles***

➸ ***Daily updates on what BLACKPINK wears and how much it costs!***

➸ ***Welcoming warm and fun members to hang out with!***

`` We’d love for you to stop by our little BLACKPINK island since the airplane is broken! We’ll make you feel at home. See you soon I hope!! ``
This Server has been created by me because I always found it was hard to find artists to collaborate with. If you feel the same feel free to join the server
This Discord server is made for music producers, singers, musicians or even just enthusiasts to share their favourite music, discuss music-related topics and
listen along to music with others. Everyone in this server shows a passion for music and we hope you will enjoy your stay, discover some new great artists and maybe even make some new friends through this community!