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Serveur pour les amateurs de dramas asiatiques (séries coréennes, chinoises, japonaises,...) !
Venez pour en discuter ou pour découvrir cet univers !
It's the year of 1960, and Camp Misfit begins on June 3rd! Everyone you know who will be working, or going there are all excited! How will you spend your summer at Camp Misfit? Work daily to earn a pay, or will you be a mischievous camper, trying to make the most out of your summer with your friends?

The choice is yours!





★~A Roleplay Server By @myjuicespilled🎂#1916~★
Hey, my name is Justin, and welcome to Knawami! This is a fun loving server, which connects people from all ages, personalities etc. I hope you have fun, and enjoy your stay!
We offer:

💘-Friendly Staff-💘
🎤-Voice Chat-🎤
🎮-Gaming (e.g Minecraft, LoL, Fortnite, etc.)-🎮
❓-Conspiracy Theories-❓
[Welcome to Novus]
This is a futuristic roleplay.
Earth, 2678. The, once, many different countries have united together as each and every one of their governments fell apart. Order was once needed as the world fell into Chaos. One day, a group of huge companies, specifically their CEO's, stepped up and brought "Peace and Control" over the divided countries, uniting them under a single banner. The government was now run by the business owners. The current head of this group of Corporate Executives is Xavier Novus, a rather young man who took his father's place to rule the world. However, like any aristocracy, the policies were rather oppressive toward's the people, many of which lived in poverty... Who's side will you choose? Will you fight for Placebo? A group of rebels who wish to restore democracy to this technologically advanced world. Or Will you fight for the Novus Corporation, the company that rules the world.
Feel free to come in!
Hang out and talk.

We also have:
Debate Room
Theme-Song Channels...
Feel free to come in and make suggestions!
Hope to see you here!
‧͙*・༓☾__Calm Before The Storm__ ☽༓・*‧͙
```Four Clans have survived a perilous journey, leaving the forest they have survived in for generations to avoid poisoned water from the Twolegs factory. Now, after a long and tireless journey, the clans are comfortable in their new home. But with a new, mysterious clan peering from the shadows and tensions running high in the clans and out, they are far from reaching the end of the storm.```

🌳OakClan🌳- The strong and the strict
🐾SwiftClan🐾- The lithe and the fast
🌱BriarClan🌱- The sly and the smart
🐁MouseClan🐁- The kind hearted swimmers
🐍AdderClan🐍- The new and mysterious.

This server was inspired by the warrior cat series by Erin Hunter!~ This is a fun hangout/Rp server! It is also literate!
__What we have to offer__:
✧Amazing and helpful staff
✧A warm welcome!
✧Organised chat rooms and rules so it’s smooth!
✧We accept criticism and suggestions! You can even be paid for some if we use your ideas!~ which can be used in the lovely item shop!
✧Own thought out plot and ideas with adventure and fun rp action!
✧Alternate High ranks! Everyone deserves a turn!
✧We follow everything like the books! We choose mentors, deputies, etc! We like to stick to the script!
I wish I could tell you more! But that would be a spoil! Come see for yourself!~
Welcome to the Heartland Gardens! A Cozy server where we can all relax and have some fun! We have tons of amazing channels, roles
and lots of friendly people! Come check us out! Stay awhile, have a cup of tea and check out the flowers!
⊱ ───── {.⋅ ✿ ⋅.} ───── ⊰
彡✧ A Wonderful Comunity
彡✧ Anime
彡✧ Memes
彡✧ Gaming Channels
彡✧ Art Channels
彡✧ Self Promotion
彡✧ Self Assignable Roles
彡✧ Homework Help
彡✧ Fun for all ages
彡✧ Events Giveaways and More!
⊱ ───── {.⋅ ✿ ⋅.} ───── ⊰
Come check us out! Stay awhile, relax, and have some fun! And please don't pick the flowers!
Here at Timber Ridge Academy the cliques big, the drama is high, and this prestigious school is full of adventure, fun and mystery. Buckle up folks as we navigate through this bumpy road called life!
Hi! We are Big Brother simulator! A discord server where you can feel like you're in the hit TV show Big Brother! You can enter as yourself or a celebrity if you're uncomfortable with showing your face. We're currently casting Season 1 so don't be afraid to join!
Shitposting group that holds both wholesome conversations and selective bullying. Stuff you can find:
- An army of dutch people.
- Lots of bots which you'll probably never use.
- A communist regime led by a capitalist pig.
- The ugliest emojis you can imagine.
And much more!
Oceanic Flight 815, server dedicated to the LOST TV show, feel free to join and talk about it, We have a numbers bot so you can save the world every 108 minutes, we also talk about other shows and other general talk.
Long ago, shortly after the creation of Yerevang, four factions were sprouted from the ashes by a then-new species named the Skrag. These four factions, although alike in the way they work, were consistently at war with each other due to differences on how they acted. This spiraled on for years and years, endless blood being spilt across vast, endless sea of sand and soil.
Due to this endless conflict, their culture stayed exactly the same while technology quickly advanced, giving them more and more tools to cause havoc with, from swords, to guns, to vehicles.
They particularly took a liking to bipedal vehicles and soon began making more, giving them different tools, until these became a staple of their species.
Their existence was found fairly recently; a day ago, in fact, months after the death of Lord F'Tal Ying and his wife, Marie Ying, of Clan Verde.
Now, their habits and activities are being introduced to the universe, along with their activities and, most importantly, their ever-raging war.

Welcome to the expedition, and welcome to Yerevang. It's your job to end the conflict within this sandy hell of a planet, so you better do it and you better do it right. Load up, and get out there!
╔═════ ∘◦ ☆ ◦∘ ══════╗
School Rumble!
╚═════ ∘◦ ❉ ◦∘ ══════╝

School Rumble is an RP server that is based on the anime School Rumble! (NOT REALLY) The server circulates around creativity, DRAMA, and just fun! Here’s a little chunk of the lore:

2061-2140 A.D, looks can be deceiving.
If one were to think everything was peachy perfect; that individual couldn't be any further from the truth. Discrimination of those with powers was inevitable, these supernatural abilities couldn't simply be annihilated. And since these abilities only could expand, and better itself as generations pass; the problem only continued to expand furthermore. The ones with supernatural abilities were downright treated unfairly for what happened years on years ago. It even went to a point of segregation between the two. It was just impossible for them to live in harmony. Everyone held grudges; the ones who weren't apart of any type of fighting force could NOT use their powers whatsoever. The ones who did face harsh punishments in most parts of the world-- but mainly Europe. The ones with eerie abilities who committed crimes using their powers were often considered Rogue Genin by government officials. And often hunted down and either sentenced to life in prison or exile, usually by the most disgusting ways possible, even some supernatural individuals were spied on because the Government had a suspicion of them committing to being Rogue. It was horrible for a century, the true war ended in 10 years, but the civil wars were ongoing-- big or small, for a century. The situation only got worse due to the Japanese Government APPROVING these unfair acts against these people. The nation was scared of a war like that becoming reality once more. So, they decided to take extra precaution just in case. Until they tried something new... a young Government official that's one of the first to be a supernatural government employee Tobi Hatake Macfromage was given the task alongside Mr. Novalis to start a school for both supernatural and regular people. Still, they are under strict Japanese command. And there are a lot of secrets to unfold. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Novalis Academy grand opening!

⊱ ────── {⋅. What to Expect.⋅} ────── ⊰

♫ A somewhat friendly staff team ♫
♫ Fun bots to play with ♫
♫ Weekly roleplay events that anyone can partake in ♫
♫ Many channels for you to rp in ♫
♫ Self-assignable roles ♫
♫ A non-toxic community ♫
♫ A small, but growing community! ♫
♫ P O W E R S ♫

Well? What are you waiting for? C’mon on down and have some fun ヾ(^-^)ノ
This server is the most diverse server you'll ever see on Discord! We got blacks, whites, Asians, Hispanics, LGBT members, furries, drama, pokemon fans, anime discussions, comic book discussions, artists, gamers, and more. If you are looking for a server to make new friends or to hang out in then please consider C.A.B.S.! ;)
The University of Ridgeway is a college for the elite. Where people reach for their dreams, but that's not all. Here the halls are filled with drama and scandals. Relationships will be made and or broken. New friends will be made.
Hello and welcome to ''Warriors Commets from stars''!This server is based on books that are made by Erins.If you'd like,join us begin your journey!
~~~~> Everyone is welcome!
The town called Wish is a special one resided by over gods. Will the gods get to their head?
Un serveur discord convivial où on parle d'anime de manga et de bien plus encore

You have been selected as our very special winner!

What exactly did you win, you ask? Well, you won a trip to the beautiful town of North Diana!

Being a town surrounded by a lake, woods and mountainous areas, North Diana will treat you as if you're at home! With her beautiful landscapes, rich history, friendly people and gorgeous estates what could go wrong? Dwell in the beautiful DeKnight Circle, check out Lucent Beach, and find time to relax, enjoy and unwind.

P.S. Don't listen to those silly news articles that say we have drugs and gang violence, that's not true at all! Especially the ones about corruption. We are not a corrupted town! At all! Oh, and if you also heard about that "alleged" serial killer on the loose... Lies! It's all lies!

Thank you again for traveling with Air Diana, have a wonderful time!

PS. RP is in BETA mode
Welcome to Saint Louis Academy! We are currently looking for new people to roleplay with! This server is a non-erp zone if you are looking for servers that don't erp you can join! We include:

- two character limit
- 0 erp
- 100% fun
- very active
- the best admin/mod staff
- lgbtq acceptance!

We don't include:
- anime face claims
- nsfw
-leaking irls, nudes or erp logs
- disrespect
Come on and join the fun don't miss out!
Ciao! Benvenuto/a su Drama Café!
Questo server è dedicato a tutti gli amanti del k-drama e del K-pop.
Qui potrai parlare serenamente delle tue passioni senza essere giudicato/a.
Fai un salto qui! 🎊
Aesthetic Pleasure


∾Everyone is welcome to join this non aesthetic server hehe

∾Things To Talk About
🦋 Problems
🐉 Drama
🦋 Most likely anything


∾Things We Include
🦋 Self Roles
🐉 Friendly members {well some}
🦋 LGBT 🏳️‍🌈
🐉 Emotes
🦋 Active members {well some}
🐉 Lots of channels
🦋 Polls
🐉 Giveaways & Events {mostly nitro}
🦋 So many more


∾A Petty Owner
🐉 Destiny
🦋 Zoe

∾Sexy Invite Managers {no homo}
🦋 Montana
🐉 Kasseh