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Your less than average server, our demographic is unknown and the rules are almost non-existent yet we still keep it civil. Join if you're looking for some place to waste away in!
A little server where we just love and appreciate each other but also have a lot of fun by telling each other embarrassing stories and shit well just join and you'll see what kind of server we are
*‧͙・༓☾__The Heart Of The Warriors__☽༓・‧͙*
Having to leave the comfort of their twolegs, or their old home, the cats have banded together, to make two of the clans...known as StormClan and PebbleClan...But as disputes, anger, and diversity form, two cats will break off to begin the generation of two new clans...

StormClan: The kind and the brave
SwiftClan: The swift and ferocious
PebbleClan: The swimmers and the courageous
RowanClan: The Sneaky and The Sly

Dawn Of The clans Server!
This server was inspired by the warrior cat series by Erin Hunter!~ This is a fun hangout/Rp server! It is also literate! Must have more than 3 sentences!!
__What we have to offer:__
✧Amazing and helpful staff
✧A warm welcome!
✧Organised chat rooms and rules so it’s smooth!
✧We accept criticism and suggestions! You can even be paid for some if we use your ideas!~ which can be used in the lovely item shop!
✧Own thought out plot and ideas with adventure and fun rp action!
✧Alternate High ranks! Everyone deserves a turn!
✧We follow everything like the books! We choose mentors, deputies, etc! We like to stick to the script!
I wish I could tell you more! But that would be a spoil! Come see for yourself!~
Tired of servers banning controversial and political speech? Want to talk about the most unholy, unwholesome topics that would get you insta-banned on any other soyboy server? Well come on in to the ol' research lab! Here, we are like a family that all hates each other! You can talk about subjects that range from everything, to anything!
Welcome to North Diana!

You as the role player will immerse yourself in a town filled with rich and dark history while navigating through troubles thrown at you with a family you can’t change and a family reputation that dictates your whole life. Will you be able to break free and become an individual? Or will you continue to live in the shadow of your name?

We cannot change when and what type of family we were born into. We can only play the hands we're dealt with.

(This Roleplay has you create a character with presets)

We pride ourselves in being a realistic roleplay supplying you with:
- Realistic family drama
- Extensive Lore
- Having many characters with different backgrounds to choose from
- Being an advanced roleplay focused on inspiring others creativity and writing
- Creating many potential ways to play!


We are a new but growing server looking for experienced role players and anyone who wants to improve their creativity and writing. 18+ only for adult themes.
This sever is mostly for role-playing and meeting new people, this is a great sever to do so and if bored socialize and meme
We're an Active Community that Is Upto date within the scope of the Community surrounding YouTube. We Discuss Drama, And Help people grow!
Serveur pour les amateurs de dramas asiatiques (séries coréennes, chinoises, japonaises,...) !
Venez pour en discuter ou pour découvrir cet univers !
we have roleplay and if your not into that you can just hangout with us in the lounge we are friendly and irl were anti social we also have a NSFW channel
Imagine you are heading home after a long day. What awaits you at home? An abusive family? A shitty life? Mommy's milkies? Daddy's cummies? Maybe your life isn't so bad. Regardless of your circumstances there should be one constant: Haven. Haven is a server for those who desire something that is a little bit more than a regular discord server. Haven is filled with many big personalities, cute e girls and desperate orbiters. Most importantly... Haven is for the people. Do you have discord syndrome? Allow us to help cure it with this wholesome yet edgy server that will surely tickle anyone's fancy. I believe Haven is the change you need in your life and surely you will not regret it. Ask yourself deep down. Do you really have a server that you can call home? Do you have a server with guaranteed baddies and gentleman who are willing to throw out their dignity to worship? Do you like shitposters? We got em. Do you like a fun and thriving community? We got it. A cute owner that just makes you want to go uwu? Guess what. Bingo, we got her. Feel just how big this server's energy really is. Feel it in your bone(s). Will you be our next Icon? Do you have what it takes? Show us what you got. Haven awaits you.
K-Town, un nouveau serveur basé sur la Corée vient d'ouvrir ses portes ! Nous vous accueillons les bras ouverts pour parler de vos groupes préférés et vous mettre à l'aise ! Staff actif, personnes toxiques et trolls virés sur-le-champ.
*‧͙・༓☾__The Final Chase__☽༓・‧͙*
```The dogs are adjusting to their new packs, but with this new change, comes heartbreak and betrayal, for who knows what is lurking in the shadows of their enemies...```

This server was inspired by the Survivor Dog series by Erin Hunter!~ This is a fun hangout/Rp server! It is also literate!
__What we have to offer:__
✧Amazing and helpful staff
✧A warm welcome!
✧Organised chat rooms and rules so it’s smooth!
✧We accept criticism and suggestions! You can even be paid for some if we use your ideas!~ which can be used in the lovely item shop!
✧Own thought out plot and ideas with adventure and fun rp action!
✧Alternate High ranks! Everyone deserves a turn!
✧We follow everything like the books!
and much more!
Welcome to Hell,
✧・゚This server allows you to chill and hang with your friends
✧・゚There is drama, and crazy people here
✧・゚You migth even make new friends!
✧・゚There's gaming, singing, art, you can tell stories, or even catch up on anime, there is also nfsw [/0v0\]
✧・゚seem interested? You're welcome to join anytime! Just make sure u follow the rules and have a great time (/^-^)/
✧・゚We also so partner so if you need any boost we're here to help and partner with you anytime!
Our server targets people around 16, like 20 or above is fine. Talking and gaming and kpop and music is what I'd like to do. Its basically a free reigning server made for people who want to connect with each other and discuss on topics on what they like.
The year is 2019. But not in our Earth. Decades ago in an alternate Earth, an accident caused the population to slowly regress. In the present day, it is somewhat controlled, and a majority of the population has powers. While some people choose a life of crime or to just be a civilian, multiple young adults have chosen to step up and eventually protect the city and world. Create relationships, stop (or cause) conflict, and forge your own path.
Un serveur discord convivial où on parle d'anime de manga et de bien plus encore
Fun, LGBTQ+ accepting server, filled with many black teenagers. Choose your own role colors and nicknames here. We are very welcoming and would be thrilled to have you join us.
Do you want to spill some gossip that's going on in your life? Or do you just wanna vote on daily polls?
Welcome to TEA.

ꜱᴏᴍᴇ ꜰᴇᴀᴛᴜʀᴇꜱ ɪɴᴄʟᴜᴅᴇ;
(1) ♡♡ growing community ♡♡
(2) ♡♡ active members ♡♡
(3) ♡♡ gossip channels ♡♡
(4) ♡♡ daily polls ♡♡
(5) ♡♡ looking for staff ♡♡
(6) ♡♡ over 40 roles to choose from ♡♡
(7) ♡♡ tons of server events ♡♡
(8) ♡♡ LGBTQ+ friendly ♡♡
(9) ♡♡ kpop, gamers, and anime fans welcome ♡♡
(10) ♡♡ non-toxic, safe community ♡♡
hi !!!
this is a server based off my original idea,
please don't take this idea without giving credit !
we have very friendly staff,
This roleplay takes place in a private school, you're a college student, and you’re either a wallet, a rich kid, or a brain, a smart kid. At the end of the year there is a masquerade ball that every student attends to, at the ball you’re supposed to find your ‘true love’. The lights are turned off and first person you find is your significant other, its like this because people believe that love will guide the way. Some people are usually unhappy with who they get, so they end up cheating. Causing lots and lots of drama. Will you get a happy ending?
This is a completely new server, there are almost no rules, I do not care about political affiliation, I don't care for spamming racial slurs, and I don't care if you are a toxic person. I am willing to add whatever people want to the server. Overall, meet people and have a good time in the server.
Oceanic Flight 815, server dedicated to the LOST TV show, feel free to join and talk about it, We have a numbers bot so you can save the world every 108 minutes, we also talk about other shows and other general talk.
welcome to All good vibes we are a friendly server and hope everyone can get along , even if you dont find love you can still chill and find friends and even when there is drama we still have fun. If you like drama , memes , and alot more shenanigans you will enjoy this server alot :D
[Welcome to Novus]
This is a futuristic roleplay.
Earth, 2678. The, once, many different countries have united together as each and every one of their governments fell apart. Order was once needed as the world fell into Chaos. One day, a group of huge companies, specifically their CEO's, stepped up and brought "Peace and Control" over the divided countries, uniting them under a single banner. The government was now run by the business owners. The current head of this group of Corporate Executives is Xavier Novus, a rather young man who took his father's place to rule the world. However, like any aristocracy, the policies were rather oppressive toward's the people, many of which lived in poverty... Who's side will you choose? Will you fight for Placebo? A group of rebels who wish to restore democracy to this technologically advanced world. Or Will you fight for the Novus Corporation, the company that rules the world.
Feel free to come in!
Hang out and talk.

We also have:
Debate Room
Theme-Song Channels...
Feel free to come in and make suggestions!
Hope to see you here!