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Welcome to Northway, Alaska!

In the small community of Northway, Alaska survival is hard enough; the frigid winters make weather a formidable enemy and food is not readily available at grocery store; however, things are about to get a lot harder. When residents begin getting murdered left and right, it becomes exceedingly apparent that a serial killer is in Northway’s midst. Will the citizens band together and stop the killer before the population goes from 20 to 0?
✎__True Virtual Reality System
In the midst of the early eras of the year 2000, the 21st Century became a foothold of a revolutionary technological advancement. TechOmni™ discovered a way to physically enter the digital world with many experiments done on the human brain in 2029 — finally getting able to transmit the perception of human beings into a new medium. These devices were known as “True Virtual Reality Systems” — or TVRS for short.
The Digital Age has evolved.
A community that focuses around an easy to follow lore and a slice of life setting based of off modern Japan. People have a lot of freedom when making their characters, the only rule being set to restrict anything is for the character to be human and with no supernatural abilities.
Our server has:
◉ - A fun and friendly community to hang out with!
◎ - A reliable and helpful staff team — always ready to accept more members!
◉ - An economy system and game system done with the help of bots!
◎ - An easy lore to adapt to!
◉ - Freedom on making characters!
◎ - Events that occur to make the setting more fun!
Feel free to join in, we welcome everyone!
A My Hero Academia server that takes place in UA's Sister/Rival school in America. the school is settled by a lake and is surrounded by a large forest for the student's safety. Take the one-hour bus ride from the nearby town to the school grounds and learn how to be a great hero!!
Here in valor we have many things most servers don’t (usually) have.. such things include:

Hero and student point system
Hero ranks
Several student courses
Customizable canon quirks
In the USA
Grades and realistic scenarios
Quirk progression
Big three
We take everything you say into consideration, anything you believe we should add can be put in the suggestions channel
Blyth-Templeton Academy is an academically rigorous 9-12th grade high school in the heart of Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C.

Blyth Academy is a private company based in Toronto, Ontario that runs a chain of private secondary schools with campuses throughout Ontario. The school also has several international campuses and runs academic credit programs in the summer that travel to over 30 countries around the world. Founded in 1977 by Sam Blyth, Blyth Academy describes its schools as experiential learning programs with small class sizes. Blyth Academy in Ontario consists of fourteen campuses throughout the province. A U.S. campus opened in 2015 in Washington, D.C. and a Qatar campus opened in 2016. Blyth also offers an online program and study abroad options for academic credit. The Blyth Cambridge Commonwealth Trust Scholarship is an annual undergraduate scholarship awarded to Canadian high school graduates to attend Cambridge University in England.

However, this roleplay takes place in the 2015 campus in Washington, DC.

Blyth Academy partnered with Templeton Learning to bring the Blyth private school model to the United States. Templeton Learning, LLC. invests in educational programs for students in grades K-12, currently Blyth-Templeton in Washington, D.C. and WonderLab based in Austin, Texas. It was co-founded by the Keller family, who also co-founded Keller Graduate School of Management (now part of Devry University) in 1973.

Every student has a “front row” seat. The teachers provide care and empathy to ensure all of our students receive the individual attention they need to succeed. Blyth-Templeston Academy starts and ends every day, week, and year with a single-minded determination to serve their students well.

Regular core classes, along with many clubs and artistically, technologically, and more hands-on inclined classes are offered.
I can't think any good server name xD

Hangout with friends, start a gang. Just like normal Highschool life but kinda different, this school got babysitting club, got some criminal students.
Yaoi (Gay), Yuri (Lesbian), Bisexual. You guys don't be shy to show your true selves you are free in here anything you like we respect each other.
This is a literate roleplay server!
It's a safe place for all and we don't discriminate, as long as you follow the rules and be nice to others!

It's set in a alternate future where people are seperated, the poor/middle class and the rich live in different sections of the bustling city.

>Follow rules!
>This is not fantasy, you have no magic!
>There are no plasma guns or anything for halo or fallout or anything of that sort. Keep in mind that it's realistic!
>Make friends!
>Invite friends!
>Develop in-depth characters and every decision counts, every decision leads your character down a very specific path!

We are new but we hope to see you there! This small community shall grow with your help!
A few months ago practically every person in the world disappeared. All that’s left on the world is a small amount of teens from 13-18. They are what’s left of humanity.

A small group of the survivors have centered on this very town. Deciding this area is a place for survivors to center on they named it Home. Three factions have formed in the city; Trader, Security, and Comfort. They all have there respective things they do but they are always at odds trying to gain power while the normal citizens of each usually just choose for the jobs and usually don’t have rivalries with the others.

It’s not all sunny roses though as many carnivores have become aggressive. They won’t specifically attack Home and usually actually aren’t around Home but when outside the city people should stay alert as a predator could be around any corner.

You will now stumble upon the town and live on. Make friends, fight enemies, survive, and have life go on.
School is always a crazy mess of classes and tests and trying to fit in. However Round Table Academy is not your ordinary school. Set on the Island of Avalon, the teachers under the guidance of Headmistress Tiana Belldrake, strive to teach their students about the way of magic while trying to keep them safe.

What we offer:
►Different races
►Fun and Exciting Events
►Easy Class Scheduling
a laid back discord RP server taking place in the beautifully overused prefecture Osaka, Japan. The chat is realistic fiction that focuses on real, smaller scale problems, so you won’t find any spell-slinging demigods or advanced alien technology here. Other than things as unrealistic as that, you can make just about whatever you want, so long as your character is original and compelling!

Expectations aren't immensely high, but please be able to write a decent sized paragraph to start.
`Welcome to the beta phase of a brand new school-based RP! The school will focus on the various life styles of students and staff, including Gamers, Study Groupers and Otakus! Become more than what you are, and make your years here the best!`

--------------------------------------------------Essentially, what we have developed up to this point, is that this school is comprised entirely of several classes, focusing on different subjects. However, the students acknowledge their their classes and represent them proudly, essentially like school teams. Imagine like a cliche anime series with the Main Character going through every day struggles at the school they attend. The reason for this is that each and every one of you have your own goals to set as you live here, developing your morals, your character as a whole, your friendships, and relationships. No super natural will stand in your way, because there are none. A peaceful life for you to kick your feet back and enjoy.

Join us for the server wide fun, which includes detention break outs, cooking show offs, and more! School Clubs and Activities will commence soon as well! Become a strong individual, and reach for the top of your class, and possibly for the school! More to follow if you join our active and friendly community!
A roleplay sever based in a parallel 2018. It's identical to the modern world but with crimes of our own creation. Will you be the strong arm of the law, or the part of the seedy crime underbelly, or will you be a simple civilian in the world trying to get through life.
Long time ago the planet only consisted one large continent ruled by a goddess named Zenobia, she was the daughter of an unknown god from another planet as she left her home planet and made one of her own planet. But long story short the gods and goddesses back then had left the planets and lived in a land of their own while they left the planets run by living organism of their own. Zenobia on the other hand didn't leave the planet and had got herself to living within inside the planet but she too had created her living organism to rule the planet where a few of them had been gifted by being inhuman. It has been 2 billion years till then and she is rumored to dead, (the world is similar to what it is currently in the real life) the story takes place in a City named Auream where there are those who are who are inhuman help others or cause chaos with it making themselves feel superior. The city is run by a mayor and he is the biggest political target aimed to be taken down.
Reina HS is a heavily-slice of life based RP. For those who like the ambiance of a daily life RP, come right in, we just opened! You can be a teacher, staff, or student!

- Active owner
- Fun bots
- Looking for staff
- Open to partnerships
- Come join me I'm lonely ;-;
Welcome to High school for the supernaturally gifted! , where you can come in to a welcoming community. We are for now, a small server but plan on getting more members to enlarge out role playing community. We are based in a High school where you can go to classes but there is also a city to explore! Come check us out.

We have:

● Many places to RP!

● A growing Community!

● Erp!

● Non-Erp!

● Bot-Channels!

● Ooc!

● Literary Rpers!

● Staff that work hard to make everything work!

● The owner (Me) Is very understanding and will try to make everything work out!

Come give us look and see if you want to stay! We hope to see you there!~
A friendly pg13 server except if you have the nsfw role we are a city/school slice of life server and we love new members
Kaisei High School is a Slice of Life Roleplay server. It is set in a Japanese Senior School within a city. The server has undergone a major redux and we are looking for new members who would like to join.

We offer:
-The choice of playing a first, second or third year student.
-Many roleplay channels that may be expanded on in the future.
-Major events that you will have the opportunity to partake in. These include: an Opening ceremony, School festivals, etc.
-A growing list of clubs to join and pportunities to participate in club activities, even having the chance to earn a position as club leader.
-A range of roleplaying styles. As for length, we are quite flexible; short actions to grandiose paragraphs are commonplace. As for the person, we all write in the third.
-The chance to start friendships, relationships and much more with your fellow students.

The admin team is excited to revive this server and we look forward to you enrolling here at Kaisei High School!
Hey, you there! Why not take a chance over at this server, Provenance Academia? There's plenty for you to discover here in this roleplay, such as intense battles, heartfelt character interaction, interactive ploy, diverse chat, and more! So take the time to join and help make this server grow into a roleplay that many can enjoy! ;3
Bienvenu sur ce serveur rp français.
Ici, la tolérance et la bonne entente sont demandés afin de vivre en communauté.
Pour les intéressés, voici le lore/l'histoire:
Il y a de cela bien bien longtemps, les Hommes peuplaient joyeusement la Terre.
Puis soudain, la planète bleu si propice à la vie devint plus qu’un lieu aride où vivre était complètement impossible.
Les plantes, les animaux et les Hommes moururent tous progressivement, ne laissant plus que des ruines d’une civilisation désormais perdue.
Cependant, un être créa une citadelle dans un espace temps loin de tout cela.
Voyageant d’époque en époque, il rassembla des objets d’un peu toutes les périodes de l’Histoire que la Terre aille pu connaître pour leur donner vie et qu’ils l’aident à comprendre ce qui s’est passé.
Vous incarnez donc l’un de ces nombreux objets que le maître a récolté durant ses nombreuses explorations.
Vous avez forme humaine et êtes capable de façon naturelle de: parler, marcher, courir, manger etc... comme si vous aviez toujours été humain et gardez les souvenirs que vous aviez étant sous forme d’objet.
Welcome to the land where the winters tried to kill us, and we said: We will not be killed. Welcome to the land where the waters tried to drown us, and we said: We will not be drowned. Welcome to the land where we lost our loved ones, and we said: We will still go on. Welcome to the land where the winds tried to blow, and we said: No! This is the start of your moment. Get out their and live, because you may not last for long.
Hey there and welcome to our newly made Roleplay Server. We put a lot of thoughts in this precious little Slice of Life Server. But it's no ordinary SoL, there will be some events like traveling somewhere and stuff.

Even if we're still a few people, we want to build up a great community where everyone can enjoy their time in ease. Please note that this is a PG-13 server. Have a nice day.
🏢Learning Lounge (RP)🏢

Learning Lounge is an original roleplay based on corporate design, science, technology. Here you can learn tons of new facts and rp at the same time. If you want and aren't much of a learner you could just rp. Likewise, if you aren't into rp, you could chose to participate solely in our learning hub channels.

The premise of the rp is to make an oc, specify their qualifications/degrees, appearance and what-not, then chose to work at one of two rivaling companies as a biologist, engineer, computer scientist, etc. The luxury apartments are where everyone stays, ensuring drama in both the work and living space.

For all the nerds out there, the server is stem-related (sciences, technology, engineering, and math). Come join because there is so much more we can offer.

📚- Hard working and caring staff. -
📓 - Homework Help and Learning Hubs. -
⏰ - Round the clock new information from informants. -
📢: - Requested Q and A's. -
💛 - All-inclusive and respectful. -
🎭 - Easy and Fun bio templates and creative direction with character creation. -
📰- Memes and News to keep people up to date on mostly everything. -

We hope you take a chance on the server and enjoy your time here, thank you!
This server is a roleplay server that is about family's and people who have jobs, making friends and having a good laugh.
Do you want to be famous? Do you have what it takes to reach stardom?

Enroll in the Asteria School of Arts! It accepts students based solely on 100 % performance test without previous school records.

We have courses in Vocal Music, Instrumental Music, Dance, Visual and Media Arts, Acting, Modeling, Fashion Design, Cosmetology, and Journalism.

Play as a student or a school staff member! Join a club, or start your own! Start a band or your own fashion line!

Asteria is 100% Original Human OC based. This RP is a literate roleplay server and long term. You may have up to 5 OCs.

We are currently having a Vampire AU event!
A Homestuck Troll only Slice of Life Roleplay. This a relatively active Server that has Alternia and Beforus roleplays daily. We only roleplay with OCs, and we're planning to work on relations between them. This is a relatively work in progress Server, but we aspire to make this Server more enjoyable for Members.

- Mod Blue D. M. Yards