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Oxygen is a slice of life Roleplay server about celebrities, the ghetto, and everything between.
You can live in the ghetto, be a millionaire, even a mediocre pothead.
The only limit is your imagination, and our rules.

It's just for fun bro. Don't come here unless you're into a chill atmosphere and fun people. Mmmkayyy

We have special roles.
Level roles.
Self roles.
A bot for spreading rumors.
Social media for your characters.
And separate housing for each oc.

Come and take a breather.
It's the beginning of a new year in this prestigious, yet comfortably rural, university and people from all over the country and beyond have come to attend it. School life can get rather dramatic at times, with a diverse group of students, teachers, and staff, as well as the eclectic nature of the town itself. However, unknown to most students, the town is run by a Mafia. The Mafia, known as the Timore Gang, was formerly rival Mafias (Specifically the Chinese and Russians) to form this one large gang. Why they made this significant Alliance is unknown to the public... perhaps you can find out?
Come on over to this roleplay server!

We have a friendly staff team and community. Come and hang out, post your art, and chill and make new friends.

Feel free to give any suggestions to make the server better! <3


In a world where everything is run by society, where everything and everyone must be in their place, there are people that rebel.
Renegades. People that society deems unfit. The weirdos, the freaks, the people who are handy capped. Anyone that's not "perfect", gets tossed aside.

------The year is 2050. The world is addicted to technology. The government controls basically everyone, and to them, the world is "perfect". However the government seems oblivious to the LITERAL DEMONS walking around. The border separating the over world from the underworld has broke. Hell spawn creatures are finding ways into our everyday life. They tend to be hidden, acting like normal people.
Who knows? Made you'll befriend one; After all, it can be useful to have a demon at your side.


We a small friendly community looking for more active roleplayers! We invite you to come join us-

Slice of life roleplay come join and make an oc
Halima Khan is an incredibly curvaceous, voluptuous, and otherwise physically charming 38 year old woman of Indian and Pakistani descent who moved to the United States a little over 18 years ago after marrying her husband, Amir Khan. She is by faith a devout Sunni Muslim and works as a primary care physician in several hospitals as well as her own private clinic in California.

Do you have what it takes to bed this hot goddess and dick down her busty body that's simply screaming for sex? All things considered, it won't be easy. But if you're up for the challenge of just more than a simple fuck, this is the server for you.

Role-Play is between you and the owner. Level up on the server as you increase your relationship with Halima Khan. Woo her, seduce her, heck even force yourself onto her. Whatever gets the job done.

This is a 21st century role-play set in modern day times of 2019. Create a character you think would give you the best chance to sleeping with Halima Khan. Whether it be a police officer, a professional athlete, a singer, or just some horny teenager, the choice is yours. Just know that creativity will always increase your chances of being successful.
[Note: This is a server for literate roleplayers who want to develop their characters from first years, to pro heroes. This is not a server for those who want to constantly meme/one-line or expect to be overpowered.]

GOAV's hold across the world is secure, and it is up to the organization to protect the world from the villains, and bring an end to their threat. As the new growing generation, it is now your turn to attend Mihara Academy; a hero school found on an island off the Japanese mainland, and overcome the trials ahead that stand in your way to becoming a pro hero!

You will be joining Class 1-A as a student that will take the reins of your own training, so that you can one day become the hero that you wish to become. Mihara Academy has all the technology you need to train any skills you may want to learn. Outside from the expected training, there will be plenty of slice-of-life to get to know your class mates; as well as occasional events to see how far you come.

What is your story? Come and join us, and we will do our best to allow you to unlock that potential!
Hey all!
this is a server for roleplaying superheroes and supervillains in a small town called Peran, and a larger city called Rona. we have some NSFW but it is not the main staple of roleplay. please come join, even if just to pop in!

Welcome to the world of Farago!
This RP takes place in a world of heroes and villains, good versus evil!

Rona is a big city renowned for its lights, size, and most importantly, its heroes. Through the hustle and bustle of all cities, you'll find there is a lot to do here, including shops, restaurants, and arcades. The Millennium Headquarters is the centerpiece of Rona. Its hard to be bored here!

Peran is a small town outside of Rona. It's a sleepy town with big dreamers, has a little river running through it, and a train to Rona. Despite its looks, it was the home of many famous heroes when they were young.
✎__True Virtual Reality System
In the midst of the early eras of the year 2000, the 21st Century became a foothold of a revolutionary technological advancement. TechOmni™ discovered a way to physically enter the digital world with many experiments done on the human brain in 2029 — finally getting able to transmit the perception of human beings into a new medium. These devices were known as “True Virtual Reality Systems” — or TVRS for short.
The Digital Age has evolved.
A community that focuses around an easy to follow lore and a slice of life setting based of off modern Japan. People have a lot of freedom when making their characters, the only rule being set to restrict anything is for the character to be human and with no supernatural abilities.
Our server has:
◉ - A fun and friendly community to hang out with!
◎ - A reliable and helpful staff team — always ready to accept more members!
◉ - An economy system and game system done with the help of bots!
◎ - An easy lore to adapt to!
◉ - Freedom on making characters!
◎ - Events that occur to make the setting more fun!
Feel free to join in, we welcome everyone!
Maple Hills College an ERP server based around college life,
Explore the campus and its many facilities, join a club, get assigned to a dorm (or choose), do club activities, talk with others, develop friendships or even more, find the love of your life, or that one night stand you're looking for, it can all happen in Maple Hills College.

Disclaimer: Must be 18+

Now that I have your attention.

Would you like to join the warm, tight knit, and open community of HoneyDew?

Choose form imparntant/self created roles or pillars in our community!
Mingle and get to know your close neighbors and townsfolk!
Live and prosper in your own personal town with others you can relate or connect with!
Or dig deeper into the mystery or what exactly is going on beyond the surface, find out what weird and unnerving secrets townspeople hide. . . or perhaps even try and discover the truth behind the town it’s-self.

After all, HineyDew isn’t as roses and peaches when you dig deeper, but be warned, the path to the truth. . . isn’t a safe path. You might just end up finding what you’re looking for, and it might be more than you can handle.

So stop by now and have a chat! We’re brand new and looking for people all the time!! <Invite
- a pair of policemen sit, at two am, in a Waffle House, in Chicago.
- while conversing, one of them had sparked his key-chain, unintentionally, against his cup.
- this spark traveled into the outlet in the window well right next to him, which caused a massive chain reaction.
- the spark traveled from the original outlet, through an extension cord, and into the kitchen.
- this particular spark opened an interdimensional vortex in the epicenter of the ley line that the Waffle House was built upon.
- out forth crawled a horde of cryptid monsters from mythology.
- today, society has assimilated with the creatures, and humanity as a race is dwindling. this event took place a hundred years ago.

There’s some strange happenings, the blood of the innocent spilling black, screams are just now dulled to a summer-heat hum. Common faces are rendered unrecognizable covered by masquerade masks to passby this unknown, rampant disease, and it’s as if there’s a puppet master at work here.

in this server, create your own character to fill a myriad of abailable jobs in futuristic Chicago!! all races are welcome, the mafia is at an all time high again, normal life is receding as we know it.
we have: a music bot, literate writers, and looking for more !! art and shitposting is appreciated.
We are a very small server looking to grow into a large collony of happy individuals! We'll strive to put down ideals and rules to keep everyone safe and happy, mainly safe.
A My Hero Academia server that takes place in UA's Sister/Rival school in America. the school is settled by a lake and is surrounded by a large forest for the student's safety. Take the one-hour bus ride from the nearby town to the school grounds and learn how to be a great hero!!
Here in valor we have many things most servers don’t (usually) have.. such things include:

Hero and student point system
Hero ranks
Several student courses
Customizable canon quirks
In the USA
Grades and realistic scenarios
Quirk progression
Big three
We take everything you say into consideration, anything you believe we should add can be put in the suggestions channel
Welcome to the artificial island of Haven, a huge place filled with a lot of wonders and mysteries. The island was constructed decades ago and has its own over populated city called Terragrigia which lies at the heart of the island filled with a lot of tourist sites ruled by its own king. Since the beginning of the creation of the city the place has had criminals and super villains causing havoc around the streets. The King then came up with an organization known as the Hero Association who fight against crime and the terror of the lurking evil around the entire city.
`Welcome to the beta phase of a brand new school-based RP! The school will focus on the various life styles of students and staff, including Gamers, Study Groupers and Otakus! Become more than what you are, and make your years here the best!`

--------------------------------------------------Essentially, what we have developed up to this point, is that this school is comprised entirely of several classes, focusing on different subjects. However, the students acknowledge their their classes and represent them proudly, essentially like school teams. Imagine like a cliche anime series with the Main Character going through every day struggles at the school they attend. The reason for this is that each and every one of you have your own goals to set as you live here, developing your morals, your character as a whole, your friendships, and relationships. No super natural will stand in your way, because there are none. A peaceful life for you to kick your feet back and enjoy.

Join us for the server wide fun, which includes detention break outs, cooking show offs, and more! School Clubs and Activities will commence soon as well! Become a strong individual, and reach for the top of your class, and possibly for the school! More to follow if you join our active and friendly community!
In the year 2023, a weird blip was detected between Luna and Earth. Scientists scrambled to discovered what it was, and it was found to be something most peculiar. It was a golden hourglass, about 2km tall, orbiting Earth! Baffled, Nasa, SpaceX, the UK Space Agency and much more were desperate to find out where in the world- erm, universe- this had came from. They came to a single conclusion: aliens. But why an hourglass? Why not something else? How do aliens know what an hourglass is? Before they reached any sort of answer, it started to descend to the Earth slowly.

Luckily, the hourglass wasn't moving at such a speed it would have caused damage. It steadily fell until it landed on a mostly uninhabited island off the coast of Scotland. The government could not hide this one, as it quickly spread through the internet like a virus. At first, they tried claiming it was an art piece until it was debunked as being impossible to make overnight.Then they tried claiming it was carried there, until it was debunked as being way too heavy to quietly carry. They kept trying to cover it up until something that could not be hidden happened.

A dark purple portal, pulsating like a heart, spawned about a foot in front of the hourglass. Then, some creatures that could only be described as extra-terrestrials wandered out, about as confused as the surrounding townsfolk. Later inspection went to show that they had something similar occur where ever they were from, and were sent to investigate. Were they from this universe? Were they from this galaxy? Were they even real? Nobody knew! All that was known was that they were speaking broken, decent and sometimes perfect English.

Almost immediately, the UK government knew they had to make a sign of goodwill. A gigantic apartment building was built in the town, which towered above the toy-like cottages of the surrounding area. The government then announced that the tower was built to house any portal visitors that desired to move in, and maybe even regular people. To this day, in the year 2027, It still stands, and it is currently heavily populated and still mostly empty. Those who want to stay will have no problem finding a room.

This server features:
-28 locations!
-Friendly and helpful staff!
-A small but active community!
-In depth character creation!
-And counting!
Welcome to Oshiro City, were a small coastal city in Japan that is considered a hub for the supernatural. Creatures, demigods and gods alike gather to this city filled with humans to live if not coexist with one another… Will you be one to coexist or start trouble.
Willkommen an der Universität! Wir sind ein Rollenspiel Server, in welchem man in die Rolle eines gänzlich normalen Studenten schlüpft. Alltag, Bekanntschaften, Leben.

Wir sind noch ein neuer Server, und freuen uns dementsprechend über Zuwachs!
YAOI University

Contrary to how the name implies it, the university does accept straight characters. It was just named that way. Lol.

YU, for short, is a university that is dedicated into teaching students from all races in controlling their powers and abilities. It's got a large campus with other places to visit and things to do.

・ A casual RP with casual-lit to lit players
・ Friendly Mods
・ Can play as a Staff member or as a student
・ Looking for new members (we just started)
・Lots of places to socialize with other players.

We hope you would join!
Bienvenu sur ce serveur rp français.
Ici, la tolérance et la bonne entente sont demandés afin de vivre en communauté.
Pour les intéressés, voici le lore/l'histoire:

L’histoire se déroule dans un royaume céleste composé de 5 îles créés par 4 chefs plus un qui s’est rajouté pour gérer la 5ème île. Cela se passe dans un monde avec une technologie perdu du milieu du moyen-âge, avec un peu de magie.
Le chef :de l’eau, de la terre, du vent, du feu et la chef de l’île centrale.
Ce royaume a vu le jour après que la Terre et l’humanité étaient au bord de la disparition à cause de démons créés par les émotions pouvant être néfastes pour les humains: la haine, la jalousie, la colère etc...
C’est alors que les 5 chefs avaient du mal à gérer les démons qui apparaissaient à nouveau dans le royaume, des êtres humains aux capacités étranges sont apparues.
On peut les séparer en 2 catégories, les "armes" et les "utilisateurs". Ils forment alors un duo qui est irrémédiablement se battent contre les démons.
School is always a crazy mess of classes and tests and trying to fit in. However Round Table Academy is not your ordinary school. Set on the Island of Avalon, the teachers under the guidance of Headmistress Tiana Belldrake, strive to teach their students about the way of magic while trying to keep them safe.

What we offer:
►Different races
►Fun and Exciting Events
►Easy Class Scheduling
In the world, everyone, no matter how good or bad you are, is born with two things.

One, everyone is born with a soulmate. A soulmate is someone that one is fated to be with for the rest of one's life. Nobody would make them feel the same way as they would feel when they were around their soulmate.

Two, everyone is born with a slightly bright white mark that they share with their soulmate. It's the one of indications whether the person one thinks is their soulmate can verify they're actually soulmates and not two people dating.

One can write on their skin or mark their skin and it'll show up on their soulmate. However, their name and physical traits won't show up. This is the only way to talk to their soulmate before meeting them. Fate will drive one to their soulmate. One can still date and marry people other than their soulmate, but won't feel the same way.

One can feel what your soulmate feels. Happiness, Sorrow, anger, you can feel it all. You are born with a mark but you don't start feeling your soulmate, nor can you start communicate with them until you're twelve years old.

As the world is big and there are numerous people in it, the governments of each country set up Summer Camps where children can go to try and meet your soulmate. May your heart be your guiding key to choose the camp where your soulmate will be present.

However, to this day, Soulmates are typically boys and girls only....but times are about to change
Just your everyday slice of life high school Roleplay Server!

This is an RP server born from a passion project of two best friends spanning the last nine years. This is a world of magic, mercenaries, dragon hunters and mystery. Join a cast of characters from the young daughter of the most successful mercenary in recent history to the greatest mind of his generation. Uncover a sinister plot to take over the world. Learn the deep magic system alongside your character at this school for mercenaries. Or just be a kid. We're offering soft rp and planned events. The staff is almost always active and willing to help out with whatever issues you run into. Even if you're not one for roleplay, we've got a wonderful community to just hang out with. So come on, what're you waiting for? Come join the family.