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This is a regular server. Or is it?

No it is not my dear friend, for it is only... drumroll...

One channel! Yes, one channel where all the bot commands and chatting happens. Now, most servers are for better people, only join this one if you want barely any rules, and to see the chat just zoom out to the stratoshpere!
Do you hate idiot server owners always up with their crap about strict rules and the like?

Do you want to join a MEME server with less rules?

Are you an epic gamer or a random person who wants to post and spam memes and chat with other Shitposters like you?

Well, look no further because you have found your place to stay. I value each one of you asworthless whether you're admin, mod, or someone I don't know. In here, you get to do what you like to do without consequences (unless you're raiding this server you dumb idiot) and you get the freedom to be a cringe normie / a shitposter with no life or not. So, go ahead and be the Shitposter/Memester that you are on this server and make new friends while you're at it.

Discord Invite Link :
Hey!! Remember to post memes on our subreddit too and remember to subscribe!!
Subreddit Link :
**1 Year Old**

In the fifth age of the Chaos Realm, we look to get a new batch of users on the server. Join us (and don’t leave right away, we are a smaller server so we are not active 24/7) and get involved in the chaos!!!!!!!!!!

Consider joining one of the following guilds:

**The Imperial Guild**
Charged with the task of making rules and judging those who break them, the imperials inflict judgment on the server and other guilds.

**The Builder Guild**
Charged with the task of creating channels and events on the server, this guild decides what is made and destroyed.

**The Inquisitor Guild**
The servers external force, the inquisitors are charged with the task of spreading the word of the server, that being peacefully or with aggression.

About the server:

-This is a server meant for socializing and using bots with minimal rules
-Collect various achievements by using bots and spending time on the server
-Compete with other users to earn the title of Speaker
-Share memes and videos on our media channels
-Listen to music
-Join a call and enjoy some games on the server

Server made for all ages as long as your not creep
Feel free to rp and have fun enjoying your stay
Welcome to King's Game! The sadistic bloodbath where there's an extremely high chance you'll die early!

King's game is a roleplay server that runs via seasons! Every season of king's game a group of people aged between 12 - 60 will find themselves in a room, unsure of how they got there. In King's Game, you wake up in plain white clothes, with nothing but your cellphone. You'll receive orders from the 'king' via your phone. If the order isn't followed within 24 hours your character will receive punishment.

Welcome to King's Game.

☆ moderated community with chill and outgoing people☆

。 . ˚ ‧ º + : .. ⋆ * : . 。 . ⋆ º · ˚ . .

》☆ Active Memebers/chat
》☆Rpg like level system
》☆ Good and cooperative Admins
》☆ Dank memes (all kinds)
》☆ Organized channels
》☆ Different type of bots for members to use (music, social, games)
》☆ Variety Self roles

☾ New members are always welcomed
☾ hoping to popularize underrated active server

。 . ˚ ‧ º + : .. ⋆ * : . 。 . ⋆ º · ˚ . .

if you're gonna join, don't leave a second after, it makes wayne sad.
join us we have fun I guess
If you're looking for a server with no rules, this is one. Here you can post absolutely anything, and you won't be muted, kicked or banned. channels are organized with topics and we also offer "funny" roles, various userphone channels and self-assignable roles.
Just a community to find like-minded people who share the same interests and humor and aren't just horny nerds looking for e-girls and posting hentai all the time lol
Syndicate is a shitpost cult with few rules and absolutely no sinister motives that is welcoming to anyone that's willing to partake in our community. Well what are you waiting for?
Welcome to our Fishy Following.
I am Indigo, a god from before your time. Our goal is to spread chaos throughout discord, and also post memes.

We are not open for more partnerships until we reach the big 100 milestone! All are welcome to come and join our wacko server though!
In this server you will be able to do everything and anything you want of course there are some rules but you can still do what you want
This is a Roleplay server made by Sapon, it has over 50 Roleplay channels, lots of anime, manga, and much more! Please enjoy your stay! And don’t raid TwT
Welcome to the Sandbox realm, a server that is what you want it to be, everyone is an admin! create channels, roles, categories, and do what you wish. create the discord equivalent of r/place and have some fun : D
Not entirely Aphmau things, everyone here is a crackhead, but lovable idiots. We're all super welcoming and friendly!!
Welcome to the Chaos School of Alcesia! A fictional school that takes place in a fictional country. Here you will learn to be more chaotic and have lots of fun! You can take classes and hang out!
Hello, and welcome to the jokingly chaotic Discord. We have very little rules, as long as you're being legal and a decent human being, you're all set for this discord!