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Hello! Welcome to Richardsville RP, a lovely server centering around a town with an odd amount of problematic relationships (and totally not an underground illegal money laundering business.) So please, come in and have some fun!
- No ERP
Are you ready to come into the chaos? Make a server? Try to bring it back from destruction? Then this is the right place for you. Join, and reveal the mystery.
If you have ever been in one of those indoor child play areas with roughly fifty kids running around like Auschwitz after its liberation then imagine that but with hentai, shitty jokes, un-amusing people and shitty depressing life stories. This is Ram Ranch and much like the child's play area if you show your dick, you will get Banned.

What does the server have to offer?

Everyone loves watching a car crash in slow motion, imagine that but as a server and you've got a pretty fucking good idea of what to expect, from trap porn to politics, we're shameless. that being said there are only two rules, post things in the right channel and follow discord TOS, either than that knock yourself the fuck out buckaroo.

P.S Furfags can yiff in hell, fursecution is the only solution.
New server run by a group of edgy 9 year olds. This server is for talking about anything and everything. Memes, chats, bots, etc. Don't join if you're easily offended
A community server for Gamers and News and more. With live streaming announcements for our users! Join Now~
This is a server with no rules
Anarchy hangout server.
Everyone is admin (without kicking of course). Do whatever you want (except kicking).
You can riot, terrorize, and generally ruin people's fun.
This is a server filled with f*cked up people with f*cked up senses of humor.

It's all just meaningless chaos.
Welcome to the "Heck Zone" a place that is so dead that it makes you feel happy when someone actually writes something in it.
Anyone is welcome, and it’s really just the title
We're hosting a purge for 24 hours up until Midnight CST on 12/2, and right after we'll delete this server. Come on in, create chaos, everything (minus gore/cp) is allowed!
simple server for others to meet
One of the most uniqe servers on discord!
New server brought to you by Tuna Mods!
This server is fully customizable by you!
I've built the server, set it up, made it pretty. Now it's up to you to make it your home. Use ~suggest in the channel labeled suggestion box to help be a part of this movement.
:hammer_pick: Member made
:see_no_evil: Invisible names
:right_facing_fist: :left_facing_fist: Partnerships
:chains: Strong community
This is a server where you can do everything that the server allows to.
Gallintries amazing server. Come here to get pinged 10 times a day, expect daily drama, and all chaos. Also chill and talk about games and shitpost. Come join this close knit community. :)
This server is literally just one text chat and you can do whatever you want

Member Goal -> 1,000
We aim to make this the most toxic place on Discord.
No rules. Shitposting, racism, porn, gore and everything else is allowed.
This server is a free sanctuary for all ambitions, just live and let live. Iz da only rule.
Welcome to Hell. This is a server where you can spam, attack others, post offensive content and be as toxic as you wish. Everything is allowed.
The Packs are in a chaos. Killing can be found everywhere, a handful of canines dying each day. But wait, how did they come to this? The packs were once at peace, but then they split into a Dog Pack and Wolf Pack. War raged over them once more and now they are at three - Night Pack, Moon Pack, and Pine Pack. Peace seems to be slipping from their grasps. Alphas turned on by their own pack, blood pouring each day. Can you be the canine that stops this chaos? Or will you only add to it? The choice is yours.
In this server, there are NO RULES! Go absolutely nuts, and do whatever you want! It’s a fun time, and I know you will enjoy it!