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Welcome to The Chaos Realm. We are a chaos magic centered server that welcomes all paths and peoples. 18+ channels, VC, articles, PDFs and memes. Plenty of bots and chill folks, come join the madness!
Ultimate Build Battle is an upcoming, 80 (planned) player minecraft tournament with a unique twist ;))
More details to be announced...
It’s scary and ✨ weird ✨ :> also we're kinda nice or wtvr so join idiots
Hi! Welcome to the Discord for RegularSMP! In this Minecraft SMP, we have plugins like MCMMO, Essentials and more! Consider joining! To play, you will need to be whitelisted. Have fun!
`"Welcome to Café Chaos! What would you like today?"`

**__Daily Menu__**

Cafe chat #1 & #2 👍
- Our cafe specialty! Meet people and make some new friends! With vigilant cafe workers, we're certain that this would be your safe haven and place to stay!

- Comes with a side serving of laughs. No cafe is the same without laughter to fill its rooms, so come down and laugh at other's, and post your own!

- No talent required, just have fun! Share your art and quake at other's amazing art skills. You can slowly get better, and no one will judge, and soon, with our supportive community, you'll be the best of the best!!

`"You can get all this and more at Café Chaos, since this is only the preview menu! We're slowly growing to fit your needs, so don't hesitate to ask us if you have any issue. We'll see you there!"`
This shits crazy.
No unnecessary rules, we bully pedos. We bully vampires. Kinda bully everyone. Its a blast
Just a chaotic but casual chat server, we have plenty of custom roles and we support LGBTQ+ as well 🔥

We are a fairly new server looking for funny and active members, we have:

-Active admins/mods

-Verification System

-A variety of channels (art, photography, memes, etc)

-Bots such as Yggdrasil and Dank Memer

-Locked NSFW channel

-A shit ton of color roles

-Gender, pronoun and sexuality roles to express yourself

-Vent and Rant channels

-Occasional Among Us gamenights

-A channel to discuss LGBTQ+ stuff

-Funny and welcoming members

And a bit more, feel free to join your fellow sinners in Hell.
Escape from the brutal truths of reality; Join us. Syndicate is a discord society with few rules and plenty avenues of discussion. We're welcoming to anyone who's willing to partake in our community. Well what are you waiting for?
This server is an experiment.
It has zero rules. Everyone gains nearly almost all-powerful perms at the beginning. You do what you want. We will watch. At the 500 member mark, we will look back at our progress and decide whether or not complete anarchy is a good idea.
Hello!! Welcome to Kirk and Elainas children! we are your new mom and mother😻 😼 we are a new server but we just want to chill and hangout! we have all kinds of fun roles and more! and you can tell us your problems and we will try to help you! just to let you know you are worthy!!!
Come join 4B2G, a discord anarchy server where there are no rules to be followed so you can go wild if you so wish. Nothing is stopping you from doing whatever you want.
This is a server where you can play the "Secret Hitler" board game, using a bot, inside of discord. Games last from 10 to 40 mins, so if you're looking for a fun game, do join!
It's literal fucking chaos please help.

There are no rules here do whatever dumbass
Hey! Welcome to the cherryverse! We are a group of very chaotic people/family! We roleplay and do a lot of things from time to time- we mostly focus around jjba and anime in general but other than that we have almost a little bit of everything!
Color battles is a team-based discord mini-game similar to the game "Mafia", yet being different in many ways. Join the server to try it out today!
Welcome to our Fishy Following.
I am Indigo, one of the Admins here. Our server recently underwent reconstruction, and now everything is twice as clean and organized as it was before!

We are not open for more partnerships until we reach the big 100 milestone! All are welcome to come and join our wacko server though!
We look too suspicious. Anyway, this place is fun, chill, and friendly on the outside, but gets darker as you progress. Join if want to meet a diverse group of people. We're led by a cocky prick, but don't worry, I'll help you out.
Welcome to this server of Haikyuu chaos! You can choose a character in the server and have some crazy fun times!