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Kgnar's epic server is a server based off gaming, fun, and her twitch/ YouTube channels. If you're looking for a server to find funny and entertaining content, friends, or to get to know other growing and supportive gamers in a non-toxic yet laid back server, Kgnar's server may be a good option!
┌─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───┐
Welcome to The Creamery
└─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───┘

A place to play games and meet new people! Come join us and enjoy your stay!

- Active staff and members
- a lot of people to play games with
- lot of artists, musicians, and producers to collab with
- self assignable roles
- fun bots
- active vc and chat
- leveled Roles


Are you ready to order?
¶ We are Chaos Gaming. A Family Friendly Discord Server.
√ Join our Discord and;
✓ Have a ton of fun!!
✓ Promote your twiter/etc stream to our members.
✓ Talk about your games and share the moments.
✓ Auto streamer role hoist - Get Noticed!
✓ Earn discounted and free game servers, such as Minecraft and Terraria servers, with coins from our Eternity bot.
✓ Earn discounted and free webhosting, with coins from Eternity.
✓ Get coins from Eternity by participating in our Discord server.
And so much more!!!
We’re a brand new server, completely starting fresh to build a proper community! We want all the fun people we can get to come by and hangout on both the server and on stream!

The stream’s either got the crackhead or chill energy that anyone can jive with. Come on by and just say hello, we aren’t hard to approach at all.
~ Hello Everyone and welcome to the Void!!~
We are a very friendly community full of all kinds of people
Streamers , Gamers , Artists and etc.
In general we are mainly focusing on friendship and meeting new
~ The server includes :
- many new friends
- cool custom emotes
- many different chat channels
-Vcs plus music bots
-Roleplay and more
We are waiting to meet u all , so come join us in the Void :D
Looking for a small, fun, gaming server? Here's one for you! This server includes a small community of gamers that you can associate with and talk to, you can even tell our members when you're streaming and they'll join! We strongly encourage support and are there when needed. We hope to boost your gaming confidence and we hope that you join our server!
A friendly and warm welcoming discord community. Youtube based discord owned by Will08Gamer and managed by TGamingYT123
Official ORB1TRON server
-Cool server emotes
-Nice mods/admins
-Decently active chat
-Fun bots
- and more!
@ORB1TRON on all socials
Looking for a new active community on Discord? Shadow City is a new active server ran by streamers. Our community is filled with content creators and like minded RP players.. and we want you! A full economy server with new mods and jobs etc added weekly!

Police CAD / Police Dogs / 200+ Cars / Houses / Custom Gangs / Bank Robberies / Player Robbery / Strip Players / RP Content / Epic Discord Community

Active Discord Community - Big Family
Own Your own business
Grow your own drugs anywhere!
Police have k9's
Police CAD
Weekly FBI convoy with $500,000 to be stolen
250+ Modded realistic cars with custom dealerships
Custom clothes (EUP)
Onesync (no lag)
Friendly staff
Custom Gangs and collectable drugs
Sell drugs to locals
Houses and garages
Money truck robbery
Robs homes and players
Chop shop
Bank robbery
and more!!!!
Unllimited is an
Esports and Stream Entertainment Gaming Community where everyone can find a place to fit in!

💠 Over 200+Emojis!
🏆 Great, dedicated & supportive staff & community
🔮 Supports Streamers & Gamers on almost ALL platforms!
🛑ZERO-tolerance for Toxicity.

They are a growing (500+) multi-game, multi-platform, international community with something for everyone! Currently they have a team twitch that you guys will be able to join which will give you access to more viewers and tons more support for your streams.

Come check us out and become part of our community too!
Hey, guys!

This Discord Server is intended to serve as a hub for content creators, viewers, gamers, artists, movie buffs, nerdy types, and everything in between.

As we continue to grow, so will you! This Discord is *perfect* for content creators who are looking to network with others who create and to connect with new viewers.

We have channels with:

Pokemon Roleplay

Music Sharing

Dank Memes

Philosophical Discussions

Indie Gaming Discussions

and So Much More!

Come on over to Vhasr's Hideout. The gang's all here.
Twitch ☆ Community

→ Our server is a Twitch community, as much for Viewers as for Streamers or just for those who want to have fun and talk in a great atmosphere !

۞ Great pub server !
۞ Several giveaways !
۞ Many rewards !
۞ Great atmosphere !
۞ Active server h24 !
۞ Lots of fun bots
A league of legends based community. We do in houses most nights and are almost always active. We also have a plethora of Grandmaster/Challenger tier players who are willing to help you for free ^^.
Penehoff Gaming and Streaming Alliance is a growing group of casual gamers who love playing FPS games then streaming their content to the world. We are very friendly hard working individuals who love to game, Join us today and play a game or 2 with us.
🔥Welcome to Haze’s Community.🔥
We are a chill server that wants you to join so we can grow to a big server that talks 24/7.


We're a non-toxic nice community

We play lots of games, are pretty chill and like to discuss.

We play pokecord but we also have fun bots like Rythm and MEEE6 bot.

We want you to join to help us become a bigger and more fun community.


Short right?
Anyways join up so you can help us grow into a huge amazing server.
A friendly gaming/Streaming community that is both accepting and helpful to a wide array of members. Tons of giveaways and promotion opportunities!
Hello, My Name is ChillieDipper,

I am a Twitch Affiliate and this is my community.

In here not only will I update everyone with my Stream updates, We are a community that plays a wide variety of game together, has daily chat with each other and might post the odd silly selfie from time to time.

Thank you and I hope you find a home here :)
Clique pour plus d'info ⤵

➤ Waifu Of The Month 💍
➤ MEE6 XP 📈
➤ PUB 🔍
🔥 Team Wildfire is a Server for all types of Creators, but we chat like actual people, so come join!
😍 We have all sorts of things to keep YOU entertained!
💙 We have people from Artists, YouTubers, GFX, Animators and lots more!
😅 Our Owner himself has 10K Subscribers!!
What are you waiting for? JOIN ALREADY! 🔥🔥
Hello, everyone! This is a place where I, Jayyruuu (Jay), a growing streamer can have a chit-chat with everyone! Strive to build a toxic-free and healthy community. So stop by to show some love and support! :D
Hi there, welcome to the server. This server is dedicated to the streams of "Xylium#5800" whenever he goes live on twitch! Hope to see you around! Fair warning, you "MUST" register through an link in #║welcome before you get full access to the server!