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The Syndicate of Streamers, also known as SoS, is a community of over 250 users built around helping small streamers grow their streams and help provide a recurring follower base. We hope you come join us in our quest to become a large community.
Hoi! My name is Zoe, I stream games and this is my discord! We have many different things to offer such as:

• A safe place for you to hang out in!
• A place where you can make new friends!
• Cool bots!
• A fun community
• And much more!

So just try to join for a little but :3
We are a close PC gaming community that loves playing Rainbow Six Siege. We have dedicated channels for memes, screenshots and more! What are you waiting for? Come join us!
Hello there everybody, this server is made by an amazing guy named Sparky. His server is about his Twitch Channel. Join if you want to watch a guy stream War Thunder, VR Chat, and occasionally Apex legends!
The Discord server for a streamer who is not a pro, just an amateur, but always tries their best! Come on down and suggest a game! Or maybe just to Chat. Whatever your reason, we hope you enjoy yourselves!
This is a great place to find people to collab with and self promo

find other people like you
This is my official discord server, join us we have fun channels and a lit community!
We are a growing gaming community that offers support for small streamers. Eva is also a growing clan looking for members and casual players
This server is dedicated to the streamer OCrazyBear it is also a fun place to hang out with people that like aviation! Also make sure to check out OCrazyBear on Twitch!
Serveur d'un streamer débutant (LaTacheGaming) bientôt 200 membres, giveaway récurent, recrute des modérateurs, administrateurs, graphistes !
An attorney by day, but passionate about gaming! I offer my personality and commentary of today's world, while the cats do their best to distract me from my favorite hobby. I always love having a back and forth with viewers so by all means say hi!
Hi there, welcome to the server. This server is dedicated to the streams of "Xylium#5800" whenever he goes live on twitch! Hope to see you around! Fair warning, you "MUST" register through an link in #║welcome before you get full access to the server!
We are an open team for all Twitch Trophy Hunters, casual or hardcore. Trying to regroup this beautiful community of trophy hunters and streamers at one place so we can all help each other grow and share knowledge together.
A growing and friendly server owned by the streamer and YouTuber, Icy008, gamers join to play all our favorite games on different platforms. With active voice channels and themed channels for any game you can imagine, this place is great for meeting new friends to que up with or talk about your favorite games.
Official discord of Prestigious Streamers.This is a discord community for Twitch streamers. Founded in March 15, 2019, the purpose of this community is to be a place for like-minded streamers that are looking to network and grow their stream. Let's not kid ourselves, most of these facebook groups and other discord communities don't really help you grow your channel. My goal is to change that and simply be the best twitch community channel worldwide! Being in this Discord will not magically grow your stream; in order to do so you need to support other members here, and in turn you will be supported. The point system is designed so that those who support others the most receive the most support from the community. This balance is upheld by a point incentive system. There is no better way to grow an audience so join today!

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This is A Hangout and Community Server
Owned by the Famous Roblox Developer Ginga1200
If you join this you can hang out with him and his staff in streams and get notified when vids get uploaded.
And you can play with him to.
A discord server for my twitch community
Discord for streamers to grow. Self promote and collab with other streamers to network as much as possible. Giveaways/events and anything else to help grow yourself will be allowed within our community. Come grow with us!
This server is a place to talk, send memes, make new friends, or find new twitch streamers to watch/follow. We just chill and talk here mostly. :3
----- ENGLISH -----
Polish streamer's server made for the joy of getting to know eachother and open to anyone that enjoys a good, not over the top stream. It's a late evening stream that lets people talk about anything, sometimes even meandering to philosophical questions about our world and what surrounds us. It's made simple, with care and with a little bit of people it can be something great.

----- POLSKI -----
Prosty serwer Polskiego niewielkiego streamer'a, który próbuje się wybić w świecie twitch'a. Otwarty dla każdego kto lubi poznać podobne do siebie osoby i tych którzy lubią zwykły prosty stream bez typowych wybujałości większych streamer'ów. Jest on późno wieczorny i pozwala rozmawiać o czymkolwiek się podoba czasami meandrując nawet do tematów filozoficznych. Tworzony z troską i z pomocą paru z was może być czymś wielkim.

PS: Tłumaczenie nie jest słowo w słowo. Jest dopasowane czysto kulturowo do danego języka, żeby miały podobny wydźwięk.
Hello! This server is a hangout specifically for Brawl Stars and Fortnite but you do not have to play those to enter this server. We are dedicated to creating a supportive community with supportive people.