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Hello we are a discord server that is made from my YouTube channel which is BOSSGUY111 and i made it because I would like to interact with my viewers more.
President of Entertainment, we provide games, streams, giveaways and awhile lot more. What are you waiting for? Hope into the action today.
At Videogame Vanguards, we are a community of gamers and streamers that lives to help each other grow online. Whether it be on Twitch, Youtube, or any other entertainment service! We're here to help you on your path to growth, while at the same time, network with fellow streamers to share your game experiences and make new friends.
Im a new Twitch Streamer, just hit 100 views, hopefully hitting 50 followers soon👻. This is a server I have made to host giveaways and for people to chill and game. Looking for mods to help grow the server and the channel☺️ Feel free to join to chill and have fun. Will need suggestions for Giveaways 😉.
Happy Hunting😈
We're a community of gamers, content creators and all around friendly people! We welcome anyone who wants to hangout and chat, collab, share hobbies and game with.

We offer:
-A channel where you may self promote yourself
- Incredibly friendly and chill users
- A community of content creators such as Twitch streamers and YouTubers looking for other content creators who want to collaborate
- Giveaways
- An area for artists and graphic designers
- Meme sharing
- Share your gaming setup in the battlestations channel
- Song requests

As well as soooo much more!

So what are you waiting for? Come join my server and lets be friends :)
Streamer, Moderatoren und Zuschauer sind hier willkommen! Hier gibt es jede Menge Kanäle!
Однажды, в чате одного стримера по АрмСталкеру зародилось РП которое потом переросло в целый сервер Дискорда. Если ты любишь сеттинг Сталкер и текстовый ролплей,то тебе к нам. Тебя тут ждёт хороший отыгрыш,приятная атмосфера и локальные мемы
This is the community server for my Youtube subscribers :) This is helping me grow and interact with my streaming community! This server contains bots like Tatsumaki! Please consider joining and supporting my channel!
Welcome to Kama's Stream Hub! I'm Kamanira, and this is the Discord server I made for anyone that watches or is interested in watching my streams! Growing on Twitch alone is always a tricky feat, so I'd be more than happy to see some people joining in from Discord! Feel free to join, and maybe watch a stream or two!
Hey! Ich bin Astro. Gründer von Astro's Streamer Support. Hier kannst du für dein Social Media werben(Instagram/Twitter/YouTube/Twitch).

Du kannst auch deinen Stream/dein Video ankündigen lassen per Bot.
Trete bei und werbe für deinen YouTube/Twitch Kanal! :)
The Syndicate of Streamers, also known as SoS, is a community of over 250 users built around helping small streamers grow their streams and help provide a recurring follower base. We hope you come join us in our quest to become a large community.
An attorney by day, but passionate about gaming! I offer my personality and commentary of today's world, while the cats do their best to distract me from my favorite hobby. I always love having a back and forth with viewers so by all means say hi!
Hellu ^^/ If you're an Overwatch player and you main ashe this is the server for you! I'm a 23 yr old GM / Top 500 Ashe main, who recently started streaming as well :P Come hang out with us we have ashe nudes too xP
Originally set up as a place for our friend circle but has now grown a little through friends of friends, people met in game and viewers/ followers of CrossfireMadman's twitch channel.
Looking to keep growing with more and more interactive members for chatting, playing games with or just to keep us laughing with some dank memes.
A growing and friendly server owned by the streamer and YouTuber, Icy008, gamers join to play all our favorite games on different platforms. With active voice channels and themed channels for any game you can imagine, this place is great for meeting new friends to que up with or talk about your favorite games.
We have youtubers and streamers in this discord and we like to socialise and talk to new people so come down to this cool gaming community and meet new gamers!
We are a growing gaming community that offers support for small streamers. Eva is also a growing clan looking for members and casual players
Vomit Valley!

The place to come if you just want somewhere to hang out and play some games with new friends, there's always a group ready to play games regardless of what you have. We run D&D nights, chat about anime and movies.

There is a NSFW area for the regular members, all new people will have to be more active to get in there
Hi there, welcome to the server. This server is dedicated to the streams of "Xylium#5800" whenever he goes live on twitch! Hope to see you around! Fair warning, you "MUST" register through an link in #║welcome before you get full access to the server!
I'm a small streamer looking to grow, I play a variety of games from all consoles except Xbox, I enjoy playing with viewers and being involved with my community. A range of games consists of Splatoon 2 and Smash Ultimate on the switch, to shooters on the pc or ps4 and RPGs. I'm open to helping and talking with others to help out if they are dealing with some issues. Everyone is facing their own battles but they don't have to do it alone. I hope to have a great time and that others have fun as well!
I am a new and upcoming streamer and this is my server where I will post updates and also just a community for people to come and chill in.
A fun interactive server to talk to streamers and watch new content! :) REEEE!