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Welcome to my meme server! Check out all kinds of memes! Funny memes, gamer memes, you name it! And if you’re a kid, don’t worry, because the whole server’s family friendly! We just want to see yo memes. And we have a whole selection of roles for you to chose to color yourself, and cool unlockable roles! Just know that if you try to raid the server you are officially quadruple gay. Be sure to join!
you should join if you have christmas spirit,
even if you dont idc join please
A Place to pray to your God SpongeBob SquarePants, as you join our ranks in the future as brothers of the cult.
Our server is used for multiple things!
If you just need someone to talk to, love anime, cosplay, memes,Nsfw😉, art, so much more!
In our server you have a say! Meaning if you have suggestions or something that you would like to have in the server or take from the server, we a channel where we read every single suggestion. We also have polls to help too.
Please join our server and have fun! Feel free ask questions while you're in it. Thank youu!
Welcome to Bikini Bottom, the 13+ Version. Yeah, you hear me right.
NEW: Apply for Co-Owner, Server Mod, or Mod.
NEW: Trial Mods, and Mod.
At Bikini Bottom, there this hella a lot to do, you can:
-Watch Porn/Send nudes
-Send/Look at memes
-Talk shit about people who you don't like
-Cuss as much as you want
-Giveaway roles to get a role
-Have a hella good of a time
Here are some of role:
-Spongebob (Can't achieve)
-King Neptune
-Mr. Krabs
-Mrs. Puff
-Squilliam Fancyson
-Fish (Auto)
There is a nude beach as well ;)
Join now to have one good hella good of a time.
Spongebob is lovable by many people like you! Boy oh boy, you can be able to talk to fellow fans of spongebob! Join now and have fun!
Welcome to The Krusty Krab Trap!!
Here we have many different things to try out, including--
- Awesome Spongebob-Related Leveled Roles!
- All-Inclusive Staff
- A NSFW Channel
- And so much more!
Please join if you're interested, and don't forget to invite others as well!
Krusty Krab Pizza is a hangout place with memes, media, gaming discussion, bots, Krabby Patties, Krusty Dogs, and more!
Snailanism is a religion where we worship Lord Gary!

also filled with memes and other cool stuff we've hit 50 members! Check it out
Only join if you are a Kool kid no wee wee's aloud !!!!!!?