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The Faded Rebels is a gaming clan. We play a variety of games including Fortnite, Apex, Csgo and COD. We do tryouts, and we have a Fortnite competitive team, a pubg comp team, a csgo comp team and a pubg comp team.
༶•┈┈⛧┈ :love_letter: You received a letter! :love_letter: ┈⛧┈┈•༶

^⌒★| Woah! you got invited to join CrimsonClouds
CrimsonClouds is a small guild for those who just play for fun!

What we have to offer

^⌒★| Friendly Community
^⌒★| Plenty of giveaways
^⌒★| Active & Kind Staff members
^⌒★| Minecraft server (for the epic gamers)
^⌒★| our clan accepting anyone!

We would love for you to come here and get to know you better, and possibly become friends as well! Our guild is slowly growing everyday so we hope you get a chance to join and come along with us on this amazing journey! ☆ We hope to see you soon:two_hearts:

This is a new clan in serious need of some casual and professional Fortnite mobile players.
A server for all gamers! No matter what system you play on, what games you play, or where you are from, ACN is the home of Gaming, memes and much more!
Hast du bock auf Turniere und Geldpreise? Dann bewerbe dich jetzt für unseren Clan!

Wir bieten dir Turniere, Clan Games, Sprach Chats, Support usw.
Besuche uns doch mal und schaue dich um!

Wir suchen noch nach Leute die gut im unserem Team passen wie: Supporter, Mods, Programmierer usw.!

⭐NEU: Custom Games Turniere!
⭐50+ Mitglieder

Mehr infos auf dem Server, wir freuen uns auf dich 😁
A fast-growing gaming clan with somewhat active members. We mainly focus on Fortnite, but if you play any other games like Black Ops 4, and you are good at those games, please let me know, because we currently have no one. Everyone here plays Fortnite.
MetriX e-Sports is a newly founded growing clan with a large variety of games and a non toxic community. We feature a huge amount of channels for you to talk in about games that are only talked about in those channels! Also, if your looking for a certain game and you can't even find it here then be sure to recommend it to us in the #•》request-games channel! We are together, we are MetriX.
Heyyy Bonjour/Bonsoir a toi , je me présente je suis la fondatrice (dis - Sōgyō-sha - ici) du serveur nommé {Shizoku No Tatakai} qui est du japonais et qui signifie ''Bataille de Clans''

Maintenant je vais vous présenté le serveur :

Alors le serveur est un serveur spécialisé sur les mangas et animés.
Dans le serveur vous aurez un tas de salons des salons pour les images vidéos , vos création , les commandes des bots de musiques d'images ect les basiques

Mais ce qui est bien c'est que quand vous arriverez dans le serveur vous pourrez choisir 1 clans parmi les 10 disponibles et certain peuvent devenir chef du clan et chaque clan aura son salon privée pour parler entre eux ainsi que tout les chefs de clans et vous pouvez participer a tout types d'évent que l'équipe staff vous proposera et seront faite par les - Rīdā - qui signifie les Animateurs pour gagner des points a votre clans et donc il y a toute une catégorie ''évent".

Ainsi qu'une catégorie ou s'y trouve des salons avec chaque nom de mangas ou vous pourrez parler de chaque manga que vous voudrez et aussi un salons ou des:-MangaPurezentā- qui signifie présentateur de manga vous présenteront différents mangas.
Et vous avez aussi pour les ptits coquins une catégorie Nsfw avec tout les types de hentai et du ecchi ou encore nsfw autre....

Je pense vous avoir tout dis j’espère que cela vous convaincra de venir passer un bon moment avec nous vous êtes les bienvenues a j’espère vous voir bientôt peut être.
Dies ist ein Discordserver wo Täglich mehrere Gewinnspiele statt finden!
Hey everyone. I would like to invite anybody who is looking for a consistent group to play multiplayer Xbox one games with. We are a helpful and patient group.
This group is also just a great social space. Most current games are supported, recommendations welcome, we plan to make this group huge.
We do not heavy any unreasonable rules. Just treat everyone like a friend.
Also disclaimer, this server is nsfw. While there will be no nudity or pornography, our humour can be a but dark sometimes, lol.
If you think you may enjoy this group, feel free to join.
Welcome to Dive eSports discord!
We host giveaways, talk to fans and the community and have a great time!

Tryout for an emerging fortnite clan!
Win big on our giveaways!
Meet new friends and our amazing community!
Take part in events!
Find out information early before our social medias!

Join today, why wouldn't you!
A community just to have fun and chill, or maybe if you have a gamer ego you can try playing games or even try-out for our Fortnite clan! 6 bots are included for individual channels so you can listen to your own music! We love and accept anyone who is special or maybe weird in a good way! :3
The Non Toxic Squad
recommended stats for competitive team: 100+ wins, 2.00KD, 14+ age(if your good enough ill let you in despite your stats ☺)
non-competitive team: 20+ wins .65+ kd(if your good enough ill let you in despite your stats ☺)

please apply for the competitive team^
We are a growing community mainly fouced around rainbow six siege , We provide a friendly environment to help new players or players seeking improvement , we host occasional community events such as scrims and tournamnets , you also can easily LFG here as we have people from all around the world
We are an apex legends gaming clan. We have pretty challenging requirements to join, so this server is only for the best.
Looking for high class players to join my clan. you clan play cross platform and also any FPS games are allowed. Also this is a NSFW free server . Respect everyone in the servers especially the mods and the people who are looking after the server when I am away. Mind that we are serious about any offensive material if you want to know more about it check the #rules page . Besides that we are really nice and feel free to ask anyone for help - Envy
Welcome to our server! Make sure you will check #📝rules📝 and you wont be toxic! and we dont want a raid!

We have

:tada: Giveaways
:skull_crossbones: Staff applications (will be expired after 1 day so join right now!)
:ok_woman: Looking for PMs
:robot: Cool robots
:man: Good active peoples!
:hammer: Good staff!
:green_heart: Colour roles!

Aswell you can be rewarded with any role if you will do any milestone!

un server italiano di gaming basato su guerre tra clan su vari giochi. Crea il tuo clan e vieni a combattere nel nostro server!
Hello Welcome To Legends community, This is a chill/clan server we play alot of games, we hope you can join our community
We are a growing gaming community that offers support for small streamers. Eva is also a growing clan looking for members and casual players
Claw is a clan for any games that get suggested. Manly trying to grow our fortnite side. If you are active you get higher roles. We have sights to expand in to esports once we grow. Be sure to read the rules
We are looking for really good Fortnite players on every type of platform, that know how to communicate, execute and win games! (Not everyone will be able to make it. may the odds ever be in your favor)