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Hey this is my little clan that i run! its pretty small right now but i have big plans for the future be sure to be there when they happen!!
We are a growing gaming community that offers support for small streamers. Eva is also a growing clan looking for members and casual players
We're a brand new clan with plans to make teams in many games and also to make a community!
We are the Mafia Hangout. We are a small community looking to make an amazing and an enjoyble enviroment for everyone!
this server is desperate of members plz join
>Events & Contests
>Account Dumps
Fun and new discord for everyone
Hey! You, Yes you!

Do you have a pc?

Do you play games via steam on that pc?

Well then, You're in luck! The XYZ clan of steam is a small, but acceptable clan of gamers.

Why should you join?

We host events through various games

Dont have the money for games? Well we run tornuments through various free games as well. We also will have games as prizes even for the free games!

We have a community of accepting people who are lgbt friendly.

Dont believe me? Then join and find out for yourself!
🇵 🇺 🇧 🇬 🇸 🇪 🇷 🇻 🇪 🇷
Features :-
❷ a͎w͎e͎s͎o͎m͎e͎ B͓̽O͓̽T͓̽S͓̽
❸ Custom Rooms
❹ M͛ O͛ P͛ S͛ CLAN (Ranked in top 30 clans for ASIA)
❺ FREE Spam
ᴀᴄᴄᴘᴇᴘᴛɪɴɢ ɴᴇᴡ sᴛᴀғғ & ᴍᴏᴘs ᴍᴇᴍʙᴇʀs

🇵 🇺 🇧 🇬 🇸 🇪 🇷 🇻 🇪 🇷
Werewolf online clan an the others
Just a chill server come and join us!
We are a growing community mainly fouced around rainbow six siege , We provide a friendly environment to help new players or players seeking improvement , we host occasional community events such as scrims and tournamnets , you also can easily LFG here as we have people from all around the world
Welcome to the official discord server of the WKFF clan! We are a small fortnite clan dedicated to being inclusive of all platforms and gameplay levels. We'd love it if you could stop by and try out for a spot on the clan or just chill out and talk.
Phoenix is a gaming Clan/Community. Come join if you are a gamer looking for a clan (cross platform). We are a sponsored upcoming gaming clan with just over 50 active members! (Fortnite Only)
Hello Boys And Girls!

I want to tell you about my clan!

We are Holy Fucks!

We are Casual/Laid Back Clan.

We need people who don't give a fuck if they lose. All they care about is having fun.
(we swear alot and if someone insults you just laugh about it cuz thats our kinds of jokes :P)

Lots of jokes,and fun :P

And srr we are rly small.... we gotta start somewhere..
SNL are a rapidly growing Fortnite clan with a tight community and very successful competitive team. We accept all level of ability. You do not need to be good, all we require is you can have a laugh and are not toxic. Please join us if we sound like the clan for you!
Intro: Welcome to the BOP Clan. We are a new and fast growing clan looking to recruit anyone above the age of 13. BOP is both a casual and competitive clan with tournaments every weekend and scrims almost every weekend. We require you to be an active member of the discord even if you are not playing Fortnite or Rust.

Why join: This is a community where good players can come to play in scrims and tournaments and also play with other good people or where bad players can come to get better and play with other people. We strive to be the best community and clan there is out there. We require all members to be active on the discord and that they are going to contribute to the future of the clan.

How to join: If you are interested in joining Demon please make sure you fit the following requirements.

Have a working microphone

Active on Discord  

You are at least 13+ years old

You are willing to follow all the rules listed on Discord

You are willing to be patient for tryouts we need to do   

If you meet all of those requirements then please go check out are discord.

Once you are on the discord please read through all the rules and read through the BOP Guide. After reading those 2 things go to the tryout form page and submit a form. Make sure you are active on discord or you will not get your tryout. We are a brand new clan, we are working on getting organized so sometimes we miss you on the form if we do just see when someone is giving tryouts and see if you could do yours (just do not spam).

Ranks we offer: At the current moment in time we do not have any rank requirements. We do not like basing people of there stats mainly because if you played in season 1 there is a good chance you will have a bad K/D. The ranks are listed from highest to lowest.







Please also note since we are growing so fast we are making tryouts harder and people are going to start getting lower ranks more.

We thank you for your time of reading this and we hope you consider joining the BOP clan. 
Hey, we are a Rust Clan called {GTX}. We are a small community looking to grow bigger in size to compete in tournaments, challenges and community activities.
This Is the International Gaming Nation, This Is a Clan and For Fun Discord!
To join IGN, you just gotta have the game and be able to play in tournaments!
Pretty simple right!
This Is A Mixture Of a Clan And Regular discord. This Is for everyone All Over the World to join and meet people and have fun!
I'll like to add that we also Will Help Fellow streamers and youtuber by letting them promote their channels and streams!
I hope You guys join the clan or just the Discord Alone thank you!!!
I present to you the *true* roman gaming clan, what sets us apart from the many pretenders is our proud use of classical latin, the form of latin that the romans actually used in the time of the principate. What sets us apart from the other many gaming clans out there is our rich civilized roman culture (minus the paganism #constantinethegreat), our use of time tested roman military tactics in pvp (even to the point of training our centurions with historical battle documentaries), and our legionnares that pvp in solid disciplined formation! We aim to grow and revive the roman empire as much as we can using the modern medium of video games. ADIMPERIVM!
We are a new clan we offer u all thing's listed below
We are an active server I'm Starting Youtube So Better Be My Friend Now Before I Get Big xD Jk That's Probably never going to happen but i alway's have hope... We are a small community we started 2 months ago it's been dead for a long time and now it has another chance of blowing up wich i hope it does the last server i had got raided so i had to make a new one. We also have a leveling system!
╔══════════ ೋღNBDღೋ ══════════╗


➔🔥We are Opened To Partnering!!❥♛💥
➔🔥Great Community❥♛💥
➔🔥Growing Community📈❥♛💥

═══════════ ೋღ王ღೋ ═══════════
——————-=| ೋღINFOღೋ |=-——————
➔🔥Fun and chill hangout! :)❥♛👌💺
➔🔥Game Event's!❥♛💻🎮🕕📝
➔🔥Starting Youtube!❥♛
➔🔥Fun Chat!❥♛💬👍
➔🔥.io Game's!❥♛💻
➔🔥Fun Constant Chat❥♛😄💬
➔🔥Game Chat's❥♛💻🎮💬
➔🔥Funny Meme's❥♛😂
➔🔥Advertise Anywhere❥♛🔓📤📝📬
╚══════════ ೋღ NBD ღೋ══════════╝
Das ist der offizielle Liquid Clan Discord. Joint drauf wenn ihr dem Clan beitreten wollt, oder wenn ihr einfach nur zocken wollt.
We are a fortnite growing community clan!
- Playgrounds 1v1s
- Music bot
- Level system
Please join!
This is the Animal Kingdom server were other people can join up, chat with other members or youtubers and so much more! come join to check it out for yourself!