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Du sucht ein Clan oder einfach nur Leute zum Zocken dann bist du hier genau richtig. Wir bitten hier Tuniere mit Preisgeld. Wir besitzen bereits Custom Games, eine eigene Website. Bei uns gibt es Spieler von Minecraft, Overwatch , League of Legends und natürlich Fortnite. Wir haben ein Pro und Esports Team und wollen später eine Orga werden .🤔

Plongez au coeur de la forêt tout en incarnant un chat imaginé par vos soins et découvrez les mystères qui planent autour de ses quatre clans et de son territoire peu accueillant...
Quel choix ferez-vous et quelles seront les conséquences ? Le Maître du Jeu le décidera.
Savourez les délices et le bonheur qu'inculte le roleplay discord, proche du roleplay forum.
Wassuh, my name is BlaDe_Sh4k3nz and I am the leader of this clan and I am recruiting skilled strucid players. This does not mean that you have to change your ROBLOX name to be known as one of the best in the game.
Grand Army of the Republic milsim. All Battalions open! Lots of chances to grow as your own trooper. Treat this as if you’ve created your own character and you’re starring your growing journey as a Clone trooper. Earlier joiners have higher chances to become officers, or even Captains and Comamnders!
We are a group of gamers who play games with friends, stream and upload to youtube,
Golden's Jailbreak is a community focused around one of the most popular games on Roblox called "Jailbreak", we host events with prizes and we make sure to reward your stay in the server with all kinds of perks like currency, role rewards, free level ups etc, the server is very professionally made, come check us out! We just started out!
Golden's Mad City is a community focused around one of the most popular games on Roblox called "Mad City", we host events with prizes and we make sure to reward your stay in the server with all kinds of perks like currency, role rewards, free level ups etc, the server is very professionally made, come check us out! Over 450+ Members now!
➤ Wir suchen aktive mitglieder!
➤ Wir haben ein lockeren umgang miteinander!
➤ Mindesalter ist 15!
➤ Gutes micro ist vorausgesetzt!
➤ Ziel ist die ESL! (auch wenn wir jung sind lul)
The IV Clan is a gaming/eSports clan, which involve ourselves in games like Fortnite and Apex Legends

We will accept almost any player of games we play, whom are good at the games, and we also accept casual server viewers

Eine Gemeinschaft die Gelegentlich zockt und auch mal zusammen chillt!
Wir sind nicht gegeneinander sondern halten zusammen!
Und wenn es was zum Feiern gibt dann machen wir das auch!

Was wir bieten:

Eine Community
Gaming Channels
Chill Channels
Musik Bots
Zu jedem Game Voice- und Text Channels

Viel Spaß bei uns!!!
💙- Ein Gaming discord von dem Fortnite eSports Clan SH (ShapeZ)

💙- Unseren Discord gibt es seid dem 2.6.19
💙- Wir besitzen immoment 80 Mitglieder Unser Ziel für das Jahr sind die 100 Mitglieder
-💙-Was Bieten wir?
Mitspielersuchen Wir unterstützen die Spiele
Kovaak"s FPS Aim trainer
💙-Werbung wird bei uns nicht unterstützt!
💙- Kommt doch gerne drauf schaut mal vorbei!
🎉 Ayo! Are you a new family member stumbling upon our ad? I hope so, but either way it’s nice to meet you! 👋🏾 If you're wondering who we are, CrossXBlades is an active gaming family that likes to have fun, support one another, and just be ourselves. We are open-minded; so all are welcome as long as you follow the rules and are respectful of one another. **No NSFW content**. 🎉
There is always something to do or people to hang with. Find those who have similar interests.
💠 Play games together such as: Warframe, Paladins, SSBU, etc...
💠 Have fun with bots! 
💠 Participate in events!
💠 Participate in the daily Thoughts to Ponder, have deep discussions, post memes, & vent
We enjoy seeing new faces join our family, for we are one that grows & learns together. Stop on by at ☺
🟠 Deutscher Gaming Discord
🟠Wir bieten Spiele wie Fortnite, Minecraft, GTA V und noch viele mehr auf unserem Server an
🟠Wir haben einen eigenen Clan, welcher bereits Earnings gewonnen hat. Wer Lust hätte beizutreten, join einfach unserem Discord, um zu erfahren, was ihr dafür tuen müsst.
🟠Wir veranstalten Turniere und Giveaways
🟠Wir haben bereits Custom Games

🟠PS: Es findet derzeit ein Gewinnspiel statt bei dem man ein Minty Pickaxe Code gewinnen kann.
Hello I’m the owner of a clan (all console friendly) who wants to take gaming to the next level, competitive league!!! We play games such as Rocket League, Rainbow 6, and that’s just the start, I wanna make team for more than two games!!
Hi and welcome to Flic! We are a fairly new Krunker clan growing extremely fast! We have a great community with a competitive and casual player base. We compete in scrims on a regular basis and would love to win some kr with you! We also host daily and weekly KR giveaways, which are open to the public!

Contact info:
__** Crush**__ **+800 Fete și Băieți**

╰───▸ 𝓌𝒽𝒶𝓉 𝓌𝑒 𝑜𝒻𝒻𝑒𝓇:
➵ 🎧 Colinde de Crăciun

1:05 ───|────── 4:09

     |◁ II ▷|

➵ 🔇 Camere Private.
➵ 🌎 Server International.
➡ | Membrii: **800+** de fete și băieți care sa te întâmpine 👌🏻
🔗 | Permanent Invite:
Team Zector! (400+ Members) + Nitro Boost
Almost Daily Giveaways!

We are a multiplatform fortnite clan, and are looking for players like you.
all you have to do is: join the server, ask for a tryout so we can see your skills.
you either have to play on "EU", "NAE" or "Middle East" Servers.

We do:
- Hosted Tournaments (!events)
- Clan battles (competitive players)

Feel free to join to join the clan or just to talk with us!
We accept all platform such as Switch, Pc, Mobile, Controllers (xbox, ps4 etc)

We have:
🔥 - Great Community
🎧 - Music Bots
🎲 - Game Bots
🎉 - Events

Join today! and become a part of Team Zector!
Team Ares Is A Fortnite Team That Compromises of Various Talents from the Middle East As well as Asia. All Players have Proven they deserve a Spot in the Team By winning Cash Prizes in Official Fortnite tourneys such as the World Cup. We will do our best and better ourselves everyday.

▬▬▬ Qui sommes nous ? ▬▬▬

Nous sommes un Clan cross plateforme ayant pour but devenir l’un des meilleurs clans Français.

▬▬▬▬▬ Réseaux : ▬▬▬▬▬

Twitch : ElixirWebTv

▬▬▬▬▬ Nos projets ? ▬▬▬▬▬

➔ Être sous loi 1901

➔ Des perf durant des compétitions

➔ Devenir l’un des meilleurs clans FR

➔ Et bien plus !

-Modérateur : 0/6
-Admin : 0/3
-Influenceurs : 0/2
-joueurs : 2/16
▬▬▬▬▬▬ Liens utile :▬▬▬▬▬▬▬
➔ Discord :
➔ PayPal : **
Tilt clan is a all inclusive clan that anyone can join so if you looking for a clan just click this link and join today
Team Vapr is a switch clan that plays fortnite but dabbles in other games too! We are always welcome to new members and hope to see you there too!
-Aubrey, one of the members of Vapr.
Black Bull Castle!
-Server Information
♡❧ Active text chat
♡❧ Active staffs and mods
♡❧ Alot of fans from Black Clover
♡❧ Wholesome community
♡❧ Amazing Clan team
♡❧ Self role
♡❧ 20+ bots
♡❧ 13+ server
♡❧ Partnerships
**Join today ♡**