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About Us

Anaro is an active multi-game clan and community, looking for new members to join us, our clan was founded in December of 2014, and ever since then we have remained a group of like-minded individuals who share the same interest in gaming. Currently we are looking for new members to join our clan. While we consider ourselves more competitive we have no problem with more casual players joining us as well. At the moment there are no requirements to join other than being in the discord.
To join -

Our discord can be found here -
Requirements -

-Must be in Discord Server, as our main form of communication it is required that all members have it

-Microphone is recommended 

-Follow all clan rules
Anaro hopes to see you soon
Official Team Lir✓ Krunker Server

In our server, you can meet new people and make friends, communicate through voice channels, play Krunker competitively, listen to music and overall have a great time. Come join our server!

- Level +10
- Active Player
We are Team LCD! We are a new fortnite clan hoping to get into the competitive scene. Tryouts occur often and we are mainly NAE but everyone is accepted.
Growing Clan, and partially Clan that has:
Active Staff and Members
Fun Bots
Regular Scrims
ZVG ZPV Verified
And Plenty more!
Comp clan primarily looking for competitive players and also pubstompers across all regions. We have an active server with lots of people in it and lots of channels for everything you’re looking for such as Krunker customizations, trading, and chats if you feel like kicking back, relaxing, and having a chat with the community. If you do want to join the clan join the server and read the how-to-apply channel.

Pubstomper Requirements:
-KDR 2+
-Level 20+
-Must play frequently

Content Creator Requirements: (exceptions can be made)
-KDR 2+
-Level 20+
-Must play frequently
-Average 10 views per YouTube video/Average 4 viewers per Twitch stream

Comp Requirements:
-KDR 2.5+
-Level 20+
-Must play frequently
This is Carnales. It's a new clan, but we host clan battles and clan tournaments now and then. We're a SEA and EU server, but other people from other regions can join too! To join, you have to 1v1 one of the mods or the roles above them, if you lose, you get to stay in the server, but not in the clan. Only high gold and up are allowed!
Are you looking for a community with a little bit of something for everyone?

We are Dominators, a NA org started on codm. We have 5 clans in game, one of which is on the top 100 ranked clan leaderboard, and another that is slowly rising to the ranks. Our members range from casual players, competitive players, and everything in between. We've got competitive codm br/mp teams, a runescape division, and in the works of branching out to different games. We are one big family with over 130 members...oh & always recruiting!

We are ever evolving and growing. We have community events, host competitive leagues, have a huge selection of server emojis and text/voice channels to hangout in.

Swing by and say hi! We'd love to have you be apart of our #DФMFAMILY!
NOVA NIGHTS® |[🎮ers] Alliance

Its with great honor I present you the NOVA KNIGHTS® |[🎮ers] Alliance where we put our differences aside, lay down our swords and drop our shields to unite once a month as one comunity to trash some unlucky clan that will cross our paths.

We have an amazing system (using our specialised discord bot) that Clan Leaders [💎] can Add their own Clans easily.

We started as a single clan but due to many members who lay idle trying to get into our main clan we were forced to create an Alliance. Tournaments and Leagues are in pipeline for clans members only.
Full Circle is a growing community and clan of aspiring competitive and casual Call of Duty: Mobile players. Thus far, our clan is mixed with individuals from the Caribbean, the Americas and Europe.

Our discord is very friendly and can be used as place for anyone to team up, hang out or join our clan!

Why should you join our clan?
Here at Full Circle, we believe in unlocking your highest gaming potential. We try our best to assist individuals in becoming all-rounded players by helping to increase the strengths that they have and pointing out ways to turn their weaknesses into strengths. Everyone doesn’t become a ‘pro’ overnight, and we’re willing to grow and learn from you just as you will from us.

Do consider joining us and message our admins if you need assistance!
Hello, we are Team Reverse and we would like to welcome you to our gaming team! We have many of good players and we are looking for more! Here are some of the things we are looking for!

- GFX & VFX Editors
- YouTubers
- Streamers
- Creative Warriors
- Competitive Players
- Casual Players
- And More!

We offer daily tournaments and do clan wars.

If you would like to join our team, join down below and tryout to be part of Team Reverse! (more information in the server!)
TeamMotionZ is a new and upcoming team made on 7/9/2020

What we offer
- 80+discord members
- A good looking server
- Free basic GFX and VFX
- Two great founders striving to be the best
- A new YT we plan on using later on in our time
- Non-toxic staff/community. - We host customs every single day. - Undefeatable players

What we need
- Trusted staff members
- Recruiters
- Captains
- Competitive
- Creative
- VFX and GFX
- Casual Players
- A supportive community
- NA and EU
- Owners and Managers - Inviters/Advertisers

Come join the crimson X society were we go into games and steal and purge anything and everything, conquer land and make allies, make traid and scam them of gold. We expect new comers with open arms. The clan is need of work but with your participation we can improve and be better so please join the crimson X society today
Norlight eSports are RECRUITING!
Norlight eSports, we are a growing fortnite community.

We are looking for
-Competitive players. (Asia, OCE, and Middle East)
-Creative Warriors
-GFX/VFX editors. (not paid YET)

What we offer
-Growing clan
-Great community
-Daily events (zone wars, prop hunt, fashion shows, custom matches etc)

I hope we can work together here at Norlight eSports.

Dokan Esports is here to create a loving, warm, friendly community, and we want you to join !
- Our management team are committed to ensure the discord server is the best it can be for you guys
- They recieve regular training and regularly meet with hierarchy such as the CEO and Assistant Manager for advice and to work on their priority areas
- Our members are included in everything we do, including community events weekly
- We have a dedicated Management team that are there for your safety and to create amazing events and tournaments for you !
- We are trying to grow so that we can do more giveaways and larger community events.
If you are interested please DM me for an invite to the discord server! Once you join our discord server you can see how to join by then!

What we offer!
Over 100+ Youtube Subscribers
Over 100+ Instagram followers
50+Discord Members
Contracts and salary (coming soon)
Grow your channel
Promotions of your socials
Become a player in Dokan Esports Competitive Fortnite Team
Custom Hosters

What we need:
Those who are competitive players that can help get clips for Team Videos weekly
- Staff roles:
General mod/ Chat mod/ tournament mod/ GFX/VFX for team videos
Content Creators
- Streamers
- GFX-free for now
- VFX - free for now
- Also need people who can get discord members so we can grow
-Promoters for the discord and YouTube Channel
Team Exquisites
North American Critical Ops Clan
Server Rules
• No toxicity
• No racism/discrimination
• No NSFW content
• Follow server channels
• No spam
Team Requirements
• Plats or above
• Able to VC or text callouts
• Active (excuses can be made)
• Follow IGL orders and gamesense
Activities for team
• Daily inners/scrims
• Rank parties
• Playing other games for fun
• Movie Night (maybe idk)
If you feel like you are capable of all, you can feel free and join and follow the trial form or talk with our members and community.
Team Desire is a group focused on an online game in Roblox named Arsenal, we accept all types of consoles. We are an Arsenal clan and we currently are having tryouts.
Are you looking for an esports org? Do you play Fortnite, Valorant, CS:GO, R6, or Rocket League? If so, Agitate Esports is right for you!
About us: Welcome to Agitate Esports! Our mission here is to deliver the best quality competitive gaming that you can get. Our current competitive game is Rocket League, but we have begun working on Fortnite and Valorant, with more games coming soon! As you can see in the categories/channels below, we have a few levels of competitive teams with application systems set up if you think you have what it takes to compete with or join a team. You are able to apply for a team as soon as you join, and your application will be looked shortly after you post. In the mean time, take a look around, check out some chats, and make yourself at home. We are so happy to have you join Agitate Esports, and we hope you have a wonderful experience with us. If you have any questions, please reach out to any of the staff and they will be more than happy to help you out! - Agitate Esports
Now Continued

What we offer you: A discord server with 750+ members! A social media brand that is growing and fast! Teams already in the competitive scene! A welcoming, fun and relaxing server! Dedicated staff! We are looking for you! If you want to join Agitate you must promise me one thing. You will be ready to Agitate The competition (oh haha so funny)!
"Hey, you coming to school today? Oh..i understand! I’ll see you at Wisteria then!"

☘︎>*・゜゚・*:.。..。.:*・'・*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚・*<☘︎

You might be asking to yourself..”What is this place? I’m just a plain student who goes to Rozarev Highschool." Well let me introduce ya’! Wisteria! Where you can start your new adventures with your new friends!
Choose wisely which clan you want to be in. There is no coming back after making your decisions! Don’t you think you’re the only one who knows Wisteria..there are people who knows it too in the usual world.
Be careful, they might seem like a friend...but still, choose your friends wisely aswell!

❀>*・゜゚・*:.。..。.:*・'・*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚・*<❀

Here we offer you:
☯︎Friendly people, staff, bots and more!☯︎
☯︎Fantastic places where you can roleplay in two different world!☯︎
☯︎5 different clans with unique abilities, guardians and unique roles you can get!☯︎
☯︎Different channels and voice channels other than Wisteria, you can talk about anything at those channels!☯︎

⚘>*・゜゚・*:.。..。.:*・'・*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚・*<⚘
We’re a little community who will be growing time to time..but I assure you that you’ll have fun here!
"Well then..see you at Wis- i-i mean school!! Hehe.."
Hello and this is a Roblox Clan called The Gulag!
Wondering what are we based about?
We are a Lost Clan that conquer Lost Servers in Roblox
We are a friendly community also!
No toxicity
No being rude to staff
Always be serious in certain times
No nsfw content due to minors
No hacking etc,
Always follow community guidelines and stay Cheeki Breeki!

Goodluck Privet,
We're a Mil-Sim unit, for ages 16 and above (some exceptions can be made). Every Saturday we host operations where we group up and work together to win.

We are also in close contact with other promenant clans like "GAR" and "Army of Clones Gaming Group" which means we usually team up with or against them.

We only have active players who are friendly and supportive to both old and new members, so you will always feel comfortable both in-game and in our discord server.