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Hello Welcome To Legends community, This is a chill/clan server we play alot of games, we hope you can join our community
We are a Rainbow Six Siege community and our server has a lot of features, join and make new friends, we are also open to anyone trying out for our competitive team.
We are just a small fortnite server looking for some more members. Were mainly just a simple community that chats, but we also have a clan. You can try out and will get a role.
Hey guys! I would love to recruit some new members for Tragiic! It's a PC-only Fortnite clan hoping to grow! So join the discord server if you are interested in joining.
We are a clan looking for casual/competitive players who would like to join us. We usually play together and have fun. We would appreciate it if you would join and help us grow as a fortnite community and become a recognised clan! Thanks!

Extra: We are an EU-only clan.

Heyyy Bonjour/Bonsoir a toi , je me présente je suis la fondatrice (dis - Sōgyō-sha - ici) du serveur nommé {Shizoku No Tatakai} qui est du japonais et qui signifie ''Bataille de Clans''

Maintenant je vais vous présenté le serveur :

Alors le serveur est un serveur spécialisé sur les mangas et animés.
Dans le serveur vous aurez un tas de salons des salons pour les images vidéos , vos création , les commandes des bots de musiques d'images ect les basiques

Mais ce qui est bien c'est que quand vous arriverez dans le serveur vous pourrez choisir 1 clans parmi les 10 disponibles et certain peuvent devenir chef du clan et chaque clan aura son salon privée pour parler entre eux ainsi que tout les chefs de clans et vous pouvez participer a tout types d'évent que l'équipe staff vous proposera et seront faite par les - Rīdā - qui signifie les Animateurs pour gagner des points a votre clans et donc il y a toute une catégorie ''évent".

Ainsi qu'une catégorie ou s'y trouve des salons avec chaque nom de mangas ou vous pourrez parler de chaque manga que vous voudrez et aussi un salons ou des:-MangaPurezentā- qui signifie présentateur de manga vous présenteront différents mangas.
Et vous avez aussi pour les ptits coquins une catégorie Nsfw avec tout les types de hentai et du ecchi ou encore nsfw autre....

Je pense vous avoir tout dis j’espère que cela vous convaincra de venir passer un bon moment avec nous vous êtes les bienvenues a j’espère vous voir bientôt peut être.
Making a gaming clan, we play all games, come try out for teams. Barebones at the moment until we get more members
Hi welcome To the clan Sever where you can advertise your clan and get people to join in
you can also have fun and meet cool new people
But the most important thing is Have fun!
In a new territory kittypets have come to the forest seeking new lives and have started 5 new clans with the help of 3 starclan cats.
The clans are: Mudclan, Rainclan, Eagleclan, Sandclan, and Talonclan.
After 5 moons of peace dogs came into the forest, some were living in packs and others just roamed the forest on their own. Cats and dogs have been fighting over territory, no dog will trust cats And likewise no cats will trust dogs. What side will you be on?

*note:* you may have unlimited characters
Slaughter Gang, Ruthless, Uncut, UNCENSORED.
This is the server of eSports team, Silent. We have grown to become one of the fastest growing teams currently on the face of the internet, and we strive to keep this going. Join our server! #FearSilent
𝖚𝖘𝖆✪ top 100 NA
🎖 Scrims/Tournaments-weekly
🛡 5-Competitive players needed
🎮4-casual players needed
📱community players welcome here
NcG is now hosting Apex scrims for all on any platform sign up today!
NcG is now hosting apex scrims for all teams
on any platform sign your team up in discord
We are Powered by are Sponsors
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support NcG directly with
all tips are taxed and non refundable
Wir das WATG
We Are The Gods
Suchen nach dir, wir sind eine Deutschsprachiger Fortnite Clan und brauchen mehrere Member !
Komme doch auf unserem Discord Server und bewerbe dich!
🌟40 Mitglieder
🌟Geile Bots
🌟Nicer Support
🌟Weitere informationen auf dem Server!
Wir warten auf dich !!!

Respect Gaming

Deutsch: Wir sind Deutsch sprachig aber nehmen auch Internationale Spieler auf!
Crossplatform: Egal welche Konsole, Ihr seid immer Willkommen,
Spaß: Spaß am spiel und Spaß in der Kommunikation
Respekt: Jeder hat sein Respekt verdient und ihr verdient auch euren Respekt!

Motto: Wenn die Gaming Community sich gegenseitig hasst, Dann vereinen wir sie!


Apex Legends (Plamie | PC)
Fortnite (Plamie | PC)
Rainbow 6 Siege (Plamie | PC)
BO4 (Unbekannt)
Rocket League (unnbekant)
CSGO (unbekannt)
Hey wir sind ein deutscher gaming clan der ein bisschen mit euch chillen will
und zocken
A red dead redemption roleplay for PS4 as the confederate, we are new but we have a uniform, music bot ,ranking system, departments and much much more
A community just to have fun and chill, or maybe if you have a gamer ego you can try playing games or even try-out for our Fortnite clan! Listen to music and get to know each other. We also try to help others who suffer from Anxiety, Depression etc.
We are a open and friendly community. You can chill & Relax with whoever you want. We play fighting/strategy game and take our fighting games seriously such as Rainbow Six Siege, CSGO, APEX Legends. We are a clan within discord with a staff/management team and we hope to get our discord server big. We enjoy playing games and we have a serious amount of fun and have amazing times together. We speak to everyone and our main role is to have a discord server of a nice community and a roster within our seriousness.
We have:
>Events & Contests
>Game Nights
>Account Dumps
(Dumps are manual and it’s malfunctioning currently, sorry lol)

We are desperate for members please join -3-
Fortnite clan called TUB we are oce and we allow any platform hope to see you there! :)
We are a gaming clan focused on Apex Legends and Conqueror's Blade. Find teammates to join your squad, and discuss about games + more with us.
We are a group of friends that split off from a lager group we accept anyone to us as long as you ain't a pedo.
⭐️Chat AND Clan
🌟Enjoy the bots
✨GIVEAWAYS - Actually a 1 YEAR NITRO giving away RN!