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Wanna chat for no reason?
Like or Hate Unicorns!

Come on in to this Unicorn Clan Server, and be knighted!

Sind ein aktiver Clan dem es wichtig ist, dass jeder aktiv ist und sich ordentlich benimmt. Falls du eSports Member werden möchtest join uns.
Welcome to Eternal Duelists, a clan for both new and experienced duelists. The leader is Yasuo who's a skilled duelist with Necro as co leader who's also skilled and has a lot of experience. In this clan we aim to help newer duelists and experienced duelists improve and give them a place to duel each other and to test their decks. Hope you enjoy your stay!
Welcome to Team Genesis! We are a new Call of Duty Mobile clan with 125+ members, and we are looking to recruit more players for our pro mp scrim team. Lot's to offer from the server, DM me or the staff if you have any questions!
Clan Name: TRIB (short for TRIBE)
Clan Leader(s): [TRIBE] Crucial#4714 [TRIBE] NotLachlan#0297
Clan Info: To join TRIBE you must have a 2.0 kdr and be level 20. We are also looking for content creators if you want to join as a cc contact the leaders.
We're a Mil-Sim unit, for ages 16 and above (some exceptions can be made). Every Saturday we host operations where we group up and work together to win.

We are also in close contact with other promenant clans like "GAR" and "Army of Clones Gaming Group" which means we usually team up with or against them.

We only have active players who are friendly and supportive to both old and new members, so you will always feel comfortable both in-game and in our discord server.
un server italiano di gaming basato su guerre tra clan su vari giochi. Crea il tuo clan e vieni a combattere nel nostro server!
▬▬▬『 L'Empire 🏰 』▬▬▬

Bonjour à tous !
Tu connais L'Empire ?

C' est un tout nouveau serveur sur le thème de Des Chevaliers qui regroupe une communauté fun L'Empire est organisé et propre, l'endroit parfait pour faire de bonne rencontre ! 🏃‍♂️


(🍹) / Un serveur magnifique

(🎲) / Choisi ton clan entre les 👘 et les 🤺

(🧀) / Des salons Fun, médias, nsfw , animations et encore pleins d' autre

(🚀) / Une communauté FR chill

(🍓) /Des rôles hors du commun que vous trouverez sur L'Empire

(💡) / Qu'attend-tu pour nous rejoindre ?

Welcome to TeamSixteen!

We are a CODM (Call of Duty Mobile) clan looking for pro and active players. We are currently Top 150 on the season leaderboard! We are level 8 and growing!

If you don't get into the clan, this server is still great for finding good players in your rank who can play with you.

Requirements to Join TeamSixteen:
1) Master + Multiplayer Rank
2) Very active
3) Not toxic (if you're toxic, you're out)
4) You have to join the TeamSixteen Discord
5) Have fun!
Hello, and welcome to Halo's Gaming Clan!
We are hiring staff, and would love to see you join!
First ten people to join may be automatically promoted!
Thanks for your time! 😇
🔱Welcome to DSR Gaming🔱
We are Destroyers
Help us grow the team
We have a great community for gamers!!
Hey, welcome to WFG!! We're a friendly krunker clan server looking for people to join the server or even the WFG clan. Our server is proud of what it is today, and it's growing constantly everyday. You can still join even if you're in another clan or if you just wanna chat. If you play krunker, we have voice chats, people, channels, and even other bots that can give you a fun time. We also have channels where you can find scopes, crosshairs, hitmarkers, and if you don't like something, you can even post a suggestion. To add to that we also are accepting players from ANY region so even if you play EU or Asia for example, we'll still accept you but please keep in mind that we are not a “anyone can join” clan, if you’d like to join the clan then when you join the server please read the how to apply channel :). Please make sure to check us out, you might find a new home on discord. 😊
Roblox lost clan “Rame” join and join the clan it’s really fun and also we will help you out if you do not know how to play!!!
▬▬▬Team Shockz▬▬▬
We are Schockz, an Upcoming Fortnite Team. We Hope To Help Our Members be able to eventually go pro.Join If You Are Interested!

● Non-Toxic
●Be Active In The Discord Server
▬▬▬What We Offer▬▬▬

● Friendly Community
● Free GFX to team members
Hi We Are Team 1 Take We are a Fortnite Clan Focusing on Competitive Play And We Are Very Professional We Are Hoping for New Members Through Are Discord Thanks!
A new CODM clan just created looking to grow its members as the days go on. Looking to gain competitive codm players to participate in scrims and tourneys (It is also a NA clan). SLR also looks to gain a community also, its not just about CODM all the time, community matters too.

Must haves:
- No toxicity
- Must speak english
- No annoyance or harassment
- No spamming or asking for special roles
- No mass pinging of any member
- You gotta be cool

This is all that is required, if you can do everything even the last one then your welcomed to join. If not well chief this clan not for you.