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Hey there, you looking for a Splatoon 2 clan to join? For competitive and casual players alike with weekly tourneys? Well we've got the place for you! Welcome to CAMOS clan, sponsored by Rockenberg! A clan where you can find anyone to play with, no matter your skill level!
Welcome! In this server comes many opportunities to make friends and have fun. You can expect gaming, giveaways, and events that are filled with joyful moments. There are also many minigames that are conducted every month to make it more interesting and fun. We hope that you enjoy the stay.
Wir sind der Multigaming Clan KSK-Germany since 2010. Wir suchen immer Member ab 21+ Jahren die aktiv Spielen und Discord nutzen. HP: | Discord:
📌 C'est quoi la Olympe :

La Olympe est une team qui a pour but de réunir une communauté de joueurs autour d'un ou plusieurs jeux !

📌 Nous sommes actuellement en période de recrutement !
Nous recherchons des :

• Gérants
• Membres
• Recruteur
• Animateur
• Et bien d'autres

Les gérants sont les responsables de la team sur les différents jeux où la Olympe possède un clan/guilde ou autre regroupement de joueurs sous le nom de Olympe.

📌 Mais la Olympe c'est aussi

• Des mini-jeux
• Un discord avec de nombreuses fonctionalités
• Des Youtubeurs/Streameurs
• Une Team sur de nombreux Jeux : CS:GO | Warframe | LoL | Minecraft | Apex | R6 | Fortnite etc...
Growing Clan, and partially Clan that has:
Active Staff and Members
Fun Bots
Regular Scrims
ZVG ZPV Verified
And Plenty more!
Hi and welcome to Flic! We are a fairly new Krunker clan growing extremely fast! We have a great community with a competitive and casual player base. We compete in scrims on a regular basis and would love to win some kr with you! We also host daily and weekly KR giveaways, which are open to the public!

Contact info:
UTC +∞ _ ➵ Jᴏiɴ 🎖🏵
╰───▸ 𝓌𝒽𝒶𝓉 𝓌𝑒 𝑜𝒻𝒻𝑒𝓇:
Cᴀsᴛɪɢᴀ ᴜɴ ɴɪᴛʀᴏ ᴄʜɪᴀʀ ᴀᴄᴜᴍ
➵ 🔇 Camere Private.
➵ 🌎 Server International.
➵ 🥇 Serverul Nr 1 in Giveways. Invita membri și câștigi abonamente lunare Nitro Boost 🏆
➵ 🎳 Jucam toate jocurile, și avem server de Counter Strike
➡ | Membri: **+1000** de fete și băieți cu care sa te joci sau sa schimbi o vorba 👌🏻
🔗 | Permanent Invite:
Team Ares Is A Fortnite Team That Compromises of Various Talents from the Middle East As well as Asia. All Players have Proven they deserve a Spot in the Team By winning Cash Prizes in Official Fortnite tourneys such as the World Cup. We will do our best and better ourselves everyday.
Founded in Aug 2014
B2B War & Push Clan
Be Active,
Participate in War & Follow war Instructions
Donate Only Whats Requested
Promotions Are Earned

Discord App Is Compulsory

Free Gold Pass To The Top Player Every Season

**TH12 55/55/25 to TH13** for **Invidia Elite**
**TH10 30/30 to TH12 54/54/24** for **Invidia Rising**
**MAX TH7+ to TH10 29/29** for **Invidia Baby**



Willkommen auf dem Dead Monkeys Multigaming Clan! Wir wollen uns mehr aufbauen und neue Spieler für ESL finden. Bei Interesse auf den Server kommen und mal "Tach" sagen. Wir freuen uns schon auf dich! :D
un server italiano di gaming basato su guerre tra clan su vari giochi. Crea il tuo clan e vieni a combattere nel nostro server!
Prestige eSports is a new eSports clan recruiting for new members for our different teams. We currently have COD, CSGO, and Rainbow 6 Siege and this is quickly growing. If you are interested in becoming an eSports player be sure to join and apply!
Welcome to TeamSixteen!

We are a CODM (Call of Duty Mobile) clan looking for pro and active players. We are currently Top 150 on the season leaderboard! We are level 8 and growing!

If you don't get into the clan, this server is still great for finding good players in your rank who can play with you.

Requirements to Join TeamSixteen:
1) Master + Multiplayer Rank
2) Very active
3) Not toxic (if you're toxic, you're out)
4) You have to join the TeamSixteen Discord
5) Have fun!
NoR Is An New Fortnite Clan That Is Recruiting!
NoR For No Rest
Is an Fortnite Team.
What We Offer.
✅| We Offer You Active Community
✅| We Offer You A Nice Community
✅| We Have 30 Rules, So No Rule Breakers!
✅| No Spam!
✅| We Offer You Enjoyment!
✅| We Are Nice to EveryBody!
✅| Nobody Is Mean!

^^Have A Great Time In NoR :)**

>>> **__Requirements__**
- Good Skills
- Makes Good Plays
- Comp - RC Video
- Active in discord
- No toxicity

- Europe FN Players
- Cracked Players
- Recruiters
-GFX editors
-Nice, non-toxic community in the server
in our small clan we play a varied assortment of video games together, but we also interact with each other outside of those
hop in and see if we share any interests!
Welcome to @TeamXyzer ‘s Discord Server!

➽ What do we have?

- Custom Matchmaking Scrims
- Giveaways & good emotes
- Looking for players channel
- A leaderboard and exclusive roles for our tournament winners
___Lost Clan Needs ***YOU***___

***Hey Y’all, I’m just going to get straight to the point. Lost is an primarily Agario Mobile clan on the 192 and 207 D.N.S. (Most preferably 192) We would accept anyone with loving arms in our community. I would really call our clan a “clan” we’re more of a tightly nit community of dedicated fans, a family of players. We’re planning to do clan wars every week once we have all discord affairs in check. Anyways to keep this nice and simple here’s a bullet list on why you might wanna join.***

* Non-Toxic Community
* Frequent Clan Wars
* Wonderful Community
* We Accept Anyone Into Our Clan🥰
* Almost Daily Takeovers (So you can get better and level up)
* Training Program (The training program is we take in any player level 30+ and train them to create players like us) For more info ask a leader!
* And Much Much More!***

***So Join Up! You won’t regret it!***
Moon is a non-toxic clan,we offer clan wars,clan practices and tryouts we are looking for underrated players since we are quite successful.We are a competitive clan.
Welcome To Team Neon we accept anyone good or bad we are merged with Fluid Clan this is a new clan that we made hope you enjoy it and have a nice stay.
Nø MeRçY is a PUBG mobile clan for everyone, who loves playing and speaks english. Our Clan Motto is: One for all and all for one! Teamwork leads us to the win!!!
We are a great clan our aim is to show that skills don’t mean anything; the important part is how you communicate with others to achieve something (Teamwork). Feel free to show your skills around but don't be disrespectful to anyone in the clan.

Our Clan Requirements:

-> An appropriate number of matches played
-> Be mature and active
-> Rank: Silver+
-> Level: 20+
-> Be able to speak English
-> K/D Ratio doesn't matter
-> Microphone: English (or another language if Teammates speak it as well)
!!! Clan tag:『XMERCY』add this to your username if you want to

We are currently looking for good and experienced players, once we gain some, we'll start giving out roles to certain members! Stay alert! :D

If you aren’t interested in joining the clan, be welcome to play with other players in our server!