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Small but growing casual/chill community with a Touhou and Feudal Japan theme! | Fun Bots | Leveling System | 125 Self Color Roles
28 minutes ago
Anime and Manga 7
This server is partially for hanging out, but RPing is kinda our thing if you're interested in that. A lot of dicking around goes on too, don't be afraid to get roasted. We're all weebs here, so most rp is gonna be anime/manga based with a few exceptions. Most of us are still teenagers, so thats kinda the age-range we're going for.
6 hours ago
Community 228
Serving coffee and conversation 24/7. We run voice chats, events and even a podcast! Join over a thousand members in our unique community.
10 hours ago
The Crossroads is a friendly, casual Role-Play Community. Any and all characters are welcome; old, new, good, evil and everything in between. All races are accepted.

Though The Crossroad Realms is a role-play community, we have many other channels to engage in.

Features Include;
• Game Chat
• Fun bots; Tatsumaki, DiscordRPG, Pokecord and more!
• Creative Chats for artist/ writers including a place for buying/selling commissions.
• 3 word story
• Image and video spam channels.
• Much more!
Want to join in on the creation of the world? We're ever expanding and in need of dedicated mods to work out the finer details and continue to improve the server. Inquire within~
19 hours ago
come to my server where we are open to anyone. Everyone on my server is in high school. Feel free to give suggestions for channels and RP suggestions are also open.
20 hours ago
Hey, just started my new server, Pastel Coffee Shop, a very chill place to relax, chat about gaming, casual chit-chat, pictures, anything. respectable staff, colorful levelup roles and the hopes of a bright and happy community!
21 hours ago
Meteor Gaming is a public discord server that focuses on casual and competitive gaming. Here you will find tons of people to play online video games with and meet new friends! Check us out today!
23 hours ago
This is a *brand new* roleplay server looking for creative, casual, roleplayers who love to tell a good story. Multiple roleplays of various genres will be hosted here, where we can work together to design our own worlds and characters to tell an engaging story.
5 days ago
A loud beep ring out throughout the walls of the hotel. A smooth, and elegant voice spoke. “Good morning residence of Woodcrest! Welcome to the hotel. You’re own personal slice of civil hell! You are probably wondering why you are here. Well… All I have to say is figure out, and good luck. Oh! And one more word of advice before I go.” There was a pause for dramatic effect. The voice spoke again. It was dark and serious. “Survive.” There was another beep before silence. The residents began to awoke. Woodcrest has started.
25 days ago
Other 2
Come down to our city rp. It has 3 owners and waiting on mods and admins. It has jobs currency and homes.
29 days ago
CHECK IT OUT! YOU WILL L❤VE IT! Created 4 days ago, already 200 members. Chat and have fun! Don't leave its growing!📍GAMING 📍CASUAL
36 days ago
Other 3
Roleplay as a person in this huge city, this random city in the middle of nowhere is ful of weird people like you. No verification needed just make an OC (you dont need to make an OC if you dont want to i just suggest you do) and get going!
38 days ago
Anime and Manga 3
Heya! Ever wanna join a server that isn't super complicated and full of useless stuff? Come to this one where we all pretend to be anime characters that fuck in a hotel. It's probably gonna be cool! Maybe!
51 days ago
Community 12
This is a casual hangout server, we are quite small, but growing! Please stop by! We have lots to offer. :3
58 days ago
We like memes. Casual gaming and small community forming.
59 days ago
All Games 32
Open public server with dedicated gamers of all kinds.
READ THE 4 RULES when you join please.
63 days ago
A server designed for the casual, creative, imaginative and the any of the gamers who don't make getting to the top the leaderboard. We are currently trying to grow so please consider joining. We will allow all early joiners an express root to position of moderation within the server
84 days ago
Up and coming gaming community. Looking for causal or competitive gamers. Memes art music and everything else. 15+ age requirement
107 days ago
Anime and Manga 13
Just your average casual chat server, with a growing community.

At Otaku World, we strive to grow a big community base, while maintaining order in the chats keeping it friendly

In chats, we mainly talk about everything casual and anime while keeping order in check.
108 days ago
Community 28
welcome to this wonderful server! all are welcome and we look forward to talking to you
talk about whatever you like
we also have a bunch of bots and are open for new admins
176 days ago
All Games
Talk about anything here and we also have support for the Wii and the Homebrew channel with Gecko OS and using codes with games.
233 days ago