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Hello and Welcome! <3

We're a group of ragtag squids and octos that often chat and play Splatoon! This server is home to Blueberry Blitz, a casual/semi-competitive clan that's trying our best to improve in the comp scene. We support both casual play and competitive within the server and have pingable roles for PB, League, SR, etc., and a few other games outside of Splatoon as well. The server is fairly laid back and we're always looking to find new members! The team is also often wanting other teams to Scrim with, so please consider joining if you'd like to set up matches with us!

+ TLDR +
- Supports Casual and Comp play
- All players Welcome!
- Pingable Roles for all Splat Modes + a few other games
- Looking for other Teams to scrim with <3
- PB's and League fairly often!
Silver's Palace is run by me, Silver!
I do a lot to make sure all of my friends are happy and I'm here to make sure that you all are here and having fun.
Meet new people, talk casually, keep nsfw talk to a minimum, swearing is ok in certain situations, and we're glad to have you here!
Industry 1826 is the third in a trilogy of Nation Role Play games. You don't need to have been in the previous two to play though! If you enjoy owning your own historic or custom nation, and guiding it toward greatness this game is for you!
This is a great server for anyone who just wants to hang out, make new friends, and play games.
The Villa, as of writing this, is a small server with a close community of roughly 70-80 members that has transitioned from a Markiplier fan server to a server meant for folks to just hanging out with a brief stint as a gaming centered server.
As we've grown, shrunk, changed, and adapted, we've established our rules and policies as well as who is welcome - everyone. Straight, gay, furry, religious or not, all are welcome, so long as civility reigns.
We're not a NSFW server, though we do have a restricted NSFW category that members must prove they can access.
Hello! This is a casual roleplay server that we are looking to grow into a large, friendly community of awesome roleplayers with all types of characters being welcome. Also, lore is made by the community and can be participated in by any member! Feel free to submit your original species, faction or even country! Everything works to contribute to unlimited options for everyone.
This server is sort of just a place you can hang out, vent, voice chat, or maybe even cry together. It's not really based around one solid thing other than you, the member. **now 60 total members and counting!**
Welcome To Color Cove!

Just another community server to meet new people and make friends :)

We've got plenty to like:
[💠] Plenty of specialized channels
[💠] Self assignable roles
[💠] A non-toxic environment
[💠] And much more!

Please consider joining!
R6 hub is a server made by two Siege teams (Unity and NC) it will be a main hub for playing siege. If you want one of your teams to scrim against anyone then just join and ask one the the teams or advertise your scrim in #looking-for-game. We are also thinking about hosting a R6Hub tournament. Other teams are welcome to play in the tournament. We will give further information on that in the time to come.

If you're just a casual player who isn't interested in scrims or tournaments the there is also a space for you! We have channels for casual and ranked! You can invite all your friends here so you don't have to have multiple severs for siege and just have this one.
The famous video game franchise Touhou is now in RP form! Come here and play any of your favorite characters. Ranging from the main protagonist Reimu all the way to the Nuclear Bird Okuu. Very friendly and loving community trying to grow larger. Join Today to get started ^_^.
"You've been invited to the Arena! Fight to your heart's desire, right here!"
any character, any genre, any power level, anytime! The Arena is an active and diverse roleplay with a multitude of different themed arenas to fight in as well as chill community and bot channels to stave off boredom between matches. The Arena is always growing and improving! it's already been a year since it's creation!
-use as many characters as you want.
-unique lore that welcomes ALL kinds of characters.
-scoring system keeps track of wins and losses, and can be used when deciding who you'd like to face next.
-relaxed atmosphere, chime in whenever you want.
-bounty system, target certain characters for a boost to your score.
-multiplayer raids! take on hard targets in wars of attrition or survival!
-pokecord and Nadekobot for fun.
-50+ emojis!
-relaxed and open community, welcomes new members and brings them into our friend group!
-a couple NSFW channels.
We're a casual 18+ server to talk about pretty much anything. NSFW channels are available. Come hang out and chat with us!
Along with many others, you were chosen to be invited to experience the wonders of the worlds I have created within my mansion, the Penumbra. If you do come, the key I have enclosed will enable you to open all the portals that are abundant in magic and fantasy. Each portal will lead you to a different world full of friendly and open-minded people.
- Millenium Earl (Admin) -

The Penumbra:
• Friendly & casual server
• Open minded and wholesome members
• Chill chats & deep discussions
• Memes
• Diversity
• Voice channels
• We recommend you be at least 18 years of age*
|Come chat, meet new people, and share art :D|
A casual and competitive gaming community looking to expand into eSports. Currently offering several League of Legends teams, and looking for new captains / members to create new teams on new games. Join today!

🍋 Games and movies
🍋 Make friends
🍋 Memes
🍋 Voice calls

The minimum age requirement is 13+.

We host movies on Netflix every Saturday and can play games such as R6 and others. Feel free to join!

Magyar Overwatch Szerver, ha nincs kivel játszanod, akkor itt találhatsz valakit!
Jelenleg kicsi szerver, de az a cél hogy mindig legyen online valaki, akivel tudsz játszani!
Saját szobát is tudsz csinálni!
A youtuberek kapnak Youtuber rangot, ha elérték a 100 feliratkozót, vagy az 10,000 összes megtekintést!
Mit kapsz a youtuber rangal?
-A videóid ki lesznek rakva automatikusan egy szobába
-Igazából ennyi (:.. hát most ne nézz így hogy "csak ennyi?", ingyen reklámozás!
Welcome To Color Cavern!

Just another community server to meet new people and make friends :)

We've got plenty to like:
[💠] Plenty of specialized channels
[💠] Self assignable roles
[💠] A non-toxic environment
[💠] And much more!

Please consider joining!
Veteran Neptunia theme server with a member base 900+ strong where everyone, Neptunia fan or not, is welcome. We offer Neptunia theme channels and roles for all Neptunia fans to enjoy. The server also features weekly events such as live streams and cringey fanfic readings, as well as general areas for everyone to hang out.
Lookimg for someone special?
Game and Date is the place
A chill, fun , and laid-back community. This server is for people who want to meet new people to game or find that special one. We don't care what you do just don't break our rules or tos. We would love to meet you all
❦Self assignable roles
❦An active and fun upcommunity
❦Fun bots
❦Music and Gaming
❦Venting and Serious

This is a new server , so we are going to be constantly improving when we can. We will be adding things that you want to see in a discord server. We would love to hear recommendations so stop by and check out Game and Date

Discord link:
Hey everyone! We're a very friendly LGBT+ anime/manga discussion server that's trying to get bigger! We rarely discuss just anime, as we're like a family and talk about whatever is on our minds. The server has a bunch of custom roles for you to choose from and we can always add more if need be. We're very open to any and all sexualities/preferences/identities, so join right in!
Also, keep in mind this is not a dating server, so please keep flirtatious messages to a minimum when you join.