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Wokring Title is dedicated to all things nothing. This server has no theme. We accept anybody. Unless you're a raider. We don't take kindly to them. Come and talk with us. We promise we're good people. For the most part. We don't offer giveaways, or global emotes. We don't do partnerships (We have less than 100 people at the moment, you'd have nothing to gain). We won't pander to you. We will, however, offer you a place to talk to your heart's content.

Giveaways are terrible anyway.
This Happened is a podcast run by three dudes about whatever's happening in their lives as well as whatever's happening in America. The Discord server is extremely open to all partisans. We are currently looking for a diversity of viewpoints, and a majority of the server is right-wing. So, if you're interested, join today!
GG is a newly organized clan pushing to the competitive spotlight of Fortnite. We are based out of EU, but we accept anyone from anywhere. We currently don't have many members as we went through a full revamp, but we are growing every day. We hope to achieve a nice fun, active gaming community for all Gamers out there.
Really though who doesn't come hang.
We have nsfw and cancer, that's about it.

What is this server about?

An itty bitty friendly community, because humans are social creatures. Relaxed rules, friendly people, easygoing atmosphere. Whether you're brand new to astrology, interested to just talking with other people or you're a professional at being you, you have a place in our community and we'll make you feel right at home and safe. We're a very chill and laid back server, so join the convo's today! [Recommended Age 18+]

If you are wondering if its all just astrology in this server, It is not.

Welcome to a server about Horoscopes / Astrology
you can join if you are interested!

💎 Friendly community looking to make friends and hang out!
💎 Regular events — including, competitions, giveaways and more to come
💎 Open staff roles! We are hiring staff to keep the server safe for everyone!

[Advertise your own content!]
[We only care to those active people!]
[Contains NSFW - careful when accessing these!]

Home of 5 bots made by one special talented man.

See you there!
A new friendly server to find gaming buddies or someone special to date, or both. All are welcomed <3
Casual-social kpop server, closeknit//w. many group channels and non-kpop ones as well! :) we have a channel with many emote servers to join
Anderswo is a casual Gaming,Tabletop RPG server, ranging from normal tabletop D&D, Vampire: The Masquerade, one-off classless and statless adventures, to just messing around, memeing and shitposting.
We are an erotic hypnosis server dedicated to providing a place where Hypnotists and subjects can connect with each other through live sessions and voice, be it group sessions, casual voice, public play, and other real-time or through private 1 on 1 hypnosis sessions. While erotic hypnosis doesn’t have to be the singular focus, this server is heavily fetish oriented, including power exchange through Dominant/submissive relationships and other elements of BDSM, as well as all manner of sexual activities, as well as casual chat and day to day community.
"You've been invited to the Arena! Fight to your heart's desire, right here!"
any character, any genre, any power level, anytime! The Arena is free to anyone who loves to brush knuckles with powerful combatants in a fun and casual way! Have a character that's incredibly powerful? so much so that no one is willing to fight it? we will! we're itching to! Features:
-use as many characters as you want.
-scoring system keeps track of wins and losses, and can be used when deciding who you'd like to face next.
-relaxed atmosphere, chime in whenever you want.
。・゚゚・♡ Welcome to the Silver Millennium ♡・゚゚・。
A server whose goal is to make everyone feel welcome, as well as give people the opportunity to make some new friends! Although the server revolves around the concept of Magical Girls, we're open to all different anime genres and different topics in general (not just weeb stuff lmao)!
Members must be at least 14+ to join (any users under that age will be banned).
。・゚゚・♡ W H A T W E O F F E R ♡・゚゚・。
♪ Music Bot(s) (Rhythm & Ayana)
☆ Leveling System (Nadeko, MEE6, & Tatsumaki)
☾ Self-Assigned Roles
☆ Channels for gaming, memes, NSFW/Lewds, and mooore!
So come and join us! Stick around for a while and make some friends, idk, just have fun! ଘ(੭*ˊᵕˋ)੭*
a server to have fun, just to play some games and mess around with bots, plus some other stuff, depending on what
Just a casual gamer server with chill people and staff. Feel free to join the server and find mates to play with! Join now:
Pokémon Battles and Beans is an LGBT+ friendly pokecord server! Our server focuses mainly on letting people grow their Pokémon collection by spamming and catching in multiple areas on the server. But we have gyms & an Elite Four for those of you who still wanna battle! We’ve also got a Trainer's School for anyone new to pokecord and unsure of where to begin! We’re friendly and very casual. Come join us :)
If you love ML and Gaming in general and want a better team join my new server which aims to place you with players of equal skill to progress further in the ranks and achieve what cannot be done with randoms! :smile: this is a new server but growing fast.
Unown Temple
A fun Pokeverse heaven! To spawn breed make friends and be a community!
We offer lots! we do competetive events just suggest them.
We have very active staff always on to deal with any of your problems.

We Offer:
:candy: Shiny Giveaways Daily
:candy: Self Assign Teams For Both Pokecord And Pokeverse
:candy: A Competitive Points Leaderboard for mini server teams.
:candy: Gyms with badges
:candy: And More Just suggest it!
:candy: Private Roles And Channels 100k Gold Pokverse gold.
:candy: Player Shops. Join Today
Casual Gaming Community/Clan Server
So what is this? A server orientated around gaming.
What happens here? We talk, we post memes, play games together and do events that usually consists of playing games together.
What else? We have a flexible rules system as we are a casual community, multiple bots so that one guy will struggle to use them all, game specific chats when we have enough members associated with them and a member only zone you can get access to.
an awesome, chill, and social place for people who wanna roleplay My hero academia!
Heyy Buds, you found us!

Come! Sit back and chill with us as we go on with our lives and taco 'bout pretty much everything. We encourage mature behaviour and positivity, and we always strive to provide a comfy nook for you to hang out in.

Some of the things that you can find in our place :

◌ Non-toxic community
◌ Food & Beverages
◌ Easy-to-get Self-Assignable Roles
◌ Custom Levelling System
◌ Casual chat, specialised and secured NSFW channels
◌ Music & Radio Channels
◌ Anonymous sharing channel and Commission Board
◌ Streamers highlight
◌ Gambling & casual bot games including Pokécord
◌ Custom commands, webhooks and more!

We will be happy to have you with us. See you soon!

▿ ▿ ▿ ▿ ▿ ▿ ▿ ▿ ▿ ▿ ▿ ▿ ▿ ▿ ▿ ▿ ▿ ▿ ▿ ▿ ▿ ▿ ▿ ▿ ▿ ▿ ▿ ▿ ▿ ▿ ▿ ▿ ▿ ▿ ▿ ▿ ▿

Note :
We are also open for PARTNERSHIP with non-toxic servers with at least 50 users.
(Rep has to stay!)
Are you a woman? Do you like other women? Do you not "like" like women but still wanna hang out with other women? Of course you do. This is the place! We're a brand new server and really would love people to come hang out, talk about gaming, anime, memes, hentai, listen to music, or whatever else you really would like to do here. Ladies-only retreat!
Serving coffee and conversation 24/7. We run voice chats, events and even a podcast! Join over a thousand members in our unique community.
Welcome to Utopia ONLINE! Utopia ONLINE is a brand-new server created for those who prefer a casual and enjoyable role-play experience. You may recognize it's concept as being similar to Sword Art Online or No Game No Life, though we make it an effort to keep the concept original while retaining the futuristic simulation genre. Here we offer a balanced character creation system with a plethora of weapons and abilities available to you, along with frequent events and tournaments. We hope to see you there! (Note, server is still under construction. If you want to see the construction of the server feel free to join, if not we hope to see you there once the server is finished)
A BRAND NEW fantasy role playing community! Semi-literate, Bots, evolving lore, and NEEDS YOUR HELP to get started!
Elysium is a world fresh out of a 100-year-war against monsters, false gods, and evil beings. With the main evil finally vanquished,
someone needs to clean up the aftermath.
Enter the Guild of Averna, an organisation tasked with accepting requests, taking in recruits, and helping Elysium get back
on it's feet after devastating strife.

>BRAND NEW COMMUNITY! This is a brand new server and we're looking for members!
>Roles, Lore, Races, Classes, etc.!
>Semi-literate and built for people who care about roleplay!
>Application process to get in to assure an enjoyable enviroment!
>Events, NPCs, etc.
>Future plans for expansion of lore, the world, and characters!

We implore you to visit WoE and check it out! We're excited to see what the community of Discord has to offer and we'll
accept all kinds of new recruits!