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Join the fight as a Titan, a proud wall between hungering claws and innocent beings, a Warlock, student of the mysteries of the universe and catalyst of the deepest powers imaginable, or a Hunter, swift and silent assassin and bringer of nightmares upon the enemies that curse our souls.
Aside from a thriving playerbase and a friendly community, active moderators and interesting characters, we feature:
- A setting based after the events of Destiny 2, evolving as the seasons progress.
- Completely customizable original characters for you to make (within the limits of the lore).
- Evolving plots and subplots, free to create and develop.
- RP Channels based on locations of the universe.
- A space to share written pieces, art and screenshots.
- An In-Character intelligence sharing system.
- A custom Exotics system to truly give them a sense of rarity.
- A Vendor and Vanguard system, organized by players to provide you with quests and items.
Our server has a loving community filled with all the support heroes, that you'd ever want.
♡ ✿ This server is active at least 24 hours a day
♡ ✿ We have a welcoming staff
♡ ✿ Vanilla, and toxic free
♡ ✿ Dedicated categories for different uses
♡ ✿ Gaming chats, and your favorite topics
♡ ✿ Leveled roles to encourage activity
♡ ✿ Fun emojis for nitro and non-nitro users

Feel free to invite your friends as well

ˢᵉʳᵛᵉʳ ᵒʷⁿᵉʳ: ᵀʰᵉ ˢᵘᵖᵖᵒʳᵗ ʰᵉʳᵒ
A Server for Destiny 2 players of all Platforms.
A Destiny 2 Roleplay server set in "The Burn". A ravenous inferno that once comprised the habitats on Juno 3 in the Reef
We are a gaming discord for people who want to game with new or old friends with casual talk voice channels music bots and much more...
Team Mythic proudly presents its first Roleplay Server, based in the world of Destiny! Please, leave reviews and let us know on how we can improve upon this server, and our future projects to come!

"It'd be easy, he said. I'd have FUN, he said. Cayde told me being the Hunter Vanguard would be a cakewalk... He lied I tell you! Every single damn day, it's something! 'Sirris do this, you gotta file that' - blah blah blah. Ridiculous. From what I heard though, more and more Guardians are arriving to the city every day, hopefully, we finally get some interesting ones. Things are boring around the Tower, if I'm being honest."
- Sirris, current Hunter Vanguard.

With the old generation of Guardians finally retiring or passing on, a new set have been resurrected by their ghosts and have been led to the Last City. Despite most major threats to the Traveler coming to an end, more and more rise every day... Someone has to stop them, and it might just be your name to go down in history.

- Fairly new Server in need of active RPers.
- Based of the lore of the Destiny franchise. (Duh...)
- Staff positions are open for those that can prove responsible people.

This is a newly made Destiny RP server that will suit all your needs -

- You can create a character, have their own class and of course pick from the three different races.

- Helpful moderator and/or admin team.

- A small community with similar likes such as yourself.

- Optional ERP.

If you have any questions upon joining, please feel free to ask.
New and starting rp server for destiny. Server is easy for seasoned role players, destiny fans, and newcomers alike.
Just a small group of destiny players looking for some friends. Come and join, if not for the game, then for the people!
This a server where you can chat with random people!
♠️ Community of Gamers ♠️
♣️ Meet new people everyday and maybe create close friends ♣️
♥️ Invite others to keep the chat active ♥️
♦️ Staff always available & interactive bots ♦️
🌫 Server has been running for over 1 year 🌫
New server, join if you’d like to have some fun in the universe of Destiny. Set during current events (Destiny 2, Season5)
Hey wir sind ein Gaming-Server.
Es wäre cool wenn ihr/du uns beitreten würdest so werden wir immer größer.
VLG Euer Server-Team
Come join Dragon's Conjure to take part in multiple future tournaments, meet players of all different games! Simply come here to chill, meet new people, or bring your own friends in too so you can mix with new!

The staff are always looking for new partnerships to get involved. Come enjoy our optional bots to play with friends, or show them who's boss. This includes Pokecord, Chess, and League of Nations!

Please come to make yourself at home or stay for the soon-to-come announcements for movie nights and possible giveaways!
Join DRGN Clan!

We Have To Offer

Simple Easy-To-Follow Rules! .。.:☆

Self-Assignable Roles! .。.:☆

Squads that you can join! .。.:☆

Friendly Staff! .。.:☆

Fun events! .。.:☆
Welcome to the Destiny Universe, this is placed in an alternate timeline right after the Red War. Make your guardian, buy ships, and join numerous factions. Become a hero, or become the bane of a Guardian's code. (This still is a work in progress, so do take not more channels will be added in the future.)
- XP System, which works relatively similar to Destiny. You unlock more planets when you reach higher levels.
- Ships, which add channels for you and your friends to hang out in.
We are a discord full of friendly, non-kink shaming, super active guardians that love and play Destiny 2! We have formed quite the tight knit community and would always love more members. Come in and say hi! We wont bite. Unless of course, you're into that :P
We are a fun server, we are a clan. We have enough members for now but we need some players to talk to and communicate with and/or play games with. Come join us and have a chance to join us.
Just a fun server with pokecord destiny talk and NSFW
Redshift7 is the best gaming server. We have a server with people who play a lot of games. Everyone is nice, we allow streamers and promote YouTubers. Why don't ya join?