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A casual vampire, werewolf and hunter RP chat. Just hop straight into the action without having to worry about 'ranking up' like most other chats.
The denizens of London's night have banded together against forces who would see them ruined, will you be one to support what they have built? Or be the one to stand upon a crumbled empire?

Start as one of 3 core races, the adaptable Guardians, the irreproachable Court of the Vampires, and the strong family clan of Werewolves. Or you could be just human, knowledge of this world but with their path undecided.

With Adv Players, you can have up to three characters and access to the advanced races with their own stories and clans.

Who will you follow?

[Closed lore server, be prepared to read the lore before creating a character, with a friendly active community ready and willing to help you get into this world.]

𝕭 𝖑 𝖔 𝖔 𝖉 𝕸 𝖔 𝖔 𝖓: 𝕱 𝖚 𝖑 𝖑 𝕹 𝖎 𝖌 𝖍 𝖙
In a world roamed by Vampires, Hunters arise aswell
Join Blood Moon: Full Night Today and:
Experience the thrill of hunting down vampires and discovering who is what.
Or hunt humans for their delicous blood and convert one or two.
Being a human is an option aswell of course.

• We're LGBTQ friendly
• We strongly discourage negativity adn try to be as supportive as we can
• We're as unique as it gets!
TEDDYBEARS, a discord server for gamers. Here you can find people to play your favorite games together with, meet new people and generally have a good time while playing and talking about games.

Gaming community server for:
- Gamers
- Twitch Streamers
- Youtubers

- The Crew / The Crew 2
- Monster Hunter: World
- Destiny 2
- Playerunknown's Battleground
- Counter-strike: Global Offensive
- Titanfall 2
- Rainbow Six Siege
- Battlefield 4
- Forza Motorsport/Forza Horizon
- Farming Simulator 19
- Etc.
In the city of Haisomada, take up arms against the ever growing threat of the emerged. Monsters from another dimension travelling to Haisomada through portals and feeding on humans.
Create a character and join the hunt to bring down the Emerged threat!

Just a small community trying out an rp based on a manga that I'm creating soon. There are fun people and currently adding some bots to liven up the server a little. Get to know some fun people and make sure to join in on this unique rp adventure!
A Warrior Cat's server that takes place in New Zealand!

Join TorrentClan, GaleClan, BirchClan, and FernClan as tensions grow and paws point at eachother. A rivalry between two sister leaders.. what evil could come of that? Join to find out...
Hallo Jäger,

Die Fünfte Flotte sucht Mutige wie euch, um die neue Welt zu erobern.

Unser Server hat sich ganz der Spieleserie Monster Hunter verschrieben.
Von der alten Welt bis hin zur neuen Welt. Egal ob auf dem 3ds, Ps4, Xbox, Switch oder auf dem Pc. Wir sind überall vertreten.

Bei uns könnt Ihr neue Gefährten finden, mit Ihnen auf Erkundung gehen oder Jagd nach Monstern machen.
Ebenso könnt Ihr gemeinsam Erfahrung sammeln und euch austauschen. Wir freuen uns auf euch!
Chill gaming is a place where we come in and hang out and have fun playing games with other. Come join!
In a fictional snowy, modern city in Europe known as Jornfan, the supernatural collides with the natural. Vampires, werewolves, and monster hunters wage a constant war for power and survival. (Lore in the server)
A newer made server, full of fun and power. Become a Hunter, or hel leven joi nthe Phantom Troupe, live as a civilian or be remembered as a legend, make your choice!
Hello, if you enjoy Rooster Teeth, Achevement Hunter & Discord then join us. All are welcome, come have some fun. We even have a "Million Dollars But" bot playing games in here 😎