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Welcome to Moon Blooded! A server designed for werewolfkin! Other canine related 'kin are welcome!
Admin positions are open!
For many years the fact about supernatural and mythological beings had been swept under the rug, brought to the world as mere fairy tails from books. Eventually, the truth came to light. Supernaturals did exist! At first, this quickly instilled fear into humanity. Like most of anything, things they did not understand provoked fear deep with this. This only caused a negative light upon the supernaturals and eventually, war broke out amongst them. It was a long few years until everything finally stelled down, and they slowly started to come to terms that it was better to try to make peace with one another then continually being at one another throats. Still, humans and supernaturals were unwary of one another. Despite their indifference, they tried to step forward to intergrade into one another's life by opening the School Renowned. They did this in hopes their future children would be able to set aside their differences for one another and become one as a society. However, things have been proving rather diffcult despite their efforts of reformation.
Welcome to The Town of Blackwood, British Columbia! We’re a new roleplay group that caters to your werewolf themed roleplay needs! We offer in depth lore and character building as well as a great group of friends to meet and hang with! We do ask for literacy and commitment, as we’re still new and growing.

We offer NSFW content, but we are by no means a strictly nsfw server. We promote interaction and story building with a side of sin.
🐺Welcome to The Bitten!🐺
A town of wolf creek is in danger from a group of hunter planning to wipe out the entire existence of werewolves. We are based in modern times, 2019 where technological advances take control over the world. The hunters are ready to kill without hesitation.
Are you prepared to help the wolves fight them off against your enemies or will you be apart of the hunters whom want to end the existence of wolves? The decision is up to you!

We're always looking for new people to join our community and help up build our lore and server!

We offer 3 packs to choose from!
Silverclaw is the most peaceful pack of the three. Elijah offers a safe place for wolves to go to and he's always there to help guide others into the right direction! Though don't get on his bad side, he'll do anything to protect his family
Ironmane is the most heir pack. They follow wolf laws strictly, Anna is one of the most fierce wolves in the three packs. She makes sure everyone obeys her commands and the laws.
Crimsonbane is mostly a biker gang that lives outside of the city but was recently burnt down from the hunters attacks. Crimson is their alpha and he strictly follows the laws and makes sure everyone of his wolves obeys. He's the strongest wolf out of the three packs.
And you can also be a rogue wolf!
Or even a hunter!

Come join us today!
We have friendly staff who are always willing to help!
A meme channel
An amazing lore to follow and learn more about the packs!
A suggestion channel to give us suggestions!
All we need is you to join us!

Are you interested in Town of Salem/Forum Mafia/Werewolf-like games! Come join us! Our games are bot hosted and the developer is here!
This crazy world was created by a special virus and a few test subjects who got loose each with their own strain of the virus, chaos slowly started to descend on the world as more and more of the virus spread and soon after around one or two years actual laws were done and all that remained was scavenge, kill, survive, and repeat some were better than others at this becoming natural leaders of survival groups some of which had strains of the virus within them but still helped others. The virus had three outcomes werewolf, vampire, or zombie but if you weren't careful two strains of this virus could mix creating even deadlier threats. Welcome to hell on earth, enjoy your stay. And when you lay in your bed tonight remember, sleep tight, and dont let the dead bite.

★★★Lunar Rising RP Offers★★★
✓ Fun Bots
✓ Fun people
✓ Active Role Players
✓ Helpful Mods
✓ OCs can be Human, Vampire or Werewolf
✓ Bobby - inside joke
✓ Out of OC fun as well.
This roleplay is about Werewolves and humans. Betas are up for grabs now.
We are a wolf pack (Not roleplay), for werewolves, wolves, and Lycans alike! Human's are not allowed unless their mate is a wolf and is in the pack.
The mountain range of Lunar Reach has been home to the hidden world of werewolves for hundreds of years and serves as the perfect place for pups to come into their fur and fangs; private, secluded, spacious, these mountains were always a safe haven for those marked with the curse. Recently, however, as humans have become an increasing presence with the rise in tourism thanks largely to social media influencers, the wolves have had to take great care and hunt farther and farther from the towns. Not just humans are moving in, though--wolves have been flocking to take advantage of pack life. The alphas have strived to keep the worlds from intermingling, but just when everything seems to have fallen into order, bodies begin popping up just outside of town, marred nearly beyond recognition and leaving next to no clues.

The Packs are soon left trying to answer questions that humans definitely shouldn'y be asking, and as the world demands a suspect responsible for killing some of their favorite social media stars, they begin to turn on each other in an effort to save themselves from a persecution that seems a long time coming.

Will you be able to save your fellow wolves and catch the killer? Or will you join the hunters as they seek to purge the woodlands of these foul predators?

- Create a unique character and gain access to tons of fun roleplay channels
- Choose from three Packs and rise in the ranks
- Generate your own lore by trying to solve the murders, or investigating the rumors of those ghostly wolves
- Shoot the shit in the general ooc chatrooms
- Send us your dankest memes
- Share your art and creativity
Welcome to the Boarding House. (Remake of the original) Here various supernatural come here for refuge and a new life. Choose from werewolves, Vampires, shifters, hybrids and Many more! Will look into adding more supernatural races if enough people ask for them. Join us in this world of supernaturals.
Welcome Creaturae! Creaturae is a world with mythical beings and creatures live in peace with humans.

In the world of ancient Creature, mythical beings and humans lived separately from one another, the mythical beings avoiding to meddle in human affairs while fighting each other. After years of hiding from humans, one of the mythical beings of Creaturae came from the shadows and hiding and revealed themselves to humanity. Causing fear and panic amoung the human populous, the revealed mythical race was soon hunted down and faced extinction at the hands of the humans. Growing tired and wary, the leaders of the various mythical beings gathered together and put aside their differences to deal with the crisis, deciding that they should fight the humans to prevent total annihilation. Creaturae spent a hundred years in a Civil War before Creaturae mythical being rights were the same as human rights, done solely after war fatigue and decided upon the historic Creaturae Peace meeting. Despite the peace treaty and equal rights, humans still sometimes abuse or hate on Creaturae's beings except for it's more dangerous inhabitants but overall the land has become a more gentler and kinder place, no longer do the mythical beings have to hide from human eyes but instead are free to walk among them.
The story takes place in Ontario, Canada, 2019. A series of serial killings thought to be connected have happened, all of them show some kind of ritual performed with the body and some bodies are missing altogether. This is all the work of a cult named "The House of the Extinguished Flame" working to bring back the dead and break the balance between life and death and merge them together to find the secret to immortality. They have no idea that by doing that they will actually just cause all ethereal realms and earth to be turned chaotic by unleashing earth into them and them into earth, and giving mortals too much power. Of course, they know they are being chased. So they have begun gearing up against hellhounds, even hunting them down, with cursed silver blades and bullets. It takes a lot of skill to bring em down, though...
The hellhounds, also known as the Guards of the underworld, are massive black furred canines with red glowing eyes and a exoskeletical skull. They smell like burning charcoal and ash and leave behind heat and embers when they walk. They have super strength and speed in this form, and they can disguise themselves as human. But enough about them, their mission in the mortal world is to stop cults like these from doing stupid shit like this. They have taken human form and formed packs to find them and stop the mortals from seeing the strange acts of resuscitation going on, and keep the cult from doing them any more.
But now that they're in earth, they'll have to get used to human customs, maybe they'll end up enjoying their human form, maybe they'll find some love in them. Who knows?
Pick a side, do your job, whether it is bringing back the dead and hunting hellhounds, or keeping the balance and destroying the cult.

(might be later in the roleplay, dunno)

Long ago, when the universe was still young, two entities awoke to see a barren planet, the eldest, born from the darkness and shadows between the nebula's, quickly got to work, creating vast oceans and mighty mountains that reached the heavens, while the younger, made of sunlight and stardust, chose to create something much smaller and, in a way, unimaginably meaningful. As her brother slept after molding the lands to his liking, the sister created a human, but, fearing that her creation would feel lonely, she made another, and another, and by the time her brother awoke, he discovered that his masterful creation had been infested with what he could only deem as vermin. Of course, the sister defended her creations, showing her brother how they had grown and spread across the planet, crossing oceans and climbing mountains, exploring every little crevice their world had to offer.
✨StaryHollow College Omegaverse with a twist of werewolf✨
StaryHollow College was founded by a Alpha named Brian Mckaley in 1987, It was made to help Alphas/Betas/Omegas learn about their instincts/their second gender plus control their instincts also prepare for adulthood.
The college has many opportunity's, Maybe you might even find you're future partner but if not that's alright. The place has Alpha/Beta/Omegas dorms separate for the safety if a Alpha goes into rut or a omega goes into heat.
(Sorry not the best with descriptions)
An age-old war between two beasts, in a world that wants them both dead.

Vampires and Werewolves have been known to humans as myths ever since they could inscribe words on paper. They’ve been turned into children’s tales and tourist attractions for man, and over the centuries the possibility of having supernatural creatures in their midst lessened.

However, these beasts have been living among humans forever, hiding in plain sight. In the small town of Wheldrake, Vampires and Werewolves battle it out while also trying to stay invisible to human eyes. The Vampires want to control the humans, while the Werewolves simply want things to stay the way they’ve always been and protect the humans. Then there’s the beast hunters, who want them both eradicated from the earth, and the witches, who don’t want to be involved in the war at all.

Which creature will you be? Will you follow the ways of the Vampire clan, the Werewolf pack or the Witch coven, or will you survive alone? Will you try to keep both beasts safe, or work to destroy them? The choice is up to you!

- Literate roleplay
- multiple areas to rp in
- nsfw rp included
- lgbtq friendly
``Hello! Welcome to Stargaze Falls Academy! This high school is a safe place for humans and supernatural beings alike! From werewolf to fair, vampire to nymph, witch to shapeshifter, or human to siren, all species alike are welcome!``

This is a friendly highschool roleplay server, and is open for anyone who likes supernatural myths, magic, and rp!
Hunting, living, surviving. ཾ ࿐ོ

▸ "We are the reflection of wilderness in our own mind", as once the leader of SnowdinWolves shouted out loud - a few minutes before he died. It was as significant as the beating of the wings of a butterfly, but it produced the heaviest tornado that ever befell the community. Since then, I, Ray Canver, am the leader of Snowdin and I will make sure that never ever something as this happens to us again.

Snowdinwolves is a multi-para roleplay existing since 4 years and is still evolving. We now moved from Instagram to Discord and decided that we will open the gates again to a new adventure, with maybe new members as well. You can not join with your own character as this would mess the already existing storyline of this roleplay up.

The storyline is written down and you can take place in the action. Join with already existing characters that are bonded together and meet literate and friendly users. There are currently only about 10 free places open, so come and join to get yourself a place! We want to make sure that this place will stay nice, small and cozy.

You do not want to participate in roleplaying but you still want to read the storyline? You can have the role as a viewer so you can still talk with us in normal chats.

I will make sure to update this server regularly so new things can be added like:
➣ a bigger rolesystem
➣ more characters
➣ a bigger environment
➣ events

𝘐 𝘩𝘰𝘱𝘦 𝘸𝘦 𝘸𝘪𝘭𝘭 𝘴𝘦𝘦 𝘶𝘴 𝘪𝘯 𝘵𝘩𝘦 𝘤𝘩𝘢𝘵!
Orleander Highschool is a roleplay where your fantasy comes true! Nekos, werewolves and of course humans come to this school. We have music channels, bot channels, good staff, games and lots lots of roleplay fun! I hope to see you soon on our school! :33
Welcome to Bloomenthal's Mythical School of Magic. An original roleplay, this server combines three species: angels, werewolves, and dragon riders. In a world where these species must combine their powers to overcome the fallen angels, what will your character be? Have fun!
Werewolves, is a fantasy rp server created to release you into a mythical modern era roleplay world with werewolves. In this server, we appreciate a descriptive paragraph response, it helps to make the roleplays more intriguing. Here, you can roleplay as a human that has the power to shift into a wolf, make friends with other werewolves, join or create a pack, and find your OC a mate or pack. Will you make friends.. or foes? The choice is up to you.
🌾 ⚘ 𝕎𝕖𝕝𝕔𝕠𝕞𝕖 𝕥𝕠 𝕥𝕙𝕖 ℂ𝕚𝕥𝕪 𝕠𝕗 𝕃𝕒𝕣𝕜𝕚𝕟𝕘𝕖 ⚘ 🌾
[Vampire & Werewolf RP], [Semi-literate], [New]

⚘ 𝕋𝕙𝕖 ℂ𝕚𝕥𝕪 ⚘

The City of Larkinge for the most part looks like any other city. It’s residents mostly content and go about their lives like any humans may. Even as non-humans walk amongst them, with two large families running most of the show. In this city there are two large family run companies that serve as fronts for the two families. One company is run by the Eberhardt Family(werewolf pack) while the other is run by the Anestin Family(vampire house). Intermingled with all the supernatural employees are unsuspecting humans, whom are kept in the dark about the secrets that lie beneath and amongst them. For the most part there really is no need to tell them anything.

The two families however do not like one another, as both compete over supplies & borders. Not to mention vampires find the werewolves too uncivilized for their tastes while the werewolves find vampires too snooty. They’ve fought many turf battles in the past but for 10 years now they’ve managed to simply growl and only have little scuffles. But for how long will this last? Has it drawn any attention? Likely not considering the effort put into keeping things normal.

🐺 ⚘ 𝕎𝕙𝕒𝕥 𝕎𝕖 𝕆𝕗𝕗𝕖𝕣 ⚘ 🦇

⊱ Our own lore that is still growing/changing. 📚
⊱ 2 factions to choose from! Though you don't need to join one. However they do play a part in the world. 🐺
⊱ 3 races at the moment! Vampires, Werewolves & Humans. 🏡
⊱ Ability to work at one of the existing shops, remodel one or make your own! 🏬
⊱ We're a semi-literate server so we ask folks to write four sentences at the very least for each post. 📝
⊱ Several bots including Pokecord & Helios! 🤖
⊱ LGBT Friendly! 🏳️‍🌈
⊱ Self assign roles! 📛
⊱ Helpful & patient staff! 💕

Please bare with us as we work out flaws in the server and get things moving!
In a sprawling city in rainy England, 1860, three factions wage a supernatural war. The Vampires, the Werewolves, and the Hunters. The town of Faëlhaven has been a home to the supernatural almost since it’s founding, and the war has been broiling since before then.

Here we offer:
-A unique experience with Vampires, Werewolves, and Hunters of the Supernatural, as wel as normal people!
-The ability to create a story as you go, and rise up the ranks of each faction!
-A grand staff team and community!
-And more.

We hope to see you there!
NOZ, Nations of OZ, is in a word, COMMUNITY. This is the where you can to share, talk, voice chat on the common interests and games we have on our server. The largest being My Colony, followed closely by Cafe Bot.

NOZ boasts an international Discord server, with people from Singapore, Malaysia, Canada, USA, Indonesia, Chile, India, UK, Romania, Netherlands, Belgium, Philippines, Spain, Slovakia, Germany, Russia, Turkey, Australia and so much more!

Full Fledged Communities:
My Colony
Cafe Bot

Under Incubation:
Idle RPG

Other Bots:
B**bbot (ID required)
Alright you made it, and I have many things to pass on in a small amount of words. But before I get to ahead of myself, my name is Jace, Jace Royalwood. I am one of the Original Werewolves. And we are all in danger.

Now your info. The year is Two Thousand and Twenty-One, A Secret Government Corporation known as the SNEU or the Supernatural Extermination Corp, established in Britain in the late one thousands A.D., By the Queen of England to eliminate the “Rebels” that were “Terrorizing” the kingdom of England, These “rebels” became the first pilgrims. The SNEU now have unlimited resources and power, Since they moved to America in the early Seventeen Hundreds, and they are able to shut down everything from Cities, Towns, Transportation, WIFI, and many other useful everyday items. In their never ending hunt. What do they hunt? Well, they hunt Supernaturals.

If your one of us, come find us, we may be your only hope of survival…

Welcome to the Edge of Reality.

We are open to all kinds of Role Players.