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The denizens of London's night have banded together against forces who would see them ruined, will you be one to support what they have built? Or be the one to stand upon a crumbled empire?

Start as one of 3 core races, the adaptable Guardians, the irreproachable Court of the Vampires, and the strong family clan of Werewolves. Or you could be just human, knowledge of this world but with their path undecided.

With Adv Players, you can have up to three characters and access to the advanced races with their own stories and clans.

Who will you follow?

[Closed lore server, be prepared to read the lore before creating a character, with a friendly active community ready and willing to help you get into this world.]

Port Orchard, Washington, 1976

Night falls over the city. Like all other nights this time of year, a layer of fog coats the ground. It rains near constantly, and the air is cold enough to make it so your breath can be seen. Few are up and about. Just the few people trying to get home from work. Maybe the odd kid still out hanging out with their friends after school. All is peaceful.

Aside from the vampire standing above city hall, looking for a snack.

Port Orchard is an urban fantasy server, taking place in a damp, frigid little city on the west coast right in the middle of the Puget Sound that was once host to a beacon of hope for the supernaturals, now forced into hiding and cast to obscurity.

This server includes:
- General chats for any occasion!
- A variety of races to choose from, all of high detail.
- No character limit.
- Helpful staff.
- Literate roleplaying.
- Tons of locations to visit.
- New content being added regularly.
shadoworld is both a gaming server and an RP server but the main focus being RP. the RP itself takes place in our world but what was thought to be myth and Legend is actually real you have vampires, werewolves, Ghouls, and others. While exploring in the new Dark World you will also discover that magic and gods have power over you and you are nothing more than a Pawn. Do you have what it takes to survive the Dark World?

⊱ Choose to be a vampire, werewolf, different kinds of witches, demon, their respective hunters, or just regular humans!
⊱ Work your way up to potentially become royalty!
⊱ Choose to be hunted, neutral, or on the side of good.
⊱ We will have Server and Non RP Events!
⊱ Dedicated owners that are looking for admins and mods to help them run the server!
⊱ Battle System for easy RP fighting!
⊱ We welcome ALL RPers: Casual, Paragraph, New and Veterans!
⊱ Fun bots to play with outside of RP!
⊱ We welcome any new ideas for classes, races, areas, events, and more!
⊱ We really look forward to growing a close knit, fun, drama free group of friends and fellow RPers!

1854, the streets of England are dark and full of danger at every corner. Vampires lurk in the shadows waiting for their next meal. Werewolves, either anticipating or dreading the next full moon, wait for their time to strike or desperately find a basement to chain themselves in until the full moon passes. Witches, either helping or hindering the others, are at every corner. Demons, tricking humans into a contract for their souls, are a staple on these streets. The human race have risen up and specialized hunters have trained their whole lives to extinguish the plague of supernatural beings. Will they succeed?
Hunting, living, surviving. ཾ ࿐ོ

▸ "We are the reflection of wilderness in our own mind", as once the leader of SnowdinWolves shouted out loud - a few minutes before he died. It was as significant as the beating of the wings of a butterfly, but it produced the heaviest tornado that ever befell the community. Since then, I, Ray Canver, am the leader of Snowdin and I will make sure that never ever something as this happens to us again.

Snowdinwolves is a multi-para roleplay existing since 4 years and is still evolving. We now moved from Instagram to Discord and decided that we will open the gates again to a new adventure, with maybe new members as well. You can not join with your own character as this would mess the already existing storyline of this roleplay up.

The storyline is written down and you can take place in the action. Join with already existing characters that are bonded together and meet literate and friendly users. There are currently only about 10 free places open, so come and join to get yourself a place! We want to make sure that this place will stay nice, small and cozy.

You do not want to participate in roleplaying but you still want to read the storyline? You can have the role as a viewer so you can still talk with us in normal chats.

I will make sure to update this server regularly so new things can be added like:
➣ a bigger rolesystem
➣ more characters
➣ a bigger environment
➣ events

𝘐 𝘩𝘰𝘱𝘦 𝘸𝘦 𝘸𝘪𝘭𝘭 𝘴𝘦𝘦 𝘶𝘴 𝘪𝘯 𝘵𝘩𝘦 𝘤𝘩𝘢𝘵!
Are you interested in Town of Salem/Forum Mafia/Werewolf-like games! Come join us! Our games are bot hosted and the developer is here!
A server where you can roleplay as a were animal /human!
In the town of wolf creek, three packs fight for control as hunters are hot on their tails and ready to kill them when possible.

Come join in on the fun as we try to build and active and friendly Comunity with many great roles you can choose from and we are always open to new idea.
Hello. Welcome to the Boarding House, we appreciate your interest. I am the owner, Krow and my Co-owner is The Magical King. With your attention, here is a brief overview of The Boarding House.

The boarding house has been around for almost 99 years located in Montana, it being passed down from generation to generation. Now in the year 2019 it has reached its 100 year mark. The boarding house was made way back when supernatural were hunted but over the years humans had forgotten their Supernatural neighbors. Some still hold their stigma and continue to hunt Supernaturals.

We offer many classes to choose from:
- Witch
- Warlock
- Werewolf
- Vampire
- Shifter
- Humans
- Ghosts
- Hybrids
- Finally, Hunters.
We will be adding more as we go, if you have any suggestions we'd love to hear them.

We’d love for you to join our ever growing family, we offer friendship, family and maybe even an intimate relationship. So we’d like to welcome you to The Boarding House.
Join the Roleplay Universe to explore new Realms. Currently working on a fantasy setting in ancient Greece where werewolves and elves are fighting for power and control while monsters are on the brink of bringing it all down together.
>!< Looking for a roleplay but don't know which one to join? >!<
>?< Roleplay >?< Is a great roleplay server for you! >?<
>!< We include Music, Voice-chats, NSFW, Roleplaying and more! >!<
>?< Now are you going to just stand there! Come on give this server a chance! >?<
We are a brand new server Looking for help to make Us the Greatest
Werewolves and humans have always co-existed, we've always been here. Look next to you-the right, the left. One of those people is a lycanthrope--you just didn't know it." ~ Dio Ardentt

Tensions are rising between the four great packs that cover North America. Wolf against wolf, brother against brother--Members turning against their pack?

The Fire has come, are you ready?
A casual vampire, werewolf and hunter RP chat. Just hop straight into the action without having to worry about 'ranking up' like most other chats.
This is a Semi-realistic/ fantasy wolfwere rp! This role-play server is small at the moment but someday it will hopefully grow! In this role-play, you get to choose from three packs and join one. This is a literate roleplay and yada yada yada you get the point xD So what are you waiting for? Come and join us!
You are a werewolf, a human with a half wolf spirit inside you.. guiding you through your lifetime. The wolf inside you is what helps you feel, helps you find a mate.
You’re in a pack of your choosing, you cannot enter other territories unless the Alpha approves of it. The Alpha’s have the main say. The leaders of each pack, training their warriors to become strong if any attacks were taken against them.
You are able to transform into a wolf, you do not have ears and a tail as a human. Your strength is increased and you heal much faster then a regular human would.
Choose what side you are to be, get a job and find your mate if you have time...
✧༝┉┉┉┉┉˚❋ ❋ ❋˚┉┉┉┉┉༝✧
White Fang Alliance
✧༝┉┉┉┉┉˚❋ ❋ ❋˚┉┉┉┉┉༝✧

Welcome to the White Fang Alliance. We are a werewolf roleplaying server with 5 packs living in a mountain range.

Meet the packs:
- Blood Moon Pack
- Cascade Canine Pack
- Mountain Guardian Pack
- Silverback Walker Pack
- Wild Hunt Pack

High Ranking Positions are available to all. Territory is negotiable. A working currency
We are The Realms Unknown. A server for supernatural creatures. Our goal here is to create a safe place for all nonhuman creatures and beings. Come stay, have fun, and meet new people in Realms Unknown. A home and a family with welcoming arms.

Note: This server is for 16+ only and and this server is NOT a role-playing server
Silochi. A dead world. Three towns, a fight to survive every day. Monsters, brutal and bloodthirsty outside the towns. Join this struggling world and fight to survive. Will you be a part of this dead world? Or will you be a wimp in paradise, ignoring this call? Join us, and survive.

What we have:
Active and friendly community and staff!
Unique characters that you create!
The more you roleplay, the higher ranks you get!
Reaction roles!
Epic fights!
Incredible creatures!
Frequent events!
Help with any issues!
Anyone is accepted!
Lakewood Springs seems like your normal small town in the middle of nowhere, filled with boring and nothing. But underneath its surface, lies the mysteries of the supernatural. The town is infamous for its rumours of magical beasts, creatures, and ghosts... and none of it's a lie. Recently in the small town, there has been a string of murders that the authorities have been unable to identify, and even the underground community of supernatural beings don't know who's behind them, as they have taken some of their members as well. Join us as we uncover the new mystery of Lakewood Springs!

~ Friendly staff!
~ New and in need of members!
~ LGBTQ+ Friendly!
~ Literate RPs!
~ Detailed Plot!

Join us at Lakewood Springs!
A Roleplay based on the Loup Garou (werewolves) In Italy. There are also Gypsys, Shamans, Hunters, and Humans.

Friendly Staff & Members, Easy App, Simple rules. Let's have fun.
A server who you can roleplay as a vampire, demon, human, or a monster
Like Werewolf/Town of Salem/Forum Mafia-like games? Come join us! Our games are community-based.