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Welcome to Blackwater, a place filled with strange happenings.

Here there are vampires and werewolves. Both factions who hate each other.

Roleplay as a Vampire, Human, or Wrerewolf and have fun!
The RP takes place in a small town in Washington right next to a massive nature reserve.
There's been sightings of many strange humanoid creatures, dissapearances of people, and cases of 'sleepwalking' or insomnia.
Of course, this is all connected.
These are lycanthropes, but not only werewolves, just practically any other animal you can imagine in one of the many dense forests of the region. Some people just started experiencing it, from unknown reasons.
Others have been lycanthropes for years, and have formed their own secret unions to keep the mystery unknown, fearing authorities would probably hunt them down.
In the end, it's all just your normal town life roleplay, but with a spicy twist.
Fairly new server, still working out the kinks!
This is a roleplay server taking place in a semi-fantasy environment. The main theme is with werewolves and wolf packs but we are open to suggestions. We intend to create a nice good community and chat area for you and your friends. Feel free to try us out today! We would love for you to join our growing community!

Friendly community

Unique server with multiple options.

Interesting powers!

Nice and welcome community!

Friendly staff!

:Easily understandable lore

Freedom when making characters!

An open combat system!

Mostly custom currency and jobs!

Come join us today, and we'll welcome you into the server!
Come and Join us! pick a faction and lead them to victory !
Will you be a fierce werewolf? An ageless vampire or a powerful witch? That is up to you. Come join us in New Orleans, and help us write the stories that nobody dares to tell....

*Choose your side...*
Before our time began, a pack of light and darkness were bond together by respect, diligence, and peace. But as time went on this changed the pack of the dark became more corrupted and more blood thirsty then ever. The dark canines would feast on the light canines and even sometimes there own. This rumor became known within the pack and this caused war, the light had banished the dark, into the pits of the darkness of the monumental area that belonged to both packs. As the packs were now divided the light stayed within the peaceful parts of the territory while the Dark stayed within the darkness, to meet fate within the darker parts of the territory. A new era had begun between the packs... As punishment for such disturbance, the Dark pack were given new obstacles more supernatural creatures would soon be the ones to strike fear back into there hearts. The only way to break this curse is to bring the packs together once more to create peace and respect which was brought in the beginning. To this day the packs are still divided, the dark pack is more corrupted and more dangerous then ever. The Light pack is calmer, braver, and more willing to fight then before. But, with the supernatural creatures roaming the lands what is to happen now?
*Now it’s time for you to choose, which pack will you be joining?*
**Experienced Rps Only Please**
(This is Canon lore taken from the interactive book this server is based on.)

Origins of the Werewolf Species
While we have very spotty records from before the 1950s, we do have history passed down through oral storytelling from the elders of the past. Earlier generations were wilder, more feral than us, often living in the moment and relying on base animal instinct to survive. We took our names from the great Native American tribes that have lived throughout North America. As we evolved as a society, we started asking the questions humans have been asking themselves for centuries: Where did we come from? Why are we here?
Before the Purge, two wolves from the Appalachian packs managed to complete master's degrees, one in biology, the other in medical genetics. They examined their own physiology and that of their pack mates and discovered that we are very likely a mutation of human ancestors, an offshoot on the genetic ladder. How that mutation occurred is a mystery to us, although there was speculation that our origins weren't natural. Unfortunately, we might never know for sure as both researchers died in the Purge.

Find out more in the server uwu
Once Upon a Time, there was a King who united all races under his rule, and under his rule, he brought peace and order to his kingdom. All races equal under it as he believed all people had a part to play to ensure the prosperity of the kingdom. 3000 Years have passed since the founding and much has changed in the kingdom of Laton, how and why is for you to decide.
-Active Owners/Admins
- Welcoming Community
-Upcoming Events
-Why not join
We are a wolf pack (Not roleplay), for werewolves, wolves, and Lycans alike! Human's are not allowed unless their mate is a wolf and is in the pack.
"Welcome to howlaway the world of werewolves, here in howlaway you will find a pack in which have unique powers, there is no end here only what you can imagine in this Werewolf roleplay and vampire roleplay (we are till adding the vampire packs in )
WARNING. Do not join if you cannot handle crude language, bloody or violent roleplay.

Nestled within a vast endless forest lies three shape-shifting wolf packs Shade, Lamia and Okami. Each pack with their own personalities and skills but share the same agenda, survive. While there is an alliance between the Okami and Lamia, these divergent packs strive to remain civil and true with the set boundaries and live among each other in peace. But for how long? With the Shade lurking closely looking for any chance to claim what the others have each pack must remain strong and hold their ground and keep the alliance. Along with each other the wolves must stand against the ever threatening weather and keeping their secret from mortals as well as battling with themselves and the vicious beast that lurks just under each and every ones skin.

Do you have what it takes to survive?

{New updates! New territories! New RP!}
```Owner: WildWinter
In the town of Hispire a infection has accured in the tea of the town. Whoever drinks the tea will become a werewolf. In this universe magic and monsters are forbidden and will be hunted. This story will used for a book and as it is written chapters will be posted. If you want to have your OC featured in the story you have to stay and play Right. Please Come and Join!```
You like monsters? Do you like getting fucked or fucking monsters? Then come join today~ 18+ crowd, obviously. Select what roles you want and talk to others with the same interests or just hang out and enjoy any art that's posted, do as you want.
Welcome to Moon Blooded! A server designed for werewolfkin! Other canine related 'kin are welcome!
*System Friendly*
The Compass is an operational roleplay server. We incorporate professional and unique lore and a balanced roleplay.
The Compass is a community in the center of a small country established near Canada. We call this "Nadia; home of last hope." Why "last hope" you may ask? Because we are the last of our kind. For centuries, people believed that Dire wolves have gone extinct. But instead, Dire wolves have decreased in population, causing us wolves to stay hidden against the dark forces of human reality. But now, Dire wolves and humans have merged cells, formulating what humans call, "Werewolves," but us canines would instead call it, "The Ecliptic Ones," As for once you are chosen to be one in The Compass, you are to have your first change during an Eclipse, as for the spirits have chosen you.
Ecliptic wolves live in four large packs in Nadia. Ecliptic wolves are intended to keep humans safe from the others that desire to slaughter humans. Being an Ecliptic wolf is not a choice. Ecliptic wolves are more significant than ordinary wolves and are giving powers to help save humans from tragic events. Each Ecliptic wolves have the power of speed, Super hearing and smell, Body heat and body cooling, flexible, Ultimate night vision, and minimal sensor that detects danger. When in human form, Ecliptic is given additional powers that separate them even more from being ordinary. These other powers can only be used in human form.
★The Compass★
The Compass is the name of four groups. Northern, South, East, and West are the locations of the four groups. The Compass is located in the center of Nadia, while the others are located towards the sides.
★The Northern Empire★
The pack of the northern wolves is situated in the north of Nadia. There are plenty of evergreen forests, snow, lakes, and rivers in this large, wide area.
★The Eastern Empire★
The pack of the eastern wolves is located in the east of Nadia. There are plenty of grasslands, and stretches of birch and oak woods, along with a large, slow study river that cuts through the environment. There is plenty of rain and strong winds.
★The Southern Empire★
The pack of the southern wolves is located in the south of Nadia. There are plenty of beaches, cliffs, flat land, rocky areas along with stretches of natural woods.
★The Western Empire★
The pack of the western wolves is located in the west of Nadia. There are plenty of rocks, canyons, cliffs and dangerous edges along with crystal clear rivers and lakes, and murky swamp forest with occasional quicksand surprises.
★Night Runners★
Last, we have Night runners. These black, horrific canines are stronger than any wolf on the planet. They earned their name by the ritual that is performed at night, right before a child's birth. This is how Night Runners claim their members. These nasty wolves then take over innocent infants, changing them into terrible mannered, cruel and violent, robust black ruthless canines that bleed so well into the night, You'll never see it coming. Once an infant is chosen, there is no going back.
★Blood Moon★: Every Blood moon is a terrible battle against Night Runners and Ecliptic wolves. Higher ranks go off to fight while lower classes go into hiding for their safety. About 15% of top positions die from each empire every blood moon, making this an epic blood bath.
★Wolf spirits★: Every Time an ecliptic wolf passes away; they become what others call 'wolf spirits.' Every night the Ecliptic wolves prey to them for good luck upon others or sometimes themselves.
★The Eclipse★: Every eclipse a new generation of newborn babies or toddlers is born into an Ecliptic wolf to join the pack. Once they become an Ecliptic wolf, they instinctively know where to go and what to do.

★Join now; the stars are yours★
The world’s heavily populated by all sorts of supernaturals, ranging from the most human, to the most extreme. From witches to shapeshifters, banshees to centaurs, all living on the same planet, and normalized in the eye of humanity. Though, politics and hierarchy play by different rules. The Kingdom of Aldaine is the largest, and most pure blooded, with plenty of power to go around. For them, expansion never seems to be out of the picture, as their community thrives and continuously grows. And while usually pacifistic, the kingdom is unafraid to take down a threat, or make a close-minded, unwilling-to-bargain empire submit or cease to exist.
Over a couple centuries ago, it wasn’t just the Aldaines that stood tall and proud. A few lifetimes ago and then some, for humans at least, the Empire of the Fitzroy family existed with radiant strength. Nobody expected the fall that came swiftly and rather brutally. Behind closed doors, the current High Aldaine king and “Lord Fitzroy,” had been at each-other’s neck. So of course, one went to an extreme. The Aldaine Kingdom wiped out the entirety of it, almost as fast as the blink of an eye. The attack was so well-planned that nobody, the Royal Guard, the Council, nor the Royals themselves, suspected a thing. But, once the rubble was alongside any survivors, another monarch was lost. The High King was slaughtered by the youngest Fitzroy Prince, who fled the scene rather quickly after that.
Ever since, wolves have lied somewhat low, avoiding the total decimation of their species, culture, etcetera. And, along with that, the “blood-sucking” empire has grown more strict, especially with the romantic life of their heirs, and their security. After all, both species can be known as vengeful. Who knows what to expect, now that both have evolved so much since the collapse of the Fitzroy Empire.
So, who will you become? A guard working for the royal family, or perhaps a member of the Fitzroy pack? Join today!
The town of Zresgate is unordinary.. Said to have seen large wolves and red beady eyed people feasting on normal peoples necks.. Well what’s happening is there are vampires, werewolves.. And humans all in one town. These people with the powers of vampirism, or being a werewolf hide it a lot. Some having bonds with other species, romantic bonds, or even just a close friendship..

LGBTQ+ Friendly.
Create your own characters!
More than 20 channels, and you can suggest channels to rp in or for ooc chat!
Come join us! Will be rectruiting an admin
Hi My Name is XRsBoi My real name was Miguel, just call me migo, by the way I'm the owner of this server I made it by myself no helpers I promise you that it took a few days to finish this server and I hope you enjoy it here.


Why did I make this server? Because it's for Roleplayers who sacrifice to find an Rp server so I make this server for them not for me, I'm trying to help them because I'm a good person I wanted to be a good and I always trust to god.


And have fun to the server I made it really took a few days to make this, thanks for joining, By the way subscribe to my YouTube channel: Miguel Paldez

Have fun to my server and welcome!


This server is full of werewolves, villagers, and etc. You can play with bots and members, also we have seasons, events, and more just wait.

-Made by XRsBoi-
The ancient rivalry between vampires and werewolves, stemming from grudges held by the progenitors of each, has been only growing more fierce. Paired with the tensions within the vampire covens and werewolf packs themselves, it's only a matter of time before war breaks out—whether it be between the two species, or members within their factions.

In Lamia Adlucinor, form your character's own story under six diverse factions found all over the world; three vampire covens, three werewolf packs. Set in modern day, betrayal and loyalty are apparent on both sides, and you must make a choice. To save yourself, your allies, or betray them all. Will you be loyal to your clan, escape while you can, or perhaps wipe them out?

Below are the six factions, choose between them carefully when creating your character. You have a limit of 8 characters, and independents and humans will not be accepted.

// Vampire Covens \\

⚬ Ilreale Volturi is a vampire coven centralized in Volterra, Italy, and has a hold over much of the supernatural world. Ruled by Elizabeth Rose Dominria and her council, the coven is known for its puppet covens and for being meticulously organized with many laws. Its vampires are to uphold the coven's status in the supernatural world.

⚬ Sanguis Vitam is a vampire coven located in Salem, Massachusetts of the USA. A coven that veils itself from the rest of society, Sanguis Vitam poses as a backwoods Massachusetts church and is infamous among the supernatural world for taking human sacrifices to feed the vampires that their leader, Mother Erendiria, has offered protection and shelter to.

⚬ Lords of Rolvsson is a vampire coven located in the Far North region of Russia, far from human civilization. With one of the strongest ranked military powers on Earth, the Lords of Rolvsson and their tyrant boy king Isvan are one of the strictest and most unfairly ruled covens. Their existence, however, is kept private from the rest of the world, with all forms of modern technology and outside communication being banned to avoid discovery by the Russian government.

// Werewolf Packs \\

⚬ Los Gusanos, their name being derived from an old tradition, is a lesser known werewolf pack located in Posibilidad, Mexico; a small, old-fashioned town with a rich history tucked away in the desert. Others would describe it as simply a family-like gang more than an entire organized werewolf pack, with their headquarters set in a run-down barn on an abandoned ranch and their leather jacket-wearing, skull tattoo-bearing memberbase.

⚬ The Couriers of Claws, heavily valuing ancient tradition, are a werewolf pack formed in the isolated mountain ranges of China, their peaceful lives revolving around the river that surrounds the village they inhabit. The river that the Couriers have built their village around often carries bottled messages in its currents. Under the instruction of their mysterious leader, werewolves of the Couriers are tasked to deliver these messages to receivers all across the world.

⚬ Sacré Veinard is a werewolf pack disguised as an expensive fashion brand that operates in the barren, devastated Le Chien district of Paris, France. Werewolves who are born into or join the pack are led to believe they were created by the devil, and are here to atone for their sins. Those who refute this ideology and any others that serve to be a nuisance are quite literally culled into fur coats, that are sold under the pack's brand Loup Garou.
This is taken from a Galatea story called millennium wolves. I recommend reading it as it’s interesting!
The alpha hasn’t had a mate for two seasons now. His last mate left him for his beta. Each year a haste happens. A haste is where wolves of the pack go crazy with sexual desires. It’s worse for virgins and those who don’t participate in the haste. It occurs to those 18+. It strikes at any time so be careful
Werewolves, mundanes, vampires all lived in harmony until a new vampire lord ascended.
Chaos and war broke out between the vampires and the allianced werewolves and humans.
The war caused many casualties and bred hatred for the other species. Now they live in a broken world where there is no more alliance, no more peace, no more friendship not even between the packs or clans themselves.

Five groups were formed:
- Black Blood Pack: Ruthless, evil, cold.
- Silver Blood Pack: Peacekeeper, calm.
- Ravnos Clan: Cold, angry, spoiling for fights.
- Tzimisce Clan: Reserved, quiet but deadly, sometimes calm.
- Shadow Hunters: Hate all species and want them eradicated.

Whose side are you on? Werewolves? Vampires? Or the Shadow Hunters?
More lore Over the next few decades mundanes slowly began to forget about the existence of werewolves and vampires. They became nothing but a myth and the war that had taken place, became a good campfire story to tell children.

Territory was divided and groups were formed, two vampire clans and two werewolf packs, the mundane got whatever land was left and lived in oblivion. Except for the few mundanes that still knew of the existence of the species by some will of way these being the Shadow Hunters.

The two surviving vampire clans were the Ravnos and Tzimisce.

> The Ravnos Clan: Deemed cold, ruthless, and deadly.

> The Tzimisce clan: More reserved and calculated but just as deadly.

The two surviving werewolf packs were the Silver Blood and the Black Blood Pack.

> Silver Blood Pack: Sometimes referred to as the watchers who strive to keep peace and and ensure status quo. However their dislike towards Black Blood Pack can sometimes cause them to become unreasonable.

> Black Blood Pack: Sometimes referred to as pure evil. Ruthless, dangerous, unpredictable, and callous. They will kill any wolf who steps on their territory without a single word.

Each wolf pack had grown to hate the other and the same went with the vampire clans.
The mundane Shadow Hunters who knew of their existence, continued on a mission to annihilate each species, their hatred the strongest of them all. Trained from birth to know how to hunt, track, and kill both species wolves and vampires).
We've got:
Quite a lot of rp channels
Friendly staff
We are looking for partners we currently have no requirements
And more
This school is made for children that have super natural abilities, Witches,Warlocks, Dragons, Demons, Vampires, Werewolves and much more. This server is NSFW and SFW for people who want to keep it calm and clean. So this rp is for all rpers. Join now and get staff perms while there's still time! What are you waiting for?
Discord server for talk about cryptids, werewolves, vampires, and anything unknown. Humanity knows very little about it? We wanna talk about it. We also have a section for the YouTube series Buzzfeed Unsolved!
Ever since Scott McCall, and his friends graduated Beacon Hills has returned to it's normal quiet state. Life has returned back to normal and most everyone has forgotten about the horrific events that occurred in the years past, most believing it was just a dream.

After many threats and intruders, Beacon Hills has finally gone quiet, only few knowing the real truth behind the events. Many creatures still live in the town, but have gone silent after Scott left, to afraid to come out of hiding. Many believe that finally Beacon Hills, has reached its time to become what it has always wanted to, a normal town, but the town begs to differ. New werewolves with no packs come to town and new things show up. Allies will be made and wars will be waged until something that may be a bother to them all appears.
You've been sucked into a dream and just washed up on shore. Everything is bizarre and strange, a bit off. There are flowers that grow as tall as the trees and fierce storms that come in all the time. There are pirates sailing ships filled with crews of dark elves , dwarves and skeletons all at once. Peter Pans siblings are always walking in the streets. Gandalf appears in the bar with a shaved head, a red beard, and a spell book full of evil and death.

All sorts of creatures and people are here without explanation. Logic and proportion seem to not exist. Why is there a group of dwarves enslaved by vampires in dark mines built by elves? Why are the paintings in the main bar always melting, the characters crawling out of them? Why are androids trying to create bombs and spaceships?

Welcome to the dream.