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a SFW, nonfandom scifi / science fantasy roleplay server - not unturned related \\\
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Introductory Page:
31 minutes ago
Long ago, on the planet of Quepra, the Magic-Shifter's stood their last stand against an enemy they created.
Now, 2,019 years later you step into the remains of the once great faction.

We are a small server, hoping to get more people.
1 hours ago
Scifi based roleplay server, with the setting being a planet-sized ship that travels the universe! We have plenty of rooms, ranging from roleplaying, to general chatting, to media sharing! A couple of our members even do game streaming sometimes, with announcements of when they go up. Give us a look!
2 hours ago
New State City is a metropolis set in the year 2500, built on what was formerly called New York City, USA. However, although it's incredibly technologically advanced, big conflicts still arise between the mega-company Cimmerian Corporation and the city's citizens....

This RP server is for all roleplayers, whether experienced or not. Hope to see you join! :)
2 hours ago
Stiletto is a new Discord roleplaying community.
Our staff and Game Masters thrive to deliver a quality experience for veteran roleplayers within our setting in the cyberpunk island of Sicily during the year 2318. New roleplayers are welcome and encouraged.

>The lore of Stiletto is interesting, expansive, and realistic, branching off from current history as an alternative universe.
>Player choices made during roleplay actually matter. If you want to make a faction or political party, then gather support and do so.
>The staff of Stiletto are active and interactive with the players, but also make the correct choices and are understanding as they too are not new to roleplay.
>A lore doc is provided to catch you up on the setting.
Don't be shy and join the community!
2 days ago
A literate+ (2 para. or more) space roleplay with a friendly community and obsessive nerds making lore. The roleplay is not yet open, however will be in (updated: 5 days). We are accepting in the mean time!

Human characters are no longer being accepted. Alien races now only!

Long ago, a ship escaped the Great War of Solemn. The Solemn Galaxy had fallen to depravity and corruption, making normal life impossible for those who wished for freedom. The history books don't state specifics, the information lost to time. Many lost their lives in the escape to Trisett. Children watched out the window, crammed next to each other, as the ships behind them, carrying many they knew, exploded into pieces. Pieces that would forever drift through space, a grim reminder of why they were running. Only this very ship, would make it to the next galaxy. Free. Allowed to start anew, away from the corruption of the galaxy they left behind, now nicknamed Solemn. They would begin a colony near the brightest star, and as the years ticked on, expand. Flourish. Be born anew. Like a phoenix from the ashes of Solemn, Trisett has become a new existence of it's own. Serenity.

But the brightest lights can cast the darkest shadows. With their growth, more shadows were cast. Numbers grew, for both good and evil.

Some in the galaxy live on colony planets, mining for the corporations of the Trisett Galaxy. Others remain in the Royal's military, fighting on the borders of the Trisett to keep the Others from invasion. Others are bounty hunters, roaming the stars and asteroids and hiding in the scum underbellies. Hunters, civilizations, royalty, greedy corporate presidents, all types live in the expansive Trisett Galaxy, but the pride and joy lay by the star K-Neo M-II. L'yru-al Svi's Great Citadel, simply called the Citadel, is the center hub world for all activity in Trisett. All the types in the galaxy at one point or another pass through here, making it a prime home for the NSE, or the Nexus Station of Education. The NSE to this day is the top producer of Seekers, brave soldiers that fight for this galaxy, acting as galaxy wide police to govern peacekeeping. L'yru's pride and joy, these Seekers are the light of the galaxy.
2 days ago
The Multiversal RP is a roleplay server that wants to provide for you the roleplay experience your looking for! This includes but not limited to:
2 days ago
A brand new futuristic sci-fi server with nice staff and owners, three awesome planets, and robotic body parts, as well as interesting lore to read! Hope to see you there!
3 days ago
We roleplay everything and anything. A variety of active people lay at your disposal. See an RP you like? Hop in! See nothing you're interested in? Suggest it and see it become a reality! Leave your pride and dignity at the door, we are here for the sake of roleplay and roleplay only. We are misfits, but we aren't just any. We are the Abnormal Misfits.
3 days ago
I would like to invite all roleplayers to join my humble and small roleplay communities. We accept all kinds of roleplayers, be it new or literated.
5 days ago
Welcome to North Star City
It's 2030, and North Star City, is seen as the new thriving IN place to be. Especially by those with ..special abilities. From mutants, to super heroes, to vigilantes and villains. Even aliens and cyborgs have started to integrate themselves in this world, hiding their true powers from the public eye as best they can.

Those with super personas have become more known, and heroes of the city, recognized by the town with title of 'Superhero' for saving the day.

With jails also filled with bad guys and villains, and with the economy starting to boom with such a travel destination, where do you see yourself?

Perhaps you're still figuring yourself out! Nebula high is the perfect place for that, students of all alignments pushed together in one school, learning about themselves and what they want to bring in the world. Perhaps you're just an everyday citizen, just trying to survive in this swiftly growing city, or helping defend from Nebula's ace police force!

Come join us, and bring your story along with you in our new paraRP style group!
6 days ago
**The Alexandria System**
A system on the edge of all controlled space, once controlled by the Arcadian Imperium, it was located closer to the galactic core then one would expect, the system is in turn surrounded by a void born nebulae, a dark purple anomaly that leads towards the strange void sector.. Where corruption runs rampid among the darkness.
Alexandria itself, has seen no sign of this corruption, yet. There is a grand total of 9 worlds and there moons, throughout the sector.. However, only 4 are noteworthy.
**Aetera.** A lush tropical world and the third closest to the sun, featuring the most prominent and optimal atmospheric conditions for many species. It features 28h days, 2 moons, and about 50/50 landmass to ocean ratio. It is partially contested, in a "shadow conflict." (lots of covert ops and diplomatic pressure.) between the Reclaimers, Astral Vanguard, Arcadian Imperium and several other factions. As well as the infamous, yet Mysterious Void Corps. Average temperature is around 15'C

**Esteria** A world shrouded in darkness, Esteria is located fifth from the sun, with 38 hour days, it spends the majority of these hours within the void nebulae within the system. Greatly reducing the visibility on the surface and keeping the world in darkness, rumors report that the Void Corps is using it as a base of operations for the sector. It has three moons, and is a **desert** world. Nighttime temperatures sit around 25'C

**Soavis** Located 6th from the sun, Soavis is a arctic world, known for harsh inhabitants as well as its climate itself, it and its garden moon are hotspots for many different merc bands all together, a space station named after the system, Alexandria Station, is the hotspot of them all. Where everyone had agreed to a ‘ceasefire’ there. The planet also has two moons.
**Festiea** Located fourth from the sun, between Aetera and Esteria. Festiea is a resort world, mostly untouched by the conflict surrounding it, the factions have all performed raids, but not full scale invasions. It is the most populated planet in the whole system, and its defense force have repelled several invasions in the past. The Governor of Festiea however, has made it clear civilians and militants from all sides of the conflict are allowed planetside, and to its moons, on the condition that no fighting is to occur. A rather unusual sight, Festiea and its five moons are known for its calm oceans that people from all over the galaxy can enjoy.

The recent conflicts however, had nearly pushed the Arcadian's out of the system, there main stronghold is within the Lumia Forest of Aetera.
8 days ago
Centuries after mankind blasts the Earth apart during the Last War, their colony ship called the Ark touch down on a new world called Eden. With much of their history and population destroyed or lost during a critical fault in transit, they settle down and begin rebuilding.

Not long after that, *something* impacts the other side of the planet. The thick, highly magnetized atmosphere prevents satellite coverage or long range scanners. A recon team goes dark. Six months later, the giant aliens of the so-called Wild Hunt attack.

In response, the Humans open up a dreadful cache of weapons on the Ark. Mecha are deployed for the first time since the Last War, and the Human Defense Force is founded.

You are one of those soldiers. Your mecha is your weapon. Your destiny: to destroy the Wild Hunt, or die trying.
12 days ago
Hello! This is a server meant for people that are interested in original alien characters, merely aliens themselves, and are eager to find others that have similiar interests! Feel free to join, we welcome new members and look forward to seeing you!
19 days ago
The Galactic war has brought focus to a new area, Balmorra. After a scientist’s discovery who goes by the name of Jacel Nilthem, a material was found that can be used in the construction of ships. This Material which is being named Nythel Iron,is an iron which is more resistant to incoming blaster shots, however is at risk when it comes to the use of missiles and other directed fast hard hitting projectiles this is due to its weight. It’s weight slows down ships in air combat but can be a strong and dominant tank in space warfare taking multiple shots. It can be used in creating strong resistant plating that can be used for starships and/or ground defences/walls. (If covered with a layer of another metal on land wall less susceptible to explosion damage.) The Sith empire, led by Darth Shade, and the Galactic Republic led by Raelin Varic have joined In the battle to get their hands on this metal above and below the planet’s surface.
Balmorra has been a place of war and fighting for many years between the republic and the empire, but now it has gotten worse. However, there are more obstacles to overcome such as the dangerous wildlife including; the now aggressive Bormu (Large lumbering disformed creatures that will attack on sight.) the swooping wingmaws (Flesh Bats that swoop on sight) and the burrowing balmorran worms which travel in large groups and reproduce at rapid rates. These wurms sense mining work and will travel to halt the progress so beware. Every fortnight supply ships will be travelling to give aid to the current mission, these supply ships have next to none defences and are easy to shootdown, if shot down for either side grant great rewards, more credits, food, purified water, and working men. Another threat to overcome are the balmorran rebels. These rebels are on no side, not the republic’s or the Empires, these rebels are war heros left behind, they are war criminals and veteran soldiers who felt their treatment was unfair and unjust. These rebels will sabotage camps and steal resources. These rebels are effective, co-ordinated and focused men and women be prepared to defend against them.
25 days ago
Humanity has gone to the stars! What shall they discover there? Who will make a difference in this new era? Will you join sides or make your own way? Make a difference in a totally original universe!
25 days ago
The R-13A System is a great server for Sci Fi enthusiasts or those who just enjoy a freestyle roleplay. there are occasional events and missions. Everyone is welcome!
28 days ago
"The city of Baileyi is a glaring city sitting in the sky above a quiet planet called Nn. In this living city there are a plethora of different species both native and alien that enjoy the liberation of a free market. Mind-blowing psychedelics, blinding nightclubs, and many opportunities to over indulge in whatever one’s heart desires. Yet those who choose to go wherever the wind takes them find themselves to be chewed and spat out after they spoil. There is a reason that they call it the land of the last sleep."
32 days ago
This server has been created to support my podcast and music endeavors, and to act as a base for all of the people who like my stuff! You can talk, share artwork and music, and much more! Join today!
79 days ago
A sci-fi RP server that expects at least paragraph long posts. No aliens.
83 days ago
A futuristic city with 3 main sectors ran by a totalitarian authority called the Order, similar to the hunger games and the giver.
88 days ago
Come join the RP Buzz! This server is for different fandom role-plays and role-plays in general.
145 days ago
A roleplay server where fantasy and sci-fi come together! A brand new roleplay server with both magic and cutting edge technology. With tailor made channels and an evolving storyline, Astral Universe RP provides a fun community for everyone!
245 days ago