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ARCADIA'S RP is a rp/erp. We focus on story building and character development, but we also allow erp. Arcadia's rp is a SciFi themed galaxy, we currently have a city in space named Arcadia and a tropical planet named Hauwei. We also have a Rebellion VS Government war going on.

Combat system.
Helpful staff and owner.
A bunch of Lore.
Three factions for people to join if they want.
We mostly allow any kind of characters to be made.

Come join us if you take RP serious, we are like one big family here, and we are always active.
30 minutes ago
Ferrigan City Roleplay is a Scifi/Magitech themed server, set in an advanced dictatorship city in which a revolution battles the forces of the FGF for control over Ferrigan

Come choose your side, but magic can save you from fate!
7 hours ago
The Sci Fi Discord is a community server for sci fi games, TV and film! We have channels specific to Star Wars, Star Trek, Doctor Who, Marvel, Babylon 5, Stargate and more as we expand. Weekly movie nights, and contests in the works. Come make new friends, talk about your favorite shows and find new ones!
7 hours ago
New State City is a metropolis set in the year 2500, built on what was formerly called New York City, USA. However, although it's incredibly technologically advanced, big conflicts still arise between the mega-company Cimmerian Corporation and the city's citizens....

This RP server is for all roleplayers, whether experienced or not. Hope to see you join! :)
15 hours ago
This server is a brand new currently small roleplay of friends that want to have a good time. If you join you can meet some new friends and have some fun roleplaying. We also partner with other roleplay servers to help show our members as many roleplay was possible!
21 hours ago
With Earth now war torn, Humanity looks up at the stars in order to find a new place to call home. Spearhead this operation as you explore the final frontier and become Humanity's last hope.

This is an RP server but come and join if you just want to hang out
21 hours ago
Welcome, young one, to the council.
Wanna be a pirate? wanna be the greatest? maybe wanna be the greatest trader in the galaxy? well join today!


The newest lore heavy sci-fi Rp, with everything from technomancy to biological armour.
join today, this server includes:
-large worlds-
-distant galaxies-
-dice-based combat-
-ship classifications-
Open to everyone, new or old to Rp
join today
22 hours ago
Scifi based roleplay server, with the setting being a planet-sized ship that travels the universe! We have plenty of rooms, ranging from roleplaying, to general chatting, to media sharing! A couple of our members even do game streaming sometimes, with announcements of when they go up. Give us a look!
1 days ago
a SFW, nonfandom scifi / science fantasy roleplay server - not unturned related or a map game / nation rp //
Alternative Invite: //
Introductory Page:
1 days ago
a clean, chill group of people, roleplaying in a futuristic space ship that has been taken over by space pirates, will you destroy the evil scum of the galaxy, join thier ranks to become supreme space raiders, or mend the damage they have caused, hoping to change thier ways? or just a trader looking for cash? the choice is yours!
8 days ago
This is a rather small roleplaying server, based around a spaceship sent from Earth to bring a fraction of mankind to a new planet, to call home again.
9 days ago
The Multiversal RP is a roleplay server that wants to provide for you the roleplay experience your looking for! This includes but not limited to:
10 days ago

The Atlas has left Earth while it was alive, but has no idea it was destroyed by a terrorist-hacked artificial weather machine. On the way to a new planet, there are troubles aboard the NYC sized ship with 8 million people. Different groups have different intentions, and tensions are rising.

Check out our website for all the info you need:

Join us today! It's a lot of fun, and we've just started!
12 days ago
Welcome to North Star City
It's 2030, and North Star City, is seen as the new thriving IN place to be. Especially by those with ..special abilities. From mutants, to super heroes, to vigilantes and villains. Even aliens and cyborgs have started to integrate themselves in this world, hiding their true powers from the public eye as best they can.

Those with super personas have become more known, and heroes of the city, recognized by the town with title of 'Superhero' for saving the day.

With jails also filled with bad guys and villains, and with the economy starting to boom with such a travel destination, where do you see yourself?

Perhaps you're still figuring yourself out! Nebula high is the perfect place for that, students of all alignments pushed together in one school, learning about themselves and what they want to bring in the world. Perhaps you're just an everyday citizen, just trying to survive in this swiftly growing city, or helping defend from Nebula's ace police force!
We're a very player run rp, allowing people to create plots, grow the world, and enjoy the stories! The new school term started August first, as well! So come join! Become a citizen or enroll as a super powered student or teacher!

Come join us, and bring your story along with you in our new paraRP style group!
13 days ago
The main hub for all things Star Trek on Discord. Come and join us and talk about Star Trek in a relaxed environment with cool features and nice people!
13 days ago
The extraterrestrials arrived on Earth in December of 2018, and though they're nonhostile, the beings are ominous and ambiguous in their intentions. Figure out why they're here, and make choices that actively affect the plot of the server.
14 days ago
A roleplay server about Earth becoming unsuitable for human life, and humanity being forced to leave to a new planet. The server is hard science fiction, and always looking for new members!
17 days ago
This server is dedicated to a glorious art of worldbuilding. In short it is here to help and guide aspiring writers/Game Masters/dreamers with making the most detailed, best written and just glorious worlds to use in your novels, RPG session, daydreams etc.

PS. If you are using 'did you just assume my gender' unironically, you are not welcomed.
17 days ago
The Earth, The seed of the human race was overflowing with humans so we expanded to mars then to Titian and then when we filled this planets and striped there resource we move on to other planets discovered by the Kepler telescope many died before we found many liveable planets that we survived on although to gain access to these planets we massacred many alien species without mercy.

Many years later humans thrive on kepler 567j nicknamed jorja where until they discover that the milky way is dying and each solar system government fights to find a new galaxy that we can move to Kepler 567j build three ships SSK Fortune, SSK Life and SSK Revolution the Fortune and Life where lost on the trip to Citation leaving only Revolution to survive and find a new home eventually for Jorja’s population currently on deep space flight. But to build a home SSK Revolution must fight other spacedestoryes and aliens. This is where we pick up on SSK Revolution just after your long sleep.
19 days ago
A survival roleplay game with a rather simple premise: You have crashed upon a planet armed with a handgun and your personal belongings. More is to be found out if you join in!
20 days ago
Intercept is a Science Fiction Roleplay server. Within the world of Intercept, there are three massive interstellar empires, each clamoring for power in a massive galactic war. As of writing this, the server is still in production, and as such it is not ready for RP yet, but any new members are greatly appreciated.
23 days ago
As you come up the the gates of the Temple of Kyoi, where you can live in a world of wonder. A place to meet new people, learn new things, and ultimately create you own life within the Laws. Create a family, go on adventures, find new planets. The will of your mind can be endless here at Temple of Kyoi...
27 days ago
Freeform (popcorn) SciFi RP server. Come visit our mining space station on the ice moon Regor 3! Tourists welcome! Now hiring miners. There are storefronts available for rent in the Concourse.

No character sheets, no dice rolls. All RP!

Wanted to live out the life of a galactic tourist? Maybe a gun for hire with cybernetic enhancements? Or do you just want the hard, but satisfying, work of an Orehtite miner? You can do any of these (AND MORE!) in the MonarchCorp server! Join us on the ice moon, Regor 3, and live out your space fantasy.
30 days ago

The year is 2027, after a devastating world destroying nuclear-war, astronauts are stranded in space. While some go insane knowing their home, friends, family and lives have been destroyed, others, decide to pleasure themselves with the social constraints of society now gone.
33 days ago