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Want to try out something different? Something with a little more edge to it? You feel like all the standard roleplays you've seen here are boring? Fallout, Star Wars, the generic bunch? How about Cyberpunk?

You want to traverse the streets of Frankfurt in the year of 2096, go through the slums where the lowest scum live and exchange favors for each other just for petty implants? Or do you want to help the police taking down these scums, beat them down and serve justice? Or maybe you want to hang out with the elites of the corporations.

Sex, drugs, alcohol, violence, corporate injustice, ... what else do you want? Take a break from your mundane life and boring roleplay routines. Join us, exploit the people or help the people. Or don't give a rats ass and fuck whores and pedal money.

Good luck, you'll need it.

NOTE: you'll need to submit a roleplay sample to gain server access.
It's the year 2037, and the world is in ruins. What began as a small argument between America and Russia, soon evolved into a full out war. After years of bloodshed, the world was consumed by a wave of nuclear fire. You are but one of many of the survivors left with the task of recreating civilization. Will you lead your nation to a Golden Era, or will you follow the charred path taken by those that came before you. The choice is yours.

In this server, we offer you a chance to partake in our fun server. While yes, we are still rather new, we still offer many possibilities.

- We keep our chats clean and free from toxic comments

- We allow you to create your own history for your countries

- Unlike other servers similar to ours, we do not force you to wait long periods of time to do things, and we wish to allow you to let your creative juices flow

At the moment, our server is with flaws. All we ask is for you to give us a chance. Help our community improve.
Upon their 18th birthday, everyone must choose a side: Order or Chaos. Those who choose Order are sent to a safe, structured city with no free will. Concord. Those who choose Chaos are sent to a city with complete freedom, but there are no laws or protections of any kind. Tumult.

Once chosen, you cannot back out. Dissenters of the system are hunted down and said to be thrown into the Chasms, the radiated divide between the two cities.

Our lore at-
Xelor is a 5005 based Cyberpunk world in which we are happy to involve your characters! Much of what is needed can be found in the first few tabs of the server, and our flock of Moderators are more than happy to help answer any questions you may have after reading through the aforementioned channels. It is filled with Fast Cars, Robots, Clubs, and even Human Beings. Although technology at it's finest, it is simply more than enough. With many roleplay categories featuring the Government district where your character could visit the library, or if you're a troublemaker the lockup. Our District channels featuring many industrial, luxury, and agricultural districts. Of course we have an Uptown featuring sketchy alleys and all the best for troubled characters. Downtown is as downtown as you can get having only the best bottle service clubs and best eateries within Xelor.

Thanks for your time, we look forward to seeing you there!

⌛• Active Server.
👥• Friendly, Active Staff.
📚 • Semi Literate/Literate Roleplay.
🏳️‍🌈 • LGBT Friendly & Discrimination Free.
💬 • Voice Chat and Music Bot.
📺 • Many Roleplaying Channels.
🏘️ • Welcoming Community.
🤝• Open to partnerships.
Welcome to New London 2149! We are a dedicated roleplay community set in a cyberpunk future London. Where big companies, gangs, and the government are constantly at odds with one another.

With new threats emerging at a constant rate there is hardly a dull moment in New London. The city is consumed by near endless conflict to control it and it’s occupants, which side will you choose?

∎18+ only
∎ An active, helpful, and wonderful staff! Who is constantly searching for new and exciting plot for it’s members!
∎ Literate and multi paragraph roleplay!
∎ We encourage creative liberties with our flexible character customization!
∎ A friendly, welcoming, and active group of roleplayers!
∎ A wonderfully in depth world to indulge your cyberpunk fantasies!

Will the city be swallowed up by it's own unrest and chaos? Join, create your own character, and make your own path! Perhaps you can change New London for the better.. or for worse.
Ihr wacht plötzlich auf und seid nicht mehr auf eurer Heimatwelt. Euch wird schnell bewusst, dass ihr nicht mal mehr in eurer Existenzebene seid.
Diese Welt ist Finyaril, eine Welt unabhängig der anderen Dimensionen - ihr Erschaffer heißt Myzneas. Und das wird euch schnell bewusst, denn die Dame fackelt nicht lange damit, sich euch vorzustellen.
Myzneas ist eine sanfte Göttin, die ihr Leben dem Helfen von Kreaturen verschrieben hat. Hier auf Finyaril seid ihr - als einer der Helden eurer Welt, ohne vielleicht davon zu wissen - dazu auserkoren, euch auf jene Kämpfe vorzubereiten, die auf eurer Welt und zu eurer Zeit ausgefochten werden. Egal ob Krieg, Spionage, oder eine andere wichtige Aufgabe. Myzneas und die Welt hier helfen euch, euch auf diese Aufgabe vorzubereiten. Dabei habt ihr so viel Zeit wie ihr möchtet, da Zeit für Myzneas relativ ist. Lebt in Finyaril, entdeckt es - findet dort Freunde oder aber Feinde.
Begebt euch auf epische Quests, lebt mit den anderen Helden in einem Dorf, feiert mit ihnen in der Taverne... vielleicht verliebt ihr euch?
Welcome to UnderPrivileged and the floating city of New Zana, we are a SciFi/CyberPunk slice of life themed server. We are a realistic RP server that supports creativity and good writing. This is a place for serious roleplayers, we want good writers and people who have good grammar. We also run weekly quests for people to do, it is always a good time.
What we got:
-Combat system
-Loot system
-In-depth character creation
-Factions for people to join
-Events and Quests for characters to do
-Lots of Lore
-Holiday RP events
And much more stuff for people.
The Underprivileged is based on a floating city in the middle of space, the city's name is New Zana and it started out as a mining complex but soon turned into a whole city that is always lit up. It doesn't matter if you are poor or rich, cop or criminal, shy or social. New Zana has something for everyone, that is why so many people have come from all parts of the universe, just to live in this city.

Underprivileged is an immersive, member-driven RP community consisting of three overarching sections, each containing a variety of stories for you to explore and flex your creative muscles.
This is a good old fashioned nuclear post apocalyptic server set on a fictional mountainous and forested island with the main attraction being a once beautiful metropolis.

I hope you’re ready to be abso-fucking-lutely sold on this server because the amount of bullshit I can pour into an add with make Mount Everest look like a goddamn gopher mound. Let’s go

Survivalism is a double post apocalyptic server. I know what you’re asking, you’re asking “Jack, what’s a double post apocalypse?” well my friend, what happened is first there were zombies and then to get rid of them they did the logical thing and fucking nuked the place, bam, no more zombies.

This is, in case you didn’t know, an RP server.
Yup, that’s it for that part

We have a relatively vast array of possibilities as far as the factions and building goes, we allow you to make your own. Wouldn’t be an apocalypse without some scrap structures after all, I guess Bethesda’s got that one thing right.

I think that’s all!
Looking for friends? We are an active community dedicated in providing an immersive experience of a thematic scifi world. Boasting with a ranking system, an economy, and active community, StarReach has everything you're looking for.

▌│█║▌║▌║ OVERVIΞW ║▌║▌║█

Set in the 27th century, humanity has taken to the stars. Sentient life dots every corner of the galaxy. Spaceships, exploration, and conflict await! Don’t worry about character specifics or realism here, we operate strictly by the “Rule of Cool”.

▌│█║▌║▌║ RISΞ THE RANKS ║▌║▌║█

Ranging from Initiate▀▄▀ to Fleet Admiral▀▄▀, you can rank up while gaining trust, influence, recognition, and respect both in and out of RP.

▌│█║▌║▌║ PICK A SIDΞ ║▌║▌║█│▌

Become a citizen of a vastly different Milky Way galaxy, or enlist as a soldier in the galactic defense organization known as GSI. With enough experience, you can spice things up by starting your own faction and fighting for what you believe is just. Not everything is as it seems...

▌│█║▌║▌║ DYNAMIC STORYLINΞ ║▌║▌║█│▌

Every 1-2 weeks, Admins, Moderators, and Lore Scribes can start a storyline event, which can change the environment around you. If you have any suggestions, feel free to DM us!

Owned by Keisti#8762
Draconic Correctional Facility is located inside a wormhole which connects the dimensions of the Darkspel medieval dimension and the Sietnyas Sci-Fi dimension. The correctional facility is governed by the IDJA (Inter-Dimensional Justice Authority) who manages inmates who harbour questionable or unethical sentences in their own dimensions as well as to acting as a normal prison for them.

Due to the instability of the wormhole the correctional facility is located, there is a magical infection with no certain origin which is referred to as “corruption magic.” Corruption magic severely affects the mental state of anyone it infects with magical or abnormal properties such as spontaneous generation and control over fire.

Welcome to draconic correctional, A semi-serious roleplay server

We are a state-of-the-art facility (RP server) where you can roleplay your time in prison where the weird and wacky happen daily! It is running by a teenage dragon hybrid, and has characters such as the angsty teen clay, Or the relaxed and calm kitsune dragon kitsune!

We also have a commissary section where you can buy things like you’re not even in prison, we even have special jobs such as a cult, a VR game designer!
The prison is separated into both sci-fi and medieval wings. So, we only accept these kinds of inmates.
We also have a economy system!

Come join now! Its better than most prisons. Trust us! - We welcome all types of role-players. Including free form and one liners. This doesn't mean people can god mod and stuff however.
New server looking for members to have fun with us, give the server a try if you will!
Hey you, do you like space-esque stuff or Sci-Fi? If so, read on!
Roughly over 10,000 years ago, Earth was our home. And I don't mean just our home...but all of humanity's home. The downfall all started when the light-drive was invented. Nobody knows it's true origins, but some say that a group of Russian scientists built it. When the light-drive was discovered by the rest of the world, it immediately sent every nation into a panic. Per usual, the entire planet went to war over the damn thing, but this time, with nuclear warfare.

Due to the incoming wars, the people of Earth have been building a large spacecraft. It was later named the Intergalactic Bounty Group. The ship was huge, and was able to carry thousands of people—but it couldn't carry everyone. These survivors carried the guilt of billions of people's deaths, and the future responsibility to continue their legacy.

The light-drive disengaged as they reached their destination. Apparently, they had entered into a whole other planetary system with several planets to choose from. The logs from back in the day even say that the system roughly resembled our own, but had hundreds of more planets that seemed to work together quite well.

This is where you come in, yes, you. You're gonna start off as a bounty hunter on the Intergalactic Bounty Group's supercarrier. You're gonna get your own ship, own crew, and whatever else you might need to complete the missions given. It is now your responsibility to keep the human population from going extinct, and live out the rest of your life anew. Find the planet with the most potential, use it's resources, and maintain life.

⊰│ Good ol' space stuff, who doesn't love that?
⊰│ Missions, bounty hunts, searches, and discoveries awaiting you.
⊰│ Welcoming community!

P.S: If you just love humans being the cause of their own demise, c'mon and join!
A NASA fan run group based off of a very active deviantART group. We are in noway affiliated with NASA by any official capacity.

DeviantART group:
The year is 2050. In the fictional city of Reia-016, Stillwater Hospital is among the continually growing enterprises. But it’s not an average hospital. It’s responsible for the strangest of injuries and conditions, many reaching far beyond human logic. Nothing at Stillwater is treated easily, and some cases have resulted in unexpected and tragic consequences which haunt the hospital to this day. The staff of Stillwater have their hearts set on a goal: to use their logical, scientific minds to solve these mysteries of the medical world. However, sometimes they must rely on things they cannot prove, and they know that if not handled carefully, it can result in potentially catastrophic consequences.
We're looking for people who like to stop by and chat regularly!

💠The BlueHeaven Bar is a hangout for fans of all cyberpunk and scifi! Stop by for a drink at the bar, and gamble at the casino!💠

💠 Bartending Bots and drinks from VA-11 HALL-A!
💠 Free Color Roles!
💠 Gambling bot minigames!
💠 Voice channels for active VC users!
💠 Starboard!
💠 Rythm Bot and a Muted Music VC lounge!
Andromeda, the nearest galaxy to the milky way, or.. where we all call home. However, in this galactic frontier - Home is Andromeda. The year is 2350, in Andromeda the democratic faction known as the federation has began to grow weak after persistent attacks from otherworldly enemies. Along with that, Human explorers from the Milky way have began to enter the galaxy through a small wormhole near Alpha Centauri. With all of this happening many.. lower factions have began to use this conflict to grow their own interests. Crime syndicates to smaller republics have began their growth into the galactic spotlight, therefore, where will your place grow into this galactic frontier? Will you seize the future? or will you fall ill to the temptations and ill-will of this galaxy? Your decision will mark the frontier of the future.

Server Expectations
- An Owner with the willingness and love to grow and expand this creative roleplaying experience into something special!
- Administration options!
- Multi-Scale world building, from a small scale thief or smuggler, to world defining generals and admirals. Each position has an effect on their plane.
- Fluid Roleplaying and loving support from other members
- Multiple factions to play as, along with that, options to create your own faction!
- High amount of creativity and support from future admins and the owner!
- Great brainstorming help from any of your peers!
- Fluid moving plot with server events happening to grow the storyline.
The Perpetuum Online server, run and maintained by the community and open source project: Open Perpetuum.
Join and learn about the game Perpetuum! See videos, screenshots, killboard, dev blogs, and more!
Ownership being debated currently!

New Owner talking:
This is a pretty open Roleplay Server, with no restrictions other than nsfw and god modding.

We have a welcoming community and overall don't mind newcomers as long as said newcomer is not toxic/ a troll.

We accept both original species and pre-made species, but once again, its imperative to keep power/strength to levels not-so ridiculous.

We also have some fun misc channels, but not many bots (remarkably not the "Congratulations! You Leveled Up!" ones)

Overall its a fun server and we hope we can work things out as they go.
Welcome to Fractured Horizon
Another Sci-Fi server.

Now here is my attempt to sell you a server without spoon feeding you stuff like “our admins are just great” and “we have a super fun bot system” because that’s not true. I’m the only admin as of writing this so yeah and our bots are just ok. Ok let’s go

-We allow custom races
-Custom factions
-Custom planets
-Ship Creation

Listen it’s all stuff like that so you know.
Be warned our server does allow ERP and because for some reason I can’t set chats to NSFW well...yeah. Although he do have a designated category for it.

I’m not too good at these so if you’re expecting more then uh well that sucks
🔱 ~ Welcome New Students ~ 🔱

A brand new 15+ Sci-Fi Roleplay Server inspired by X-Men! Gladstone Academy is one of many boarding schools created by governments across the world to teach super-powered individuals. When England created Gladstone, they decided that all super-powered children would be able to attend tuition-free. The only caveat was that students in the academy would be added to a government database. Does the government have other plans for these special kids? Only you can find out~!

Some more features of our lovely Academy include:
💫 Minimalistic design
💫 LGBT+ Friendly
💫 Interactive Events
💫 Roleplay as a Teacher or a Student
💫 Teachers can teach their own classes, choosing from a short roster, or create their own!
💫 A small beach town close by with lots of shops
💫 Friendly and Attentive Staff

🔱 Come join us today!! 🔱
Straying far from society... Being chased from modern day. Or what modern day is like. Society has technically died after the year of 2020. It now being 3019, the thought of equality has gone down hill.

During the year of 2020, people were going through Gene surgery and genetic testing. A few being altered while being a fetus. Once the surgeries and testing were finished. The patients from the tests and surgeries getting strange features. Those of a creature that was thought as mythology. The mothers giving birth to 'beastly' creatures.

People were disgusted with them. But, the thought of equality was so stuck in their minds, they tolerated them. Waiting for one of them to cause a huge problem. Fortunately for the 'normal' people. One of the creatures losing control of their strength. Crashing into a building after being hit with a semi. The building fell over, crashing into other buildings. Causing a huge destruction.

After the destruction, the 'normies' had enough. Building up their forces to chase them out. Crowding them all in the now abandoned state, California. Now called the OutLand. After they were crowded in the OutLand, the creatures had to build and set their own civilization.

Once the civilization was built, they lived in peace. Not seeing a normie for a case of ten years. Now finally being 3019. A few outcast from the normies came along. The creatures accepting them with open arms, or wings. Now the civilization thriving. They live in a small, but exotic town. Loving the small life style.

This is about the creatures and the normies. How they live and thrive in their little town.

How are you gonna live your life?

Outlanders is a sci-fi/fantasy roleplay that has fun chats and fun bots. We just need to add up more people so I can get the server running. There is a lore, vents, a meme channel and other fun things. Come and join in on the fun!
☼☥☼ Welcome to Paradise Falls! ☼☥☼

☼ Created by @willem#0666 ☼

Paradise Falls is an RP created to tie together many different genres and concepts into a comprehensive and well written story, in order to present dozens of opportunities for players to make characters of their greatest dreams. With both Sci-Fi Apocalypse AND Medieval Fantasies, even to City Life and Crime Drama, from Supernatural to Super Powers, Paradise Falls has it all!

Paradise Falls features more than just the bare minimum; with a plethora of features to immerse the player and an overall high quality design and general community! Some of our more prominent features include:

☼ Semi-Literate Players and Standards!
☼ Knowledgable and Dedicated Staff Members!
☼ Customizable Powers and Homes!
☼ Weekly Mini Events and Prompts!
☼ Detailed and Custom Lore!
☼ Lots of Opportunities for Unique Characters!
☼ And many, many more!

Join Paradise Falls today, and begin your adventure through space and time and everything in between, populated by one of the best communities on Discord!
A roleplay server based very loosely upon the Unreal universe, taking up the sci-fi themes and allowing roleplayers to even pit their characters against one another! Featuring factions from the canon and taking some liberties to allow some more accessibility to some races or factions.

💥 All the equipment from Unreal!
💥 Unique race traits!
💥 A tournament category for non-penalized fighting!
💥 Dice-roll combat!
💥 Member-aided world expansion!