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Hyperion Falls a mature 18+ cyberpunk prison roleplay inspired by (but not based on) various sources such as "Love, Death & Robots", "Neuromancer", "Electric Dreams", "The Expanse", "Hunger Games" and many other sci-fi stories.
Hello! This is a server meant for people that are interested in original alien characters, as well as their designs and the worlds they are a part of, and are eager to find others that have similar interests! Feel free to join, we welcome new members and look forward to seeing you!
▁▂▃▅▆▇ THE ARTEMIS ▇▆▅▃▂▁
This role play takes place in the year 2111 shortly after a global conflict over space power that brought many countries to their knees. These countries did not have the resources, nor the knowledge to create an FTL spacecraft on their own, so, most of the worlds nations banded together prior to the war and formed the United Coalition for the Exploration of Space. With the combined knowledge of the world, they were able to construct a spaceship capable of slipspace travel. Come Join us on the Artemis and explore the universe! for anything is possible here (join to see full lore)
『server that needs good administrators and GMs!』

『Frequent Events!』

『Sci-Fi action!』

『Lots of Roles to chose from!』

Get on a ship and leave Earth far behind. Travel all the way to Ilumen-67, a galaxy consisting of the solar system B-391. Five planets, spread out far across ranging from next to their glowing red sun and spread out towards the icy reaches of the vacuum of space.
Find your place among an intergalactic war, and do your best to survive- If you can.
Star Wars: Renegades is a server to fill a role of a smaller scale and more personal star wars roleplay that builds from the ground up, as players work together through a story from rags to riches.

The server includes:
-Interactive and helpful staff
-Fun star wars and various other discussions and chats
-A creative and newly imagined economy
-Bots, and channels to use them
-Engaging and driven roleplay
-Music bots in muteable channels (if and when they are requested)
-Meme channels, art sharing, suggestion channels to make the server a better place for the members, and far more both here and in the works!

Roleplay starts on a small corvette in posession of the players, a rag tag group looking to make a buck and live to tell about it. From there, through all sorts of jobs from merc work to hauling cargo and clearing out pirates, (or perhaps dabbling in a bit of piracy themselves), the server will slowly amass some other ships and eventually become a formidible small scale force.

Check us out, and help make our community that much better! Glad you found us, and we hope you enjoy.
The year is 2050. In the fictional city of Reia-016, Stillwater Hospital is among the continually growing enterprises. But it’s not an average hospital. It’s responsible for the strangest of injuries and conditions, many reaching far beyond human logic. Nothing at Stillwater is treated easily, and some cases have resulted in unexpected and tragic consequences which haunt the hospital to this day. The staff of Stillwater have their hearts set on a goal: to use their logical, scientific minds to solve these mysteries of the medical world. However, sometimes they must rely on things they cannot prove, and they know that if not handled carefully, it can result in potentially catastrophic consequences.
This is Survivalism, A zombie apocalypse survival.
In this server you’re here with one main goal, survive.
Here is a bit of lore for you instead of needlessly pandering and telling you “How great our staff is” and “How the place is just wonderful” and then going to rate my own server 5 stars and pretending I’m not the guy who made the server

In the year 2019, the world was stormed by a parasite produced by a shady, unknown corporation. The parasite was never intended to be released but, it escaped the island it was being tested on in, via a ship. It first infected the captain where over time it laid eggs, these it continued transferring itself between hosts. Once the eggs hatched and infected the hosts it was still undetected but the people infected (mostly sailers) were already scatters across the world. The infection spread and spread until most of the world has succumbed to the parasite.

Now the year is 2025 and the parasite itself has weakened. It no longer has the ability to transfer between hosts by itself but instead requires the hosts to transfer the microscopic eggs via saliva into the other would be host.

The parasite isn’t just harmful though. The infected release a store that accelerates plant growth. This spore is constantly released although it has no smell, colour or taste. It isn’t lethal or dangerous in any capacity.
This spore has caused cities to become overgrown at a highly accelerated rate although due to the high amount of zombies.

The city itself was a sprawling place of innovation and technology, it was your usual everyday cramped big city called “New Edmont City”.
Welcome to AEGIS, a government association devoted to capturing and containing Anomalous Entities, or beings with extraordinary powers. Inspired by SCP, this server takes place in Facility Omicron, the main AEGIS facility in the northwestern united states and if you’ve just arrived to the facility, then you are one of three kinds of people. You could be a new staff member hired by AEGIS to staff the facility, in which case welcome to your first day on the job. You could be a new member of the Elite ARC teams whose job it is to capture and bring in the dangerous Anomalous Entities. OR you could be an Anomalous Entity who is now facing the sometimes harsh reality of living as a “guest” of AEGIS. Are you an experimenter trying to further science by studying Anomalous Entities? An ARC Team member just trying to make the world a safer place? Or an Anomalous Entity just trying to understand their abilities?
We are a science fiction – fantasy themed collaborative play by post roleplaying website where the community creates the universe in which they all engage through creative writing and the creation of artwork. Looking for roleplayers, writers, artists, setting and technology designers!! (SFW but 18+ community)

As the setting is in a state of constant development through cooperative storytelling.
Welcome to C.O.P./ Children of Power

It is the year 2476. The threat of a 5th world war looms over the world. During what would be the last 10 years of peace, the United states set into motion, PROJECT SOLUTION. In order to be ready, the US devised a plan to raise children, starting from the age of 3 (meaning they cant remember anything that has happened to them.) to fight the war. They would be injected with a serum that would cause the children's genes to mutate, to give them access to any and all abilities located within them. 40 children were sent through and only 20 made it through the initial injection. 5 years later, the year 2481, The project was shut down, due the looming threat of war dying off. The kids showing signs of powers were to be taken in by the U.S military as a precaution. Most of the parents were fine with this...those who weren't, the scientist, took their children and wiped their memories of the project and it's entirety. They went into hiding, changed their names, and moved away from the facility. eventually, the children found each other around the age of 9, and they became some of the best of friends. their parents made a somewhat group, and in order to make sure they were never found they had fail safes and weekly meetings disguised as a group called C.O.P.; Children of Power. The Name they uss as a cover, Council of Parents. When the children hit 8th grade year, they seemingly grew apart, even more so in highschool. With no knowledge of their powers, until after 10 years have passed. The year is 2491, Now, junior year is about to get a lot harder.
Welcome to Space RP

Have you always wondered what it would be like to be in space with your character and meet others doing things together? Well then this is the place for you where you can have many things to do with people In space

What we have to offer are

- Active role players
- Active Community & Staff
- Experienced role players
- NSFW Stuff
- Friendly Community
A danganronpa rp server that is based in a large city with multiple different themed locations. Non canon and Canon characters are accepted with all varying skill levels welcome! 17 spots available but more people can join in throughout the killing game and will go eventually so be prepared for an intense game of Death, Despair and Hope! Hope to see you all soon!
Welcome to Everlasting Change a Brand New Fantasy and SciFi Role playing where there are infinite universes as you are able to travel to these universes once available as new ones will be made in the upcoming the world was not like this before as reality was reset by an Entity named **Sovereign** so take flight within this role play and enjoy your stay for your choices will forever change the world as there are countless outcomes and tragedies that are yet to be avoided join in event and defend these universes from invaders.
Primarily a roleplay server with room for a variety of rps from any genre. A friendly, laid back community welcoming to anyone.
Main rp is Edge of the Abyss, a Kantai Collection/Azur Lane story set at the height of the Abyss War, with the defenders of humanity losing ground daily as the war approaches its tipping point. Will the seas be made safe again, or will a new darkness cover the Earth.

Only rules
1. Be polite
2. No politics
3. No trolling, spamming, or advertising
Welcome to draconic correctional, A semi-serious roleplay server

We are a state-of-the-art facility (RP server) where you can role play your time in prison where the weird and wacky happen daily! It is running by a teenage dragon hybrid, and has characters such as the angst teen clay, Or the relaxed and calm kitsune dragon kitsune!

We also have a commissary section where you can buy things like you’re not even in prison, we even have special jobs such as a cult, a VR game designer!
The prison is separated into both sci-fi and medieval wings. So, we only accept these kinds of inmates.

We also have a easy to understand hunger system and a economy system!

Come join now! Its better than most prisons. Trust us!

We are also LGBT+ and furry friendly!
inspired by the Heroes TV Series, created by Tim Kring.

This story is one that we all know very well: it's a story of the human condition and our relentless search for somewhere we belong, our pursuit of a state where the loneliness is an afterthought and that maybe we mean more than when 'they' think. It is about self discovery love, friendships and the small moments that make us human.

Warning: There are some 18+ themes. warning

This is Volume One: Genesis. It kicks off in the Fourth of July. Full Moon. Six ordinary people of different lives find their lives changed as they discover their special abilities. And, as if that wasn't enough, they will have to struggle with a dilemma that could have major ramifications while trying to keep it a secret.
Gamindustri, the world of the CPUs. This server is an RP Server that allows us to live in the server and meet the gang! Neptune, Noire, Vert, and even Blanc. You can even become on of the CPUs and CPU candidates. You can even put in your own CPUs too within reason.
It isn't known when the outside will be habitable again, or if it will be habitable ever again at all, but until then, we stay in this lab. We stay safe from the unknown danger outside and wait until the day comes when we can all be free once more.
Looking for servers to partner with!
Hey there! Take a doughnut, relax while you read this! Allow me to explain what we offer at Pandora's box!
•A structured set of rules
•Indepth roleplay plots
•Exciting Weekly RP plots
•An open minded and understanding Admin team
•Weekly challenges
•Art sharing, memes, music
•Suggestion channels
•Self Promotion
•Dyno, Color-Chan, Sidekick and more!
So what do ya say? Check us out, We'd love to have you!
Asgard Vistas is a small yet growing Stargate, Sci-Fi and PC Gamer based community.
We also cover a variety of other subjects as well such as:

- Anime
- Games (Space Engineers, SW Empire at War, Halo, etc)
- Sci-Fi Lore (Halo, Mass Effect, Star Wars, etc.)
- Soft NSFW Channel (permissioned rank required for access)
- Art channel for drawings, gaming screenshots, and pictures
- Dedicated Steam Group for Stargate fans (link provided in discord)
- News (channels to post a variety of different news/articles)
- Music Zone for posting favorite songs (with a separate channel for using Rythm bot commands)
- Discord server sharing (requires Admins to place in and suggested server needs to be in-line with server rules)
- Media Channel to promote personal videos or streams (ex - Youtube, Twitch, Mixer, etc.)
- Biweekly viewing of Stargate series Content :Stargate: (possibility of expanding for other viewing night content (anime, other shows, etc.)
- Monthly steam key giveaway (keys provided via humblebundle)
- PC Game Events (new addition)
Durgan here to invite you to a sever full of Action and horror filled rps, along with other Sci-Fi roleplays for your needs. We are a welcoming and respectful community and are open to most people. We are also still growing so we would have be more than happy if you decide to join us here in our happy little server.

We also include:
•Art sharing/learning/help
•Character creation/help
•Voice Chatting/Singing
•Rp learning/help
•Other RPs

Simple rules to follow:
•No Disrespectful acts torwards one another or myself
•No art stealing or reposting (I will guarantee you'll be damaged severly)
•No Drama, keep a positive enviroment
•Please use the appropriate tags for the subjects you are posting
•Please respect sexualities of people's ocs.
•Nsfw is only allowed in the appropriate channels
•Please be aware that I am not good with Discord so please be patient.
•Please read the info and study your power.
•No Godmodding or Power controling.
FE: Dominion City RPG is the interactive RPG of FE UNIVERSE (IG: @FE_Universe). Together with a soundtrack on iTunes and Spotify, official fiction published on Amazon, and more, Dominion City RPG is an enclosed city of 7 ring-shaped districts ranging from wasteland to cyberpunk to futuristic, where storytelling (not stat-building) and a supportive community are king.
New Dawn is a FORUM BASED roleplay set in a rich Science Fantasy setting. Write as one of many species, join battles between factions, explore the remnants of a damaged galaxy, or simply go on adventures with others. We reward activity, fun and creativity.
Enter a world of medieval adventures, space exploration, horror excitement or whatever your Game Master has in store for you! Just pull up a chair, grab your dice sack, and prepare to have fun! This is a server originally intended to be used as a tool for Tabletop Amino.
✔ Freeform AND System Specific Group Games
✔ Judgement free NSFW Zone.
✔Relaxing game zone.
✔Short and Long term gaming areas.
✔Open staff positions - including Admins!
**We are still in development and would greatly appreciate any feedback or suggestions.