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Asgard Vistas is a small yet growing Stargate, Sci-Fi and PC Gamer based community.
We also cover a variety of other subjects as well such as:

- Anime
- Games (Space Engineers, SW Empire at War, Halo, etc)
- Sci-Fi Lore (Halo, Mass Effect, Star Wars, etc.)
- Soft NSFW Channel (permissioned rank required for access)
- Art channel for drawings, gaming screenshots, and pictures
- Dedicated Steam Group for Stargate fans (link provided in discord)
- News (channels to post a variety of different news/articles)
- Music Zone for posting favorite songs (with a separate channel for using Rythm bot commands)
- Discord server sharing (requires Admins to place in and suggested server needs to be in-line with server rules)
- Media Channel to promote personal videos or streams (ex - Youtube, Twitch, Mixer, etc.)
- Biweekly viewing of Stargate series Content :Stargate: (possibility of expanding for other viewing night content (anime, other shows, etc.)
- Monthly steam key giveaway (keys provided via humblebundle)
- PC Game Events (new addition)
A newly created server dedicated to those who are fans of the Invader Zim series created by jhonen vasquez. Feel free to join, we'll love to meet your acquaintance. Server is primarily English, however a channel for those who speak Russian is available.
Scifi based roleplay server, with the setting being a planet-sized ship that travels the universe! We have plenty of rooms, ranging from roleplaying, to general chatting, to media sharing! A couple of our members even do game streaming sometimes, with announcements of when they go up. Give us a look!
2345. The world has changed. It has changed so much, that men have become immortal. A chip, or referred to as T5, created by the Capitals, has such advanced software that it stores humans memories. With these memories, a Persians body can travel from place to place, it only takes a a simple click to transfer.

But, a resistance has shown themselves against the creators of immortality. They strive to keep humanity as how it is, to prove that this is just a scheme, deceiving you of power.

Who will you join? The question awaits as you explore the desires and dark secrets of humanity. The Resistenxe? Or the Capitals?

~WE ARE A VERY NEW SERVER!!! Please bear with us as we try to advance the server.
~Come join! I’m sure we have many opportunities to grow your new or already existing characters. :)
~This is based off of the Netflix show: “Altered Carbon”.
Project Icarus
You receive an odd transmission that leaks out of the speakers of your mobile space-travelling vessel.
A smooth voice greets you, and entices you with an opportunity of a life time.

You listen closely as the transmission plays, excited tones welcome you to their unique little crew.
A crew that an eager Captain hopes to grow. After all, space is a vast lonely place to be.
Especially when there's grand adventures to go on, places to explore, and chaos bound to ensue!

Thus, it is up to you to decide whether to join this strange Captain of the SS Colossus Cruiser,
To explore the unknown ventures of the Universe,
To document species of fauna, to experience meeting new beings from new worlds,
To fight against the eternal threat of Pirates, Raiders, and cut-throat Bounty Hunters!

Or if you'd prefer to go along your merry way, cruising through the Universe at ease.
With no threat,
No company,
And no sense of glory or adventure.
a SFW, nonfandom scifi / science fantasy roleplay server - not video game related or a map game / nation rp //
Alternative Invite: //
Introductory Page:
Welcome to Symbiotic Dimensions, a newly created server dedicated towards the interests, creation and world building of both scifi and fantasy original characters. Come join, we are eager to meet and find others of similar interests.
Welcome to Draconic Corrections
We are a prison established after the high crime spike. We are a hybrid human/robot ran prison we have many features to keep our prison secure such as

-> Microchips implanted in prisoners to track movement.. infractions and for the prisoner to find their timetable

-> ankle and arm bracelets to allow for our bots to manage prisoner transport easily

> Remote location in the galaxy so that we are as secure as possible.

-> ultilization of FDVR to teach prisoners complience through seeing their mistakes and what happens as a result.

-> Work peroids to help treat prisoners issues!
Die Menschen zerstörten die Erde,weil sie gierig waren. Danach flohen sie ins All um sich eine neue Heimat zu suchen. Jetzt sind sie hier, auf Neurus Prime, einem riesigen Planeten mit fast unendlichen Ressourcen und vielem Unbekanntem. Doch ein Sturm zieht auf. Können sie sich der drohenden Gefahr stellen oder werden sie untergehen?
In this server, your just a man (or machine) trying to live your life in futuristic world, will you get into trouble, try to rebel against the ToN, will you become a bounty hunter? Or will you just spend your days in an arcade, or even Duke it out with metal contraptions. it is yours to decide, the future, is what you make it to be.
Ever wanted to do an AVPRP but can't find one? If yes, then this RP server is for you! It's an extremely new server taking place in the AVP world with only a few rules. You can be a colonial marine, xenopredator, xenomorph or WY/UAAC Android. if interested come join!
A roleplay server based on the Eldur canon. OCs from other servers are permitted. Your OC will also be displayed on our wiki.
Hello! This is a server meant for people that are interested in original alien characters, merely aliens themselves, and are eager to find others that have similar interests! Feel free to join, we welcome new members and look forward to seeing you!
New and starting rp server for destiny. Server is easy for seasoned role players, destiny fans, and newcomers alike.
A scifi roleplay meshing concepts of classic DnD and chatroom roleplay styles. There are GMs that will orient themselves to the players specific needs while keeping only a final goal in mind. This is an almost entirely player driven experience. (WIP)
Welcome to North Star City
It's 2030, and North Star City, is seen as the new thriving IN place to be. Especially by those with ..special abilities. From mutants, to super heroes, to vigilantes and villains. Even aliens and cyborgs have started to integrate themselves in this world, hiding their true powers from the public eye as best they can.

Those with super personas have become more known, and heroes of the city, recognized by the town with title of 'Superhero' for saving the day.

With jails also filled with bad guys and villains, and with the economy starting to boom with such a travel destination, where do you see yourself?

Perhaps you're still figuring yourself out! Nebula high is the perfect place for that, students of all alignments pushed together in one school, learning about themselves and what they want to bring in the world. Perhaps you're just an everyday citizen, just trying to survive in this swiftly growing city, or helping defend from Nebula's ace police force!
We're a very player run rp, allowing people to create plots, grow the world, and enjoy the stories! The new school term started August first, as well! So come join! Become a citizen or enroll as a super powered student or teacher!

Come join us, and bring your story along with you in our new paraRP style group!
The Government was working on something secret, a weapon called The New Beginning. It would alter humans, changing also any aspect of them. The American government experimented on Test Subjects using this device, keeping it a secret. After years of experimenting something went wrong, resulting in a powerful subject escaping and melting all the ice caps using her abilities given from the weapon. The prisoners now roaming free, created factions that they would use to fight for the world.You are a survivor and now Three factions have formed in the aftermath, The Terminus-Federation, The Black Guards and The Abysswalkers. Will you choose a side?
We are a new server just starting out. We have friendly and active staff and willing to hear out any suggestions that you might think will make our server a better place to Rp, so what are you waiting for? Come join the fun :D
When Humanity fell from the stars, leaving their once great civilisation to ruin...we retreated with the last of the peaceful races to Earth, and set our final holdout on a small walled Colony in England.

This is the final stand for civilised life as we know it...but from here we will conquer the Solar System once again!

Welcome to Colony Arcadia, where crime rate is high as the Mafias roam around the streets claiming territory and such. Except the Government District and the United Sector Military Base operated in the City. It is a glorious colonies filled with opportunities, you can be a Mafia member, or a Arcadia Security member, or even a normal person living in the city. Though still, hope you folks enjoy your stay in Arcadia.
Outpost 54...a despised position for any military member. Its guards hope to rid the city of its inhabitants, while the rebels try to regain control...

So come along and turn the tide of battle!
Looking for a genuine discord military roleplay server? You have found it! The Human Commonwealth's Star Fleet is leading the race for space. Set on the CS Atlantis in 2104, chose a specialisation and encouncer new species, friend and foe.

-Serious OOC and IC
-12 specialist factions
-All roleplay visualized through concept art
-Daily events made by admins and players
-Light on bots
-Easy lore
-Admins active 24/7
-Roleplayers thoroughly vetted

NEW SERVER! Looking for experienced admins and artists!
1947 Roleplay - Cold War, Alternative, and Customizable Nations.