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a SFW, nonfandom scifi / science fantasy roleplay server - not unturned related \\\
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Introductory Page:
1 hours ago
We are actively looking for fellow RP partners.

We are a small community which is based on realism yet comedic fun at times with an excellent DM as well as a laid back staff team. We allow players to have fun with their time on the server whilst not being 100% strict at times that call for it. The only issue that any new player could possibly have is the extremely brief application process.

In a quick summary of the server:

Titanfall 2 RP doesn't sound fun in the slightest, sounding like an RP of just a COD simulator, however that is not the case. The actual roleplay is somewhat addicting, ive found myself to continue RPing instead of playing a few games at times and the NPCS/setting that is put out is addicting in a way. The RP itself is based on smart thinking and witty decisions, choices that can affect the entire scope of the story/group of people.

Every decision is able to make a change occur, from good or bad, destroying a warship or saving it, the whole RP is set to function around itself in unison so every player decision allows for more story. The DM(s) are decisive and really make you think about the decisions you make, which helps the server thrive. The RP has a subtle-ness to its storyline, you might have a specific, clear goal for you, but there always seems to have dark secrets the deeper you delve into it, which makes the RP just that more interesting.

We encourage any RPer to try us out, beginner or expert.
Thank you for reading.
1 hours ago
Scifi based roleplay server, with the setting being a planet-sized ship that travels the universe! We have plenty of rooms, ranging from roleplaying, to general chatting, to media sharing! A couple of our members even do game streaming sometimes, with announcements of when they go up. Give us a look!
15 hours ago
We roleplay everything and anything. A variety of active people lay at your disposal. See an RP you like? Hop in! See nothing you're interested in? Suggest it and see it become a reality! Leave your pride and dignity at the door, we are here for the sake of roleplay and roleplay only. We are misfits, but we aren't just any. We are the Abnormal Misfits.
2 days ago
"The city of Baileyi is a glaring city sitting in the sky above a quiet planet called Nn. In this living city there are a plethora of different species both native and alien that enjoy the liberation of a free market. Mind-blowing psychedelics, blinding nightclubs, and many opportunities to over indulge in whatever one’s heart desires. Yet those who choose to go wherever the wind takes them find themselves to be chewed and spat out after they spoil. There is a reason that they call it the land of the last sleep."
15 days ago
This server has been created to support my podcast and music endeavors, and to act as a base for all of the people who like my stuff! You can talk, share artwork and music, and much more! Join today!
17 days ago
A sci-fi RP server that expects at least paragraph long posts. No aliens.
22 days ago
A futuristic city with 3 main sectors ran by a totalitarian authority called the Order, similar to the hunger games and the giver.
27 days ago
Hello! This is a server meant for people that are interested in original alien characters, merely aliens themselves, and are eager to find others that have similiar interests! Feel free to join, we welcome new members and look forward to seeing you!
60 days ago
Come join the RP Buzz! This server is for different fandom role-plays and role-plays in general.
84 days ago
A roleplay server where fantasy and sci-fi come together! A brand new roleplay server with both magic and cutting edge technology. With tailor made channels and an evolving storyline, Astral Universe RP provides a fun community for everyone!
184 days ago