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Blood boils here, on the sands, or so they say. And who knows, they're probably right. The outlaws are desperately trying to escape the impending law, the age of the wild west is coming to an end. Tell me, friend, what are you to the world? Outlaw, sheriff maybe? It doesn't really matter, actually.

Enter New Mexico, 1895. The final official year of the wild west, vaqueros and outlaws, sherrifs and deputies. The law is closing in, the number of outlaws is dwindling, and the amount of civilization expanding. Our story primarily takes place in or around three fictional towns along the Pecos River. Be you outlaw, be your sheriff, maybe a bounty hunter, or anything else, we welcome 6ou to join in.

This server is brand new, and very welcoming. We hope to see you there!
Hello there stranger, welcome to the West. In this server you'll be able to roleplay western adventures and stories with your own characters.

Join and create your character, then start to roleplay!

[I'm currently looking for active users and possible admins/moderators]
In the town of Blackwater something is a happening nobody has heard from the town since the war and everyone is calling it a gate to hell its self will you discover what’s been going on or will you become a pawn of satan
This is a western Server with plenty of rules. It is extremely new and everything is still being set in place. This server is mainly incorporation of text role play within text tabs. This RP is based off of the new Rockstar game Red Dead Redemption 2, however it is not a hard copy. It is set in 1893, and the Western days are numbered. The pinkerton agency has formed to track down the criminals of the wild west to allow civilization to spread. There are many major gangs that currently control the areas around America, (New Austin, West Elizabeth, New Hannover, Lemoyne)causing chaos wherever they go. It will be your choice whether to keep the wild west alive, or to help the Federals destroy it. The Roleplay can work in many different ways depending on how you want to go about it. Everyone's hard actions matter, and can change the course of history. Keep in mind this is not fully 100% historically accurate. (meaning if you don't allow things to be rewritten, this is not your cup of tea). Join on in, and find out everything else.
Welcome To The Western Outskirts In Wyoming Where The Weathers Cold , Lands Barren , But It’s Always Dry. The Time period This Server Is Based Off Of Is In The Western Times, Three Years After The Civil War. Here You Can Be Anything From A Gypsie To A Sheriff Basically Anything (Logical) Within The Time Period. Now Because I Want To Make This Interesting To All. You Can Be Another Species Besides Human. Some Gun WWI Technology’s Are Allowed , But This Server Is In It’s Early Developments So Please Add Your Comments And Questions. And Always Have Fun. Also I Depending On Activity Will Make This Server Into Branched Fictions So Think Apocalypse Themed (Civilization Collapsed) Space Themed , Etc.
The Weird N' Wild West is a roleplaying server dedicated to all the Westerns you can think of, from serious takes on Western media like Rockstar Game's Red Dead series, to more spaghetti styled Westerns like The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.

Red Dead Revolver is a perfect example of the weird and odd atmosphere mixed into serious elements that we are going for.

NOTE: This roleplay takes place in its own universe and while it takes inspiration from other series, it is its own thing and takes place in its own universe separate from other existing series.

We encourage creativity, and uniqueness is the number one draw for this RP, and also the number one thing we seek, it is the Weird N' Wild West after all!

Please, no 'Man with No Name' types. Be creative, be unique, and most importantly HAVE FUN!
1880's Wyoming. Dry, open, wild. If you think you have what it takes to survive in the land of pioneers and natives, playing one long game of Cowboys and Indians, then take your chances. But this isn't a fantasy.

The east coast is a hub of burgeoning technology, the industrial revolution setting it hard and fast, but out here in the midwest you've got to dig for your water and raise your own cattle. There ain't no military to lock your doors for you.

So step in, wipe your boots, and try your luck in the town of Little Powder.

We are:

- A new server, just getting it's heels off the ground.
- semi- literate to literate roleplay
sunny open world and creative roleplay
- multitude of jobs and characters to play
- moderators who care about historical accuracy
- Future server plots that will engage and interact with the roleplayer directly.
We're a western roleplay-based server called Wild West, which is 1910 western but there are jobs to do in the wild west, from train robbers to the sheriff.
We also are a friendly server and always happy to welcome new members to this wonderful roleplay server (We are also an Erp/Rp server as well but for the ERP side you must ask one of the admins or the owner.)

What we offer is
- A Friendly Server
-NSFW Roleplays (Dm Officers and Owner for Questions)
- Bots (Pokecord, Pokeverse, Dyno, Rhythm 2, and many more ^. ^)
-Bandit Hideouts
-Posse Leaders needed
-Special Roles
-NSFW Bots (Please Dm an Officer or Owner)
-Active Owner and Officers
-ERP Roleplays
-Custom Houses for Characters
-Pokeverse and Pokecord
-Custom Character Creations
-NSFW room (Please Dm an Officer or Owner)
-Partner Servers (has a couple of them but is always looking for more)
-Furries are welcome
Ah, the wild, wild west... We aren't that wild here though, so you can either chill out with us or make our server the loudest one ever! Whatever be the case, we're still a small server and really need staff and other support... ;O.O
The wind blows through your hair as your horse trots along through the desert. Come and join out roleplay your bound to have fun.
This is a work in progress server! Feel free to join and RP while we work on it, but please don't interfere. NSFW is allowed, but ONLY in the NSFW channel.
The year is 1872, the mid-to-late age of the Wild West, where modern technology and civilization is beginning to encroach on the Frontier. Outlaws, desperate to stay free and wild, are trying their best to halt this rapid expansion. The land is in chaos, and dangerous. Where will you stand?

Deadly Combat!: Picking a fight with NPCs involves both risk and reward, fame and failure, daring exploits, and death. Be smart, be cunning, or die.

Open-Ended Characters!: You don't need to be a stereotypical “Cowboy”. Be a outlaw leader, running a gang out in the Frontier. Or maybe a townsman, a regular man trying to make his way in the world. Run a shop! Run a gambling ring! Be who you want to be.

Special Traits!: Every character has one special thing about them that gives them an edge in certain situations. Maybe your character has a knack for the wilds, and can hunt easier and undetected. Or maybe where people find money, you just seem to find a little bit more.

Different Concept!: There's plenty of Servers with super powers or insane abilities, the Frontier Wilds allows you to explore an open-ended, more grounded adventure, with all the action or peacefulness one could desire.

Frequent Events!: At least once every 2 weeks, minimum, an Admin/Game Master will host an event for people to participate in. Maybe the Train is carrying a massive load from the Gold Mines, and lawmen have to protect it from greedy Outlaws looking to make a buck. Or a famous gunslinger is rolling through town, daring any gunman confident enough to a duel to end all duels.

So, give it a look! Everyone is free to join, ask questions, whatever. Welcome, to the Wild West!
In a world where vengeful spirits, Magic, amd demons exist, it was rather calm until "The Blood Moon Summit" where local american indians used every ounce of their spiritual connection to the underworld to curse their own land so that Colonies wouldn't settle there....though this didn't turn out as planned, with demons now running wild in the americas, there aren't many american indians left, and colonials are even more thrilled about the challenge the americas now bring, useing holy objects such as church artifacts, blessed weapons and salt to combat these demons and unrestful spirits, With tonics being handed out by a mysterious stranger to alot of the outlaws in the west granting demonic powers in one form or another in trade for vulnerability to holy objects, though most of the surviving indians stick to their spirit magic, they have also been known to recieve these tonics more often than colonials, and any of the surviving american indians that remain in the west are a force to be reconned with, but not enough to stop progress! Industry has beein going through the roof since the curse had been placed, with more and more colonials setting up towns and oil rigs and mines all over the place, useing cursed ores and holy metals in conjunction to create new and more powerful machines than were ever thought possible! Note that demons and tonic users grow weaker in the day, stronger at night, and insanely strong on a full moon, Demons are stronger at night because of their origin being the ritual of the blood moon summit, being able to draw more power from hell at night when the moon is out than in the day. The current currency of the land is gold, though salted meats are also a popular tradeing item...with Colonials trying to tame this land, and American indians trying to deffend it, who will you be?
Welcome To Wilton Missouri! This City Is Based Off Of The Wild West, And It’s Perfect For Any Wannabe Cowboy, Cowgirl, Or Robber! We Hope You Visit Soon!
Serpent Creek is a role playing server where you can rp as a townsfolk of a dusty little town in the old west.
The time period is the mid-1930s, and the location is somewhere a town somewhere along the edge of Texas. The residents range from many professions but one thing is very certain, the town is quite different from the rest. The town had started out as a mining town until it had found a rare material that caused the town to become a form of steampunk like community. Since the day the material was found, the entirety of the town’s population swore to NEVER tell anyone what they had found, and to vanish off the map, which they did. People from around the continent were baffled over the sudden disappearance from that said town, and had searched for the town for a long time, until they gave up. Now the town is prosperous as can be, yet it does have its own fair share of troubles. Yet, there has been one new thing to happen. In which someone outside of the town has discovered of its location, and it has now been made public on where it is. So now there are people who have traveled to said town and have brought a new perspective to the town. May we all hope it stays that way...
The city of Tombstone, Arizona was founded in 1879 by Ed Schieffelin, a scout for the United States Army. Tombstone was a boomtown within its first few years of creation, due to the large silver finds around Cochise County, the county in which the city resides. Buildings sprung up left and right, the city expanding further and further, just as the crime did, reaching this booming mining town. The Cochise County Cowboys (CCC) (or simply just “Cowboys”), were one of many gangs to take advantage of the city’s wealth and population, committing crimes along the lines of armed robbery, cattle/horse rustling, and sometimes murder. The Cowboys are well-known for their rivalry with the Earp family, and the Marshals of Tombstone, Arizona. Their famous gunfight at the O.K. Corral cemented them in history. Be who you want to be in this wild town, either a famous gunfighter like Wyatt Earp, a high-stakes gambler like Doc Holliday, or even a vicious criminal like Curly Bill Brocius, the leader of the Cochise County Cowboys.
Manifest Destiny is a server set between 1800-1899, heavily themed around western society! This server is a literate one, and has strong themes of racial discrimination and vulgar language, but that simply sets the environment for those deemed worthy.

Manifest includes a functional levelling system, alongside a strong foundation community and a hardworking administration team! But why take my word? Look today. You'll not be shamed.