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Hey there, champ! Welcome to The West, a text-based cowboy roleplay server you'll be able to roleplay western adventures and stories with your own characters.

Fearsome and troubled outlaws, courageous and corrupt lawmen, charming bartenders, heroic doctors, cunning businessmen, merciless bounty hunters, and honest to God cavalrymen, and the occasional idiot who thinks using a sword is a good idea are all different sorts of players and characters that have been seen and played excellently here!

This server is full of plenty of potential for longterm, engaging roleplay with a variety of different characters, all with different lives, goals, and journeys. If you'd like a moderately active Western-style roleplay server set in the world of Red Dead Redemption 2, this is the place!

Join and create your character, then start to roleplay!
Red dead redemption: Human nature is a roleplay set as realistically as possible to continue our immersion whilst we Roleplay in the untamed west.
The setting.
RDR:Human nature is a Roleplay set in the universe of red dead, The Roleplay takes place in 1898, One year prior to the main story of RDR2
The server has a music bot which will Play Red Dead Redemption themed music if you join, we have friendly members of the server which will assist you if you ask.
The NSFW element
There are three brothels which require you to show proof of being 18+ or older and it is for those whom can not control their lust in a Rp We are In need of prostuites.

After reading this I hope you consider joining up in the fun and Ride on down into town!

Welcome to Western Steam, a server where the rough-and-tumble Wild West meets the advanced but simple machines of the Steampunk Era. Explore the dusty town of Jerikko and the surrounding desert. Make friends- and enemies- and partake in occasional events. The world of Western Steam awaits you!
Western based dnd server with nice people and homebrew. We accept new comers as well as veteran players alike.
The year is 1893, and no matter how or why you're there, your participating in the end of the wild west, become an outlaw, Pinkerton, marshal, or just normal cowpoke in this western rp
--We are/have--
- friendly staff
- LGBTQ friendly
- active community
- time period accurate roleplays
- many rp locations to choose from
The year is 1899. The Van der Linde gang has disbanded Arthur Morgan is dead,John is trying to find a place to settle down,Dutch is nowhere to be seen,Micah well he’s a rat and still missing

Create your unique character to roleplay with would you be an Ex bounty hunter or will you be an Ex confederate soilder? The possibilities are endless as long as they stay friendly to RDR Lore

You choose how your life starts are you out hunting and attacked by wolves? Or are you living your life as a farmer doing meaningless tasks for your whole life? The possibilities are endless again!

Be a feared outlaw who is ruthless or be a soilder defending his country stationed at fort Wallace even be an oppressed wapiti Indian the choice is yours be a wealthy individual or a beggar that no one respects
The wind across the desert sand,
The oasis mirage in the distance,
The Sands of Abandon is the perfect place to stay for a nice winter vacation! Inspired by the movie "Rango", this is a role play server where you can create your own original characters and act out your own western story. You can be human or anthropomorphic animal. You can be a lone ranger or an outlaw.
Be prepared to quick draw your weapons at high noon, gunslinger. Your choice is yours.

(The server owner is an aspiring writer, so if he finds interest in your character, he may ask to use it in his upcoming books with your consent and credit given.)
I’m pretty sure that the tags speak for themselves.
Rp and erp western we have many things to do partner
The year is 1870 in a western town. With gangs and enemies running amuck, however this isn’t just a western server is what you’ll soon find. Angels and evil forces lurk in the shadows of everything on the surface.
Ah, the wild, wild west... We aren't that wild here though, so you can either chill out with us or make our server the loudest one ever! Whatever be the case, we're still a small server and really need staff and other support... ;O.O
A brand new Western Roleplay has sprung out of the soil! This roleplay server has the option of roleplaying as a Human, Centaur, or a Faun/Satyr!
In this server, we constantly look for creativity and will always help someone in need with the staff and members!
There is often applying for moderator, help us and be you!
The roleplays setting is set in the 1870's, there is more details and classic channels!
See you out there, Cowpoke.
Welcome to Terrum

The most rootin-tootin Wild West fantasy themed server out there!

Join in and make your Fantasy Western Character today!!!

•Choose between our multiple races and our many classes.
•Enjoy freedom of story. No need to worry about following a premade plot or story create your own!
•We have a vast landscape for variety
•Plenty of OOC stuff to do

Make your character today!!!
Devilhollow is an RP server based off the Red Dead Redemption II timeline , in the same year as the Van der Linde gang arrives back to the area next to Valentine. Devilhollow is a medium sized city where are the markets , parades and happy stories , but at the same time it is one of the uderground centres in the whole area , unforgiving to folk without guns , you could be pulled inside a dark street and robbed at any moment at night , but sometimes , even at day...
Join a western world filled with outlaws, cult members, sacrifices, horses, hunting, and so much more.

We also have :
✨ Adventures
✨ Events
✨ Pets
✨ Nice Admins and mods
✨ LBGT+ safe
Immerse yourself into the Wild West RP based off of the Red Dead Redemption franchise and write your story. It's 1889 and America is starting to develop, slowly but surely leaving the Wild West to be history. The natives are losing more of their lands, and the gangs have gotten more bold as in recent years. It's the perfect time for one to start their story as either some low down scoundrel, a peacekeeper of law, or a big businessman where oil and sugar is where all the roar is.

What to expect
-The server is well organized and everything is explained within the lore.
-Toxicity and erotica is not tolerated here.
-The server is very new and will possibly take some time before getting popular.
-Realistic yet unrealistic in a fun way at the same time.
-Very similar yet diversified compared to the story and lore of the actual Read Dead Redemption franchise.
Wild West Roleplay! Based around the era of 1870's. Enjoy your time here fellers! More is said in the rules of the server, startin' out just as new!
The Year is 1895, and many once-powerful gangs are being disbanded or killed off. On the other hand, some are prospering. The government is one of the main reasons gangs are getting killed off. Government agents are being paid to kill powerful gangs. Their goal is to have them all wiped out by the beginning of 1900. Will you join the government? Or will you be an outlaw gang member? Your decision...
The story of the west has always been told from horseback, leaving a trail of gunsmoke in its wake. This story is no different as we travel across a free country, owned by no one man or government, a truly free society to live by the gun and die by the gun. Join us on an epic adventure through time as we travel to the past to write a story filled with tragedy, love, war and blood. Lead a gang, rally your bounty hunters, build your own tribe or maintain your own farm in Ferox Occidens.
Howdy, stranger! It appears you are looking at a little community called the State of New Hollowston! It's a small little roleplaying server with some (questionable) staff and literate roleplayers.

It's perfect for those who like the western genre, and might have a character belonging to it. It's set back in 1870, 5 years after the civil war has ended and slavery has been abolished. Watch out, though! There might be some ex-slavers who aren't too particularly fond of the new laws.

Please, read the rules, say hi, and roleplay! :)
Welcome to the West stranger. This is a savage land where you can forge your own destiny and live a life of adventures... be an outlaw, a sheriff, a farmer, a rancher, a horse breeder... the posibilities are near endless.

- We're currently looking for staff, and anyone can apply as long as they've been in the server for a while and earned our trust.
- We have lore from Red Dead Redemption 2, however we will not use characters from the main game, we're just using the area.
Welcome to the small southern town of Daleville! This small town holds a population of only 100! The year is 1956 and being polite and courteous is still thing. This role-play is human only and very basic. Simply create your character using our template, get approved, and jump in!