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Wild West Roleplay! Based around the era of 1870's. Enjoy your time here fellers! More is said in the rules of the server, startin' out just as new!
Ah, the wild, wild west... We aren't that wild here though, so you can either chill out with us or make our server the loudest one ever! Whatever be the case, we're still a small server and really need staff and other support... ;O.O
Welcome to The New Frontier! This is a Space Western (Sci-Fi, Wild West) Roleplaying Game in which you can actually help shape the story! With dynamic bounty systems, fame and infamy system, and even custom factions that you can make. Come and roleplay with us!
The year is 1899. The Van der Linde gang has disbanded Arthur Morgan is dead,John is trying to find a place to settle down,Dutch is nowhere to be seen,Micah well he’s a rat and still missing

Create your unique character to roleplay with would you be an Ex bounty hunter or will you be an Ex confederate soilder? The possibilities are endless as long as they stay friendly to RDR Lore

You choose how your life starts are you out hunting and attacked by wolves? Or are you living your life as a farmer doing meaningless tasks for your whole life? The possibilities are endless again!

Be a feared outlaw who is ruthless or be a soilder defending his country stationed at fort Wallace even be an oppressed wapiti Indian the choice is yours be a wealthy individual or a beggar that no one respects
Hello there stranger, welcome to the West. In this server you'll be able to roleplay western adventures and stories with your own characters.

Join and create your character, then start to roleplay!

[I'm currently looking for active users and possible admins/moderators]
Welcome to Terrum

The most rootin-tootin Wild West fantasy themed server out there!

Join in and make your Fantasy Western Character today!!!

•Choose between our multiple races and our many classes.
•Enjoy freedom of story. No need to worry about following a premade plot or story create your own!
•We have a vast landscape for variety
•Plenty of OOC stuff to do

Make your character today!!!
Welcome to the West stranger. This is a savage land where you can forge your own destiny and live a life of adventures... be an outlaw, a sheriff, a farmer, a rancher, a horse breeder... the posibilities are near endless.

- We're currently looking for staff, and anyone can apply as long as they've been in the server for a while and earned our trust.
- We have lore from Red Dead Redemption 2, however we will not use characters from the main game, we're just using the area.
[Plot Has Been Reset, but Main Focus is still there.]
Dusty Roads is a roleplay server focused in the Wild West period of time, in this server, it is the last days of the Wild West as the Industrial Revolution slowly approaches the dusty lands in western America, but many problems still plague the land, problems that have existed since the very beginning, and now...are you here to make those problems worse? or are you here to enforce what you call justice...I will never know...but you will decide in this land.
[Suggestions and Ideas will be accepted!]
-Relaxed and mature community
-Separate SFW and optional NSFW channels
-Discussion for various games, including: Overwatch, Warframe, Apex Legends, and more.
-Custom emojis

Howdy! If you're interested in joining a growing, mature and laid-back community, you'll be right at home with us. The server has a couple active members and we're hoping to expand.
This server was formerly known as Deadlock Rebels, a community dedicated to Overwatch's Ashe and McCree heroes. It has now expanded out to a general gaming community.
We're a western roleplay-based server called Wild West, which is 1910 western but there are jobs to do in the wild west, from train robbers to the sheriff.
We also are a friendly server and always happy to welcome new members to this wonderful roleplay server (We are also an Erp/Rp server as well but for the ERP side you must ask one of the admins or the owner.)

What we offer is
- A Friendly Server
-NSFW Roleplays (Dm Officers and Owner for Questions)
- Bots (Pokecord, Pokeverse, Dyno, Rhythm 2, and many more ^. ^)
-Bandit Hideouts
-Posse Leaders needed
-Special Roles
-NSFW Bots (Please Dm an Officer or Owner)
-Active Owner and Officers
-ERP Roleplays
-Custom Houses for Characters
-Pokeverse and Pokecord
-Custom Character Creations
-NSFW room (Please Dm an Officer or Owner)
-Partner Servers (has a couple of them but is always looking for more)
-Furries are welcome
WestWorld RP is what it sounds like, a west world RP server. Rules and more info will be in the server #info section.
Howdy folks join this server to come explore the frontier! It's dangerous but quite an adventure. Make the journey west to Oregon or be a native or a soldier! Then after that live life in a western world in Oregon or move to another state!
In this fantasy western RP server, traverse through the unknown lands of Mahou! Discover more about the infamous Erebus gem that is said to grant unlimited power! Battle others in this lawless land with your magical powers! The possibilities are endless!
Welcome to The Wild Americas! A RDR2 inspired server where you can live out your wildest dreams: be it an outlaw, lawman, or someone just gone with the wind. This is a tight knit rp community with simple rules and writing opportunities for in depth plotting. So come on in, get comfy and let's make ideas!
Spring of the year 1878 approaches, and the Black Hills Gold Rush is in full swing in the fictional city of Blackbird Pond, South Dakota. The town's growth has been explosive--and entirely illegal. The outlaw settlement was built within Sioux territory, but like other places that sprang up throughout the Black Hills, the tide of prospectors and business entrepreneurs coming to seek their fortune was too strong to stem. Wagon trains and coaches seem to bring more fortune-seekers and settlers every day, and there is talk of the railroads being extended into the territory to a proper boomtown that was little more than tents and rough shacks only four years earlier.

Blackbird Pond has yet to be truly tamed, however, despite the addition of streets and proper buildings, and the cosmopolitan veneer that boasting a mayor and a sheriff provides. There simply isn’t enough manpower or time in the day to break up every fight, chase out every grifter and charlatan, or settle every claim dispute. And in a place where people frequently come and go, one can never be a hundred percent sure whether someone has given up the ghost and gone home, or has met a worse end.

We are/offer:

- A brand new server, just getting our boots off the ground.
- Literate roleplay.
- Canon characters available.
- Businesses available for entrepreneurial characters to make their own.
- A setting that lends itself to the creation of new characters/arrivals (sometimes finding an *IN* is the hardest part about joining a new rp!) as well as established citizens.
- Player storytelling and world-building.
- Moderators who not only keep the server updated, but who also play an active part in the rp.

Welcome to the Eastern Territories of 1903! This is a roleplay that takes place 3 years after RDR2 in the cities of Valentine and Saint Denis. Valentine is a small, growing farming town that houses the happy-go-lucky ranchers of the world. Saint Denis is an eastern urbanizing city, home to all the rich folk and easterners who have too much time on their hands. In a time where outlaws are abundant and do-gooders are limited, which side will you choose to service?
Ever wanted to join a western RP that isn't Red Dead? You're in luck
‡ Set in the year 3899, the massive terraformed dyson sphere known as Starcolt has become home to the lawless, monstrous bogeymen of the universe--responsible for the most terrifying genocides against the various species of the Milky Way Galaxy. The Human race. ‡

★ Congrats! ★ You live there.
Welcome partner, here in this country we have an array of different people, animals, and everything in between. Come enjoy our snowy mounain peaks, our coastal cherry tree forest, our barren deserts, and our basically overgrown forestry.
The battle for the first transcontinental railroad is over but the war for the west has just begun. Explore as legends rise and destinies are fulfilled. See the west taken over by the law little by little trying desperately to prevent the expansion of the governed and the end of liberty. Enter the battlefield in 1871 America.
1880's Wyoming. Dry, open, wild. If you think you have what it takes to survive in the land of pioneers and natives, playing one long game of Cowboys and Indians, then take your chances. But this isn't a fantasy.

The east coast is a hub of burgeoning technology, the industrial revolution setting it hard and fast, but out here in the midwest you've got to dig for your water and raise your own cattle. There ain't no military to lock your doors for you.

So step in, wipe your boots, and try your luck in the town of Little Powder.

We are:

- A new server, just getting it's heels off the ground.
- semi- literate to literate roleplay
sunny open world and creative roleplay
- multitude of jobs and characters to play
- moderators who care about historical accuracy
- Future server plots that will engage and interact with the roleplayer directly.
This server is a roleplay set in the wild west in 1879! Please enjoy your stay!
Ciao, io sono Giorgik e questo è il nostro server! Creato con l'aiuto del mio amico Axel, il server inizialmente era dedicato alla nostra banda su Red Dead Redemption 2, a questo è dovuto il nome, ma adesso qualcosa cambia, entra da sconosciuto creati una banda e sopravvivi nel mondo spietato del far west!
Join a western world filled with outlaws, cult members, sacrifices, horses, hunting, and so much more.

We also have :
✨ Adventures
✨ Events
✨ Pets
✨ Nice Admins and mods
✨ LBGT+ safe