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Kisin's Institution of the Newly Possessed is a highschool roleplay about troubled teens given powers by cursed animals from the underworld. Hunted by angels and guardians of light, the teens are faced with two choices: die, or accept the protection of Lucifer, a fallen angel. The roleplay is somewhat satirical in nature, being purposely edgy, so expect cool epic fights with excessive violence as well as the typical shenanigans you might get from a bunch of teenagers given random superpowers. The occasional teen might be good, but a lot are going to be evil or emotionally volatile.

We're relaxed, but do expect some level of literacy in the roleplaying - at least a sentence or two. The server is run by me, and has been a pet project of mine for a small while. It's finally ready to see the world. It has a progression system of sorts, allowing the ability to increase how strong your power(s) are, or gain extra powers. But this is more of a side thing, a little bonus to let you feel like you're getting stronger. The main focus of the roleplay is on the large overarching plot.

In short, we have:
>Multiple channels for different locations.
>A points and shop system, where you can buy in character benefits. Points are accumulated from roleplaying. Bonus points are awarded for good writing.
>A rudimentary stat system to encourage character development and progression as well as supporting the writing.
>Efficient and effective auto-moderation.
>Designated writers to help GM and add to the world. You can join them if you wish.
>In-depth lore that's steadily being expanded.
>Various useful custom made commands to help assist the server.
>Fight Rules and a system for judging them to fairly decide the victor of in character disputes.

So, why not stop on by. Embrace your inner teenager and create the coolest edgiest character you can devise. Or, maybe try fleshing out a creation with a lot of depth to see how they flourish.

- Dabony#3976

Welcome to the Supernatural Discord. We're a small server, looking for new members.

Some features we offer are:
A welcoming community, members and staff
Various bots
Multiple channels for different topics
^ Roleplay, art, general chatting
Nestled deep in a forest lies a secret school for the supernatural. Avalon was created after the humans turned on the supernatural.
Only the supernatural can see the school. As you walk deeper into the forest a doorway comes into view hidden by the dense brush

Since you are one of the supernatural you can see this door, unlike the humans. Once you pass this through the door the sunlight blinds you, and once your eyes adjust to the brightness you see a sprawling campus that is populated with every race imaginable. The main school building stands before you in all its glory. Welcome to Avalon

- Caring and Invested staff
- We Welcome RPers of All Skill and From Around the Globe
-And is a Scary Good Time
Dollhouse Lane is a roleplaying server set on the mysterious Dollhouse Lane. A street that has no escape, and which somehow you've ended up at. Mysterious anomalies float through it like it's a transit for the weird and absurd. From random aliens visiting looking to fix their ship, to random incidents of killer fruit it is a dangerous place. Will you find sanity here, or will you get lost in the madness?
35 years ago there was a war that involved all 4 kingdoms, the Elves and Werewolves fought alongside each other while the Demons and Vampires joined forces against them, 35 years is not long at all for most these races so tensions can sometimes still be very high, the war was started when demons and vampires started cross-breeding and their offsprings were mostly uncontrollable, a mixture of demonic hatred and an endless bloodlust is not a good mix.
Hello, I’m Lemon, the admin! This is the moon. In this server, you can find mafia aus, school aus, game aus and more! There is voice chat for voice acting if your interested! We are a very accepting community, we support LGBT! There is also a general chat where you can talk to other members, AND a spicy NSFW chat. We care about our members’ feelings, we have chat specifically for vents and when you’re feeling sad. Please read the rules first before role playing, we want to keep our server a good place for people to enjoy themselves. I hope you like the server, enjoy yourselves!
Scarlet slowly crossed her legs, slowly looking at the people with eyes that were a bright crimson colour. A smile curling across her red painted lips, as she looked at the people with an intensity that was almost piercing in appearance. Her voice softer than a whisper and almost like that of silk " Welcome welcome, to my realm of sin and my kingdom. I am Scarlet the creator of The Realm Of Sin, a place where sin is encouraged, where darkness rules over both day and night, where you can experience the most fun that a mortal or otherwise such as you can possibly have. This place is for the sinful, the utterly wicked and the most ravenous of people that cannot be satisfied. Those with faint hearts beware, you may just be enticed into never leaving this place, you may wish to become part of the people here, for this place of for those that have sinned or that wish to no longer be pure of heart or body ". Scarlet slowly stood up, gesturing for the person to come closer, as she tipped her head slightly to the side and she spoke in a voice that was filled with mirth and that had a small echoing to it " so... do you wish to continue to my little realm to ravish, be ravished and to enjoy sin to it's fullest or do you wish to leave and return back to what you know...". She gave a soft laugh that sounded almost bemused, her voice like velvet as she spoke " I simply cannot wait to see what you choose ".

{ Disclaimer: This is a erp server, mainly for erp. No underaged people please. }
Darkwater Falls is a Fantasy/Drama Roleplay Server with loads to do for roleplayers of all shapes and sizes!
Darkwater Falls features:
- Dedicated Staff
- Weekly Events
- Custom and Comprehensive Lore and Story
- Literate and Active Community
And much, much more! Make sure to join today!
We, Dead Archangel Family are originally a youtube channel. We decided as in the owners/founders to create the discord server and wanna be able to hang out with with everybody. Once you join your apart of the family!
Ever wanted to join a good, active and a RP for One Piece with many events hosted weekly? We’ve got the place for you. Many interactive events, NPCs, giveaways and a custom made shop system with many different channels each for each varied category.
A young boy sells his soul to a demon in order to avenge his family's death and successfully lead their influential toy manufacturing company. The demon takes the form of a loyal butler who's always dressed in black and is required to protect, serve and arrive whenever summoned by his young master Ciel.

Join the server for adventure, fantasy and a bit of demonic fun.
You died. Yeah harsh reality. You didn't wake up in heaven. No your not in hell. Well... You might be. Now you are now wearing only the clothes you died in and the will you have left in your soul. Welcome to The Dark Realms where survival is a must and running from the animals is probably the smartest thing you can do. Why? Cause your human. In a medival style setting. Good luck. Praying won't help. You left earth remember.
Consider visiting Potterstown, OR! It's a lovely, cozy seaside community located in beautiful Oregon. You'll find a relaxed pace of life, quaint shops, friendly people, lovely sights...Oh, did we mention monsters?

Ok, not so much monsters, per se. Not all of them. Most people in Potterstown are humans like the rest of us. But there's also elves, goblins, vampires, demons, shapechangers...maybe an alien or two. Maybe that's why the residents refer to their home as Monstertown, USA.

Still want to visit? We hope so! We feature:

- Unique and original lore and setting.
- Near endless possibilities for races and backgrounds.
- Friendly and helpful staff.
- Compelling and original stories and adventures.

Monstertown USA is a setting in which humans and non-humans have forged an agreement to live in peace and harmony together in a small American town. Can this noble experiment succeed? Will the fragile facade that protects the town from scrutiny continue to hold? Can mankind truly be at peace with that which it considers monsters? Come and help us find out!
The year is 2019, and countries all over the world are ruled by different gangs, claiming territory and power while authorities can’t do anything to stop them.

Limbo, America’s most powerful gang runs most of New York, with ever growing members to increase their power. However, their strength doesn’t come in numbers, weapons or favoritism. Every main member of Limbo in an Immortal. A person who cannot die. Because of their state, Limbo performs reckless and suicidal endeavors in order to claim their power.

Other gangs have risen from the depths, attempting to obtain the power and money that Limbo possess. Will you be part of Limbo, the most powerful gang in America, or one of the many attempting to stop them? Will you be an Immortal, or will you be a regular civilian minding your own business?

(Many TW including Murder, suicidal themes, NSFW, profanity, sexual acts.)

SUPERNATURAL IS ENDING! BUT, SPNFAMILY WILL NOT! Looking for a mature group of people over 18 to roleplay with?
Join our nsfw 18+ rp server! All ships sale! No judgement!
All canon characters go, OC's accepted on approval.
This group is very understanding, mature and respectful of real life, we are patient and love to welcome new members.

Vanguard is a modern roleplay server based on the Agents Of Shield TV show. With two secret spy agencies fighting for peace or domination of the world. A classic Good vs Evil.

Evil creatures run amok in the world, everything from ghosts and vampires to demons and monsters beyond your wildest imagination. These things are old, powerful, and deadly. They lurk in the shadows and prey on those unfortunate enough to wander into their path. Some can’t control their urges, some need to feed on humans to survive, and some really bad things kill for the heck of it. Most of them can’t be killed by ordinary weapons, and law enforcement is pretty much useless against them. The ones who can do something about it are the hunters. These are people who have had their eyes opened to the supernatural (normally through tragedy). They study the supernatural, learn how to fight it, and hunt down these creatures before they can kill again.

This is an OC (Original Character) roleplay based on the hit CW show Supernatural. Hunt monsters (or be one) in this world where basically every legend is true and anything is possible. You can rp as a human hunter or any number of different supernatural creatures.
Just because Supernatural is coming to an end doesn’t mean we can’t still have fun with it. Let’s create our own stories.
A city of three gangs the dragon clan the kitsune clan, and phoenix clan. Each clan runs different part of the city and cells and does different things. Which one will you choose?
Hidden amongst the diverse sands of humanity are the various seashells of supernatural beings. Of course--in this unexplored ocean of life, there are bound to be a few things humans don’t understand.

That’s where Sathlem City fits into this reef; a city seemingly rich with both human and supernatural life, though the supernatural part may be concealed willingly for the time being. After what we can only call a Purge happened, somewhere during the 1600's, it was believed that ‘monsters’ were wiped clean off the face of the planet. Or perhaps, the specials chose willingly to hide as to not cause more of a ruckus than the humans did already.

That’s where we are right now. Who knows what may happen in the future? A civil war? Haha. join to find out.


No, this place isn’t ocean themed--I just needed something to spice up the description. Anyways--Hi! This is minimod Shady of Sathlem! This RP server is a pretty small open-world kinda deal with a few plotlines planned for the future. Things might not get going right away, but we’re hoping you, passerby, are interested enough to hang out!

If not for RP, then just for a laff x
Real World Anomalies is a server for the wiki for the mad scientist in everyone! Tell me, do you enjoy objects the defy the laws of physics? Creatures that shouldn't exist? Relics from other dimensions? People who seem to operate on fundamental rules different than our own?!? Then you'll love Real World Anomalies! We are a wiki and a server dedicated to documenting and explaining anomalies. Why choose Real World Anomalies? We have:

● An always growing wiki, cataloging our research!

● An active community of people who love anomalies and love to learn!

● Several members on government watch lists!

● Rules! That's right, rules! We also have roles but that's sorta a wip atm

● Places for feedback for our server and our wiki!

Whether you're a skeptic, or have noticed that thing staring at you through your window, we have something for everyone! We are currently looking for highly energetic, morally flexible researchers to engage in air-quote "Science"!! What are you waiting for? Join today!! Not an RP server.
This roleplay server is just the Detroit Become Human universe but with a human vs. monsters AU twist! Join to fall into a world of Humans Vs. Non humans whether you have a canon or OC character! All are welcome!
• Bots (really fun bots to me lol)
• In need of more members
• Literate roleplayers only
• Friendly staff (need more)

Please join us to make this server a more fun place for roleplay and other things, we'll take suggestions to help improve our smol "community". Be friendly and everything will be just fine, We want some interesting roleplays and actual heart into them. Hope to see y'all soon, and enjoy.

Amaterasu Lore
In a land, where human exists, people were having their lives in their way, peacefully and quietly. Among them, there were some unique humans. Unlike the most others, they have superpowers. All because of genetic mutation, they are rare, really rare. Some said that they are determined to be the dominators of the new age. After a couple of decades, something happened...

No one knows what happened, but a huge proportion of the population was suddenly wiped out of existence in years, and most of the mutated one somehow survived the apocalypse. The survivors called this "The Rebirth." Since then, the mutants began to work with the surviving humans, to build a new world. Years after years, the number of mutants increased, and the world they called "Amaterasu", is now belonged to the more powerful ones, just like what people said about them before the end of human dominance.

Thousands of centuries had passed, and the mutants began to mutate more, from their abilities to their features. They began to take form as mythical creatures, like vampires, werewolves, ghouls, and a lot more species. Many of them can retain their human appearance, but some became something beyond that.

A couple of years ago, an anonymous writer revealed that The Rebirth was actually caused by a failed experiment performed by the government at that time. It consisted of 3 mysterious orbs that are connected to the world itself, through the past, present, and future. However, the writer was soon to be found dead, and no proof of his theory has been found. The theory seems to fade away...or is it ?
Come and Join us! pick a faction and lead them to victory !
Will you be a fierce werewolf? An ageless vampire or a powerful witch? That is up to you. Come join us in New Orleans, and help us write the stories that nobody dares to tell....