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Welcome to the Boarding House. (Remake of the original) Here various supernatural come here for refuge and a new life. But there is also a dark organization trying to hunt them down and make them their slaves. Join us in this world of supernatural.
Welcome to Ecchi no Sekai!

The world of lewd. You might not remember much, or anything at all, but this is your home now. Live here, or struggle and try to fight to escape, whichever you choose you will soon see this place is rather... pleasurable. By intelligent design or otherwise, even the safe zone contains lustful creatures, be it sentient vines or flowers that secrete an aphrodisiac scent. The further you stray, the wilder the world becomes.

Ecchi no Sekai is a nsfw roleplay server about people finding themselves in a kinky world with no former memories. There's a strong setting, and a simple moving plot to allow for character development. We offer good moderation and are 100% LGBT friendly. Our environment is mature, with the right amount of joking around, as all our members are 18+.

In short:
>We offer a good place to roleplay regardless of your writing ability, be it many paragraphs per post, or barely a sentence.
>We have some experienced writers who will happily try to help you improve your ability.
>There's fun bots, such as Pokécord and WaifuBot.
>A chill community.
>Many different channels for assorted locations in the rp - but not too many.
>A variety of roles and optional name colours to express yourself.
>Fleshed out rules for player disputes, should - for some reason - two characters wish to fight.

We cater to all sorts of characters, be it a normal maid, or a demon with superpowers. Or maybe you'd rather take on the role of a "dungeon master", and write all sorts of kinky encounters for others. If any of this sounds like fun, come by and give us a look. We're currently new and growing, so why not come by while we're fresh!
Welcome to the Vampire Diaries roleplay. We are set in an universe where there are no canon characters: thus, the OC's upon creation replace the spots of the canon characters. We allow members to be the obvious roles such as vampires, werewolves, and witches. This channel also has a new original family as well as new plot devices and lore to follow the AU.

Things to do in this server! You could: meet new characters, create your story, forge your character, or explore the locations of the TV show like the original's mansion! You will also meet a dedicated staff team to the server.

Come join us!
Mother was blessed with the supernatural ability of life and creation. When Mother had grown old enough to have children, she fell in love with a man. Soon, Mother had two children, which she named Aiko, and Motoyo.

Soon, during the Supernatural Thinning, both two children were killed in front of Mother, as she was planned to be killed as well.

Her lover had saved her however, sacrificing himself so that she could live. "Create a place where Supernatural children can live in peace, my love."

After two thousand years, she finally found an island, which she named Aiko. She then spent a little more over one thousand years, building a castle that would be nearly impossible to break through. She named this castle, "Motoyo", and nicknamed it, "The Orphanage".




★~A Roleplay Server By @myjuicespilled🎂#1916~★
Lucifer's School for Evil Teens is a highschool roleplay about troubled teens given powers by cursed animals from the underworld. Hunted by angels and guardians of light, the teens are faced with two choices: die, or accept the protection of Lucifer, a fallen angel. The roleplay is somewhat satirical in nature, being purposely edgy, so expect cool epic fights with excessive violence as well as the typical shenanigans you might get from a bunch of teenagers given random superpowers. The occasional teen might be good, but a lot are going to be evil or emotionally volatile.

We're relaxed, but do expect some level of literacy in the roleplaying - at least a sentence or two. The server is run by me, and has been a pet project of mine for a small while. It's finally ready to see the world. It has a progression system of sorts, allowing the ability to increase how strong your power(s) are, or gain extra powers. But this is more of a side thing, a little bonus to let you feel like you're getting stronger. The main focus of the roleplay is on the large overarching plot.

In short, we have:
>Multiple channels for different locations.
>A points and shop system, where you can buy in character benefits. Points are accumulated from roleplaying. Bonus points are awarded for good writing.
>A rudimentary stat system to encourage character development and progression as well as supporting the writing.
>Efficient and effective auto-moderation.
>Designated writers to help GM and add to the world. You can join them if you wish.
>In-depth lore that's steadily being expanded.
>Various useful custom made commands to help assist the server.
>Fight Rules and a system for judging them to fairly decide the victor of in character disputes.

So, why not stop on by. Embrace your inner teenager and create the coolest edgiest character you can devise. Or, maybe try fleshing out a creation with a lot of depth to see how they flourish.

- Dabony#3976
Nestled deep in a forest lies a secret school for the supernatural. Avalon was created after the humans turned on the supernatural.
Only the supernatural can see the school. As you walk deeper into the forest a doorway comes into view hidden by the dense brush

Since you are one of the supernatural you can see this door, unlike the humans. Once you pass this through the door the sunlight blinds you, and once your eyes adjust to the brightness you see a sprawling campus that is populated with every race imaginable. The main school building stands before you in all its glory. Welcome to Avalon

- Caring and Invested staff
- We Welcome RPers of All Skill and From Around the Globe
-And is a Scary Good Time
The year is 2019, and countries all over the world are ruled by different gangs, claiming territory and power while authorities can’t do anything to stop them.

Limbo, America’s most powerful gang runs most of New York, with ever growing members to increase their power. However, their strength doesn’t come in numbers, weapons or favoritism. Every main member of Limbo in an Immortal. A person who cannot die. Because of their state, Limbo performs reckless and suicidal endeavors in order to claim their power.

Other gangs have risen from the depths, attempting to obtain the power and money that Limbo possess. Will you be part of Limbo, the most powerful gang in America, or one of the many attempting to stop them? Will you be an Immortal, or will you be a regular civilian minding your own business?

(Many TW including: Murder, suicidal themes, NSFW, profanity)

This is a revive of the BurnBridge highschool. The owners original account who owned the server kinda got messed up so they made this.
In a sprawling city in rainy England, 1860, three factions wage a supernatural war. The Vampires, the Werewolves, and the Hunters. The town of Faëlhaven has been a home to the supernatural almost since it’s founding, and the war has been broiling since before then.

Here we offer:
-A unique experience with Vampires, Werewolves, and Hunters of the Supernatural, as wel as normal people!
-The ability to create a story as you go, and rise up the ranks of each faction!
-A grand staff team and community!
-And more.

We hope to see you there!
35 years ago there was a war that involved all 4 kingdoms, the Elves and Werewolves fought alongside each other while the Demons and Vampires joined forces against them, 35 years is not long at all for most these races so tensions can sometimes still be very high, the war was started when demons and vampires started cross-breeding and their offsprings were mostly uncontrollable, a mixture of demonic hatred and an endless bloodlust is not a good mix.
In the beginning there was one divine being, human's called him God. But god created only one realm, its name was heaven. Heaven was a paradise, and to fill the realm god made the angels, the angels were all pure and well angelic, they had wings that are comparable to a doves. All was well for 1000 years. Then god gave 1 of the angels emotion and free will, unlike the others, this angel's name was Lucifer, Lucifer went on to give all the angels free will but Lucifer also created a small group that wanted more than what they were given, God discovered this and banished him and his cult to a new realm, this one was called hell, it was impure and filled with fire, volcanoes and lava, but most of all, was a land for the impure, Lucifer discarded his name and took the name of Satan, Satan and his cult became the Original demons And those who remained with god in heaven became the original angels. War soon broke out and as a result God created the earth and humans as a way to give the angels more troops, however this backfired when Satan corrupted them and thus Original sin was created, The war hit a stand still, only temporary as when the humans realm was created it stomped demons from going to heaven and vis versa. But now something is enabling demons to enter heaven and angels enter Hell
-we are a young server as of right now but we hope to grow
-we have helpful staff
-we also offer a great role playing server
Element Control.
Animal Whisperer.
Time control.

You weren't born with this power, no. It was given to you on your 16th birthday. A gift? Not quite. You have been brought to the facility, a prison like property full of others just like you. Here you will be contained. Controlled. Will you find love with some other freak like yourself? Will you find power, or a way of escape?

NOTE- mature 18+ material throughout different chats, please beware. This is a LITERATE server, so we would enjoy people who roleplay with detail.
⌦ ———✪ School Of The Night ✪———⌫

⌬ *Imagine a meteor , a meteor that brought the fate of the sun to a stop... now, imagine place where it is constantly night, a place where the concept of time means ... well...basically nothing at all. Now, take that thought and make it into a school for supernatural children and teachers, if that idea sounds pleasing then School Of The Night is for you!* ⌬

⊠ **Things the server has are..** ⊠
╞ A Kind Owner And Staff! ❤️
╞ 15+ RP Channels! ⌨️
╞ The Ability To Be Mutated Or Human! 😁
╞ A Welcoming Community! 👐
╞ A Meme And Art Sharing Chat! 🖊✏️
╞ A Speaking VC Chat And A Music VC Chat! 🎵
╞ Alexa! (Music Bot) 🎶
*And More!*
So come! Join Today!
- - - - -

⌦ ———✪ ❤️ ✪———⌫
Darkwater Falls is a Fantasy/Drama Roleplay Server with loads to do for roleplayers of all shapes and sizes!
Darkwater Falls features:
- Dedicated Staff
- Weekly Events
- Custom and Comprehensive Lore and Story
- Literate and Active Community
And much, much more! Make sure to join today!
Cattokill is a place of magic. For many years people have heard the stories of what might linger in the forest and town of small Cattokill. What they don't know is that these legends are very much true. Vampires are ruling the shadows, Werewolves maintain the forest, Hunters try to protect the people, and Specials want to bring peace to the world. War has broken out between the wolf tribes causing them to forget a common enemy. Even years of suffering hasn't changed the fact of betrayal of the packs before the union. Meanwhile, the hunters are going to use this to their advantage seeing as the wolves are fighting each other. They will look for weakness and be able to focus more on the vampires that bleed the town dry. Yet, the vampires themselves are only just being woken after so many years. Something has triggered them into waking and it wasn't their natural enemy. Finally, the specials are young while the old have been teaching them. So of these newcomers have wandered into dark magics. They were seeking more power and have summoned more than just power from the depths of hell. Sadly, the humans just think everything is going normal in this place. Vampires making them forever and wolves refusing to look the humans in the eyes in fear of a connection. Hunters and specials can just blend in away from all of this. Now, newcomer of the server, what might your adventure in this small town bring you? Which side in this odd place will you be on?
-Wolf Shifters
-Normal Human Roles and Supernatural roles
-Romance, Drama, Actions and Taboo.
-Prompts and Events
-Literate to Semi-lit
-Looking to grow
-LGBTQ friendly :heart:

We are a new server that allows you to create op characters if you want to we don't have a lot of rp channels but you can always suggest to me to add one. We have a simple character template. There's no lore for now. We even got hell in here and what's better is that you can go into it and mow down demons. You don't need to be literate to rp in here.
We allow:
op characters
Original characters
Anyone who wants to join
Some people asks me hey soul are you allowed to make canon characters yes you are even doomguy himself if you wanted to XD
Any species
Gore I don't mind gore in here
Any level of writing even if you just started rping you can still join
High ranks open!
Deputy, medicine cat, etc!

Welcome to Penned By Paws, a semi-literate Discord roleplay server dedicated to the fandom Warrior Cats with a little twist— superpowers!

Penned By Paws follows Featherclan, a clan of cats blessed by Starclan with supernatural abilities and filled with strong bonds. Without any other dangers to threaten it, the clan has flourished massively and is filled with joy. But when a mysterious cat called the Author is revealed to be living among their ranks— with the power to quite literally rewrite history— it will take the combined effort of every cat both young and old to once more return to peace.

Some of this server’s features include:

- Mature staff team
- Open, welcoming community
- Relaxed and friendly environment
- A variety of bots to use and more to be added at request
- LGBT+ friendly
- Loose plot capable of being followed without needing to read a lot of lore
- Organized channels
- Easy to navigate: consider yourself ready to join after just 5 minutes worth of reading!
Blackbridge is a large and sprawling industrious city. It is the heart of the human empire of Arcum. It is a cosmopolitan city, where dwarves and elves can also find fortune alongside their human counterparts. However, Vampires and Werewolves lurk in the shadows, alongside creatures of darker and stranger origins.

This server is a Victorian-esque setting with supernatural elements, with a collection of original characters and content.

The server has been on a hiatus for the past few months and only just reopened as a fresh start. We're looking forward to meeting new memebrs and characters!
It is the year 1918 and the Great War has ended but, there's still death, caused by illness and misery.

Alongside this common sickness, another lurks in the shadows and during the night, ominous occurrences take place.
Welcome and greetings everyone to the Speakeazy this is bar co-owners Vice Vidtaily And Milan Biscotti. This is a new bar role-play for 18+ people, as ERP is allowed. It is generally a chilled environment to role-play in and all species are welcome. We would love to have you.

Vidtaly and Biscotti
Scappoose, Nebraska. A not one but two stoplight town surrounded by the woods and cornfields of Nebraska, USA. The type of town where once the kids leave for college, they don't come back. A slow-paced, highway-side secluded rural paradise (if that's what you wanna call it) that only serves as a rest stop to weary highway drivers.

Yet the supernatural presence in Scappoose may be higher than any town in the United States of America.

No one would ever expect such a little town to hold so many twisted secrets, which is why Scappoose is what it is. But, what /is/ Scappoose? Why has there been a sudden influx of alleged demon possessions, Wendigo sightings, murders and disappearances that detectives can't trace the roots of? And, by golly above all, what on God's green Earth is with the radio signals around here?

To answer these questions, one must look deep into the lore of Scappoose. No, not what you can find in the town library, but what you can gather from the eerie monuments scattered across Scappoose's forests, the bones that just keep piling up in Scappoose's cornfields, and the stories told by the eldest of the town's patrons.

But while the humans are scrambling to find out what's going on in their janky little country oasis, the town's hungry monster population are also agitated and caught up in their own mystery. What is this thing calling to them from deep inside the Earth, and how can they silence its infernal voice?


We welcome you with open arms to Terrae Clamoribus, NE! A server where you can play as either a human or a supernatural beast to explore an odd small town with an ancient dark secret. With currently 11 playable diverse monster races, an original plot, a heap of locations for you to roleplay in as you please, and countless opportunities for nonsensical antics to ensue, we're a friendly place that encourages detail, fun, and creativity all around!
500 years ago a cataclysmic event in the magical world took place. Several races banded together including Vampires, Elves, and Werekin to stop the event with success at dire costs.
Now on Earth, they must learn how to survive in an alien world with alien powers. Some races flourish, some might never be the same. One thing is certain dynasties have fallen and now the demons have rising to take their stake on the new world. How will you survive in a world that can't know you exist? Live in secret. At the end of the day, just try to make it out alive.

✧Lgtb+ friendly, romances and otherwise we welcome diversity!

✧ NSFW optional! We aren't inherently an nsfw server but we have the option for those who want to partake in private channels for erp and other things.

✧ Narrative literate plot! Now some people like being involved in a plot line that moves forward and interacts with people in a more group setting and some like to pave their own path! We offer both. There is a soft plot line and character arcs to grow your characters and discover the world or you can enjoy living day to day.

✧ New and ever-expanding server! We are new but we are growing open to suggestions and want to grow into a community you as a member can call home!

Join Lykos, we're only a click away : )
A group of villains, when you think about it... No matter the context or diversity of the group, tend to only have 2 things in mind. Money and power. This is exactly what this very group is looking to obtain with the fall of all heroes in which have chosen to fight against people like them. How will these new, growing heroes fight against such villains who have not only greater experience than them... But also numbers?

😍 Come here to roleplay as both canon characters, as well as original!!! ( First come first serve! )

😜 We have fun and games, events, and various plots in which are chosen by the roleplayers through poles!

😎 There are open staff positions!

😱 Very laid back community looking for new friends and a good time!
Tower of the Dead (18+) is a horror/fantasy-themed social guild for mature audiences and adults to chat daily, share individual interests, advertise servers, and make friends. The darkness can be a great ally, but most people forget they shouldn't stay too long because it will end up consuming them...