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**mєhdís' schσσl fσr thє supєrnαturαl**

You receive a neat, folded letter in the mail one day. A purple, sealed stamp with what seems to be a certain type of bird, perhaps falcon, sealed into the colored wax. It was particular, these days you would never receive letters through the mail. Perhaps through smartphone, or just showing up themselves. Nonetheless, you find yourself interested in the old parchment letter and decide to open it...


mєhdís' schσσl fσr thє supєrnαturαl is a, supernatural high school style server, obviously. We are a very community based and creative based system within roleplay, and we're sure you'll feel welcome here if you're not a complete asshole! We don't take kindly to those here.

**What we offer!**

- a nice, welcoming community.
- creative ideas for creator creation.
- multiple roleplaying servers, with additions!
- we have tupperbox! easy access and customable.
- open partnerships all the time, just ask "luci"!
- multiple other bots for you to get accustomed into the server
- self roles to help people get to know you, and make sure we don't mis-gender you!
- and last but not least, the open roleplay opportunities we have!

so why don't you join? we don't bite... ✮
Nestled deep in a forest lies a secret school for the supernatural. Avalon was created after the humans turned on the supernatural.
Only the supernatural can see the school. As you walk deeper into the forest a doorway comes into view hidden by the dense brush

Since you are one of the supernatural you can see this door, unlike the humans. Once you pass this through the door the sunlight blinds you, and once your eyes adjust to the brightness you see a sprawling campus that is populated with every race imaginable. The main school building stands before you in all its glory. Welcome to Avalon

- Caring and Invested staff
- We Welcome RPers of All Skill and From Around the Globe
-And is a Scary Good Time

SUPERNATURAL | ROLEPLAY is a server branched off from one with 100+ members. It's more or less the same, but it is roleplay centric, not just community based.

Play as your favorite characters, or even your own characters. It doesn't matter, as long as you follow the rules. So, whaddya say? Willl you join us?


Welcoming community
Friendly staff team
Various bots
Multiple channels for RP
Circe slowly crossed her legs, slowly looking at the people with eyes that were a bright crimson colour. A smile curling across her red painted lips, as she looked at the people with an intensity that was almost piercing in appearance. Her voice softer than a whisper and almost like that of silk " Welcome welcome, to my realm of sin and my kingdom. I am Circe the creator of The Realm Of Sin, a place where sin is encouraged, where darkness rules over both day and night, where you can experience the most fun that a mortal or otherwise such as you can possibly have. If you wish to be utterly corrupted by either myself or my commanders of Sin…Lust, Wrath, Greed, Envy, Gluttony, Pride and Sloth, each having their own part of the realm to indulge in sinful acts then do come darlings. This place is for the sinful, the utterly wicked and the most ravenous of people that cannot be satisfied. Those with faint hearts beware, you may just be enticed into never leaving this place, you may wish to become part of the people here, for this place of for those that have sinned or that wish to no longer be pure of heart or body ". Scarlet slowly stood up, gesturing for the person to come closer, as she tipped her head slightly to the side and she spoke in a voice that was filled with mirth and that had a small echoing to it " so... do you wish to continue to my little realm to ravish, be ravished and to enjoy sin to it's fullest or do you wish to leave and return back to what you know...". She gave a soft laugh that sounded almost bemused, her voice like velvet as she spoke " I simply cannot wait to see what you choose ".
Welcome to Hartington

This is a loosely based Victorian server, that is set in the original world of Hartington. A place in which night time, is the most dangerous time of them all.

The darkness that twists and gathers in the streets of Hartington toys and twists around the residents that live there, from those of the blood thirsty and seductive vampire clans, to those of the beastly, cruel and hungry werewolves. The streets of Hartington have always been dangerous however as the creatures of the night become much more involved and as the cries of innocents continue, as they are devoured, seduced and taken for the monsters own pleasures, Hartington has become the one place that has become more dangerous than any other city, with more disappearances and more deaths than the most crime ridden of cities and or villages. The human’s still quite so innocent, as they are slowly being offered up to the monsters with each night, as they roam around unaware of the dangers, unless of course they are the hunters, the ones doing the hunting of the creatures that go bump in the night. The vampires as blood thirsty and seductive as they come, the werwolves as cruel and hungry as they are primal and ravenous. The ghosts, sometimes angry spirits and other times helpers of the humans and the necromancers, spell workers of the dark arts said to make a deal with the devil himself for their abilities. In this town of pure desire, lust, bloodshed and depravity will you be the one that is devoured or will you be the one that will be doing the devouring, the choice is yours. I welcome you once more, to Hartington, you might never want to leave.

{ This is an Erp server and Loosely Victorian based server. This is an adult server, so please be over eighteen when you join this server. }
Hey, You! Yes You. Stop Staring, Jeez. You've Been Accepted Into The School of The Supernaturally Gifted! Gosh.

Welcome to the supernaturally gifted school. Here, many with powers or strange abilities are schooled, though many years ago this school didn't exist. Okay Duh.. Many of the Supernaturals were scattered, unsure where to go or what their purpose was. This almost led to war until the bravest, the bravest of the brave, stood up, and put a stop to this.

After deciding with multiple leaders, they made the decision to create this school. So all could meet each other, learn about each other, and how to control themselves.

Now do you understand? You, a Supernatural, have been accepted. You have been sent a letter telling you: "Welcome to the Supernaturals." Or- something.. Now stop staring, and let's have an adventure!

We also include general chats and fun~
Welcome Child of Man~

Virtuous Monastery is unique in the fact that it is a sister to an already successful server, where we will be working in unison with in terms of timeline and a number of events. We created this out of love for extended lore, self-sufficient roleplay, and a need that would only be satisfied by exploring the other half of this story we've created.

We invite people that can reflect this love and can show their appreciation with Para to Multi-Paragraph posts that focus on Character Development and display a strong understanding of grammar, spelling, and organic progression; But not extremely offended by those still learning, practising, and developing their style. Writers who aren't too hung up on the speed of the writing, but recognize and encourage quality of the stories that will be written. If you are as interested in where both the overall and personal stories end up, you will be perfectly welcomed here.

The staff has created an intricate and delicate playground for those who are like-minded in these same aspects but also encourage the incoming members to make their own personal stories by using our setting as a prompt. The objective is for the members to rely on each other primarily, bouncing off one another to create wholesome relationships, healthy rivalries, and most importantly interesting stories that give the server real life!!

St. Raphael will teach you patience, mercy, and kindness while St. Michael will always remind us that the evils must parish for the good of Man. If the checks and balances continue to deteriorate, Satan - Lord of Demons - will gain ground in whatever nefarious plans he has and that only spells out the destruction of the world. Your family will never be truly safe while The Prince of Darkness remains!! Michael needs your help to destroy The Root of all Evil and his minions: No matter the cost.

In short, we have:
>Multiple channels for different locations.
>A points and shop system, where you can buy in character benefits. Points are accumulated from roleplaying. Bonus points are awarded for good writing and participation in events.
>A rudimentary stat system to encourage character development and progression as well as supporting the writing.
>Efficient and effective auto-moderation.
>Designated writers to help GM and add to the world. You can join them if you wish.
>In-depth lore that's steadily being expanded.
>Various useful custom made commands to help assist the server.
>Fight Rules and a system for judging them to fairly decide the victor of in character disputes.

So, why not stop on by. Embrace your inner Paladin by creating a character Blessed by God and join the Holy Fight against Evil Incarnated!!
Welcome to Ecchi no Sekai!

The world of lewd. You might not remember much, or anything at all, but this is your home now. Live here, or struggle and try to fight to escape, whichever you choose you will soon see this place is rather... pleasurable. By intelligent design or otherwise, even the safe zone contains lustful creatures, be it sentient vines or flowers that secrete an aphrodisiac scent. The further you stray, the wilder the world becomes.

Ecchi no Sekai is a nsfw roleplay server about people finding themselves in a kinky world with no former memories. There's a strong setting, and a simple moving plot to allow for character development. We offer good moderation and are 100% LGBT friendly. Our environment is mature, with the right amount of joking around, as all our members are 18+.

In short:
>We offer a good place to roleplay regardless of your writing ability, be it many paragraphs per post, or barely a sentence.
>We have some experienced writers who will happily try to help you improve your ability.
>There's fun bots, such as Pokécord and WaifuBot.
>A chill community.
>Many different channels for assorted locations in the rp - but not too many.
>A variety of roles and optional name colours to express yourself.
>Fleshed out rules for player disputes, should - for some reason - two characters wish to fight.

We cater to all sorts of characters, be it a normal maid, or a demon with superpowers. Or maybe you'd rather take on the role of a "dungeon master", and write all sorts of kinky encounters for others. If any of this sounds like fun, come by and give us a look. We're always growing and adding new little things, so why not come by while we're fresh!

NOTE: If it seems like your character app has been ignored, please ping me or @Roleplay Mods. We probably missed you by mistake. Especially if it's been more than 24 hours.
Welcome to Luna Hollow,

A place where nothing is like it seems. A sacred land once belonging to the Cherokees stores secrets deep within the forests. Werewolves were once believed to be messengers of the gods above to watch and protect men. However, as time passes, the mind forgets and they have been left in the subtle whispers of myths.

This RP takes place in Bryson City, NC, USA. We are a very new server and would love to have you join our ranks! There are currently three packs you may choose from (or really opt to be a lone wolf!). If being a werewolf doesn’t suit you, you may also play as any regular human or even a hunter!

❤ Friendly & Helpful Staff
💛 Many RP channels to play in
💚 +15 of age members only
💙 A very wide kind of lore
💜 Interactive bots that will make the experience a unique one!
*16+ RP server*

Welcome to NOVIS!

We are glad you have come with us in order to learn how to control the abilities you were born with or have acquired over the years. You were chosen by us to follow our new and improved training program. At our facility, we will prepare you to become a model citizen of our beautiful society. This means you will be able to become a part of the society again you were taken away from.

At the end of our training program, we will promise you a few things:
• You will either be a part of your society again or you are offered a position here at our facility to use your abilities in order to
help out our society
• You will know exactly what kind of behavior is expected in our society
• You will control your abilities to make sure you won’t endanger the people around you anymore
• We will make sure once you go back to the society again, you will get a house and we will help you with finding a job to provide for
yourself and your family
• If you are offered a position here, we will offer you a house nearby the facility

The duration of the training program varies among our participants, also called the Chosen Ones. Since every Chosen One has a different background and different abilities, we cannot immediately determine how long your training will be. We want to ensure you have had enough training and are able to fully control your powers to make sure you will not be a danger to yourself and the people around anymore.

We hope you will enjoy your time here at NOVIS and we wish you good luck with following our training program.


NOVIS: The Facility for the Regulation of the Extraordinary and Supernatural Beings, is a dystopian RP server, where the people who are different from the 'Normal' people are stuck at a training program in order to keep the society safe.

The people who are picked by NOVIS are called 'The Chosen Ones'. They can be (partly) supernatural beings or they are basically humans with some extraordinary powers. NOVIS has seen the powers of the Chosen Ones and thereby, the Chosen Ones are forced to follow the training program of NOVIS.

The Chosen Ones are being trained and monitored by the 'Caretakers'. They run the program under Doctor Johnson's supervision. The Caretakers are either fully human or they have followed the training program themselves and were offered a job at NOVIS.

Feel free to take a look at the server and decide whether you would like to join or not :)
Have you ever wanted to be in the same town as celebrities and rich people? Have you ever felt the urge to be in a so-called suburban town? Have you ever wanted to risk you or your loved ones getting kidnapped or murdered with the shockingly high crime rate in a wealthy urban area? Well, this might be the place for you! Here in Bridferny, we have a good school, a great police department, as well as thousands of Wendigo and Skinwalker sightings! We possibly have a lot of creatures similar to the Wendigo and Skinwalker, but for now, that doesn't matter. What does matter is, this server is original. And since this is original every actor(except for Chris Evans, Sophia Anne Caruso, David Harbour, Michael Fassbender, Alice Eve, and Lucy Liu as of now) are open for your character(no we do not allow anime, cartoon, or hand-drawn face-claims. If you draw your own outfit it's fine just don't use an anime or cartoon faceclaim for the love of God). Enough of me ranting let's get on to the actual basics. In the server, it's pretty small as of now, like no joke we probably won't make it far but I applaud the people who will stay here. If you are only here to troll, raid, or advertise I hope you know none of those will work since once my admins verify you as a troll, you're out. Advertising is locked and to unlock it you have to ask an admin, be in this server for at least 20 days, have been in at least 5 great roleplays, and have a verified character, if you start a raid we will immediately ban you and anyone who has anything to do with you. This is shit because it's 5:07 AM please help. Anyways, please join the server and have fun! (this will improve once I have my shit together.)


SUPERNATURAL is a Discord server, based off of the CW TV show, Supernatural, starring Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles.

It's a story about two brothers who protect the world from supernatural beings, such as demons, vampires, the devil, and eventually, God himself. They're accompanied by a trench coat wearing angel, and occasionally, Satan's son.


Welcoming community
Friendly staff team
Various bots
Channels for different topics (roleplay, art, etc.)
Come on down to Lanercost, a town where hauntings are very common and ghosts are everywhere. We have lore to read and all the information you could need.
════ ⋆★⋆ ════
What we have to offer:
● Lore
● Information on ghosts
● Self assignable roles
● Lots of roleplay channels
● Custom colors
● Information on roleplay terms for new roleplayers
● Achievements
● Partnerships
● A new plot to follow
● A friendly community
════ ⋆★⋆ ════
Come stop by Whispers From the Grave. We welcome anyone with open arms. Spectators, Roleplayers, Newbies, and those who just want to help build a community. So what are you waiting for? Give us a shot!
Ever wanted to join a good, active and a RP for One Piece with many events hosted weekly? We’ve got the place for you. Many interactive events, NPCs, giveaways and a custom made shop system with many different channels each for each varied category.
This server is still in the works, so only a vague description can really do this justice. It's a story driven rp server about clashing gods, inner demons and much more that has to do with moral growth and the supernatural.
Welcome to the kingdom!
This is set in the 1200’s, Vampires cannot walk in the sun unless allowed by a witch, (IRP only) Werewolves are the Alpha Creatures, walking around with their animal instincts. The Dread Doctor is a 1000 your old witch altering the molecular abilities of a supernatural creature. Witches are powerful and can only be defeated by the Original Vampires, Hunters and fellow Witches.

The Nevermore castle is in future New Orleans, it is a small kingdom and the royal family, Nevermores, always have a Hunter in their family, the eldest Prince. The Original Vampires (Twins) reside in the village being the only Vampires able to walk in the sun. Runed Hunters are to be discussed with me, they are Hunters who are originally witches who cast runes on their body to make themselves stronger to defeat vampires.

The Prince will become enraged when he hears that the Supernatural creatures which he thought he got rid off have returned and want to overthrow the Kingdom, will you help him or work against him?

We also offer a friendly staff team and literate RP and semi literate RP!

The Supernatural have existed among us for a long time, but only recently have been granted the status of citizens with the same rights and privileges of the common man. Even so,integration is far from commonplace. Though many are striving for a peaceful existence there are plenty of humans and supernaturals alike who harbor deep wounds leading to continued discrimination and conflict. Many population centers are utter hellholes for supernatural residents: laws make work and travel difficult; a vicious supernatural underground causes crime to flourish; and many others are practically household servants. In other places the reverse holds true where humans are not welcome, and may be killed in sight.

In the midst of it all are towns like Waycrest which are striving to be pioneers for peace. Those of waycrest have tried hard to find ways to coexist, to rely on one another’s strengths and build a community where every individual has value. They believe that in this day and age being human has more to do with how one choses to live than it has to do with race. On the flip side there are humans out there who are in truth more inhuman than the creatures among us.

- thriving rp with opportunities for players to shape the setting and plot
- most ocs are absolutely welcome including custom species
- free-form turn-based style with consent needed for harming or killing other characters
- welcomes short-paragraph rp style and up

This server allows controversial content Icly, however Erotic-Rp and R-rated rp is not allowed.
Welcome to The Silence Of New Orleans!!!
The Silence of New Orleans is a Brand New, Entirely Original, Active roleplay experience!
With a Sophisticated Interesting all Original lore, We offer a Variety of Experiences some offered no where else here in our server!
Are you a Hunter looking for a case? Check the Special case board and let Staff lead you down a Highly Interesting and Unique Adventure as you Hunt a Creature across this Beautiful City!

-Looking to Hunt? Our Special Case board, Interactive plot and Unique NPC's and characters make every Hunt a Special one!

-Looking to Try Civilian life? With a Beautifully made City open-world expierence you can Travel New Orleans City districts and Bayou Nwa, And expierence the city and her people first hand!

-Looking to be a creature? We offer a Variety of Creature roles with Unique Powers and Lore each made to better your expierence!

-What about Gamble at the Voodoo casino Drink? Become a Cop and keep the city safe? We offer all these and much more here in our Quaint little server!

So will you Become a Hunter and Strive to rid the world of Monsters? Become a Witch and practice the dark arts? Become a Vampire and lust for power? A Werwolf and Pull your Pack away from the Brink? Or a Banshee and stir up as much hell as possible? So many more options all for you! Or will you wander after the wisps into the swamp never to be seen again..........
The Year is 1980
AUSA is an academy built for role-players to come and learn about magic, meet people, have fun. No restrictions except no being over powered. We welcome players of all races and species and hope you'll join us here. It is marked NSFW because there are some parts and dorms marked NSFW.
⌦ ———✪ School Of The Night ✪———⌫

⌬ *Imagine a meteor , a meteor that brought the fate of the sun to a stop... now, imagine place where it is constantly night, a place where the concept of time means ... well...basically nothing at all. Now, take that thought and make it into a school for supernatural children and teachers, if that idea sounds pleasing then School Of The Night is for you!* ⌬

⊠ **Things the server has are..** ⊠
╞ A Kind Owner And Staff! ❤️
╞ 50+ RP Channels! ⌨️
╞ The Ability To Be Mutated Or Human! 😁
╞ A Welcoming Community! 👐
╞ A Meme And Art Sharing Chat! 🖊✏️
╞ A Speaking VC Chat And A Music VC Chat! 🎵
╞ Alexa! (Music Bot) 🎶
*And More!*
So come! Join Today!
- - - - -

⌦ ———✪ ❤️ ✪———⌫
Spirit High!

This is an rp server! What do we have to offer?

High school server with magical powers!

🗂Looking for staff!!🗂

📄Easy to follow template📄


🗄many rp channels!🗄


🧰character help🧰

💞Nice Staff members💞


🎶music vc🎶


Nuclear power plants began to explode,one by one. When they exploded they release particles in the air...what is the effect of this? People end up having superpowers. The natural world has became supernatural. Even plants aren’t normal anymore. Plants are colorful. Every color you can think of plants are. Will this world fall to pieces after this? Will the world thrive from this? What will be the outcomes? Are people going to use their power for good or bad?
【Llyvion Centre Academy】

Taking place in the morden civilization earth but colonized by various of supernatural and hybrid species such like Angels, Demons, Elves, Nekos, Kitsune, Tyfling, genetically advanced humans, Androids and much more all live in the country Eclea. A private school that invites majorities of species into one school! accompanies a dorm for all students to stay in, maximum security and guaranteed high standard education! Meet people, attend classes or explore outside of the school! ranging to a full fledge city, neighbourhood, suburban areas and rural areas, deserts and much more to be added in our weekly server updates!

Llyvion Centre Academy welcomes everyone to be apart of our community; whoever you are we don't care! a welcoming and nice environment to easily be settled in with our fair and active moderators for each part of the server such as OOC chats, character submission and RP itself.

__What we offer!__

> 📖 - Home to any writers no matter if you one line or write a essay.

> 📑 - Your own way of creating your own storyline here!

> ⚔ - Detailed infomation such as a combat handbook, background and more.

> 🤝 - Welcomes anyone! a safe sfw environment. Feel free to voice or vent, send artworks and show your true self!

> ✅ - Active Roleplay and Community

> 👮 - Looking for moderators! fair team that takes it easy, reasonable doing and kind.

> 🎉 - Server events and free giveaways! as well as nitro boosting perks!

If you're looking to partner then please DM me!

``` ```
The City of Ebonvale is a steampunk, supernatural/horror RP server inspired by the works of H.P. Lovecraft! It's an original universe created by it's owner. Any level of writing style or length is welcome, and those new to RP are also welcome!
Consider visiting Potterstown, OR! It's a lovely, cozy seaside community located in beautiful Oregon. You'll find a relaxed pace of life, quaint shops, friendly people, lovely sights...Oh, did we mention monsters?

Ok, not so much monsters, per se. Not all of them. Most people in Potterstown are humans like the rest of us. But there's also elves, goblins, vampires, demons, shapechangers...maybe an alien or two. Maybe that's why the residents refer to their home as Monstertown, USA.

Still want to visit? We hope so! We feature:

- Unique and original lore and setting.
- Near endless possibilities for races and backgrounds.
- Friendly and helpful staff.
- Compelling and original stories and adventures.

Monstertown USA is a setting in which humans and non-humans have forged an agreement to live in peace and harmony together in a small American town. Can this noble experiment succeed? Will the fragile facade that protects the town from scrutiny continue to hold? Can mankind truly be at peace with that which it considers monsters? Come and help us find out!