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SoulStruck: A land where Love is the most powerful source of magic

Long ago back before your ancestors ancestors even spoke of love a strange flower, half black and half blue, bloomed ontop of a very tall mountain. This moutain was covered in snow but the flower that bloomed seemed immune. AS Years went by the flower stayed in perfect condition never showing even the hint of decay.

One day a prince with an army decided to concer this mountain. Apon arriving at the top the prince stumbled on the flower he was in awe and ordered his soldiers to deearth it and plant it in his garden so he could look at it everyday. As the guards de-earthed the flower its petals started to sink and turn brown. The Prince quickly told the men to plant it back and the flower grew to be beutiful once more. The Prince despriatly wanted this flower and called apon a witch to transport it down. The witch was shocked when she looked at the flower, she had never seen such a plant. She told the prince that with the plants powerful magic there was only one way to move it to his garden. She would have to link its life to his. He agreed. As the witch cast the spell the mark was imprinted on his sholder it showed a sun and a moon simular to the flower. The witch named this the mark of Soulstruck.
As the prince grew he met a woman and he fell in love. They raised a child together who bore the same mark as his father. When his son was 15 the Prince fell into an illness. The prince beleiving that the flower was the reason he fell in love asked the witch for one more favour, to cast a simular spell on the rest of the villagers and their family line. When casting this spell the villegers all had a mark on their body somewhere that simulated something to lead them to their soulmate.

As generations past a witch in attempt to steal the magic caused a counter defence which gave all that had soulStruck marks a power and also a power multipler if they met their counterpart, fell in love and stayed loyal to eachother.

Now in the Soulstruck realm two kingdoms one like the other battle eachother in spite and feud. A prince and princess lay on oppisite ends of the kingdoms completly and utterly in love. With the two being desendants of the orignal family and some of the few who have met their soulmate and fallen for eachother they remain one of the most powerful forces in the Starstruck realm. They are also forced to stay apart but with rules there are always loopholes...
33 minutes ago
Welcome to Centra World. Anything and everything that you wish to do is here. From Campaigns to ERP. There are common areas, ERP areas, and Campaign areas made upon request. We are mostly laid back Mods and welcome all no matter what they wish to do. We do have to ask that you act mature on our server. Thanks.
46 minutes ago
Started off as a small Role-play clan 14 years ago. We now have our own discord server and are looking to continue to grow as a group.
We focus on community an Role-playing.
We RP in a Forum Post by Post Style. Our posts are slower, literate to Para style.
Each RP Channel is its own RP world
+ Cannon RP Multiverse Section.
We also have lots of chat channels, group gaming, events, and movie night!
58 minutes ago
The Vitality Initiative is a brand new server set in a near future. Humanity has finally branched out into the stars and have colonized several planets. However, with the new frontier comes unexpected and deadly problems. In a bid to keep the peace and to defend these colonies, an organization was established to provide the means to protect. That is how the Vital Units were created. An Academy was built to serve as an educational training institution for young students to learn how to Operate Vital Units.

Offering general high-school and college level education as well as combat training, Vitality Academy has quickly become Humanity's leading producer of Operators. You will take the role of one of these many students learning to become an Operator of your very own Vital Unit.

- Offers a smooth, easy, statless character creation

- Choose from three different types of Vital Unit

- Customize your Unit to your personal tastes.

- Defend colonies from extraterrestrial threats. Who knows what's out there!
1 hours ago
Hello! This is a role playing server based in the Star Wars universe. The role play takes place during the old republic era, meaning that players can be anything they’d like to be, Within reason and the timeline of course! This is a totally open role play, meaning that players are free to decide what they want to do with their characters. We are a constantly growing and changing! This server has something for everyone, even if you don’t know anything about Star Wars then you will still have a very enjoyable time here!! Server events take place which can range from anything from a treasure hunt for a special piece of equipment, to a destruction of a planet, to a massive fight between the Jedi and sith characters!
1 hours ago
A world of deep history and rich culture. A kingdom once lost to great suffering has been reborn under its new king, Albel Albion. Travanara is home to great magics and vast species. All can call Travanara a home where they belong. All manner of person from all times of civilization will find their comfort here. Come to explore the expansive terrains and locations Travanara has to offer; find yourself in the midst of a grand adventure from the listed Mission Board, or create a story of your own in one of the general roleplay areas. In a world where all are accepted and encouraged, your potential is boundless!
1 hours ago
⚫A New and Brutal Take on the Magic School Genre⚫

Current Episode: Episode 6 - A Tournament Arc?!


After the events of Episode 3, the students are relocated to the highly remote and snowy mountains of the Continuation Republic where their training continues to becoming Mana Sentinels. Highly elite warriors tasked with defeating the ever looming threat of total destruction from the Zaiden Empire. Welcome to Infinite Zeroes - The Academy. GOING ONE MONTH STRONG SO FAR!

Season 1 - Weight of the World

"From the ashes of nothingness, we rise."


⚫ An original story with tons of new characters, weekly to daily events that progress the story and evolve your characters in different ways
⚫ Leveling system that increases your power!
⚫ CO-OP Style RP
⚫ Two dozen different abilities to pick from, maybe even create your own and add onto the list!
⚫ A new and brutal new take on the magic school genre
⚫ Fight in PVP or PVE
⚫ Quest and other forms of activities
⚫ Slice of life and combat, anything you need. We have!

Episode six is just around the corner, our lovely staff are working tirelessly to create an awesome Episode! Thankfully for the people who are about to join, you're in for a wild ride as we're about to enter the Tournament Arc...
2 hours ago
Welcome to Camp Half-Blood!
Did a satyr bring you here? Or perhaps you got here another way? Well regardless welcome! Some of the many features we offer you here include but are not limited to:

📅 Lots of Channels :
And a convenient channel map to navigate all of them

✅ Organization :
We have a clean rules system and professional, mature staff

⚔ Events :
We hold quest, Capture the Flag, and multiple other camp-themed events

🤝 Open Partnerships :
We'll partner with any other server so long they comply to our terms

🖊 A list :
Of gods and goddesses, along with their powers and information, that way you won't have to waste time looking for them elsewhere

🗺 Immersion :
Detailed channel descriptions and such to make sure you are fully immersed!

Join now! You won't regret it!

2 hours ago
The year is 2038.
Some people have been developing inhumane abilities, similar to magic; the cause is unknown.

You are one of them. A close friend of yours uploaded a video of you on Social Media. The Government's A.M.D. saw it. You and your family were transferred to a Sector. Not just anyone, Sector-6, New Albany. One of the most brutal Sector's ever set up; corruption runs wild within the Security, fear fills the inhabitants, and confusion arises. What will you do here? Will you comply to the A.M.D. and follow their every order...or will you rebel?

Make your mark, within Realms!
4 hours ago
The year is 3653 BBY, one week ago Coruscant was sacked and the Jedi temple destroyed. the Jedi have fled to Tython to regroup and plan their next move. Jedi master Kriel has returned from Mandalore to assist against the Empire and Darth Vorrinder begins to rally the outer rim to the Empires cause, will you fight to free the Galaxy or fight to rule it?
7 hours ago
—Skyknova Academy—

A school based in Michigan USA, for young Witches and Wizards, ages 13-18 to come and learn how to use magic. We have four houses you can sort into; Phoenix, Unicorn, Kelpie and Serpent. A reliable and dependable Headmistress, an equally reliable and dependable deputy Headmaster.

—What We offer—
— Nancy different classes such as Defense Against the Dark Arts, Care of Magical Creatures, Potions and Herbology, and so many more!
— As Skyknova prides itself on having those with and without magical talent, please be careful while using magic in the school or the whole wizarding world could be exposed. Because anyone despite having magic or not can attend, You can learn how to blend into the world around you so that no one ever feels segregated.
— Here at Skyknova, all are welcome, no matter who you are or where you come from! Want to chat? Want to attend class and learn? Anything you want, you can do it right here!
8 hours ago
This small rp server called “The City of Unknown power” is needing new members join today with a loving supportive group that can also be fun and outgoing. We welcome to all and we care for everyone, plus have many chats for those who don’t feel up to rp, active staff, owner and others.
13 hours ago
Naruto's Darkest Hour -
Welcome to Naruto's Darkest Hour, a Discord Based Naruto RPG! The RPG takes placed in a Naruto Alternate Universe, with an apocalypse style setting where all the shinobi of the land band together to fight back agains the encroaching darkness! Come, be any kind of shinobi you can dream of! Come with friends, make teams and fight ferocious enemies! Or perhaps fighting isn't your style? Maybe you would prefer to be a healer? Or a legendary blacksmith? Anything is possible in Naruto's Darkest Hour! Come explore an entire new world, where even the smallest butterfly can have an enormous effect! And the only limit is your imagination!

Naruto's Darkest Hour Offers The Following:

Naruto Roleplay, with an ever growing server.
A Naruto RPG System, with Stats and much more!
In depth content, that is constantly evolving.
A PvE environment, where you can test your creativity against the various monsters of this new world!
Mature, dedicated staff who will do their best to help you be the best ninja you can be!
A system where we strive to balance the world so everyone feels relevant!
Creativity is encouraged!

Come discover your Nindo!
14 hours ago
DQC Entertainment


About us

We are a roleplaying server for any inspired idols. Be an already idol, like someone from BTS or BLACKPINK etc., or sign up your own OC to be an idol!


What makes us so special?

The ability to make your own idol group and names with friends!
A MEE6 system depending on how active you are!
Great members and staff!
Over 20 channels of different locations!
Self-assignable roles for everyone!
A flat system for you and your group!

We hope to see you join us!
15 hours ago
A relatively new server where people can Role Play and talk about anything Naruto. Make your own character and interact with other server members to have as much fun as you want.
15 hours ago
♖ Hi there! Welcome to Siren Lake! Will you fend off the Siren's Song, the Centaurs that guard the woods and the Arachne that keeps a careful watch on the caves? Or will you become another victim of this camps awful history? ♖

We have:
♖ A developing lore
♖ NSFW channel + fun bots
♖ Ruins of a castle
♖ A lake filled with Sirens + the option to be one!
♖ Almost no limit to what you can be or what you can do!
♖ And most importantly, open partnerships.

♖ We hope that you made it through the careful watch of the Sirens to join us! ♖
18 hours ago
This is a place for those who like monsters, aliens, mutants, robots, cyborgs, biomechs, specters, undead things, unidentified creatures, mixtures of them all, and so on.

It welcomes any type of any sort of entity, with no prejudices of any kind. This is a role-play server, so come and join the mysterious and uncanny world of Area 5, where you can role-play as whatever you personally desire. This place is for individuals and their original creations. It allows anyone and everyone maximum creativity with what is theirs, hindering them not as so many servers wrongfully do. HOWEVER, the only restriction is that you do not role-play as canon characters from established franchises such as Bruce Wayne (Batman) and Peter Parker (Spiderman).
18 hours ago
Welcome to the country of Natora! In this country, the worlds most powerful people can be found, as well as magics. Here, this country always has some sort of problem that needs to be solved, whether it be from a natural disaster, to a terrorist group vowing to take down the Royal Family.
18 hours ago
A small server. But we hope that you join us and have a good time.
22 hours ago
"You've been invited to the Arena! Fight to your heart's desire, right here!"
any character, any genre, any power level, anytime! The Arena is free to anyone who loves to brush knuckles with powerful combatants in a fun and casual way! Have a character that's incredibly powerful? so much so that no one is willing to fight it? we will! we're itching to! Features:
-use as many characters as you want.
-scoring system keeps track of wins and losses, and can be used when deciding who you'd like to face next.
-relaxed atmosphere, chime in whenever you want.
1 days ago
Enjoy the easy life of living in Dublin. Meet wonderful people, have a not boring job, and skip school all you want.
1 days ago
We're a server that's very chill. We like to rp (mainly about SAO) and we hope to see you soon in our server ^~^/)
1 days ago
Detroit: Become Human roleplay. Not bound by the game's timeline.
1 days ago
A SFW RWBY roleplay server. Takes place between volumes 2 and 3.
1 days ago