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Welcome to God Tier Trash!

The HIGHEST tier of trash

Here's the generic server introduction:

•We are a small and active community for people who wish to talk, socialize with others or just chill and have a great time

•Here we have multiple channels for anime, memes, cursed images, NSFW and more!

•Our Staff is friendly and always willing to help

•We have a lot of bots to play and mess around with

•We have role-play channels

•We do partnerships

•You can vent about your problems here!

•We hope that you enjoy your stay here!

•If you're interested, please feel free to drop a visit!
Welcome to the Kingdom of Sunset!
We are a roleplaying server (in the making)
We have
- Allow God's and Goddess's
- And much more!
Join today!
If you love Splatoon this is the sever for you. With an open gaming which can effect the rp you can play together and join in events. People are free to join and create characters to join in the rp or just game with a vast community. Everyone is free to join.
Welcome authorized personnel to Area-51! A highly classified research facility located in Groomlake, Nevada. We are a research facility that tents to search beyond from the normal world, to search for objects that.. don't make sense in our reality, once we find said object we keep it away from humanity to protect it, we study it to understand more and maybe.. Release it back into humanity once deemed non-anomalous or... Have the United Nations terminate it. Do you think you can deal with High Command? Keep a relationship? Manage your sanity? Or... Will you die trying. (Note, we are starting a ROBLOX project, so those with ROBLOX building/solid modeling, scripting or graphics are welcome to join, please DM The Shady Inquisition#2248 for more info)

Here, you will expect to see
:handshake: A accepting community :handshake:
:pencil: A extensive lore behind it :pencil:
:spy: Interesting Characters :spy:
:boom: Hostile Interesting Groups! :boom:
:microscope: Exciting Fields! :shield:
:alien: Unusual Phenomenon's and entities :alien:

Good luck! We hope you make history here!
It's been 100 Years after the fall of Muzan. The Demon Slaying Corps still remain in case of a new threat emerging. Their worries were right, as a new Demon Lord emerges from the depths. The Demon Slaying Corps, now in retirement seek to bring out its older members in order to defend humanity once again.

This is a new chapter for human-kind. The Demon Slaying Corps was now under the Hanatono name, a new family entrusted by Ubuyashiki after the death of Muzan. The Hanatono strived to keep their Demon Slayers trained, and pillars ready to fight what ever demons that may awake.

Create a character and rise through the ranks of the Demon Slayer Corps, or fall under corruption and obtain the Demon Lord role for your self!

>Free Form
>Anything is welcome'd!
>Everybody is welcomed
>Become staff
Welcome to Bloody Nights Asylum! where Crazy magic users roam you can either roam with them and try to escape this prison! or you can work to keep these savage beasts contained! now my only question for you is!.... Can You Survive The Bloody Nights....
↳ You held the knife, gulping, unsure of yourself. Your father, an alcoholic, was in the other room, you could hear the bottle smacking against a human. You could hear the cries of your defenseless mother. You stared at the entrance of the kitchen, where you stood in behind. You could hear footsteps, rushing over to you. At the entrance stood your father, without hesitating, without thinking, you sprint at him, stabbing immediately at a vital part of the man. Blood spewed, covering you and your knife. He struggled and fought back, ultimately failing. Your mother somehow managed to get to the kitchen, weak. She watched you, letting out blood curdling screams and trying to stop you. You continued to stab and stab...

You’re covered in blood, running into the forest, a sea of trees. You took deep gasps of air as you ran through the forest. You could hear faint sirens in the distance.

A noise of static would be heard, slowly getting louder. Your vision blurred. You eventually stumbled over a tree root. Your eyes began to close, the last thing you could see was a tall, slender figure.

You wake up, jolting up. You’re in a mansion, surrounded by random, strange looking people. “Look who’s alive,” commented a strange, video-game-character-looking elf boy. “Shut up,” responded a male with completely white skin, an engraved smile, and jet black hair.

Where are you? What is this place? Who are these people?


W h a t h a p p e n e d ?

⇒ It’s a small server(at the moment), so there’s many characters to take!
⇒ Somewhat literate role-play server:
➥ No one-liners or word role-players!
⇒ Currently there’s a small amount of staff, however we are still fair and willing to help others! Look out for applications, although we won’t only base your ability to be a member of staff only on that.
⇒ Events(e.g. holidays and random)!
⇒ A suggestions channel for people to suggest things for the server!
⇒ We’re a little tough when it comes to giving a character(we want to make sure we get the best person to play a character)!
⇒ Staff are allowed to have two canons. Regular members are allowed to have one canon. However, you can submit four OCs(so there wouldn’t be a chaotic amount of roles)!
⇒ Several and more channels for you to interact and post things!
⇒ Tons of bots to keep the server organized(e.g. Tupperbox, Mee6, Groovy, etc)!

〈 🌑 MISC 🌑 〉

⇒ This server is owner by The Great Yeshie(fruck grammar#0650)! Nyeheheh!
➥ Yes, that was a Papyrus reference.
➥ Friend and DM me if the invite link doesn’t work!
➥ Or use this link: !
⇒ If your device doesn’t support the name of the server’s font it says: “the sea of trees”.
⇒ The writing(at the beginning of this server description) isn’t canon to your character(s). It’s only to intrigue people of what’s to come and how the server could be like!
⇒ Hope to see you here! ✨
LSPR | Los Santo Role Play is a Community based around all age groups. We offer a variety the ability to donate and get your own personal vehicle. We are different that other roleplay communities because we have active staff willing to help at all times with what ever you may need. You can also gain activity rewards by being active in and out of the server.
Welcome child, to the divided land of the ancient Moon and Sun gods. Long ago, the chaos of their feud created a war towards the skies(moon) and the land(sun). Many, many years later, the land is still thorn appart. Angels want the land and the heavens for themselves, the livings want the heavens too, and in between people who just cant choose a side.
So who will you be? A moon spirit? A sun soul? Or an outsider?

Hii! This is a newly made server. This is a pretty chill and free type of rp, set in old medieval times in a divided kingdom. What we offer:
-Fun bots💯
-Welcoming and caring staff💕
-Many rp channels🔥
-Almost all species and creatures are allowed👌🏻
-Nsfw channels for those interested, it’s not visible until you get the role so no worries if u dont want nsfw there wont be any🍀
-and much more!!

We hope you come join us and have fun!☀️🌙
Due to the amount of villains growing in large amounts, we the hounds have opened our doors for recruitment of any heros, from Ben ten and the gang, mha(my hero academia), all kinds of anime heros, anti heros, video game heros, movie GAINTS, like Pacific rim, ready player one, Lord of the rings, Harry Potter, Guardians of the Galaxy, transformers, ECT. Any heros are welcome. We even accept normal Joe's that want to help. Some of you may know me, some not. But I'm star, a younger sister of deku. I was trained by all might and im Ready to set out on my own and stop evil from taking over the world! We all took a step and now we are facing the unknown, but we won't Face it alone! Let's all go beyond plus ultra and kick some Ass!
Staff needed as well as actvie memebers
Friendly server with weird but nice people. Gamers, weebs, anyone is welcomed. We're trying to grow our server and spread happy vibes and fun.
It’s been two years since the war between Everwren and Greenlake took place. Now, everything is at peace, for now...
What is the Kingdom of Evergreen?

KOE (Kingdom of Evergreen) Is a Discord Roleplay server by Katreese (aka Mod~Chan or Daddy Viktors Katstudon 93) that has a medieval fantasy setting. It’s mostly known for being a Kingdom that is ruled by two Queens, Anastsia and Krystal Lake. It started off as a simple server Katreese made in the summer, it wasn’t expected to blow up the way it did.

There’s a ton of races and powers to choose by (since you can literally choose any race.) It’s also a place where you can meet the most interesting characters such as: a Concubas Queen, an edgy incubus, a flamboyant general, a thieving gnome, and a literal platypus. Yes, there’s an actual Platypus in this server.

This server also tries it best to host events for the fellow members. Both in and out of the roleplay server. We hope you enjoy your time here, and you don’t leave a millisecond after joining.
Hello welcome to point hotel! make yourself comfortable. We have a dining room pool and people to chat with!
Welcome to St. Andrews, the biggest city in the world...and also the worst crime ridden.

But why is that, do you ask? Well, there is a simple answer. In this world, super heroes and super villains exist here, vying for control over the city. It’s not a wonderful place, but it’s the prime location for them. It’s possible to not go hours without seeing a hero, or maybe a villain? What about you? What will you become? A hero, or villain? Law enforcement, or criminal? Crime boss, or police chief? Or will you just be a citizen watching form the sidelines? The choice is yours!

We have:

-Staff willing to help out
-A fun, diverse lore and roleplay for fans of all genres
-Freedom to create any characters you’d like (to some extent :slight_smile: )
-And more!

(We are still a growing server, and we hope you’ll consider joining us!)
Welcome to another Mystic Messenger rp server. You can chat about the game, make new friends, and much more.
These are the current available roles!
We hope you enjoy your stay!
As little as a few generations ago, four groups of cats became Clans, after the original clans fell apart. MeadowClan, of the moorland, RockClan, of the cliffs, StreamClan, of the river, and NightClan, of the pine forest- These four Clans have formed in these lands.

Now, the question remains- will they last? Or will they crumble like the first clans. What will become of these Clans, only a few generations old and still finding their place in the world? Still developing their ways?

Join us, become one of these early Warriors, and find out! You shape the story!

- This roleplay is new, and many ranks are still open.

-This community is LGBT+ friendly, so please don’t judge anyone, and over just be kind to everyone on the server, even if you disagree with somebody.

- With this roleplay being based on a set of very early Clans, there is a ton of potential for the roleplay itself to shape how the Clans evolve and change! No Clan is truly set in their ways yet- it's up to each Clan's cats to forge its path. Every cat has a chance to become a legend.
The honey cone hideout is a fairly new server where you can come and be yourself. Meet new people, make friends and possibly meet that special someone. It's also a safe place where models can advertise and promote themselves to the 700+ members. Nudes selling/trading, and plenty of NSFW content. You must verify that you are 18+ to access NSFW content. We also have 2 18+ role play rooms and cosplay.
Slerit is a medieval kingdom that is starting out. Right now we have few members but we have many positions to fill along with just casually being here. You can stop by Slerit for a nice casual chat , roleplaying with new people all around , making new friends , and do anything else. We make quests and narrate them (kind of like D+D but a little different but you can narrate however you want) you can stop by the tavern to have a drink , stroll around in the town center , or you can do your own thing and build your own place/activity center! It’s also open to plenty of mythical creatures and fantasy settings. Come on and join ! We’ll be happy to see you !
A small role playing server that is just getting off the ground. We primarily focuse on creating a chill fun place where people can meet new people, get help on writing stories, making characters, and more!
This is a role play server based on the anime Demon Slayer. You can be a demon slayer and hunt demons and climb the ranks and maybe even become a hashira. Or be a bloodthirsty demon devouring humans and becoming stronger and maybe even becoming recognised by Lord Muzan himself and become a Demon Moon. Or become a blacksmith or ninja, the chose is yours.

This is a new server and may not have a lot of members but do not leave straight away stay rp and give it a chance.
[18+ Only. While we are not specifically an NSFW server, the content leans toward violent, adult content, and strong language. Players found to be under 18 will be removed.]

Rookshaven Academy and University RPSL

Rookshaven is a modern group story set in a private magic university in Northern Scotland. With civil war threatening the community at large, students and teachers will find themselves targeted by Castors seeking to overthrow their way of life and kill off the royal magic families. Ghosts and demons amass beyond the iron-charmed gates of Rookshaven, slowly seeping into the magic-steeped grounds. Fight or flight is the question on everyone's minds - which will you choose?

Additionally, if you're not sure if this is the game for you, there's an NPC library for applicants to checkout characters like books. Give the character a spin, see if you like the setting, then apply.
Petit serv rp entre pote sur un univers de sci-fi vaisseaux spéciaux etc ... pas de prise de tête et admin a l’écoute ( pour une fois )
C’est un thème connue, le serveur dispose des bots dés pour permettre des !roll plus équilibrés entre les joueurs. Il y’a plusieurs systèmes solaires, planètes, monde etc, mais rien ne vous empêche de faire la demande d’une nouvelle planète avec votre description !
Hello, Welcome to Averus RP! The realm of Averus is a large and strange realm, you have many places to explore and conquer, many beasts to slay, and magic to learn! We have a very versatile set of magic, races, and locations. We have 17 magic types, 9 races, and 10 areas to explore. Averus has its own expansive lore, built by the players' actions. We have a neat power scale, a neat way to level, and getting powerups is very simple if you actively seek monsters. So what will you do? will you live an adventurous life? Overthrow weak kings? Build your own kingdom? Seek immortality? Or will you just lead a normal life, be it living as a travelling merchant, a blacksmith, or anything in between. We occasionally host dungeon events, which give are full of obstacles and at the end, the winner is granted a sacred weapon!

We are a (somewhat) professional server searching for professional rpers! Even if you don't consider yourself one, you're are still welcomed!