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Elzon, where elves live in deep forests and such, dragonborns live in clans in the mountains, tieflings tend to live in hiding or in their own little townships far from humans, goblins and trolls usually go through certain mountains and battle dwarfs on a regular basis, where as human towns in the south usually get pillaged. The minotaurs enslaved by dwarfs to work in the mines had an uprising and now are battle hardened beasts of war with only one leader named "Hirdak Thunderhide" the original creator of the rebellion who is now a legendary war lord who is feared across the realm. Some dragons roam the land, and caravans go through the land as well. Bug bears live with the goblins and hobgoblins. All of which are living in the southern mountains and other places where they usually raid northern mountain villages. Races of all kind roam this kingdom, There are thousands of adventures that your character can do to get more weapons, armors, spells, currency, and other things. This is a role play where you can develop your character and have fun, and meet others.
Breaking Dawn

The multiverse has finally reached its limit from the various reality bending effects of its occupants. The result has been the Multiversal Storm a phenomenon that's already cost billions of lives and destroyed an unknown amount of universes. As far as can be understood the Storm is the reset button of the multiverse pushed when two fights pushed just a bit too far. The result has been the all the surviving universes have been mashed together into a single universe it's survivors almost entirely on the planet known as Dawngaurd more specifically the city of Dawnrise. Each have faced the Multiverses balancing and as a result have reached a point where a second Multiverse Storm is deemed impossible and where those starting their journey are on a level playing field. Unfortunately a great evil yet still lives, it's monsters hounding and attempting the extinction of those who've survived.

-A fair and balanced progression and power system that rewards hard work and ensures no server power set is inherently better than another one while keeping the core of each fandom involved and allowing for nearly any fandom power to be created within the server and retain the core of it.

‣ A fun stats and mastery system to keep things fair and allow for meaningful character progress

‣ The ability to permanently and truly effect the RP with nearly every action from discovering new territories to building new buildings to even clearing out monsters so less show up on the next incursean

‣ Server wide events like the Incursion which happens every three months and is the result of the enemy forces mobilizing and Sea of Dreams which happens over Christmas Break and acts as a unique twist on a free for all.

‣ Expansions to the Server including new officially integrated universes, improved systems and even new missions and monsters every two months
We follow Master Rule 5 and no custom cards.

This is a server that’s a yugioh and the anime k combine in one.

This world is one that has four major kingdoms in it and has one underground kingdom. This takes place in the year 3000. Now come and join a kingdom and gain powers to what the king gives you. Have a chance to go to a school filled with multiple type of people. You can join the academy which has various type of people that you can meet and befriend or make enemies with.

Owner Loki
Co- Owners: Hunter
Hello, My Children.

Would you be interested in taking part of an experiment? To get sweetingly echanting prizes? To be part of a loving family?

Say no more! :) We welcome you with open arms to. . .

Morningstar's Sweet Shop! In here, you'll finish tasks and play amazing games. To have fun and get all of these tasty, tasty prizes that you could win.

And maybe something more. :)

So what are you waiting for?


~Dr. Dhatura 🌹 , and his adorable assistant, Mr. Ender 🪐 .


OOC Note: You must be 16+ to join! Application is in server. Hope to see you there!!

~Moderators Jack and Ender🌟
Welcome to Site-54.
Site-54 is one of the more secure sites in the foundation, with a strong and agile security team to protect the scientific department and SCPs. The Medical department is always there to help anyone that's been injured, and the administrative team makes sure all the sections come together seamlessly to create an optimal site.
Site-54 is very flexible, with a great selection of positions to choose from, promotion opportunities, and many chances to take a break from work, as we know that working all the time can be detrimental to our workers safety. We also encourage our employees to mingle and talk together, as team-work helps to bring up new ideas for testing SCPs, gives people a chance to learn new work techniques, or just to have some plain old fun.

What do we offer?
- Friendly, but smart and capable staff team
- A serious RP environment
- RP mediators to ensure quality
- An active, focused RP environment

We are looking for:
- Active roleplayers
- New, friendly faces
- SCP fans

Feel welcome to join us! We thank you!
Do any of you want to die! Do you feel sorry for yourself everyday and want it all to end! Well boy I got the server for you. Welcome to hell. I mean it there's no rules it's anarchy for the mentally insane. Have a nice ride. I'll be sure to greet you when you arrive.
Welcome to the Gravity is Falling!
This is a friendly-roleplay server for anyone who enjoys Gravity Falls!
The setting is 7 years into the future, everyone is all grown up! But most people have left town, it's mainly a quiet town now.

E-RP is allowed, as long as both character's are over 18.
Witaj, jeżeli jesteś fanem gwiezdnych wojen i chciałbyś poznać wielu nowych ludzi to trafiłeś idealnie! Nasza społeczność Star Wars: New Age posiada wielu aktywnych członków z którymi sobie można na luzie popisać na różne tematy Star Wars jak i inne na kanale Offtop. Dodatkowo na serwerze prowadzimy mini sekcje Role Play która też może was zainteresować, jego akcja dzieje się obecnie 4BBY i można grać postaciami kanonicznymi, więcej szczegółów znajdziecie na serwerze. Dodatkowo również na serwerze odbywają się od czasu do czasu giveawaye. Oraz co jakiś czas dajemy ciekawe fun facty ze świata Star Wars na przeznaczonym do tego kanale. Na serwerze ogólnie panuje miła i luźna atmosfera więc jeżeli cię zaciekawiliśmy to serdecznie do nas zapraszamy ^^.
This is a MHA modern au! This is where there isn’t any quirks and it’s just- normal stuff! This is also a Semi-lit (at least) rp! I hope you have fun once you join!
So what's up? this is a new medieval fantasy rp,we hope this server grows! So anyway wanna know the lore? I guess yeah

Just the god of creation and god of destruction made all the realms. The god of destruction became evil for power and brought all the bads into the world life fear,hatred,dark magic and all that. The god of creation forbidd him ,he created goddess of peace as his wife. He had all the other gods as kids and then created the first beings dragons and giants. The giants fought the dragons and themselves so they lost. Only a few giants left,they hid somewhere and the dragons were superior of plodural. The gods the made more creatures and made other races. All the races were mostly in the realm of iarothra, dangerous creatures were there too. The gods forbid the most dangerous creatures at the labyrinth realm but some dangerous creatures still roam in Iarothra. Then the humans got mana and some started bringing the dead back as undead. The undead then became demons and turned against humanity and all the races,the gods made angels to protect the races but that wasn't enough,the races had to fight to survive. The humans forbid the humans that did all this. The humans that had been forbidden lost all humanity and became witches,now they bring undead and demons to fight for revenge. The attack still continue till this day but there is more to come as the giants someday may come back and fight the dragons once again but this time the other races will be in the middle. But it hasn't happened yet,still though,there is war...But will this war last? Or there will be peace in the world once again? That's actually your character's choice.

Welp this is it,i hope that i see people joining the server sooo if you decide to join see ya in the server!
Its been years after the Warrior Cat Books. On a Lake silently and away of any Twolegs there live 5 Clans. The Warrior Cat Clans. Many Kittypets told stories about them. They picture these cats as fighting killers, some even fear these cats... But their more ... Their Clancats. Caring for their clanmates, alders, queens, kits, apprentices. These bloody warriors fight not for glory but for their clan. Even at the cost of their own lifes... ... ... So.. do u think u have what it takes to join? Then come and Join, Your Clanmates wait for you.

Warrior Cats: The Fallen Leaf
(fan made)
A friendly and inviting community made for Text Role Play! We have a story and setting just waiting for newcomers to show up! Open to both canon and OCs alike! We also offer, to only those old enough, access to more adult based humor and the ability to show off art work that may not be suitable for our SFW art channel. But we are *not* NSFW. We do not condone ERP nor randomly striking up DM RPs. These, if not done with permission, will result in an immediate ban. More information available in the server itself! Come join in on the fun!

Story Preview:
"The Earth is tattered and torn from various forces. Currently, there is an ongoing anomaly causing rifts to open up and deposit people, objects, and even entire cities. However, this has also caused the Earth itself to shift and break apart in places. One such object was a meteor that has caused a massive crater. With the landscape forever changed, nothing like it once was, the remaining world leaders had banded together to fight the threats that came out of the rifts, if any, as well as establish research and retrieval bases all across the globe."
Welcome! This rp server is based in a fictional version of New Guinea. Different ethnicity's, lore and tribes. New Guinea will go by its irl name, and will have its irl geography but its history will be vastly different from our own, and hardly connected.

There exists 5 Major groups:
-UFNG (United Front for a New Guinea) the UFNG are backed by NATO and currently holds the most human rights violations. They are known for cuting off the right hands of fighting age men in villages that act against them. They are currently executing mass killings of the Ulimani tribes in the highlands, but are also one of the least popular forces in the region.
-NGLF (New Guinea Liberation Front) the NGLF are backed by Mao, and are just like the UFNG commit many human rights violations. They are expected to begin a genocide of the white minority if they ever take power, and their leader is well known for killing even lower class white familys. They are the most popular group in the region with them slightly outnumbering the WTO backed forces.
-GPU (Geuinean Peoples Union) The GPU are backed by the WTO, and are 2nd place in human rights violations. The Tongenea tribe are currently being slaughtered by them with the GPU known to particularly go after Muslims claiming a "Islamic Mafia" was trying to control New Guinea. This group stays within a uneasy alliance with the NGLF.
-IPF (Indian Protection Forces) The IPF are a collection of Militias that seek to protect the Indian population from genocide, or mass killings at the hands of other rebel groups, and to preserve Indian protection within the nation. They arent supported by anyone and are a independent force that fights anyone who goes after Indians.
-URC (The acronym means nothing, it literally means nothing) The URC is a Military Junta that was installed 4 years after the revoultion in 1969. They were installed by the white majority, and are made up of mostly white mercenaries, and Rhodesian veterans. The reson why they are called the URC is entirely unkown with it seeming to have just be chosen for them to look more offical. They are just the body guard of the white minority and their plantations.

Hey Salut à toi !
Ceci est le Discord officiel de la Heris Foundation, une corporation à but lucratif sur star Citizen.
Nous exerçons dans beaucoup de domaines tel que le minage, le recyclage, l'agriculture et l'exercice des sciences pour ne citer que nos piliers fondateurs.
Nous serons ravis de t'accueillir afin de répondre à tes questions, si tu souhaites nous connaitre un peu plus ou juste jeter un œil.
N'hésites pas !
A bientôt dans le verse citoyens !
Teen titans rpg server. Looking for people 18 years and older to join the server and have a fun time.

|- Active members
|- Interactive bots like Pokecord and Dank memer
|- Friendly and active staff
|- Raid protection
|- Giveaways
|- Lots of roles
|- Bi-weekly movie/game nights
|- A minecraft server

【 Come and join us】
We are a forum based naruto role play based in the world of naruto, but with custom story elements. We have custom Bijuu, custom villages, custom story lines and even custom jutsu and weapons. We do have a discord server where all of our members hang out and chat, but all of the role play takes place on a forum that is integrated with our discord.

Our Rebirth event has just begun! Come on over, make a character and participate for a chance to win great prizes, including the Grass Cutter!!
A DC roleplay based on the Titans live action show, not everything is exactly the same but the inspiration is from the show, only canons are allowed and everyone from extremely knowledgeable to basic knowledge of DC is welcome. All we ask is you don't cause drama so Drop by and check us out
A DC roleplay where canons only are allowed and everyone from extremely knowledgeable to basic knowledge of DC is welcome, we have active and helpful staff and an easy to understand claim system we will also be aiming to do weekly events once the server becomes more lively. All we ask is you don't cause drama so Drop by and check us out
Welcome to Xaviers School for the Gifted Youngsters! Choose a canon character or make your very own special creation! We offer a wide range of channels but we do like taking suggestions for better rp! This server is to have fun not be super serious. Staff team is little and looking for more! Become a student or play as a teacher, the destiny is yours to choose.
This server is a realistic version of “X:Men: Evolution”, the televised show. The time era is around the 80’s.

-Friendly Staff
-All are welcomed
-LGBTQ+ Friendly
-Semi-Literate to literate

❣️All countryhumans are welcomed and apphumans❣️
Hello! This is for Roleplay uhm yes this server is sfw and nsfw! Uh don't forget to read the rules I really hope you enjoy it I will be online mostly alot because of loneliness I greet everyone don't be shy and come here! I allow non-roleplayers,countryhumans apphumans, we are chill (sometimes) and we love to make new friends ;3;