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You have received your Hogwarts letter! Pack your bags, grab your owl, because now your journey begins on a magical adventure!
This is a RP server using Gacha characters as your OC. Human Characters are recommended
Kinky land is a wonderful server. Do you enjoy role-playing? Making friends? Then this place should be #1 on your place to check out.
Some of the things we offer
-Daily VC calls
-Active community
-many rp settings
-dirty jokes
-dirty people
-judgement free zone
And much much more ❤️❤️
Bienvenue sur ce serveur star wars rp textuel en français !
L'histoire se passe à peu près 3000 ans avant les films !
Incarné le personnage que vous souhaitez et partez à l'aventure ! :)
The honey cone hideout is a fairly new server where you can come and be yourself. Meet new people, make friends and possibly meet that special someone. It's also a safe place where models can advertise and promote themselves to the 500+ members. Nudes selling/trading, and plenty of NSFW content. You must verify that you are 18+ to access NSFW content. We also have 2 18+ role play rooms and cosplay.
Seeking royalty and high ranks!
Welcome to the land of Abesenia! A land bathed in past wars and bloody secrets. But for now, things seemed to have settled down, and it has been hundreds of years since the last war. The kingdom or Orlean to the South is prospering and full of life, showing no signs of destruction from the previous wars. The kingdom to the North, the Northlands, are also doing well. They have never been high in numbers due to the extreme weather, but they persevere. The kingdom to the east though, Jurei, is struggling to stay afloat after being torn apart by war and sickness. These next years are critical in determining its survival.
Now the kingdoms are facing a new problem, slowly creeping up like s stalking tiger. A strange sickness have afflicted the beasts and animals in the South, causing them to go feral and attack people and villages. And it's starting to affect people too. The citizens of Orlean are getting scared and anxious, unsure of what the disease will do to humans. And eventually, the disease will spread beyond Orlean...
▶ High Ranks and Royal spots available!
▶ Flexible lore!
▶ Submissions for more races and such available!
▶ Currency you can earn by simply chatting and having fun with commands.
▶ The currency can be used in the shop to buy more character slots, homes, items, etc.
▶ Rules that center around respect, creativity, and encouraging roleplay of a literate standard

Come join us and help us build Abesenia!
The first to go missing was Arisu Lee, a young immigrant from China. The looked for her for many, many months and they found no one. Then more people between the ages of 10 and 27 began to go missing and it was soon learned all had gone to Ascott manor.

After further research, they found more disappearances that involved people at the manor all leading back to one person: Alice Kingsleigh.

Soon militant officials swarmed the old, decrepit manor, and Underland was found. They destroyed the rabbit hole but it wouldn't stay filled and soon they sent a scout down. He never returned. After six scouts one returned, but he was mad, insane even. It took 25 scouts and many years before the secret was found.

The property was locked down but nothing stopped the disappearances.

Who will you be in the mystery of underland. Will you chose to play an Underland native? Are you going to play the part of one of the missing...or will you play a detective on the case? The answer is up to you.

What we have:
+An inclusive plot
+Over 100 cannon locations
+A channel for suggestions, help, and complaints.
+A dedicated staff team
+Custom Welcome Messages
+Groovy music bot

If you saw my advert and you want to join, please do! We've just opened and we'd love your company!
Hello there! Thank you for checking this out!
This is a Medieval Role Play server, based in the World of For Honor, but our own special twist of it, including magic!
We are a 15+ RP server and offer a wide variety of character ideas with mostly limitless ideas for characters and their powers.
We have many areas where you can RP with other members. Our admins will help you along if you have any questions with the server or what to do.
We have a simple level up system that encourages you to RP more to get a higher rank in the server, the higher your rank, the stronger you will become

Now thank you, the person reading this, for reading this, and we hope you join us on this journey!
-Self roles
-Voice channels
-Music channels
-Advertising channels
-Invite rewards

We are a NSFW based server that is 16+ but also has a 18+ part of the server. We are organized and we have a great co owner! We would love to see you join!
**Hello and welcome to the Oburmorn region! In this region you can travel around to collect all the gym badges, or just goof off having fun with Pokémon, or complete all the Pokémon contest, or become a gym leader, the possibilities are almost endless! And at the end of it all compete in the Pokémon league! The Oburmorn region is quite small so you won’t have to spend much time having your character travel around it! We are a rp server that loves talking about Pokémon and we’re looking for new members! **
the year is [UNKNOWN] though the world has made a massive change, Pangea Ultima has formed which must mean that it is very far from what the world looks like. The world did not seems to advance technologically even in the time it took for this Super-continent to form, but there has been a sudden occurrence of people developing "strange abilities" being deemed "The Dysfunction". The government has not done much except sending out a group called [redacted] to make these people come out of hiding or to show themselves in order to be logged and "classified"

This server is a special one in the RP world, it builds itself off of the actual roleplay. Meaning the more people roleplay, the more of the story, reasons behind things, and area to RP expand along with them making it more exciting and rewarding to spend your time in here role playing.

so come join us my little dysfunctions, and see what's hidden behind a black veil~
Welcome to Ohana Farms the one and only company simulator from the moment you join the discord you’ve been hired it’s now time to take our small start up to Fortune 500 and top the Forbes list can you do it, can you play realistic and can you enjoy the company of over 150 other people who also enjoy the same realism?

If you play any simulation game and or simulator you owe it to your self to join us even if your game isn’t supported yet. Our server offers giveaways for your membership and is supported by twitch affiliate and rising YouTube fan base join today
We’re a new server that has brought Half life 2 rp to Discord with a twist, we are still in development and are looking for staff to help us complete this project so it can be a fun and interesting experience for those that join.
This new chapter of Half life starts a year after the events of Half life 2, 2026, a year since the combine portal was closed and the disappearance of Alyx Vance and Gordon Freeman. Ever since City 17 was destroyed it left many citizens either dead or lead them to flee else where, you, The player happen to be the new arrivals of a town known as Sanktuarium, a community somewhere in Poland that has been built up over the year to provide a safe haven for both humans and vortigaunts alike.

This is where the new chapter opens for the player, in today’s constant changing and challenging world, the people of Sanktuarium are not prepared for what is to come.
Here's a decent RP server! This server mainly revolves around camp Campbell as of season 4! Ocs are welcome ! A new beginning :) we have bots and so much more to offer. Hey! If we've had problems before, forget about em they're forgiven. To a new beginning! Campe diem
Most were born there. Some? They don't remember.

Set in an unknown year, kids the age of 12 - 18 attend a boarding school. This school is called "Meraki Boarding School," or MBS. However, this is no normal boarding school. Why? The students have powers.

Telekinesis, telepathy, and teleportation. But there is one special kind of power, that's kept hidden from everyone else...

The grounds of the boarding school (and the three other districts) is quite large, however - there is no way out. The four districts are surrounded by a seemingly glass mirror dome. It is indestructible.

Most of the children were born inside the dome. But a select few were not, and instead were brought in from The Outside (as the children call it). These children cannot remember how they got there, or what happened to them. But this means, there's a way out. But where?

The Committee of Meraki (the leaders) say that the outside is dangerous and awful. That it isn't safe. A considerable portion of the children accept The Committee's reasons for not letting anyone out, but a few aren't too sure they're telling the truth.

Is The Committee telling the truth, that The Outside is dangerous and unsafe? Or are they the ones that the children should fear?

- Will include mature topics throughout role play.
- Semi-literate to literate.
Hiya~ We're a growing server interested in building a community of quality roleplayers in order to play out any number of lewd fantasies! Feel free to stop by, take a look around, and join in if you think you'd have some fun here!
Now an established group with an active staff! We allow for two canon characters and up to three OCs. All of our role-play is centered around a simple statistics system and empowers creative writers! We hope you'll come try us out and see who will become the next WIZARD KING!!
Welcome to furry for friend

We are a server dedicated to creating a safe space for furries as well as people of all ethnicities and communities. RP channels for those interested, we have an memes bot. We are aiming to be one of the best and most notable Furry Community! We encompass all aspects of the Fandom, and we value expression as our #1 priority!
A server where people can roleplay to My Hero Academia, an incredible anime that many people watch. This server is mainly for community building as we want many people that are fans of MHA to come and roleplay and chat with each other.
Just an interesting little server we have, you can do anything from talk to others to roleplay with bots! I hope you join!
Welcome to Godzilla:the aftermath.
It’s a very new server that I’ve made and I hope that you find interest in my server. We offer nice staff and we allow OC’s and Canon characters we have extremely good rules and lore
Hello, we do an event at least once a week on Saturdays and we would love to see you on one of those Saturdays. Have a great day!
Welcome to DeepHaven!

DeepHaven is bustling with monsters of all sorts. Though DeepHaven seems colorful and bright with welcoming faces, there is a looming darkness. There are mysteries to be solved and vast lands to explore here in DeepHaven...

Come to a strange land only to get stranger and stranger. What creature would you like to be? What do you seek?

Things that DeepHaven has to offer~

🌙A world that continues to expand.

🌙Plenty of RP channels.

🌙Chill & fun people.

🌙OOC chats.

🌙Literate & English speaking roleplayers.

🌙Fun & custom emojis!

🌙Artwork sharing & memes!

🕊We will be waiting for you at DeepHaven~

~~DeepHaven is currently looking for people WHO ARE ACTIVE. We are tired of people joining and never talking nor rping. We would like if you join and try to help make us grow. You will end up being removed due to lack of activity unless admins have been notified.~~