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Welcome to St. Drostan's School For the Gifted, one of the most prestigious boarding schools in the United Kingdom. Located in Scotland in the prideful castle of Eilean Donan, grades and status are extremely important in this school, and it is very hard to get into. The school is very isolated from the rest of the U.K, and as confusing and hidden as the headmistress, Lady Adaira Catherwood, is a beautiful and charming woman who always looks as if she is on the urge of a mental breakdown. When students start to go missing people begin to suspect something is wrong...but when Adaira assures them they're only imagining things they realize that the ginger beauty of St. Drostan's may just be hiding some terrible secrets.

A very flexible roleplay server, in which you can…
- Go to school as either a magical or non magical student.
-Explore an ancient scottish castle and it's surroundings.
-Try and figure out what Headmistress Catherwood is hiding.
-Make friends.
A place where friends can chat and chill, don't be intimidated by all the pokemon, everyone is welcome!
Need ppl for RP looking to recruit have all types of openings so join up and be apart of a great friendly community
Looking for Some Very Lewd and Erotic Roleplay? Well look no further my lost traveler, you've definitely found the right Kingdom for that~ We here at Hara Kingdom Provide all of your lovely desires and Fulfill all your Erotic and sexual driven Roleplay's here. Your pleasures will never go unsatisfied while you're here At Hara Kingdom~

✯ A nice and warm Community
✯ Loads of Bots to choose from
✯ No tolerance for faulty Karen's
✯ All kinks are welcome
✯ Kink-Shame Free

▲ WARNING: Keep in Mind, This is an 18+ Server. You must be 18 or older to join. ▲
One year ago Supreme Chancellor Palpatine was killed while attempting to resist arrest after it was discovered that he was behind the Murder of Jedi master Qui-Gon-Jin, during the fight young Jedi padowan Anakin Skywalker was also killed, Now the galaxy the first battle of the clone wars fought, and the galaxy sits on the edge of fate, will the cis lead by count dooku and his army of battle droids win the war or will the republic and their brand new legions of Clone Troopers? Only time will tell, maybe your character will be the one who makes the difference?
**Come into our server filled with lots of features for everyone to enjoy.**

*Are you some kind of artist? We have dedicated channels for you guys to share your stuff such as:*
++Digital,Traditional, Pixel and 3D art.Includes Nsfw[18+ only]
++Animation and Music

*Are you not an artist? You can still come and enjoy the server*
++Share other artists work
++Role play channels.
++Engage in various topics such as gaming, anime, or any random stuff
++Role Play channels for the whole community.
++Memes [we love memes]
++Share your Server, Twitter, YouTube etc.
++NSFW channels [Hidden][Only 18+]

We also have a welcoming community and we hope you have fun in here with us.
🏰 Mittelalter Roleplay de 🏰
Hey du,
magst du Magie, Elfen und so ein Zeug und interessierst dich für Role Play? Dann komm zu uns, denn wir haben:
🏰 Ein Themenbasiertes Role Play
Mit Magie, verschiedenen Rassen usw.
🧙 einmalig gute Charakter Erstellung
Viele Auswahlmöglichkeiten von Zwerg bis hin zu Kitsune und von Magier bis hin zu Dieb. Außerdem ein einmaliges Steckbrief System
👾 Allgemein gutes Role Play
Mit coolen Channel, Features und Bots die das RP unterstützen
👥 Gute Community
Nett, aktiv und begeistert am Role Play
Hey Salut à toi !
Ceci est le Discord officiel de la Heris Foundation, une corporation à but lucratif sur star Citizen.
Nous exerçons dans beaucoup de domaines tel que le minage, le recyclage, l'agriculture et l'exercice des sciences pour ne citer que nos piliers fondateurs.
Nous serons ravis de t'accueillir afin de répondre à tes questions, si tu souhaites nous connaitre un peu plus ou juste jeter un œil.
N'hésites pas !
A bientôt dans le verse citoyens !
Shinobi Origins es un servidor de rol narrativo basado en la serie de manga y anime Naruto.

¿Eres fan de la serie Naruto? ¿Te gusta escribir? ¿Quieres ser un ninja? ¿Socializar con otros jugadores? Pues únete a la experiencia Origins.
💎 We're just a small group of anime fans who are willing to hear your thoughts and have conversations about it. We're not much but hopefully you can help us to be 😉
It's a server for normal people who aren't creeps, so if you want a place to chill and talk about the stuff you love, feel free to join 😊
Dungeons and Dice is a Dungeons and Dragons dedicated server where creativity is welcome the server supports home brew creation and assists in balancing said creations so they can be accepted by all dm's , We are a growing community that encourages up and coming Dungeon masters as well as newer players
Hi there! If you are searching for a Warrior Cats role play, then this is the correct place!

-We accept everyone! We accept people from other religions, LGTB+, etc!
-The staff is always there if you need help!
-Feel free to role play and always remember to have fun!
-Also, remember to follow the rules ^w^

Plot: There are three clans in one forest and a prophecy said that one of the clans was going to disappear, however two others will be born.
Clans: RatClan, EveningClan and GrassClan.
Witamy na naszym pięknym serwerze!
Wiele rozmaitych rang!
Wiele kanałów tekstowych i głosowych!
Jeżeli nudzą Cię inne serwery i szukasz rozrywki to zapraszamy tutaj!

Chwała Wodzowi i miłej zabawy :)
Welcome to FurriesAlike where all is welcome!

A Server with over 200+ members and still growing, it's very active and it will be easy to meet new people. The main reason why I created this server is so furries can make friends and RP with each other and so on. It's intended for furries and non-furs, basically everyone, it's a safe place where People can come together and have fun with one another.
Anyways, I hope to see ya around in my server!
Olá Vc ai Que tal entrar em um sever de Rp e Games?

Tenho certeza que voce vai se divertir aqui e encontrar novas amizades,aceitamos todas as idades
e Nos estamos em crescimento entao por favor da uma força ai =}

o sever foi marcado como nsfw mas nos temos uma area para os menores de idade tambem entao Pode vim qualquer um
Welcome to Nerdy Roleplay!!

Nerdy Roleplay is a unique roleplay server, branched from the Nerdy Unity mother server, and has a setup like no other. Here is some of what we have to offer:

♡~ Tupperbox bot, for clean and easy roleplay.
♡~ Great staff to help with any and every need.
♡~ Plenty of channels for you to rp whatever you want.
♡~ Different roleplay events every day for members to enjoy.
♡~ A nice and cozy lounge chat for roleplayers to relax and discuss life.
♡~ Self-assignable roles to customize the server to what YOU want to see.
♡~ And so much more to be added!

We are just a small rp server looking to make a big impact. Come join us. You won't regret it!
[18+ Only. While we are not specifically an NSFW server, the content leans toward violent, adult content, and strong language. Players found to be under 18 will be removed.]

Rookshaven Academy and University RPSL

Rookshaven is a modern group story set in a private magic university in Northern Scotland. With civil war threatening the community at large, students and teachers will find themselves targeted by Castors seeking to overthrow their way of life and kill off the royal magic families. Ghosts and demons amass beyond the iron-charmed gates of Rookshaven, slowly seeping into the magic-steeped grounds. Fight or flight is the question on everyone's minds - which will you choose?

Additionally, if you're not sure if this is the game for you, there's an NPC library for applicants to checkout characters like books. Give the character a spin, see if you like the setting, then apply.

Heavy Lore | Highly Active | Novella/Literate RP Standard
Helow !

Bienvenue dans un serveur cool et fun
Il y a de l'art (moi la créatrice aime beaucoup l'art donc il y aura des concours etc a propos de sa
Il y a du rp !
Du fun !
Des blagues !
Des roles cool !
Des activités !
Des commandes personnalisées !
Des giveway !
Des rencontres !
Et plein de choses, que seul toi pourra juger..

Alors qu'attendez vous ?
🎨🌇💓 ( Home for all )
Hello, there this discord server is mainly for anyone that is willing to be their selfs and actually enjoy feeling comfortable and safe
( we have bots to keep the server safe to make sure no raiders are able to spam or cuss or anything such as this server will always be one good place for all people that is willing to be comfortable with each other in this discord so, yep ^-^

So, Join if you want to make some friends and be part of the Headquarters ☺☺
Naruto and pals have been gone for nearly 70 years. The new wave of Shinobi are set to take place. With none of the events from Boruto ever happening and the Akatsuki being destroyed (so we thought) the great nations live in peace. This is your chance to take control of your destiny. Will you be a great Shinobi or will you die trying? Will you help take down the nations and succeed, or will you parish trying?

There have been new advances in technology, more modern, one could say, and there have been rumors of a new nation forming on the east. Who knows, rumors are just rumors. This is Naruto: Ninja Alliance.

This server is an NSFW, 18+ only server in memory of the browser based Flash game "Breeding Season". Come join us as we bring the now abandoned game to a new light and enjoy the pleasure of being a breeder.
Wether you've beaten the game, are new to the game, or just horny and looking for something new. All over 18 years of age are welcome to join us!
We boast an active and friendly staff who will gladly answer your questions. Come on in!
Hmm, czyżbyś szukał/-ła ciekawego serwera związanego z RP na bazie średniowiecza z elementami ze świata Fantasy? Idealnie trafiasz!

-Różnorodność lokacji, gdzie może się znajdować Twoja postać
-Ogólne lore, które służy dynamice rozgrywki
-Wspaniałe community
-Ogarniętą i chętną do współpracy administrację
-Eventy wpływające na rozgrywkę RP
-Rangę, i docenienie, za pracę na korzyść serwera
-Aktywny voice chat, więc jest o czym gadać

Mamy nadzieję, że dołączysz i wesprzesz nasz serwer swoją obecnością!