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Hey!! a small rp server called "The School Of Power" (TSP) Would like you to join!! here are some things that they have.

~>Friendly easy going staff

~>Always taking suggestions!

~>Fun events happening randomly!

The owner is `Jessica | Maria` join and add her to know more!!!
2 hours ago
This is the Detroit: Become Human RP, here you can create an OC (original character) or play as a canon character and effect the world around you. Will the androids rise up and fight for their freedom? Will they be beaten into submission by humanity? Or will they find some way to co-exist? Come and find out, and who knows, the future of Detroit may be left in your hands...
4 hours ago
A Haikyuu RP server where all Haikyuu related RP and chatting can take place! Come join us in a shipping and team adventure!
6 hours ago
You can get whatever you want and recommend me adding things anytime
Also you can do any type of roleplay on here as long as you do it in the specified channels. Please make sure to read the rules and follow regulations. We have bots and music to listen to in here, you can post art here, memes, etc.
7 hours ago

No beginning, no end.

MidWorld sits in a universe of its own, it is a parallel to all conceivable universes and times. Past, Present, and Future all meet and exist in tandem. The Sovereign selects adventurers from other worlds with a divine Algorithm, many adventurers arrive near-death or at a point of something significant in their lives. Those who prove themselves worthy of this gift can bring forth untold prosperity and ascend to God-hood.

The planet of MidWorld has all sorts of creatures inhabiting it either born from the world itself, or travelers from distant universes. Midtown is the primary center of civilization for this world, and is the most welcoming.

- Heavy OC Oriented
- Powerbalancing
- Active Admin and Events
- Elections held every 25members
- Est 12/26/2017
8 hours ago
Uprising is a new Hogwarts role-play server based in present day. The Uprising is rumored to be the new name of the mysterious group of left behind Grindelwald followers, but will they make it as far as Voldemort? Will you fight against them or join the Uprising? You can chose to be a canon character, make your own, or even teach others as a professor! Enjoy Quidditch? Join your house team and compete for the cup! Come roam the castle and make friends!
8 hours ago
Greetings potential RPer and writer!
Thank you for taking your time to check out the wonderful RP Server of Four Worlds RP!

Annyeong! We are a collection of friendly RPers and writers who all work together to contribute to create the story of the Four Worlds. We have a strong drive for quality story-telling and quality writing and at our arsenal is the intricate lore of the Four Worlds. What are the Four Worlds you may ask? Well, the Four Worlds is a complex world crafted by one man: [Bug]. It is a collection of planets(Ulmi, Vetra, Terra, and Oo'Nera) set in Sol. There are a variety of different species to chose from; all the way from the Humans and to the beautiful Vaxies. There are three time periods within the Four Worlds where one can RP: Past, Present, and Future. The majority of players tend to stick to the Past and Present but your wonderful administrative staff has something cooked for the future! (We just need some people >_>). We have our own Gods, Religions, Magic, all crafted by the amazing [Bug]!

Once you join, you will see that our server is a bit different from your usual RP server where the categories and channels are fleshed out to the environment. In fact, it is our difference to the usual RP server that we think we stand out! There will be different channels for RP, such as "Present 1" where there will be a GM that will lead the party through the story of "Present 1". Once you have made a character for a specific RP instance, you cannot change to another instance. We are also accepting GMs so if you feel you are up for the task! Fill out a GM application!

Once again, we are glad that you took your time to read our advertisement and we hope to see you contribute to the story of the Four Worlds!
9 hours ago
Hello! Are you a Harry Potter fan? So are we! We are a Harry Potter themed server with roleplay, friendly chatting and lots more. Currently we are working on making the lore of the school this is set in and we’d love a little bit of help. Thank you and we hope you join!
9 hours ago
Be aware, this server has quite a deep combat and character progression system. We are aware that this might turn most people off, though the information is a lot, the rewards are great. Don't be pressured to read everything all in one go.

We are a new server offering an in depth world to explore. Based on the Dark Souls world, Age of Dark puts you in the role of one of the many Undead flocking to Firelink Village in hopes of ushering in the new age. Explore the Bound Keep, journey to the fallen Sable Church, seek powerful souls and rekindle the fire... or wrest it from its mantle.

A wide range of weapons, armor and equipment are available offering a huge variety of play styles. Play how you want to play. Items both from previous games and completely new ones. Come and tackle the Kingdom of Lyons
10 hours ago
This server is still new, but feel free to join!
11 hours ago
Small chill server for rp or general messing around. Not much I can say except we're looking for new people to rp with and new friends to make
12 hours ago
This is a server based on Rick Riordan's books on Mythology. We allow everyone of any parentage to come and join us~! Doesn't matter if your related to Hades (Twice removed) because will still let you in and keep you safe~ We also have a capture the flag game every now and then. But sadly we don't too many members. But we would love to have you join~!
-- Can't wait to meet you~!
13 hours ago
A fun RP server to goof off on, join if you'd like. We have all kinds of RPs! You can always request a new RP if you have ideas.
14 hours ago
A SFW RWBY roleplay server. Takes place between volumes 2 and 3.
14 hours ago
Intended for mature audiences that possess competence, dedication and adequate roleplay ability.


Join the fray of Euterpe, an open-world medieval fantasy roleplay that takes place on a distant planet in a different time where factions with wage war for dominance and prosperity. Grasp the setting's cultures, religions and more using meticulously made lore to create your personalised character. Indulge in the pleasures of working the land humbly or the court royally to earn the means to live and thrive amongst other individuals. Whatever path you desire, you may take it in this world of infinite opportunities and untold mysteries.

Imperial regards,
The Crown
20 hours ago
Kingdom of Pearls is an active community server with many channels ranging in topics and an active Roleplaying community based in Atlantis.
22 hours ago

- Please be respectful! (This includes using racial slurs and kink shaming, you won’t believe the stories behind having to give these examples)
- Know when to step out! I know discussions can get under your skin sometimes so please make my role a bit easier and step out to let things cool down if things get heated!
- Be considerate of your activity! This means staying active so you don’t get booted and using good judgement to keep irrelevant spam to a minimum!
- Please be careful how much lewds you post! You may get auto-muted by a bot!

If you have read the rules, please state in #role-begging if you are a Cutie Booty (16-17) or a Ripe Booty (18+) Thank you~!
22 hours ago
Through human history, the existence of supernatural entities and objects, better known as anomalies, have been recorded in the earliest historical texts. People were ignorant to their existence for the most part but on occasion would find one with results varying from restraining and killing it to using and adapting it for their own needs. Most of them were kept at special labs all around the world to study them or utilize their interesting properties. As of lately, the biggest facilities capable of restraining them have been destroyed, who or what has done this is still under investigation. With these new terrors walking the streets, civilians have been lead into a state of panic, it lead to the organization of multiple factions that seek to destroy anomalies and dozens of government special task forces charged with keeping the anomalies from destroying the city. Now on the brink of a new era, the people need to decide what they want to do with the anomalies. Either they will take action and shoot or hold their weapons and see how they could function in a society, before putting themselves in a uneven conflict.

As a player, you have a choice of playing as a regular, biological or even mechanized being or object of an unknown nature or an anomaly. Variety in the anomalies you play are appreciated. We do not condone power gaming, so characters are required to be as flawed as they are powerful. Factions are simple and diverse, allowing you to join and even create your own with with a moderator approval. We have multiple locations including an OOC chatroom where you can orientate yourself with the rest of your role playing peers. We hope you consider our server for your next roleplaying experience, thank you for reading to the end.
1 days ago
A role play sever that is here to stay with a elemental twist.
1 days ago
Started off as a small Role-play clan 13 years ago. We now have our own discord server and are looking to continue to grow as a group.
We are mainly a Para to Literate Role-playing server
We offer FOUR Role-play Categories in hopes to offer something for every style.
+ LOTS of discussion and Regular Chat Channels.
+ Movie & Game Nights + Gaming Channels
1 days ago
The plot has been made! Come in and explore the multiverse theory. Come in and experience worlds crafted by role-play, ideas molded by creativity. Allow yourself to be consumed in the purity of sheer amazement to dimensions undiscovered.

Primarily, this is a role-play server. You will of course, be expected to have some skill in it. Be it a one liner, a semi-paragraph, a paragraph, or a novella role-player, you will be welcomed.

If you want to improve your craft, this is a good place to come. Ask questions, watch, join people, whatever you want. Just make sure you are willing to learn, because that is the biggest boost you will receive toward your abilities.
1 days ago
The year is 2038.
Some people have been developing inhumane abilities, similar to magic; the cause is unknown.

You are one of them. A close friend of yours uploaded a video of you on Social Media. The Government's A.M.D. saw it. You and your family were transferred to a Sector. Not just anyone, Sector-6, New Albany. One of the most brutal Sector's ever set up; corruption runs wild within the Security, fear fills the inhabitants, and confusion arises. What will you do here? Will you comply to the A.M.D. and follow their every order...or will you rebel?

Make your mark, within Realms!
1 days ago
The great storm has struck, causing Kittypets and Strays to flee the burning town and into a nearby field. Three cats have stepped up to help these cats to survive the harsh forest. Fox, Leader of Dusk, Sakura leader of Dawn, Eel leader of Twilight. Currently Building Camps
1 days ago
Welcome to the continent of Storm Field! This place has many secrets, abilities, anything! Will you become a criminal of the Thieves' Guild? A master of magic? An Alchemist that the kingdom of Godfree relies on? Or a simple merchant? Endless possibilities await!

NOTE: There can and most likely will be cursing words, dark ideals, and possible flirting/sexual talk on this server.

The link to the wiki for this server is here (WIP wiki):
2 days ago