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A once happy and peaceful school turned abandoned for unknown reasons. The pleasant and sweet aura still envelopes it in a safe cocoon. All the flowers are in full bloom as foliage continues to spread and hold the school close, wrapped like a present. The light colors only add to the feeling..

Safe as it feels, its a trap.

A group of 18 high school students are brought to this school to clean it up and restore it back to its former glory. As you all prepare for the departure, everyone suddenly blacks out. An unknown reason it seems.. Once everyone awakens, in a room that looks like an overgrown cafeteria, nobody seems to remember much. Not why they're here nor who the others are..

The school is rounded off by electric fencing on all sides, high enough to not be able to climb without getting toasted to a crisp. For safe measure, theres also a dome shaped roof far above the school as well. It seems as through you are all stuck here, and that little bunny that just popped it doesn't seem like it wants to just have everyone make friends.

Hello! This is a danganronpa inspired killing game roleplay!
As of right now, we are accepting 2 characters per person for 18 students!
This will be a semi-literate to literate roleplay!
You must be at least 14 years old to join tho-
We hope you consider joining! <3
Un a dark black forest stands a big school, waiting for students with ultimates to join.. (I'm so bad at writing descriptions)
You wake up in an odd room, they only thing you remember is you and your class went to the beach....
You don't remember why...
Once you enter the gym hall and see your class mates and an odd bear thing..
He tells you that you are not only underwater but are all in a killing game.
~/ You wake up, sitting on a soft flower bed. The room is closed off, with no exit visible. But at least its comfortable. Theres a collection of other people around you. They seem just as confused as you are. For some reason, you can't remember how you got there. \~

But then the lights turn off, and the floor drops.
Danganronpa thingy is a new danganronpa server, it’s just starting up so please stay and help us grow! We have friendly faces, oc only and you can be a mono-helper!

Please enjoy your stay!

Want to rp your danganronpa oc, but aren't too comfortable with a killing game yet? Or maybe you just want them to be happy for a bit? Try out this server! 14+ in order to join! Please be able to write more than a sentence or two when roleplaying.

You get to rp your OC in the context of Hope's Peak academy with no killing game! Hope you will join us!
You and a bunch of students wake up infront of a gate on what seemed like a campus... You're curious on why and how you got here in the first place...

Welcome to Danganronpa the 74th Killing Game!

What seemed like an ordinary orientation class trip for 16 ultimate students soon became the tour of despair, being hijacked by the Monokuma himself. This trip will be memorable and you’ll be DYING to stay at some of the places permanently. Upupupupu, I hope you didn't forget your tickets because the train of despair is about to leave the station, buckle your seat belts and enjoy the ride!

A roleplay....I swear to god its legit! (no but really it is)
We will be hosting killing games.
the reason why this is the deluxe version is because this is based on an old server that got deleted.
if the original owner is reading this please join! You are our god! you are our Atua! we NEED you! I am the old admin of the other server. we hope that you will join if you do you will become the owner once again.
Thank you for reading,
your old friend
A simple Danganronpa roleplay server. I can't tell you much, as that's a secret. It would ruin the experience of it all.
“Puhuhuhu Welcome to this marvelous killing game, did I say game? I meant city, please join, and have a great time”
16 Ultimate Students wake up on a cruise ship in the middle of the ocean, no land in sight. None of them know each other, and none of them know what's going on. They only know, that once again, another killing game has started.
Welcome to Team Danganronpa! We are a small, growing server with plenty of charm and friendly faces.
We have:
-Canon characters.
-OC characters.
-Reliable staff. (positions open!)
-An interesting, potentially ever-growing plotline.
-Open positions in our new killing game! (people needed!)

With the death of Junko Enoshima, the Ultimate Despair, the world has been calmed for the most part. The aftermath of her reign of terror during Ultra Despair Girls and Danganronpa 3, too, passed, and the world was perceived as saved by the Future Foundation and their poster boy, Makoto Naegi. The Ultimate Despairs, class 77-B of Hope’s Peak Academy, seem to be gone forever, though the Future Foundation know what truly happened. After that, civilization began to bloom for quite a while, and it seemed that hope truly had prevailed.

After nearly an entire year of peace, police officers in Tokyo, Japan get multiple missing person reports. All of them were minors. Tokyo's police force try their hardest, but ultimately the trail goes cold, and they’re forced to give up, though rumours of all kinds circulate around the highly populated city.

The Future Foundation, now reformed as an intelligence bureau, similar to the FBI, get a surprise gift at their doorstep. An unlabeled box, with no address and no stamps. The security cameras up front seem to have been tampered with; as such, they had not a clue who delivered them. Everything has not a trace of fingerprints or even footprints. The box was full of photos with the reported missing children in them, the photos taken akin to a mugshot, and a location, written in blood on all the photos.
"The year is 2274. Space travel is now common, and cheap. Students from prestigious schools around the globe were invited to partake in a rigorous test to test their special abilities, known as Ultimates. At the end of the test, 16 students remained. These 16 students were placed on a shuttle and flown to Planet X, as a vacation and reward for their hard work during the tests. On this planet, is a massive mansion known as the Kumuoori Mansion, in which you and the other students will be staying. The mansion is 5 stories tall, with every facility on it to make life there as pleasurable as possible..."

Welcome to Danganronpa Murder Mansion! In this OC only roleplay, you'll fight to survive in the Kumuoori mansion, locked in with 15 other students. Murder, betrayal and despair... which will you fall victim to? Or will you survive and find a way back home? Join and find out! Accepting applications!

Want to rp your danganronpa oc, but aren't too comfortable with a killing game yet? Or maybe you just want them to be happy for a bit? Try out this server! 14+ in order to join! Please be able to write more than a sentence or two when roleplaying.

You get to rp your OC in the context of Hope's Peak with no killing game! But this is a sister chat to no despair fuckers, so instead of the school it's a summer camp! We got:
- cool people
- literate rp
- lots of channels
- 2 music bots and owo bot
- also we're brand new!

Hope you will join us!
This is a KG Server, where we all show each other love and respect! or be mean to each other as jokes-, we also allow anyone to join, as long as they follow the rules! Please check the rules before starting FYI. OCs and OG characters are allowed as long as its not already there. Now, have fun, start killing, be filled into despair (or hope), and have fun!
We are a danganronpa oc server that will be using our ocs! Friendly moderators! Non killing game au! And god idk its 1:26 am in the morning
A Danganronpa OC KG! The roleplay takes place in a radio station. Once we have 16-20 Students, we'll begin the roleplay. Please be as active as possible when you join. Inactives will be DMed and if they don't reply then they will be kicked! Currently open!
Who hasn't thought about going on a dream vacation? At one point or another, you have dreamed about the perfect vacation... If that statement applies to you... Well, you’re in luck! For a limited time only, Paradise Isle is giving away free passes to outstanding students of the Ultimate level! Enjoy a walk on the beach, thrilling roller coasters, or even just hang out by the boardwalk! There’s so much to do at Paradise Isle, it would be almost impossible not to come! Your room is already booked for you, why not come and stay the night? What is the worst that could happen...?
you wake up in a cabin in a beautiful camp full of high school students who are skilled in there talents, they are also out for blood, will you survive?kill? get killed? who knows, only time will tell.

this server is fairly new please give it a chance :)
✧・゚: *✧・゚:*  W E L C O M E!  *:・゚✧*:・゚✧
Hello this is a brand new Danganronpa rp server!
We're a 16+ server that allows any Danganronpa characters and ocs. We hope you enjoy your stay! (❁´◡`❁)