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Fairy Tail: Everlast is a fun and friendly community packed full of people who are open and willing to roleplay at just about any time. Witness as the server has its own flow, its own plot but still doesn't mean a single person is left out. The server has a handful of guilds that are custom made by the very players of the server and a well organized Job Board set-up for your character to make money with ease and to climb up the ranks to become one of the very greatest wizards Fiore has seen.

Everlast includes but is not limited to
- Helpful Staff Members
- Original Story
- Active Playerbase
- Organize Wizard Jobs & Guilds
- Interesting quests
- Custom Magics and Spell templates
- Custom rewards!
- And much more!
Bienvenue dans l'Eden ! La terre promise où le cosmos vous tend les bras. Touchez une étoile est devenez un de nos précieux ami. Ici, je vous accueil dans le joie et la bonne humeur pour discuter des œuvres de Hiro Mashima (Edens Zero et Fairy Tail) et, également de manga et anime dans son ensemble. La navire spatiale est prêt à embarqué, vous êtes prêt ? Il te suffit d'un clic : “joindre”.
**Fairy Tail Discord**

Hey, you ! Are you a big fan of Fairy Tail ? Are you looking for a community to share your awesome opinion ? Well, we got it here at **Fairy Tail Discord**. We’re a new group of chat and we all love Fairy Tail.


-()- New Community
-()- Role for all the magic type and for all the guild
-()- Role Play / RP chat
-()- Nice people
-()- NSFW room (18+)
-()- Level system (Mee6)
-()- Funny bots
-()- Helpful staffs members
-()- Custom emojis
-()- and many more...

So why are you waiting ? Come and join us. We’ll be *Happy* to welcome you !
Welcome to our Fairy Tail server!
created by: Natsu Dragneel

What we offer:

~Main and general voice and text chats(for guests/No RP)
~Interactive bots for RP, Entertainment and more!
~Friendly Staff
~Fairy Tail themed RP w/ all guilds and magic types. Super realistic! Guild Master gets to run everything!!!
~Custom Emotes
~Events and Competitions
~Canon and Non-canon characters
~More to come!

Welcome to Fairy Tail: A New Dawn!
We are a new server, on the Search for some active and motivated Members!
If you wish to help create a wonderful experience for People, or going on a Journey together with some new found Friends, feel free to join!
We have a lot of interesting Features, we think you should check out. This includes...

> A fair and balanced Combat System
> An interesting and rewarding Quest System
> Rank Ups
> Many Kinds of Magics
> And MORE!

Come and Join Now!!!
Years ago, the dark guild known as Draconia brought up the destruction of dragons. Legend has it that if all dragons perish then the two strongest dragons of them all will appear, the Dragon of Life and the Dragon of death. In hopes of resurrecting them, they brought about what is known as the Great Dragon Slaughter. However, five dragons decided teach five different mages their magic in hopes of when the times comes they will be able to use their magic and defeat both dragons. Even the Demons decided to help with teaching mages their magic as when the two dragons of life and death should arrive, even they would cease to exist.

Years passed and everyone forgot about the Dragon Slaughter. Draconia found out the plan being devised against them and sought out to slaughter those who were taught to oppose them, and even those who were not taught. However they couldn’t find them. The dragons and demons had wiped the memories of their students in order to keep them safe, putting a seal on them that will unlock their true magic when the time is nigh.
As the slayers roam around today, they are completely unaware of anything that is to proceed. With magic being so plentiful now a days, the Draconia guild begin make their strides in attempting to bring about the end of the world. And with the amount of magic power Draconia’s forces have, the lost slayers will not be enough to win this fight. They need strong friends, warriors, who will guild them and fight alongside them. The question now lies, who are you in this AU story of Fairy Tail, where the events that transpired never existed. Are you one of the 10 lost slayers, are you a warrior ready to fight for your comrades, or will you fall to path of destined darkness? Join us and surely you will find out.

But for now, I shall only tell you this quest that you shall embark on: whether you are a lost slayer or a strong mage and warrior, be wary of those you meet. You never know who just might be friend or foe.
In this AU of Fairy Tail, Natsu, Gray, and all those never existed. This is an original plot roleplay. Everyone’s character will have importance to the plot! We hope to see you here with us!
Timeless Mage (Also known as Magic World) is a Roleplay Group set in the Universe of Hiro Mashima's Fairy Tail.

Set in an Alternate Reality 100 years in the future from the main canon of Fairy Tail. This means that your characters can indeed be related to past characters, they must be grandchildren and you can only use characters that arn't taken, unless the player already using a character agrees to have a sibling.

The RP is set mostly in Crocus, with guild embassy's and branching locations outside the city if needed. We have a constantly flowing Roleplay, Job Boards get regular updates and even basic level members can create jobs for others. We have a very good admin team that keep approvals swift and as quick as possible!

Current Guilds Are
Fairy Tail
Blue Pegasus
Grimoire Heart

As people join more guilds and even originally created Guilds will open up.

We have constant magic battles aswell as events such as the grand magic games in planning. A current Story Arc is close to beginning so please, come and see what Timeless is about~

This is an Alternative Universe Fairy Tail RP server.
The year is X800, there's no Natsu, no Gray, no, no Zeref, Fairy Tail guild. No, this is a new world that is composed of new mages, new guilds, new heroes and new villains. Together we will create a new Earthland. Will you choose to create a mage that fights for others in a family he calls guild? Will you create a character that is a lone wolf, only working as his own morals dictate? Or will you create a villain that will spread evil either for evil's sake or for a plan? Create your hero or villain to find out! Start your missions or join an arc! Let your imagination run wild!
Hi, please join our discord as we're very friendly to people.

In our RP we will offer marriage, and giveaways and various items and a change to make new friends and reach out to people and new sources.

We just ask that you be friendly, respectful and have fun!
Hello! Us at The Celestial Dragons Palace would like to invite you to join our discord family!

Things to look forward to:

- Weekly events in our server

- Monthly events via our tumblr blog

- A diverse community of artists, fanfiction authors, color artists, editors, etc.

- A loving and supportive family

- Fangirling about anything anime (especially NaLu) and not be judged :)
Welcome to Fairy Tail: New Genrations! We are an active community (I’m not lying I promise) that is always looking for new members.

Things that our server includes:

- Active Members
- Responsive Staff
- LGBT+ Friendly
- Events
- Custom Guilds
- Custom Powers
- Literate Server

And so much more! Come join our server and you’ll have the time of your life.
The Fairy Tail Discord server is a great server where you can talk to other Fairy Tail fans, do fun roleplays and create your own characters. The members here are welcoming and love to talk about different parts of Fairy Tail, roleplays and hang.
It's the next generation of fairy tail! Takes about 30-40 years after the current events of the anime.
This is a friendly rp server based off of Fairy Tail there is no real time zone its what you pick in your roleplay! You can make your own character you can be a cannon like Natsu, Erza, Grey etc. you can join any guild you wish, there is no NSFW and this is completely based off Fairy Tail I hope you join a great guild and join the crazy fun!
Hey! Are you a fan of fairy tail like us? And do you like rp or just talking with friends? Why don’t you just go ahead and join! You’ll fit right in
We have:
-Friendly Staff
-Active Staff
-Active rp
-Custom magic
-Custom guilds!
-Custom Events
-Server Events
-and so much more!
Come hop one in to join in all the fun. Join the members on an exciting new rp. Will you join a guild or be a lone wizard? Will you be the one who does good and does heroic things by fighting off any kind of evil or be that kind of evil to get revenge on the people who caused them pain and try to gain power that way? This is your rp so your the only one who could change their fate!
God Soul: Kagutsuchi... A powerful mage blessed with the ability to become a vessel for the Fire God, Kagutsuchi, took flight. His wings were large, something never seen before on a human mage. During his flight, the mage became engulfed in fire, lighting up the night sky. To others, he looked like a magical bird... a phoenix perhaps.

Embers from the wings floated down to the ground, landing on a lacrima. The magic empowered the lacrima, setting it ablaze. From the small inferno, a small bird-like creature arose and took to the skies. A phoenix, perhaps.

The bird soared through Earthland, arriving on it's outermost lands. There it began mating with a variety of species, both magical and magicless. From there the species known as the "Phoenix" was born...
Fiore welcomed the new species with open arms. They were free to roam the lands without any harm, living in harmony with mages. Many Phoenix even took orphaned children and cared for them, teaching them their magic. Phoenix Slayers were born...

Over at the land of dragons, blood was boiling. Dragnof already had the beings known as Dragons, but they wanted more. Once news reached about the Phoenix species, they became jealous. They wanted all of them for themselves. The leaders of Dragnof sent out their strongest warriors to capture every Phoenix in Fiore. They were successful in capturing small ones, but against the adults, they paled in comparison. The magic of the Phoenix was quite new so they had no idea what they were going up against.

A war was declared following the attack and capture. The kingdom of flowering Phoenix against the land of the Dragons. The whole continent of Earthland rumbled during each battle.
The neighboring nations of Alvarez and Stella stayed neutral. They had no part in this war and no interest. They knew if they entered, it would spell out disaster for their kingdoms.

Dragnof thought of a crazy idea. They started to not only capture Phoenix, but also mages that used slayers of all kinds. Dragon Slayers, God Slayers, Devil Slayers, and Phoenix Slayers were all captured and put into Dragnof's army.

Word of this capture reached the mage who created the new species. In retaliation, he created a guild, a sanctuary, a home for slayers seeking refuge from the evils of Dragnof. It was named Slayer Core.
This mage became known as the "All Father." All slayers looked to him as a fatherly guardian. Little did they know, he was the one who created the Phoenix Slayers. He, indeed, was the All Father of all Phoenix Slayers who learned from the original species. However, he kept this a secret and made sure it never slipped into the public.

The All Father protected his guild members from any attack. Dragnof could not capture these slayers with ease. His life is now devoted to protecting those who seek refuge, whether it be Dragnof or from their own houses. Any mage is welcome to call this sanctuary their home.
Earth Land is a world of magic. Magic is bought and sold there every day. There are those who use magic as their occupation. Those people are referred to as wizards. Wizards are divided into various guilds and perform jobs on commission. There are thousands of guilds scattered around Earth Land.
More than four-hundred years ago Earth Land was divided into three continents which were named Ishgar, Alakitasia and Giltena. As the time went by people started creating a more modern civilization, inside Fiore many countries were created. While in Alakitasia only has one recorded country residing within it which is the "Alvarez Empire". However different from the other two continents Giltena doesn't have any records of any ancient countries or cities within. Dragons are nowhere to be found within these lands. They managed to kill each other, leading to mass extinction. Not many advancements have been made throughout the years. The world is slowly evolving and x950 is the start of the new generation of wizards.
Welcome to Anime HQ! We are a friendly community, addicted to anime! We hope you enjoy your stay here!
Hey, are you a Fan of Fairy Tail? Do you like Roleplaying like us? Then join us!
You can create your own Character, your own story...
No Canon characters.
We will have custom Arcs, so if you have any Ideas, bring them with you!
Fairy Tail Forever is a server where you can rp as any character from fairy tail or make up ur own, And hang out with other fairy Tail fans