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22 people wake up in hotel rooms of a skii resort with no memory of how they got there. Together, they need to escape, but with the incentive of murder, who will walk out alive and who will perish on the snowy mountaintops?
Looking for potential voice actors and artists!!!!
Greetings! I am EvaChara, the creator of the AU The Soul of Love. Me and my artistic team have created this server so as to make a community around my AU project.

The story and its prequel are fully translated in English (you can read them in my Wattpad, i put the link in my server), and we're currently recruiting people in our artistic team to help us create drawings, animations, and even a fangame! You're welcome if you want to join us, or even if it's just to visit ! TSOL Team counts on you!

We also have a YouTube official channel where you can subscribe and where our videos (OST and animations) will be posted!
Our group also gathers Don't Forget fans (an Undertale fangame by RickyG), you're welcome if you want to come!

You can discover some features here:
- Skilled staff members here to help you!
- Lounges dedicated to free-for-all roleplay, discussions about your own AU's and creations, memes, funny videos, and more!
- A serious artistic project where you are welcome if you're talented and if you wish to work for an ambitious AU!
- So don't hesitate more, join TSOL server now!

Important announcement:

The story of the AU is based on the ship Chara x Asriel. If you dislike this ship, if you can't accept the fact they are a couple or if the story bothers you, you're not forced to stay here and you're free to leave.
I've seen much more inappropriate Undertale stuff in my life than just a SFW ship between two people that don't even share the same blood.
So if it's too much for you, I don't recommend you to read the story or participate to the AU creation.
Hello There, Old Sports!
witam cię na serwerze ▪FAZBEAR ENTERTAINMENT▪! Jesteśmy otwarci na propozycje (a najbardziej do kanałów 4FUN). Tematem przewodnim serwera jest Fnaf oraz fangame'y takie jak Day Shift At Freddy's, The Joy Of Creation i wiele wiele innych!

Serwer dopiero wystartował, więc liczy się dla nas każdy użytkownik :D
Salutations petit être de la surface!
Je suis EvaChara, créatrice d'un nouvel AU, The Soul of Love.
Nous avons pour idée de créer un projet artistique autour de mon scénario comme des artworks, des musiques, une animation, et pourquoi pas un fangame et des doublages !

C'est un projet sérieux qui nous nécessite beaucoup d'aide, et vous pouvez nous rejoindre librement, quel que soit votre talent artistique !

Voici quelques mots pour vous présenter la chose :

♡ Une histoire unique et originale, basé sur la fille de Chara et Asriel, Asara, possédant une âme hybride unique et extrêmement spéciale ! Dans cette timeline, Chara et Asriel sont adultes, et sont devenus rois de l’Underground. Leur fille est la première enfant née de l’union d’un humain et d’un monstre ! (eh oui Chara est une fille dans ce monde !)

♡ Pas de Sans, ni Papyrus, ni Undyne, ni Alphys, ni Mettaton, ni Muffet, ni Grillby. Je suis désolée si vous êtes fans d’eux mais ils n’apparaitront pas !

♡ Un scénario basé sur mes expériences de vie personnelles et contenant des thèmes tels que l’amour, la tolérance, le pardon, et bien plus. L’histoire est basée sur le ship Chara x Asriel, donc si vous n’aimez pas ce ship, je ne vous conseille pas cette histoire.

♡ Une petite équipe d’artistes et de spectateurs sympas, avec qui vous pourrez échanger et partager, je l’espère ! Un staff compétent et à l’écoute s’occupera également de vous!

♡ Une chaine Youtube existe déjà, et nous planchons sur la possibilité d’un fangame dans le futur si nous réunissions assez de programmeurs et d’artistes pour soutenir notre univers !

♡ Vous pouvez nous aider en tant qu’artiste ou spectateur bien sûr, mais également en gérant la publicité sur les réseaux sociaux ou les forums pour nous aider à obtenir plus de visibilité et de soutien !

♡ Bref, venez comme vous êtes si ça vous tente, n’hésitez pas à venir nous voir, nous serons ravis de vous accueillir ! Au plaisir de vous compter peut-être parmi nos membres ! J'espère vous avoir donné envie de venir! Merci d'avoir lu!

- EvaChara

Relic Penguin is a new fun blast
from the past CPPSCreator CPPS that uses
AS1 style graphics and media, public beta is up all week!
The Project: Excavation server follows the creation of Project: Excavation, a fake pokedex full of prehistoric creatures, with an original story as well as a full game planned for the future.
Life is going relatively well for Gaia Kyorana, the Ultimate Chemist, but when she suddenly finds herself in a mysterious gated community, with 19 other students, she's a little more than confused. Everything seems fine, however, but before long, a mysterious talking stuffed animal shows up, announcing the start of a killing game... Can the students survive this catastrophy? Or will their world come crumbling down into a sea of despair

Danganronpa Ultimate : Unearthing Despair is currently looking for artists, writers, editors, composers, and more.
》》》》》》》》》》 ✩ 《《《《《《《《《《
Introducing Team Gallant's fan game...
》》》》》》》》》》 ✩ 《《《《《《《《《《

Sonic Expeditve is a current fan game made by the people at Team Gallant. A small group of people who have had experience with
the popular gaming franchise, Sonic The Hedgehog.
Currently were looking for more member's to help out with the project at side!!
The current people were looking for are,
✩ Sprite Artists
✩ Programmers; and
✩ Anyone who's active
》》》》》》》》》》 ✩ 《《《《《《《《《《
Not into that sort of stuff? That's fine!
The server also includes some other stuff to keep you engaged, such as a memes channel, or a gaming channel where you can connect with friends and play various games from consoles or PC.
》》》》》》》》》》 ✩ 《《《《《《《《《《
We hope to see you in the server!
Danganronpa: A Devistating Game (Yes it's misspelled on purpose) Is a visual novel fan game of Spike chunsoft's Danganronpa series. The game takes place in a abandoned cabin themed hotel deep in the woods. When a colorful cast of 15 students suddenly wake up in this hotel, not remembering a thing, they are suddenly told they are in a killing game. And they must kill each other and have class trials until only one student remains.

We are looking for artists, and animators. The game will be fully coded in Renpy and will have fully functional game play similar to the original Danganronpa series. Including all trial minigames, FTE's, Investigations, and menu functions.

This game is just a passion project, but I go all out on my projects.
An sk fangame still in development. We wish to have the most wholesome sk community to date
Team Ink Mario is server about forgotten tubers undertale au.Every help with this project is accepted.
a server fro the game fnaf ultimate challenge
game description: This game places you in each and every office in every game. Yup. All the horrifying memories of the past. from FNAF1 to FNAF ucn. What's that? You're angry? Well, get done with quick, because there coming fast. Additional content of FNAF VR and AR can be found and prove you're the best in the Ultimate Custom Night.

Note: early release on the server/early and exclusive teasers
roleplay and other content on the server as well
Hello! We're making a JToH fangame called Ultra's Horrifying Towers! And since I'm such a desperate piece of garbage, why not join the server?
Welcome to the official Sonic J & H server!
This is a server for the fangame Sonic J: and its upcoming sequel!
Welcome to Pokémon Valhalla! Pokémon Valhalla is a fan game creation, filled with new content! Our game includes a full Pokedex, along with a series of new Fakemon! This game takes place in the Netherlands-based Halosko region, where you can find new environments and new challenges! Come dive in and experience a new story, new region, and new adventure to have fun with!
Hello everyone! Welcome to Danganronpa: Guilty By Association! We are a Fanganronpa (danganronpa fan game) that is currently being developed. This discord server will be one of the many places we will advertise our game. We will also post monthly updates on here and on social media. If you would like to help work on the game, we have a casting call club in the server where you can audition! Thank you for showing interest in Danganronpa: Guilty By Association!
This is a server where news is posted about some games the developers are working on. It also has a nice community to talk with. Everyone is welcome
Coral is a community created Halo game created in Unity that focuses on a new Single Player/Cooperative Campaign experience with a deep story, and mini-game modes such as Firefight and Flood Survival.
This is the official Danganronpa: Hope Runs Away server! We really hope you join! Please enjoy your stay here!