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Juno a small town with lots of places to explore, have your own house, live in an apartment or stay at the hotel. Heck own your own shop. Magic abundant, so create demond, wizzerds, ogres, elf's and more! Play nice and be over 18. NSFW channels for erp, if you want to have them for your character but that's not all Juno is about. Take your Oc's through the forest or just have fun. **NSFW channels are for erp with you oc and only that.** We only allow one oc at a time, but you can have NPCs to interact when ur oc is on lock. Also it's not just the town it's self in the rp. Example of other places the mountains, lake, beach, medows, burned down village far far away ect...
In the rp we have several different character plots all working into each other, but the main goal is to protect Juno and every inhabitant. That includes the demons and monsters out side the town.
*Lgbtq+ friendly server
*No writing shaming
*All are welcome
* if your not going to be active then at least don't leave peoples ocs locked
*We are a very active group and owner is almost allways on.
*Erp peeps plz be responsible and not just erp the whole time, ocs would like to mingle with your Oc's some time.
We are a survival Minecraft server and use the LOTR Mod to bring Middle-earth to Minecraft.

Travel Middle-earth, fight enemies and learn the extensive LOTR Mod at your own pace!
The year is 1058 and it has been 100 years since the Great War between Kirrani and Nelaros. The land of Ferendal was left in poverty, homes and towns destroyed, thousands of people killed. Kirrani, known as the maker of magic had locked her brother away far into another realm where he would not be able to escape. All was well after that, money came back, hungry mouths were fed and the school of Kirrani was working once again to teach all people of every race and gender magic. Everything is going as it is supposed to, or so it seems...

It's been 100 years since the Great War and the demons that Nelaros once released into the world are returning. They are now slowly coming back and no one knows why but there are rumors, rumors that Nelaros is no longer securely sealed in the forbidden realm. He is growing stronger, and god only knows when he will back, and when will he release chaos into the world again.

This is a literate roleplay server! We have great lore, organized channels and channels open just for nice chatting.
A text based fantasy roleplay server suitable for all ages
Join us and begin your adventure in the magical realm of Meidolon
Fight mythical beasts
Make new allies and friends
Your adventure is in your hands
The Arcade is a fictional city which many species living in harmony, together, forever.
This city became a very popular recently.
But unfortunately, the city faces huge threats by upcoming, well, threats outside of the city.
Not everyone is brave enough to get out of the city to face whatever they are, but maybe you will be the next Arcade Hero?
•Wield A relic, choose a Faction, rise up the ranks, we are an original concept rp server.

•The lore revolves around items called relics which grants humans grand abilities

•It divulges into the never ending greed that man has and what would happen if we had the power to match it

•Witness the chaos that unfolds out of superficial order.

•intricate details of the lore are in the server for The only true way to tell a story is to experience it.

Long ago this place was once combined with another. That original kingdom is long forgotten now but in the skies lays a kingdom controlled by magic and mythical creatures.
A world that lost it's magic. People suddenly forced to live without mana, magic and elemental abilities have been made to form up to survive in this era without anything magical. The world may have slowly crumbled into chaos and made into a mostly unhospitable place but only you can help the people rebuild civilization, with or without the help of magic.

Welcome to The Lost Era! A community of experienced roleplayers that wishes to keep the old roleplay alive. The place may look like it's dead but I can assure you that we are not because we are just starting to grow because it's just a new server.

An Extensive amount of channels!

Detailed lore, many races, good chunk of creatures and a good bounty system to hunt anything or anyone you like!

RP is always set to change depending on what the event is going to or what you might choose to do!

Friendly Staff to help you and a good chunk of bots to keep the server interesting!

We utilize dice rolling to settle any battle but you can be as creative as you like when you are in a PVP!
A roleplay server, inspired by the Dreamcatcher books, with a tiny bit from 'wizards of once'.
We have a *very* small community, but its friendly and always happy to welcome new members!
So come on in, and have some fun.
In this dungeon, you will find everything you need to prepare for your next adventure.
The purpose of this dungeon is to help new adventurers join the hunt, and to inspire veterans to try out some new tactics.

We provide a fun community for new and experienced players to find new ways to play, or to find other players to play with!

Our main focus is Dungeons and Dragons 5e, but other versions like 3.5e, Pathfinder or anything else are welcome too!

Here you can join an existing online party or start your own in many different ways.
Come and join the hunt, adventurers!
If s̴o̢met͜hįng͘ e̕x͡ists, i͠t͝ m̕ust̡ have͢ ͡an̷ o͟p͘p͏o̢s̴it͡e͞. - H̨̨͞ȩ̴͡ Ẁ̴̕h̀͘͝o҉͠ ̕͠͠Ķ͠n̸̕o̸͘w͢͠s҉͢

-Fantasy medieval roleplaying server.
-Active and friendly staff.
-In-Depth lore and multiple maps which are being updated and added to.
-Many places to explore, such as the Pirate infested ‘Federation of the Black Fleet’ to the Floating kingdom ‘Aluara’.
-Many items to collect such as Shoes that can change states of matter, to Metals capable of withstanding mountains of bombs.

"So many places to explore and adventure in." - Leo

Because of loneliness, the celestial deer Goroan, shed five tears. These five tears became gods and decorated Goroan with the world man knows of today. Everything was okay until Naorog, Goroan’s opposite, ‘cleansed’ them. The god that was affected the most was the god of light. Now the god of corruption, his siblings sealed him using a locket. Centuries later, a flaw in the seal caused Corruption to leak. Will you succumb to it, or will you resist?
A small Kino no Tabi (Kino's Journey) server, we just wanna talk and enjoy the server.
The Waking Sea is a new Pirate themed role play with light fantasy elements. Join a crew, captain a ship, plunder careless merchants or take bounties on rival pirates.
✨Un serveur sur le theme de Jojo's Bizarre Adventure et de trucs divers, Pour le moment il y a pas grand monde mais il y a un début à tout alors venez si le cœur vous en dit, en plus de ça il y a de la bonne musique !✨
Llyn Kingdom is a full on fantasy server with many towns and places to go, there are mythical beasts called dragons that live in Dragontail, Angels and beings of light, demons and beings of darkness, there are elves, ogres, and many other things, so come and see the wonders of tthis kingdom called, Llyn Kingdom
This server is a world full of adventure you can choose your path as a trainer or even a pokemon! You can be a pokemon and swim under the sea, soar above high in the sky, roam the wide earth, or venture with your partner! If you wish to you can be a trainer to and live with your pokemon, or travel around the regions! You can choose your path, make new friends, and adventure with your pokemon! Its all up to you as you venture in the world of pokemon!
-> Roleplay
-> Fun & Chilling
-> Music
-> Pokemon
-> And more
Additional info: No NSFW
In case it doesnt work use this join link:
300 thousand years ago a hole tore open the ground. Thousands of demons flew out of the ground. And waged a war against the entire world. And millions died in the wake. Only when a hero only remembered Theo the name as the greatest swordsman. As the demons been pushed back. And now a giant fortress guards against the demons and Thea torn hole. For thousands od years demons have never been seen. Until now

This server is a player built lore. The lore you see is a point we're you can put onto it. The server is brand new. And has few people. But i offer a fun experience. Friendly staff simple lore and a good character sheet. You may play as any race as you wish.
⚜️Arcanian Lore⚜️

Divine Creation-

In the beginning, there was absolute nothing, Only the infinite abyss of the Multiverse...Until the birth of the Divines; The Divine of light, Ester, and the Divine of Darkness, Nim. Ester ruled the Heavens, Life itself, and Nim ruled the otherside, also known as the Underworld, eternal death. They dwelled in a place or infinite void called a Realm, each having their own. Within these realms they lived and with a special force, a natural source of energy, Fate itself or Life and Death, called Rukh. Rukh is the general term for the power the Divines created, a natural flow; But it is split in two, The Light and Dark Rukh, like good and evil to be specific, but light Rukh contains the pure hearted souls, while dark Rukh contains the fallen, twisted and evil souls. The energy or power of the Rukh, which is in them, is called something different: Magoi.
The two felt alone within their realms, so they created a realm in where they’d birth a magnificent world and where the Rukh would live freely, The Mortal Realm; And in the making of this realm was the manifest of what is known as Everlasting Time, given the name Leonis, and Infinite Space, with the name Aruna. Both time and space intertwined with the Rukh and constructed The Universe, where Fate would flow naturally. But something was missing, Time and Space wondered, so they bore a Divine that would rule over all, Celeste, Ruler of the Universe. In turn, they used their gift to develop the stars, planets, and galaxies.
Furthermore, Ester and Nim bestowed Celeste with beings that would rule beside them, creating the first Gods: Apollon -God of the sun and daylight, and Arisa- Goddess of the Moon and Night sky. Apollon and Arisa ruled over a Galaxy in particular where they’d begin their creations. Here, the two bore their children who wielded the primary Elements: Natsu - Archangel of Fire, Eryth - Archangel of Earth, Cyrene - Archangel of Air, and Sicura - Archangel of Water. Yet the last was not created by the Gods or the Divines, but was born of the Rukh, a being who would lead them, someone to protect Fate: Solum - Archangel of Spirit.

Welcome to the world of Arkania! This is a fantasy-roleplay server! That was the partial lore, but if you join, there is more. We accept all, and rping isn’t all we do. We host events and giveaways. Our bots very and have many fun commands! Join and be blessed by the Arkanian Gods! Have fun, if you have any problems, our admins will deal with it! 😉👌😁
‧͙*・༓☾__Calm Before The Storm__ ☽༓・*‧͙
```Four Clans have survived a perilous journey, leaving the forest they have survived in for generations to avoid poisoned water from the Twolegs factory. Now, after a long and tireless journey, the clans are comfortable in their new home. But with a new, mysterious clan peering from the shadows and tensions running high in the clans and out, they are far from reaching the end of the storm.```

🌳OakClan🌳- The strong and the strict
🐾SwiftClan🐾- The lithe and the fast
🌱BriarClan🌱- The sly and the smart
🐁MouseClan🐁- The kind hearted swimmers
🐍AdderClan🐍- The new and mysterious.

This server was inspired by the warrior cat series by Erin Hunter!~ This is a fun hangout/Rp server! It is also literate!
__What we have to offer__:
✧Amazing and helpful staff
✧A warm welcome!
✧Organised chat rooms and rules so it’s smooth!
✧We accept criticism and suggestions! You can even be paid for some if we use your ideas!~ which can be used in the lovely item shop!
✧Own thought out plot and ideas with adventure and fun rp action!
✧Alternate High ranks! Everyone deserves a turn!
✧We follow everything like the books! We choose mentors, deputies, etc! We like to stick to the script!
I wish I could tell you more! But that would be a spoil! Come see for yourself!~
A small RP server me and a friend put together, It is still a work in progress, but it isn't too bad right now.
Welcome to Westbrook, a little village at the farthest edge of the kingdom of Ithos. When a plague hits the village at the same time a fire rages through the surrounding woods, you're thrown right into the action of this fantasy world.

- Play as a human Traveler searching for the cure for the plague or a Forest Native hunting for their lost friends and family
- Interact with our awesome members, hang out, and have fun
- Roleplay in many channels and explore Ithos with us
Looking for new recruits for an upcoming hytale server I am creating. Everything will be funded for when hytale fully releases. If you would like to join and help the brand new community feel free to come by our discord. First members will be given staff positions and perks after full release.
This is the advertisement I have so far
Lost World is a unique roleplay server that has powers and quests with magical items. You can make a party and enter the Underground to battle monsters, avoid ancient traps and find hidden treasure. A mystery about an ancient civilization that suddenly dissapeared. A strange invasion from a civilization deep within the Earth. And a special unit of soldiers sent to erradicate the enemy. All of this for you to investigate.
Mother was blessed with the supernatural ability of life and creation. When Mother had grown old enough to have children, she fell in love with a man. Soon, Mother had two children, which she named Aiko, and Motoyo.

Soon, during the Supernatural Thinning, both two children were killed in front of Mother, as she was planned to be killed as well.

Her lover had saved her however, sacrificing himself so that she could live. "Create a place where Supernatural children can live in peace, my love."

After two thousand years, she finally found an island, which she named Aiko. She then spent a little more over one thousand years, building a castle that would be nearly impossible to break through. She named this castle, "Motoyo", and nicknamed it, "The Orphanage".




★~A Roleplay Server By @myjuicespilled🎂#1916~★