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hey check out my lit Minecraft sever and come play with the bois we have lots of fun and we all get along we have a great community and lit Minecraft servers
Magi: Magoi Unleashed

We're still a work in progress but we've
worked so hard on the server.

What we Provide.

- An amazing roleplay experience

- So many lore roles to obtain

- An accurate lore to to the anime and manga.

- Exhilirating moments.

- Staff Positions.
Here you can RP as many kirby characters! chat with others, send memes, share art and more! we hope u will have fun in our server.
In a continent where skirmishes from wars that are waged daily are common and countries either make or break their economies on war; travelers, adventurers, and merchants alike all try to live their lives through these hard times of turmoil. Illicia is a medieval fantasy roleplay server based on the continent of Izhor, Izhor has six countries on it’s borders with one being underwater and another on a small island not far from the mainland, the four mainland countries all have different terrain from the thick forests and mountains from the north, to freezing dark areas on the east, a paradise on the south, and never ending plains that separates it all where the war is running rampart. How would you: an adventurer, traveler, merchant, priest, or farmer live your life on Izhor? And how would you be remembered by those who mean a lot to you?

¬ERP-free. ERP is to be kept at DMs.

¬A new and developing server with experienced staff.

¬Friendly and always expanding lore with exciting geography that highlights every race.

¬Race submissions are allowed.

¬A long thought about combat system.

¬Welcoming to new Rp-ers and experienced ones.
Hi and welcome to Resident Evil!
This server has been created to discuss the Resident Evil series. RE fans are welcome to talk about the games, characters, story, movies, and anything RE-related.
We’re a small rp server based around the elements, water, air, earth, fire, as well as hybrid elements such as metal, lava, steam, plants, etc. We’re a very active server with good staff as well as fun rps, and can’t wait to see you join us!
Welcome to Hysteria, a medieval roleplay server where you can have fun roleplaying with friends, and other server members! Please keep it family friendly and we look forward to you joining!
200 years after the events of Naruto, This Generation was called the fallen generation. The number of rouge and drop out ninja has increased dramatically. Smaller villages are being attacked and plundered by rouge ninja. The main villages are having a rough time getting everything under control. Some ninja from the 5 main villages decided to create their own village in hopes to help protect the citizens of the smaller villages with the help of the big 5 villages eventually becoming the 6 great villages. The Akatsuki are growing in numbers and strength, fallen clans that were killed off are returning to power, Rogue ninja and bandits alike are growing stronger and growing in larger numbers by the day do you have what it takes to help protect your village?
The server is based in modern time, a town close to ancient ruins that tie back to the towns history and mysterious tunnels that seem the have the whispers of a long gone man.

For years the town of Yama has been quiet and peaceful, people with magic roam everywhere but one specific person bearing a rare magic of future prediction has had a vision, a vision that a great shadow was going to take over the town and launch everything in to a darkness that blocks out even the brightest of stars. The prophet called it a 'Omen of Shadows' but nobody believed him. Deep below the town, an ancient tunnel system that travels throughout the town and further something or someone is whispering, gathering strength...
Gevaar, although filled with many wondrous things, is also filled with as many dark, and sinister appearances. Matthews’s School for Mystics is a well-known establishment in the world of Gevaar. It is one of the few places left that houses a safe haven for mystics. It is a school to teach those mystics lucky enough to be transported to the school. The school prepares them for the dangers of what lurks outside the school walls. However, even though the school is highly protected, the darkness is adapting. Perhaps it will not be long before the dangers outside the school come inside.

Students are required to stay near the school premises at all times, unless given permission to go into town. As of now, the town is not the safest place, so it is recommended to stay at the school. The school is one of the safest places, students can even go into the forest. Although, students should not venture deep into the forest. Deep into the forest, there is a protection spell to keep students out from exploring to far. Only school staff and those of a high authority can get past, unless someone can overpower the spell. But considering the magic is made by Corbis, The Keeper, it will not be easy.

This school is not as it seems. There are cynical things lurking in the corner and could be closer than you think. While everyone should be a good student, perhaps you may discover something by pushing the rules or exploring. Maybe this school is not as good as they make you believe it is.
This is a combined server I have it set up so you can pick which one you want just by selecting a role it's simple to get as well!

When you get the role all you have to do it get approved by making an oc

I hope you enjoy your stay here
A still W.I.P server GOW is a mix of adventure and exploration combined with combat, You are able to make your own ship and character. Set out into the world of GOW and do missions, Be a bounty hunter or enlist in the army to help fight off the main villain of the story.

A super advanced hive-mind like robotic network with one leader under its belt by the name of Assimilatus. Will you let him take over the galaxy or will you help the struggling empire fight against the menace? What wonderful worlds will you see? Only time will tell.
THE WEST is a new concept roleplay! set in an alternate-history northern rocky mountains, THE WEST centers around a primitive settlement struggling to survive in the face of an oncoming winter destined to last years, maybe even decades long, after a brutal massacre invoked a dangerous magick. how will YOU survive in THE WEST?
Hello~! Welcome to Highschool: Endless Dreams..! We hope you enjoy your stay in our server..~! We are a relatively new server, and wish to grow to become a big community of roleplayers! We hope you join!!!

- Hood
Welcome to Vortexx
Vortexx is a community server where you can have fun and meet new people!
Some features that we have are:
Shop and Economy where you can buy roles!
Lots of fun bots!
Music Bot!
3 Color Factions - Faction Events!
Suggested Channels and Bots!
Suggested YouTube pings!
and MUCH more!
Come over to Vortexx today to have some fun in a Friendly Community!
Welcome! You are one of the few special humans who have a very special trait. What will you choose to do with this ability? Well, that's up to you!
Welcome To Xarilus
The realm lead by two deities
Zinfandel, the Goddess of good. She is the source of good and light magics.
And Katirah, the Goddess of Evil. She is the source of black and blood magic.

Come to xarilus and help these goddesses grow strong and keep the realm in balance.

There are tons of prophecies and scenarios that we can't wait to role play out with you guys

For the most part right now this will just be a chill RP server for humans to come and live out a life meet some one special(in RP), get a job, have a family, and have fun!
Finally, your path has led you here.

The darker corners of the library hold many secrets. Some are alluring... others abhorrent. Yet the whispers within your mind draw you towards an eerily familiar book...

The Arcana Tome.

Drawing open the eerie cover, its countless sprawling pages are revealed to you. Within you find legendary stories, mythical creatures and fantastical worlds...

But you cannot merely be witness to its mysterious tales...

...You are compelled to become part of them.


The Arcana Tome is a mature role-playing server where players delve into the endless stories found within the mysterious book - from fantasy to horror and even spaces strangely familiar. Create a character, take part in existing stories or write your very own for other players to participate in - the choice is yours. The server is run by an experienced team of administrators who also role-play and write story campaigns, and are actively adding and improving content to make sure your experience is as fun and engrossing as possible! To enter, just type agree and follow the Rules and Roles channels accordingly. Please note that you must be at least 18 years or older to join.
The land of Apeon is a place of mystery and danger. Where creatures and the environments of this land are harsh and unforgiving. In order to survive this, people have evolved. People are born with an animal spirit within them, but not all are able to manifest/awaken it. Those that can are known as, "Spiritualist". These people are the ones that leave town to carry out missions that require the extra power that these spirits provide. When Spiritualist first “awaken” there spirits, they will feel something is odd within them. They would then feel a reaction to "awakening" their spirit, and this would mostly entail pain, a form of hallucination, a mixture of both, or some unique reaction. These people are sent to a special school to train themselves to control the spirit so that they don’t harm themselves and the people around them. These people may have gained the power and tools to survive in this cruel world, but they are at risk themselves because the spirit within them will try to take control of their host and force their way out. Good luck and survive.

-This is a WIP server-
We are in need of members, staff, and those that can write and edit lore.
Welcome to Sehvin, adventurer! A group based on the classic DnD board and with different rules and own custom classes! Come live a wonderful adventure with charismatic characters, unexpected situations and drastic twists! We wait for you!
A new world after the collapse of earth, you find yourself woken in a town of magic and gears, steam piling high into the sky. Where people flourish and environments are sustained. We welcome all that dwell this new planet, and those that came from others. I hope to see yall soon~

Please read the rules of the server when ya come in. We have plenty of channels to accommodate your tastes as well as sweet settings. We also have a sister server at which you may post your characters. We offer variety and adventure to your rps, as to which you may need to pick a path. Dark or light? Be a thug or be a officer. Or maybe more neutral, a citizen at which you take it into your own hands through storybuilding! We would appreciate good reviews as to boost our popularity!
The original owners of Fallout Roleplay Central bring you... Fallout: Eastern Commonwealth, a server with rich custom and original lore! Taking place in 2281 in post-war Pennsylvania and New Jersey, multiple new, smaller nations have formed, each struggling for their own survival as they try to grow to prosperity! Experience the Fallout world in its most unfiltered state, indulging in guilty pleasures such as roleplaying the life of a slave... Or a soldier of an imperialistic army that mercilessly kills anything in its way!

-Be part of the community which originally started the trend of custom area Fallout rp servers
-Beyond the borders of the already existing nations, create your own raider group and be a thorn in everyone's side
-Rich, detailed own lore with custom area maps
-small but active community
-very experienced, fair and welcoming staff
-ERP friendly

Well, what are you waiting for? Head down to the Post Office and register as a new citizen and join in the action!
~You arrive in a chaotic and perilous world known as “Valhalla”. How it is that you made your way into this wretched place is beyond the understanding of this realm...
The skies, drowned in the fumes of the underworld. Life just barely stands within this land. It’s a dead world, filled with nothing but darkness. It is the Corruption. The spreading of madness to which a profound evil lurks with the means to destroy all that is life. This is all that is left. The people are anxious, and the fate of the world rests within their shoulders. A Clan of supreme power, they hail from the wealthiest of soldiers, royalty and more. Made to defeat the darkness and restore order to the world once more. They are the Blood Rose Clan. Well respected, their reputation of recruiting warriors to join their cause of eliminating one by one, the slowly growing threat. Supernatural creatures reign within these lands, many of whom were wiped out and are nearing extinction due to the destruction of the Corruption. The survivors had to remain inland and migrate to climates they aren’t used to at all. The world has grown weaker, it needs to obtain enough strength to fight back against the Corruption... The world has rotten little by little. The grass, no longer green. Food supplies are running short, and the people are dying. The Blood Rose Clan offers a job. In order to survive in these parts, you’ll need money...lots of money. By joining the cause, you will be granted shelter at the Blood Rose home base. Will you be the one to save us all...?~
Hello! This server is for a game i'm making on Roblox! My game on roblox called 'Mysterious Creatures' is still in very early development, but we hope that by doing this we can get some more lovely people to help! If you can't help though, that's okay! You're still welcome to join the server and chat! Come on by, we're friendly! (Scripters and Animators desperately needed!)