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This is the owner speaking!
Eleven is losing her powers of telekenis and is in dire help! Please help her by joining our community!

Welcome to Bloody Darkness, your new home. Vampire or human, all are welcome here. You arrive in the town of Twin Falls and find that things here aren't like normal. Creatures of the night roam free, Humans beware. Come join the fun. New role play server under construction.

The City of Twin Falls is a place where creatures of the night roam free. The city is full of humans who don't fear the vampires, for there is a peace treaty. Over two hundred years ago, there were wars between the vampires and the vampire hunters. The Darkset Family runs this city, they are the oldest vampire family in Twin Falls. Humans have nothing to fear here, as long as they do what they are told and don't bring back vampire hunters, those who do will be slaughtered. Will you find your place here in Twin Falls?
△ ~ The New Beginning ~ △

The Continent Of Lycanthia. A legendary land inhabited by creatures thought to never exist. Here your wildest fantasies come to life. Live a peaceful life in the country or fight in the chaos of battle. Be lawful and help those in need, or be evil and slaughter all who oppose you. Your life in this land is what you make of it. The sky is the limit with probably the most flexible character creation criteria ever to grace this platform.

On this server, 'The New Beginning' we have several things that may interest you, or any others who read this.
-A staff team always willing to help and take suggestions.
-A variety of interesting channels such as...nsfw, writing, looking for rp, and more.
-There is a quest board, where you can do some quests when they are put up.
-The main guild has its own rules and special channels for those who are a part of it.
-Submit your own races and jobs and get them approved when sorted out.
-Has its own map and location lore, covering most places!
-Medieval and Fantasy themed!

Hopefully, In The New Beginning, you will find something that interests you or inspires you.

This is your adventure.
Can you be the change you want to be?

A fun and new discord server that has plenty of roleplay channels, interesting quests, locations, races, and people you can meet! We also have a nsfw channel and plenty of fun things to do. Always open to suggestions!
Horizon 7 is an text based RP that takes place in an alternate version of the Milkyway Galaxy that was created by the last surviving and now dormant god. In this galaxy, magic exist and has furthered the advancement of human and demi-human society, that was until the great machine wars...
Join us as we embark further into the universe, either under the banner of the Federation, the Horizon or nobody but yourself. There is always a new adventure, a thing to discover and a new threat to defeat within and outside the Milkyway..
- A nice story based RP built on the back of **a million Federation Slaves who died in vain..**

-We have event based stories! You can even suggest your own!

- An ever evolving world fueled by more than 20 pages of lore, best part is we're willing to take in more!!

- Races, we have a large amount of races to choose from that combines the familiar fantasy races with that of sci-fi. The good news is.. We’re open to accept more!!

- Magic! Yes you heard me right! The story we have revolves around, though having many sci-fi elements, the many uses of magic!

- Rythm bot for music!

- A kind, little but growing user base!!

A large scale multi group roleplay server with a large scale roleplay that has been going on for almost ten years. It is a literate Server with its own systems for power scaling, magic, unique abilities, and species to pick from. The server hosts and uses original content, characters, and creations to spice things up.
A custom made fantasy universe with elements of traditional folklore and mythology ranging to Lovecraftian style cosmic horror. One in which the balance between the Human world and the supernatural which they drove into hidden corners and beyond the Moon is held together by families working to protect both sides of the balance.
The old guard Coperture and Terremoto, noble families from past the Moon, royal in their own regard who protect the Earth and Moon together with their combined efforts.
Redwoods, a group of wanderers who protect the soul and spiritual balance of the planet from tipping and being lost to madness.
Kazahana and Zenith, families made of both humans and the supernatural living beyond the Moon, their job is to protect their new world and the life of the supernatural beings who were nearly driven to extinction centuries ago.
There is a constantly updating Wikia acting as a repository of information, updates, weapons, characters, and lore of the roleplay.
This is the main page which links to all of the others, other important links will be added below
This link connects to all of the various species that people can pick from, they are being updated and added onto every week giving our members something new all the time
Lastly this page has some general rules about the rp for new members to read, though the server itself has individual rules to being there that you will be able to find and read once you join in.
With all that said, we hope to see you there!
Deep among the arid sands lies Akanthia, surrounded on all sides by rivaling city states and kingdoms, many of which wish to claim the oasis--the gem of the desert--for their own. Though Akanthia has largely shut itself off from the outside world, they will not be able to for much longer. As Akanthia's population booms larger by the year, their desperation grows in lockstep. Shadows of enemies loom larger over the withering city, and tensions within the walls near a breaking point. If the city means to survive, Akanthia possesses only one option: expansion. War, death, political intrigue, all driving forces of a new age for Akanthia, a new beginning, the dawn of an empire.

♔ Engage with ever-expanding lore and world
♕ Join a noble house and feud for power and influence, building alliances or challenging rivals
♔ Forge your own path with the help of experienced, helpful staff
♕ Control which server notifications you receive with unique news stream with separate subscriptions for different types of news
♔ Progress naturalistically through the world through an unobtrusive, holistic purchasing system
♕ Become a central piece to the expansion—or the fall of Akanthia’s ever growing empire!
The Imperial League (IL) is an open world mid-fantasy roleplay. When I say "mid-fantasy" what I mean is all characters will be on fairly equal footing in regards to their abilities. No one here will be playing cosmic furry demon gods with the ability to bend time and control your mind. While magic and fantasy races are in existence, everything is still relatively grounded as far as most Discord fantasy roleplays go.

The goal is to create a fantasy RP that doesn't quickly become a super hero RP or a power contest. There's no grand demon lord of an evil kingdom to defeat. Instead, the RP is a character driven space where players can interact in a world that is defined and orderly, yet remains flexible and malleable to the actions of those that are willing to work alongside a multitude of other players.

We like fun characters that make for fun scenes. No one wants to sit around doing math all day, so our dice based combat is simple, yet effective and fair. What we care about here are the stories, not constantly one upping each other. The server is 18+ to ensure that all players are at least somewhat mature, competent, and literate adults. While we do allow for ERP, even extensively so, this isn't a server where you merely meet up and diddle people in your DMs. You must be willing to engage with the canon and play in server. Still with us? Awesome! Then click the invite link and come on in!
The World of Etria
It lies at peace, protected by heroes who sit at the pinnacle of society and protect the world tree, Yggdrasil, and all its wonders.
The world tree. . . believed to have held many beasts back, even various dimensions have begun to fall ill. The three major tribes of the world have chosen to investigate the tree itself as well as their own Heroes.
Though many dangers lie ahead, you have taken up the call of becoming one of these Heroes of great glory and praise. How you draft your story is up to. Lead your friends well and vanquish your foes back to their realms!

. . . Who knows what lies behind the hard oak bark, awaiting its chance to strike at the Ambrosia?

What do we offer?
• Team Focused and Solo Filled Adventure.
• Storyline driven events+Bonus Events.
• Balanced magic system for fair RP while keeping the fun of magic!
• Evolving and changing the world depending on the actions of characters in the RP!
• Balanced RP for both bad guys and good guys!
• A focus on having fun and RP!
• Open to new people and partnerships!
Are you looking for a wonderful demonic themed server? You have come to the right place. We welcome you to Murross where you are free to do anything as long as it follows just a few simple rules. This is the right place for ruling or watching how village life rolls around you as you stand within the majestic town square, a towering castle just a distance away. Buckle up and get ready to go through one of a kind adventure with a drizzle of romance if you choose. Come and join us where every step you take will greatly effect your future and that of everyone else as well. Demons roam about and you never know what's lurking behind each corner. With an ever evolving plot, one must anticipate all sorts of craziness. Join us, and find yourselves in a completely different dimension.
This Server Contains:
-A friendly environment and welcoming community.
🧗🏻‍♀️Tons and Tons of Adventure 🧗🏻‍♂️
-Custome Roles~
-Art Sharing and Challenges
-Battles and Wars
-Dances and Fancy Balls
-Deep Friendships as well as Strong bonds/Allies
-A serene place to relax and let out with words~
🅱️ Fun Bots to Mess with 🅱️
-Custom Emojis to play around with
-Mythical creatures of all sorts
-Diverse Species
-Three or Four Kingdoms to Explore. (More lands coming out soon though! ^w^).

A little bit about us:
• Many eons ago, there were three kingdoms engendered after the accidental leak from the Mysterious Goddess’ land abode. After the leak, the once dry land began to grow plants. The Goddess was fearful of her mistake and went down to the lands, flying over them. She shakes her head at what a shame that this cursed planet now held life itself. For its benefit, she blessed the rapidly growing flora with fauna to control its growth. Some evolved into humanoid forms and started their civilizations.

•When the great Goddess saw her creations flourishing, she flew back to her lands above, invisible to all. She watches over this planet and now is their guardian. If all Hell was to let loose, she’d have it under control. However, as more and more time passed she grew older and weaker, century by century. Until one day, she vanished completely from existence. No one has seen her since.

•Now these lands had an enduring bond with one another. Each of the three kingdoms is lead by a set of rulers who try their best.

* And one more thing before you gallop away, don’t forget many positions are open!!!
* Imagination is your limit!
Legends foretold of a secret world underneath our world, a hidden paradise of the past, a long forgotten haven of creatures of myths and legends. This place is the world of The Hallowed, the underground sanctuary for monsters and otherworldly creatures, driven by humanity. Having different regions to discover, each with its own denizens and characters to discover and interact. Interested in traversing into a whole new world of fantasy, magic, and myths? Enter the world of The Hallowed now and craft your own story.
Currently in development Aincrad Online is projected to be a full dive take on Sword Art Online.
• 100 Floors
• Countless weapons and accessories
• An appealing visual experience
• Quality built
Ah yes. Welcome to the end of the world. Everything went to shit. About 100 years the world leaders had a measuring contest and everyone lost. Now the world is a barren waist land. Join us for fun,cars, fighting and booze (we have really good booze)
But remember....this is only the end of the beginning
in this server we don't have stuff like tv's and phones but we have the old stuff where you can also become a slave or be a rich noble or do you like to be a fighter becuse we have even that stuff like knights, assassins, thief's and more, or do you wanna take it simple becuse we have the stuff for that aswell

we are a fast growing comunity and you are welcome to join us aswell we have pokecord in the server

we throw events and man hunts for you aswell

so join us in our story and fuck all the whores you want
To erp you have to be 18+

Update if you are going to stay in this server you have to make a character by filling out our template
hey check out my lit Minecraft sever and come play with the bois we have lots of fun and we all get along we have a great community and lit Minecraft servers
Hello! This is a game that is being made on a website called Roblox. Mysterious Creatures is a game where you play as a creature and can collect other creatures, do quests, ext. There will be 3 different modes known as 'Adventure', 'Roleplay', and 'PVP'. While these features are currently not in game, we do plan to get them in there at some point in the future. We have a very small development team and could use all the help we can get! Such as Scripters, Animators, and Music Composers. We have a friendly staff team and it's easy to jump right in and talk about anything. Even if you're not joining to help with the game, you can still join and chat with everybody. We sadly cannot offer payment for helping with the game with actual money as the game owner does not have a job yet. But what we can offer is Robux (The currency of Roblox) if we make any profit off the game. Whether you join this or not, I hope everybody has a good day!
This server, although it changes from time to time, focuses on maintaining a roleplay and a recreational area. There are areas to talk share art, and play games/form teams. We hope to grow our server to a higher status and make people happy in the process.

Also, please keep in mind that you need to use common sense. Some things not mentioned on the rules should be expected of people. Please attempt to be decent to others.

In the future, I hope to grow the server to beyond one thousand members, and we thank anyone who joins us in our journey to get there. We do know that our server isn't for everyone, so if its not for you, feel free to leave. In addition, everyone isn't perfect and if you believe you find something that can be improved, please give us a shout and suggest it in the suggestions channel or complain about it in the complaints channel. There are many different channels for many different things, so please use them accordingly. In addition to this, our community is constantly growing so don't be fearful of new faces, and welcome them whenever they enter the server.

In our roleplay you can be almost anything and operate almost any group, from a lone adventurering dragon to a civilization of talking crabs.
A growing server with lots of potential. Leveling up and magic this server provides for those with a adventuring heart. Custom maps and lore.
After the Necromancer fell, magic was outlawed among most of the world but there are still some who can command it. The Peace stands on the edge of a knife. Will you choose to change the world or stay constant with how things are?
-Friendly group of people
-Interactive with many missions/adventures
-mapped out world
-giveaways and custom characters
-50+ rp channels
-5 races and more will be added
One Piece crew with a positive and helpful growing community
Must be half of max level to officially get into the in game crew
To be one of the elites among the crew you have to fight your way to the top
Official Group |!/about
Customized flag
VIP server
Up to date Blox Piece map
Devil fruit log (fruit appearance, price, and required mastery for skills)
Monthly tournaments
Welcome to the humble and small little Mossgrub nation. We are Roleplayers and Hollow knight lovers! We do fun and wonky stuff and im the narrator, Croissantcreep! I can do funny and deep lore and i can make completely random stuff happen! We have a suggestions server, so tell us how much this place SUCKS and how we can improve. This is one of those servers where you have to stay for a little bit to adapt to our strange culture. RPGs are battle systems and fighting our way through hordes of enemies, we also have different universes like dungeons and a tougher realm! I hope you can find a place in our small humble home, and have fun.
This is the server where it contains adventures in the realms which based on Terraria and other franchises and you can even have fun in this world full of realms and it's own multiverse.

There is also a gaming chat and art chat if you're interested other than roleplaying
The hunters are a group of supernatural hunters protecting humanity from the terrors of these horrid beasts. The organization for hunters dates back to the 1900s. The hunters ran into a powerful monster and had great casualties this disaster was called the great collapse, the hunters managed to defeat the monster, but they knew he wasn’t gonna be gone for long. They didn’t need new hunters being killed off before making a name for themselves. So a school for hunters opened up in a private facility. Owned by the reapers and phoenix records this school was called Majestic Cardinal. Only a select few make the cut and are chosen by the hunters themselves to join this school. The hunters fight monsters with their supernatural abilities such as their weapons and armor and them being semi-immortal as well as being superhuman.
An RPG/Weeby discord server with customisable characters through reaction roles, and a ranking system that allows you to progress to new areas in the discord.
➣Custom emojis
➣Selectable weapons
➣Levels and level roles
The Puny Baron is an ongoing free form roleplaying server in a free world to allow for nearly any race for you to make your own stories.

Here are some of our biggest features:
• Free form rp
• Events and small one shots
• All characters on the server level together.
• Friendly helpfull staff.
• Simple and balanced systems for outside and inside events, etc.
One eve in the skies of Armorea a beautiful display of lights flashed as shooting stars sped past disappearing soon after their arrival. Hundreds across the land watched in awe as this spectacle took place, however, things quickly changed when rocks began to hit the ground in some locations. There seemed to be a lack of damage in the locations where they had fallen but in these locations where these mysterious rocks had hit the ground there seems to be a change in the air. The rocks had a glow specific to them which hadn’t been created from the heat while entering the atmosphere, it seemed that they emanated a form of power which originated from their center. After days of attempts and dozens of various methods, they were finally opened to reveal a beautifully crafted crystal within however they were unique within each rock. Crafted and visually different beyond their colour difference. Soon these crystals would come to be valued by the different factions which held them, giving them the capability to do things which they hadn’t been able to previously. As the crystals became better understood, those which could make use of the power that emanated from them grew. Soon after there would be great mages and witches which could beautifully and skillfully use the abilities gifted to them by these crystals. Although not everything was as good as they previously assumed, once news spread that there were other types of crystals present within the world many of these factions began to war with one another in an attempt to gain control over another crystal for their people. Rumor has it that there is an island to the north which harbours crystals similar to those which the current factions hold, however expeditions to this island have proven difficult with those that do go never returning.
Finding this method to be too difficult the factions continue to live in a constant state of war, however the factions and their capabilities are not the only dangers in this world. The wilderness itself is highly capable and dangerous to those who find themselves far beyond the safety of civilisation. Although the wilderness is deadly there is a great beauty present which many find themselves captivated by. As time went on from the dawn of the crystals, the factions have only grown in hatred and the world finds itself in constant strife. Will you be the one to bring peace between these peoples or will you take it upon yourself to explore the world and discover its mysteries. The choice is yours to do what you wish in the world of Armorea where the opportunities are endless.