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Once there were four kingdoms who ruled overall. The great kingdoms of Inuddoston, Phuryn, Stitinate, and Meseobet. Each one of the kingdoms lived in peace for centuries, coming together once every summer solstice to throw a lavish party. However, one year at the ball, the Seyeteron Empire ambushed and overthrew all four of the kingdoms, only leaving few to live and tell the story.

The few who survived were the descendants to the thrones of the kingdoms. Years have passed since the Great War and the king's daughter found all four of the heirs, bringing them together to rise against her father and overthrow him to return the power to the people of Valleria. Six years have passed since the death of King Atticus, and the five kingdoms live in peace.
____________________ ★ ____________________
☆ Five neat kingdoms to choose from + wanderers
☆ Custom creatures + fantasy pets
☆ Relaxed roleplay
☆ Infinite character slots
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𝓢𝓹𝓵𝓲𝓽 𝓚𝓲𝓷𝓰𝓭𝓸𝓶𝓼
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Once upon a time, long long ago, lived three siblings born unto an inhabited planet. They were the first creation to exist on the land beloved to the future arisen kingdoms; named after themselves, Aeolus held the power of the sun, Ziagon held the power of the moon, and Memena held the power of dusk and dawn.
Animals of all shapes and sizes gained powers beyond their imagination, metamorphosing the olden planet that the siblings once knew into a beautifully crafted landscape of dreams. Though, the fetching images that were painted before the animals soon collapse and bleed out, for at reckoning was coming..
**Now,** *new rulers have arisen from the ashes of Memama's betrayal and a havoc-reaping rebellion group is newly developing. Can the Kingdom's prevail from the nameless, faceless terrors that threaten the peace between the Aeolus and Ziagon Castles. Controlled by a single ruler, who is being manipulated by the spirit of Memama, the Masquerade Empire will plot betrayal and treachery among the two kingdom in order to sow seeds of war and devastation; which is why their identities during the skirmishes will be cloaked and masked, hence their name “masquerade.”*

⊱ ────── {☆What we offer☆} ────── ⊰

✧ Are LGBTQ+ friendly
✧ Semi-lit and Literate Roleplays
☆ Open High Ranks
☆ Fun Roleplays
☆ Creative Plots
☆ A Great Community
☆ Freedom To Explore The Kingdoms!
A server about kingdoms who are at war and people are trying to just live life as the war rages throughout them
Hi there
Kingdoms is an interactive server about 4 kingdoms, also known as elements, that are in a fight with each other.
You can join a kingdom and participate in events for your kingdom.
Besides the events we offer some cool backstories and a nice small community.
Hope to see you,
The king and queens of the elements
This Rp is finished maintenance

The war against demons and the other races of the world is over. But the days are still dark when the demon king was brought to near death by his most trusted ally, Pestilence who used the power of a comet to become a goddess. Pes is now in hiding and the world is peacful at the current moment but nevertheless we need astran children and demons on our side for when the day comes that pestilence decides to strike. As well as any other threats along the way.

•vast array of rp channels to use
•Non rp channels as well
•7 different and unique races to choose from
•Npc characters played by our staff
•Active staff members for most hours of the day
•extensive lore and an on going story
•starting the second ark of the story

We offer bots as well as channels used to catch new roleplayers up with the story.

🔥 Ever Scared of Nature and its Inhabitants?
🌊 The Elemental Kingdoms is the Place for you! Humans control Elemental Abilities in this Medieval-Modern realm.
⚡ Interesting Plots
🍂 Looking for partners
❄ Over 60 Spells for the Elements!
🐉 Anything can happen!
🤖 Fun Bots!
💡 Inspiring Roleplays and events!
🕷 Intense fights!
🌺 Help us bloom into a Popular server!
☁ Easily create a character with our original character system!
💥 Action-Packed Fun
☘ A fair experience for all!
💫 Roleplay your character in the Sea, or in outer space! Your experiences are infinite!

✨ And much more!
**Join Today**

Welcome to our server! We do roleplays of the food kingdoms! We are very welcoming. We have
Good people
LGBT+ acceptance
No slurs but cursing
✧・: *✧・゚The Kingdoms of Cerak ✧・: *✧・゚:

The Kingdoms of Cerak is a medieval fantasy roleplay which extremely story driven and has elements of The Witcher, Castlevania and Game of Thrones. It is based in the 1400s post-war which has partially separated the peace between the countries.

What we have to offer!

- ☆ Welcoming and helpful staff that are always willing to answer questions!

- ☆ Dedicated rules

- ☆ Over 90 channels to roleplay in!

- ☆ Diverse character roster! You can create almost any supernatural race you wish

- ☆ Put your memes and art on display!

- ☆ We’re a chill community looking to grow bigger! And even gain more staff :)

- ☆ Unbelivaboat to buy extras and MEE6 to control your levels!

- ☆ Carl-bot to pick a coloured role!

- ☆ Self assignable roles!

- ☆ A giveaway every Saturday!

- ☆ Suggestions welcome!

- ☆ More features on their way!
An RPG style server with friendly staff and interactive roleplaying. Create whoever you want to create and immerse yourself in a world that includes jobs, religions, and community standing!

In the world Zetus, there lies a continent that is continuously plagued by war, Atlas. As a righteous leader climbs a throne, a tyranical one will soon find it's chance to usurp that throne and throw the world back into chaos. Who will you become in this world? Will you be the one to create peace amongst the countries? Or will you be the one to throw it into another deadly war..


The server is basically fresh as new and I need active roleplayers to get it up and starting!

We offer;
▪︎An expansive combat system including defense, attack, and health stats!
▪︎Multiple roleplaying channels centered around a Fantasy continent, complete with named locations, cities and kingdoms.
▪︎Updating lore that you can influence!
▪︎A system of Gods and religion that can change the fate of battle.
▪︎The possibility to become anyone, as long as you put effort into your roleplay!
Welcome to Medieval RP: Kingdoms Reborn;
We have a very open landscape to play around in. After wars on top of wars the lands are left to peace, or that's what they think. Many races have allied and secretly planned against each other, your character can roam around the kingdoms and wild lands and interact with other characters and specially made NPC's.

- Looking for active and knowledgeable players.

- Many roles/races to play as.

- We are very friendly and welcoming.

- ERP is allowed but kept to DM's or locked rooms.

- Server is always being updated with new ideas and we always love suggestions on how to improve.
“They swim, they climb, they fly, they survive.”
The Kingdoms is a role play group of animals and sometimes Humans. We are suitable for all Wumpuses! :D Here, you can talk about Animals, role play with anyone, and even have Rants and Call anyone! You can live anywhere in the Kingdoms.
This is a small server so far but you are welcome to join!

If you have ever seen playing cards, you would notice that they have Jokers, Aces, Kings, Queens and Jacks. Well you can make ocs with those! You can also choose a kingdom that they can look after e.g spades, clubs, hearts or diamonds! Or if you like you can make a civilian.
Once you submit a character you can roleplay!
We are looking forward to seeing you here!
Read all description.
Hello Traveller. If you are looking for a great Kingdoms Discord and realm you have fond the one. Create your kingdom become a King/Queen and recruit others to make the strongest kingdom around.

We are just staring out and trying to grow and would love for you to be resident in The Lands of Fromaer!

We are currently needing active staff and mature staff to help get the server in running condition @Emperor Fromaer when you join.
We are brand new! We would love it if you joined us! Must be 16/17! A mix of near-future sci-fi and fantasy, focused on a small free piece of land surrounded by kingdoms with plans to take the land for it's own. This piece of land is called 'The Primal Expanse', and it's value as a piece of land comes from the mineral Boskum, which is grinded into Boskum fuel which allows for the use of magic. It is desired by the surrounding kingdoms with the hope to advance their own positions. It's characterized by its ethereal lavender glow that eminates off of anything running off of Boskum fuel. The Primal Expanse is populated mainly by small mining towns and a single larger city. The surrounding Kingdoms are The Atrium Empire, a warrior culture intending to invade The Primal Expanse and take it by force, Asha, a bustling trade kingdom looking to use the Boskum in the area to sell and gain profit, and The Kingdom of Matrien, who are seeking to become the most advanced civilzation and finally the Dusk Barrows, a dense forest occupied by a strange, hermit like people who are said to be very powerful in magic. The kingdoms all war with each other, typically near the Primal Expanse's borders. As it stands there are no laws within the Primal Expanse and while this makes for a dangerous and anarchic society, it also creates for a sense of freedom and opportunity that does not exist elsewhere.
A world of Pokemon, with 4 kingdoms ruled by 5 legendaries and a genocidal Nercozma..? Oh boy, this'll be one heck of a ride, and Arceus didn't make things any easier...

And more~!
The year is 344 AC and the Seven Kingdoms are being ruled by King Brandon 'the Three-eyed Raven'. After his election to the Iron Throne and the destruction of the White Walkers at The Battle of Winterfell, peace has been restored to the Seven Kingdoms once again. Memories of Queen Daenerys Targaryen crossing the Narrow Sea with her Dragons are becoming a fading memory to the people of Westeros, and the Night's Watch has been disbanded and the Wall destroyed.

The peace which was restored to the Seven Kingdoms becomes threatened once again, however, when King Brandon begins to have prophetic dreams and psychotic episodes warning of another long winter. Now, Westeros has been plunged into a period of political instability under a withdrawn King, and the many Lords of the Seven Kingdoms are unsure of what their future holds.

From across the Narrow Sea news of Shadow Riders from Asshai invading West arrives in King's Landing. The mysterious shadow Dragons are an entirely new and mysterious enemy, and the tales told of their capabilities are nothing less than bone-chilling for the people of Westeros.

In the North, Queen Sansa still rules in her family's names as they've done for centuries, but her legacy remains just as threatened as the rest of Westeros. She has no children whom might inherit Winterfell and her Kingdom, and her old age now makes any prospect of a true Stark heir impossible. Faced with the extinction of her House, Queen Sansa looks to the far reaches of the North where Jon Snow lives amongst the free folk.
Welcome to the Kingdom of Divinity. We offer a lot of roles, channels, and plot to get started on. We offer plenty OOC channels to talk to other members and make yourself at home.

- About -

Long Ago there existed three realms that existed without knowlage of eachother..

The heavenly Aethers, A society that was commanded with order from the means of fear and respect, and all else orderly.

The Earth, where the humans reside, using their own wits and brains to industrially overcome issues, constantly Conflicting in ideals.

And the hellish landscapes of the neather, where only chaos exists, The only Order is the fear in power and brute strength.

The realms had all been unknown to eachother, Untill one faithful day, Items called the Imperial regalia all formed to forge One weapon known as The Excalibur of Divinity, a sword said to be taller than any building, All being able to be seen by the realms like a crimson Moon, it stood out protruding itself into the eyesights of the People untill an Event that was called Gods right Hand happened.. (More in the Server)

What we plan to offer in the future with the help of YOUR support !
× Game-nights
× A vc circle to talk about life
× other amazing things! (ideas always welcomed!)

What we DO have to offer you currently!
× One word stories
× Tupperbox chatroom
× art channels, meme channels, and even a writing space to help you develop your skills or even make stories to pass the time!
- - -

( We also do partnering! )
-!NSFW channel-
Het Keizerrijk Albion is een kingdom die momenteel probeert deel te worden van de server Citadel of Souls, we zullen naar andere servers kijken als het daar niet kan.
Two Kingdoms broken apart, your typical good and evil, in a way, there is also hell and Heaven. This server does have NPCs and just like Sacred Academy ~one of my other Roleplay servers- you can get a special role or rank that is included onto one character, such as in this Roleplay, the council. We all hope you have fun in our server!
« Sacred Academy and The Fallen Alliances staff »
Almost a century before our timeline, a huge argument broke out over trade disruption and the loss of products and people with the Spade Kingdom and the Clover Kingdom.

The Clubs accused the Spades of murder while the Spades accused the Club's of random accusations to start wars. Lies to get money and shame the Spades. 

Both royals too angry to argue anymore, broke off all connections with each other. Clubs started isolating themselves more and more from the three kingdoms until they were barely mentioned by the other kingdoms before they suddenly attacked the port towns in Spade. Spades enraged, sent out an entire fleet to wipe out a part of the Club's population. This went on for a year before both Diamonds and Hearts intervened. Spades and Clubs were forced to sign a peace treaty that allows no contact between the two power kingdoms for a decade to cool their need for vergence and blood spill. Nonetheless, it worked and the four kingdoms went back to peaceful harmony… until a rumor that a rebel group in Diamonds wants to kill the current King of Spades.
Hi and welcome! My name is Flare and if you are interested, come down and check us out! We are still new and have few members but I promise you, we are open to all! Keep in mind, we do have minors here so please no sexual content.
•Lgtbq friendly
•High Ranks Open!
•In need of a staff team TvT
•Open to all kinds of roleplays. One liner to paragraphs!

A new and growing fantasy role play set in three sibling kingdoms: Mastral, Aclea, and Afrein.
The kingdom of Mastral is nestled in the cold, snowy mountain range it is so named after. Mastral is a kingdom of justice, law, and rules, and is ruled by young and kind King Ronald.
Aclea is a tropical island kingdom known for its imports, shipping industry, and free lifestyle. The ruler of this island kingdom is the loving and doting King Lazarus.
Balancing out the two, Afrein is a kingdom run by knights. Yes, noble families exist in the kingdom, but its king is chosen every ten years through a tournament of chivalry, skills, and wits. Afrein's territory is straight out a fairytale with lush forests, vast fields, and a certain whimsy for adventure. It's current king is Sage Fryer, a commoner-born knight who has worked hard since childhood to achieve his dream of guiding his beloved country.
Before getting started, would like to point out what this server has to offer.
✅ 16+ Server
✅NSFW Server
Reminder: Yes, the server is 16 and up and NSFW. NSFW isn’t about those erp scenes, that kind of stuff will not be tolerated within the server. Gore and Violence will be considered NSFW along with makeout scenes but all you horny folks take all the other stuff elsewhere!
✅Active Staff
✅The opportunity to build a story up for your character(s)
✅Roleplaying & Custom Roles
✅An interesting, semi original concept which should be easy to follow and adventurous until the very end! :3
Deep in the universe resides a planet without a high and mighty ruler. On the planet, a large section of land just so happened to be inhabited by many different races and creatures. This land was called Animus, formerly ran by four powerful beings that weren’t from the planet. Those four beings formed Tribe of Life and ruled the planet, starting life there and keeping the peace...for a little while until strife broke out. It lead to the Tribe of Life members demise and they all met death by each other’s hands.

Ever since then, the creatures and races on the land started with the same wars. Cursing the other elements for the demise of another, which led to Animus being split up into four sections. The four sections are separated by element, and only creatures and races with a strong connection with that element is allowed. The kingdoms are:
Atlantis 🌊 > The water kingdom
Tempris🔥 > The fire kingdom
Coresto☄️ > The earth kingdom
Vox🌪 > The air kingdom
Welcome to Legends.
We are a Vampire RP community that combines multiple levels of Vampire lore.
We have 7 kingdoms as well as a placr for humans and Hunter
We have several ranks and Opportunities to become staff.
Join now and have fun