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want to grow your youtube channel look no further

what we off Self assignable Roles
Grow your youtube twitter and instagram
A chill Community
Server Events
: Do Raids
: nice staff
: Freedom of speech
Find People to collab with
And much more
𝖈𝖔𝖒𝖊 𝖏𝖔𝖎𝖓
You are THIS close to being mindblown. Love music? Want to express your creative side with friendly supportive people who GET it? Well get ready for something completely unexpected..
Endlesss. A deeply social music creation and listening app (currently for iOS) where we collab together in live, online jams! Jump in.
Welcome to Cyclos! While this is a server that contains fans from my YouTube channel, this server also is a fun spot to hang out, meet new people, and discuss video games! Collabs and YouTubers are very much welcome!
Welcome to YouTuber Haven! This server is meant to be a community for any YouTubers, big or small. We help each other out when we can and share what we make. We welcome everyone is welcome, no matter the amount of subscribers or views you have.
A place for rappers and producers to collab and to discuss music! We welcome those of all skill levels from amateurs to professionals to those just interested in the craft. If you want to make a living rapping or producing or if you're looking to do free collabs just for fun, this might be the place for you.

Things you can do:
- Promote your music
- Buy and sell beats
- Request critiques
- Collab with rappers and producers for free or for profit
- Listen to music with the Rythm bot
- Rap battles

- Be 13 years old or older than 13
- Follow Discord's Terms of Service
Hey Everyone,

Thank you for your interest in joining the server. We are a music discord server that is always ready to help people around join for a lot of fun and make new friends !! We love you and we believe in you that you can do it! About me, I've been Obsessed with Music Productions and Mixing and Mastering since early 2012. The whole process is relaxing like putting a puzzle together. I make EDM, Hip-Hop Beats, and Rock If you need anything Made or Mixed and Mastered, Collab, or just wanna talk feel free to message me!


This server is for musicians and music artists to meet other fellow music artists and musicians, and to share there work and collaborate.

Real Musician Server: Tired of joining musician servers and seeing everyone just attention seeking? Everyone posting there music but no one even listening to anyone else's? Nor discussing music? In this server you are guaranteed responses and feedback!

All Genres Accepted: Whether you like to head bang to some death metal, or banjo to some country your welcome here!

Music Simulator Roleplay: Join the game part of the server where you can roleplay as a music artist, or form a group or band, and join a record label or start your own record label! We have our own custom bot for this game!
Hey whats up YouTubers join on over and you can meet fellow YouTubers we accept anyone who looking to grow on YouTube and your more than welcome to shout out you're own channel.
ayo fellos n fellas, i’m nev, i really wanna make a show but idk how to start, so i figured i’d just make a team and work together and just have fun and learn along the way, i have five years of experience in art and four in animation but it’s self taught, everyone is welcome to hang out and work on either helping collab or make a show or whatever of your own! Even if you have 0 experience :)
We’re a small Geometry dash server always looking for new people! In our server we chat, or collab, or show each other our acheivements in the game, or rate each others levels etc. Join our server if you looking for friendly geometry dash players
A server dedicated to metal musicians that want to collab with other musicians, learn from each other, and most importantly, have fun!
Creator Station is a place where you can immerse yourself in creators alike to help each other create and grow.

You can collaborate with others who match your creation style or share ideas to help the community and its creators. Hop into the conversation with a growing and friendly community that strives to provide content that they love.
Here at Game Alliance you can join multiple games. We welcome new members to join and have. We are open to suggestions, ideas or ways to help the community out and make it more enjoyable for all the community members. Hope to see you in Game Alliance.(please read our TOS and rules when you join our server, must follow all the rules or you wont be able to access featured services).
Hey, this server is about growing your rap career farther and out, this server will help you make more friends, get some rap tips, and get a larger audience, this server was created on 3/16/2020 (16/3/2020). We hope you'll enjoy this server.

Stuff we have

• 24/7 Hip Hop Bot
• Cool Bots
• Ability to present your music in front of a large audience
• Chill people
You love YTPs? Would you like to see a documentary series about them? Or better yet, would you like to contribute into production of one? Introducing our passion project - Lotsa Spaghetti. You can become the member of Youtube Poop Studios crew. Contribute to the project in various ways, by taking up following main roles:

~ Video Editor
~ Researcher
~ Writer (for episode scripts)
~ Interviewee

If you're trusted enough, you could even become a moderator. Which would lend you the ability to not only moderate the server, but act as a co-director to the episodes and have influence on how they're made. But as I said, there are many ways you can contribute that I haven't mentioned. Even something simple like a brainstorm could lead to something big.

Our YT channel:
This server consists of my youtube, twitch, and well... discord. I plat minecraft, Destiny, And Kritika
If you want to be apart of a huge gaming collab/podcast group, you've come to the right place! This is the official Discord for the YouTube channel, Game Domain (32k subs). We have a group called Domain Legion with over 60 active members who work on different projects and collabs together. We also have some government RP elements as we have elections and such for the Domain Legion members to get positions in running some things with the collab. If that sounds interesting to you, join and let us know you're here for Domain Legion and we can answer any questions! If you join for Domain Legion, say that specifically, don't just say you're here to collab.
On this discord server you will be able to collab with other youtubers like you. Or you could always just play a game on there you do not have to have a youtube channel to join. come on here to have a great time with your friends and maybe grow your channel in the process.
A place to chill out, discuss your craft and once we get enough members we aim to host community projects such as animated short films that we can all play a part in. You don't have to be an animator to join either, we have all sorts of creatives!
Do you want to work with other artists or looking for a producer be sure to join! Everyone is welcome: rappers, singers, producers, vocal engeneers, mixers etc...
this server exists mainly for Animation projects, if you can draw, animate, write, edit, compose music, or just wants to learn then please do not hesitate to join & ask.