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Servicio de Level Request de Geometry Dash para enviarselos a los Moderadores del Juego ademas tenemos una comunidad para enviar memes y muchos bots.
I am trying to build my server so please don't leave if you decide to join!!! Join The Geometry Dash server if you are a new, pro, talented, or a competitive player! You can also request your levels for others to play!
Welcome to Team Wrld! We are a geometry dash community server that provides

-A Unique Experience
-Active Feedback
-Creator Contests
-Level Collaboration
-Creator Contests

Along with those we also have so much more! Our staff are active and we hope to see you here!
Salut toi ! Laisse-moi te présenter HyperDash ^^

Qu'est-ce qu'HyperDash ?

HyperDash est un serveur communautaire créé il y a plus de 2 ans par Tutez dans le but de réunir les personnes jouant à GD (Geometry Dash). C'est le plus gros et le plus actif des serveurs GD francophone !

Tu y trouveras :

- Une communauté et un staff actif en permanence !
- Un salon gd-news où toutes les news sur Geometry Dash seront postées !
- Hydra, un Bot Discord créé pour le serveur par Tutez !
- Des rôles informatifs (nombre de stars, CP, Youtubeur, Streamer, joueur mobile/pc, gfx...).
- Des rôles assignables (pour être notifiés quand il y a des news, sondages, events...).
- Plus de 20 bots ! (enderbot, cassimon, koya, notsobot, dank memer...).
- Un serveur level 1 (50 emotes en plus, qualité audio et streams de meilleure qualité...)
- Des salons en tous genres (créations pour montrer vos créations sur Geometry Dash ainsi qu'un musée où toutes les meilleures créations seront postées par mon bot, arts pour les autres créations, oeuvre-dart qui fonctionne comme le musée, réussites-fails-progressions, autres-jeux, informatique, singeboard et bien d'autres !)

Rejoins-nous vite pour découvrir le reste ^^
Welcome to the Poisonous Collabs Geometry Dash Discord Server! Here we organize collabs, judge your creations, and just hang out! We have experienced gameplay judges and deco judges, who will give you a special rank role depending on how good your stuff is! With these, you can apply to join any of the collabs we're organizing (we have open spots!) You can also advertise your own servers and maybe even partner with us! If none of that interests you, we have a bunch of other miscellaneous channels for just having fun! Feel free to stop by and chat with our over members and staff! Have fun!
Привет, парень! Тебе грустно, потому что никто с тобой не общается? Ты играешь в Geometry Dash, и ищешь единомышленников? Ты считаешь себя идиотом?
Заходи на наш сервер!
Здесь есть веселые ребята с которыми классно общаться, отзывчивая администрация, крутые игроки в GeometryDash, и нет фурри!
Наш сервер все еще в разработке, но мы уже продвигаемся вперед!
Заинтересовался? Тогда заходи, и получай приятный бонус в виде увеличения своего полового органа!
A community server with active chat that's based around the game Geometry Dash based. A lot of cool roles, events, useful bots, helpful members, and much more. Join now!
Добрые и позитивные люди не оставят вас одного. Заходя на сервер чувствуйте себя как дома, а участники и админы твоя семья. Админы примут тебя не как изгоя, а как своего брата или сестру. В любой непонятный и сложный момент мы поддержим и порадуем вас.
**GD Lounge**
A fun and creative server full of unique and entertaining features!

> **Level Requests**
Request your level for a Geometry Dash Moderator to review it and maybe even send it to RobTop!

> **Friendly Community**
We all know how toxic and obnoxious this community can get,
GD Lounge is always aiming to keep a friendly and positive community for everyone to enjoy.

> **Fun Events / Contests**
Participate in daily events like Question Of The Day, play our server minigames
like, Hungry Games, Jeopardy, Simon Says that get hosted almost daily or
participate in Emote Contests, Creator Contests and holiday quests to earn rewards!

> **Rewarding Leveling System**
Level up while chatting with other members of the server, unlock rewards such as
access to specific channels, unlockable colors or apply for a special role to help out the server!

> **Frequent Updates**
The server gets updated very frequently, adding new features and changes in every update,
the server is refreshing and always has something new to offer.

> **Join the server now!**
GD discord server for put your ID
(best levels Will be send to mods!!!)


Do streams with ''stream'' option

Talk about GD

Have GD editor mode help

Have a birthday in the server

Use the best GD bot (by Alex1304) =)
A community server with active and helpful members. Aimed around the game Geometry Dash, we will provide support and feedback on how to improve creating and playing in general.
Hay gente bastante rara con un humor extraño/bizarro.
No se hace nada mas que pasar el rato, tratando de conocer gente nueva y llevándose bien.
Respecto a los miembros, hay gente tanto activa como gente inactiva.
El server no cuenta con ninguna temática en especifico.
Este server es algo pequeño, y se espera que con el futuro logre crecer un poco.
Este server es para un GDPS llamado MDAGDPS un server donde te seguro que te vas reir y el rate de niveles es bueno unete y unite a una comunidad hermosa
this is a megacollab for geometry dash(gd) the song id that is being used is 467339, the difficulty should be hard-insane demon, the length is about 3:08. I need 2 boss designers for this level, I have a decorator and I'll be verifying, most gp is done, I'll be finishing it off.
This server is in Beta so not everything is here right now, but if you want to help you can!
Это весёлый сервак по гд я пока-что один я надеюсь что вы заинтересуетесь и зайдёте
| ✨ In a nutshell, this is what the server's like: ✨
| _____________________________________
| - Recommended Collab Invites (Actual serious collabs) 🔥
| - Collab promotion text channels. (Promote your collabs.)
| - Decoration/Layout feedback from experienced players. 😍
| - A community that's full of verifiers, video recorders, layout makers,
| decorators, and many other people. ❤️
| Join today! 👍
Hey! You want to be in a GD Creator Server, where:
• Everyone is nice and fair to you?
• You can learn much things by professional Designers?
• You can give yourself any Role?
• You can ask for collabs or parts in collabs?
• we send your levels to mods?

Then come to our server and be a part of our Community!
Найдёте вы у нас: Общение, роли, новых друзей и многое другое. Можете найти друзей, поиграть, посоревноваться с участниками, устроить коллабы или рассказать о своих достижениях. Ждём всех и удачи :)
Edwux's Lounge is a small community owned by the one and only Edwux, a small Geometry Dash content creator. The server has been growing recently, and we're a friendly community that accepts everyone for who they are. Even if we are a GD based server, the conversation does not stop there! Consider joining, you will not regret it!