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This server is here to help you create your own oc for roleplays! We don't have much as of right now, however, rest assured that we will bloom like a flower and we'll surely help you out! Our small community is nice and friendly, and would gladly help you create an oc for any rp!
So far we have:
Male face claims
Female face claims
OC name ideas for both genders
~~Welcome to the TURBOBOOST development server!~~

-=- What is TURBOBOOST? TB is a fast-paced 3D platformer developed in Roblox. It will feature many elements and a few handpicked levels from the Sonic franchise, while maintaining its own style. The game will have some sprinkles of 2D while maintaining the same 3D control.

-=- How many levels will be in the game? Currently, 21 levels are expected to be in the game, spread across 7 areas in total.

-=- What platforms can I play it on? PC and Xbox. There aren't any plans to have it on mobile.

-=- Is it open for testing? Yeah! We have a link in the server if you wanna try the levels out~
Creator's Haven is a discord server to bring creators of all kinds together. It doesn't matter what you're into or what you make, come join and just be cool and share your content.
We make a free server for you. You request it we make it. Come and join and have a look to our server!

We work fast. And make you sever within 1 Day. Think about max 4 hours. Then you can join your server and say if you like it.

If you think we earnd it you can support use to give us a little donation.
The "Creators Corner", a place to explore exciting new channels, collaborate with other channels just like yours and to show of your latest new videos! [CURRENTLY LOOKING FOR STAFF]

We've designed this Discord with growth and simplicity in mind so the layout is super simple and we've made sections for every type of content creator, meaning you find more creators just like you!
This improves the amount of views you will receive on advertised videos, plus it's easier to collaborate with others!
You're a YouTube Video Creator or Twitch Streamer? NewTubers is the Premiere "Small Content Creator" Community, created to allow up-and-coming channels to improve with resources, critiques, and cooperation among tens of thousands of peers! We teach you how to Start, Build, and Sustain your Content Career!
You can create virtual world and play something with aroundworld
Creator's Guild

A relatively new server, this guild is a place for all kinds of creators:
- Artists
- Writers
- Original music creators
- Chefs
- And more!

What I have in mind is a community of people who create "things" in any form, and want to share them with other people.

There's no specific age limit or restriction, but just be aware that there is an NSFW category available to those who are 18+.

We have working bots!
- Fredboat
- Dyno
- Gaius
- Reminder
- Rhythm
- Unbelievaboat

(Also looking for staff, too. There's no formal application; if you want it you must be relatively active and trustworthy.)

Come join!
A Community of Content Creators for Conversation & Support. Self-Promotion Catalog for Link Sharing. All Fans & Creators are Welcome!
A fun community for artists of any type. Whether you draw, make music, poetry, stories, code, program, manga, anime, models, videos, movies, hell maybe your a porn star, i dunno!

whatever it is that you make, this community is here to help you share or see other art.

Community-wide projects may happen with collaboration from multiple of these groups, to form a tighter bond with other parts of our community.

Server creation officially starts whichever comes first,
15 total members
5 different types of creators
3 people each from 2 types of creators
Vaportaku : Serveur [FR] ! Dessinateur, peintre, graphiste, streamer, mao, etc. Ou simple admirateur ? Ce serveur réunie nombres d'artistes et de créateurs d'œuvre afin de les partager et de s'entraider, tout le monde est le bienvenue !