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Memes, music, friends and more! Join now and gain XPs to get higher ranks! Get Staff rank to allow u to to kick and ban members! Help the community grow!
Welcome to apollo.
A new chat for chilling and meeting new people join and make friends and play alot games here.
Server Info♡
♡Hi @ everyone!. Welcome to cool kids. ~Some Features~
♡Friendly staff♡
♡Racial slurs allowed♡
♡Minimal rules♡
♡No furries♡
♡Also we will be doing movie nights every Friday♡
~And more!~
•pls join we are desperate we need more females~•
Hello, and Welcome to Senpai! We are a dating and gaming community that is just starting up. In our server you can find
And so much more!
Come drop by and say hello!
Hello, hello! We're a group of friends that want to meet new people and made a community just for that! Not only that, but we also have channels where others can talk and possibly go out on an e-dating spree!

Please come join us! We would love to have new members 💖

What's that? Your current server is booooooring ? Look no further as YEET CAFE was created TO NOT BE BORING!
/disclaimer : server is currently low on population which make it pretty boring/

A server where you can discuss games, anime, show off your natural talents!
Come and hang out in YEET CAFE!