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[🐸]- We have the quality memes in stock just
for you. - Dank memer

[🏯]- All the waifus at your hand, ready to catch them and
flex them to your friends. - Waifu bot

[✏️]- Any roles of your choice is here. Ages, Colors. even ranks
- Reaction Roles

[⚔️]- Reinforced security, so you can enjoy your stay here. Stay chill and have fun
- Gaius Bot

[💎]- VIP Vc's so you hang out with friends and play your games in peace
- Drippie

About us

We're a chilled out and peaceful server. Unlike other servers, we guarantee the security and the fun
at our server. Also the activity is almost always going. So you can always meet some new people or just hang out with your friends and make some new memories!~ Come on inside and have some fun!~

Join Diversity! We are a new server looking for people to join. it might be a little slow at first but we're gonna be the biggest discord server out there one day. So don't miss your chance to join now and be an OG!
We are a Group female friends who just want a big a server with other people. We Tend to have Lewd Conversations Tho. 18+ Only
This server is pretty new and not very active but hopefully with a few new members , this server could be.
Hi Sisters!
Welcome to 88 Clan's Official Discord Server!
Somethings about us,
The majority of us are NA-East but we are willing to add NA-West players to our roster!
We are mostly a content clan so skill isn't very needed :D
The only rule is you CAN'T be straight you have to be gay 🌈
Check out <#718736680034762784> for more info on joining the clan :D
This is a very british server. Stop by we always have the kettle on. No matter if you have sugars or none. Join Up for a free Cuppa ☕
Chill and hangout, we are friendly and always listen to our member opinions in improving the server, Play games with each other and make new friends in the Mist server
Are Server Name is Dark Angels/Demons!
We are a new server we need more people and anyone 13+ is welcome to join, Friendly Community, Safe place to chat and get self roles, chat with others, post selfies, we have NSFW but more SFW channels the anything, We do partners and there don't have to be a certain amount of members to partner, make new friends, Come join us and have fun!
Wassupppp dood so this is 13-17 and its for all the skater doods and edgy ppl that wanna hangout and date and fuck around so honestly join and lets have some fun
Come interact with people that like to play games from every console and/or come to interact with people that like to date. You will have a warm welcome here
This server is for anything and anyone for male,female,gay,ect.You can aslo do gaming,dating,meeting new friends,promote,ect.You can do many things and rank up to be helpful and friendly.We hope you come into our server end enjoy your stay💋
Find new friends and maybe a E-Boy or an E-Girl
- E-Date
- Verification
- 13+
Memes, music, friends and more! Join now and gain XPs to get higher ranks! Get Staff rank to allow u to to kick and ban members! Help the community grow!
Welcome to apollo.
A new chat for chilling and meeting new people join and make friends and play alot games here.
Server Info♡
♡Hi @ everyone!. Welcome to cool kids. ~Some Features~
♡Friendly staff♡
♡Racial slurs allowed♡
♡Minimal rules♡
♡No furries♡
♡Also we will be doing movie nights every Friday♡
~And more!~
•pls join we are desperate we need more females~•
Hello, hello! We're a group of friends that want to meet new people and made a community just for that! Not only that, but we also have channels where others can talk and possibly go out on an e-dating spree!

Please come join us! We would love to have new members 💖

What's that? Your current server is booooooring ? Look no further as YEET CAFE was created TO NOT BE BORING!
/disclaimer : server is currently low on population which make it pretty boring/

A server where you can discuss games, anime, show off your natural talents!
Come and hang out in YEET CAFE!
Hello,this server have been made to help people find their e-boy or E-Girl and to share your depression feelings don't feel afraid to say anything you are welcomed ♥️