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Naruto: Golden Horizons

Golden Horizons is an alternate universe of the Naruto world. The RP starts at the end of the Third Great Ninja War, and all characters start as D Rank genin. No Canon characters exist for the sake of balance, creativity and world-building. Who knows what secrets lay in your journey to become a powerful Ninja. What will your future be? Will you stay mediocre, or will you rise amongst the Shinobi Ranks and become a greatly respected Ninja? Everything is up to you, the player, to challenge yourself and create the future you want for your character.

Join us and become a Shinobi. Everything awaits your arrival...

『A Semi-literate to Literate Server』

『Engaging Roleplay Experience』

『Train Canon Jutsu, or custom your own』

『Character Growth only limited by your imagination and effort』

『Passionate, humorous staff that work with players to create an enjoyable role-play experience』

Join Naruto: Golden Horizons join today, and begin your Ninja Journey with your Ninja way!
Discord Communautaire Français et Anglais du jeu Naruto x Boruto : Ninja Voltage - Guildes compétitives classées Top 25 Mondial / Tuto-Astuces et News
₪₪₪₪₪₪》【Naruto: Way Of The Shinobi!】《₪₪₪₪₪₪

The most detailed and effort-intensive Naruto RP server on the Disboard market currently, we pride ourselves on that throne. A Bell Curve-based Rolls-Modifiers system centers the combat, and a perfected Progression System ensures ranking and gaining power is both rewarding and fun. Balance is important here as well, with numerous systems and mini-systems for the different aspects and mechanics of the Naruto world. Anyone can be top dog with enough effort, you do not necessarily need things like Uchiha or Tailed Beasts. High application standards keep the server populated with only the good writers of the RP world. One-lining or horrid grammar/spelling is not tolerated here. A wonderful community and dedicated day-by-day staff releasing regular patches/content keeps the server alive to the max. If you are a good writer and enjoying putting in time/effort for the things you want, you will have a great time here. Read a list of our most important features below:

〘🗡 〙In-Depth Progression And Combat; Detailed Systems.
〘💰 〙Fleshed Out Item List And Shop Commands.
〘🎲 〙Rolls And Modifiers Combat System.
〘📚 〙Everyone Starts At Genin Level, Even The Staff.
〘🔨 〙Organized Ban/Restricted List.
〘🦊 〙High Application Standards For Tailed Beasts/Powerful Capped Clans.
〘😁 〙Friendly Community And Active Staff.
〘🗓 〙Monthly Custom Chunin Exams.
〘🌲 〙150+ Roleplay Channels Spread Across The Five Great Nations and Minor Lands.
〘👦👧 〙OC's Only, No Canon Characters.
〘🌎 〙An Alternate Universe Canon World Right After The 3rd Great Shinobi War.
〘🔥🌊⛰☁️ 〙Server List Of Custom Jutsu Created By The Members For The Members.
〘📋〙Player-Based Plotlines.

Join Today!!
```N a r u t o: T a k i n g O f f```

``🚀Naruto: Taking Off🚀``

``` ```


``What’s a reason I should come to your Server over others?``

```Most of our members are Pretty good role players who love to role-play with one another and have creative outburst’s while Roleplaying.```

``And if I don’t know anything about Naruto or Boruto, maybe even anime In general...?``

```Even if you don’t know anything about naruto or anime, we try to help out and give our own knowledge to others so we can all have fun.```

``` ```


```12 Years ago all Villages across ZA WARUDO lived in war and fear, until a group called "The Akatsuki" formed, they sent separate members from their organization to capture the tailed beast from each village. The end result was the destruction of villages and rampages of wild chakra beasts, this wasn't for long because The Hokage "Horimo Senju" gathered all of the Kage from each village and made a deal. "If you team up with me, and help in the defeat of the akatsuki not only will I share the Tailed Beast with every village, I will also try my best to keep peace between all of the village." the other Kage agreed and in the end the mission was successful but ending in the death of the 4th Hokage as he sealed both halves of Kurama into his twins and the other kage sealing the Tb's into their own chosen Jinchuriki.```

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ceux serveur est un serveur naruto rp avec des combat des grade et tout alors si vous voulez faire du Rp sur naruto je vous invite a rejoindre le serveur.Il y a des membre actif.Des grade (académie/genin/chuunin/jonin/anbu/nija legendaire et hokage)il y a aussi des technique(des combat)et des métier.

An Anime/chill server opened for all anime lovers
Channels include:
and many more!
Join for a fun time!
Welcome to: Ⓢⓐⓢⓤⓚⓔ Ⓢⓤⓟⓟⓞⓡⓣ Ⓖⓡⓞⓤⓟ !!

• • •

We are a NO BORUTO zone! A small server where lovers of Naruto & Naruto Shippuden can unite!

This server is mainly to make friends and discuss the anime we all love dearly, Naruto!

Our members are very inviting so we hope you have a wonderful time! Make sure to check it out!
For generations, people around the world have been enjoying Shounen Jump manga. Unfortunately, an unknown force has created an anomaly, merging the Jump Universes with each other. The villains of the Jump Universes took this advantage to run rampant across different worlds. Fortunately, the Jump Heroes have assembled together to fight the madness.
Will you join The Forces of Chaos or The Heroes of Tomorrow? The choice is yours...
We are a chill, art, anime, and gaming community. We have friendly members and great a hysterical social community that's fun for everyone. We’re just one big ass family. We have all the best addicting bots too. 😈
║►Здравствуйте: Дорогие друзья.
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Sharingan - 写輪眼 is a server for discussing anime, gaming and other topics. There are Naruto emotes and quality looking voice chats. Although, it is considered an anime server, there are discussions about various games such as league of legends and player unknown battlegrounds.
߷ Kon'nichiwa!


- Welcome to The Tale of the Gutsy Shinobi -

In this server, Godmodding, Metagaming, and Powerplaying are NOT allowed in any way, shape or form! We want to make this experience as enjoyable as possible for you and will do our best to make sure the battling/fighting system is fair and manageable.

NOTE: This server is relatively new! We have a lot of available options to choose from, and we need more members to increase our activity!
Hurry on in and grab the goods! We have many opportunities for you to work your way up, or even start there, so come on in and enjoy!

߷ What to look forward to:
- A "Dark Ages" themed timeline set after Boruto
- Various OC Creation options are available.
- Organized Staff with Lore Experience.
- Tolerable RTKO/PTK System (With RTK Exceptions)
- Chunin Exams & Server Events
- Organized Channels and Categories
- Weekly Mission Board
- Hunter-nin Bounty Board & Bingo Book
-Jashinist & EGF Matching Blood Type System
-Fair, thought out Banned List & Caps channels
-Various Canon Clan Tags
-Custom Organizations
-Various Canon Organizations Available
-No Custom Clans, Kekkei Genkai or Modes
-Reasonable Time & Travel Systems
-Custom Jutsu unique to your OC
-Suggestions channel where you can recommend your ideas
-Open and Friendly Community, willing to help you out
Wolltet ihr schon immer ein echter Ninja sein wie im Anime Naruto und euren eigenen Weg des Shinobi gehen?
Dann joint diesen Naruto RP Server!

Taucht ein in unsere Welt von Naruto, welche zu Beginn des Animes angefangen hat. Doch die Geschichte wird nicht ganz so ablaufen wie ihr sie kennt... nein! Denn durch eure Existenz verändert sich gleichzeitig die Geschichte und Zukunft von der Welt der Ninjas. Erlebe zusammen mit anderen aufregende Missionen und nehme an spannenden Events teil, welche zur Veränderung der Geschichte beitragen. Was wird wohl in Zukunft geschehen? Findet es selbst heraus!

Was euch auf den Server erwartet:
× Eine sympathische Community
× viele verschiedene RP Möglichkeiten
× viele Channels für das RP
× faire Kampfregeln
× seltenes Einzeiler RP bzw werden hier "RP Texte" auch geschrieben
× Voicechats
× Leveling System mit individueller Nachricht
× eine Übersicht der Chars
× privater und öffentlicher Teil für die Charaktere um Meta RP zu verhindern
× Möglichkeit einem anderen Dorf anzuzugehören
× eigene RP Chats für Missionen, Training und Prüfungen, sodass man beim RP nicht von jemanden random gestört wird
× eigenes Mission-System
× Faires Balancing System
× Möglichkeit einen Clan, Jutsu oder Kekkei Genkai selbst zu entwerfen
× und noch weiteres!

Weitere Vorschläge für den Server werden hier gerne gesehen!
Wir sind ein sehr offener Server und freuen uns über jedes aktive Mitglied.

People live their lives bound by what they accept as correct and true. That’s how they define Reality. But what does it mean to be '"correct"' or '"true"'? Merely vague concepts… Their Reality may all be a mirage. Can we consider them to simply be living in their own world, shaped by their beliefs?

The ninja; an elite force of honor-bound warriors who reside in the hidden villages. These ninja live to protect that which they value most in this life. Whether you are a [Genin], a young ninja fresh from the academy starting on the road of ninja life. A [Chunin], no longer new but still trying to find your way, but slowly understanding what path your walking down. A [Jounin] the elite of elite, you've discovered your path and walked it steadily, you may have found yourself lost on this path a bit, but you never strayed from it.

Finally, your path has brought you to the title of #Kage, the strongest in your village though you may be, but you now understand your mission, vision and values have transcended from yourself and touched the many lives of all those who look up to you. You have found what you've been looking to protect all along, the hopes and dreams of those yet to come.

Friends are made along the way, bonds are #created, bonds are { shattered }. The path to become the strongest shinobi starts with you!

Fated Bonds offers a <non-toxic environment> where friendship and family are pushed above all else.

The server offers a <developed progression system> along with a <descriptive and easy-to-understand explanation of the functions of the Naruto World.>

Character creation is <simple and staff are always willing to assist> members who require help.

A <fully fleshed out mission system> that allows roleplayers to go on missions with teams of fellow ninja to become stronger and rise in the ranks!
{Welcome to Naruto, Dawn of Shinobi. This is an immensely detailed Naruto Roleplay Server, with a multitude of great systems.}
In a reality parallel to that of the Naruto series, peace seemed everlasting. Three of the five main villages attained peace with one another after being at war for the last two centuries. These three villages being Konohagakure, Kirigakure, and Sunagakure. The remaining villages, Kumogakure and Iwagakure, never signed the peace treaty. Though, as they were now against 4 other villages, they decided to call a cease fire. Due to this, war has long since ended. Though, Kumogakure and Iwagakure never sought peace, their motives unknown. However, they formed an alliance after the fall of this cease fire. Ever since, their actions have been completely unknown to the other villages. The leaders during the time of war were known as the Sājento (Sergeants). As peace came to be, the Generals were usurped by the first Kage, whom were known to be the most powerful and Legendary shinobi of each of their respective villages. It’s been 20 years since then, and the peace remained. Though, this peace wavered once the incident known as the “Cataclysmic Event”. This event began with an immense and sudden explosion, occurring within Iwagakure. This leveled the entire village, leaving a large crater in its stead. Ever since then, bright pink gas has erupted from the site, instantaneously obliterating all life that came across it. Since then, Kumogakure closed its borders, and forbid any of its citizens to enter any other village. Mutilated survivors of the event mention a man walking out of the crater in whispers, yet hadn’t brought It up since. Most of the time they can’t even think rationally, due to the brain damage. Their skin was burned off, and they all became blind due to the exposure of the smoke upon their eyes. In fact, only a hand-full survived, all of which wandered in the wilderness since then. Most of which had never been able to be found since then. A decade since then, the new batch of genin have erupted from the academy. The three peaceful villages still are deeply looking into the origins of the event, which has been sheathed one mystery all this time. The pink smoke radiating from the crater has gotten more abundant, unrest is spreading, and rumors of a strange man that of walks on mountains has taken form. This obscene mystery will soon fall upon the shoulders of the next generation, the last generation that can possibly end it. These new genin are that generation.
In a parallel universe, far from the one all we know of, a whole new world of whole new shinobi's. in this world, it is just about the time where the first four villages formed and the industrial revolution is taking phase. in this world, there are still many things to discover. and battles begin to unfold between all nations causing some ties to broken and problems to occur... what will happen in the nearing future and where are YOU in this situation? A bystander? or Shinobi bringing pride to his or her village. A rogue that just wants to cause more issues or be away from this? Will you save this ninja world and reach eternal peace...? Find out as your adventures unfold in the shinobi life.

What we have to offer:
- Active Roleplayers and Staff that are willing to help and RP.
- Various options for powers that your Oc can have.
- Character development
- A Ptk/Rtk system that's tolerable (Ptk to an extent)
- Multiple server events with chuunin exams.
- Various giveaways
- A plot that will lead to several events and interesting rps
- Fair Banned, and Nerfed lists.
- Fair rules and staff
- A great experience and much much more.
⭐️ Are you looking for a new unique, relaxed, and player-friendly Naruto-based Role-play sever? Look no further! We extend an invitation to you to join us! ⭐️

火 Naruto: Road of Shinobi is a brand new server that’s dedicated to providing a lore-friendly and interesting experience while also allowing room for players to grow without the hassle of overbearing systems and bots to take away some of the fun! It also has a lot of room to join the moderation team and game-masters guild! 火

Almost all positions for every single Clan and Village are open: so secure a spot today! We look forward to playing with you and adding you to our small family.
Attractive girls 16+ welcomed, we already got more than enough guys. Funny and active #NoDiscordPredatorsAllowed.
Send a selfie within 2 minutes of joining!
Time starts NOW
This is a naruto server. NARUTO REALM REBORN. It is all about Naruto. There is no complete different then Naruto real show. The story is all depends on and show. But still there are some different things as at least something changed in after many generations. This story is about a modern shinobi world. There are both shinobi and citizen.

✪ behave : you can get a friendly behaviour from everyone. You have to show well behave too. You can also enjoy others funny doings.
✪ clan/village : there some selected clan and villages in our server. But each of them has different unique abilities.
✪ technology : you can use phone, computer or laptop here (in rp)
✪ jutsu : you have to train or learn for every jutsu. You can also get custom jutsu by your own training
✪ non rp : there are non rp fun and chilling zone. So if you don't rp still you can have fun.
✪ economy : you can earn ryo here. By promoting or completing mission.
✪ bot : fun bot usages
✪ story : cool rp story. The story book will be updated after rp.
✪ oc character : you can create your own character, jutsu, weapon, puppet etc here.

In the end, I tell you plz join us. Enjoy your stay. This is place for both anime lovers and gamers.
And partnership is allowed. Just DM the mods.
Have a nice day everyone.
Be your own Naruto character that you've always wanted to be. Here we accept everyone that comes in and will try to help everyone we can. Remember to have fun and if you see anything against the rules report it immediantly. Have fun!
Hi there and welcome to Naruto : Destiny's Path!

This is a role-playing server based on the famous and known manga as well as anime Naruto Shippuden! In here you can create your own Original Character! And Even Have your very own custom clan, with custom abilities of your choosing!

What will you choose to be? A Shinobi that fights to protect their village? Or a Rogue who's goal is to cause chaos and join a rogue group?

That choice is upon you!

What is in the server?

💿 A Roleplaying Server based on Naruto!
📲 Activities and Events in the future that will let you have tons of fun!
🥋 You can Create your own custom clan
💌 A nice and polite community of people!
⚒ Active staff team to help you out whenever you need it!
🔖 Create an Interesting Story for your own character!
📦 Bots and Voice Channels so that you can have some laugh with others OOC or listen to music while having an epic fight!

What are you waiting for?

Owner - SnowBear.#9905

Permanent Link:


@everyone @here

Welcome to Boruto Next Generations! In this server you can create your own Naruto/Boruto OC and RP with it (reletives of Canon Characters are allowed). There will also be more fun things added like bots! Come on and join Boruto Next Generations now and have some fun!
In the beginning, chakra was given to the world. A heavenly sage descended to teach values of peace, of unity, and of trust.
... in time, ninjutsu was created, and blood was quickly shed.
When powerful clans clashed and found their place in the lands neighboring, the people of the world soon came together to claim their own names. With chakra's uses still yet growing, and many ninjutsu yet discovered, the history to come is still far from over...

... and so we come to Torigakure, the village hidden within the birds.

Will you, a member of the small Crow Shinobi, be able to forge a path ahead? Only time will tell...

[ ]

Hello! We are a new and growing Naruto RP server set vaguely towards the end of the Warring States period. However, we also welcome non-Naruto fans into the fray, as we allow any users to come and create their own unique usages of chakra, and general knowledge of Naruto lore is not necessary to start.
We also welcome both literate and casual roleplayers alike, but we encourage all non-literate writers to come and improve their writing skills as we move along.