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we're an anime and japanese based server, our server is also welcoming to gamers and anyone chill. our staff is flexible and we dont have many rules.
We are a gaming community based on Naruto to Baruto
But were welcome to all naruto related games,
We have Open Partnership, Music bots,
Meeting new Naruto to Baruto Online Players, And much more!
Want a fun amazing Naruto roleplay?! Come on and join this server! We have.
-Fun bots
-Active Staff
-Friendly Community
-Friendly Staff
-Active roleplay
-Custom Villages, Clans, Jutsu, Kekkei Genkia
-Fun Community
-and More!
:gem: **__Welcome to A Random Place__** :Dog_Wave: :ablobwave:
Here's SanicLOL1231#4169's ~~shitty~~ Awesome Server!
WE ARE: :Hyper_desk_tap: :Hyper_desk_tap: :Hyper_desk_tap: :Hyper_desk_tap: :Hyper_desk_tap:
~~Gay Shit!~~ **A RANDOM PLACE** (Arp)
:Sad_Pat: **I know you guys need 1 thing in life rn... you need a good discord server** `Well todays your lucky day! Join A Random Place (A random server focusing on Games, Pokécord, Pokéverse, Anime, and many other stuff!`

**__Server Info__**
**-> Active Server
-> Good and Trusted Staff
-> Fully Built Server
-> Fun Bots to Play With
-> Partnering Places
->Gyms + More!**

**__ What We Have __**
:video_game: **Gaming** :video_game:
- Over here we play many games that you may like!
:ANIME: **Anime** :ANIME:
- In this server we have many weebs and we love anime!
:Deku_Hype: **Amazing Emojis** :Deku_Hype:
- We have all sorts of amazing emojis that you might like to use if you have nitro!
:JS: **Scripting** :JS:
- Sanic and narutoboi can help you with discord bot scripting!
:gem: **Fun Bots** :gem:
- We have plenty of fun bots that you can play with!
:Hyper_TADA: **Giveaways** :Hyper_TADA:
- Here we do many giveaways!
:musical_note: **MUSIC** :musical_note:
- We have many musical bots for you guys to listen to!
:heavy_plus_sign: **+ MORE** :heavy_plus_sign:
- We have much more waiting for you just join today!!!

FYI. WE ARE OVER 9000!!!

**@everyone JOIN US TODAY AT**
P.S. Shhhh We are actually ₗₑₛₛ ₜₕₑₙ ₉₀₀₀ .
This role play is heavily based on naruto, but it is all oc based. While you are not allowed to be a cannon character, you can easily make your oc close to that character; or, you can go all out and make your own character! you can be whatever you want, and be from any hidden village you want. We have many ideas for a character jutsu / clans , in case you need help with thinking of something. Come on to our rp and make your powerful oc !
This is a roleplaying Naruto server,we have fun activities and lots of friendly people.You can make your own character,you can even has a custom dojutsu,jutsu,and more!You could become a Sage or a Jinchuriki.I hope you have fun in the server. -From Rogan#3750
🎉 Welcome to Naruto | Scarlet Moon! :wave: We hope you join us on our interesting journey! 🎉
v Here's our Lore!

The Fourth Great Ninja War has taken place, passing into the memories of the people. It was considered to be the most deadly war in the history of the Shinobi, them trying to keep it away in their memories now, and enjoy the new fate. In another world, another Naruto Universe, new mighty Shinobi exist. All of the Tailed Beasts had been released into the wild, them roaming the areas now.

While the Villages began enjoying the new world, and their new destiny, within the dark and underneath the joy exists the evil of the world. Another Group, having its own plans and goals, wanting to end the happiness of the shinobi, and leave them with hate, and sorrow. They existed for that sole reason, their hearts filled with hate and revenge, with plans being made under the noses of the Kages, their overtake coming soon.

The Shinobi Villages continued to advance, training a new generation of Shinobi, one to grow stronger than the previous and continue their will. New Groups have been made, new babies born, powers passing on to them, along with high hopes, and goals. Whether this new generation surpasses their ancestors or not will be within your grasp, your decisions and your actions.```

★ 🍾🍾 Chill with our staff while chatting with some awesome users ★
★ ☕☕ Meet new shinobi, possibly even rivals ★
★ ℹ️ Learn more about Naruto by asking questions or asking someone in the chat! ★
★🌎🌎 Build friendships ★
★ 📂📂 We are 100% open to suggestions and if you have any suggestions on how to better fix this server and more, put it in our suggestions channel! ★
At the origin of time, a singular being existed, A being with powers beyond anything imaginable. This being had no name and was extremely ominous, No one knew what or who they were....A giant flash hit the omegaverse as timelines, Universes where created...And in a single universe, Beings from every other universe existed...This was called...The Colossal verse....

Now it's your time to shine! Make a character! Pick a side! Good? Bad? Neutral? Young? Old? Weak? Strong? It's all up to you!

Welcome to Anime Universe: Collision Roleplay!
This is placed 100 year after naruto all canon characters have died there is a new uprising of shinobi they have been born into a age where it is all peace for now and soon war may happen. The leaf is ailed with the mist, the stone is allied with the cloud and sand is allied with a new village called the hidden crystal there is also new justus, dojutsu,kekkei genkai and releases also forms and sages as this age rised up so many new things were discovered i will have everything new in character info

🌐A new nation🌐

🔥new releases🔥

❄️new kenkki genkki❄️

👬new clans👫

🎱Dedicated owner🎱

🎃 powerlevel system🎃

we have lots of thing for people to do please join if you are interested in Naruto or rp we have a few people now but if you could join that would be plenty of help there
The Year is 311 right now but with time skips it may change
Naruto:A Tale of Power is a game centered around Naruto, obviously. However, it's developing its own story and own characters, since it's only just beginning.
Be as overpowered as possible as a naruto character. Be more overpowered than hagoromo. Lmao the owner is so noob
《Welcome to Naruto | Shinobi Conflict Full Release!》

:confetti_ball: :tada: Hello, I would like to give a warm welcoming to you! Thank you for joining this Naruto Text-based Roleplay Server, There are no canon characters. I have so many hope for this RP and would like it to become even bigger. I would love it if you can spread this to 'mature friends' or people who would have interest in this server. This Naruto Roleplay is dated back to after the attack of the Nine-Tailed Fox 'Kurama'! The village is recovering nicely after the destruction Kurama caused. Everything is not the same! It is up to you to decide how you will leave a mark on the shinobi world! Will you work together and stop the growth plans of the Akatsuki or will you help them or even become your own villain possibly being a greater threat?! The FAITH OF THE STORY LIES WITHIN YOUR HANDS! :confetti_ball: :tada:

A brand new server with a bright future and full of potential.

➣ Meaning; tons of spots open and ranks to get; you might even become a staff member if you apply!

A fun and level playing field!

➣ Everyone has a shot at becoming the best, don't waste it; even if you aren't too good at RP, here is a great place to start.

A family like environment!

➣ The server strives to makes everyone feel as if it's their own home and strives to include them in the RP as much as possible, without providing a toxic environment.

Always open to suggestions!

➣ We have a suggestions channel specialized for your questions and suggestions!

[For more information; join the server and contact a mod, admin, or co/owner.]
Hello and welcome to Naruto: Blood Moon! We're a close-knit rp group based around the anime/manga known as Naruto. We're usually active around the clock with a diverse team of staff ready to help with any questions and concerns as well as run events smoother than a fresh jar of Skippy.

We even have a music bot (Rythm) so you can jive to some tunes while you roleplay!

Current Caps:

Konoha: Capped
Kirigakure: Capped
Suna: Open
Kumo: Open
Iwa: Open
nah, im too lazy to make descriptions.
the title describes the server itself anyways! ;)
Welcome to The Akatsuki

This is a Naruto-related server where it mainly focuses on the antagonists of the anime! We have a lotta chill places to hang around, including:
- music VCs and bots
- memes
- anime/theory discussions
- many bots
- games that we can play togetha (naruto online, online games like, etc.)
- aesthetics
- other stuff

The Akatsuki also has ROLEPLAY, which our server mainly focuses on other than the discussions about Naruto and its antagonists.

Our roleplay consists of OCs only. Your OCs can replace the Kage, the oh-so-famous Akatsuki members AND the Jinchuriki of the Tailed Beasts! You can also replace the main members in clans.
| :–✫–: | :–✫–: | :–✫–: | :–✫–: | :–✫–: | :–✫–: |
This server just opened up, so I need admin to audition for the server.
I'm also open to any partnerships!
The owner will try their best to make this server grow as much as they can!
This Naruto Roleplay is, not accurate to the canon realm. There are custom styles, jutsus, and Tailed beasts. This server is also hundreds of years in the future, with a bit of Soul Calibur lore mixed into it. If you don't like these things, well, then don't join.
Naruto Rp:
Naruto:The Dark Age
The story takes place in a new world hundreds of years ahead of boruto so everone canon character is dead (no canon characters) every clan like the otsutsuki, uchiha, and chinioke are revived. Each clan is all in peace with each other so clans wont fight each other. You will start out as a academy student or genin then rank up from time to time.
are Jinchurikis alive at the moment so i will hold events for people to seal tailed beast in themselves or possibly form a new Akatsuki.

This server is for people to meet others and have fun.
This is non canon

🤝- Partners.

🎭 - Pubic Roleplay channels.

⊸ Dedicated Owner

⊸ Quick responses
(if anyone is on that is)

⊸ Custom mee6 commands

⊸ Missions & Ryo System!

⊸ And much more!
This is a A.U server please join and have some fun, we have 167 peeps
A largely free-form server, there are no stats and the server is designed to prevent overpowered and godlike characters without weaknesses. The server is still growing so come on by and check it out.
ºShinobi Gaidenº is an OC-Only Stat-Based Naruto RP server that takes place after the second shinobi war. Create your ninja and enjoy the very laid-back community!

⊸ Dedicated Owner
⊸ Very Active Staff
⊸ Quick responses
⊸ RP-Only
⊸ Non-Toxic
⊸ In-depth, Turn-Based, Stat-esque combat system that ELIMINATES godmodding. While giving everybody a chance to succeed in battle.
⊸ Fair rules for both general and combat.
⊸ Many pinned GIFs/JPGs for a more immersive atmosphere.
⊸ Equal treatment of all players.
⊸ Mods such as Dyno, Tatsumaki, Miki, UnbelievaBoat, etc.
⊸ Missions & Ryo System!
⊸ And much more!

One Liners not welcome <:D
Welcome to Shinobi's Fable: Of Blood and Steel


Hello everyone. An actual decent naruto server non of these petty ones where you have owners that are uchiha saskue wannabes that have the rinnegan and the 9 tails.(If you couldn't tell that was a really bad attempt at satire) This is place where you can choose to climb the ranks from a Student or Genin to the Kage of your village or become a rogue! Learn how to interact with the people in your village and become a stronger shinobi in this timeline, A time line where pain successfully completed is plan of extracting the nine tails in order to plunge the world into chaos. our characters taking the stage as the protagonists who are now just recovering from the event two years prior. Are you ready to show your ninja way? Come have fun together with us. Don't forget to read the lore before starting your journey! What are you waiting for?!


- Naruto roleplay!
- Fun activites as well as amusing staff!
- Members you would get along with!
- A fair combat system!
- An unbiased roleplay!
- Organic honour based stat/progression system
- An array of important roles to take up as well as being able to make your own
- Unbiased staff
- Staff that are not toxic and will help you in any way!

Choose your own path and become the hero of your own story!


Just recently opened so don't expect mad amounts of activity.
Hashirama Senju had finished his battle with the Uchiha and recently founded Konohgakure with his childhood friend and rival Madara Uchiha, becoming The First Hokage. Before any peace treaty was signed with other villages he went out to capture the Tailed Beasts.. Years passed, The First Shinobi War would break out, to relax the other villages he distributed one Tailed Beast to a few villages, telling them the rest had died in battle.. Even more and his brother (Tobirama Senju) became Hokage, Hashirama had died in battle.The Second Shinobi War broke out but was soon ended as his time as a Kage.

More time has passed, one of Tobirama Senju's student has now became The Third Hokage (Hiruzen Sarutobi) and knows of the secret that may cause the Third Shinobi World War to break out.. The Tailed Beasts..

What will you do as a ninja? Grow up with a list of cannon characters like Jiraiya, Tsunade, and eve Orochimaru! What will you do in the Naruto Universe? Set history to stone in this Naruto Roleplay!