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Hola, te Invitamos a unirte Konoha. Un servidor ambientado en la aldea escondida entre las hojas

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Este servidor esta ambientado en la Aldea donde se desarrolla la historia de Naruto Uzumaki, dentro de esta, hay una gran comunidad de variados animes/manga.
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⊹⊱Tenemos Rangos como, Genin, Chunin, Jonin, Anbu, Sannin, Hokage ⊰⊹

⊹⊱ Exámenes para poder subir de rango ⊰⊹

⊹⊱ Un Servidor Bien Configurado ⊰⊹

⊹⊱ Canales de Memes, Confesiones, Dibujantes, Sugerencias y transmisión de animes ⊰⊹

⊹⊱ Canales De Roleplay y Off Topic ⊰⊹

⊹⊱ Variedad De Bots ⊰⊹

⊹⊱ Canales de VideoJuegos ⊰⊹

⊹⊱ Sistema Optimo De Rol ⊰⊹

⊹⊱ Buena onda ⊰⊹

⊹⊱ Entre Otras Cosas Muy Interesantes ⊰⊹
The inevitable tides of life and death continue to flow despite the end of the third great war, and the cataclysm that only left two nations.

Age of Shinobi is a roleplay server taking place in an AU of the popular anime: Naruto.
Unlike the many competitors, AoS has a wonderful plethora of benefits that make it a great place to enjoy an RP session.
* A combat system that is easy to pick up without at all limiting writer creativity. *
* Steady progression that allows the dedicated to earn power over time, newcomers to catch up reasonably, and people with a busy life to stay relevant.*
* A friendly community that properly balances respect with a competitive edge. Reason to kill, with admins preventing griefing, and maintaining universal roleplay rules.*

Become a god among shinobi, or destroy the last remnants of tranquility.
An AU Naruto RP Server set just after the Third Great Shinobi War.
With no canon characters our lore and plots are entirely OC driven, created by players and staff alike to give the most creative and interactive roleplay possible. The server and its systems are constantly being updated and adjusted by the Team with community feedback in mind.

What we offer:
- Active and Cooperative Staff Team
- Community-focused Storytelling
- Established server lore from the end of the War until now, based on OC decisions.
- Banned & Restricted Content to keep things balanced
- Regulated Content to ensure quality RP (Tailed Beasts, High Chakra Clans, etc)
- A broad and balanced selection of items and weapons
- Custom jutsu, clans, kekkei genkais, summons, etc.
- Monthly Chūnin Exams and themed events
- Sophisticated 3d6 Dice Combat System that focuses on strategy over luck.
- Accessible Progression System that starts everyone as a genin, rewarding those that put effort into their OC.
- Tatsumaki, Groovy, Ticket Tool, Unbelievaboat bots all in the server for convenient use
- Village specific missions and groups (Puppet Brigade, Barrier Corps, etc)
- Career options, such as, Kage Advisor, Clan Head, Ambassador.
- Over 200 roleplay channels across all 5 Great Nations and Minor Nations
- Endless possibilities for literate writers
- Encouragement and help for those hoping to improve their prose
- Friendly & Active Voice Chat and OOC channels
- Level 2 Discord Boost, Naruto themed emotes and other mememotes.

This is the Lore and description of the server as a whole

This world is set just after the series of what happened far after the fourth great ninja war. There has been peace among the villages and most everyone is happy. All the main characters have passed away and so have their children, leaving only you to do what is right and keep the peace. Or to do what you want, and disrupt this peace for your own selfish reasoning. What ever the case, show the ninja world what you've got.

This chat is a bit different than most in the sense of how we run things. This is what is called a free flow chat, meaning that not only is most of what goes on driven by you, but you don't have to be rp locked or anything of the sort. The chats timeline continues no matter what at the pace you want it for your oc. If you want to take your time with your oc, and rp out everything they do, then you may do so, and have your oc go through their days as slowly as you wish. On the same note if you would like to time skip a day or two, then you may, this is to help the chat continue moving, and makes it easier to cover if someone disappears or the sort.
Day in and Day out Time passed on a bland rock hurtling through space, Farmers, Lords, Villagers, All existed on the same planet, with no differentiation in power other than meaningless words, Coexisting with each other, Until one day two children were born into the world.

These Children would twist the fate of the world forever into a new direction, Through the use of Chakra, These Children were Hamura and Hagoromo Otsutsuki, Children of the almighty Princess Kaguya Otsutsuki, Hagoromo and Hamura were Fraternal Brothers And The creators of the ninja world as it is now known to everyone

Hagoromo would spread teachings on how to communicate with other humans, through use of Ninshu, However as humans would, They weaponized Chakra Kneading it through their bodies and creating Ninjutsu, And so the shinobi world would begin.

Years would pass, Kaguya would be angered at her sons for having the same powers as herself, And an Epic clash occurred, Hagoromo And Hamura would go toe to Toe with Kaguya and The Ten-Tails as it thrashed and Ravaged the World with its immense power, With Hagaromo and Hamura eventually Stopping the beast in its tracks and eventually Sealing the beast within Hagoromo and sealing their mother,

After this Battle between Offspring and parent, Hagoromo would travel the lands, spreading chakra to everyone, and Teaching the way of Ninshu, Hagoromo would be Hailed as the Savior of the world, with his sole Goal being to make everlasting peace in the world, However knowing this would never be achieved, He entrusted his two Sons, Indra… And Asura, With fulfilling his legacy, Indra was a Prodigy, Growing ever powerful with no struggle, Leading to solitude, however, his younger son, Asura, would show no signs of being special at all, In fact, struggling most of the time to make his way through the world growing stronger through Friendship. Hagaromo acknowledged Asura's Chosen path, deciding to divide the ten tails into 9 tailed beasts, Shukaku, Matatabi, Isobu, Son Goku, Kokuo, Saiken, Chomei, Gyuki, And Kurama. Each tailed beasts were given these names, And their own personality, He explained that they would all be connected, and linked, And would meet again, before he sent them off to their temples, where they could live in peace.

Years pass once more as Hagaromo was on his deathbed, When asked who his successor was, He chose Asura to many peoples surprise, This sparked a bitterness within Indra, Who was being manipulated by Black Zetsu, a Manifestation of his grandmothers will, Indra and Asura would be at war for many years to come. From there, Everything is the same.

Madara Uchiha and Hashirama Senju would still Clash in the Valley of the End, The leaf would be founded, And the timeline proceeds as the Same, Until Lord second, Tobirama Senjus death as well as the third and fourth death, Where We stand now in this new continuity, So many Possibilities, So many opportunities to join, Will you join us, In a World of Blood?

~~Friendly staff~~
~~Active owner~~
~~Lgtbq friendly~~
~~semi literature to literature~~
our server discord link:
•••⁼⁼⁼⁼⁼⁼⁼⁼⁼⁼⁼⁼⁼⁼⁼⁼⁼⁼⁼«« ✥ »»⁼⁼⁼⁼⁼⁼⁼⁼⁼⁼⁼⁼⁼⁼⁼⁼⁼⁼⁼⁼⁼⁼⁼⁼•••
•••⁼⁼⁼⁼⁼⁼⁼⁼⁼⁼⁼⁼⁼⁼⁼⁼⁼⁼⁼«« ✥ »»⁼⁼⁼⁼⁼⁼⁼⁼⁼⁼⁼⁼⁼⁼⁼⁼⁼⁼⁼⁼⁼⁼⁼⁼•••

• » Um RPG de Naruto com comandos pra você se divertir! No servidor nós temos:

Motivos para entrar

★ ➥ ❪1❫ ・Seja um grande Ninja para sua aldeia, temos sistemas e jutsus de Anbu, Espadachim da Névoa, Nukenin, Kage e até Akatsuki!

★ ➥ ❪2❫ ・Staff atenciosa e imparcial que te prioriza!

★ ➥ ❪3❫ ・Um grande mundo aberto e várias vilas!

★ ➥ ❪4❫ ・Temos 23 clãs de Naruto, elementos, Dojutsus e Kekkei Genkais equilibrados!

★ ➥ ❪5❫ ・Eventos de Bijuu, Boss e Sorteios frequentes;

★ ➥ admin ativos

★ ➥ o server ta em beta, entao estamos dando
beneficios para quem estiver na beta, aproveite

★ ➥ tá esperando o quê? Entra ai



The Shonen Heaven is a friendly server where you can talk with other weebs and anime fans about different anime and much more you can also share your edits and amv's wallpapers etc... we also have a movie night once or twice every week also we have a bunch of voice channels where you can listen to music and talk with other weebs. The Shonen Heaven also have channels where you can send arts memes and talk about off topic subjects ! and specified anime channels like my hero hunter X hunter one piece Bleach and much more altought you must be at least 13 years old or older to join the server hope to see you there !!
The Allied Shinobi Forces is a Naruto-themed server that houses many things to keep you busy and engaged. Some of those things include:

- Conversation: Discussion rooms for many topics.
- A Roleplay Area.
- Leveling System Perks.
- Games: A Naruto RPG, Pokemon, Casino games, Counting, etc.
- Events: Trivia, Movie Nights, Gaming, Music events, etc.
- Giveaways.
You are being invited to Karuto's Gamer Army if you are intrested
please join.


》》Naruto Themed
》》Naruto x Boruto Ninja
Voltage/Naruto Ultimate Blazing Category
》》Dragon Ball Legends/Dokkan
Battles Category
》》Tons of Fun Bots To Use
》》We have tons of emoji's
》》We have a fair rule striking system
》》We Also need allow NxB Guild
》》We allow content advertising
》》Naruto Characters Roleplay
》》And More

| |
Hey hey ! Si tu aimes parler et que tu es fan de manga, ce serveur est fait pour toi ! Rejoins-nous vite !
Notre serveur vient d'ouvrir !!
Que tu cherches, du chill, une communauté gaming, graphisme, animés et mangas, ce serveur est fait pour toi !!

☢️non toxic☢️ ☮️friendship-starts☮️
♋️memes♋️ 🇯🇵anime🇯🇵 💮StarWars💮
The Naruto Universe is currently set about 20 Years after the events of Shippuden, and has gone on since April 17th, 2020. None of the real Naruto characters exist in this current RP world, as they've all died or left the Nations. Most Villages in the all the lands have a neutral standing, however most of the animosity is stemming from the Leaf & Mist. Besides their fued, most of the lands have been peaceful with little to no panic or emergency. What could happen from this point on?

Below are the things that Naruto Universe has to offer:
• Friendly & Active Staff.
• All Custom OC's & Clans.
• 5 Villages + Open World tabs.
• Multiple Bots & Roles.
• Written Documents on RP Events.
• Month-long RP Seasons.
• Helpful info on Justu, Ranks, & Villages.
• Top 10 List based on RP.
• Currency System & a Shop to purchase items.
So come join us and find out what your place in the Naruto Universe is!
ANIME FOR LYFE is a server for people who like anime and gaming or people who just like to chill and have FUN.
Welcome to The Legend of Konohagakure! This roleplay aims to provide a warm and fun environment.

Have a look at the important aspects and rules to see if you want to join.

- We allow and encourage custom clans and Kekkei Genkai.
- No canon characters will be part of the plot.
- Certain parts of the canon history will be altered. One such example is that the Uchiha Clan Massacre never happened.

* RTK (Reason To Kill) is active.
* You must ask staff if you want to advance your Kekkei Genkai.
* After you post an action in battle, you must wait for your opponent to respond before you can post another action.
* You're allowed to void your characters out of a scene if they're RP locked.
This is a Naruto discord you can either just talk and have conversations with people or like talk about Naruto in one of the Naruto chats!
🍃𝕂𝕠𝕟𝕠𝕙𝕒𝕘𝕒𝕜𝕦𝕣𝕖: R𝕠𝕝𝕖P𝕝𝕒𝕪 𝕫 𝕫𝕒𝕤𝕒𝕕𝕞𝕚🍃

Serwer stworzony, aby pisać luźne RP z uniwersum Naruto. Oferujemy:
- RolePlay (Dla początkujących oraz dla relaksu)
- Miłą atmosferę oraz wyrozumiałą administrację.
- Kanały tekstowe do zabaw.
- Różne kanały głosowe.
- Rozmowy o anime i nie tylko.
- Milutki Wygląd.
Dis amazing server was built by me and a couple of friends hope u enjoy and stay ur stay ❤️ and also lemme know any recommendations
❛❛ Um server de rp de naruto organizado, bem feito e receptivo!

❛❛ Aqui utilizamos do sistema de mesclas/ninpo.

❛❛ Todas as aldeias & vários clãs disponíveis.

❛❛ Staff compreensiva .

❛❛ Seja heroi, vilão ou até figurante se quiser!
Anime HQ
- Owned By Large Anime Instagram Users
- 🔥 Anime Community
- Daily Anime Tournaments
Welcome to The World Of Naruto. This is set in an alternate universe where The Canon characters of Naruto never existed.
Família Azevedo

Oi,Bom... desculpa pelo incômodo. Mas que tal entrar em um servidor que tenha chats inovadores e muita zoeira ? Ou fazer aquela jogatina da madrugada ? Ou poder conhecer novos(a) jogadores(a) ?

Se você não joga nenhum jogo, temos vários chats para se divertir com a gente.

Servidor focado em fazer amigos,conversar,zoar,jogar e muito mais coisas. Muita zueira acontece pode acreditar. Entre e se divirta com a gente!

Nos temos ↓

➣ 【Bots de música,diversão,chats inovadores e muito mais!】
➣ 【Totalmente Aberto a Sugestões.】
➣ 【Fazemos parceria com seu servidor!】
➣ 【Garantimos que não haverá desrespeito.】
➣ 【Diversão garantida】
➣ 【Emojis personalizados!】
➣ 【STAFF qualificada, divertida e ativa!】
➣ 【Vagas para STAFF!】
➣ 【Salas de som para zoar com os amigos.】
➣ 【Call para diversos jogos.】
➣ 【Salas criadas para apenas web namoro.】

➣ Gostou? Entre e Se Divirta Conosco.Aqui é o lugar perfeito para você, desde que seja para zoar até uma call séria para poder jogar.Tá esperando o que ??

➣ Proprietário @AzevedoYT ᶤ ᶫᵒᵛᵉ ᵧₒᵤ#8131