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Shinobi Story is a 3D Free MMORPG where you play as a character in the Ninja world! Choose your village and rise up the ninja ranks, even up to the Kage! We are a player driven game where the community makes decisions for the game world. Gather your allies, fight your enemies, master powerful jutsu, protect your village, or turn your back on it entirely-- this is your Shinobi Story!
This Server is for shinobi life 2 a roblox naruto game come join the fun even if you've never played the game its lots of fun! You'll really like it if you try it out!
Forbidden Jutsu Presents: A New Age of Ninja

Over a thousand years ago a battle for the fate of the shinobi raged. A team of four ninja stood against a Goddess but lost. The goddess took the ability to use chakra from the people of earth, and left them to their fate.  A great number of people perished in the battles that raged after this event, leaving on a few ninja scattered over the world.   Great villages were abandoned and left to fall into ruin. 
The former shonobi now civilians scattered to the wind, finding new homes and families all over the world. History forgot about the great tales and skills that these shinobi had wield. As time passed genetic advantages disappeared into populations but the clan names remained. Honored but the memory of why,  gone. Now powers have been appearing and a New Age of Ninja begins. 

What We Offer:

╔➤A welcoming and friendly staff who will answer all your questions
╔➤An easy to follow OC template to ensure your character creating is easy and lets your creativity flow
╔➤Custom Clan and Jutsu templates
╔➤A friendly and helpful community
╔➤A balanced power system to ensure no OP OCs

꧁│༒︎│Shinobi Life ❴ ⓇⓅ ❵│༒︎│꧂


(🎉) ➤ Sorteios diários

(🎆) ➤ Eventos Divertidos

(🚔) ➤ Regras Adequadas para Todos.

(❤) ➤ Sistemas Bem Feitos E Variados

(💫) ➤ Locais originais de Naruto.

(🔥) ➤ Servidor Justo cada clã tem sua Vatangem e Desvantagem

(😈) ➤ Staffs Ativos e que podem responder tudo para você A Hora Que Quizer!

(🥰) ➤ Sistemas Ótimos para seu RP.



‣ Are you a Naruto fan? Then come and join SHINOBI UNIVERSE! Shinobi Universe is a server for people who are interested in Naruto, but anyone who likes anime can join as well! You can create your own Shinobi and talk with other people with similar interests! If you haven't completely watched Naruto, don't worry! People who have just started watching have joined! People who are currently watching it have joined! We do our best to avoid spoilers.

‣ We are always doing our best to promote a positive and safe environment for everyone! If you have any questions or concerns, our DMs are always open! Feel free to send us a message! If you just want to have a friendly conversation, go right ahead and DM us!

‣ We have a variety of channels for you to browse such as chats designated for both Naruto and Boruto, Fanfiction, Memes, Debates, and much more! There is something for everyone!

‣ We have a unique ranking system that allows you to be a member of some of the most infamous and legendary groups within the Shinobi Universe! Earn xp in the server to rise through the ranks and earn new roles!

• We have plenty of events for you to participate in which include:
» Anime Streams
» Debates
» Giveaways
» Game Nights
» Role Plays (Please keep in mind that Roleplay isn't the main focus of this server!)
» Trivia Nights
» Birthday Role for the whole day!
» Chunin Exams! The only way you can rank from Genin to
Chunin is through the Chunin Exams!

So what are you waiting for? The Shinobi Universe awaits you!
New Naruto RP server that takes place after any possible events in Boruto! We are looking to build our server and grow into an active, friendly RP community!

Here is the general lore and workings of the server:

This world is set after the series of what happened far after the fourth great ninja war. There has been peace among the villages and most everyone is happy. All the main characters have passed away and so have their children, leaving only you to do what is right and keep the peace. Or to do what you want, and disrupt this peace for your own selfish reasoning. Whatever the case, show the ninja world what you've got.

Your characters may move at their own pace story/progression wise, as long as it makes sense, and the mods approve it! We are also open to all types of characters, as well as custom clans, jutsus, and more!
Come join us on our journey to save the Shinobi world... or destroy it... Whichever one your character decides!
℘ Merhaba Arkadaşlar ℘
忍❖Naruto temali RolePlay ve Fan sunucumuza hoşgeldiniz..
忍❖Sunucumuz büyümekte ve tabiki eylenmekteyiz..
忍❖sende bize katilip:
忍❖Naruto hayranlari ile sohbet ede bilir.
忍❖Naruto RP si yapip eylene bilirsiniz.
忍❖Hokage olmaya çalişa bilir
karanlik tarafa geçe bilirsiniz.
忍❖Çeşitli etkinliklere katilip hediyeleri kapa bilirsiniz.
忍❖Ve tabiki Zevkle ve RP yapabileceğin bur ortam.
忍❖Durma hadi sende bize katıl..
忍❖Kurallara uy yeter..
"Gel ve o hırsla Çalış.. ve en güçlü shinobi olaya çalış. kahraman ol yada Karanlık tarafa geç ama unutma
Bir Shinobi’nin yaşamı, nasıl yaşadığıyla değil, ölümünden önce başarmış olduklarıyla ölçülür.”
❖ ❖ ❖ ❖
Welcome to The Hyperverse! Where we offer both a nice place to chill in and talk to others, and a place to bring your oc to roleplay! They can be an oc or cannon character of your choosing. When you join just please consider reading the rules and such. Other than that, have fun! I hope to see you here!
This is a very fun anime server which is welcome to anyone and everyone! We have tons of fun every single day in the server! You can be apart of the Hidden Leaf Village today! Feel free to join anytime! Smiles!
Hello everyone, This is the owner Xovuh. Here is my server, we roleplay on a Roblox game called "Shindo Life" Which is owned By RellBad and RellSin. We hopefully support them and me and my staff we hope you join and we hope you have fun with us.

What this server has

- We hang out in VC's Alot
- No one is judged
- We roleplay alot!
-Very Active
-You can always ask questions
-We are always joking around

And finally I hope you join and have fun and ENJOY YOUR STAY!!!!
♛▬▬▬Welcome to (NRPG) Otaluki▬▬▬♛
▷ Backstory: We're an organization achieving the goal of immortality and continuing the ability of the Otsutsuki and Jashin, we'll revamp the the Nations and manipulate them to our will! Come obey a reborn journey or stay at the pitiful way of life as a shinobi! We're a warm community that's achieving eternal peace! However, if you get in our way of life as gods, we'll not hesitate to eliminate you with extraordinary ease. Peace will be achieved, those who strongly believe us as insane humans only knows the disgraceful shinobi position of life! The Otaluki organization are strictly fond over the Otsutsuki way of power and aspect of life, as we will combine such immortal abilities with the Otsutsuki to become untouchable! Our comrades DOESN'T fail, we are reverent to anything we have our eyes out for! This is a chance to experience a reformed way of life, Lord Yin (founder) will plant the seed to this everlasting journey!!

▷ War: Without the conflict of rage/darkness and light/peace battling nothing will be achieved! Devoting our lives to stop the raging fire between both nations! Imperishable Mystery
▬▬▬"Justice comes from vengeance, but that justice only breeds more vengeance. ” – Pain▬▬▬
▬▬▬“Pain is the way to bring peace. ” – Pain▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬
❀We offer❀:
●Intense Training with PVP Masters
●Welcoming and motivating Members
●Fun discord events for all
●Respectful and encouraging staff
●Custom roles to fit your need!
●Proper Tournaments and Exams
●Multiple SL2 callouts (grinding, war, item spawns, world, generation)
● Proper Moderation System
●PVP excerises and intense practices
Konoha is under threat. Why? Let me elaborate. There is an assassin in the shadows, as swift as a snake, and strikes suddenly. Civilian corpses are being found and missing children are reported. Konoha goes under lockdown and shinobi are constantly patrolling. And who knows when he will strike... Be prepared. And soon similar incidents are reported in other villages as well. Is this coincidence? I think not...

Этот сервер даст вам попробовать себя в шкуре любимых персонажей аниме и манги Наруто / Борутj

˚₊· ͟͟͞➳ ɴᴀʀᴜᴛᴏ ɴᴇᴡ ᴡᴏʀʟᴅ


• » Um RP de Naruto com comandos pra você se divertir! No servidor nós temos:

★ ➥ ❪ 💈 ❫ ・Donos justos
★ ➥ ❪ 🕵 ❫ ・Seja um Nukenin/Akatsuki sem desvantagens!
★ ➥ ❪ 👑 ❫ ・Seja um grande Shinobi para sua aldeia ou até mesmo Hokage!
★ ➥ ❪ 📃 ❫ ・Todos sistemas explicados.
★ ➥ ❪ 💎 ❫ ・Staff atenciosa que te prioriza!
★ ➥ ❪ 🌏 ❫ ・Um grande mundo aberto e várias vilas!
★ ➥ ❪ 🌌 ❫ ・Todos os 10 clãs principais de Naruto. E os 5 elementos principais equilibrados!

★ ➥ ❪ 🌀 ❫ ・Tenha um Mangekyou Sharingan ou até mesmo um Rinnegan!

▃▃▃▃▃▃►Shinobi Roleplay◄▃▃▃▃▃▃
Buenos dias, ¿Te gusta Naruto? ¿Te gusta rolear? ¿Te interesa una comunidad activa y 0 toxica?
Si tu respuestas fue si en alguno de estas preguntas, no esperas mas y unete al servidor.

◤━━━━━ ╚╝ ━━━━━◥
¿Que ofrecemos?
-Un sistema sin nada de dados y solamente narrativo
-Un gran y gigante mapa que explorar
-Relaciones entre todas las aldeas y ninjas
-Staff activo
-0 toxicidad y una comunidad amable
-Nada de personajes OP y un buen equilibrio entre todos.

Por ultimo, somos una comunidad nueva con pocos usuarios, asique si quieres unirtenos y apoyarnos te daremos una calida bienvenida, asique si estas aburrido no esperes mas y unete!
These events take place on the a separate timeline, around 50 years after the events of Boruto on the cannon timeline. This is our own adaptation where the characters of the anime and manga for the most part do not exist. Major events from the anime and manga still play out in different ways, with different characters. In this current day, the time of chaos and destruction once again drift to relative peace. The tailed beasts are re-sealed in scrolls that have been scattered and hidden, presumably to never be found. (though it may be possible?) The ninja of today have learned to further develop use of chakra nature, allowing clan secrets for achieving combined chakra natures to be discovered. Access still seems to be limited though. While new kages have been elected, national control of land has been settled diplomatically more than with wars, but there may still be a few who wish to use war for more than controlling land .... And what of the groups formed outside of the government control? The Akatski reformed for the 3rd time in secret ... The bounty hunters living by their own rules ... and the looming fear of what might happen if the tailed beast scrolls were ever un sealed.

A nation once again divided. Each with their own ideals. The villages try to see eye to eye...
A true nature is hidden. The public view of the ninja alliance may not line up with what goes on behind closed doors.
What ideals do you hold close? go forward and claim this new shinobi world for your new goals!
Welcome to The Village Hidden In the Weebs! This is a fun, interactive server based on shinobi life 2. We also play other games but shinobi life two is the main game played in this server. We do Jin raids daily as well as grinding together. We play Minecraft and genshin impact sometimes. Join the server and have fun!
This server is a role pay server based one a roblox game called shinobi life we help members get scrolls we rp we talk about anime and have fun kenoDIO clan for life
Welcome to Gaiden World. The rp takes place after the 3rd great ninja war the larger nations has recovered much from the war but the smaller ones hasn’t much. Most of the battles that happened took place near the smaller nations. So the smaller nations suffered greatly and still are recovering to this day. We have a reach an era of peace tho there is still flickers of conflict just waiting to sprout throughout the nations. If these flickers aren’t put out soon then it could evolve to a much bigger issue.....
DISCLAIMER: This is a Story Based rp and the Story is mainly governed by the people. The events that happen in rp will be noted and added to lore. So you could pretty much do anything with in reason. Like maybe try and take down a whole nation or become the leader of a village. Maybe create your own village...
What We have to offer.

-Character Driven Rp

- Events to hosted here and there

- An Active Storyline(That can be changed by the actions you do irp)

-Creativity with in oc development
DISCLAMER: This rp is about chance so your KG will be spinned if you plan on having on and will determine your clan. Just to give the rpers a challenge with character creation and combat.

So are you ready to really know how it feels to be a shinobi?


Welcome to Shindo Generations! Here you can become anyone you want to be!, you can become your own custom character and be as unique as you want! Here, you can pick your clan, backstory, moveset, and whatever else you can dream of! Hope you enjoy our server! This server also includes:
-game nights
-village wars
and many more
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Voluntad de fuego
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Hola a [email protected] En este server podréis conocer a gente, hablar de diversos temas y de animes.
¡No seais timidos y animaros a entrar en este server para divertiros!

✧˚₊- ────────── ──────────‧₊˚✧
【:fire:】┃ Staff activo.

【:fire:】┃0% Toxicidad.

【:fire:】┃Seleccion de colores.

【:fire:】┃Variedad de bots.

【:fire:】┃Canal de noticias importantes del server.

【:fire:】┃Canal de YouTube.

【:fire:】┃Canal de memes.

【:fire:】┃Canal de confesiones.

【:fire:】┃Canal de sugerencias: Las cuales serán tomadas en cuentas por el staff, para mejorar el server o el rol.

【:fire:】┃Canal de juegos.

【:fire:】┃Canal NSWF.

【:fire:】┃Canales de música y voz en los cuales interactuar con los demas.

【:fire:】┃Trivias de preguntas con premios a los ganadores.

【:fire:】┃Consultorio de psicólogo chafa: El cual te escuchará y te ayudará a resolver tus problemas, totalmente gratis, con un rol especial para más privacidad (Dirigido por un Mod). También puedes consultar por un chat de voz.

【:fire:】┃Rol activo.

【:fire:】┃Eleccion de personajes rol.

【:fire:】┃Canal de academia: En el cual se te enseñará a rolear antes de obtener un rol.

✧˚₊- ────────── ──────────‧₊˚✧
Hello!! Hello!! We are hoping to become a big server with wide spread roleplay and all kinds of anime. You may recommend any anime to be added, and any games as well. If you would like to have this game or anime as a roleplay, feel free to suggest that as well! We will be incredibly kind to you, and these jokes will make you chOKE, CHOEK ME LIK YOU HATE ME, sorry, please join lol.