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Tutaj Madara Uchiha to hokage. Aby tutaj dołączyć, musisz zaakceptować wolę ognia. Zapraszamy!
``` Lore Chapter 1
Years later after the fight between Boruto Uzumaki and Kawaki. The world is at a standstill and all the Five Great Nations still have there suspicions about each other. The Akatsuki has been revived and called New Kara to those outside of Konohagakure, a new line of Shinobi step up to challenge a new threat called “The Dark Forces” who live to destroy and rebuild the world in there image. It’s up to ______ (Main Character) and the rest of us to tarnish there plans, will you rise up to the challenge or follow behind them and destroy the world?

Nine more villages comparable to the original five great nations have been “discovered” there apart of Dark Forces which is an organization organizes by Kawaki. These villages are...

Konohagakure - Land of Fire
Kirigakure - Land of Water
Sunagakure - Land of Wind
Iwagakure - Land of Earth
Kumogakure - Land of Lightning
Kurogakure - Land of Darkness
Kizokugakure - Land of Nobles
Kemurigakure - Land of Ash
Shiogakure - Land of Salt
Aisurugakure - Land of Love
Tanigakure - Land of Mountains
Kesshogakure - Land of Crystals
Kaiyogakure - Land of Sea
Shinwagakure - Land of Dragons ```
Five hundred years after the legend of Naruto Uzumaki, a new threat shadows the fate of the world. Tenshi Uzumaki, a descendant of the legendary heroes we know, has turned rogue and plans to destroy the world as we know it. The world needs heroes to rescue it, and you can be one of them

Naruto: Future Chronicles is a highly player-driven roleplay experience, where players will build the stories that take place. Rebuild your destroyed villages, go on missions, take part in the exams and fight against your ninja brethren. You could even choose to be a wandering ninja or form your own rogue groups, or pledge your allegiance to a village! We also support lots of new fanmade content, as well as a balanced Tailed Beast system.

-Unique Chakra Point System
-Cross-Clan Character System
-A Well Built Monetary and Mission System
-Detailed Systems for Many Abilities that are Banned on Most Servers

At Naruto: Future Chronicles, you can be anyone - you don't need to stick to a stereotype. Our villain is an evil Uzumaki. I'm a happy Uchiha. At our server, stereotypes mean nothing. Join us in building the next generation!
Welcome to this rp! A New Land is a whole rehash of the beloved Naruto/Boruto anime and manga, with a whole new shinobi world to explore!

We offer:
-Custom Jutsu, KKG, Clans, ETC
-Four new swords to the OG seven in Namigakure!
-New world, so new villages, hidden villages and many places to explore!
-Friendly and understanding staff!
-New Kage [13 kage positions to choose from!]
-Fair templates and rules!
-Open to suggestions!
-and so much more!

The official Discord server of features:
- anime reviews
- anime discussions
- group anime watches
- a custom bot who will slide in your DMs and give you anime suggestions
- wrong opinions
Breaking Dawn

The multiverse has finally reached its limit from the various reality bending effects of its occupants. The result has been the Multiversal Storm a phenomenon that's already cost billions of lives and destroyed an unknown amount of universes. As far as can be understood the Storm is the reset button of the multiverse pushed when two fights pushed just a bit too far. The result has been the all the surviving universes have been mashed together into a single universe it's survivors almost entirely on the planet known as Dawngaurd more specifically the city of Dawnrise. Each have faced the Multiverses balancing and as a result have reached a point where a second Multiverse Storm is deemed impossible. Unfortunately a great evil yet still lives, it's monsters hounding and attempting the extinction of those who've survived.

‣ The ability to play as nearly anything from a Omnitrix user to a bender to even a jinchuriki albeit of course likely adjusted from it's standard form to be less overpowered. Or play from the already established universes each with their own unique playstyle.

‣ A fun stats and mastery system to keep things fair and allow for meaningful character progress

‣ The ability to permanently and truly effect the RP with nearly every action from discovering new territories to building new buildings to even clearing out monsters so less show up on the next incursean

‣ Server wide events like the Incursion which happens every three months and is the result of the enemy forces mobilizing and Sea of Dreams which happens over Christmas Break and acts as a unique twist on a free for all.

‣ Expansions to the Server including new officially integrated universes, improved systems and even new missions and monsters every two months
㊝ | AƖƖιαηcє Sнιησвι | ㊝

⛩▪㊝ AƖƖιαηcє Sнιησвι est un serveur qui a pour objectif de réunir une communauté autour des animes, du rp et principalement de Naruto en général !^^

🎭▪De plus c'est aussi une Team RP qui créer des serveurs discord rp de qualité. Nous pourrions vous aider si vous désirez créer un serveur rp et nous pourront vous offrir l'opportunité de rp avec d'autre membres de la team sur des serveur de qualité.

🔆▪De plus étant un serveur à fond RP vous aller pouvoir faire diverses missions pour vous améliorer et peut être devenir Hokage !
When you think of Naruto games what are the first ones that come to mind? Maybe the storm series? Some of the Wii games perhaps? If you happen to be an older fan of the series you might have even touched the earliest adaptations of the series to the hands of people across the world. What if we told you that we have made a game here on discord that could give you a video game like experience? Join today, and shape the world of naruto today with you're very own custom character!
The community server of B.D.A. Law, a One Piece based YouTuber. This is the most active server within the One Piece community.

We are passionate about One Piece and other Shonen Jump series. But we are not limited to this. We are 3 years strong of continued maintenance and refinement. Come join the server with a community unlike any other.
Welcome to Naruto: Story Of Shinobi: Reborn!

Are you sick of annoying staff? Sick of being forced to be a weak fodder OC?
Sick of not enough variation in the RP channels? Well then welcome home, brother!
Naruto: Story Of Shinobi Reborn takes place 50 years after the end of Boruto, with over 200 channels to RP in. With all technology being destroyed in the 5th great Shinobi world war, against the Akatsuki and their ally, Kirigakure.
Naruto Uzumaki And his life is now being taught as a legend. It’s up to you what you want to do now...
Join the Akatsuki, create a Hokage, learn the 8 gates or become a Swordsman. There’s no limit to your options. Create a Kekkei Genkai and be a wanderer. The skies the limit! Hell, one of my OC’s runs a Ramen shop!
Come on in and have some fun. We’re open to all and any new members!
A chill Naruto Rp server! Come and help evolve our story!

25 Years after the events of Boruto, the world is in a bad state. New Kages take to the seats of power, each with their own goals and ambitions, the Akatsuki have returned, and a new villain begins to make his first moves.

☢️non toxic☢️ ☮️friendship-starts☮️
♋️memes♋️ 🇯🇵anime🇯🇵 💮StarWars💮
Hello ! Welcome to SHINOBI CHAMPIONS !




We are a small community of Naruto && Boruto fans looking for more people to rp with . We aren't strict nor are we neat . Basically , all you do is claim a canon character and just start hanging out with us ! It's pretty fun , and a great way to find some life long friends , wink wink ME ! If you ever need a group of people to talk to when bored then we're the peeps . Also , we are accepting any partners right now !


What we offer

• Cool roleplay and currency bots for daily fun ! EX ; ZeroTwo and Dank Memer , the basic 🤖

• Family trees for each clan 🌲

• Reaction Roles ! ✏️

• Cool emojis to use outside of our server ! 🧚‍♀️

• A chance to meet amazing people 👥

• Advertisement for your social media📱

• Boruto spoilers , IF you want them , teehee 🏮

• Giveaways 🎁

• Fun Kahoots and Quizlets just for the heck of it ✌️

• Music 🎵
Official Boruto Discord.

All about Anime! We also love singing. 200+ Emojis and losing people, join us! Do it Shinobi!


Welcome to a world of strange opportunity, of risk, danger, and excitement. The curious find deep secrets, monsters in disguise, and unlikely friends. Draw power from within, from the body, and nature. Weapons to throw, to strike, slash, and break. The world is at violent peace, waiting for a change, for a catalyst. Will there be a war? Will the monsters break free? Maybe you will be that catalyst.

🔮An Alternate Universe of Opportunity🔮

The world is familiar, filled with chakra, shinobi, and dazzling techniques of masterful ninja. So many different faces, so many strange places. The history you might know is so very different, leaving the future in your hands. With no great heroes to save the day, will you step up? 

🗻 Experience a Brand New Adventure! 🗻

Fulfil your Ninja Way with [Proto RP] Naruto, a fresh and unique take on the classic franchise. Filled with competent and experienced roleplayers willing to assist, come learn to be a ninja with help and hindrances. Missions, Events, Spars, and Epic Battles await those that commit to the way of the ninja. Will you have the will to surpass your foes?

💶 Work Hard to Earn Ryo and Custom Jutsu💱

Systems of great care and love of the source and roleplay make every action count. Working hard Earns money, and money can be used to progress your character and even learn brand new things. Custom jutsus and ninja animals can be earned and trained to make your ninja a renowned master themselves. Will you become the God of Shinobi?

⛩ Progress Through a Story of Generations⛩

Starting around 40 years before the time the canon started, our journey moves ever forward, allowing anyone to begin a fresh start with fellow Genin, lead by the Chuunin and Jonin that came before. Anyone can reach their potential here…
Will you?
Will Of Fire is a semi-literate roleplay server set 100 years after the Fourth Great Shinobi War. All canon characters are long gone, making room for a new generation of Shinobi to take the lead.
We have the following:
- A customized Roleplaying experience enjoyable for all
- NO overpowered Characters
- A list of Banned/Restricted things
- An immersive Ryo System, and an advanced Stats and Jutsu system
- Dedicated Staff
- And more!

Join now:
**The most underrated server in it’s category! The hidden Leaf server is your home, you just don’t know it, with staff to guide you we hope you cherish every memory you make here. We offer “conversation (lol)” pvp (personalized to be naruto themed), hidden server collectibles, a casino +board games, crazy events and a small section of rp (non kanon ) and not to mention 100+ amazing emotes for our nitro boosters! Thank you for reading this and btw your tongue moves from the back of your mouth to the front when you say “Crisp” mhm! What are you waiting for??? Join Today! ~Created in 2018 ** Created in 2018
Don't like ads while watching your favorite Anime? We are here to help. Our server provides ad free High Quality Video Embeds of your favorite Anime series along with Discussions, GIVEAWAYS, NITRO and NETFLIX DROPS, games, emotes and other Anime related stuff.
Your search for an all-round Anime server ends Here!!! Come, join our server. The staff are all friendly and willing to help with anything! We offer a variety of other activities ranging from using bots to play games like dank memer and ect, Giveaways, Manga, Events and more! We have something for everyone so if you're a Anime fan, or just getting into Anime Why not give us a try?
In this world Orochimaru has become the fourth hokage instead of Minato Namikaze due to the influence of Danzo. Orochimaru has an alliance with the Akatsuki

The Nine-tails attack still happens but in this world Kushina dies with the Nine-tails and then the Nine-tails respawns randomly in the world. Minato and Naruto are still alive and Minato still beats Obito and forces him to retreat

Every other Tailed Beasts are still wild and Obito still creates the Akatsuki but Itachi isn't apart of the Akatsuki but instead a new Shinobi.

Since Orochimaru is hokage he has access to alot more techniques and forbidden techniques make him much stronger then before

The tension between the Uchiha clan and the Leaf is high but the Uchihas haven't planned a coup d'etat

The Land of Iron is trying to increase its military strength, while The land of Water is trying to get more land for their growing population. Every nation is pretty uneasy because of Orochimaru becoming Hokage but you won't be killed for being in other lands

Many rogue Shinobi's and other dangerous threats have been popping up trying to achieve their own goals

This is a naruto rp-rpg! Its dice based and has its own custom system! Hopefully you will enjoy playing, as we wanna provide a chill place to rp-rpg. You can say what you want for the most part, don't bully but bad words don't bother us.. so have a good time playing Naruto: New Power!
This is a new server in the Naruto universe but with DND rules. Combat Stats, Rolls ect. It’s a place where you can come and create your own personal character within the verse and have fun. Timeline is set about 30 years after the start of Boruto.
It has been 60 years since the events of the Infinite Tsukuyomi. The world has been at peace for years and most of Naruto and his friends have either retired or passed on. Their kids now leading their clans and the village. Peace has held for years but is on the brink of collapse into all out war.

-Most of the main Leaf village clans are available and most of the others

-Story driven

-Fighting system

-Mission system

-18+ because ERP is allowed in marked channels

You will start as a Genin and work your way up the ranks, you can even go rogue if you dare