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Hello! Naruto: History Rewritten is a community of roleplayers based in the universe of the Naruto anime series. We have a friendly, open atmosphere, and would like to extend an open invitation to shinobi and non-shinobi alike! Create the OC you've always wanted to see and bring them to life! Explore the variety of landscapes, become an important member of your favorite village, and join a team of fellow fans! An amazing adventure awaits you.
English only!
we're a shitty naruto rp server but we have good lore ig just fuckin join and see if you like it. We're small so you can get away with more. A lot of roles are open.
A relatively new server where people can Role Play and talk about anything Naruto. Make your own character and interact with other server members to have as much fun as you want.
@everyone The lore of this rp is that is 100 years after Naruto became hokage, meaning new clans have been made, new dojustu's have evolved. All the jinchuriki have been split up... The uchiha rised again from sasuke... meaning that they have the chance to awaken the.... rinnegan... but it is only a chance, besides that the uchiha unlocked a new type of sharingan... The Blue Sharingan.... it has all the normal stages of the sharingan but it allows many new powers...... there is a legend that who ever wields the blue sharingan can destroy the world with a snap of their fingers.... it is said that there is no wielder but their the eyes of it are somewhere... Welcome to the Naruto Dawn of the ninja rp! I am your host Nick. And here is some info about this server, This server is still really WIP so don't expect much right now. But we try to listen to the people to make sure you guys have a better experience. we also do events sometimes!
Sharingan - 写輪眼 is a server for discussing anime, gaming and other topics. There are Naruto emotes and quality looking voice chats. Although, it is considered an anime server, there are discussions about various games such as league of legends and player unknown battlegrounds.
Hello, this is a Naruto based RP server for all. We gladly welcome all newcomers. We're still new and we are setting up as we go. Please feel free to join and help us make it a better community and check us out.
This server is one where you can join to roleplay with other people in the roblox game (NxB) Beyond
I Just Started This Server And I Hope You Guys Want To Help Me Build It Up This Is About Naruto Related Stuff.It Is A Roleplay Server And My Youtube Channel Room Too.
Naruto's Darkest Hour -
Welcome to Naruto's Darkest Hour, a Discord Based Naruto RPG! The RPG takes placed in a Naruto Alternate Universe, with an apocalypse style setting where all the shinobi of the land band together to fight back agains the encroaching darkness! Come, be any kind of shinobi you can dream of! Come with friends, make teams and fight ferocious enemies! Or perhaps fighting isn't your style? Maybe you would prefer to be a healer? Or a legendary blacksmith? Anything is possible in Naruto's Darkest Hour! Come explore an entire new world, where even the smallest butterfly can have an enormous effect! And the only limit is your imagination!

Naruto's Darkest Hour Offers The Following:

Naruto Roleplay, with an ever growing server.
A Naruto RPG System, with Stats and much more!
In depth content, that is constantly evolving.
A PvE environment, where you can test your creativity against the various monsters of this new world!
Mature, dedicated staff who will do their best to help you be the best ninja you can be!
A system where we strive to balance the world so everyone feels relevant!
Creativity is encouraged!

Come discover your Nindo!
Ninshu RP is an active and high-quality story-driven RP community based on Discord which is looking for more Roleplayers to grow our ranks! (Founded 02/19/2018.)(Rebooted 10/8/2018)((Compete RP Reboot! Join for a fresh start and equal access to positions in the RP!))

We've got it all!
-Great Rewards for effort, good roleplay, and making yourself an asset to the community!
-Character Progression!
-Active Admins who can provide individualized help to make your RP more enjoyable!
-Events and Story Arcs!
-A tight nit community, an environment that you can carve out your own place and feel at home!

Joining us allows you numerous opportunities to explore character growth and experience actual progress through the ranks of the Shinobi system. Start out as a Genin and learn what it means to be a Shinobi. Start out as a Jonin and lead your very own team. The possibilities are endless as long as you're willing and able to work with the community. You WILL get as much as you put into this RP. Believe it! (You've got to have a good grasp of the English Language and have decent writing skills.)
Welcome to Anime Roleplay 2! A brand new Roleplay server for Anime!

We have ALL kinds of anime! Be any character from any anime you wish!

We have 300+ gif and image commands to bring your roleplays to life!

We mainly focus on the most popular anime, some of which include:

- Dragon Ball

- Naruto

- One Piece

- One Punch Man

- My Hero Academia

- Bleach

- Fairy Tail

- JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

Come join today! We could use a great roleplayer like you!
Are you a Naruto Fan? Do you want to write stories with fellow fans? Then this server is for you~!

Shinobi Way is a new Naruto RP server that takes place during the Naruto Shippuden Timeline. We are OC friendly, and welcome people who want to play heros like the members of Team 7. So get your shuriken, your ninja headbands, and teammates ready! The battle for peace is at hand!

-> Dedicated Owner
-> Friendly environment
-> Ship friendly - OC and Cannon
-> Multiverse/Infinate Tsukuyomi friendly
-> RP Only

Free Ichiraku Ramen for all who join!
At the end of the Fourth Ninja War, Naruto and Sasuke killed eachother instead of just losing their arms. They would be remembered in history as possibly the strongest Shinobi of their time, despite how Sasuke got his strength. Indra and Asura's chakra didn't go into another reincarnation, though, it must've found the problems fufilled. In this age, Genin are starting to graduate, and the Akatsuki are growing. But what is their plan this time?

Join the server, our community is fun and stuff. *What else do I say... Oh!* We uh, have clan caps so not everyone will be an uchiha, so uh, yeah. And we have a growing akatsuki group so you'll never be bored!
World of Ninjas is a real-time, Naruto-based roleplaying game. We offer a dynamic roleplaying environment with beautiful 2D graphics, unique jutsu and abilities, and compelling story crafted by both our players and our dedicated team.

Join our server to find out how to get started!
ºShinobi Gaidenº is a Naruto-Based RP server that takes place after the third shinobi war. Join now to create your Genin and join the mission to take down Kruda! Play for any type of village, and create a new future for Shinobi everywhere!

⊸ Dedicated Owner
⊸ Very Active Staff
⊸ Quick responses
⊸ RP-Only
⊸ Non-Toxic
⊸ BRAND new, so now's the time for +Genin creation!
⊸ Fair rules for both general and combat.
⊸ Many pinned GIFs/JPGs for a more immersive atmosphere.
⊸ Equal treatment of all players.
Hello and welcome to the server (hopefully) now this server is one where you can join create an oc and enjoy the rp, also this server is relatively new so there may not be much people rping (hopefully you can change that) the story for this rp is pretty simple it takes place at the beginning of naruto but naruto died when he was born so the main story events will still take place, also this server only takes place in Konohagakure and we have also recently added Kumogakure so you can rp there as well. This server is also pretty new so there’s not a lot of people rping in it)
we're an anime and japanese based server, our server is also welcoming to gamers and anyone chill. our staff is flexible and we dont have many rules.
In this server you can RP in the Naruto universe! Choose what ninja rank you want to be! We welcome all kinds of Roleplayers even people just starting out! We can even talk about the Naruto series!
This server is basically just a server that I created so I could replay as if I’m in the times of the clan wars in naruto, something that you should know though is that the only available clans is Senju and Uchiha but Custom clans are allowed. So if you want want to join server that allows you to be a Shinobi warrior in war then please join. (The server is prwttt new though)
Welcome to TheScarletWolves Discord Server
The goal of this server is to have a large community of people who have a set of diverse interests
And contribute into making the community special!
This server will serve as a Talking/Gaming/Anime hub for the users.
With Custom roles for leveling up
Currency to customize your experience
Assignable Roles to distinguish yourself
And custom bots to enhance your experience
I have worked Countless hours on this server
And I love the community we are creating
I hope you become a part of it and treasure

Shinobi Timelines Reborn is a community based off of the popular anime naruto. We are a story driven role-play with systems that work perfectly in the universe of naruto. Although we are based on naruto, we shied away from the canon timeline to create a unique experience for our members. We are currently the most popular naruto roleplay server on discord, so if you’re a roleplayer, you’re almost guaranteed to enjoy this server. What are you waiting for?
A Newly Opened Server!
All the characters in the original series are just legends,its unknown if they even existed or not,many think they did,many think they did no,nothing is clear so far...uchiha,uzumaki and senju members are still very rare,all of the villages do not trust eachother and most of the shinobi from diffrent villages will attack on sight,there are many rogues so be careful!
Come join us!We are a few Naruto roleplay server looking for members,hope you join us!
We are strict about our rules, but please do respect them.
If not:
You'll be warned
Then kicked
Then Ban
And finally your actions to not abide by the rules will lead to a Perma Death.
This role play is heavily based on naruto, but it is all oc based. While you are not allowed to be a cannon character, you can easily make your oc close to that character; or, you can go all out and make your own character! you can be whatever you want, and be from any hidden village you want. We have many ideas for a character jutsu / clans , in case you need help with thinking of something. Come on to our rp and make your powerful oc !
Are you a Naruto fan? Do you have a slight interest in Naruto? Are you a newbie to it? Whatever your stance is, come join us at NMA!

What is this server?
Naruto: Modern Age is obviously a server about naruto. We have RP channels, Reaction Roles, a simple stat system, custom character profiling and more!

We hope you join the shinobi fam, we'll endeavour to be friendly as can be and hope you meet some cool users here!

- Chill and relax while chatting with our awesome users
- Meet new shinobi
- Learn more about Naruto by asking questions or reading the fact of the day!
- Chat about other anime in the anime channel
- Build long-lasting friendships
- Give us suggestions on how to improve and what we can add

*We hope you come join us!*