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Oº°‘¨ ◣ Uchiha Shinobis ◥ ¨‘°ºO

RO: Salut ! Numele meu este Delta Uchiha și sunt aici pentru a te invita pe serverul meu de Discord . 🍥
Tema serverului 👺 : Naruto & Boruto
Jocuri : 🍙 - Pokecord
🌀 - League of Legends
💣 - PUBG
🏮- Metin2
❗ Pot fii mai multe canale , doar dă-mi mesaj privat 👌

🌐 Chat Internațional
💮 Rol special pentru fetele clanui Uchiha
😂 Canal de Meme-uri și Media
😳 Canal NSFW
🎵 Radio Konoha
🎉 Giveaway-uri
🎨 Roluri colorate specifice tematicii . Exemple : Sharingan , Rinnegan , Naruto Sage Mode etc. 🔥

🤝 Canale pentru parteneriate și parteneriate Premium 💠

🕶 Nu sunt reguli stricte !

🆙 Sistem de nivele în funcție de activitate :
- Level 5 🔹 | Genin
- Level 10 🔷 | Chuunin
- Level 15 🔸 | Jounin
- Level 20 🔶 | Special Jounin
- Level 30 ㊙️ | ANBU

📱 Avem o pagină de instagram unde postăm AMVs , Artworks , Costplay din tematica Naruto & Boruto
💥 Follow @uchiha.shinobis

Server Link :
Do you play Shinobi Striker (Video game) or NRPG Beyond (Roblox game)? Are you a fan of Naruto/Boruto and want to be part of a roleplay community? Then this is the server for you!

We are a new server for all those Naruto Fans out there, join and see if you like it and want to stay

What we offer:

📌- Roleplay channels
📌- Gameplay channels
📌- Cool bots (Like marriage bot ;P)
📌- All Naruto ninja ranks (It is a roleplay)
📌- Exams and other ways to Rank up
📌- The Hokage (Owner) is always active
📌- Currently we are hiring Staff (The rest of the Kages, Sannin and Anbu)
📌- We have a self promo channel to promote your youtube, server etc
📌- Different language channels
📌- Other fun channels like selfies, memes, music or bot games

Come join us and take part of the Shinobi Family!
Join our Naruto discord server for a ninja mission of a lifetime,If you play nxb,ninja blazing or other naruto games then this is the place for you
Path of Defiance is a unique *NEW!* Naruto RP server! We like to give the players little restriction, so anyone can fulfill whatever desires they may want in an Naruto RP server!

Hopefully you'll join along, and see what adventure comes your way. Cheers !

Bem-Vindo ao "Naruto RPG: Nova Saga Shinobi".

Aqui temos:

1. Staff deveras competente (E sim, esse não é mais um daqueles servers que dizem ter staff competente para a staff ser uma merda. Somos realmente empenhados.)

2. Quantidade massiva de clãs, kekkei genkais, kinjutsus e doujutsus.

3. Baseado em status e rankings, mas ainda sim, todas as ações e ataques são por rp e estratégia.

4. Sistema balanceado, possuí giveaways de coisinhas boas.

5. Grande vasto número de chats para rp, incluindo categoria de vários países, não somente as 5 nações ninjas.

6. Sabe aqueles serveres de naruto que seguem a história do anime? Acabando a criar protagonistas? A gente sente a sua dor, não vamos seguir a história do anime :)

7. Divirta-se baby
An AU Naruto RP Server set just after the Third Great Shinobi War.
With no canon characters our lore and plots are entirely OC driven, created by players and staff alike to give the most creative and interactive roleplay possible. The server and its systems are constantly being updated and adjusted by the Team with community feedback in mind.

What we offer:
- Active and Cooperative Staff Team
- Community-focused Storytelling
- Established server lore from the end of the War until now, based on OC decisions.
- Banned & Restricted Content to keep things balanced
- Regulated Content to ensure quality RP (Tailed Beasts, High Chakra Clans, etc)
- A broad and balanced selection of items and weapons
- Custom jutsu, clans, kekkei genkais, summons, etc.
- Monthly Chūnin Exams and themed events
- Sophisticated 3d6 Dice Combat System that focuses on strategy over luck.
- Accessible Progression System that starts everyone as a genin, rewarding those that put effort into their OC.
- Tatsumaki, Groovy, Ticket Tool, Unbelievaboat bots all in the server for convenient use
- Village specific missions and groups (Puppet Brigade, Barrier Corps, etc)
- Career options, such as, Kage Advisor, Clan Head, Ambassador.
- Over 200 roleplay channels across all 5 Great Nations and Minor Nations
- Endless possibilities for literate writers
- Encouragement and help for those hoping to improve their prose
- Friendly & Active Voice Chat and OOC channels
- Level 2 Discord Boost, Naruto themed emotes and other mememotes.
[Naruto Divine Medium]

Welcome to Naruto Divine Medium we offer alot of great mechanics and systems. We plan to expand our roleplay community and have a big functional and fun server for all naruto lovers enjoy.
『Good Staff』
『Active Server』
『Fun Bots to use』
『Easy Partner』
『Various role-play channels』
『Custom abilities』
『Actively creating RP events』
『Great community』
- Choose your Village!
- Choose your Clan!
- Customized Roles/Emojis!
- Roleplay!
- Rap Battles!

We are a fairly new Naruto/Anime server, looking for new members who are passionate about Naruto and Anime!
Please feel free to post memes, share some words of wisdom, spit some hot fire, or just talk about Anime.
We look forward to seeing you, Shinobi UwU


We also have OwO bot ()__()
------------------------ MEGAVERSE ------------------------
------------ "The Universe of every Multiverses" ------------

Do you have multiple interests? Then join MEGAVERSE where multiple universes collide!

» We stream anime

» We stream TV shows

» We stream movies

» Members can stream anything of their choice in the public streams VC (as long as they don't go against the server rules.)

» We have cool and amazing 150+ emojis!

» We also have some interesting discussions about art, writing,, health, conspiracies, creepy/horror stuff and much more!


» The server is currently boosted up to level 2!
Yep, we actually named a server this, but whatever you're not here to ask that you're here to find a good server to join aren't you? Of course you are you're on disboard reading this, Well look no further my friend and join our server, small as we may be I have a feeling it'll be a great server!

We have things like:

- Very epic roles

- Very epic bots like Dank Memer and Paisley Park

- Very epic and not toxic staff and staff applications

- My bad habit of saying very epic

Come join! Or don't idk.

☢️non toxic☢️ ☮️friendship-starts☮️
♋️memes♋️ 🇯🇵anime🇯🇵 💮StarWars💮
Shinobi Story is a 𝟯𝗗 𝗢𝗽𝗲𝗻-𝗪𝗼𝗿𝗹𝗱 𝗣𝘃𝗣-𝗥𝗣-𝗦𝗮𝗻𝗱𝗯𝗼𝘅 based on the world of Naruto that is currently being developed by a passionate & technical team of 12 people who are bringing the Land of Fire & rest of the ninja world to life! In Shinobi Story you are able to permanently influence the world story, rank up in the village ranks of Genin through Jounin, go missing or rogue to chase power, pick a clan, pick an element, learn forbidden and hidden jutsu of great power, play politics, fully customize your shinobi, form squads, accomplish missions, and even permanently kill other players!

Come join our community Discord server to see live game development updates, be a part of our large, ever-growing community, make friends & enemies, and get ready to embark on your own ninja way!
• Torne-se um shinobi em: Naruto: Shinobi Legend「RPG」🇧🇷

• Comece a história de seu personagem

• Evolua

• Combata o mal ou junte-se a ele

• Combata a Kara ou junte-se a ela

• 7 aldeias diferentes para participar

• Vários clãs diferentes

Venha participar de nosso RPG, estamos te esperando.
We are a new Naruto RP server. Have you ever wanted to save your village, or make impact on a story? Come create your legacy in our server!
The Shonen Heaven is a friendly server where you can talk with other weebs and anime fans about different anime and much more you can also share your edits and amv's wallpapers etc... we also have a movie night once or twice every week also we have a bunch of voice channels where you can listen to music and talk with other weebs. The Shonen Heaven also have channels where you can send arts memes and talk about off topic subjects ! and specified anime channels like my hero hunter X hunter one piece Bleach and much more altought you must be at least 13 years old or older to join the server hope to see you there !!
Hey! If you like Naruto, please come join this server! We have bots like mudae, pokecord, and marriagebot. You're able to pick your own clan and what village you are from. So what are you waiting for? Come join us!
• Selam! Beni bir dinlemelisin. Sunucumuz bir naruto roleplay sunucusudur. Peki içinde neler var?
• Ayrıntılı element jutsuları, genjutsular, taijutsu kapıları. (eksikler var ama her gün ekleniyor.)
• Akademi dersleri.
• Bijuu çekilişleri.
• Klanlar.
• Chuunin sınavları.
• 3 kişilik takımlar
• Klan evleri, bahçeleri.
• Geliştirilebilen statlar.
• Doujutsular.
Ve daha sayamayacağım kadar şey içerde seni bekliyor.
ΣПD ӨF BӨЯΣDӨM es un servidor dedicado mas que todo al mudae donde podras encontrar a tus waifus/husbandos preferidos
·̩̩̥**•̩̩͙✩•̩̩͙*˚ Moshi Mosh! ˚*•✩•̩̩͙*˚*·̩̩̥

Are you looking for a friendly anime server with active members and active moderators? If so The Weeb Akatsuki is the place for you!

。ₓ ू ₒ ु ˚ ू ₒ ु ₓ。

We are a group of nice & friendly weebs who enjoy a vast amount of animes! Most of us also enjoy various video games. We host a few weekly events such as..

☾ Anime Night~ Saturday

☾ Movie Night~ Friday

☾ Osu Night~ Wednesday

We also have some cute emojis & levled roles depending on how much you talk! We have one owner, one co owner & 6 moderators. We are always open for partnerships!

。ₓ ू ₒ ु ˚ ू ₒ ु ₓ。

We all hope you consider joining us!

。ₓ ू ₒ ु ˚ ू ₒ ु ₓ。

Lots of love,
☾ The Weeb Akatsuki ☾
Naruto: Shinobi Legacy

Hello and welcome to Naruto: Shinobi Legacy. This Naruto-Based roleplay server follows its own lore and completely custom history. 14 years after The third of the alternate Three Great Shinobi Wars after the Warring States period is when this server enfolds. The lore and story is entirely player-driven to the point where there’s an open environment where anybody has the potential of altering the Shinobi world in any possible way they wish. This can differ from becoming Hokage after committing a coup on the previous one, or even founding an evil organization dedicated on seizing control of all Five Great Nations. There’s plenty of opportunities within this Server for all, as well as high-quality systems and such.

What We Have To Offer:

• An intricate and balanced set of systems and guides.

• Interesting and lengthy lore and story.

• Nearly 300 fun channels to explore.

• Accepting and friendly community, that provides assistance to those in need.

• Sense of growth and development via gradually rising in rank, prestige and power from the rank of Genin.

• Regulated Tailed Beasts and Abilities.

• Active and dedicated Staff Team.

• A dozen fun and interesting bots to use.

• Safe and toxic-free environment.

• Dozens of clans to choose from, as well as the option to create your own Custom Clan and Kekkei Genkai.

• Allow other to create custom jutsu and techniques, allowing for a more unique personal Arsenal.

• Varied Events, as well as Monthly-held Chūnin Exams event.

• Semi-Literate to Highly Literate roleplaying standards.

• Freedom and power to your original created character to change the world as they see fit.
500 years after the birth and death of Naruto is where this timeline begins. With the clans and nations finally in a place of peace and respect with each other. New evils stirring in the background and just waiting to strike at the 5 Great Ninja nations. The Ninja of each village all continue their training and all Kage making sure to direct the now free Tailed Beasts into the wilderness and away from people the other villages. Tailed Beasts roaming the land put some tension on the minds of the people and some even tried to hunt the beasts to take their power.... They were never heard from again. And now...the current time in Naruto || New Dreams!

Note: All canon characters are long dead.