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The community server of B.D.A. Law, a One Piece based YouTuber. This is the most active server within the One Piece community.
Jwintrode's Bearded Community!!! This is a community discord created to help streamers build and grow their individual communities. As well as bring together those that enjoy watching, supporting, and helping other's pursue their goals as streamers! We are all here to help and support one another as friends and like family, we will always uplift and help each other! This is a Family Friendly discord, we're a chill bunch and love chatting while catching pokemon with our Pokebot! Come join us in the Bearded Community!
⚘፧ °↳Introduction . . . . .
♚Easy Stat & Combat System in a Naruto centered environment.
♛Free roam Rp and creativity [That doesn't mean infiltrate others villages and expect no reaction]
♜Weekly & Monthly Events [As activity grows, the more events we will have take place.]
♝Creative Admin Team [Always looking for more members to bring something new to the table.]
♞Chill Environment [We try to minimize drama so you our members can enjoy the community.]

✨ Lore ✨

❍ It has been seven years since the end of the warring states period, clans have united, families who were separated could now return back to their homes to see their loved ones again. And the five nations who were torn to pieces by the clans who were the causes of this were could now rebuild themselves. They tell stories of a Senju who lead a army to rival the Uchiha, and a Uchiha who was feared as the Antichrist. They fought countless battles, each were at a stalemate. The two would fight for years, blooding their blades while ignoring the damage that they were causing to the surroundings. The warring clans went on battling each other for days to nights until one day a strange phenomenon happen to the Uchiha Leader while on the battlefield, for the brother of the Senju Leader this was a opportunity to strike and end all of this, while the Uchiha was weakened he would attempt to go and finish him off but the cries of his foolish brother halted him before he could deal the final blow. The story was said that the man who prevented a calamity from happening, a man who kept his promise to his friend was no other than Hashirama Senju. His calling for his friend had finally been answered and together with Madara and Hashirama they ended the fighting and gathered a new alliance, creating the very village where we stand on, uniting the clans to form a great nation. That my fellow students, is how the leaf village came to come into existence. Tobirama finishes his talk with Danzo and Hiruzen, whether if his story was true or not one thing was for sure and that’s the history our Shinobi World will be greatly altered by the events that transpired. Will you become a savior or send reckoning the world with your ambition, the story is yours to control and so onwards my fellow ninjas to a world where you can create, and enjoy to your hearts content.

There is peace for now so let the good times roll.

Rules . . . . .
❍ Our most basic Rule is follow discord guidelines, our rules stim off of professionalism, and we treat everyone considerately. So respect their rules and ours please. You will find our rules in the rule section.

Staff . . . . .
࿄ Admin ﹏ Owner
࿄ Co Admin ﹏ Co Owner
࿄ Xia ﹏ Head Moderator
࿄ Illxct ﹏ Co Head Moderator
࿄ Boredom ﹏ Moderator
࿄ Unknown ﹏ Moderator
࿄ Hexy ﹏ Moderator
࿄ Espin Picturi ﹏ Moderator
࿄ A Player ﹏ Trial Moderator
࿄ King Cutta ﹏ Trial Moderator
Art Of Shinobi

In this AU rp the story takes place roght after the warring states has ended and the kage are being selected.

The warring states lasted a few years longer and ended when the greatest 2 ninja to ever exist, Madara and Hashirama, killed the world leaders and then killed each other for their ideals.

Now the 5 nations are residing in peace out of respect for the 2 great ninja of the world, though plenty of rouge ninja have been appearing as they hate they new way the world is turning up.

Who's to say how this world of Shinobi may differ from the one we all saw growing up, but it us who will shape it and turn it into a proper world wether its one of peace or war.

We need at least 2 more admin.
We have a full stat system. A money system and a sword system!!
Welcome to the Official Boruto Discord!
If you love Naruto and Boruto then you would love this server and make new friends who have the same common interest as you!
Attractive girls 16+ welcomed, we already got more than enough guys. Funny and active #NoDiscordPredatorsAllowed.
You must send a selfie within 2 minutes of joining!
Time NOW starts
We are an upcoming Naruto server, withsome Roleplaying and fun events.
Be sure to join early since we are still looking for Kage.
Builders can get different fun bonusses!!
Naruto: Shinobi's Pride is a newly made roleplay server that may need updates and whatnot. This server is going to have prizes for those who do participate in the roleplay; all roleplay will affect others and the overall movement of the server's plot.
Now, you may be asking, “What cool things are in this server?” Well, I am here to tell you!
In this server you can….
√Become a Jinchūriki and protect, or attack, your village!
√Create your own character, persona, and jutsu!
√Become a Kage and protect your village!
√Teach Genin and Chūnin to become strong!
√Complete missions and earn ryō!
√Become known throughout the nations as either a hero or a villain!
√Charge through exams!
√And even more!
-Helpful, kind, and informed staff!
-Easy to follow lore(If you know about Naruto)
-Friendly and fun residents
-Bustling roleplay
I hope you enjoy your stay!
Only Clowns Allowed is a random server I came up with to just have fun and talk about anime, and you can do whatever BUT THE ONE RULE IS ONLY CLOWNS ALLOWED
Be yourself, have fun and chill with everyone.
Waifu bots, music bots, and a fun community.
Join Akatsuki
(soon to be akatsuki emotes)
"The Tailed Beasts are scattered, and in their absence, the shadow of a Cold War creeps over the land. In spite of what village leadership would have their citizens believe, already shinobi meet each other in the untamed wilds, skirmishing for resources and defensive positions. With the balance tipped so heavily toward violence, it falls to a new generation of Shinobi to guide the scales of fate. What will you choose?"

• Text-based roleplay server, set in an original Naruto AU.

• In a familiar land with a few homebrew twists, assume the role of your own original character. Journey from Genin to Jonin. Champion the cause of your shinobi village, or go rogue and pursue your own ends.

• A balanced, easy-to-use combat system. Create custom techniques to turn the tides of battle, utilize ninja tools, and call upon summoned creatures to fight by your side.

• Steady progression, attentive and helpful staff, and frequent events make for a stand-out experience.


Welcome to a world of strange opportunity, of risk, danger, and excitement. The curious find deep secrets, monsters in disguise, and unlikely friends. Draw power from within, from the body, and nature. Weapons to throw, to strike, slash, and break. The world is at violent peace, waiting for a change, for a catalyst. Will there be a war? Will the monsters break free? Maybe you will be that catalyst.

🔮An Alternate Universe of Opportunity🔮

The world is familiar, filled with chakra, shinobi, and dazzling techniques of masterful ninja. So many different faces, so many strange places. The history you might know is so very different, leaving the future in your hands. With no great heroes to save the day, will you step up? 

🗻 Experience a Brand New Adventure! 🗻

Fulfil your Ninja Way with [Proto RP] Naruto, a fresh and unique take on the classic franchise. Filled with competent and experienced roleplayers willing to assist, come learn to be a ninja with help and hindrances. Missions, Events, Spars, and Epic Battles await those that commit to the way of the ninja. Will you have the will to surpass your foes?

💶 Work Hard to Earn Ryo and Custom Jutsu💱

Systems of great care and love of the source and roleplay make every action count. Working hard Earns money, and money can be used to progress your character and even learn brand new things. Custom jutsus and ninja animals can be earned and trained to make your ninja a renowned master themselves. Will you become the God of Shinobi?

⛩ Progress Through a Story of Generations⛩

Starting around 40 years before the time the canon started, our journey moves ever forward, allowing anyone to begin a fresh start with fellow Genin, lead by the Chuunin and Jonin that came before. Anyone can reach their potential here…
Will you?

𝙬𝙚𝙡𝙘𝙤𝙢𝙚 𝙩𝙤 Game of Shinobi !

🈯️Enter a world with custom villages and lore, but not clans and techniques. While Konohagakure or Sunagakure isn’t a thing, all canon clans and techniques are in the roleplay.

🈵You cannot be a character from Naruto. You’re only allowed to be an OC / “Original Character.”

🈂️The server runs on an RTK-basis. RTK stands for “Reason-to-Kill,” meaning you cannot kill anyone without a “good reason.”

🈷️Will you rise high in the shinobi world... perhaps become a Kage ⁉️ Or perhaps you’ll earn one of the Tailed Beast and become renown ⁉️ Or maybe you’ll fail terribly and DIE. Find out in 🦋Game of Shinobi.💕

Two sides of the same coin in the past, stuck in an eternal conflict. The sides are known as Indra and Asura, one believing that they should only rely on themselves due to their overwhelming power and the other gaining their power from others, teaching those beneath him the way of Ninshu. Though during this ever ending conflict through their days alive there was never a day of peace, the hate and love for each other passing within their own bloodlines commonly, sometimes going to those out of the bloodline. This had led to various generations of reincarnations, the most prominent being Rengi Uchiha and Kenshi Senju These two were considered gods of their time, one mastering the power of the eyes and the other in Jutsu. Though while peaceful when settling the first village they had later descended into chaos, both killing each other at the same time. Though Renji’s dream never-dying as he had spread it into the mind of a younger man. Now in the modern-day, we see the leader of the Hidden leaf, Kata Inuzuka, the reincarnation of Asura. Then Shingetsu, the leader of the Akatsuki, the reincarnation of Indra. Originally agreeing with each other and allies even, they grew distant and hate started to brew. Though they may not be the heroes of this story, maybe it will be the newest generation. Though with the lack of Uchiha from a recent massacre no one knows if there will be true power this time around.

Hey! We are a non-canon Naruto server specifically for RP. This is non-canon, an example of that is Naruto and Sasuke don't exist, no one does! We're a community of roleplayers and Naruto fans all over! What we have to offer:

-A polite, calm, and caring staff!

-An active, nice, warm community!

-Different villages to RP in. With extensive accurate rooms, buildings, and events in the villages!
And there's much more! The possibilities are endless! So why don't ya join our adventure in 'Lost times!'
Join now and meet many anime fans. Share anime memes and great content with other fellow anime lovers.
Lore: Kaguya came to earth with a male mate Okuhito together the two birthed Hamura and Hagoromo. While the Ancient Lands flourished with Kaguya protected the people, Okuhito went off to found the land that would eventually come to be known as Hoshigakure, naming it after his desire to go back to the stars, Hoshigakure would then become the worlds oldest living great Nation. From that point everything up until the Hashirama and Madara era will remain as told by cannon. However afterward there are a few changes, Tobirama made his forbidden scroll before the creation of the Konohagakure and during the fight between Tobirama and Izuna, Izuna survived and killed Tobirama in self-defense. Madara offered his life to Hashirama as payment for his brother's death, Hashirama however not wanting vengeance, told Madara to keep his life. Afterward, both created Konohagakure, and Hashirama willed Madara to be the first Hokage, and Madara obliged, with Tobirama gone there was little anti-Uchiha distrust among-st the citizens. Madara then leaving the clan runnings to Izuna, took the first Hokage seat. Hashirama made the Advanced Emergency Response squad of medical and anti-disaster nin, to ward of any big medical crises or the creation of any large entity such as Biju. With the death of Tobirama the Anbu black ops as we know would not exist, yet. At first, the elite shinobi of the Anbu black ops would have primarily been Uchiha under the Second Hokage Izuna Uchiha the village continued to live a relatively peaceful life with Uchiha's flourishing among-st the other main clans of Konohagakure. After First Shinobi World War the villages of Kumogakure and Iwagakure came to Flourish. With Izuna retiring his spot as the second Hokage shortly after the war, Danzo was elected as the Third Hokage. At this point, Danzo would then begin to incorporate shinobi from all areas within the village to the Anbu Black Ops believing any strong shinobi could be a member. Danzo no longer out to kill the Uchiha would happily protect the village alongside them. With the Hokage Guardian Platoon consisting of Fugaku Uchiha, Minato Namikaze, and Zengorou Uzumaki. Together the platoon broke down the formula of Tobirama's Flying Thunder God technique, breaking it down so that when all three members formed a circle, they could teleport to the side of the Hokage at any time. During the Second Shinobi War, the Hokage and his platoon were caught out, Danzo, Fugaku, and Minato all dying in battle with Zengorou Uzumaki, escaping and assuming the role as Hokage. After the Second Shinobi War, Otogakure, and Amegakure came to flourish.

-Friendly Mod Team
-Plenty of choices on what clan you can be, be it canon or custom.
-AU timeline where you can change the outcome of the shinobi world.
-Special event items that you can acquire.
If you think you have what it takes, join now!
Naruto and pals have been gone for nearly 70 years. The new wave of Shinobi are set to take place. With none of the events from Boruto ever happening and the Akatsuki being destroyed (so we thought) the great nations live in peace. This is your chance to take control of your destiny. Will you be a great Shinobi or will you die trying? Will you help take down the nations and succeed, or will you parish trying?

There have been new advances in technology, more modern, one could say, and there have been rumors of a new nation forming on the east. Who knows, rumors are just rumors. This is Naruto: Ninja Alliance.

Welcome to Naruto: Story Of Shinobi: Reborn!

Are you sick of annoying staff? Sick of being forced to be a weak fodder OC?
Sick of not enough variation in the RP channels? Well then welcome home, brother!
Naruto: Story Of Shinobi Reborn takes place 50 years after the end of Boruto, with over 200 channels to RP in. With all technology being destroyed in the 5th great Shinobi world war, against the Akatsuki and their ally, Kirigakure.
Naruto Uzumaki And his life is now being taught as a legend. It’s up to you what you want to do now...
Join the Akatsuki, create a Hokage, learn the 8 gates or become a Swordsman. There’s no limit to your options. Create a Kekkei Genkai and be a wanderer. The skies the limit! Hell, one of my OC’s runs a Ramen shop!
Come on in and have some fun. We’re open to all and any new members!
``` 20 years after boruto graduated ninja school he rose up the ranks and became hokage. During this all of the 7 lands were at peace. 2 years after boruto became hokage the Raikage was assassinated by Mercenaries called the The pillars of grief. After this all the after lands went into chaos. At the same this generation of students have graduated and are now genin. Soon they will be on the road to becoming chunin, Jonin and maybe Sanin. ```

We offer-
Friendly and helpful staff
A fun rp
Easy Stat & Combat System.
Free roam Rp and creativity [however That doesn't mean infiltrate others villages and expect no reaction]
Weekly & Monthly Events [this will change As activity grows and more events we will take place.]
Creative Admin Team [Always looking for more staff or members to bring something new to the table.]
Chill Environment [We’ll try to minimize drama so you our members can enjoy the community.]
The inevitable tides of life and death continue to flow despite the end of the third great war, and the cataclysm that only left two nations.

Age of Shinobi is a roleplay server taking place in an AU of the popular anime: Naruto.
Unlike the many competitors, AoS has a wonderful plethora of benefits that make it a great place to enjoy an RP session.
* A combat system that is easy to pick up without at all limiting writer creativity. *
* Steady progression that allows the dedicated to earn power over time, newcomers to catch up reasonably, and people with a busy life to stay relevant.*
* A friendly community that properly balances respect with a competitive edge. Reason to kill, with admins preventing griefing, and maintaining universal roleplay rules.*

Become a god among shinobi, or destroy the last remnants of tranquility.
The most underrated server in it’s category! The hidden Leaf server is your home, you just don’t know it, with staff to guide you we hope you cherish every memory you make here. We offer “conversation (lol)” pvp (personalized to be naruto themed), hidden server collectibles, a casino +board games and a small section of rp (non konnon) Thank you for reading this and btw your tongue moves from the back of your mouth to the front when you say “Crisp” mhm! What are you waiting for??? Join Today! ~Created in 2018
👋 | Bem vindo ao Naruto RP!
Um servidor roleplay com base em Naruto. Este servidor é focado em diversão e história, com Staff's ativos e e arcos "originais". Gostou? Então venha, entre no servidor!
An Anime/chill server opened for all anime lovers
Channels include:
and many more!
Join for a fun time!