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Naruto: A New Life is a newly made roleplay server that may need updates and whatnot. This server is going to have giveaways and prizes for those who do participate in the roleplay; all roleplay will affect others and the overall plot of the roleplay.
Now, you may be asking, “What cool things are in this server?” Well, I am here to tell you!
In this server you can….
√Become a Jinchūriki and protect, or attack, your village!
√Create your own character, persona, and jutsu!
√Become a Kage and protect your village!
√Teach Genin and Chūnin to become strong!
√Complete missions and earn yen!
√Become known throughout the nations as either a hero or a villain!
√Charge through exams!
√And even more!
-Helpful, kind, and informed staff!
-Easy to follow lore(If you know about Naruto)
-Friendly and fun residents
-Bustling roleplay
I hope you enjoy your time spent in Naruto: A New Life and stay a while!
A server dedicated to the series, Naruto!
Organized, monitored by a friendly staff, welcoming.
LGBT+ friendly, toxicity-free. Spoiler-free.
Discuss the show, manga, or even the fandom.
Cosplay, pairing talk, art, role-players accepted.

Always open to suggestions!
Come make new friends and see what's up.
- No advertising other servers.
- Anti-raid.
- NSFW channel.
- Nitro friendly, emotes.
Always open to more members, hope to see you around!
This Part is W.I.P so come join and check out this Server!
This is a Naruto Text based Roleplay with a completely different twist! Although some aspects of the lore may seem similar to the show we took out time to create our own lore to which the players would have a good time enjoying. There are many thing available inside of this RP, I would encourage you to hurry up and get here before there are no more spots left in your favorite clan but feel free to create your own clan! You can play and become a kage or even a bringer of pain and suffering! This Rp is filled with surprises and more cool events waiting to unfold!🎉🎈

🌐A new nation
🔥new releases
❄️ Custom kenkki genkki
✋custom jutsus and techniques
👥custom organizations and
🗡️custom weapons
⚡custom puppets
👥active people
📋Good systems
If you are interested please join everyone starts out as academy student but you can be a kage early if you want. Your character ranks up by doing the exams. Please give this server a chance.
Its been years since the events of Naruto, Naruto: Shipudden and Boruto. Fan favorites like Sasuke or Kakashi are long dead and their clans have been battling Father Time. Not many even know who the Uchiha are anymore and many villages have changed their names. The hidden leaf village has changed over to the grass village for example.
Tailed beast have long been forgotten and have become almost a myth. Elders of the villages retell stories of the wild beast helping in the great ninja war...
Kama has been outlawed and the study of it has been banned after the events of Boruto. Though the curse mark still lingers around.

This is a fairly new Naruto RP server so don’t expect anything grand! Though despite our small size we are friendly and accepting of new members. Hope to see you there : )
Welcome to Nindo! A custom rp taking place in an alternation of the naruto lore without any of the main characters, instead YOUR very own custom character takes place in this universe, join now to join the awesome adventures in Nindo. Here we are balanced, no protagonists, and have many other things that will satisfy you guys, the roleplayers.
🌀 Naruto RP | Naruto The New Era 🌀

I Know you are probably saying, “Yeah yeah yeah just another Naruto Server" But wait a minute! This Server has tried it's best to make itself better then most Naruto Servers and will continue to do so. We have plenty of great things and Sure we may miss a few things, But we have a Suggestions channel for you to point these things out! After all this is a new Server so everything might not be perfect.

:boom: Explosive Content and Fighting. :boom:

:video_camera: Looking for Staff. :video_camera:

:rofl: Funny Community.:rofl:

:writing_hand: Custom Modes, Items, etc etc in the future! :writing_hand:

And much much more, so why not at least come and try it. I promise it won’t be as bad as the other servers you are probably in, and if it is we have a suggestion chat that’ll allow you to make suggestions and the staff team will take it into consideration. Have fun!

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🔗Permanent Discord Link🔗:
♡( ◡‿◡ ) It's a narudo kinnie server, lads

Many years passed, and the legendary Uzumaki Naruto and Uchiha Sasuke passed on, continuing the Indra and Ashura reincarnation to the next century. In this world, Boruto and Kawaki never existed to destroy the Hidden Leaf. Tensions have begun, however, as a new group named Kara have taken shape and plan to activate the Infinite Tsukuyomi similar to how Madara did many years ago. Instead of a world of peace, however, they want to annihilate everyone within it, and rule the Earth. Their presence has caused the 5 Hidden Villages to be uneasy with one another, and a 5th Great Ninja War is brewing...
This story takes place in boruto times but without cannon characters. For now times are peaceful however new information is being found and strong enemies being discovered. Wars may break out with villages becoming uneasy and losing trust in each other. The last of the good otutsuki have been wiped out so keep an eye out for them

This is an upcoming rp with custom jutsu and kg. A village system where the kage controls everything in his/her village. Every Naruto rank including Akatsuki and anbu. So join now!
This is based in a universe separate to the one where our old protagonist naruto resides. This starts with asura and Indra but splits off from there. There has been one Great War called The Great Divide where many of the ninja war disputed. After the war, many clans were left distraught and lost quite a lot. Resources were shared but the clans of Senju and Uchiha were shared poorly and to survive they had to raid each other. This caused a civil war between the two clans and they fought each other destroying most of their populations leaving it scarce. The rich took this as an advantage and paid bounty hunters to steal their eyes and Senju's chakra. They were hunted to almost extinction.
Welcome to Naruto Legacies 2!

•We have a great owner and admins
•We have fair rules
•We have customization
•We have some of the best roleplay locations in naruto (boruto will be added when we get to that generation)
•Most of all we hope we have you!
Hello, all! This is 🌌Naruto:Tales Retold🌌

We are a brand new Naruto roleplay server with many opportunities for you!

🔹  You can be a Shinobi, Civilian, or a rogue!
🔸  In the Naruto world, you can do anything you want as long as it is within reason!

🔸  On a brighter note, the systems are fairly straightforward and easy to understand. They will be improved as much as possible to suit the needs of the server.
🔹  Last of all, your character will be in your hands. You can make all the choices and possibly be the next great Ninja
Hello, all! This is :milky_way:Naruto:Tales Retold:milky_way:

We are a brand new Naruto roleplay server with many opportunities for you!

:small_blue_diamond: You can be a Shinobi, Civilian, or a rogue!
:small_orange_diamond: In the Naruto world, you can do anything you want as long as it is within reason!

:small_orange_diamond: On a brighter note, the systems are fairly straightforward and easy to understand. They will be improved as much as possible to suit the needs of the server.
:small_blue_diamond: Last of all, your character will be in your hands. You can make all the choices and possibly be the next great Ninja
Hello new member, welcome to Legends of the Shinobi. This is a place where you can have fun roleplaying with our owner, and the head of staff, and our staff members, and our mods, and many more members. We hope that you will stay and continue roleplaying with us. We love new members and to see their ambitions for their characters etc. But if you have any problem with a part of our staff please let us know. We would love to see what you have in plan for your character and to grow with it and ours at the same time. So we all hope you have a great time here in Legends of the Shinobi, and until then, BELIEVE IT.

•we have nsfw
•we have memes
•we have custom jutsus, weapons etc.
•we have a great community
•most of all, hopefully we get u in here
The number one anime is obviously cory in the house but I've made this server to allow people to socialize on anime such as naruto or what floats your boat we may not need help but you can apply anyway but overall its anime and manga theme. Hidden Leaf Server is also a multiplayer roleplay server along with new cast of heroes to replace the canon characters as our playstyle doesnt allow for MAIN, only side canon characters. BUT THATS NOT ALL If you’re looking for a server to express your creativity through the art of typing, playing games and make friends with our diverse population of players in general chat between posts, we also like to talk about latest episodes so consider giving the link a click. (Some content may not be suitable for younger roleplayers. Ages 15+ we added a shop along with missions we also do surveys to see what you guys think and want to see happen MORE SOON!!! NOTICE: SPRESD THE WORD!
200 years after Naruto
Rogue Ninja's are on the rise, and people are trying to do everything to stop them but there is a cause behind this: and it's being investigated.
We welcome you with open arms
Friendly community c;
No canon-characters
Naruto Rp:
Naruto:The Dark Age
This RP is set in a timeline where all the characters from Boruto and Naruto are dead, meaning no canon characters. All tailed beast are free and have no jinchuriki (this is bound to change for obvious reasons since there will be jins later on). Each clan is revived like the uchiha, uzumaki, senju, and even otsutsuki. The Akatsuki still exist and goal is to take the Tailed beast still.

This rp server is made to have fun with others and is not canon to the series.

🤝- Partners.

🎭 - Pubic Roleplay channels.

⊸ Dedicated Owner

⊸ Quick responses
(if anyone is on that is)

⊸ Custom mee6 commands

⊸ And much more!