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💛 Welcome to Naruto Fans! A place where you can hang out and talk about your love for Naruto. You can discuss new episodes and who your favorite characters are! This server is a chill place to make friends, voice chat, and just chill in General! We hope you join and enjoy your stay! 💛
Welcome to Naruto:The spoken gateway this is a new server designed to be the best naruto server so you know we made it the best we could now we have many custom things like
Custom jutsu
Compton sage
And many more but if you wanna find out please join (Remember no cannon characters)
We are a Naruto Shippuden inspired roleplay that goes through a storyline from the start to the end, new joiners are always welcome to join in and create their own history! The server is not PTK but more of a Perma Death situation. Please join us and show us your Ninja Way Dattebayo! Our story line goes though the same things as the anime but through roblox!!! We hope you'll share your story with us!

We are a Naruto Roleplay server, but if you don’t like to roleplay we have things for you too, we accept all kinds of people.

Our Roleplay contains canon and OCs, we are NOT OC ONLY.

Our minimum is 3 lines or setances and you can format it anyway you please we’re very open.

We are always open to suggestions and hope you can enjoy your time if you decide to stop by :3
The warning states have just ended and kages have just settled down welcome to naruto new time where we want new oringinal story lines but with naruto in it have your story paved out (no cannon characters)
Naruto Discord Roleplay is a non-canon roleplaying serve. Our goal is to use a basic structure that surrounds the myth and systems of Naruto and create a fun roleplaying environment for all involved.
This is a naruto rp feel free to join we welcome you here
I Just Started This Server And I Hope You Guys Want To Help Me Build It Up This Is About Naruto Related Stuff.It Is A Roleplay Server And My Youtube Channel Room Too.
(8/22/18) Brand new discord roleplay centered around a custom Naruto universe!
We’re a Naruto community! Here you can role play with others or just chat up a storm. Also we’re a critical ops clan. Join now :) !
🦊This Discord Server is a place where you can discuss and RP in the world of Naruto. It also is the official Discord of a NarutoRP Gmod Server . Enjoy your Stay ! 🦊