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HU: Sziasztok, mindenkit várunk sok szeretettel aki szeretne egy folyamatosan fejlődő szerveren játszani.
ENG: Hi, we are waiting for everyone with much love to a constantly evolving server.
the best gaming server and all tutorials of games and hacking join now!!! **and a youtuber,s server**
Hey! Hope you all are doing well😊
Our server is a friendly community server realted to Pokémon games.
Though everyone is welcome to hang out here. 😊

*****Friendship XP group going on now****

__For Pokémon Go__
🔸`We host several PvP tournaments, (both silph and general)`
🔸`We keep you updated on every recent events and updates`
🔸`REMOTE RAID invitations and management`
🔸`Friendcode channel`
🔸`We also provide support related to PvP like advices on pokemon and movesets`
🔸`Black Jack`

Join us to know everything yourself
Anyone under the age of 13 will be reported since it violates discord rules

Hello and welcome to TSC’s MSM Server! In this server, There are island reviews, key giveaways (Win a LOT of keys), shoutouts, Discord sings, A fun bot that shows how to breed, likes of monsters, and so on. This is one of the best MSM servers, You will not regret joining!
Join chats ,make friends, share your ideas and thoughts have fun.
There is a seperate NSFW channel so its safe.
➺A business server for CAD, websites and graphics designs
➺About us:
✦│Awesome members to chat with
✦│Friendly staff and active owners
✦│Over 10 different services to use
✦│Some cool bots, including music
✦│Places to make friends
✦│Special events!!
✦│And Giant Giveaways
➺ We hope you enjoy your stay and we hope our services help
Best new server with a lot of rewards & giveaways. Good community and active people.
questo server punta a diventare una grande community del gaming in generale soprattutto fifa, fortnite e rocket league
Hello, We are the people of Vodleteainland, If you want to join you can become a citizen of Vodleteainland. We have our own curency and a map of our country. We are allies with Fancy's Kingdom. We are the epic gamer server
Hey you...! Yeah you!! Looking for a place to advertise? Well you’re in luck!

Introducing... SD Promotions!

Welcome to SD Promotions! Here, we offer free advertising, cheap prices, and more! Keep reading to take a look at our features!*
Join my server, in my server there is a lot of fun to do, good progress roles, best people and much more
Wiley's Squad is a fun place to sling with other people & friends. You can also contact the staff for help. Have fun with channels and bots. Don't forget to watch streams though!
We are a family friendly gaming server. Please join our server.
We have no NSFW content.

we are genuine gamers well not genuine but rough and insane gamers!!

we do giveaways too
You can have all fun in this server join now its free too.
There is a channel where you can spam!!! So join now
We almost play all the games🎮
Literally, you can have fun come join now
This is a Epic Server so If you join you become a epic Boi and A Epic Gurl! This a welcoming community!!!! So please join and support us!!!
October 1, 2020 Discord
Hey everyone! If you see this you are welcomed to join us! Because we are missing people in this group and we need your help! If you help us we will apreciate it alot! Thankyou!
-New friend 💕
Do you enjoy vibing with ya friends and chillin with bots?
Well come to our server then bud, come on in friendo.
We offer to you:
A large variety of bots (eg. Dank memer, disboard, countr, mee6, Unbelievaboat, etc.)
A friendly atmosphere in the server.
Friendly Staff.
Semi-Active Staff, No comment.
Friendly people to talk to in the chat.
Nsfw channel, which well. Don't look at since its no nut bud.
Come here boi, time to vibe!