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The most bold e-family you ever gonna get

Our SFW server will help you break all the chains that hold you down from conquering

- Weekly Events (Karaoke, Quizzes, much more!)
- Discord Nitro Giveaways
- Paid Steam Game reward every 5 invites you make
- Custom Roles owned by you as reward
Elo, na tym serwerze zrzeszam ludzi pierdolniętych i takich, z którymi fajnie się pogadać. Jeśli jesteś taką osobą, to wbijaj :)
Oczywiście serwer dopiero co się rozwija więc mało osób jest, ale mam nadzieję że ktoś będzie mieć serce i tu wbije
Well I made this server to just have space to exist idk. Just come over and hang out, we can talk about your shiz. We can talk about others their shiz. Idrk anymore dude. Just come over.
VISION: Δ To be the virtual home for all nibbas out there.
MISSION: Δ 1000000 slaves bitch. Sike. Just keep it lit.
MOTTO: Δ Whip n whip until she cries.
A fun place to meet friendly people, share artwork, bond over humor, vote on silly polls, jam to music, and play games. Come join in on the positive vibes.
What we have to offer:
~ Welcoming & Friendly Community
~ Gaming Chats, Convos & Tips
~ Supportive & Motivational Chatrooms
~ Daily Polls (For Funzies!)
~ Trivia Bot
~ Art & Music Sharing
~ NSFW Content
~ Lots of Emotes!
Hello, welcome to our cult. We are a multifandom Hell server, and we have a moderate amount of members. This is a place mostly for offensive memes, so if you join, it's at your own risk. Please read the rules when you join, thank you!
Сервер был создан с целью общения, прослушивания музыки, для того чтобы играть в игры, найти себе друзей или пати в какую либо игру, и просто посидеть отдохнуть! Заходите на сервер, всем буду рад!
Welcome To Toxic.
we are a fun community thats a little small but i hope it will grow fast.
just meet some new people.
just make some jokes (don't be afraid to use some humor thats a little offended)
have chill conversations and talks.

we have some fun stuf like:

- memes
- suggestions
- cursed images 😱
- pokécord
- akinator
- chill people and stuff
- n-word-pass
- self roles
- and the best rules. (we almost never ban!)

and there will come more channels. if you have any suggestions for new channels just leave it in suggestions and we will give it a try;)

last but not least
be nice and don't take everything to serious

Servidor oficial do "Não Entre Aki"!
O app e site de memes mais caliente de todos!! O que está esperando para se juntar à comunidade mais zoeira de todas?
Dieser Server ist die Ausgeburt einer Ideologie, welche die absolute Freiheit des Humors predigt und sich gegen jegliche Witzrestriktionen auflehnt. Sanfte Gemüter, verletzliche Seelen, zartgliedrige Existenzen und fragile Charaktere bilden zusammen eine solide Partei, welche sich gegen die Vollkommenheit des Humors ausspricht und jedweden Befreiungsversuch durch einen medialen Aufschrei unterbindet. Je stärker aber die Opposition, desto umfangreicher ihre Macht. Die Urgenz dieser Thematik ist nicht zu unterschätzen. Viel zu lange schon haben Eiskristallkonstruktionen die Oberhand. Keine Macht den Schneeflocken! Es ist an der Zeit die humoristische Revolution voranzutreiben!
Hi! Are you bored of weird servers? You want just talk with someone or find a friend for games? You are invited on "Underground''! Here you can find:
> Friendly People
> Many bots
> Pleasant staff
> Different roles
> A place for gamers
> Special room for anime lovers
> Advertising
> Partnership
> English and Russian languanges
This is a server that takes after a American nazi aesthetic, we are not actually National Socialist, but we don't care if people are. Its pretty much a free for all other than the rules within the Server.
Meme Dynasty is a fun, growing server that needs your help in its recovery from a mass ban from a rouge admin.

This server grants the following:

Gaming, friendly people to chat with, daily questions, diversity, memes, and a lot more
This is a small Meme Based server, It is not made to be run professionally, but we wont stand for stupidity either way.
A server for humor, conversation, and friendship! Come say hello!
Ranks, casino & pokecord.
A relaxed thus passionate gaming hideout for everyone. We talk about pretty much everything you're up for. Overwatch, Scum, Fortnite, League of Legends, PUBG, we play them all.
The Blasted Creatures is a small but mighty group of friends that are here to share and care. Be it images, fears, dreams, memes, ideas, kinks, or interests, these Creatures will welcome you with open arms. We talk about various interests, from gaming, to books, to anime, to world domination.
Welcome to Joeys Gourmet Memeland, where shitpost reigns supreme. If you're into shitposting and making random ass posts with zero sense then this is the place for you!
Howdy. Here you can chat with everyone and have a good time. The people here are nice. All game topics are allowed. It would be great if you join, it would mean a lot. The more members we have, the more gets added to the server! We do not allow bullies and we always have a funny sense of humor.
Danzhoez Basement is a small server that hopes to bring people together in a family like community where they can discuss anything they want, but my server is not a child’s sandbox, don’t expect a special snowflake treatment. But over all just have fun
Fun server with accepting people stupid memes and chill people servers name is based of Mist HoneyBuns Haida Maidabun Have fun can’t wait to meet you all