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Elo, na tym serwerze zrzeszam ludzi pierdolniętych i takich, z którymi fajnie się pogadać. Jeśli jesteś taką osobą, to wbijaj :)
Oczywiście serwer dopiero co się rozwija więc mało osób jest, ale mam nadzieję że ktoś będzie mieć serce i tu wbije
FlirtyAF is a fun and friendly server for social chat with nice, sweet people. Come in and get to know us, play some games, maybe flirt a bit, make some jokes, and chat away your boredom! We're new but growing just don't be a jerk and you'll be welcome!
Привет, человек. На нашем сервере ты наёдешь:
- Ламповая атмосфера.
- Адекватная администрация.
- Новых друзей.
- Необычное оформление.
- Хорошо настроенные боты.
The most bold e-family you ever gonna get

Our SFW server will help you break all the chains that hold you down from conquering

- Weekly Events (Karaoke, Quizzes, much more!)
- Discord Nitro Giveaways
- Paid Steam Game reward every 5 invites you make
- Custom Roles owned by you as reward
Hi and welcome to The Garden, an Occult-themed meme server! Come stop and smell the roses in this meme server for those that have an interest in all walks of life! Our channels include ~Diviation Memes ~Conspiracy ~Religion ~Magic And everything in between! We hope you drop by!
The Renaissance is a multi-cultured, bilingual (English and Turkish mainly but we are still growing) server with very flexible rules where you can have fun and be yourself. We are LGBTQIA+ friendly and you will be asked for your age upon entry just to make sure that we give you the right role. The Renaissance is for those who are able to take jokes and like dark humor.
bitch we got wendy in here with all the tea sis come join or not i really dont care okay HOW U DOING
LOP Gang is a community of people who support the idea of LOP and its meaning.

» LOP stands for mainly: Lots of Poop
But LOP can also stand for: Load(s) of Poop

» This is so as with this double meaning LOP can be used in many different circumstances. Although it can stand for Load(s) of Poop, it still mainly and originally stands for Lots of Poop.
» If you wish, you can put [LOP] in your in-game name, teamspeak name, Steam name, or anywhere to help spread the word of LOP. Help us takeover Garry’s Mod, Rust, GTA V, and the rest of gaming as a well.
» This Discord Server is used for people to express their love for the idea of LOP as well as to relate with other topics and chat in general!
♦️Musikzimmer 🎶🎶
♦️Chat ✍️
♦️coole Community
Hello, welcome to our cult. We are a multifandom Hell server, and we have a moderate amount of members. This is a place mostly for offensive memes, so if you join, it's at your own risk. Please read the rules when you join, thank you!
Polski przyjacielski serwer z memami na którym możesz:
-Poznać fajnych ludzi💚
-I po oglądać memy
Serwer jest narazie mały ale się rozwija,ale każda osoba która dołączy pomorze rozwojowi serwera :)

Poprostu dołącz
Сервер был создан с целью общения, прослушивания музыки, для того чтобы играть в игры, найти себе друзей или пати в какую либо игру, и просто посидеть отдохнуть! Заходите на сервер, всем буду рад!
Meme Dynasty is a fun, growing server that needs your help in its recovery from a mass ban from a rouge admin.

This server grants the following:

Gaming, friendly people to chat with, daily questions, diversity, memes, and a lot more
Hello we are a new server
We want pepole whos love talking and playing to join us!
in this server every humor is allowed and welcome
so come and join us while we still in progress and get a role!
We welcome you to...
‧͙⁺˚・༓☾ The Office - Ready To Work ☽༓・˚⁺‧͙
We're the only active, fresh and NEW The Office roleplay server!
We offer many different amazing things in our simple, yet effective roleplay server. Such as:
-Humorous and welcoming staff
-Many different locations to RP in
-Bots to use, including music
-The best canon characters to chose from!
: ✧・゚:This server is BRAND NEW, so expect MORE to come.:・゚✧:
Welcome to Dunder Mifflin! Here, we, well, sell paper. Doesn't sound to great, but I, Michael Scott; your Regional Manager promise you its the best place in the world.

We don't follow the original timeline, so create your own office romances, friendships, and more!
Server Link:
Server Banner:
A fun place to meet friendly people, share artwork, bond over humor, vote on silly polls, jam to music, and play games. Come join in on the positive vibes.
What we have to offer:
~ Welcoming & Friendly Community
~ Gaming Chats, Convos & Tips
~ Supportive & Motivational Chatrooms
~ Daily Polls (For Funzies!)
~ Trivia Bot
~ Art & Music Sharing
~ NSFW Content
~ Lots of Emotes!
Любишь игры, но у тебя нет напарников для кски с доткой, этот сервер для тебя! Тут тебя ждет:Доброе комьюнити, отзывчивая администрация, NFSW канал(18+), система рангов, набор в админы и многое другое!
Привет👋 дорогой друг, я очень рад что ты посетил наш сервер
Наш сервер представляет собой игровой клан в CS GO но
он еще и игровой сервер дискорд не только для клана
но и для других, чтобы вы могли общаться и играть
приятного общение👦🏻 и игры бандит
ах да забыл прости пиши !teams
чтобы не заблудится тут