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The aim of this server is to preserve a free, open, and intellectual medium for members to discuss their political, philosophical, and religious positions, examine their worldview and to debate the most pressing questions. We hope to add even more features as the server grows larger & are always open to suggestions & love to hear feedback from our members about what they want, what they like & dislike.
A server for pretty much everything (but mostly debate).
-politics talk
-formal debate
-weapon talk
and anything else we add in the future. Lax rules but strictly no pornographic or gory images.
Rhetoric is a server designed for unrestricted debate, argumentation and discussion. Virtually all topics and ideologies are accepted.
Welcome to The Mafia
Things to note:
- You may be a dick to anyone
- Any opinions welcome
- Any ideas welcome
- No safe spaces here
- If you post it you can be criticized on it
Political Debates, Casual Talk, Memes, Leveling System, 24/7 News Feeds, Music and more in a relaxed server with the coolest people around. Join in!
Big Tunes!

Have you been looking for a sick music server where you can discuss your favourite songs, artists and genres? Have you been looking for a server that is laidback, full of cool people and dedicated to a cool topic? Look no further! We are looking for staff that excel in knowledge of music or can manage bots and servers well.

We offer:

- Channels dedicated to discussion of particular genres, as well as channels where you can list your top 10 songs from that genre and share your music experience with everyone!
- Music bots, for voice channels where you can listen to music with friends, as well as voice channels dedicated to playing your own music.
- Staff that have excellent music taste and are completely chilled out.

Give us a chance, join and have fun, discuss music and more!
Politiclysm is a brand new server, literally started on 12/11/18. It's a bunch of people brought together even with differences of opinions and views. We are a controversy discord server that craves a good debate.
- Confessional bot
- Boxbot fights
- Leveling system with various ranks to obtain
- Self roles
- "What am I" tests to help determine where you fall on the political spectrum.
Yggdrasil is a semi-political server with vetting to facilitate and foster a community that can hold honest and real discussions of all forms be them extremely dark or very light hearted. The server is a work in progress.
Hey! Would you like to join our server?
Here's what we got to offer
-Leveling Roles
-Friendly to all!
Even more stuff but you gotta join to find out the rest!
Here's our Link ;3
This is a server for people to meet and discuss things about life. It is also a place for normal conversations ext and for gaming.
This server is a combined community discord server designed and configured to the needs of the people joining. It has been thoroughly merged with the fatal esports team and the community built around it.
Was good m8?
You ever wanted a discussion server which is non-toxic?
I got you
It's small but I believe in growing this server
So what do we have you say?
>Chat which is completely a safe space
>Some fucking dank memes ey?
>Rational debates about modern day problems
>Fun Bots
Don't talk shit about a community if it's not in the debate shit
>Don't talk shit if it's not on #things-that-need-to-be-discussed either
>If you want a thing to be discussed, DM staff and they'll decide
No extremists allowed
>includes "libtards" and "rightards"
>Please be open minded
Do not accuse someone of something without proof
>You will be banned because you'll be considered an extremist
Do not beg us to ban/kick someone because you got "triggered"
>If you really do have something that triggers you, contact staff and we'll see if it's a valid trigger
English motherfucker, do you speak it?

This is a small server, only the owner is there but he'll try to entertain you
A general debate server
any subject welcome especially flat earth at the moment
My Discord Server Where Me And My Subscribers Hang Out In! We Do Giveaways Almost Every Day!
Come Join Say Hi!
We Have Music And More Fun Stuff!
A server for political and philosophical debates and discussions. Ran democratically.
As you could guess, the purpose of this server is being able to say anything! This means that you can feel free to say whatever you want, whenever! Trust me, getting banned here means you're a special kind of toxic.

We have:

- A really toxic general chat

- A small community

- A want to grow

- Mod applications open

- Complete freedom of speech

- A strangely accepting community

- Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

- Bad jokes and dead memes

We honestly do have some non toxic people here, so don't join expecting a huge wave of toxicity.

Try to refrain from taking the freedom we allow out of hand, and don't just straight up attack someone personally.

-The Admins
A República dos Noobs é um lugar super agradável de se estar, pois aqui você pode:
- Conversar com seus amigos e fazer novas amizades;
- Jogar uns games junto com outras pessoas;
- Debater sobre determinados temas;
- Fazer roleplay;
- Stalkear o Presidente.

Venha! Estamos esperando por você.
A small server for discussing current events, world news, politics, religion, and debating over topics you're interested in!
it's small right now, but with some help, it can grow into something great!
Hey lost Discord users still looking for a server to join,
We are a newly formed, fun and eventful community focusing on having jokefully discussions, serious debates and gaming sessions. Who knows, maybe you can get to know some people or even become friends with them. Anyways, we have got rules on this server but staffs here are not that strict. We like to both have serious talking sessions of discussing and unserious.
So, joining us is up to you, but we surely would appreciate another Occultist in our community!
Political discourse and debate. All ideologies welcome.
Welcome to galaxy gamers
Every weeb of every type is welcome here
We talk about anime , kpop, games and more
Mess around with bots
Its a small server but anybody is welcome to join

:video_game: GAMiNG :video_game:
:skull_crossbones: BEiNG TOXiC :skull_crossbones:
:fire: MEMES :fire:
:musical_note: MUSiC :musical_note:
:movie_camera: MOViE :movie_camera:
:no_entry_sign: NSFW :no_entry_sign:

Well now , there's a server for that !. A Server filled with HOES , and so many more!
There we can have a factions and some other events.

:confetti_ball: GAME4LiFE :confetti_ball:
is a server who's staff are NICE , you can suggest something
in the server that needs fixing or that needs to be changed or,
to be added! JOIN NOW! Also make sure to invite your friends!

:confetti_ball: SERVER LiNK :

:confetti_ball: (don't forget to read rules)

:confetti_ball: fun fact : we'll be posting fun facts whenever we announce something.
Tired of being pinged ? Don't worry! we will only ping on certain events !