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The New Roman Empire

We are a right-wing gaming community. However, anyone on the political spectrum is welcome.
We debate and discuss different topics. Mostly politics, but we also talk about history, alt history, religion, morals and ethics, and more. And gaming of course :P

If you have any suggestions or requests pm Xander#9700

-Shitpost, no meme is too offensive.

-Say what you want, I do not care how toxic or racist you are.

-Right wing haven, we have Republicans to Nazi’s here.

-Open political, alt history and religious discussions, no one will be muted or banned for their opinion, (even if they are a commie).

-Play games, mainly fps and strategy, (csgo, r6, blacksquad, euiv, ck2, hoi4).

-No rules really, just keep the NSFW in the NSFW.

-Furries, roleplayers, and other degenerates are not really welcome here. Expect to be harassed by members if you start shoving it down people’s throats.
A server for pretty much everything (but mostly debate).
-politics talk/informal debate
-formal debate
-weapons talk
-active voice chat
-politics role play
Lax rules but strictly no pornographic or gory images. Free speech supported.
we are a server sedicated to solving the current issues of the world while makeing friends.
A casual server for all virgins out there. We talk about relationships, gaming, politics etc. Come and join us!
Welcome to Gang Weed! This server is for memes, political memes, and debates. Have fun!
Do you want to express your First Amendment? Do you want to talk to people with the same interests without being blacklisted? Do you want to change peoples perspectives on things you think are issues? Do you want to talk about your religion and speak to others with the same religion? Then this is the place for you! Enter at your own risk, for people may not always agree with your beliefs!
Independent Server Debates is a server where you can debate a plethora of topics. (If you get enough votes, you can create a new channel for a debate topic you're passionate about!)

Note: This is a brand new server, so it's still a little bit of a WIP
just a place for guys to be dudes and zionists to apush for a larger israel
An unproblematic community with good staff members. Our servers delves a lot into Art and Mental Health (hence the title) but we also have other things if you are not into that.

-We Have-

General Chats and places where you can send your memes.
An Overwatch discussion category.
A big LGBT community.
Mee6, Miki, Ayana and Nadeko.
Places to VC and listen to music.
And a loving server owner that is very active.

We are a new server that a few of my friends and I decided to create. We discuss politics, both current and past. We will also be holding weekly, "mock-congress sessions" where we will tackle an issue. We welcome both conservative and liberal members. In fact, our moderation team is split almost 50/50 between them and they find some way to make it work. I encourage you to come check us out if you enjoy talking poltitics in a welcoming environment. Of course, there are strict rules in place to ensure that the discussion does not get out of hand. We just want to make a good community that we can discuss the world with.
This is a debate server but there is a few channels for other stuff too.
Yggdrasil is a semi-political server with vetting to facilitate and foster a community that can hold honest and real discussions of all forms be them extremely dark or very light hearted. The server is a work in progress.
Hey! Would you like to join our server?
Here's what we got to offer
-Leveling Roles
-Friendly to all!
Even more stuff but you gotta join to find out the rest!
Here's our Link ;3
Nosso servidor foca em debates de vários assuntos e temas sempre com muito respeito, nosso objetivo com esse servidor é fazer com que as pessoas ganhem conhecimento através dos debates e sempre fazer bastantes amizades com a pessoa que você concorda e discorda (:!
servidor recomendado para pessoas maiores de 15 anos.
This is a server for people to meet and discuss things about life. It is also a place for normal conversations ext and for gaming.
From the makers of Aqua's Server of Royalty, presents The Oval Office.

🇺🇸 What to expect? 🇺🇸

This is a political server, that is not limited to just US politics. This is a server that features political debates, cabinet meetings, and more!

Any jokes against a certain poltical party should not be taken seriously, simply because we respect all viewpoints.

In the Oval Office, any issue could simply be solved with a friendly debate, and every decision is decided by the people. After all, we are a free country.

🇺🇸 What else? 🇺🇸

We are still a new server, but we are working hard to make it great! Also, e're not just strictly politics. This is since we have a normal chat, as well a meme channel and level up roles!

🇺🇸 Any other major decisions regarding the server shall be decided with a fair vote. 🇺🇸

I hope you join!
Politiclysm is a brand new server, literally started on 12/11/18. It's a bunch of people brought together even with differences of opinions and views. We are a controversy discord server that craves a good debate.
- Confessional bot
- Boxbot fights
- Leveling system with various ranks to obtain
- Self roles
- "What am I" tests to help determine where you fall on the political spectrum.
Political Debates, Casual Talk, Memes, Leveling System, 24/7 News Feeds, Music and more in a relaxed server with the coolest people around. Join in!
Big Tunes!

Have you been looking for a sick music server where you can discuss your favourite songs, artists and genres? Have you been looking for a server that is laidback, full of cool people and dedicated to a cool topic? Look no further! We are looking for staff that excel in knowledge of music or can manage bots and servers well.

We offer:

- Channels dedicated to discussion of particular genres, as well as channels where you can list your top 10 songs from that genre and share your music experience with everyone!
- Music bots, for voice channels where you can listen to music with friends, as well as voice channels dedicated to playing your own music.
- Staff that have excellent music taste and are completely chilled out.

Give us a chance, join and have fun, discuss music and more!
This server is a combined community discord server designed and configured to the needs of the people joining. It has been thoroughly merged with the fatal esports team and the community built around it.
Do you like meeting new people with similar hobbies? Then this discord server is for you! We have chatrooms for various hobbies ex. art, writing stories, memes, and various game chats.
We also have a bunch of bits such as Pokécord and Discord Minebot, and even IdleRPG. We’d love to have some new recruits so our server can keep growing bigger and bigger!