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Rhetoric is a server designed for unrestricted debate, argumentation and discussion. Virtually all topics and ideologies are accepted.
We are a political server. We speak about politics, economics, history and current events in the world. We have many exciting things which will be explained in following points. We have limited rules, no censorship, and equal amount of moderators from each side of the political spectrum to stop bias. We have over 100 ranks to choose from as well.

~~Question of The Day
Everyday, there will be a question in the #❓question-of-the-day❓ channel and it will be discussed in the #❓qotd-discussion .

Every now and then, I'll do a Discord reaction vote between two or mulitple things regarding a random topic.

~~Weekly Serious Debates
Every Thursday, we will have a serious debate about a topic that people are getting really heated about during the week before the debate. People can offer to me that they want to have a debate slot that the entire community and join and listen to.

Thank you and we hope you stay and enjoy!
The Hidden House
We are a community based server, for anyone who wants to find a new group to chill with over the inter web!
🌹• Giveaways:
*We do a very huge giveaways weekly*
‣ Discord Nitro
‣ Netflix
‣ Steam games
‣ Giftcards
‣ Spotify Premium

🌹• Events:
‣ We do events, going from Movie nights to Karaoke to games streams and a lot of more features so join and stay with us and don't miss any of them.

🌹• Perks:
‣ We pay to keep you entertained with premium bots
‣ We have a very active chats and voice chats
‣ The most safe discord server since we ban all the creeps
‣ A friendly community where you feel so loved
‣ +5000 members
Peace be upon you, and those whom ye love, and those who love you and those who love those who love you. :)

This is a formal invitation to the religious server of the Confederation of Cordelica.

The Confederation of Cordelica is a Muslim Server with the objective of helping people understand what Islam truly is, explain the teachings from a truthful point of view with no bias and public preaching of the truth about Islam in a social-server environment debate-discussion-respect-tolerance-acceptance-oriented.

꧁【❦Tolerant server where all points of view, ideologies and faiths are welcome, protected and allowed to express❦】꧂

꧁【❦Respectful environment with a serious, professional and full Stall of Laws❦】꧂

꧁【❦Social environment where to find from fun to knowledge, good people and high levels of non-toxicity❦】꧂

꧁【❦Fun raising from meetings to play video games to pokecord, chess, skribblo and professional Role Play❦】꧂

꧁【❦High-quality islamic knowledge material with classes in VC Sessions from reliable sources❦】꧂

꧁【❦Psychological support, help and advice from people with experience in the field, if you are going through hardships, we are here for you❦】꧂

꧁【❦Friendly community where empathy, understanding, manners, respect and decency are compulsory❦】꧂

꧁【❦Friendly Staff with vacant for those loyal with our cause, indifferently of belief❦】꧂

꧁【❦Extremely open for partnerships except for NSFW, musical and/or radical-related servers❦】꧂
A server for pretty much everything (but mostly debate).
-politics talk/informal debate
-formal debate
-weapons talk
-active voice chat
-politics role play
Lax rules but strictly no pornographic or gory images. Free speech supported.
Funny posts, pics, discussions, entertainment, women and men, mbti, religious debates, science talks,
For all of the anarchists scattered about the thousands of discord servers, this is mostly a joke. But you can come in as well to teach the others that join
Welcome to the "Get high & chill with friends". In this server, we are constantly talking and sharing about new things and old. We hang out online and play games like Mafia and other stuff. Mostly gaming
We are here to have fun and make new friends. No toxic stuff. Just a chill server and people who enjoy chatting and gaming.
Welcome to The Office .. our theme is inspired by The Office and we would like. if u join us and have fun , Discuss , Debate , Chill , Games and Karaoke
its a very active server ..... please join us <3
Welcome to Uncensored Discussions everyone is part of the community, talk and socialise about anything! We also hold elections for server presidency and there are authority roles available right now.
So. I don't understand. You're telling me you don't know what **The Homies** are? Fine. I'll explain. My name is Luscus, and I am a member of the ***Elite 4***. I guess my job is to now explain to you what **The Homies** are. **The Homies** are a group / society of people on the internet. We have 4 Elites, nammed the **Elite 4**. We are **Luscus**, **Marcus**, **je t'aime**, and finally **Luckylucario64**. We're basically the Owners. Well, we are. Anyways, I recommend joining us, because we are a fun community that you can talk with and complain about school. We also have memes. Yeah, you should join now that you know that fact. Anyways, see you here soon. (You better join, or we'll send Meme Lords to hunt you down)


[Good Community!]




[Fun Chatting!]

[Did I Mention Memes?]

{Join Today!}**
This is a small "communist/debating(?)/anime server!
We are looking for nice new members, that are like-minded people.
We hardly have rules, but please follow discord ToS
Debate and argue to your heart's content!
This is a truly neutral server for debating everything from science to art to politics to movies to games. We have a spot for everyone!
We're a welcoming friendly server and love to meet new people every day, we don't have many rules, you're free to talk about whatever!
We are a community server that likes to talk about politics,history and other things of the sort. We also do gaming like HOI4, EU4 (even maybe some other games? Who knows even some sexual roleplay for your horny fuckers?) etc.We look forward to seeing you.
Independent Server Debates is a server where you can debate a plethora of topics. (If you get enough votes, you can create a new channel for a debate topic you're passionate about!)

Note: This is a brand new server, so it's still a little bit of a WIP
we are a server sedicated to solving the current issues of the world while makeing friends.
This server is a combined community discord server designed and configured to the needs of the people joining. It has been thoroughly merged with the fatal esports team and the community built around it.
Debates and political discussions about the 2020 election, abortion, religion, and current events. Neat ranks, community-run, no censorship!
Yggdrasil is a semi-political server with vetting to facilitate and foster a community that can hold honest and real discussions of all forms be them extremely dark or very light hearted. The server is a work in progress.
A casual server for all virgins out there. We talk about relationships, gaming, politics etc. Come and join us!
The New Roman Empire

We are a right-wing gaming community. However, anyone on the political spectrum is welcome.
We debate and discuss different topics. Mostly politics, but we also talk about history, alt history, religion, morals and ethics, and more. And gaming of course :P

If you have any suggestions or requests pm Xander#9700

-Shitpost, no meme is too offensive.

-Say what you want, I do not care how toxic or racist you are.

-Right wing haven, we have Republicans to Nazi’s here.

-Open political, alt history and religious discussions, no one will be muted or banned for their opinion, (even if they are a commie).

-Play games, mainly fps and strategy, (csgo, r6, blacksquad, euiv, ck2, hoi4).

-No rules really, just keep the NSFW in the NSFW.

-Furries, roleplayers, and other degenerates are not really welcome here. Expect to be harassed by members if you start shoving it down people’s throats.

-REMEMBER, I am not responsible for member actions or posts, do not report or complain to me about other peoples actions.