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A small server run and owned by a single man!
We will accept you regardless of anything (unless you're rude :()
Server still in development- let me know if there's anything I can do to improve!!
Ty- Sammy-Corey
Welcome to Gaming with Friends Hub!
Here are a few things you might want to read.
The first thing you should know is that the Hub has 7 categories.
We accept and invite all console players as well as pc gamer.
We’re just a friendly server trying to grow and give people a good non-toxic community
So feel free to join us.
We do giveaways often too.
Your most current and up-to-date server in relation to all Afghanistan related topics. Enjoy daily interactions with your fellow Afghans from all around the world! Persian & Pashto language learning available for those looking to improve their writing, reading, and speaking abilities. This is a closed gated community, and we do not welcome other nationalities to join unless invited by a higher up or known member.

فعال ترین و بروز‌ترین سرور در مورد تمام مباحث مربوط به افغانستان. این سرور فقط برای کارمندای افغان هست. پش از پش تشکر میکنم و امیدوارم که شما را به زودی بیبینم
Hola, vengo a invitarlos a un server llamado Chile Intelectual, el cual es para chilenos que quieran informarse, que quieran debatir, aprender historia, psicología, filosofía, ciencias, economía, hablar, jugar skribbl, etc. Aceptamos todo tipo de ideologías y tenemos roles de partidos políticos e ideologías para ti, podemos debatir de muchas cosas como el aborto, la inmigración, la Asamblea Constituyente, incluso las tetas de mon laferte(._.XD)

Algunas cosas del server
• Talleres de Salud y Bienestar, Humanismo, Ciencias y Artes.
• Ayuda Escolar
• Roles autoasignables para partidos políticos, ideologías y talleres.
• Noticias en tiempo real (prensas oficiales y autogestionadas)
• Chat en inglés
• Partners
• Boost nivel 1
• Shitpost
• Debates serios
• Canal de sugerencias
• Sistema de economía y tienda de roles
• Eventos especiales
Link de invitación:
Al Salumu Alaykum my brothers and sisters!

Welcome to the Islamic Republic
A server dedicated to Islam.
Keep in mind this server welcomes everyone, no matter if they're a Muslim or not.
Our goal is to educate people about Islam, since there's many people who are misguided and believe in false arguments against Islam. We love debating with people of different opinions, since debates can educate people further more about a certain topic.
If you're into religion, politics, or debating, feel free to join! Don't you hesitate!
If you don't continue to read this, you'll be missing out, because in this server, you can debate ANY topic you want, and we welcome all ideologies to the table (capitalist, communist, left wing, right wing, vegetarian post-eco-anarchist-pacifist-extremist-feminist, so be it). The number of rules here are absolutely tiny compared to other debate servers, so come and join our free server and discuss whatever you like!
Debate me Canada is a canadian political discord server were we discuss about politics in Canada and all around the world. We are a warm and welcoming community and we accept even non Canadians to join in the discussion and add to our community. We have elections and roles for anyone one wants a leadership role in the community.

We have discussions and debates

A mock government where people can learn and improve leadership skills.

And a community who would love your input and expertise.

So if you love politics or want a nice open community to chat with and share your views this is your server.

Hope to talk and have some amazing debates with you.

The U.S.S.D is a public server for only the most elite of political stances. We are not a shit posting server, and we are open to anyone who is willing to approach us with their political views and ideas. !!READ RULES BEFORE ANYTHING!!
A server for pretty much everything (but mostly debate).
-politics talk/informal debate
-formal debate
-weapons talk
-active voice chat
-politics role play
Lax rules but strictly no pornographic or gory images. Free speech supported.
A server for debates, lectures, and education on different Communist/non-Communist ideologies, we will also have movie nights
━»»-NBA Debate Hub-««—

THE 74th NBA SEASON HAS STARTED Come celebrate and join NBA Debate Hub community!

- NBA news discussions
- Every member appreciated!
- Yahoo Fantasy League open spots!
- A virtual currency for betting!
- Lots of channels for different topics
- Trivia nights and other interactive events!

Everyone’s Welcome:
Rhetoric is a server designed for unrestricted debate, argumentation and discussion. Virtually all topics and ideologies are accepted.
Greetings sir or Mam viewing this, The Germanic Legion proudly invites you to our server, provided you at least follow our worldview of Fascism or National Socialism, this server is many things, we allow debates and discussions between fellow believers of Truth. If you are a Leftist or if you are here to cause trouble, we advise you don't join.
A growing political based channel for new voters coming up in the 2020 election. We appeal from ages 13-21, and we strive to create a great experience and mature atmosphere discussing politics. We got some kinks we need to work out, but if you want to join, we're here to appeal to any party. We got over 60 roles we will be adding for you to choose from, anywhere from alt-right to as far left as possible. We are open to the LGBTQ+, but some debate may offend certain audiences. Come here to be prepared and mature, we can't wait to see you here :)
En este server podrás encontrar debates y tertulias constantes sobre todos los temas: feminismo, Mgtow, política, sociedad, filosofía, religión, literatura, cine, etc.
Debates Alrededor De Una Mesa.
Chat Multimedia Con Varios Micrófonos.
Entra a charlar con amigos/as. Diviértete aprendiendo y divulgando.

Plantea salas de debate para discutir sobre aquello que más te interesa.

¿A qué esperas ? ¡¡¡únete a la comunidad!!!

Previously depression help server, is now a wonderful place for people to discuss anything they want, or just blab on about anything, your choice
A friendly server to chill out and have fun with friends. Meet new people from all over the world!
PINE (Politics, Intel, News and Economy). This Discord server is not like other, politics related, Discord servers. We care about transparency, we care about user input and most importantly, we care about valuable discussions. Discussions we look back to with proudness. If you believe you can contribute to this ideal Discord server, please join!
A server where we debate fictional characters, mostly focused on multiversal entities and above. Non-multiversals may also be debated, but the server focuses more on multiversal debates.
This server is for VS Debating! Aka we debate fights, it can range from Ichigo vs Naruto to the United States of America vs the Holy Britannian Empire.
This discord server is meant for people who have a passion of learning new things to gather around and discover, talk, and discuss about current events, school, and knowledge.

We also have a special math help service here for those of you who are struggling. Other services will begin once this server begins to grow.

Don't hesitate to share this server to your friends too!
Welcome to Political Debates! Do you love history, politics, maps and geography? Then Political Debates is the server for you! We have a political parties roleplay where you can create your own parties and compete with other in order to get a majority! You can also simply discuss political topics and share your opinion. Every ideology is welcome here and we have self assignable roles you can give yourself. We do not censor opinions and try to be as unbiased as possible. We also have a big number of bots for memes, music and more. We have a lot of voice channels and text channels.

We hope you swing by!
- Political Debates Management Team