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Welcome to our humble galaxy where our main focus is to provide a place that each and every person feels comfortable in.
We are very laid back and welcome anyone.

We offer:
-Fun bots
-Planets to chat on
-Nsfw for those of you that are of age.
-Friendly staff
- And so much more to discover among the stars!

So come on by, strap in, and enjoy yourself in our galaxy, together!
☾ This server’s purpose is to form a community of people. We won’t judge you here and hope to assist you in the best of our ability. This is also a neat place you can make friends at. So, if you just want to get away from people and just chill this would be a good option. We also have many different things here that might be what you are looking for! ☾

✧ Here we offer ✧

☆ Fun bots to use
☆ A variety of interesting emojis
☆ A vent to let out anger or talk about life problems
☆ A friendly environment
☆ Giveaways
☆ Partnerships
☆ An advertisement channel
☆ And more great features!

Sick of looking for an RP server that can fit your character's needs? Want to participate in different types of roleplay without searching for other servers? Need a place that isn't filled with convoluted lore but isn't shallow? Well, you're in luck! MishMash RP is here to appeal to everybody!

Our server offers an overwhelming amount of things to do, but the main focus is the three categories. Let's go over how the server works.

You have a choice of taking your OC (or canon character, we'll get to that in a second) to one of three categories. Each category is filled with detailed but also still vague (so to leave room for interpretation) location channels for your character to mess around with! The three categories are as follows:

Casual - A site for easy-access RP, wacky antics, quick storytelling, and dumb fun!

Serious - Taking place on the foreign and mysterious planet Unitas, each location is extra detailed to keep things consistent. Serious is all about telling a story and is for more literate and story-focused RPers.

Crossover - The most unique category, Crossover allows you to claim a character from a piece of fictional media and throw them into areas to interact with other "canon characters."

On top of this, we also offer...

* TONS of roles to let people get to know who you are!
* An option to opt-out of @ everyone pings, because let's face it. Sometimes, you don't give a CRAP about how the server is being updated.
* Our own comic that takes place in a semi-accurate version of Casual RP!
* Loads of extra channels like Character QnA, a self-RP and writing channel, VG discussion, polls, and more!
* A server owner that will put YOUR needs above his own!
* And even MORE!

Despite our relatively small size, our server is extremely active and loves new members! If any part of our description interested you, we implore you to join the family!

Happy Roleplaying!
Welcome to Freedom in Art. Ever feel like the art community are a bunch of soft crybabies? Ever just wanted to freely give and receive criticism without some baby claiming "It's my style" or somebody defending that bullcrap? Do you value the ability to talk about what you like, without being told to "go away" because somebody is too soft or sensitive? Well this is the server for you. Freedom in Art has been made because I'm sick of the children and ignoramus that seem to fill the Art community.
The Home for the Homies Discord server is a community server that focuses on variety. We make sure that we can cater to all audiences including the LGBT audience, and the gaming audience. This server focuses on what YOU, the member, wants for it. We don't discriminate and everyone is respectful. The mods and I make sure that the server is the best it can be at all times. So, if you're interested, then how about joining? After all, there's no one in this world who isn't a homie
Chroma is a community born out of 2015's Reddit April Fool's prank, /r/TheButton. We're a laid back community, brought together by a social experiment and Minecraft server that came out of it, who play all sorts of games. Join us for some good times!
The Savannah is the community group for streamer Heeelion, A horror based variety streamer with a fun and sharing community of awesome humans!
The True Randoms! Lots of weird things happen here (no, not that type of weird) and we probably have too many bots, but who's counting?
Come hang out with us get to know people and find people to play with! Everyone in here plays anything from (Dead by Daylight,Apex,Sims,SoT,Pokemon and etc.) Join and be apart of the community we would love to have you!
Our server is a place that was created by me and my friends, but we’ve since decided to expand the server. It can get kind of bizarre at times, but overall we’re a really good place to just go and talk about whatever!
This server is a place to relax, meet new people and have fun. You can be yourself and have a safe space from the world. Come relax and take a load off, after all, you're home now!

> This server contains roleplay chats, nsfw section, trigger warning sections, music hubs, gaming corners and more!
Join the server for high quality streams, cute ass boys, and the legend him self fuuf, the hottie.
。☆✼★ --Roleplay Anything-- ★✼☆。
Have you ever wanted to RP without so many constraints? Or do one shots and private RPs? Come join the brand new discord forum, Roleplay Anything! Small plots, large plots, one shots, variety, friendly admins, the chance to create and moderate your own RP forum!

-- Easy Pace, non toxic, relaxed setting, minimal rules
--Staff Positions Open! High RP Positions Available!
--NSFW RP Channels for 18+
--Mature members
--LGBTQ friendly

__Current RPs:__
**Original Fantasy:** A kingdom where Elves and humans are at odds and enslave their half blood kin, where a boy king must make decisions for his people, and dissent is brewing. Play an array of races!
**Harry Potter:** What happens when the good guys don't win?
**NYC Stories:** A post-apocalyptic Roleplay group, including zombies, looting and game masters for all you survival lovers out there.
**Warrior Cats:** Based on a New Dawn
**One Shot RP:** Find partners or groups and get your own channels to Roleplay Anything!
Welcome to the Holy Kingdom of Tamfersalia. It is declared by holy decree that you must join this server.
We are ancient gods from pantheons all around the world. Ever since the humans prayed less and less for us, our powers began to dwindle. It is now, 2018, and we are merely shells of our former selves.

Though we are still minorly more powerful than humans, we can still be targeted and killed, if enough of them decide to hunt us down. We now have to take up jobs that humans do and blend in with our surroundings.

Luckily, we can access another dimension that holds a house. The house expands with customized rooms for each god/goddess that joins. The gods and goddesses will have to learn about each other, and help each other as they make their way through a more or less human life.

YOU MUST BE 16+ TO ENTER THIS SERVER. Verification maybe required.
This was a discord i created to bring people together from the stream, currently a small community in the need of active members, i think we need a spark to ignite the chat into a talking frenzy
Here's a basic summary of our currently growing social/community-esque server!

Gaming. anime, memes, generally sh**-posting more than anything though with the occasional discussion (be it serious or not), a no holds barred channel for all your f***ed up NSFW s*** 😈 and more odds and ends likely to satisfy most interests and pastimes.

We are all ears to additional input too from members who are interested in sharing their views and ideas to add the server (channels, categories etc.) There are also earnable ranks for those who wish to be a part of the server's growth, livelihood, welcoming and helpful nature and more!

All-around chill and welcoming server with good peeps and an event/game night channel that's never used ¯|_(ツ)_/¯ Come hang if you want!

Hello everyone, this is the first launch of V I V I D. This is a place where you can chill with all kinds of different people. We accept all kinds of weirdos so come on in ladies and gentlemen.
Dark humor, memes, game discussion, and a badass podcast. Those would be the key words to discuss this community, I'm a new streamer trying to grow a community on my stream, discord, and everywhere possible, so if you want good vibes, join in:)
We are an ever growing group of individual gamers who are looking to grow a community of like minded, sometimes foul mouthed band of brothers and sisters.

So what do you say?
we are uwu gods and looking for active members to talk (if you play destiny its a bonus ;) )
DeathOnTwoLegs is a variety gamer that makes videos on YouTube. Come join the community in chat and Discord games!

This Discord server is open to the public! Please respect the rules of the community but make sure you have a great time!
pls join I want members and I am lonely uwu owo ayayayay pls swenpai pls oni wowowowowoowow