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We are a CSGO league based around creating the same competitive experience pros face but for low level CSGO teams and players. Climb up the league each season and win prizes with your team. We also have our own dedicated 128 tick servers to host the games on ! Its absolutely free so why not come and check it out.
Myst Tournaments
We are a discord server that hosts huge cash prize tournaments for Fortnite, VALORANT, Pubg, COD, and other requested games!
We also Will be running some Events, Giveaway's.
We have a very active community (15K members).
We are always looking for Some Very good /Active Staff
We Have our own discord bot and the server is boosted.
We Are also looking to partner with Team's your team will get there own role if you DM us.
There are also some very good emotes / perks.
Level 3 Nitro Boosted
WCR Rogue Energy E-Sports is a Formula 1 League which Races on PS4 Xb1 and PC and soon to be opening a Google Stadia League We host races on Fridays and Saturdays with all races hosted and streamed we occasionally always have a fun invitational race between season brakes and we are sponsored by rogue energy and some of our races have been streamed on our twitch, if your a huge fan of formula 1 then this league is for you please come along and join and we will see you out on track
We are cracked gaming, a fast growing semi-pro apex legends e-sports team!
We are centered around building a family and having fun together thru gaming!
Are you a cracked gamer? Then i think you found your home check us out today all the info is in discord. Thanks for reading <3
We are a server that is building a community for all Rocket League players. We have 4 USE teams and 1 USW team. Come join and see what there is to offer you!
We are a new eSports clan looking to join the competitive part of COD Mobile. If you would like a competitive clan, Syn3rgy would be perfect for you.
We are also looking for more members to join us.
🔫Siege🔫 - We have talks for the pro league matches happening in EU (mostly an EU server). We also play siege here of course.
The reason this is a community server is because we have other categories for topics even away from gaming such as astrology, typology and general speaking.
🌟Hi, we are a server made by a small group of friends in order to get some more people to play siege in a more friendly, rather than toxic, manner.
👉Roles for general use, siege use and to show support for eSport teams.
👉Casual emotes and the logos of the different eSport teams.
👉Support for most Siege regions.
👉Small areas to play other games other than siege.
👉Many general areas to chill in.
👉Pretty lenient rules but active Moderators.

RevivalTV Gaming Community Discord adalah sebuah wadah komunitas esports Indonesia yang tepat untukmu!

Bosen push rank sendiri terus? Atau mau cari teman baru? Kesini aja!

Mulai dari komunitas esports, hingga konten harian ada disini!
⋆ Welcome to iŃdestructible Gaming ⋆

We are a family oriented, North American based clan; consisting of pro, semi-pro and casual players who play FPP and TPP each season. We participate in weekly scrimmages, leagues/tournaments and some of us also stream daily.

If you are interested in joining our clan, please join our server and head to #《ń》apply-to-ń💪🏾

Overall Clan Requirements
• Must have name change card
• Use of mic regularly
• Age requirement: 16+
• Active in the community

Casual Member Requirements
• Diamond V or higher
• Team player
• Accurate call outs and communication

Comp Team Member Requirements
Please speak to Co-Owners/Co-Leaders if you are interested in playing competitively!
• Use of mic
• Competitive experience
• Map knowledge
• Team player
• ALWAYS listen to the IGL’s

We will not tolerate any cheating, hacking, game manipulation of any sort or toxic behavior. But if you want to see where you fit with us, we are always looking to build our family, so please reach out!
Hardstuck and need help climbing?
Looking for some fun custom or casual games?
Maybe you've got some sick clips to share?
We've got it all and if you wanna just come hang out with us that's fine too!
🔥 Self Roles (More Getting Added)
⚡ Minigame Bots
🔥 Self-Promo
⚡ Music Bots
🔥 Looking For Scrim/Team/Group
KSK™ is an Indian Community Gaming Esports Server for Server Developer and Server Designer. We have lots of different categories on same Server. Here we have lots of Talented Gamers, Server Designer, Amazing People all around India. Feel free to Join Server. ♥️♥️♥️



1. Management Staff
2. Server Designer
3. Graphics Designer
4. Moderator
5. Helper
As posts are limited, apply as soon as possible before recruitment process is closed. If you believe that you can. Feel free to contact in our Discord Server Details and Support.

1. Server Designing
2. Server Development
3. Server Management
4. Server Promotion
5. Graphics Designing
6. Video Editing
7. YouTube SEO
8. PUBG Mobile Esports
9. Others

We are looking for some serious and dedicated players for different roles to make strong team.
1. Entry Fragger
2. Assulter
3. Helper
4. Sniper
KD: We don't believe in KD.
Average Damage: 500+
Control: Claw control is preferable, but not mandatory. Thumb player are also welcome.
Skills: Must be good in Reflex, Aim, Recoil Control, Spray.
Age: Above 16+
Welcome to ALPHA Project!
An aspiring gaming community, wanting to bring gaming enthusiasts and casuals together.

Why should you join?
- We cater to every gaming platform and currently have categories set out for the current trending games.
- We’re not only a gaming community but we are a big family- members have a chance to be a part of any of our gaming teams.
What are you waiting for? Come join up now!
Welcome to AIM Clan! We are an up and coming eSports organization run professionally and on a friendly accord. Our goal is to give small teams exposure to a larger audience.
🏆Fully organized eSports and Gaming Community
🎮 Available Positions in COD, CSGO, and Valorant
🔍 Looking for responsible and professional teams to contest in our tournaments
📱 Social Media
🔰 Sponsors, Partners, and Verified Razer Affiliate
⚔️Respectful and tightly-knit community
🔨 Qualified and Handpicked Staff Team
📆 Game nights hosted regularly!

Join today! We are waiting for you!
- professional Rocket League Team
- ranks: any ; Main Teams: c3+
- kind, growing community!
- searching for members and staff!

- Making Rocket League montages:

- Everybody is welcome to our discord! Hope to see you there <3
Team Pigu
Currently searching for players, Good players, We hope you like to join!
We will start paying some players.
Vital eSports is a professional Team Built by our community with friendly and active staff & of course our community. | Socials :
✨ Chill server themed around secrecy!
✨ Only the necessary rules and the hottest girls!
✨ Active - over 30,000 messages/day!
✨ Part of the new upcoming chain of servers!
✨ 0 mod abuse allowed!
✨ Unique emotes!
✨ Weekly events, giveaways, lots more fun!

Calling out all epic discordarians!

Looking for a escape , and a haven with only the coolest e-girls, and level headed people?

Well fear no more! Join the incognito movement.

Click the join button below , and come experience what its like to go incognito

New Server constantly growing
The best Staff, and a very active community.

Always looking for partner managers!

Hope to see you there
Are you looking for an esports org? Do you play Fortnite, Valorant, CS:GO, R6, or Rocket League? If so, Agitate Esports is right for you!
About us: Welcome to Agitate Esports! Our mission here is to deliver the best quality competitive gaming that you can get. Our current competitive game is Rocket League, but we have begun working on Fortnite and Valorant, with more games coming soon! As you can see in the categories/channels below, we have a few levels of competitive teams with application systems set up if you think you have what it takes to compete with or join a team. You are able to apply for a team as soon as you join, and your application will be looked shortly after you post. In the mean time, take a look around, check out some chats, and make yourself at home. We are so happy to have you join Agitate Esports, and we hope you have a wonderful experience with us. If you have any questions, please reach out to any of the staff and they will be more than happy to help you out! - Agitate Esports
Now Continued

What we offer you: A discord server with 750+ members! A social media brand that is growing and fast! Teams already in the competitive scene! A welcoming, fun and relaxing server! Dedicated staff! We are looking for you! If you want to join Agitate you must promise me one thing. You will be ready to Agitate The competition (oh haha so funny)!

MAT eSports is an upcoming eSports company aiming to provide a platform to PUBGM underdogs. We are currently hosting T3 customs!We let new clans and underdogs grow and practice.

We also LIVE STREAM so please join the server to play with us and support us.

Many T2 teams and T1 players, play regularly in our customs!

Match Timing : 11:00 PM IST Daily

Registration Starts : At 6:00 PM IST Everyday

Squad - TPP

Server - Asia

Paladins Team Finder

Hello and welcome to PTF. PTF is a friendly, well built community for paladins players around the world to join and meet up.
Paladins Team Finder is running strong with over 1100 members.

What we offer
- Our very own stats bot
- Show your support for your favourite champion
- The PTF Bi-Weekly tournament played on NA and EU servers. Streamed live to Twitch!
- Many people looking for both casual groups and ranked groups
- Various channels to communicate with other players
- Giveaways
- Share clips and screenshots of your games
- Show off your favourite skins
- Recruit members for your Esports team
- Join our partnership program for both servers and streamers
- Much, much more!

Join today and start having fun with players like you!

Server owner: Murdoc Niccals