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We are a fresh E-Sports team that is quickly developing. Join us for 24/7 zone wars and arena games!
Welcome to East Siders:)

This server is mainly discuss about gaming, arts, anime, culture, entertainment, sports news and memes.
Unllimited is an
Esports and Stream Entertainment Gaming Community where everyone can find a place to fit in!

They are a growing multi-game, multi-platform, international community with something for everyone! Currently they have a team twitch that you guys will be able to join which will give you access to more viewers and tons more support for your streams.

Come check us out and become part of our community too!
Requiem. A name to remember. You think we’re joking? No, no, no, we are 100% serious. Why? Well because, the word Requiem means a token of remembrance. Got you on that one didn’t we.

Our name was especially chosen for that reason, and that reason only, because we want to be remembered for who we are and what we stand for. Requiem is no ordinary team. Requiem is a team full of dedication, compassion, hard-work, and not forgetting the weird ones, like the manager who wrote this cringy message (please send help!). We also have an interest in a variety of games, such as Fortnite, Dota 2, Apex Legends, and many more! We even have competitive players that play these games under us, who you can chat with and perhaps give or gain some knowledge about the game!

Moving on to the more interesting stuff, our sponsors. Are you an Xbox or PS4 gamer? Do your fingers slip off your thumbsticks after the sweat trickles down your fingers onto them?

No? Oh well! But what about the energy you’ll need for hours upon hours if gameplay. Where will you get that from? Maybe, a little energy boost can keep you going...

We are powered by both Fatal Grips and Rogue Energy, both companies that can provide you of the day to day equipment you may need for daily gaming! You can find our codes for 10% off your order for both sited on our discord server (link below).

And now for the grand finale, a sponsor that you may not have heard of before. We’d like to present to you Fridai, an AI that you can use from either your PC or smartphone to help you with your gaming life! You can find more information on our discord server (link below).

That’s all we have for now but, if you’d like to know more about Requiem or are interested in speaking to a member of our team, feel free to join our discord server
Welcome to my gaming corner.

This server has been exclusively made for people to connect with others and play together. Looking for players for a game you're playing? That's not a problem head to the #lfg section and send a message and a player looking for a game will hit you up.

➤ No racism
➤ No harrasment
➤ No advertising
➤ Respect the administrator side of the server and always listen to them
➤ Most important, have fun
Join Warfurrs! The clan which accommodates all games, gamers, and people alike.

We have many channels, including memes, gaming channels, team channels and much more. Don't be afraid to suggest what we can do for the clan, and don't be afraid to talk to me. I'm always happy to talk to you!

Do you think your able to keep up with us? Then join today, and test your skill, meet others and have fun. I'll see you there.

We're also a bunch of furries, but don't let that stop you! Our gaming side is what will show through more often than not.

(Kidding, expect furry stuff a lot. and maybe some gaming stuff)
Exile Gaming is a transparent and inclusive gaming community. Our staff has more than a decade of professional gaming experience and supports upcoming talent through a community of gamers, coaches, content creators, writers, creatives and partners.
Please join our small csgo and esports community today. We are looking for moderators and administrators so if you are interested, please join!
eSports Organization with teams in multiple games. Join us and apply for a tryout if available or be part of our community!
A group of gamers united one day to create something great, a place where everyone is welcome, a place where it is easy to find groups. Mainly R6 but I'm hoping to expand to all raches of the wide range of games out there.
-**R90 eSports** needs cracked players!,

-We are recruiting **GFX designers, Video editors, Comp players, Content creators**, DM me if you meet these Requirement!, remember you guys don't need to pay for anything team wise, we got it!

-(and if you are looking for a Duo you can find one in our discord) just DM me for anything you need.

-GFX and video editors send me your best clips and I'll let you know if you make the team, WE pay **$2** for thumbnails, **$3** for logos and **$5** for banners. and video editors get **$5**

-**R90 Pro team**- must have 500+ wins, 2.5+ kd, 14+, have a good mic, NAE or NAW, champs league, Qualified to Sunday at least 2x+, be coachable and respectful.

-**Comp players**- have at least 250+ wins, be in champs league, 14+ years of age, have a good mic, play on pc, NAE or west, and non toxic,if you start placing in WC we will start paying you!

-**Content creators**- Be 14+ years of age, mature, non toxic, positive, and have 500+ followers/subs, have a good mic, we will provide free overlays and anything you need.

We also have a trickshot team if you wanna join that too! No tryouts needed for the trickshot clan just grind for clips.
2000 members

We are an ESports organization based in Europe, Slovenia. Our main focus is to provide our team members with opportunities to grow on social media, expand their gaming skills/tactics and to easily collab with other teammates.
▬▬▬▬ Cryptic Events ▬▬▬
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We are a discord server that hosts huge cash prize tournaments for Fortnite, Apex, and host other requested games!
▬▬▬▬▬ What We Offer ▬▬▬▬▬
➤ FIRST discord server with automated tournaments with **Free to enter cash prizes**
➤ Recognitoin for Esports Teams
➤ Lots Of Tournaments
➤ Host Customs
➤ A smart & Active Staff team!
➤ Many fun activities & bots to mess around with!
➤ Partnerships including Ping For Ping & self-promotion!
➤ A supportive fun community of 2000+ to chat with!
➤ Giveaways!
➤ A warm welcome to everyone!
We welcome you into our community so long as you follow the rules of our server!
We are currently looking for partnerships ping for ping or giveaway for giveaway!
Hello, we are ENATIX, a really new esports org, that are looking for the highest level of players we can get! So what are you waiting for? Join now as a professional esports player or even just as a member!
The UKs fastest growing Project Cars 2 racing community specifically for beginners and intermediates.

-Structured weekly races
-Live streamed three times a week
-Sponsors and prizes
-Dedicated Mentors for free coaching
-Friendly community
-First time drivers welcome
<< ♛ Raptor eSports® >>
| -- professioneller E-Sports Clan -- |
| -- Fortnite / CS:GO / -- |
<< Beschreibung >>
Ihr sucht einen professionellen E-Sports Clan 🛡️ mit Erfahrung und regelmäßigen Turnieren ⚔️ oder wollt einfach nur Mates zum zocken 🖥️ traden ✉️ oder chillen🛏️ dann seit ihr hier genau richtig! Wir bieten euch organisierte✏️ und leicht zu bedienende Channel und einen gut strukturierten Discord. Wir freuen uns auf dich🎉 Euer ♛ Raptor eSports® Team 🐲
<< Trete noch heute bei und werde ein Teil der 👑Raptors🐲 >>
Wraith Gaming

We are a new, competitive clan that is going to take the eSports scene by storm! We're going to compete in various games such as Call of Duty and Project Gamma!

MUST BE ACTIVE (2 days of inactivity will result a kick)
EU, Asian or NA player
Must be over age of 13
Must follow Commanders orders

What can you expect from us?

Clan tag [WRG]
Fun and friendly members
(Possible) giveaways

Join us today and be a part of a future legend!
Now you can invest in the team and receive the Donator role!
A casual and competitive gaming community looking to expand into eSports. Currently offering several League of Legends teams, and looking for new captains / members to create new teams on new games. Join today!
Wave is a discord community server based on gaming! We have 24/7 radios to listen to and friendly staff! We have an active and growing community! We even have a esports rocket league clan!
We are a mobile eSports company that features the top trending games in our community. We have community and professional teams alike come join us!!