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Equinoxe Esport est une association Esport qui a vu le jour fin Aout. Nous recherchons plusieurs joueurs et staff pour différents jeux. Vous pouvez nous rejoindre en tant que Supporter (suivre nos réseaux sociaux) et jouer avec nos joueurs ou alors postuler dans l'association en tant que joueur ou staff.
Hey all. My name is Teddy & this is my gaming community.

Here, at Hurtin For a Squirtin , we do things differently! We are a gaming community with people that support each other! We give support, and advertising opportunities, to our fellow members, to help them grow as streamers and to grow as a family.

What we have to offer:

Support, and watch, Twitch, Youtube & Facebook streams, and YouTube videos, created by our community!
Advertising, and support, for Twitch Affiliates & Non-Affiliates!
Places to share all of your streams, and video content!
Live stream stats, of your past streams!
E-Sports Tournaments every week for all of our teams!
Community events & Giveaways!

We want to support you, and your channel! Join H4AS today, so we can come together as a community, and reach new peaks!
⚜️We Are BLG (BlackListGamers)⚜️
🔺 BLG is a newly founded up-and-coming pro CODM clan, and at the moment, we are looking for players who enjoy playing for fun, content, and competitively.
BLG is a clan who will strive for the best competitively, while also having a fun time playin with our members.
A multi game team that’s rising to the top fast! Join our team or join our community.
We're An Esports Team From all around the world interested by Fortnite , valorant , league of legendes , R6s And more
Join us and come have some fun

RevivalTV Gaming Community Discord adalah sebuah wadah komunitas esports Indonesia yang tepat untukmu!

Bosen push rank sendiri terus? Atau mau cari teman baru? Kesini aja!

Mulai dari komunitas esports, hingga konten harian ada disini!
Welcome to Team PGO™
We are a family with dedicated fortnite and valorant teams.
Make sure to visit our website :
We will be recruiting players and GFX designers with potential
We will be doing giveaways in our discord sever
The official discord server 🪓"Valhalla E-sports" Competitive Rainbow six siege Team🪓

Entry requirements for the team:
-Good Map knowledge
-Respect for all members
-Descent Mechanical skill
-Motivation/Determination to push yourself
-Basic English
-Belief that your rank does not equal your skill level

>Our aim
At Valhalla, as a team we work together to train for future events and compete
in matches to strive for victory. As a team we push ourselves to win to be
seen in the community and competitive scene.

>How we will provide:
One of our top priorities here at Valhalla is to help improve new and current
players to be ready and have the dedication to play for the team in the
competitive scene. Our current rosters will be busy competing to enhance
their competitive skill but most importantly to push for achievement for the

Valhalla Esports is an upcoming and growing Esports organisation
specialising in Rainbow 6 Siege. We accept all races, sexualities and
cultures- Valhalla has both competitive and ranked teams for siege. You don't
have to join the team to have fun. Come join and chill!
Abberantics is a newly established Esports organization that's constantly expanding looking and for new members. Our goal is not only establish a serious competitive scene but also maintain a friendly and casual community where everyone is welcome!

We are a PC gaming community and competitive team that's accepting NA / EU players. We welcome all players ages 16+. All casual members are welcome, and those seeking competitive opportunities can build relationships and chemistry with our members and apply with their team through our website. All you need to do to join is join the discord server with the link below and get processed into our community! We encourage you to join and be a part of our journey.

Our discord is where the magic happens! We offer events such as:
Community Game Nights
In-House Tournaments
Competitive Scrims
Game-Specific LFG Chats

NOW HIRING MODERATORS! Hello, we are CN Community! We have a fun server with active chats, amazing economy roleplay, and much more! We value each and every one of you guys, thanks for everything!
-Hii guys, ALLIANCE aka (AE) is a server which is going to organise battle royal scrims

-After a while are planning to organizing customs, tournaments and weekly customs for taking the codm esports scenario to the next height

-It will give a better competitive experience and opportunities to the esports athletes so they can grow further in their career.

-It is a initiative taken by some of the t1 competitive clans and settled esports players to give chance to the new upcoming players and underdog teams.

-We are going to have ha friendly atmosphere out here so it will help individual athelete to improve and they will also guided how to proceed further in this competitive scenario.

-We are also planning to organize t1,t2 as well as t3 customs and scrims for BR as well as MP mode in call of duty mobile.

Follow The rules in Guidelines

Send Clips In self-Promo or tryouts

Warning Message : This Team is not copied
Nexus - BTN's Server
- Aici vei putea găsi una dintre cele mai mari comunități de CS:GO din Romania
- Oferim Support / Boți programați / Staff matur și membri uniți pe server
- Aici poti cunoaște lume nouă și iti poti face totodată și prieteni noi
- Sistem de "case opening" gratuit
- Ne vedem pe server
This is a server made for gaming nerds.We support all nerds🤓🤓-Free fire,Codm Among us etc.. We also have competitions like- The most online in the month get to be the owner for one Hour.Ready For Fun????
RF: CODM is a highly competitive eSports server that grows immensely by the day. Events and training sessions are hosted every week along with occasional community events! With a ranks system in place and weekly promos, you can truly feel a sense of accomplishment while having fun. A server filled with gamers of all ages, casual and competitive players alike are guaranteed a fantastic time! Take your shot and join Rebel Federation: Call of Duty Mobile today!
Hello everyone we are Team Cerberus, we are a new gaming community looking to build our numbers with new friendly faces! come by and check us out and dont be afraid to come say whats up in the vc's and chats! current we support the following games:
Among us, Apex legends, Call of duty, Csgo, Fortnite, League of legends, Minecraft, Rocket league, Rainbow six siege, Valorant, and World of Warcraft!
Come by and play games with us!
INSTINCT Esports is a community of Highly experienced players in the scene of Valorant and CodM.

To join the Competitive Team in Codm
• Should be Master 1 and have Min KD: 1.5
• Should use your mic for communication and should speak English
• Should be Active on CodM and Discord.
• Should have Basic Gamesense

• Prioritsing Recruitment from NA, but EU and AS( except Gareena) are also welcome.
• We have 2 competitve Teams and 1 Regional NA team.
• Coaches can help you if you need.
• Tryouts will be held by Our Resp Tryout Managers

Also Looking For
- Server Boosters
- Content Creators
Kingpin is a rapidly growing Esports community.
We organise regular events, tournaments and even giveaways!
Whether you're looking for gaming companions or you want to advertise your clan/team, Kingpin will help you with it.
We currently have two really active communities:
- Clash of Clans
We also expect our Minecraft community to rapidly expand in the near future, as well as others!